Dr.SHIVA™ – Zionism is Anti-Semitism

Dr.SHIVA™ – Zionism is Anti-Semitism

Many people know that I have always Exposed the truth at the right time and Because I take a systems approach if There's anything I have in the game it's About truth Indians need to get their Head out of their butts it is a disgrace That people in India are supporting Zionism and blindly supporting it and to Me this evokes many things just because You go get a degree it's showing the Stupidity of people who have degrees So-called educated people are actually Not that smart and so it again falls Upon me just like I had to do in 2020 When I had to call out the pen mic and The election systems to educate people And uh so people need to get their act Together and most of the people who Probably understand this are people who Actually have brains the people will not Understand this are people who blindly Follow stuff and their degree is only as Probably good as how much they pay to Get their degree doesn't mean that They're intelligent we live in a world Where intelligence is not measured by Repeating things it's actually measured By using your brain so we need to step Way back and I've been fighting Zionism Probably since I was 17 years old since 1981 because I studied what is Zionism First of all people should take some Note Zionism is a political ideology it Has nothing to do with Judaism the

Religion Zionism is actually Anti-semitic it's racist and in fact Zionism actually has a history of not Only butchering Palestinians but also Butchering and hurting Jews all right And this is all very well documented for Those people who actually want to do Some research um versus simply watching Something on Star TV or whatever so Let's go look at what a Zionism is a Political ideology that was created Manufactured out of thin air by a guy Called Theodore herel in the 1800s and Everyone can go do their own research on That in Europe the ashkanazi Jews which Are one set of Jews were in Europe for Nearly 300 years one of the things People need to understand is that in the 1800s everyone expected there was going To be a major revolution in Germany a Workers Revolution again very well Documented Germany as most of Europe the Jews that were there were white Europeans not from Palestine not from The land in that region Palestine Existed long before Israel existed and That's also very well documented so none Of these things these are all just facts And no one disputes these facts except People want to change history but here's A bottom line that in Europe there was Discrimination among Jews but there were VAR uh classes of Jews there were the Working class Jews many of them who were

In the trade unions actually wanting to Fight Fascism and building Bottoms Up Workers movements there were the bgea Jews and their various friends Theodore Herzel had this he created a political Ideology called Zionism which said oh We're being quote unquote persecuted so This idiot here K is conflating Jews and Zionism he's a bloody idiot the reality Is that Herzel created a political Ideology called Zionism because in World War I this is exactly what happened they Made Germany look like they're evil and This was done by the mainstream media Because they wanted a war again the World is going to enter into a very Large War because of idiots Lees so the Idiots need to step aside and listen Unless they if if these idiots want to Go fight let them go fight them none of Them will do that they'll talk a big Game but none of them will actually take Weapons let them go fight they won't but Here's the deal Zionism was created it Was a political ideology that was Created by herel with lots and lots of Money from some of the most racist People in the world like Cecil RH Ceci H Who was the guy who created rhia who had Very little regard for black people or Brown people for that matter and he's The one who controlled all the mines in Rodesia and Cecil rhs was one of the Most rich racist individuals on the

Planet Zionism got its funding from Cecil roads among other people so Zionism's original goal was to put their Homeland in Uganda Uganda not Palestine In fact Palestine wasn't even on the map There why was that why was that because Imagine some imagine the Vikings digging Up a 4,000 year old reference saying That the origin that they because the Vikings had come to Vermont 4,000 years Ago imagine the Vikings now saying that We own the Homeland called Vermont so They had dug up a reference saying the Homeland was actually Uganda among many Other places including Texas so what I'm Trying to say this is a manufactured Ideology all right by European ashkanazi Jews all right this very important to Understand in Palestine were Jews living There 97% the Palestinians were living There there were Arab Jews Arab Muslims Arab is a race Judaism is a religion so Remember this is the middle of World War II now after World War II ends the British say no we're not going to give You Uganda in fact the First Choice was Uganda second choice was Argentina very Important to understand this so the British said we're going to give you Your Homeland in this place called Palestine now remember Britain if any Indian has ever studied any history has A rich history of creating random Borders and these borders are created to

Have people fight among each other Britain did this all over Africa the the People of Africa the great kings of Africa had their very particular Boundaries Britain went in and Drew Random nation states and had everyone Fighting and once they got everyone Fighting they stole their resources all Right now the area in Israel is a very Strategic area it's in the Middle East So again it was very convenient for Britain once again to create a mess There so that's what they did but Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism And you can even go talk if if people go To Torah Judaism the the the Twitter Feed of very devout Jews you'll see them Saying this Zionism is racism Zionism is Anti-Semitism Zionism has nothing to do With Judaism so everyone listening go Study that 1 plus 1 is two go study that You're not ready to take calculus on or Take a if you don't understand that's Number one so Zionism is actually a Racist model which believes there are a Set of chosen people Zionism is racism In the service of globalism that's what Compare it with brahminism as you spoke Earlier oh yeah big time now now you Have to understand brahmanism has done The same thing that Zionism did so there Is this original set of principles in Hinduism brahmanism there was this Concept of the The Guild system right if

