Dr.SHIVA™ – They’ve Armed The Criminals and Disarmed the Working People.

Dr.SHIVA™ - They've Armed The Criminals and Disarmed the Working People.

In Massachusetts right now there's a Bill to completely further restrict the Second Amendment the Second Amendment Wasn't created for the elites to go Hunting that's what they want to say no The second amendment was created for us Working people to defend ourselves from The government from the state from the Brahin from the Swarm that's why the Second amendment was created and in my View my Department of Defense is going To make sure every American is trained To use weapons has weapons their kids Are trained everyone's trained so we can Defend ourselves from the government That is what the second amendment was Created for and we should get out of all Of these wars and ensure that we protect The borders of each country I should Protect my borders you guys should Protect your borders but true Department Of Defense will make sure the people can Defend themselves that's why the Founders of the United States created The Second Amendment and by the way when Everyone is fully armed no one FS around With people in communities it's not like Working people are going to kill Themselves what they have done is They've armed the gangsters and the Criminals and they've armed the State And they've disarmed the working people This is not right because when working People want to rise up they'll actually

Unleash the thugs upon us all the Thugs And the mafia and all these people they Have weapons so it's very very important This is why all great revolutions always Encourage freedom of speech and the Second Amendment and you know our Revolution is going the wrong way when They start disarming people that's when You know it's becoming authoritarian my Defense policy would go to local policy Which is we need to make sure that by The time a child is 18 they know how to Use weapons every household should have Enough weapons to protect themselves From the government all right enemies Enemies foreign and domestic domestic Enemies being right now the enemies is The government the way that they've been Doing what they've been doing to the People mandating these poisonous Injections taking all the money sending It off for Wars and these other places It's supposed to be a Christian Nation That's supposed to be thou shalt not Kill but in the 340 years of America's Existence it's been at War for 320 years So it's only been 20 years that America Hasn't been involved in war and this is Backwards to what they're trying to say That it's supposed to be a Christian Nation where you're supposed to love and Honor thy neighbor not go and steal God From them their gold oil and drugs yeah I think we need to also distinguish just

See the differ between the American People and the American government the Government is run by the goal of power Profit control in fact they don't even Practice capitalism here anymore it's State capitalism like China does we a Small set of circulate between Government and big corporations we have Monopoly capitalism State capitalism Regulatory framework that is afraid of True competition none of those people on That debate stage want me on that debate Stage because I'll destroy them they Don't want real competition they're PES All right they're not men they're not Women these people are scared little Individuals who do not deserve power and We must take it from them and it's our God-given duty to take it from them by Building a Bottoms Up movement that Raises people's consciousness and when Enough people's Consciousness is raised No one will buy their left right Bullit Everyone will see through a snake like VI like Trump like Kennedy all these People and that's what we need to do It's about raising Consciousness Consciousness raising is more powerful Than any weapons that you can have Because once you raise one individual's Consciousness you can't them Anymore so that's what this is about so Our movement for truth Freedom health is About raising your Consciousness people

Think it's intuitive to figure out a Snake like Viv or a scumbag like Kennedy It's not because the establishment is Very clever they have their obvious Establishment and they create this whole Crew of scumbags and you have to almost Go to a university to understand this And that's what truth for health it's a University it's a community you really Start understanding the physics the Science the engineering and then you Awaken and it's not for everyone because People want to remain fat dumb and happy They don't have to learn this but the People are tired of being over And over and over every two to four Years some guy just sent me a Tex oh What do you think about this guy vvec And I said you know what you should come To the university and learn because Every every two to four years you're Going to ask me about another scumbag And another scumbag and another scumbag And you're going to waste your life Because you don't take any action to Fundamentally change the Dynamics here So that's what this is about this is About fundamentally educating people so They don't ask and and do stupid things With their lives anymore following Idiots but that's what the establishment Wants they want people to follow idiots They want people to get a a new Baskin Robin's flavor of the weak and a new

Politician and they have a whole variety Of these people on the left and right Camps to manipulate people but the Reason people do this Jesse and the Reason many people do not take the Course is because that means they're Going to have to do something that means They can't like be sit there and make Excuses all day after you take this Course and after you understand it by The way we've made it accessible to Every adult for pennies and then if you As an adult take this you can give it Away to as many children as you want for Absolutely free but we want the adults To behave like adults because when you Get awaken to these Concepts now you Have to get off your butt you say wow I Got to go distribute a flyer in my Neighborhood and by the way just very Quickly to mention to everyone I am Running for president we should talk About that but it's important to people To understand that my run for president Is quite done in a Hands-On way first Thing if you are working and you don't Have time go to Shiva forpress Docomo well you pay like five bucks or Less you get this bumper sticker mailed To you you put it on the back windshield Of your car 100,000 people per day will See it now you don't have to be on Social media you're getting across a Very powerful message that one of us me

Is running for president and our you Know motto is truth Freedom Health That's one thing the people who want to Take it to the next level you can go to The same site shiv for president and you Can download this wonderful flyer it's a One-page flyer you can print it on a Color printer black and white and it Tells people educate your neighbors your Friends your children people if you Really care the lesser of two evils is Killing our children which means keeping Voting for these two clown establishment Is going to ensure that your child child Is already going to live lesser lower Life than you we are building a movement Now Truth for health our political Campaign Shiva for president you can put This bumper Stinger on the back of your Car and you will do more work that way Than by being on social media which is Fully controlled okay so we're about Building a movement the future is Offline we're about destroying this Brahmanical swarm which pervades the Entire world there's a lot of people say Let's unite there's nothing to unite Here with evil you must divide yourself From Evil it's not about unity and Remember it's time that we shatter the Swarm and everyone listening today for God's sake get off your butts it's being Handed to you on a golden platter in Some ways the education the knowledge

And whatever way you want to participate Get a flyer get a bumper scker get on The ground tell your friends share this Video and by the way with all the shadow Banning get this out there anyway be the Light best to you and your family and And friends and all your audience thank You

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