Dr.SHIVA™ – Zionism has butchered the Jews

Dr.SHIVA™ – Zionism has butchered the Jews

So if you look at Zionism a lot of People think Zionism is Judaism they Don't understand that Zionism is Actually racism it's anti-Semitism Zionists actually hate Jews zionists Have butchered Jews in addition to Butchering Palestinians so when you take A systems approach you're able to Actually make sense of the world you can See when you take a systems approach you Start putting pieces together hey Netanyahu there was a civil war going on Against him until weeks ago three weeks Ago people were protesting in the Streets against him because they hated The guy he's a fascist scumbag most Israelis hate him and he was about to be Ousted and thrown in jail so that's one Data point in it in the system then you Recognize the data came out about four Years ago five years ago showing that in The Gaza Strip in the Palestinian Occupied territories there's over 200 Trillion cubic feet of natural gas Deposits and close to two billion Barrels of oil okay and the Palestinians Have been inhibited from getting that For all sorts of nonsense so they can't Be an independent people so that's Another data point then you find out That the United States Financial system Is collapsing it's running on fumes so It needs crisis to crisis so they can Justify printing money and then you

Intersect that with the fact that as I Mentioned Zionism is racism and in fact It was a zionists and Netanyahu and Mosad created Hamas to be the radical Element that they could use as their Controlled opposition against the Secular forms of movements that were Coming up within the Palestinians to Create a secular Democratic non- Theocratic State Israel is a theocracy Not even it's a Zionist political Fascism that was created which has Nothing to do with Judaism so when you Intersect all that you what emerges out Of intersecting those sort of five or Six big pieces I just gave you you put It all together and you connect the dots What emerges is truth the truth is this War in Israel is a much needed value for Netanyahu it allows him to like the Reich stock Burning Down by Hitler Consolidate power tell people we're all Quote unquote Unity UniFi people against A quote unquote enemy it allows the United States now to participate in a War to justify printing of money because The econom is actually tanking if you Look at the stock market and you watch It it keeps going up it's the Whole thing is nonsense it's not based On any fundamentals and then you look at The fact that um people have become very Clever at manipulating people Psychologically so people start feeling

That there's nothing you can do that the Enemy is so enormous and I think that's Why they're showing all these killings And butchering on TV including the Destruction of Gaza because mentally People start saying I guess that's just The way it is what do we do right and Then people going to their High dos of Desperation the good news we can do Something we have to shatter the Swarm We have to destroy Zionism we have to End a lot of this nonsense because none Of it has to do anything that's probe American values human values and we have A way to do that number one is people Need to understand how systems work Without that knowledge and the elites by The way go to place like MIT in Harvard And they learn how systems work and they Use that knowledge to manipulate large Masses of people this is why the .1% control 8 billion people they have a Knowledge base of systems understanding Given IA teaches that it I decided that It's very important that this knowledge Reach people everyday people because Without understanding how systems work People are always going to be one day La Vote for Obama next day they they'll Vote for Trump yeah next they'll think Bernie Sanders is goingon to save them Next day they think Tulsi gabard is Going to save them roui I think Kennedy's gonna say and they keep

Jumping from bed to political bed yeah That's one thing I I loved about what You're saying so if you guys are Watching this and you're like oh my gosh You just said somebody that I totally Love look deeper into that person okay I Used to be a Trumper I actually stood on The corner with my trump flag and then When he started talking about the Vaccine and that people should be taking The vaccine he talked about REM deser I Was like okay wait a minute I've been in The health and fitness industry for Almost 30 years and you don't take an Experimental drug and expect it to help You with your immune system and so when He was doing this I started really Questioning him and also when Robert Kennedy when he said that he wouldn't Mind if the vaccines were mandated or he Thought it would be okay if the vaccines Were mandated as long as they were safe And I was like no you cannot mandate Free People so we need to understand the Biggest thing people need to understand Is that once you take A System's Understanding you start realizing in any System in engineering system your Physical body as a system any system um Systems are based on achieving a goal You want to achieve some type of health And well-being right you're using an Autopilot in a plane it has a particular Goal to achieve a destination so all

