Dr.SHIVA™ – The First on the Frontlines

Dr.SHIVA™ - The First on the Frontlines

Let's have a fantastic interview there Was so much to ask and so much to talk About you first came to prominence I Would say globally during the lockdown Period or the co era as some people call It now can I ask you Dr Shiva when were You first alarmed at the goings on and The reactions of the American government And the global governments worldwide so I was on to this Believe It or Not 2007 You mentioned MIT my PhD at MIT Mark is In a field called systems biology and in Fact it's in a field on the immune System so I'm considered one of the Leading guys on the immune system my PhD Work at MIT is actually on the immune System and how to understand a very Important part of the immune system Which is called the interferon system so That's was in 2007 so I've been involved In medical research by the way since I Was 14 years old back since 1978 but the Approach that I take and that's become The much more better way to look at the Body as a system is through What's Called the systems approach and that Field really came to being around 2003 Was Pioneer at ADM medical doctors have No idea of the body as a system and 99.9% of them unfortunately their Educational system makes them actually Pretty dumb when dumb they don't know The ankle bone is connected to the foot Bone right the entire medical school

Education and this is a reality for two Years they go through a process where They learn every organ in a very siloed Way they don't know the ankle bone is Connected to the foot bone right and Then the next two years they SWOG Through all this clinical stuff so it's Hard for me to really appreciate doctors Unless they take an engineering approach Most of them cannot really diagnose Anything they don't even view the body As a system so this is something that Prevented me from actually becoming an MD so that's why I took uh my PhD work Was a systems approach to understanding The body right fast forward to 2019 I was invited by the National Science Foundation of the United States To give the prestige lecture they choose One scientist every year to deliver Lectures it's a pretty notable thing and I was invited in 2019 in November to Deliver a lecture on the immune system Okay yes and the immune system up until Recently was seen just as an a system That's just composed of two systems the Innate immune system and the Adaptive Immune system all right and this very Rudimentary model of the immune system Was the basis of the 1962 Kennedy Vaccination act with John Kennedy signed Into law allowing the government to Interfere in your body and it created All the government institutions Kennedy

Did that John Kennedy and by the way Just to be clear his other brother Kennedy 24 years later is the one who Saved big Pharma companies along with Other Senators he was a co-sponsor of a Bill which protected big Pharma and then Booby Kennedy was the one who further Protects big Pharma by saying that this Corrupt institution is going to create Safe vaccines you see so the kennedies Have been involved in this entire sham So I knew all of this in 2019 and I uh When I did that work was invited by a Number of the mothers this is in 2019 Who were involved in their kids getting Vaccine injured and I was invited all Over the United States to give lectures On educating people on the immune system And when I gave that lecture in 2019 at The National Science Foundation front Around 300 scientists and engineers and I said look the immune system is not Just these two boxes it's much more Complicated involves your gut the Microbiome right the Vegas nerve right The gut brain interaction so to think That a doctor or sort of government Should impose one type of intervention Like everyone should get this vaccine For that matter any one medicine on an Individual was absolutely stupid it it Was against the principles of Personalized and precision medicine even Western medicine I recognize let's say

You have a sickness and I have a Sickness the same sickness you may need Very different things than I need Because of our body chemistries our Backgrounds Etc So based on this very Complex model of the immune system which I presented More Than This rudimentary Model I said it's really stupid to tell Everyone should get jabbed everyone in The audience agreer than me Mark and These were pretty sharp engineers and Scientists 2019 and then I was building Many that's the scientist part of me but In 2019 I was organizing and running Many uh protests against the vaccine Mandates long before covid there was Vaccine mandates telling a kitty should Get 69 vaccines Etc so I was being known As a scientist who tell the truth really The immune system rather than just Throwing out slogans I was coming from An immune approach now so in January of 2019 early January I had just led a Major protest in New Jersey against the Vaccine mandate before covid so on January 6th when I saw the vaccine Mandates or Co hit and this quote Unquote pandemic I said wow they're up To something they actually are against This growing movement against vaccine Mandates because I was already part of That movement and then when I saw fouchi Was involved in this I had known Fouche's history since 1993 okay yes

