Dr.SHIVA™ – We Are About Destroying This Brahmanical Swarm.

Dr.SHIVA™ - We Are About Destroying This Brahmanical Swarm.

As I review my history briefly in the Beginning of this my background as a Warrior as a scientist as an engineer Who's really been front-facing in my own Individually and collectively really Fighting and defeating what I call the Swarm in fact we should call it the Brahman swarm and we should talk about That who is a swarm and what does this Word quote unquote Brahman really mean And fundamentally the world is now a Multi-racial decentralized swarm of a Neoc cast system of brahans who are not Only in the Indian tradition but all Over the world and we should talk about That what does that mean and my journey Has been fighting this again on a very Personal level and collectively so this Is when I say that I know the plight of Everyday people working people because I Am one of those people and I've had to Fight those fights front-facing it's not Been something Theory so for a lot of These people who use the word oh I know Your plight oh let's be revolution let's Start a revolution none these are just Words messaging words none of them are Real to any of these people many of them Actually crib their notes from me steal My words to try to manipulate people Back into the Swarm so my journey has Been one of a warrior scientist engineer And inventor all my life and that Journey as a warrior began being exposed

To a Insidious system called the cast System of India that I grew up into and Now that cast system which I thought I Left India today pervades the entire World the brahin of India now have Become the global Brahman Elite who Actually think they're better than you At a fundamental level and this Brahmanical cast system involves people Are brown yellow white all different Colors a multi-racial Aristocracy which pervades the world and It's a very small set of them and the Good news is over those last 50 years 59 Years on 59 right now of that Journey I've learned how to not only fight them But what we must do and can do to defeat Them and in order to defeat them that Will demand that you as an individual Must make a choice do you want to raise Your Consciousness do you want want to Let go of this naive and stupidity in Thinking you can somehow tame and reform Evil or do you want to take a very very Decisive approach to recognizing that Evil can never be tamed or United with Some idiot doctor wrote To Me goes oh You would be farther along if you worked With these evil people it's like you're A idiot and these people are Sitting in their lofty Towers Ivory Towers making commentary never knowing The Journey of me or everyday working People who've had to fight tooth and

Nail and and every day have to fight Injustice they know nothing about the Plight of Everyday People we're about Building a movement the future is Offline we're about destroying this Brahmanical swarm which pervades the Entire world and we're about not there's A lot of people say let's unite there's Nothing to unite here with evil you must Divide yourself from Evil it's not about Unity so my journey brings me to a very Very different path I did a tweet today When I said when Christ said the meek Shall inherit the Earth again my journey Reads that statement that the meek which Christ was referring to were the And the ignorant people who do not want To stand up to evil yeah they can have The Earth the Warriors and the wise who Want to stand up well we'll have Different choices we can go to heaven or We can stay here and fight but the and the ignorant people who want To follow these fake Heroes want to Follow the snakes that's what Christ was Really meaning the meek shall inherit The earth it wasn't about the humble People inheriting the Earth it was if You're a and you don't want to Break from the Swarm and you don't want To fight these evil people and you're Willing to odate them then you deserve Mammon you deserve this material world So you go in depth as you like in the

Question so I want people to know a Little bit more about who these Brahman Are and what we are dealing with here Because a lot of people Point their Fingers towards the Rockefellers or the Rothchilds or maybe even the Vatican and The Jesuits the you know uh British um Nobility but these Brahman a European Aryans that came to India you know 1500 Years 1800 years before Christ was born And I believe that they became the first Nobility and some stuff that I read upon Them they're the ones that actually Created evil so they're the ones who Introduced the actual evil into this World there was peace and Harmony before That people really didn't know what this Evil was until the brahans came and They're The Hidden Hand that's pulling The strings of they're the Puppet Masters but nobody talks about that Except for Dr Shiva we had desert owl Come on here a couple times to mention The brahin being The Hidden Hand so I'd Like you to tell us your knowledge about That I think you said this Vivic the Snake he's one of them as well that the Snake is the epitome of a bramman Brown-nosing big farm of scumbag and let Me explain why if you look at that the technical term I'd like to Describe him this guy literally was put There by the Swarm and the WF and go Down the list of every three-letter