Systems have intelligent systems have a Goal non-intelligent systems just bumble Around they have don't have goals so There's actually two different kinds of Systems but intelligent systems when They have a goal there will always be a Disturbance that'll come to take you off Your goal and in the political world the Elites have figured out that before they Should just shoot people and annihilate People if they if you were opposed to Their goals but what theyve recently Done in the last 50 70 years they've Created cadr of the not so obvious Establishment people who literally say The things you want to hear and this is Their technique and then you say oh Booby is taking care of it or Tulsi Garard or Trump has got it under control I don't have to be a citizen I don't Have to do anything and then you realize That these people this is a litmus test Anyone who gets major mainstream media Attention positive or negative is part Of the establishment that's a very Important thing to people to understand If you're watching fox or CN and whether The person's getting positive or Negative media attention they are part They're the characters in a play a Shakespeare play if you look at Trump Trump is just a he's just a tool I've Met him he doesn't know what the is Going on he wanted to be an actor you

Put the lights on you and he'll do his Acting gig but he doesn't know what the Hell's going on he has no friends all The people around him use him and he Uses them he may be a quote unquote a Nice person whatever you want to do that He's not a good businessman I know People work very closely with him and You look at his balance sheet meaning is Actually look at his financial Statements it's like a billion dollars In assets and about $2 billion do in Debt okay that's not that means you have A negative $1 billion problem okay so These people are madeup characters they Have not lived your life my life of of Building something making something Inventing innovating having to actually Work Bottoms Up it took a lot of effort As a 14-year-old to create the first Email system it takes a lot of effort to Create a company bring together people Actually make something these people Have no idea of that they're all Professional bullshitters booby Kennedy is just he's a billionaire trust Fund kid he's never worked a day in his Life he can spit in police officer's Face and get away with it his family can Murder women dump them and chap atic do All sorts of horrible things and they're Basically Mafia that's what they really Are I just want to remind everybody that It controlled opposition that's what

We're talking about because if you can Control the opposition that the Republicans and Democrats are two wings Of the same bird now what they're Creating is the unit parties become so Now they're creating fake independent Movements our slogan since 2018 was Declare your independent so Kennedy Steals our slogan they know that our run For president has created a massive Vacuum because we are really hammering People like Trump and Tulsi Gabbert and Bernie Sanders who are the controlled Opposition that is created so people Don't build their bottoms of movement so Kennedy who actually his people come to Our meetings they steal Ste our content And literally repeat it word for word The biggest thing is they stole our Slogan declare your Independence so he Is now running as an independent which Is actually the fake controlled Opposition against the quote unquote Unip party so these people the Swarm as I call it itself evolves to learn how to Manipulate people I think what's Valuable with what's going on with Gaza Right now Michelle it's friends of mine Who are Jewish and are anti-zionists They say when it comes to Zionism There's no gray area you have to be Anti-zionist if you're a human being you Can be a Jew but you have it's like a Very clear line and that's what's going

To separate the wheat from the chaff so Our slogan is yeah you want to talk About decare your Independence booby how About declar independence from Zionism He hangs around with the adal for one of The most Zionist multi-billionaire Family to get his money you could argue That the elites want a war because 2008 When the bankers crashed the economy Obama came and lifted them up if if it Was true market capitalism they should Have all been thrown out of business and Many of these Bankers are AR zionists Right they have to acknowledge that but Obama saved the zus on Wall Street and Then what happens is in 2019 2020 the Economy is going to crash again because It's running on fumes they just pump Money in and guess who come save them Then Trump's job he brought in Jared Kushner who's zus Maximus right but this Time instead of people's eyes going Towards the economy they created this Thing called the pandemic and the Pandemic was used so they could print More money so if you remember the stock Market went down and then Trump brought It back up that nice V right and again The economy is running on fumes so for The Zionist Elites or the Swarm globally They need another crisis so people don't Put the eye on the ball on the fact that These economies are running on fumes There's two types of zionists there's