When I was a graduate student at MIT Fouchy was the one who had saved a guy Called Robert Gallow who's the one who Did the entire age scan and Gallow was This is in the 90s was shown to have Committed academic fraud and fouchy came And saved his butt so when I saw fouches Involved in this I said this guy's a Complete so I knew it like that And so I was the first one who did a Tweet who said when they imposed the Whole pandemic I said this is going to Be the beginning of mandated medicine Imposing censorship and destroying Economy I called it back then because I Could see what they were up to mark Because I take a syst approach because I'm an immune systems guy and I'm Hands-On and that was in March of 2020 You can go find that tweet that went Viral I think it got like tens of Millions or hundreds of millions of Views and retweet and things like that And then after that I ran the fire Fouchy campaign that was in May of 2020 # fire fouchy we in fact in fact invited Fouchy to a debate I don't think I'm in The farm league I got my pH MIT have Written on the immune system was invited He didn't show up so we did a mock Debate which you can find on the Internet we had someone um answer the Questions that he would do and how I Would answer them it's quite interesting

And then in March of March 23rd of 2020 I wrote to Trump and I said do not shut Down the economy um focus on boosting People's immune systems there's no Reason to shut down the economy maybe Those people who are pre-existing Conditions maybe those people you think Have or already have covid you can Quarantine them but the and the rest of Us 99% of us should just boost our Immune system he didn't listen to it Because he's part of the big Pharma Racket too we can come back to that but The reason I knew this Mark was because I'm an engineer I'm a scientist who Studies this stuff Robert Kennedy in March of 20120 remembered this well he Was promoting lockdowns okay there's a Tweet he was saying lockdowns are going To stop the spread of Co and save the Environment and climate change Trump was Promoting lockdowns every single one of Those guys is running against President Now I'm all of them were promoting Lockdowns mandates or all three of them Okay so this is why we live in a world Right now you can't trust all these guys Because they're part of the Establishment two years later they may Sing a different song Russell Brand Another fool was promoting lockdowns Okay so now it's invogue to be Anti-establishment because you make Money off of it and you get

Conservatives to so there's a whole site Psychological operation now taking place Of these fake people who are really part Of the establishment now it's in Bogue To be anti-establishment and behave as Though you're the one who's being Attacked when March 2020 my view Mark Was that's when the men should have done The or the women should have done the Manly or womanly Deeds that's when the Hero should have Arisen and I was the One a lot of the stuff I did went like To your point went viral then because People saw me not only saying the right Thing but also teaching people the Science and educating people in fact in February of 2020 I had done a call from The white house because they had seen my Videos I was doing on the immune system One of the leading economic guys on the White House Council said Dr sha I saw Your video please don't share who my Name is but Trump is not listening to us He's blindly following fouchi and we're Going to destroy our economy so that was The reason that I did those videos no One paid me for those videos you may Remember I did two to three videos every Night educating people on the immune System and then I was running for office Too for US Senate and it was a very Interesting convergence because I was Exposing fouchi teaching people about The immune system I was running for US

Senator Massachusetts was the one who Discovered the election fraud systems Again as an engineer exposed all of that And for exposing that I was thrown off Twitter by the government contacting Twitter because I was the one who had Discovered that the government has an Unholy Alliance of social media Companies in the entire architecture so It was quite an important time but I Think credit is deserved to what I did In the movement that we built because we Talked about this when it mattered and All these grifters right now Mark were Concealing it Tucker Carlson I call him Tucker Carlson concealed all of this Glenn Greenwald concealed it they waited For two years so the big lesson to learn Here is delayed truth is deadly and and These and some of these people Intentionally delayed the truth because They're part of the intelligence Network And that's what we educate people now at Truth from Health you got to educate People to understand that the Psychological operation that's being Played is not only by the obvious Establishment but the not so obvious Establishment you see the people who are Now though they're helping us when they Were all part of this racket so what You're saying there there's a lot in What you've just said and thank you for Speaking so eloquently and accurately on

The situation but there's you've just Raced right through the gears to to the Chase you're cut to the Chase and and I Guess the time is to cut to the chase Those in power want to entertain people So we don't build our own Bottoms Up Movement they want to distract us from Our own power everyday citizens and That's the this is the this is like the Heart of the whole thing when you peel Away all the onion you come to this Point the entire goal of those in power Is to make sure you I we don't Understand the system Dynamic which is What we teach a for we don't figure that Out and we don't moob we the goal is to Stop us from becoming Heroes and leaders To always Outsource it and distract us So they do this distraction in two ways One they own the mass media and then They own these entertainers who are Basically entertainers okay who gets to Be an Entertainer is someone who Actually has or who gets promoted on the Major media Mark are people who are Typically vile scumbags if you look at Their in the UK it couldn't be clearer Look at Oxford and Cambridge look at the Number of notables from Oxford and Cambridge the head the leading lights in Every function of the world that that's Correct we know you have some experience Of HW and Cambridge that's correct isn't It yeah Cambridge Society so you know a

