Dr SHIVA™ – The U.S. Debt/CBDC Crisis and the Need for a Global Movement #cbdc #debt #economy

Dr SHIVA™ - The U.S. Debt/CBDC Crisis and the Need for a Global Movement #cbdc #debt #economy

Massive amounts of money is being Printed particularly in the United States which is a reserve currency that Money is being given to Banks who are Being incentivized to invest in the Stock market so the entire stock market Is being kept up on its own now that's Just the debt of the United States Government 33 trillion but that's just a Very small piece of it over here is 103 Trillion this includes the debt of United States households credit card Loans student loans all that kind of Stuff that's actually $103 trillion in Debt this is what's called the unfunded Liability people who understand how to Read a balance sheet will know this this Is all the liabilities another 21 Trillion the United States owes to People for example if I were to retire The United States owes me my Social Security payments for all of us and this Is just the United States you can Probably do any other country so 21 Trillion plus 103 $314 trillion is what the US is in debt If you think about a balance sheet you Have debt your liabilities and your Assets well what's the US assets if you Sold every piece of property in the United States all the Assets in the United States it's worth 220 trillion Well 220 trillion minus 314 trillion Still leaves you in a deficit of about

90 trillion the United States is Literally bankrupt it has no money the Entire US economy is based on fumes the Only way the United States can survive With that 90 trillion deficit the United States is going to create a new currency Centralized Bank digital currency fed Now they're going to literally poof make $100 trillion it's not the US dollar It's something else and then they're Going to take that $1 trillion and They're going to pay down the national Debt using about 30 trillion and the Remaining 70 trillion in order to Balance the sheet they're going to tell Every American that all your assets are Worth three cents on the dollar so if You own a piece of real estate that's Worth $100,000 overnight it's going to Only be worth $30,000 the Day of Reckoning is going to come when this Happens either there's going to be Massive Civil War in the United States When people realize wow these people us most of of them were the Zionists they're going to go after them If there's a movement we can mobilize That anger and if there's not a movement You can ED Into the Dark Ages the Certain set of people go into their Underground bunkers launch nukes to Protect themselves unleash police to Butcher people and it'll be Global if There's a movement you can take all that

Anger and you can say this is what needs To be done now so we're creating a Movement and there's history which is Moving in its direction now history and If that movement converge you can create A new world but without a movement and History happening there's nothing you Still have to build the movement what we Are doing here is being highly conscious At a meta level of what's going on and Recognizing we have no choice but to Build a profound movement which is Founded on a strong Foundation of human Beings who are not wackadoodle who are Not one day oh well let's go vote for Trump let's go vote for Bernie they Actually are self-reflective who think About wow you know what I up when I supported booby Kennedy I Realized this and now we have to Understand why I did that and what is The real underpinnings of building a Movement that's the knowledge then I'm Going to commune with other people and It's Global we're no longer in just the United States and then I have to realize I have to grow this movement it is a Process it is not saying that it's like Some Armageddon our movement has to Build and history will create that Opportunity where the movement and History meet we need to build a Bottoms Up movement go to shapr president.com And volunteer

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