The Jewish Zionist but the more potent Ones in the United States are the Christian Zionist these crazy Evangelical idiots who they ask for Money all day long right but they take The broad mass of poor white Working-class people and they convince Them that we have to make sure we get Back our homeland in Israel all this Rhetoric which has nothing to do with Anything Christ ever talked about and And the Christian zionists are the ones That the Jewish zionists use to get all The American public to support Zionism And that was Trump's job Trump all of His messaging was aimed to control the Christian Evangelical zionists at the Base level and so it's very unfortunate Because these are hardworking poor People white Working Class People Who Being manipulated to support a fascist Racist and by the way Zionism is Anti-Semitic very very important can you Explain a little bit more about what Zionism is because I know it's British Imperialists but let people know exactly What is Zion yeah yeah so I think it's Really important that people understand The fundamentals okay and you have to go Back to again study history right which We teach people truth Freedom health Because without that no one understands Why you have to build a movement people Think oh you just vote for somebody and

You should be happy you get the Lesser Or two evil but if you study history one Of the things that people will discover Is that in the 1800s and the late 1800s There was a growing sentiment that there Would be a major Revolution a workers Revolution of working people and it was Always thought of that workers Revolution would come in Germany because Germany had the most advanced industrial Base there people were tied to their Factories so anyway that was what people Were looking forward to and that is guys People were looking that they knew there Was going to be a workers Uprising in Germany all right so as a part of that You had Trade union leaders coming right People are organizing workers in Factories trade unions a number of those Trade union leaders were Jews okay very Intellectual Jews some of them who are From working class okay there were also The bgea Jews okay the financiers who Lived in Europe in places like Germany Who frankly didn't give a damn about the Working-class Jews for that matter Anyone and discrimination did exist Right and but we have to understand that The Jews in Europe and Germany had been There already 3 400 years so how do you Fight discrimination the union leaders And the Trade union leaders were saying Oh that we we're it's we're not going to Run away somewhere This Is Our Land

We've been here for 300 years we've Contributed we're going to fight here Okay in a very Progressive Way fight the Other Trend that came up was a cultural Nationalist Trend and I use the word Cultural nationalism is a very important Political concept which is different Than Progressive nationalism cultural Nationalism Parks back to some olden Days oh I remember when we enslaved Women in the good old days let's go back To those days it wasn't it great when we Had slaves right it's a form of cultural Nationalism so that was headed by a guy Among the Jewish cultural nationalist Guy called Theodore herel H E rzl and Theodore herel said this is not our land I want our own Homeland this concept so Let's all leave Europe This was very Similar to Marcus Garvey in the 1800s And this was a thing in The Ether about People trying to fight discrimination of Black people Marcus Garvey said oh America is not our land let's go back to Our homeland Africa and he actually got Some ships and they went back to Liberia Forgetting that the African kings were Also slaves it's not like everything was Peachy keen in Africa and if you go look At the history of Liberia the blacks That went back from the US back to Liberia ended up becoming the most Oppressive fascist people in in Liberia So cultural nationalism is not a

Solution to racial discrimination okay So Herzel created manufactured this Political ideology called Zionism made It up and he dug up some 3,000 4,000 Year old reference oh yeah thousands of Years ago we were over here and we Deserve our homeand that would be as Ludicrous as the Vikings sitting in Iceland saying oh we're being Discriminated yeah let's go back to our Original Homeland which was Vermont Because we were there okay and in fact The Zion said many congresses in the six Zionist conference the big debate was Where would we go and their number one Choice at that point was Uganda okay East Africa it's just to understand okay So it's a manufactured ideology it's Based also on the fact of the Jewish People are the chosen people and Everyone else is secondary to that okay It's a racist model in fact a UN Resolution was passed that Zionism is Racism and then the zionists really got Upset and they did all sorts of back Room deals to reverse that but if you Study Zionism it is a political ideology And another very important Point people Need to know and you can do your own Research during World War II the Zionists and the Nazis were one they Worked together the great Trade union Leaders were Jews who wanted to build This Bottoms Up movement and you know

