Dr.SHIVA™ – The Swarm – Left & Right – is Deliberately Destroying Your Lifespan

Dr.SHIVA™ - The Swarm - Left & Right - is Deliberately Destroying Your Lifespan

If you look at the history of the United States over the last 70 years the US Life expectancy has completely deviated From the rest of the world if you have a Child today this is no hyperbole will Have a shorter lifespan than you and Behind that curve is a much bigger story It's not the policies of the Democrats Or Republicans it's the policies of the Elites through their front men called Democrats and Republicans and those Policies have included massive stress on The American Family the average American Family now has only $400 in their bank For a rainy day and the explosive growth Of the concentration of wealth among a Few during coid as you know 600 Billionaires made $2.3 trillion and but The most important thing I think people Need to understand is when you look at a Guy like me I've always been a ground Activist since 1984 when I saw a guy Like Jesse Jackson talk a big game like Trump or vivec or Bernie Sanders or AOC All these guys are absolute just pure D-list actors they're recruited by the Swarm to make you hear what you want to Hear and they've gotten very very Sophisticated since ' 80s and then at The last minute they bring their votes To One Wing of their establishment That's their job and if you look right Now you have someone like Trump in 201 20 Marlo Maples took my letter to him

I've had many conversations with him I Said do not do the lock down fire fouchy You're looking at somebody who's an mitp She's one of the world renowned guys on The immune system he didn't do that he Kept fouchi I mean here's a guy claims He has big brass balls and he's going to Come drain the swamp fouchi if anything Is the biggest swamp creature he's been There since 1980 Trump didn't do Anything to him in fact what Trump did Do was promote lockdowns he he was a Frontman for big Pharma Trump did for Big Pharma what Obama did for big Banks 57% of trumpers voted for Obama very Important to understand you see every so Often they say wow we're losing the American public they're losing faith in The establishment frontmen so they bring In a creature like Obama with hope for Eight years and if you look at what he Did was confuse everyone but 2008 he Saved all those big Banks they needed a White guy this time and that was Trump I'm the one who exposed all the real Election systems issue in 2020 I Probably got two hour sleep man in 2020 And 2021 all of that work was done for Nothing while Trump made 250 million a Quar of a billion dollars off my work Him and Mike Lindell and all these Creatures did not address the Fundamental issues which is signature Verification and chain of custody they

Talked about all this wacky to just Excite the base made a ton of money and God knows where that money went but if You look in 2020 it was I who ran the Campaign to fire fouchy it's all out There on the Twitter feed we went to Trump we gave him 120,000 signatures in 2020 to fire him not like these Opportunist doctors 3 years later trying To save their profession it was I who Discovered in my historic lawsuit that Government has a backd door portal to Twitter and people like fcker Carlson And Glenn Greenwald so-called Fighters Did nothing these people concealed the Truth it was independent podcasters like You and others who brought it out go Look at Tucker cross and history CIA man He intelligence these guys have learned Psychological operations techniques so You and I and others do not build a Bottoms Up movement because that is what Has only changed the world not top down I did a video called the Swarm and Everyone should see it it'll educate you And your children on who are these People they're not the swamp they're not In one location they're multi-racial Distributed tightly knit telepathically Communicating organiz ation and this Prick viate the snake was created look They literally have a manufacturing Facility from a control system Standpoint they say shoot we're going to

Lose the public let's create these Characters who mimic the real Warriors So they see this Brown face who's got a Half a billion people now who know about Our movement what we've done winning People so they literally go find the Swarm creature VI the snake is a Freaking Brahman of brahmans and people Should understand that you just need to Look at his history I mean he's not an Entrepreneur he's not for excellence or Meritocracy what he is is a bullshitter And look at his he creat a Company called axant that took $5 Million bought a knowingly failed drug That failed four times from Big Pharma Reframed it with his mother doing a Bogus study framing the drug as though It was a successful drug when it failed Four times and that guy I mean no one Gets on mainstream media without a Massive engine behind them New York Times covers him every day he gets Coverage so overnight like Obama they're Able to create people so people need to Wait the up in 2024 we need to Start electing one of us I came from the Working class I came from the lower cast Of non- bramin VI the snake is a Freaking Brahman of brahin and people Should understand that the brahin are The elites they're the ones who think The rest of us are beneath them and that Brahmanical cast model has now permeated

