Dr.SHIVA™ – Why not run for U.S. President?

Dr.SHIVA™ - Why not run for U.S. President?

As I was running for United States Senate our election was stolen here in Massachusetts in September of 2020 we Had 3,000 volunteers 25,000 lawn SS we Won that primary and the Republicans Stole the election not the Democrats the Republicans from me I was running as a Republican and out of that event I Discovered that the fact that the Election systems are rigged at the Machine level they destroy ballot images Images of the ballots which are supposed To be preserved for 22 months and it was My work that showed that the mailin Ballot signature verification process is Completely flawed when I started Tweeting about that in September of 2020 I've never been thrown off Twitter I was Thrown off in the middle of my US Senate Campaign so I'm a political candidate And who threw me off was the Government Contact to Twitter because I was Exposing the government which is a Biggest violation of of speech the First Amendment and no lawyer wanted to defend Me I had to do it on my own and in Federal court we had a major victory our Lawsuit in 2020 October of 2020 Discovered the fact that the government All governments have created created a Backd door portal into Twitter where Government tells social media companies What to do this is in 2020 and we Informed Tucker Carlson Glenn Greenwald

And all these were part of the Intelligence agency didn't do anything They suppressed our lawsuit but a half a Billion people came to know about it cuz We did video after video after video but Meanwhile these so-called people who Claim they're fighting against Freedom Intentionally concealed that lawsuit so Our lawsuit is the one who discovered This back door portal so intimately I Know about it because in federal court We won that and then we sued not only to Get back on Twitter but I sued those Government officials and the judge Initially gave me a victory but then he Wanted me to drop all the claims against The government and if people go to Winback freedom.com you'll see Everything we documented we discovered The entire infrastructure in detail it's A PhD thesis how the government silen a Speech in 2020 Tucker Carlson concealed It Glenn Greenwald concealed it all of These people sat on it sat on it all the Twitter files was all because All those guys come out out of the Intelligence agency you see they Plagiarized our lawsuit and just told People a little bit of it it's a CIA Technique called a limited hangout and All these stupid conservatives oh thank You Elon Musk bowing down to him when Elon Musk has never created anything in His whole life Elon Musk was brought in

To make the conservatives feel like he Was their Fighter for free speech Meanwhile we now have censorship 10.0 so In October when I was put back on Twitter I did not thank Elon Musk cuz I Know he's a scumbag I said hey Elon why Don't you make me your CEO that got 20 Million views and after that I started Hammering Elon Musk are you going to Remove the back door portal to Twitter My Views went from 500,000 views per day Down to 10,000 views and I'm a US Presidential candidate meanwhile anyone Else who sucked him off and said oh Thank you Elon like booby Kennedy Tucker Carlson they get promoted Because they're all part of the swarm so The bottom line is the government tells Social media companies what to do my Lawsuit exposed that it was concealed There's only one solution to this and I'll tell you the heart of the problem In England in 2017 is when by the way The British do not believe in the First Amendment they hated America got the First Amendment what does the First Amendment say it says government or Congress specifically shall pass no laws That abridge freedom of speech at 1791 December 1791 one of the most historic Opportunities for Humanity so 3% of the World population gets to speak and Critique their government no one else Has that none of the commonwealth

Countries have that right still to this Day but on November 16 2018 a scumbag Called Donald Trump who I initially Supported and I realized what he was About Donald Trump is the one who misled All the white working class he's the one Who signed the cyber security Infrastructure Security Agency act into Law which destroys the First Amendment Every member of the House of Representatives voted unanimously every Member of the Senate unanimous consent That's pure fascism if Hillary Clinton Had done that there would have been a Revolution in the United States so Trump Was also a selection he was a white guy Put in after Obama the black guy to Manipulate the white working class to Think he was fighting something but he Was EX executing everything the Trillionaires wanted he made sure fouchi Wasn't fired he made sure fizer went From 40 billion to 100 billion he made Sure his son-in-law got $2 billion he's The real and all these people Thinking he's their savior he's an actor And I was in the heat of all this so the Bottom line is cisa must be repealed Overnight okay it destroys the first we Don't have there's no more freedom of Speech on social media and musk where Elon Musk begins and government ends Nobody knows all right so it's all a Theater that's being played out so the

Future as I say you know for our Campaign we have this flyer which Describes our campaign and if you look At this flyer you'll find out that for The last 70 years the life expectancy of The United States public is going down And it's not the vaccines it's many Things have been done by the Republicans And Democrats liberals and conservatives Left and right to your point to destroy Families to destroy Community because The number one reason people live long Is community if you have a child in the United States now your child will have a Shorter lifespan than you and the Lockdowns accentuated that so we live in A very important time that we need to Recognize that we have the not so Obvious establishment the trumps the Russell Brands The Joe Rogan the Carlson's the booby Kennedy We're all part of this Tulsi gabard They're being created to make people Think everything is okay vote for them They're all part of it and our movement My running for office and guys like you Were the only ones exposing that so People need to let go of all this to think all these people are Fighting for us they're not one of us They didn't come from below I have and Many of you have have come from below These people are part of the Establishment they know people people

