Dr.SHIVA: Watermelon Seeds & Cardiovascular Health – A CytoSolve® Systems Biology Analysis

Dr.SHIVA: Watermelon Seeds & Cardiovascular Health  - A CytoSolve® Systems Biology Analysis

Good evening everyone it's Dr shivaya Duray today we're going to be speaking About watermelon seeds and Cardiovascular health you're going to Learn really with a cardiovascular System we're going to focus on Watermelon seeds and the biological Functions and the health benefits what's Interesting watermelons with seeds and The Watermelons without seeds the way That they make seedless watermelons is They take the pollen from a male plant And then the flower of the female plant They chemically alter it so that's how The process takes place it is modified It's not genetically modified so let's Begin with the science of the Cardiovascular system the three Subsystems are the physical heart the Blood vessels and the blood the heart is Really a very powerful muscle and it's Responsible for pumping blood throughout The entire body blood is pumped after It's oxygenated coming from your lungs It comes into the heart and it pumps it Throughout your entire body and it's Pumping it through these blood vessels Arteries are the ones that are bringing In the oxygen and they pump it through Your body and then the veins are the Vessels that pump the deoxygenated blood Up to your heart which then pumps it to Your lungs the capillaries are the very Fine fine vessels where a lot of this

Very important activity takes place the Capillaries are just composed of Endothelial cells that's it and they are Made of the Tunica intima the inner Layer consisting of endothelial lining Which provides a frictionless pathway For the movement of blood it is these Endothelial cells that have to function Well for you to have good cardiovascular Function the better endothelial function You have the better heart health Cardiovascular health you have we're Going to be looking at watermelon seeds In a cardiovascular health in order to Do that we don't cherry pick the data we Look at what's out there well there's 329 research articles there have been About three clinical trials done on Watermelons and that's over the last 50 Years what we do is we take all that Research and then connect the dots to Put together the research and that's all Made possible through cytosol I wanted To let you know that we use the Technology here we've helped many many Companies over the last 16 years a lot Of smart Innovative companies but we Decided with all the mathematical models We created why don't we try to use this To compute the best product we could Think of from the science out there for Reducing pain and inflammation pain and Discomfort and that resulted in us Creating mv25 using cytosol we're going

To have more products that are going to Be coming but let me just show you what Mv25 is about for those of you who Haven't heard about it but this is using Cytosolving a beneficial way not to just Do research but find combination Therapies hi I'm Barbara and my hands With cramp up so that I couldn't hold Cards or knit or crochet and they would Go like that Not have to use this when I played cards With my grandkids and I started taking That Mb25 after a bit I was able to hold Cards in my hand very very little Cramping hardly at all anymore MV 25. hi My name is Sandy I'm a Taekwondo Instructor I told my ACL during Taekwondo I had Ability I've been taking the mv25 for About six months now after the first Week I noticed a big difference after The second week almost literally no pain My name is Jeremy and I suffer from a Lower back problem hurt my back at work Years ago and I can go to the Chiropractor do all kinds of different Things and nothing seems to help and I Decided to try mv25 I didn't notice a Difference immediately but within a few Days the pain went away and it stayed Away I've continued to take it and even When I do things that I shouldn't do Seems to go away a lot quicker than ever

Did before it's clean food certified It's made in the U.S if you go to VA Shiva.com right on the shop you'll click There or you can go right to mb25.life Either way and then from there you can Click on the bottle and you can order Please take advantage of it because First of all it's going to help you it's Going to help our movement and it really Supports the fact that we want to take Science-based approaches to Natural Products so now having understood that What do watermelon seeds do now that you Understand the cardiovascular system so The first part we want to look at is What are the nutrients in watermelon Seeds 26 key molecules three types of Macronutrients carbohydrates proteins And fats five key minerals 10 key Bioflavonoids seven key free amino acids Four key fatty acids very very important The six key molecules we want to look at That are very very valuable for Cardiovascular health are the apogenin The beta-carotene the lycopene the Luteolin the Arginine and the citrulline The next thing I want to cover is the Health benefits of watermelon seeds so These six subsystems are affected by Watermelon seeds heart health hair loss Glucose control metabolic Health bone Health and skin Health this six Biological effects watermelon seeds are Antioxidants they're anti-inflammatory

