Dr.SHIVA™ – Why The Cost Of Groceries Is So High. How We Solve It.

Dr.SHIVA™ – Why The Cost Of Groceries Is So High. How We Solve It.

54 percent of Voters say the cost of Groceries is a problem how will you Address this the reason inflation the Cost of groceries up is because the Establishment plays this game printing Money when they need it subjugate other Countries to ensure that the U.S is a Reserve currency with Reserve currency Status it can print as much money as They want allowing the government on Behalf of the elites to print money Means who suffers as a working people You have to create a real economy that Is not based on printing money and the Might of the military industrial Academic complex we have to unleash Innovation if you took a fraction of the Amount of money we spent on the military To create Reserve currency status and You stop doing that and you put it back Into infrastructure you would have a Very very different economic model Because more people would have the Opportunities to innovate start small Business and be entrepreneurs that's how You create a real vibrant economy so It's time for us to build the Bottoms Up Blue Fin and that's what Shiva for President's about become a truth Freedom Health Warrior chief of president.com Volunteer volunteer volunteer

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