Are starting to wake up and they want to Peel away so they're creating these fake Heroes but when it comes to censorship It comes back to the same thing over the Next I believe the next 24 months Maximum they want to have centralized Digital currencies it's three-part Digital cage they want to make sure Every carbon tax is tracked and the Third piece of it is your iPhone is Basically your cage and government Controls social media so you have the Full tracking of your spending carbon Tax and your conversations and the only Way out of this is a systems over Hall This is why 10,000 people are Controlling 8 billion people George Soros is a theoretician in system Science he wrote The reflexivity Theory Okay so you know I used to teach all This stuff at MIT so I've taken all that Knowledge and made it accessible for Everyone and you can educate your Children on it but with people should Learn system science long before they Learn Reading Writing and arithmetic That's number one you know my running For president and you know by the way Globally people go get this bumper Sticker it says shatter the Swarm Because and in this flyer that we have You hand it out people can get the QR Code but in 15 minutes people can Understand the systems dynamics of the

Elites free people should go learn this Stuff because unless you understand who The enemy is and how they're using System science and you think you're Going to fight them voting for any one Of these idiots you're The future is you the future is US Collectively organizing Bottoms Up and When you get to that point you have to Recognize that there is a science to Building a movement and without that Science you're very naive to think You're going to go build an airplane Without understanding bui's principle You're not going to be able to build a Motor without understanding equations You're not going to be able to build a Movement without understanding the Science that I've uncovered and anyone Can learn it you don't have to be a nerd You don't have to be have 4 degrees from MIT the elites learn it so the future is We understand this Dynamic and this is Why I am unequivocal on exposing these Scumbags and right now this is the age Of scumbags Russell bran is a vile Scumbag don't have any sympathy for him He was created by them he always was a Vile scumbag by the way the Swarm always Provot promotes vile scumbags because They have on them if they get out Of line you know then they quote unquote Attack them but when they attack them They drive more views to those vile

Scumbags and you feel sorry for these Guys you see they have it down to a Science the future is you and that's why You know the things I recommend people Do is if you're in the United States you Know go get one of these bumper stickers Go to shiver for president why do I say That because when you put this on your Car 100,000 people see it you can't get That attention on social media get this Flyer printed on black and white Printers hand it out to your friends Educate them on what's Happening to life Expectancy because that's something very Real to people that they're fact that Their children right now are going to Have a shorter lifespan and they will Realize the way we got there is a Systems problem and we need a systems Overhaul and you have to go look at what Did they do in March of 2020 that's a Litus test and you have to be very Careful who you choose your as your Leaders and my view is I'm just a Catalyst go to truth freom and health Understand that you have to be a leader Now you have to become the heroes and we Have to understand this Dynamic of Manipulation otherwise you're a fool and Remember our leaders reflect our Consciousness you got to raise your Consciousness to understand and one Person who understands this becomes a Significant Force I love it I love it

Where can they find this information sir To get bump and stck everything number One go to Shiva numeral for President.com okay number two go to Truth Freedom health.com become a Warrior scholar and you notice I haven't Asked for any money which all these Candidates do if people donate to us we Give them information we give them Knowledge we give them the courses the Mission of this campaign is to create a Change in Consciousness some people if They want to donate that way they can I Mean if you guys and we're just so busy If you guys want to help us do the Implementation let's do it I'd be one of The first ones to donate I've done very Well for myself I've been in crypto Since 2017 so I don't mind donating to Someone uh who has such a phenomenal Vision as you do sir so it's been an Honor Edo take it away oh Absol Absolutely I think Dr Shiva has a great Opportunity here to accept extrap Donations we know that I think Kennedy Was accepting Bitcoin donations you know So xrp is way faster than that and the Transaction fees are also so in the end Of the day it's just a win-win situation Very happy let's do it because you know The opportunity we're doing in the States running for president that's not Chief of for president but a lot of People outside of the United States they

Can't donate to us campaign but they can Contribute to our movement which is Global okay so those of you listening Remember every Thursdays every Thursdays We do a open house where all of you are Invited go to vh.com orientation 11:00 A.m. and 8:00 p.m. this Thursday so do That again go get one of these bumper Stickers it's a simple way you can Contribute to everything we're doing and And put it on the back of your car this Is for the United States and this is for Globally shatter the Swarm all right Because you cannot donate to a US Campaign but if you want to support the The movement go here and then finally go To Shiva for president download one of These flyers and it's about educating Your neighbors so this is a way you can Be an overnight activist download it Print it you don't have to print it in Color printed in black and white but This is about you and if you want and we Highly recommend people because I've Made the entire infrastructure available To everyone become a truth freedom and Health Warrior so you can become an Agent of change in your community and Fundamentally change the world the world Does not need followers it needs people To lead but if you're going to lead a Movement for God's sakes understand the Science that what it takes it took me 50 Years to put this together to take

Advantage of it all right guys thank you Dr Shiva all I can say to you is keep Doing your work and you are a person That really inspired me to become who I Am today so thank you that's great man Be well thank you all right byebye thank You are

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