Organization because they want to mimic Me so they found this fake guy a brown Guy from South India s his parents are From a Brahman to steal attempt to steel And they're failing miserably Unfortunately for them all the work we Did in 2020 all the Limelight that we Got from half a billion people because We actually did God's work fighting the Swarm so they had to find this guy they Were desperately looking for a fool so They find this Obama 2.0 fool who Attempts to mimic as though he is from The working class he actually said he's Disadvantaged he went to a freaking prep School his parents are from the bical Cast but it goes Way Beyond the bical Cast as we know it to India a lot of Indians in the United States who came Here originally were brahans and they do Not want to talk about the cast system Because when they look back into the 60s And 70s and even before that what they Did in India to people of my background It's quite embarrassing so they try to Say oh oh uh you're discriminating Against us Brans no you're the guys who Caused a lot of major problems but if You go back in his history I think it's Really important to recognize and They're trying to rewrite history by the Way it's fascinating the there was a Time when India was what was called the Dravidians the actual native people very

Much like the Native Americans in fact There's a lot of very fundamental Relationship with the iroy and the Dravidians of all of India and when I Was with a project that I was doing in India there was an Indian genome Variation project that was done and the Indian government didn't want this paper Coming out but it clearly shows if you Look at India as like that trapezoid From west to east there's literally like A dagger that comes in across North India of a very different genetic type And it's from the quote unquote the Indo Areans which come in from Iran and that Group and it literally split way up North India Kashmir to the way bottom of India now the people in Way North India Are a little bit lighter skinned and the Way people in Way South India are darker Skinned but what the Indian genome Variation project showed was except for Ability to Pro create melanin which is a Little darker skin that people Way North India the Kashmir quote unquote who were Later called Bradman are the same races Of people down south you see so they Don't want to do so what they did was When that Invasion took place they Started diminishing the people of dark Skin color with the people of light skin Color and that was one of the Distinguishing features they started to Do to create this brahmanical cast

System which then pervaded all over India but the original concept of the Guild system was you had different People let's say you were a really good Engineer you were known as engineer and I was a really good blacksmith I would Be known as Dr Shiva the blacksmith you See what I'm saying and then someone was Let's say a really learned person who Really studied things he would be called A Brahman that was the original model Right you had people who were good at Things but this model that took place Converted this Guild system to oh if You're born as this then you will be That you see was about the birth Lottery You follow what I'm saying Jesse it no Longer became about Merit of where you Came from oh you're born into this you Get to be that and that devolved into This quote unquote cast system and now Interesting enough in India around the 88th Century which is is what about 12200 years ago or 1500 years ago a lot Of spiritual leaders saying wait a Minute I don't agree with this if if we Have equality in heaven why isn't there Equality on Earth we're talking about Connecting Heaven to Earth this number 555 so these spiritual leaders started Questioning this and that led to what Was known as a Bucky movement BH a k TI Which was a movement of the heart Connected to God and between the 8th

Century up until the 16th century the Cast system was actually starting to Break up in India and people of merchant Class people who are Artisans were being Elevated to actually get great respect Now when the British come into your British colonialism instead of letting That cast system evaporate away they British colonialism you can think about The entire British Empire they said whoa The cast system is pretty good we can Organize people we can manipulate people And they resuscitated it so they went And found the old brahmanical priests And this is a wonderful book called the Rise and fall of the East India Company Written by ramach Krishna mukari he lays Us all out and they rated the C system Which was going away Jesse the concept Of the cast system was a guild system Based on your Merit you achieved certain Strata in society certain positions but It wasn't supposed to be like that and Then when this Aryan Invasion took place The dravidians of all over India never Believed in property it was like the Garden of Eden and it was matriarchal Societies they completely created Property ownership they brought in this Very divisive cast system and then by The way when the spiritual leaders came Up again that started dwindling and the British brought it back up and now we Have a cast system that pervades the

Entire world like the scumbag V says Really he believes in meritocracy and Excellence well he created bogus Companies he created companies literally You can study axovant which is a company For 5 million dollars starts a company Buys a useless drug that failed four Clinical trials from Big Pharma has his Mother if you believe in excellence why Do you have your mother nepotism working In your company who takes a fail Clinical study puts it through a Spreadsheet and rehashes it and makes a Fail drug appear real for Alzheimer's And then uses his mother's report to Take the company public and scam Investors this is Excellence no what he Did was Financial engineering he doesn't Give a about people with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and then This fellow is promoted on every media Channel New York Times the liberal media Every day there's an article of him why Because the New York Times s actually Has real Indian brahin there and brahin Okay the liberal promotes him Carlson never asks him a hard question Oh really VI let me ask you why did you Support this doctor I think her name is Dena Henderson who is all Prov vaccine Mandate all promask mandate is a big Farmer person and you gave her $2,700 Why did you do that none of these people Are asking this any hard

