Dr.SHIVA™ – The Future Is Offline™ – On The Ground At South Station, Boston #shorts

Dr.SHIVA™ – The Future Is Offline™ – On The Ground At South Station, Boston #shorts

All right everyone this is Dr shivaya Dure we're here at the MBTA station We're here to educate people that the Future is offline it's very important That people get on the ground social Media has become run by the elites we Have to go offline so we just Distributed tons of these wires and as You can see what the flyer says it's a Lesser of two evils is killing your Children it's a wonderful graph because It shows that over the last 80 years the United States life expectancy is going Like this that means if you have a child Your child is going to live a lower Lifespan than you and the only way to Get this out is we got to go on the Ground and we got to educate citizens That we're doing right here so we've had Chris we've had his girlfriend Jen we've Had Jason and him up from Florida we've Been on the ground here putting on Flyers to educate people the future is Offline and we're going to be Distributing 50 million 100 million of These flyers people can just take an Image of this and it'll take them to the Swarm video we want to teach people who Are the elites who are the people who Are actually abusing you get on the Ground go to Shiva for president.com Download this flyer and get on the Ground that's how we win Shiva for President.com

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