Dr.SHIVA™ – Why “Cease Fire Now” is a PsyOp Slogan #freepalestine #ceasefire

Dr.SHIVA™ - Why "Cease Fire Now" is a PsyOp Slogan #freepalestine #ceasefire

1981 Ariel Chiron took tanks into Gaza And literally ran over people I Organized one of the biggest protests at Brandise University predominantly a Jewish school not just Jews but Jewish Zionists the liberal zionists always try To take over these movements ceas fire Now peace now those slogans have no Meaning they would never say end the Occupation end Zionism this is very Different the real issue here is Zionism Which is racism which serves imperialism Ceasefire now is very Hollow to just say Hey we're Jewish zionists we don't want Blood on our hands it's a liberal Feelgood movement it's not saying end Zionism then there would be a ceasefire And they'd say oh my God our protest Once aren't we great 5 years later Israel would go another step further two Steps forward one step back this is why I've been very hard-hitting on this Every 10 to 20 years new people show up Obviously with righteous indignation They want the right things and the not So obvious establishment suckers them in We need to build a Bottoms Up movement Go to shapr president.com and volunteer

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