Dr.SHIVA™ – The Science of Systems Empowers YOU to Liberate YOU.

Dr.SHIVA™ - The Science of Systems Empowers YOU to Liberate YOU.

Most of the political Frameworks are Built on philosophical ideas Classical Liberalism anarchocindricalism Marxism Leninism these are ideas that are not Founded in any scientific or engineering Reality I'm saying history science Engineering has moved forward in the Last 300 years the elites know this but The other 99.9 of people until I brought It to the world do not understand There's a completely different framework Achieving the goals we want and that Framework can be used for power profit Control or you can use it for truth to Them Health but you must get educated in This otherwise you're running around With twigs and stones and they have a Nuclear weapon this is why 0.0001 Percent of people are controlling 8 Billion people they know the knowledge Of systems MIT we're the first guys to Put the concept of system science on the Map people don't know this this is why 33 000 businesses came out of MIT which Generate now two trillion dollars to the Economy so that's sort of the core issue Here we have now people all over the World men who are getting educated They're not just sitting there talking Philosophical euphemisms they're Actually on the ground fighting they're Exposing people and they have practical Solutions truthfreedomhealth.com Yeshiva For president.com

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