Dr.SHIVA – The Only Candidate Speaking Out Against Zionism #freepalestine #freeamerica

Dr.SHIVA - The Only Candidate Speaking Out Against Zionism #freepalestine #freeamerica

If you look at the United States Constitution the Declaration of Independence the values in there do not Match the values of Zionism if we should Be giving military aid to anyone it Should be the Palestinian people we Should be arming them against Zionism so They could defend themselves we just Sent $14.5 billion Aid to netanyahu's Regime 52% of Americans are against Sending weapons but 97% of the Senate Voted for it we don't have freaking Democracy in the United States we're run By a bunch of fascists who run Every aspect of the United States system And it's called Zionism this is why 35 % Of young people are clinically depressed As of today every one of those scumbags On the stage including booby Kennedy Joe Biden do not represent the American people I'm the only candidate Who has the balls and the conviction to Speak up against Zionism because I am One of the American workers I'm one of Us the only way forward is a Bottoms Up Movement we need to build a Bottoms Up Movement go to Shiva forescan volunteer

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