Dr.SHIVA™ – THEY Steal OUR Innovations to Deny the Truth: Innovation is in Everyone’s DNA

Dr.SHIVA™ - THEY Steal OUR Innovations to Deny the Truth: Innovation is in Everyone's DNA

Can you tell me any company that musk Actually started PayPal he didn't start No he started a failed company his buddy Peter Thiel bailed him out of it Tesla Wasn't started by him Elon Musk grew up In apartheid South Africa what is Apartheid it was like the cast system Yeah you were black you were segregated It was worse than American segregation That's the world he grew up in and That's in your atmosphere a small set of People know better than the others yeah So just think about that world suppose You're a white guy that every time you Walk outside you see people living in Slums they mine they do all this at work And you were taught to believe that's Okay because we're better yeah that's in Your freaking DNA that's in his being Yeah it's in your being okay that's what He grew up in yeah so his journey here If you really look at it you go to look At the x.com was crap code yep no one Knows about x.com it was the prequel to Prep out there were many Facebooks why Did Zuckerberg get promoted because he Found the right BC same with mus Tesla Wasn't started by musk he fought tooth And nail to change the document so he Was seen as a Founder now look at musk Space SpaceX yeah got 5.7 billion Dollars from the government at minimum He's putting up thousands of startling Satellites you have to get government

Permission yeah so how's he getting that Government is like this yeah yeah but SpaceX begins and government ends nobody Knows and these starlink satellites will Be used to bug and surveillance everyone Yeah I know SpaceX a government company Let's go to Tesla Tesla was worth 600 Billion how did it get to that valuation Valuation is a function of your Profitability Tesla was never profitable Wasn't making any money suddenly he gets 1.5 billion dollar carbon tax credits he Cashes those in it was negative billions Of dollars and suddenly Tesla makes Profit they multiply that profit by a Multiple it's called multiple of profit Or multiple of Revenue and over 90 is Worth 600 billion he'd be worth Negative because he got government Tax subsidies on a scam called climate Change you'd be worth another term That they're using with their right Players yeah all these electric cars Cobalt mining that's worse his whole Company's built done A bunch of Bougie's driving around their Teslas Thinking they're saving the environment Yeah Tesla stock is up it's one big Internal thing in section now go to Twitter or acts now officially today go To Twitter every social media company is Valued at a certain dollar amount and I've done videos on this you guys should Go see it yeah how if you have the New

York Times over here makes a billion Dollars Twitter makes a billion dollars How much is Twitter worth if the New York Times made a billion dollar in Revenue and Twitter made a billion they Should be worth around the same right Right it's not true New York Times is Branded by Wall Street as a publisher They're worth around 2 billion two times Their revenue it's called a multiple Right Twitter for their 1 billion in Revenue gets valued 10 times they're Worth 10 billion so when Twitter made 5 Billion they're worth 50 billion okay It's called a multiple of Revenue yeah Why does Twitter get a 10x in valuation And why does the New York Times get two The Establishment yeah they did was Silicon Valley branded with Wall Street This is a publishing company that's a Certain category this is a goat and a Goat only gets two times valuation this Is a lion and a lion gets 10 times Revenue how do they say it's a lion oh This is a social media platform what's The difference oh if you write an Article in the New York Times and you Say Shiva beats his dog I can sue you And Sue the New York Times if I post Something on Twitter Shiva beats his dog I can't sue Twitter that's called Section 230 Indemnity Silicon Valley Paid off the politicians in Congress to Make this thing a social media platform

And because of that you can't sue Twitter so they get a higher valuation Got it got it so Elon musk's valuation Of 50 billion is directly tied to Government giving him section 230 Immunity but what did the social media Companies have to give the government in Return our information the back door Platform what I discovered yes exactly Okay I discovered that the boy who Invented email I discovered that the U.S Senate candidate was thrown off Twitter For exposing this infrastructure in 2020 Okay it really is it's Injustice yeah I Should be in that Senate testimony who Did all the hard work day and night Getting two hours of sleep who filed Those lawsuits and exposes but who do They put the camera over to to Heroin addict who has his wife Tortured giving his diary of him banging Every woman because if they put Me on they're gonna get the American People in one hour we'll get the full Story all of you guys created that Infrastructure all of you guys signed Into law saisa you all hate America and They will hear that from me a real American a real Indian not a Fake Indian not a fake American and that Is dangerous because I'm not owned you Get it now I do they do not want Independent voices yeah because we're Not owned so on the internet right now

All the dweebs when I got back on Twitter in December the first thing I Tweeted out you can see it I said Elon Why don't you make me your CEO I'm the Fighter for free speech I'm the inventor Of email I understand technology it went Viral 20 30 million views the next day I Was getting 500 000 views per day you Can see it's all documented I said Elon Are you gonna remove that back outdoor Portal because I know it's still alive Yeah My Views dropped to 300 000. I kept Hammering him Suddenly I See My Views go From 300 000 to 10 000 views overnight I Know I'm being watched yeah because I Was according to the Stanford report in 2021 I was a top six Super spreaders on The internet my tweets had the same you Can see it mathematically as Trump's but I wasn't owned by the Republicans so They had a committee assessment they Were watching me they thought I was Going to come like every other Beggar yeah conservative oh thank you Elon that rat Dinesh de Souza All these people begging bowing down Bowing down sucking his yep so These suckers that they're there because He gives them views it's a Banana Republic exactly well this guy Ain't gonna suck is coming no I started Attacking him over and over yeah and My Views go down like this yeah 5 000 views I mean I do a tweet suddenly will go