Little bit about East yeah I think the Key thing to understand is that the Entire system promotes people it creates Its proxies knowing they have stuff on Them dirt on them no one has promoted Out there so they knew you just look at The the work of Russell Brent he's a Complete doofus he disgusting now so They have the crap on him if he steps a Little bit out of line so first they Promote this guy as though he's some Entertainer and he's not that good of an Entertainer anyway so they own that and They make money off that character but They have all this crap on all these People then when they step out of line They do a double whammy then they make Them a martyr a fake martyr so we again Are saying oh my God poor Russell Brand Why poor Russell BR he's made millions Of dollars being part of this swarm and He's not going to do anything anyway for You or I anything he's doing is to use This anti-establishment rhetoric to Further aize himself and we as the Masses need to recognize that he's not Going to do anything cuz he came from The Swarm and he's distracting us to get Involved in this liberal concertive Dialectic and this is what people need To recognize he is not one of us he is a Vile scumbag his vile scumbag may be Coming out and for us to feel sorry for Him for us to feel sorry for TR for us

To feel sorry for any of the elites is Really the distraction and we should Just say let them eat themselves alive We don't care yeah we know I know it is A distraction but on the legal context Of due process is entitled to that as The media the reaction that they've Taken to him we've put his case and Hunter Biden's case next together so That's how we attach we're saying look At Russell Bland look at Hunter Biden The contents of his laptops out there in Public domain how it was suppressed by The secret Services all through the Election now you're saying you've got Scumbag one and scumbag two who cares We're saying where we're actually Shining the light on it so people can See that the hunter Biden case and even Joe Biden's publicly doctor there's Footage of Joe Biden molesting children Out there and yeah so let's talk about That let's talk about this we're getting Into something that I've written about Before called media Dynamics okay the Issue is what gets visibility and I Would posit to you that this is all Theatrics it's all theater because when Trump gets indicted he raises money the Next day they want to in impeach Joe Biden he raises money okay both sides Are running theater Mark that's what They're doing so Hunter Biden gets Whatever happens to him that gets a lot

Of video views that's in front everyone Makes ad advertising on those stories But you could argue that what's up with Jared Kushner he got $2 billion from the Saudis and that story isn't there he has Better public relations okay so you have This phenomenon of these wealthy swarm Families who have all sorts of crap in Their background at different points it Gets released to the news media it Becomes news the news companies played For 247 it becomes a news of the day They're all scumbags but if you put Hunter Biden and you put Jared Kushner And this guy got a $2 billion loan from The Saudi government right okay maybe he Doesn't have the drug stuff okay maybe He has better face cream that he uses Maybe he has better Dentistry okay Hunter Biden doesn't have that okay the Reality is when you put them both of Them they both profited from their Familial connections Jared kushner's Father pretty disgusting human being he Hired a prostitute to Blackmail his own Brother-in-law and Trump pardoned him he Didn't pardon any of the January 6 People you see so the way I look at this Is we have to look at it from a Perspective of what is the intention of This entertainment who is profiting from This and what are they distracting us From I know I bet you I can go through Every one of these Elites and I could

Create a story all right Tucker Carlson in October 30th of 2020 said Please go light on Hunter Biden I don't If you know this why because Hunter Biden and Tucker Carlson are friends They go to the same equestrian shows Their wives hang out at the same clubs So once in a while they have some stuff They they let the safety valve out it's Good entertainment Hunter Biden's Probably going to get a book deal deal He'll make another 8 million 10 million Bucks these guys are playing a racket Trump will never go to jail in your Estimation there's no way Trump go jail And even if he does go to jail what I'm Trying to tell you it's all theater and I can prove to you it's theater because If you look at all these people in the Swarm and I'll give you this example I'm Give this example there's a guy called Ari Emmanuel do you know who he is no Ari Emanuel look him up AI is a brother Of a guy called Rah Emanuel R A hn Rah Emanuel was the chief of staff for Obama Their brother okay and rah Emanuel ended Up becoming the mayor of Chicago Rah Emanuel Ari Emanuel they're all from the Zionist click okay all right and they Have another brother too Ari Emanuel Owns the biggest Hollywood agency in the World which was formerly William Morris Agency now called Endeavor that agency If you want to be an A-list actor in