I studied hard I'd be a Brahman if Someone else wanted to be a carpenter But the original model model was Bottoms Up it was your skills it was meritocracy Somewhere along the way which we can Have a long discussion on which I don't Want to do today that Hinduism was Subverted the notion of karma was made Completely different Karma has nothing To do oh in the past life you were a Brahman now you get to be a Brahman That's not what it was it wasn't based On Birthright it based on your Works Coming Bottoms Up So brism itself what Took place later on was the subversion Of Hinduism and that's what Zionism is Zionism was a subversion of Judaism all Right but I just want to teach people The fundamental Zionism has nothing to Do with Judaism Zionism is a racist Political ideology just like the cast System has nothing to do with Hinduism And we have to stop it it needs to be Shattered it's nonsense all right so That's a background on this many Arab Jews the Jews of Christ lineage Converted to Islam because of the Subjugation they underwent in Palestine Very much how many Hindus under Brahmanism converted to Islam or Christianity because of the C SYM that They felt so these are some analogies Now what we need to understand is that If you look at what has occurred in

Israel is the Palestinians have been Treated like second class citizens Gaza Is an open prison but most important to Understand is that Netanyahu mosad which Is the intelligence wing of Zionism or Israel created Hamas how many of the People are aware of that Hamas was Created so here's a very important piece Here that if you look here Assad's Entire motto if you can see it here can You see it here is by way of deception Thou shalt do war that is mad's motto And Hamas was a creation of mad Specifically Brigadier General Yak SV in 1980s was the Israel military governor In Gaza he financed Hamas all right and You can go I have a link here to the Book that you can go read it here is the Former Israeli ambassador to Germany and He openly stated in 2015 that it was the Israeli government that created Hamas to Counteract the growing popularity of the F formerly known as the Palestinian National Liberation movement see there Was a secular movement and it was very Rational so this is classic intelligence Techniques where you create your Opposition that you can control you Typically make them crazy radical right That's the second piece of evidence and Then this is Ron Paul who gave a Testimony clearly saying that Hamas was Created as a strategic weapon of Israel And then here is mosad Chief himself

This is just this year the mosad chief Himself Yosi Cohen visiting Qatar to Tell them to continue funding Hamas Everyone should go do their own research And not be idiots Hamas was created by Israel now why is the mainstream media Not talking about that including the Intercept they did a deep analysis of it So number one we know what Zion is it Has nothing to do with Judaism it's Anti-semitic it's racist it was a British who created this place they Stole it from the Palestinians and many Arab Jews converted to Islam because of The subjugation of the ashkanazi Jews so Basically these white zionists came and There were dark skinned Jews there and Still to this day the non ashkanazi Jews Are treated as badly as the Palestinians All right so mosad created Hamas Everyone write that down it's fully Documented Israel created Hamas Finance Them all right so now it all fits in let Me give you a third piece of it so I've Told you where Hamas comes from the Third piece of evidence is the devil the Satan satanic individual called Netanyahu Netanyahu is pure devil you Can find ample videos on the internet Him talking about how stupid Americans Are how he can easily manipulate them And Netanyahu is a war criminal he has a History of butchering Palestinians Netanyahu for the last 2 years he's been

Under massive indictments in Israel in Fact 2 weeks before this incident took Place there were nearly 100,000 people Who were protesting against him Protesting against Netanyahu why because Netanyahu was on on corruption charges He was convicted he was on fraud charges There was a civil war in Israel 70% of The Israelis hate Netanyahu even among The Israeli Jews there's many multiple Parties so there's been a huge Uprising Against Netanyahu by Israeli Jews by Israelis in Israel again this is a piece Of fact most of these Indians who are Blindly supporting Israel should get Steady but why would they create a Monster who would come and destroy them And then they go and attack them how Does it work well you're so you're Making the Assumption as though Israelis Created Netanyahu Netanyahu is supported By much larger forces than the people of Israel or the people of Palestine he's Funded by much much larger forces and We'll get to that but the point is Netanyahu would not exist where for the Israeli people being able to vote him Out he was engineered in and everyone Should just go do research one year ago 6 months ago there's huge protests of Israelis against Netanyahu so Netanyahu What he did was being prime minister he Went and changed the Judiciary he was Going to fire the attorney general who