Viral and you'll see my followers and Boom they literally cut me and it's all There I will be taking him to court Because I have my next lawsuit which is Coming up against saisa and DHS nice Watch out for it awesome him and Isa Because I'm a U.S Senate presidential Candidate when I was a Senate candidate You squeezed me and I was a presidential Candidate you were working hand in love With government who am I fighting for I'm fighting for the American people who Was the one who put out the vitamin D Protocol in March of 2020 me I saved Millions of people's lives for free I Saved millions of people's lives and Icus who took my vitamin C protocol did I make money on that note others took my Protocol because I remember where I came From I fight Injustice really fight it Because I suffer it every Instant today so you want a fighter you Got to have someone who's actually in The battle with you not like I'm here Fighting for you give me some more heroin that's Robert Kennedy and He ran contests his own Benjamin says Yeah they go and they get drunk they Spit on Cops fight them they get out of Jail they're scumbags the entire Kennedy Family is a mobster group I say you Because you're not Americans you hate America you got us involved in Vietnam You escalated that war in Vietnam and

Now you're trying to to refashion Yourself as your men's a piece you know What the Kennedys are they're a PR Machine that will take Charles Manson And make him look like Jesus Christ and You have to get this through your head They're demons they're demonic forces When I was out in Hollywood you guys Know I used to be married to a Hollywood Actress people would come get signatures From these people and when they walked Away they go look at that star I Don't give a about you they think You're a yeah and that's Why they use words like the masses or S's so stop sucking up to Kim Kardashian For God's sake oh God that witch there Will be heroes you're looking at one of Them hopefully a real hero yeah like me Like you yeah people come Bottoms Up Yeah the working people need their own Heroes Malcolm X is my hero those people Who shed their blood those four people Got hanged in the Haymarket riots are my Heroes no one even knows their names Yeah I know their names do you these are The fundamental questions you have to Ask yourself why am I sucking up to These people who have a golden plated toilet why do you suck up to Someone who says lock her up the day After he gets elected goes ah that was For the election Now we move on why do You do that what in you has no dignity

For yourself what in you hates you Because when you hate you you hate God And that's where this is all about yeah Do you want to truly love yourself Because then you can love your neighbor Yeah and you know what I can love myself At a deep level the capital S which is The god the Kingdom of Heaven within me And I've experienced it and no one can Take it away from me and it's a constant Process of refinement and will I use the F word to call Booby Kennedy of Course because he's a demon it's A right curse word for the right person At the right time teach your Kids to curse at the right person very Important because you know what the Establishment wants to control your Words your language your language Language is thought yeah they want us to Say oh Dr Shiva can you speak this way For you because that is the beginning of Your own impression right where I grew Up in New Jersey man people don't you Know that yeah Renee knows that's how People talk brick yeah talk like that Yeah these are beautiful words they're Not bad words you're great they're Beautiful words you're articulating your Creativity and you're expressing your Anger yes and what I've done our Campaign for truth freedom and health Our movement gives you the tools so you Can get clear on this you learn the

Science so you'll never be following Morons again you get clear on wow There's other people out there Who get this the people in our movement Are light and souls particularly in 2023 Before a lot of people like came to us Because I was teaching them immunity Fighting the vax mandates somewhat Selfish people yeah oh Dr shiva's Helping us the people we get in 2023 are Like Souls from God they get it they're Overcoming Trump they have the Wherewithal to call them out they're not Stuck in Maga hat wearing idiots by the Way I did more for Trump than 99 of Trumpers and he knows it everyone knows It so shut the up if you're a Trumper oh Trump did this Trump couldn't Do that yeah right he made 555 million Dollars in last year from his golf Courses and all you young people this Time you got a break from this lesser of Two evils because every 30 years they Sucker people like I'm gonna get stung By a mamba snake yeah from the front or Cobra from behind yeah you don't have to Make those choices Dr Shiva man thank You you're my hero dude yeah you know But you got it you got to teach your Young people because and that's right Because because your generation yeah Better wake the up no yeah because The next 30 Years will be Darkness like You've never seen before and that's why

We're here honestly before we go we at Downtime are here to combat culture Vultures we hate these Paul Brothers the The Tates of the world all these types Of people who like you're saying are Demonic come from demons who don't care About the next 30 the next 60 the next 90 years we do and that's why we came Here to have this combo yeah thank you And support you yeah I'm glad you guys Came seriously look the bottom line is Everyone out there go to Shiva for President become a volunteer when you Donate me I give you books yeah I don't Want your money I cannot take people's Money you give me something we're giving Back something okay no but we give People courses we give people knowledge My great-grandfather said he had very Little money but if someone in the Village needed a book he would do Whatever he had to do I mean this guy Would be out in the fields hitting rice And he would be spitting up blood that's How hard he worked that's what I grew up Around I've seen people shed blood Working so I know what hard work is These people don't work hard and I believe when you work hard and you're Truthful you liberate yourself you want Meditation you want prayer work Hard work your ass off and God will Serve you but you want to cheat you want To steal other people's

Annihilate those people because they are The devil the devil is someone who Steals people's labor steals someone's Work and that's what these one percent Do they steal your labor they steal your Work and then they annihilate you your Children are gonna have a shorter Lifespan than you they don't give a About your children so if you don't do It for me do it for your children let's Win this because we have an opportunity So wake the up it's time to shatter The Swarm it's time for us it's time for One of us truth Freedom Health shiver For president period

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