Dr.SHIVA™ – The Future is Offline

Dr.SHIVA™ - The Future is Offline

And that compels you to realize this System called social media is completely Owned and operated by the government now Which is what my lawsuit first exposed Long before Twitter files the lawsuit That Carlson actually concealed And that compels you to go offline go at 6:00 in the morning and hand out a flyer To one of your fellow human beings and This flyer educates him on the lifespan Going down it educates him on who the Swarm is and it gives them a solution And it invites him to come to an open Town Hall that we do every Thursdays Okay compels them to say wow I am the Solution there's no one else coming to Save me stop asking what do I think About V the snake ask what do I think About Clint Russell we now have a Movement of close to half a million People globally of all different Backgrounds who are understanding the Science very clear vision and they know The engineering that's called a freaking Movement and so we're not whining we're Not giving people the lesser of two Evils as this flyer says the reason We're in this condition is because it's A lesser of two evils so we're saying Raise your standard are you're Going to get or be satisfied with the used car salesman Vive the snake Be satisfied with a guy who tells you to Your face booby Kennedy my personal

Integrity and my public Integrity are Different i a lie to you through your Teeth and I may do something in the back End okay and if that's the quality of People you want then you are going to Get that kind of world you will get People who money all day you Will get people who do economic Inequality all day to you but if you Want fundamental change it becomes with Your Consciousness do you want to raise Your Consciousness and do you want to Understand it now great news is Clint We've created that framework and it took Me 50 years to get here it's Intersecting engineering systems theory It's inter intersecting ancient systems Of knowledge it's intersecting the fact That I actually come from these people And I care that I want to Shatter the Swarm as we call it not Interested in shattering the Swarm they Want to perpetuate it and they will even Perpetuate to the extent acting like They're against the Swarm Against The Establishment but that's why you have to Put on a very passionate approach to These people you have to buy the Principles and that's what we do so That's what need to be done man so the Solutions that emerge out of that let's Take Healthcare what is a solution to Healthcare when you take a systems Approach and by the way every Thursdays

We we take all of these different areas And we actually give people a solution Clint here and now now if I get elect President what will I do Clint I'll do One of these talks will reach 8 billion People the president is corrupt right The legislature is corrupt the Judiciary Is corrupt so what can one person do With my kind of knowledge I can use that Bully pulpit of the presidency to Educate of 8 billion people and that's What we did in 2020 we educated half a Billion people on how to boost their Immune system we saved millions of People's lives so if you go to the Physics here's the Health Care system That we need you as an individual Understand how your body works you as an Individual know how to boost your immune System because the immune system and the Aging molecular pathways are one and the Same autophagy oxidative stress Inflammation okay the atg genes you take Care of your immune system you will live Long and Roser okay so we are educating People at our town halls how to do that you to government we don't need Them they're not going to do for You anyway if anything they're going to Destroy your health so we're saying Start taking care of your health when it Comes to the environment we actually Teach people that one of the most Important things you can do in a

Decentralized way is support your local Farmer do things that so if he's has a Chicken farm he doesn't have to send a all the way to a USDA Farm where They jack up the prices to butcher right You educate people locally okay how to Eat what politician is teaching that Clint I am right it's vitally necessary So Healthcare System environment so People come to our town halls they learn This now so our campaign is not saying Elect me president like Trump did then I'll get rid of the vaccine mandates no Our campaign has been getting rid of Vaccine mandates it was my militant Protest movement in New Jersey which Stopped the vaccine mandate in New Jersey okay we were fighting against Lockdowns while Kennedy was promoting Lockdowns we teach are you an Abolitionist I'm just curious like what Level of government would you like to Maintain if first of all the question You're asking is based on people who Never had access to system science so I've created something completely new Here's the problem the libertarian Philosophy comes from anarchos Syndicalism okay at the time libert Libertarianism sounds good but it Doesn't have the framework on how you Execute it okay system science gives the Way that you can achieve libertarianism Okay or the principles some of the core