Who the Nazis butchered together the Zionists and the Nazis many examples Like in the war so ghetto where the Jews Were wanting to fight Hitler and the Zionist disarmed collaborated with the Nazis so everyone needs to recognize Zionism is not Judaism it may have like Certain symbols like the Star of David Just like the Vatican has nothing to do With the teachings of Christ oh Absolutely absolutely they put the cross There or the brahmanism or the cast System has nothing to do with Hinduism So all these religions hijack the Teachings and then they morph it into Some that benefits power profit control And people need to recognize this so That's why it's really dis disgusting That many of these brahmanical cast People are promoting Zionism because They're all in the same Club whether You're the Vatican whether you're Zionism whether you're the bical castest Elites of Hinduism you all are one so You all support each other right because Has nothing to do with the original Teachings in any of these great Religions right so that's what Zionism Is Zionism the simple definition of Zionism is racism Zionism is Anti-Semitism that serves the forces of Power profit and control Global on a Presidential question how would you get The US away from this new world things

No more dual citizenships you cannot Serve in government if you're an American citizen and an Israeli citizen It's ridiculous it's it's ridiculous by The way any US citizen can participate In the Israeli Army and fight okay so You can look at Anthony blinkin his Grandfather was critical to creating Israel I mean this whole lineage is Zionist when he goes to you'll see him Hugging people when he gets off the Plane much more warmly than he hugs People in the United States who are These people serving this is who they're Serving and by the way you don't have to Be Jewish to be a Zionist Zionism is Racism in the service of imperialism Netan who is Satan incarnate this guy is crazy all right he was being Ousted by the way there are Israeli People in Israel who are against Zionism Yeah oh absolutely yes so this needs to Be understood and there was going to be A civil war against Netanyahu and they Don't care that they're killing billions Of people there's an agenda around this And it's absolute evil is what they're Doing yeah so this is no longer a war This is about good versus evil this is Really about good versus evil Vil this Has it's beyond anything you can imagine And you look at a Netanyahu you have to Understand that it was mosad mad's thing Is through deception we shall win war

That's their slogan that's their motto Okay through deception how the hell does These little paratroopers come into Israel supposed to have the Iron Dome They funded hundreds of billions of Dollars from the US Hamas was funded by Israel was created by Israel as early as 2019 Yosi Cohen Who's ah head of mosad Went to Qatar and told them to fund Hamas okay mhm the biggest opportunity Here is for the American working people To rise up and Destroy Zionism Zionism Is anti-American it's anti-human it's Anti-semitic it has nothing to do with Anything you would read in the core Values of the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution it's Antithetical to all of it and the only Force right now that's sustaining Manipulating people on the ground level Is a Christian Evangelical Zionist go Look listen to those crazy Preachers nuts these people are Mouthpieces for Zionism there's not like A hundred Solutions to this there There's only one and that is we must Build a movement and the word movement Has been misused by these say controlled Opposition scumbags a movement is Actually a Bottoms Up movement where People understand the Dynamics of how The elites manipulate you so that's the Engineering piece it has to have a very Clear Vision truth Freedom health and

Then there has to be something that you Do as an individual on a day-to-day Basis and that action can only occur in A decentralized way oneon-one locally I've been fascinated by movements since I was a child since I was a Four-year-old old kid I studied all of Them um and I ultimately came to the Conclusion a simple flyer printed flyer Handing out to people is a very powerful Weapon you may know on our website to Make this real go to Shiva for President.com and Shiva 4president Docomo this our website on the right Side there's something called free Downloads this onepage flyer is the Weapon on how to stop these people okay First of all my run for president Recognizes that elections are selections They stole my election in 2020 um we Prove that these guys don't even follow Their own rules okay they're all Scumbags they do not want someone like Me who actually comes bottom sub who's Earned everything I have ever being able To win an election because they have Their boys right the trumps the Kennedies the gabds right you can go Down the list but this flyer probably Took me 40 years to do it let me tell You why because I learned how to hand Out flyers when I was a student at MIT Used to create them we started an Independent newspaper which was just a

Onepage piece of paper and we would Write different articles it's a Technology actually it's powerful one More thing one this is so great you guys Go to his website chapr president.com Learn more about this because we do Absolutely need a movement like this and People coming together that's another Reason why I've been wondering I was Wondering about Trump a long time ago Because there's such Division and we Need to be unified thank you Michelle I Hope that was valuable and it was great Speaking with you thanks for the Opportunity

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