Was going to indict him that's why they Were protests he was going to be thrown In jail Mina nety was on his way to be Convicted again so given those three Things suddenly H Hamas flying on these Little planes breaks into Israel if you Talk to anyone I've been to Israel for Six weeks Israel is like a police state It Prides itself on this amazazing Military amazing surveillance got the Iron Dome so anyone who's stupid enough Given what I've just shared to think That Netanyahu and Israel were not Behind this needs to have their head Checked and if you are do not understand It after the facts I've given to you Then you're just a bloody idiot Israelis Are innocent it's these people isra People the people there's a difference Between the people so there are many Many Jews who are anti-zionist it's no Different than saying Hindus are anti-is There are many Hindus who don't believe In the cism they are not into brahmanism There are Brahman who are not into Brahmanism so there are many Jews who Are against Zionism all right so let me Play this for you nothing they do not Care for Jewish people they only care For one thing Zionism they can kill Everyone don't not mind kill many Jewish People they can kill if Zionism has to Win Zionism is the biggest enemy of the Jewish people is and they fight against

And this is what that's why they're Bringing Bloodshed to the Jewish people They nothing they do not care for Jewish People they only care for one thing Zionism So people can look at my Twitter feed Any real Jew knows the concept of Judaism has nothing to do with setting Up a state all right so Zionism is not Judaism all right and I can there's Another video that I'll play also of Another Jewish these are your Jewish Priests okay like our Indian gurus okay Or Indian religious leaders okay who Actually understand what this is this is Another Rabbi let me bring this up this Is another Rabbi sharing his views not His views the actual teachings of Judaism exposing how nonsensical this is And again so here's this let me play for You here we have a message for this nak Day for this 75 years of occupation we Want the world to know that what is Being perpetrated against the Palestinian people the oppression the Subjugation the terrible cruelty is not In the name of our religion it is not in The name of the SAR of David it is not In the name of the Jewish people around The world who are true to the Jewish Religion because we are Jewish and Because we are true to our religion we Are in total opposition to the existence Of the Zionist state of Israel I call

Zionist state of Israel because it is Zionist it is not Jewish Judaism in the Torah forbids Jews have our own Sovereignity our own entity since the Destruction of the temples and Jews Through to the Torah never Aspire or try To have our own sake we also are Forbidden to kill or to seal the whole Concept of taking this land away from The Palestinian people it is totally Antithetical and is contradictory to My Religion Judaism Jews have always from Day one stood up against this Zionist Entity we as Jews continue because we Are true to the Torah we stand and Demonstrate and we cry and suffer and Feel the suffering of the Palestinian People we want the world to know we are In solidarity we are together with the Palestinian people in their suffering And we hope and pray to God constantly For the total end of the occupation we Want the world to know that the Zionist Movement is not a Jewish movement it was A political material movement created by Heretic and they simply try to Incorporate our religion in order to Intimidate and silence people and call Them anti-semitic if they stand in Opposition but this is patently false Anti-semitic is supporting the state of Israel it is the cause of exacerbating Anti-Semitism by having this occupation Is the cause of Bloodshed of the

Palestinians and Jews alike it is the Cause of the oppression of not only the Muslims and the Christians in Palestine But of the Jews hundreds of thousands of Jews stand in Palestine have lived their Prior to the state they have lived and They're continuing to live till today And demonstrate daily and get brutally Beaten and arrested this is the sad Story of this terrible neba it is a Tragedy a Calamity and God with his Compassion we hope will see the Suffering and even today the last few Days how you see daily the death and Suffering of the Palestinians and the Attack it's all Zionism naism god with His compassion should bring a speedy Removal of the Zion state of Israel so We can once again live together in Harmony Jews and Arabs as we've had for All these hundreds and hundreds of years And Jews could show their gratitude to The Arab and Muslim countries for their Embracing Jews and giving them a home in Soon and our days am you see what I'm Saying so these are the kinds of people Are campaign and our movement truth Freedom Health has been exposing these People so it's becoming so we created a Massive disruptive Force because we have Very sincere people like I've Articulated here were starting to use Their brains so we need to be far more Intelligent we need to use our brains

And we need to look at the actual facts Hamas was created by Israel how the hell Does these people on little bicycle Planes break the Iron Dome when there's Satellites now everywhere that can watch You can watch a little yeah this this The whole thing is nonsense Netanyahu is Pure devil if there's a syon it's Netanyahu so if you want to really look At some spiritual things the whole goal Of Hinduism and the goal of shite Hinduism is Shiva has his he pierces Darkness which is ignorance and maybe That's what I my job is here but that's What we're doing here the goal of Hinduism is to remove your rosecolor Glasses and to overcome Maya in illusion And to see things as they are we live in The age of H very interesting indeed Because this is one side that we did not To really look into and it's good that You the side because many of our viewers Now will think about it in different Ways it's what you say has a lot of Sense to it and yes these are also Things that we've been following so There's a lot of Truth to what you're Saying and we're ending our session so Thank you so much for this wonderful Talk with you I wish you all the best Thanks Mina just people should go to Truth freedomhealth.com and Shiva Numeral 4 president.com if they want to Volunteer thank you Mina thank you so

Much and good night be well good night

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