Principles the science of systems the Foundational principles really didn't Come out until the 1950s or the 1920s so What I'm saying is think about what I'm Saying is people say they want to fly They want to build an engine but you Don't even have the science to do that It's all good feelings and what I'm Saying is in a without hyperbole I've Actually uncovered those scientific Principles and well I'm just trying to Connect the dots between like what is The ultimate end product of this Scientific process so the end product so Consider this the end product of any Time anything has changed in the Arc of Human history is when enough group of Individuals raised their Consciousness When a set of people said oh we have Inalienable rights we deserve the Bill Of Rights it wasn't like 100 million People got that Clint it was a very Small set of people and when they but That the uncovering of that knowledge The raising of Consciousness was as Powerful as having 20 nuclear physicists Who could split an atom do you need a Billion nulear physicist no you have 20 People you can blow up the world See what I'm saying so when enough People's Consciousness in 1776 was Raised it wasn't a lot of people that They understood these principles the Engineering and the science you can

Change things that is what we're Creating here okay so we have about a Half a billion people who know about our Movement globally half a million people Have gone through it in varying forms And we've let it naturally take place we Didn't even impose a superstructure and It's only now we're finding through Meritocracy we're finding leaders in Every country those leaders then are Training others on the knowledge of System science but it's not just Something that's a scholarly piece but They're all Warriors they get on the Ground to apply this they're the ones Who are fighting against the election Systems issues in 2020 2021 we trained Probably four or 5,000 people on how to Go to their Town Halls get their Participating voter list compare them And sue people you see so the knowledge Is also very tactical okay we're the Ones who are educating people every day This call notice how many times I have I To do the word scumbag okay Against Kennedy this is deliberate Because people need to recognize these People are not your friends and we Called them a disturbance in system Series there nine principles one of them Is called the disturbance and by the way Henry Kissinger knows system science George Soros is a leader in it he wrote The book on reflexivity Theory the

Elites know system science there's no way we're going to beat them if We don't understand these principles so I'll dive into the to the system science Aspect of it is obviously I need to do Some additional research I'm totally Unaware but I would like to understand Aside from kind of euphemisms for Founding fathers what is your vision of The end product or the American is is There a government still or is this just We're raising our Consciousness and Where do we end up let's start with not Being abstract okay one individual Understanding these Concepts becomes Very powerful weapon and let me give you Me as an example why is it in March of 2020 glint I was the first one to call Out fouchy because I understood the Immune system I understood he was a Scumbag go look at the treat history I Was the one who ran the firey campaign We're the ones who mobilized people why Why was I the only one to do that second I was the only guy to go deep down and Understand the election systems issue That was chain of custody and signature Verification all these other fools came Around making money off of us talking first of all people come from all Over the world and we introduce people And and the stories how did you come to Our movement oh I saw Dr shiv on this And I saw him on this I used to be a

Kennedy supporter I used to be a Bernie Sanders supporter I used to support Trump I was with the Ron Paul campaign I'm so done with these guys We're in Cambridge here I used to have a Sign up here only the real Indian can Defeat the fake IND when we ran against Warren all these Li would hate us a Woman came last week she said you've Been watching your movement I hated you When you attacked Elizabeth Warren but I Realize she's full of I realize Kennedy's full of I realize Trump You're building a movement I came to you Right we're here sure another guy was a Medical doctor out on the west coast I Saw that Joe Rogan Kennedy interview and I was going to give him a lot of money And I thought he was great and then I Saw the interview where you're exposing Rogan what he did and exposing Kennedy Even though I didn't want to accept it I Went through and I reviewed everything You said was true took me about two days Of cognitive distance and he goes I'm Here I'm not going to give him one penny So what's happening in 2023 now in 2020 And 2021 when we launched when I did all That stuff people had came to us Opportunistically Clint like they were Like oh Dr Shiva is going to help us Fight ax mandates he's fighting for us Right so that's fine but now we're Getting people who are much different

Than that they're very enlightened People and self-reflected you see it's a Different group of people because these People are coming from the point like They really want to change the world see What I'm saying they want to Fundamentally understand why the world Is so up and what do we do to Really change it because they don't want To go through another Trump or another Obama another Kennedy and these people Are phenomenal people so they're willing To put the time into so we call it a Warrior scholar program you have to Understand this and this should if if Some this should have been done 50 years Ago but all the movements were destroyed So we have we've had to go at the ground Level we've built the education Environment we built we have a whole Online university we have we've created We have our own data center here so we Don't rely on Facebook or Twitter right We've had to do all that work but our Goal is we get people on the ground Educating to learn teach and serve model Well if you're correct about how how This can undermine the the ruling class At this point then you're going to have To do it all Grassroots and you're going To have to do it on your own data Serv So you nailed it to think that we're Going to destroy the Swarm by working With the Swarm are you serious