Questions and they actively promote him While attempting to make me invisible But they have a problem because half a Billion people all over the world have Heard of Dr Shiva during 2020 when we Got the world out we got the word out so The problem they have now is they're Scrambling they're in major disruption They don't know if it's if they should Push DeSantis they don't know if they Should push Trump do theater with his Indictments they don't know if they Should uh bring someone else out they're Completely in disruption Gavin Nome Because of our movement because in 2020 The movement for truth Freedom health And the hard work that I did on exposing Election systems at the fundamental Level all the hard work we were the First ones call out fouchy in the fire Fouchy campaign May of 2020 we were the Ones to first get 120,000 petitions to Trump long before these doctors are now Doing their scam to try to save face we Were the ones and all of this is credit That we rightfully deserve because we Did the work it's not ego and all those People have a problem with that again You can get off the stream because this Is the truth and then furthermore it was Our work my historic lawsuit that Exposed that the government and social Media companies have a government Censorship portal I discovered that not

Carlson not Matt taibe all these Brahin you see they never want to give The credit to the non- brahin US so even When we do the good work and we start Leading our people the non- bramin the Everyday working people the brahin have To steal our credit to try to manipulate The rest of us as though they're the Smart Ones but they're a absolutely the Ones who do not give a damn about people And they're like reptiles they're Literally reptiles they know how to Manipulate people that's what their Parents teach them from day one Jesse The day that they're born they learn how To lie how to cheat how to Slither like Snakes that's why I call this guy vake The snake I mean think about it his Mother takes the data of a fail drug and For her son redo it so he can make Millions of dollars this is a slithering Spineless set of invertebrates that's Who does this and they teach their son To do that this guy was all out for mask Mandates now he says oh I was for mask Mandates because fouchy was prask so I Wanted to be anti-mask at the time right No in 2020 he was against mask mandates Because fouchy was not for mask so he Says at that time he was for mask Mandates you see he wanted mandatory Masks in 2020 because fouchi did not Want masks does that make sense yeah he Wanted to go opposite of whatever fouchy

Was right so I really want to emphasize This it's isn't it amazing that they had To go find a brown guy who literally Steals my words but who's a complete Scumbag just think about that it's a Psychological operation a friend of mine Owen Benjamin said yeah VA Shiva they Had to go find VI i v AK it's all an Engram that they're playing with people And that's how slithering scumbags these Brahin are when again to you Indian Brahin listening oh my God he's Attacking us yeah I am attacking you Because if you really cared you would Denounce brahmanism and the cast system But you don't you want to have your cake And eat it too and to all the other Multi-racial bramin we're coming after You because we're going to destroy the Swarm and the non brins which are all People all all over the world right now It's not just India we are rising up Because we know and we're educating People how to identify the Swarm the Swarm is the brahans are people like Robert Kennedy who says one Thing and does another he was promoting Lockdowns the Swarm are people like Donald Trump the swarmer people Like Hunter Biden the swarmer people Like Joe Biden the swarm of people like Bernie Sanders who says he's a Progressive but he attacks people like Me and others who are the real

Revolutionaries because he wants all the Progressives and support Biden you see That's how these guys work on the left Wing and the right wing they have the Fake fighters who sucker people back and They're always supported that's why they Get visibility so we live at a very Important time for people to really Understand this Dynamic that there's a Global Brahman swarm who think they're Better than you we are building a Movement now Truth for themen health our Political campaign sha for president you Can put this bumper sticker on the back Of your car and you will do more work That way than by being on social media Which is fully controlled okay so we're About building a movement the future is Offline we're about destroying this Brahmanical swarm which pervades the Entire world there's a lot of people say Let's unite there's nothing to unite Here with evil you must divide yourself From Evil it's not about unity and Remember it's time that we shatter the Swarm and everyone listening today for God's sake get off your butts it's being Handed to you on a golden platter in Some ways the education the knowledge And whatever way you want to particip Iate get a flyer get a bumper scker get On the ground tell your friends share This video and by the way with all the Shadow Banning get this out there anyway

Be the light best to you and your family And and friends and all your audience Thank you

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