Dr.SHIVA – You want to talk REAL Christianity?

Dr.SHIVA - You want to talk REAL Christianity?

If you look at the Life of Christ who I Admire greatly The Life of Christ was Not about exposing the Romans the Obvious establishment 99 of Christ's Life was exposing the not so obvious Establishment the Pharisees and the Sadducees who spoke the words of God but Were the ones who actually crucified the Real demons are the people who Purposefully cover up and make false Heroes of these people like Trump and Kennedy to act like they're being Attacked by The Establishment is the Ruse don't you give a about these People there are enemies Christ actually Took up a whip and he kicked the Out of those people in the temple you Want to talk real Christianity yeah I Believe we should take the cat of nine Tales to all these people like Christ Did it is US versus them enough people Are waking up and those people are going To really be serving God so if you want To be a Christian you support our Movement if you want to be left-wing Borrow Marx be a fighter for working People I'm a worker not Bernie Sanders Not AOC so whether you're on the far Left or the far right do it be a true Communist or be a true Christian that's My challenge truth Freedom Health Achievement the president period

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