So why am I run for president first Thing we want everyone to go get these Bumper stickers why because it gives People an opportunity who are working Hard to peel off these bumper stickers And put it on the back windshield of Their car so one person uses their car To reach 100,000 people now 100,000 Views per day the other thing is people Are a little more adventurous they can Go to the website Cher numeral for President.com and they download this Very powerful weapon it's a flyer and This flyer Clint gives people the Ability to print it on their home Printer go use your libraries printer You're paying your property taxes and Hand it out to your neighbors keep it in Your glove compartment we're going to Get about 50 million of these out by the End of 2024 all right this is saying I'm Going to go offline I'm not going to Rely oning Elon must to help me Cuz he's already part of the swarm I'm Not going to rely on Carlson for Being entertained bying Alex Jones or Something these guys are entertainers They don't want to build a movement all Right and then if people want to donate Money we say great but if you donate Money when you donate money to us I give You back stuff I give you tools I give You knowledge we give you education Because we want you to ultimately be the

Hero so if you go to Twitter feed we are People handing out flyers they're are Heroes okay so I'm a catalyst in so my Running for president is quite Disruptive this guy called ryus who was Chief of staff for Trump apparently guy That I know he has him on his Board of His company said hey Dr Shiva is running For president he goes that's going to be Majorly disruptive so if you see now What they're doing I will say look the Tip of the Spear of this movement is our Running for office and it's about you Kennedy literally copied that and put Puts that in a video Russell bran is now Talking about life expectancy this guy's A total douchebag which came first him His becoming anti-establishment or his Allegedly raping these women I would Presume a latter okay and you have to Wonder did he know this was going to Happen to him like whistleblowers in Some companies they're real sincere Whistleblowers a guy knows he's going to Be fired so he suddenly starts Whistleblowing on I put him in that Category okay all of these people who Are of the elites claiming their Anti-establishment it's become like the Invogue thing to do now where were they In 20120 Russell Brand was promoting Lockdowns in 2020 booby Kennedy was Promoting lockdowns in 2020 look at They're all up there

Trump I was the only guying lockdowns we Collected 120,000 signatures drove our Bus down and we handled those 120 000 Signatures know to Trump Marlin I wrote The letter saying fire fouchy rant Paul Waited a year to use fire fouchy and it Was for donation emails guys are all Scumbags you SK the truth at the right Not two years later acting all upset Like Carlson when you had all the Documents we gave you about the back Door portal he's part of the Intelligence Network we have to Understand we're being sold out and the Only person that deserves to be President is me right now is running cuz I've done the work and I have a history Without any type of exaggeration you put My CV a fighting for people next to any Of these guys it won't match it's Unmatchable what you will find is a History of bulling people on that we Agree Dr Shiva thank you so much for Your time it was both interesting and Entertaining great to meet you and one More time for people that want to get Involved to go tell them the URL please So number one go to Shiva numeral for President.com and this is our campaign Is about involvement it allows you get a Bumper sticker put it on the back of Your C go to Shiva for president.com go To the download section we have we've Open sources this you can print this on

A black and white printer get it out or Go to Truth freedomhealth.com where you Get the knowledge and the education and That's where you can become your own Leader you become your own Guru you Become the teacher but you will get the Knowledge that I used to teach at MIT For many years you'll get the knowledge That the elites have about how systems Work but that knowledge is what everyone Needs to get we have a woman who's a Hairdresser who teaches it to a PhD Anyone can learn it we have people all Over the world man and all of our stuff Is being translated into we have about 120 countries now there's someone in Antarctica who took the course Samoa I Don't know who but people live in Antarctica what the they're scientists Live down there anyways man I I got to Run but everybody please hit the like Button hit the Subscribe button leave a Comment I'm sure there will be lots of Comments on this one and thank you again Dr sh it was it was a pleas all right Thank you everyone be well be the light Best to you and your family Clint and Your community be well all right Clint Cool y be well thanks yep all right Everyone that was Clint Russell it was Good doing that meeting with him I hope This is valuable anyway everyone go get Your bumper stickers right go to Shiva For.com get the Flyers get on the ground

And let's win this fight but you have to Get educated go to truth Freedomhealth.com get educated or be Enslaved it's really up to you and I Leave You with that thank you be well

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