Anti-hypertensive anti-cancer Anti-diabetic and Anti-artherosclerotic we're going to Look at the anti-hypertensive effect Which is lower hypertension the Anti-diabetic effect which is obviously Related to heart health and the Anti-arterosclerotic effect which is Related to plaques forming first we're Going to look at the anti-hypertensive Effect the molecule citrulline and Arginine promote nitric oxide production In the presence of Enos like when you Exercise and what happens in the Presence is nitric oxide activates this Enzyme soluble guanol cyclist SGC so in The presence of citrulline and Arginine Edos activates nitric oxide which Converts using SGC GTP into cgmp in the Smooth muscle cell surrounding the blood Vessels and that leads to their Relaxation Vaso relaxation which Promotes the anti-hypertensive effect in Blood cells next is the anti-diabetic Effect number two the ferulic acid and The quercetin endothelial dysfunction Leads to diabetes and how does Endothelial dysfunction happen when you Have superoxide in your body and Hydrogen peroxide these are what are Called reactive oxygen species these are Oxidizing agents and superoxide Desmutase blocks this as well as folic Acid so what happens is when you eat a

Watermelon seed you're getting quercetin And ferulic acid folic acid directly Goes block superoxide and catalase Directly blocks hydrogen peroxide but More importantly the quercetin produces Nrf2 and Nrf2 promotes these two Antioxidant enzymes superoxide Dismutation catalase which blocks a Hydrogen peroxide and superoxide the Third is plaque formation and that's the Anti-arterosclerotic effect plaque Formation leads to arterial sclerosis When you have this molecule Ox LDL Adheres to your endothelial cell surface And that's what initiates a plaque Formation so here is your endothelial Cell this oxl deal sticks to it like Glue and that starts the plot formation That occurs when LDL which is what the They call the low density lipoprotein Known as a bad cholesterol gets oxidized To oxl you don't want this occurring and This occurs when you have superoxide the Lycopene the beta-carotene and the Quercetin from the water melon seeds Those three molecules block superoxide So LDL doesn't convert to xldl and you Don't get the plaque formation so you Basically learn some three very powerful Chemistries here what does the current Science say about how much you should Take if you want to alleviate Hypertension you can take about six Grams of watermelon seed extract daily

Six grams that's from Masa at all 2016. Now there are problems with watermelon Seeds Okay and there are three issues to Consider nothing as I mentioned is good Or bad this is when you excessively Consume them for some people may have Kidney stones watermelon seeds excessive Consumption can release oxalates which Can lead to kidney stones again excess Okay not here to scare people too much Can lead to digestive bloating if you Already have an issue with bloating be Aware of this and phytic acid core Mineral absorption you can take the Watermelon seeds and you can overnight Soak them and Sprout them a little bit And that will get rid of the phytic acid Where should you get your watermelon Seeds the organically grown watermelon Seeds are preferred the conventional Grown watermelon seeds may contain over 28 different pesticides that are linked To lung liver kidney and thyroid Toxicity and carcinogens and organic Farming produces healthier produce free Of pesticides remember when you see the Watermelon without real black seeds That's an indication it's likely not Organic you could have the other ones by The way be organic but remember they're A hybrid the ideal is the organic seeded Watermelon seeds okay that would be my Recommendation by the way many of you Know it is through your research and

Your support our movement worldwide Created the certified clean and Certified raw labels where we integrated Safety minimally processed and Bioavailability of nutrients a first of Its kind you will see if you you go on To many of the health food stores this Clean and raw food seal that was brought To you by our movement it's the highest Level of certification that you can find From Farm to Table in summary watermelon Seeds have several benefits including Cardiovascular health skin Health bone Health hair Health Etc hi everyone this Is Dr Shiva adore before we continue With this I want to just remind everyone That because of the massive censorship And Shadow Banning that still continues On social media platforms I'd like you To click the link to continue watching This on our own platform at vshiva.com Thank you very much

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