Dr.SHIVA™ – The Real Proletariat vs. The Fake Proletariat

Dr.SHIVA™ - The Real Proletariat vs. The Fake Proletariat

There are still real proletarians the Establishment of the last 50 years they Have made the word worker be the Non-worker the lumping proletariat is Who the left promotes as a proletariat So we're going to hit the left from the Left they're doing something very very Evil they tell people not working makes You a worker the left squeezes the Working class by promoting the lump in Proletariat and the right squeezes the Working class by telling them oh don't Start a Bottoms Up movement to fight for Your rights that's Capital C communist Being run from China or Russia go to Shiva numeral 4president Doom and get One of these bumper stickers do it right Now if you're hardworking you don't have Time perhaps to be an activist but you Can put this on the back of your Windshield and 100,000 people see it if You're overseas go get the shatter the Swarm you can go to VH sha.com and get That everyone out there get this flyer But we have to educate people on this Fundamental issue this is a human rights Issue the elites are destroying your Children and the way out of it is we Need to build a Bottoms Up movement it's The only way out and they're not going To do it for us truth freedomhealth.com Sha for president.com

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