The entire world we live in a cast System and it doesn't matter whether You're white black brown whatever color You are they're finite set of people who Actually think they're better than you And the most important thing to Understand is they actually believe you Are dumb they actually believe That they can and you'll have Amnesia and you're seeing that right now The reality is what's happened is 60% of People are eligible to vote have check Out cuz they don't see an alternative That's called The Dark Matter out of the 40% that vote half of them are deciding Who's in power so they've split the 40% Of people who think they're doing Activism by showing up for two hours and Filling in a ballot that's not activism Activism is something that hurs every Day and what we're educating people on Is that there is a science to shattering The Swarm there's a systems Dynamics and You're talking to some guy who's taught Systems at MIT so what I've done instead Of just teaching it to the leads we've Put that into a framework I call truth Freedom Health it's a university people Come and we teach them the same thing That Kissinger learned and in 3 hours They learned this and we have a Community and then we get people on the Ground the future is offline I was out a Couple of mornings ago Distributing

Thousands of flyers on the ground you Get to meet people you get to hand them A onepage flyer that shows them that Graph lesser of two of you killing your Children here's the Swarm and this is What you must do and the goal is we need To be heroes we should stop asking Stupid questions oh what did you think About the debate what did you think About Trump what do you think about Biden the issu is what do I think about You what do I think about our neighbors Because history shows in the 1900 it's When the American working class rose up Men and women they scared the out Of the establishment and that is why any Gains that we got elimination of child Labor infrastructure all those gains That we got in the 1920s 30s and 40s Were from those mass movements 150 Million people working people striking Not like doing crazy stuff but actually Exercising their first amendment rights Iran as a republican in Massachusetts Everyone knows the Republicans and Democrats colluded to steal that Election that started me in my journey As an MIT engineer and a scientist to Uncover everything that's out there in The media all of that came from here From my hard work and our movements work But you we have to recognize that what You are witnessing in front of you is Theater Donald Trump is a d-list

Actor now he's got his little VI snake Actor all these people are actors I'm Telling you they're all owned and paid For if anyone is on mainstream media They don't get there overnight there's Many many gates that have to be open for Them and the only way forward is a Bottoms Up movement tell us about your Campaign first of all I want to hold This up this is a bumper sticker why am I holding this up first of all 100,000 People see one of those bump stickers When you put it on the back windshield So I want everyone to go to Shiva for President you pay a few bucks and you Get it but put it on your car don't put It on your dining room table the other Thing we need to recognize is that we we Need to get on the ballot in every state So people need to volunteer you see what They do is they take tons of your money Then they pay Consultants you have to Collect signatures for example to get on The ballot I never saw any of them Collecting signatures ever I really Think they have a backro sweat shop they Have people who have the DMV records and Their writing signatures these people Are cheaters they don't even play by the Rules that they impose on us so go to Shiv for president volunteer but one of The things we're doing for our campaign Is every Thursdays at 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. we do a Town Hall you can go

To Shiva for president.com toown hall Now what do we do at that town hall well We have six major topics and we rotate Them so for example a couple of weeks Ago we talked about Healthcare but when I talk about health care you're looking At a health professional you're looking At someone who understands a system of Healthare we teach people what is the Immune system then we teach people how You actually take care of your body you See your immune system and aging at the Molecular level they're very closely Connected you have a strong immune System you're going to live very long The number one way to protect your Immune system is to have strong Communities truth Freedom Health we have To shatter the Swarm period truth Freedom Health you can't just be Fighting for the first and second Amendment we have to fight for truth Which is absolute real science real Innovation and health we have to demand That we take care of our health you Could be a wonderful Patriot with your First and second amendment fighting for That but if you're overweight and you're Obese and you're not taking care of your Children you need the health because Without Health you don't have the the Fire in you to go fight for truth and Freedom so truth Freedom Health notice I Don't use the word and they're all

Together truth Freedom health and the Only way we're going to get there to Truth Freedom health is by shattering The Swarm so the first thing is people Can go to truth Freedom health.com Become a warrior scholar I want you to Become your own leaders number one our Campaign it gives you the opportunity to Get on the ground Shiva numeral 4president docomo there volunteer by the Way people donate to me I send them Books I educate them I cannot take your Money without reciprocity but those are The two places the simplest message of Our campaign is get off your butt we Need people on the ground learning how To fight the swarm and do not look to The Swarm do not look to any of them They've become massively good at Manipulating you their words do not Match their deeds Trump is now putting Out this video we will not comply well Here's the father of the vaccine he did Not fire fouchy he did not lock her up He did not drain the swamp he did lock Down so you got to say okay he's saying This but he's saying that to manipulate You because they have all this data Saying oh say this now and you'll Manipulate people there you go Dr Shiva It's Shiva four pres at the number four Just like me ap4 liberty Dr she thank You for coming on the show today a lot Of energy we appreciate you very much

Thank you be well be the light become a Truth freedom and health Warrior truth Freedom health.com Sher for President.com

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