Dr.SHIVA™ – The Truth About Capitalism Neither Left Nor Right Will Tell You

Dr.SHIVA™ -  The Truth About Capitalism Neither Left Nor Right Will Tell You

The capitalist system is neither good Nor bad don't get emotional about it Like any process goes through its phases In the 16 1700s when the concept of the Working class came the capitalist system Was very revolutionary it supported Growth something emerged called Democracy boois democracy if you want to Be accurate it wasn't democracy for all Working people but nonetheless it was an Advancement over a feudal system of this Concept of a king having a direct Connection to supposedly God and we were All their subjects so the merchants of The time the mer capitalists were a Revolutionary force and they gave Certain rights to working people so we Would fight on their behalf to overthrow Monarchs that was manifested in the United States in 1776 with the creation Of the Bill of Rights First Amendment The Second Amendment among other things But eers at the time knew that if that System was destructive people had the Right to abolish that system alterate That's why they had the Second Amendment The economic system of the United States And other systems around the 16 1700s Were founded on a financial system of Market capitalism but every system under Goes just like you as a physical body You go through from an embryo through Adolescence to adulthood you go through This process right so think about it as

A natural system because the foundations Of capitalism are to maximize power Profit and control It ultimately leads To a form of capitalism known as Imperialism Monopoly capitalism that's Where we've been over the last 100 years It accentuates itself faster and faster This financial system now has become Imperialist it's gone to a form that's Highly decadent it does not serve the Majority of people it serves a very Finite set of people what I've just Summarized is the works of many people From Adam Smith to Carl Marx to the Works of the anarchos syndicalist There's a whole Theory here but the Bottom line is that we don't have market Capitalism we don't have a revolutionary Type of capitalism that helps everyone It's become a imperialist form of Capitalism and it doesn't work anymore But it's kept up up and running because The large masses of people get Manipulated every 2 to 4 years by the Obvious establishment and the not so Obvious establishment in a current Process to keep this system propped up So the key thing to takeway is just Because something's bad doesn't mean it Dies just because something oppressive Doesn't mean it's going to just die away You have to create movement you have to Create a systems overall you have to Create revolutionary change it doesn't

Just happen a lot of people have in Their brains a false notion that when Things get bad enough change is going to Occur it's not true you could have the Dark ages for thousands of years and That's where we're at we need to build a Bottoms Up movement go to shpr President.com and volunteer

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