Hollywood Mark you better be signed up With so he owns pretty much every Hollywood actor they have Golden Hand CEST guess what Endeavor also owns they Also just bought the worldwide wrestling Entertainment which is other crazy Entertainment to distract the masses Fake wrestling bread in circuses it's Been used for days exactly but I'm Saying but this is one person who owns WWE he also owns UFC boxing so for the People want to get distracted by people Beating each other up people doing fake Fighting and they have Hollywood but Guess what he's also the agent of many Of these people he's the agent for Trump The former agent he was the agent for Obama so think about one individual can Decide your future Mark and how much Visibility you get right and Elon Musk Was supposed to be part of Endeavors Board so all and Joe Rogan is the client Of Ari Emanuel all of these people are Owned they're entertainers and once you Look at it from that perspective you Have almost an eagleee view of what's Going on this is entertainment they make Money off theater and they don't really care one day Tucker may put on His face the next day him and his wife They're calling Hunter Biden up oh Hunter can you give me a recommendation Letter from my son to go to Georgetown Now you're running for president as an

Independent candidate Dr biva that's Correct isn't it yep so with a system That is so toxic as it is and also the Electoral system in the United States Has a lot to be desired as well Especially when it comes to mail and Ballots do you think you're going to get A fair shake at the election yeah so Let's look I was the one who exposed the Mail and ballot signature verification Process in the chain of custody again Let's not look at one slice in the movie Let's look at the overall thing sure you Look at it from A System's perspective I Know the election fraud that was Committed to me Massachusetts because we Won that election but the election fraud Actually occurs before the election Fraud the real election fraud if the Election is here what occurred the two Years before the election who got to get Visibility on TV who got to get on the Debate stage who gets the interviews Okay who gets anointed to be a candidate All of this is fixed up here at the end Of the election they're just doing minor Tweaks Mark okay we really don't like That guy and didn't but they've already Decided at the pool of potentially very Amazing people they said these are the Anointed people so that's where the Election fraud takes place and then they Run this thing called a boua democratic Process saying oh voting is the way you

Change the world I never voted at all in My because when I was 17 I figured all This out how you have to build Bottoms Up movement so I've always been an Activist on the ground I'm a big not Only a Believer all the scientific Evidence points to anything that has Ever occurred of significance in Humanity has come from Bottoms Up Movements all right so why am I running In an election why because what I Realized was it is a great opportunity If you have a movement which is what we Have if you're simply running for Election under this illusion that you're Going to get into Congress and you're Going to change the world your delusion But if I have a movement that I've Created over the last 50 years really It's exploded over the last 3 years Since 2020 we have half a billion people Who know about us we now have an Educational program we train people About truth freedom and health why you Need to mobilize a movement we created a Leadership program so we have a global Movement now close to half a million People all over the world if we have That movement now when I run for office We know there's no way a guy like me Could get ever elected with their fraud Beginning to end but if I were ever to Be elected it would be revolutionary and It could only occur with a movement okay

So to us this is an extension of our Movement we're the tip of the Spear of This movement and our movement is about Engaging people to say for the last 70 Years you've gotten into your head that You should vote for the lesser of two Evils and that's what they've done the Lesser of two evils as I've shared Repeatedly in many of the things and I Can bring that up for you if people go To Shiva for president.com I'll bring This up so if people go to Shiva for President this is our website there's a Very important section here called free Downloads and in this section we have This very nice flyer Mark that we Encourage people to download and print We'll have before the end of 2024 50 Million of these handed out what does This flyer say this flyer says the Lesser of two evils is killing your Children the left column of this very Simple flyer gives on the right problem Gives a solution and this graph says a Lot here Tom this graph says between 1970 to 80 till today the US life Expectancy has been going upside down And it's not because of Co this has been Occurring for a long time it's a systems Problem it's because of the food it's Because of the health care condition It's because of stress it's because of Income inequality but all of those Things I just mentioned are the outcome

Of policies of the swarm of left and Right Democrat and Republican all of Them and when you look at that graph you Have to it's a big wakeup call so if You're going to and and by the way the Average the the life expectancy of your Child in the United States is going to Be less than yours so how can you say The elites are doing a good job You' Fire all of them right but what is a gry Line is the rest of the industrialized Nation you can see the curvature I look At trends and you look at the curve the Second derivative of this curve and you See it's going this way so this shows That we have a systems problem that is a Campaign that is what a president should Be doing educating people the Directionality of where the country is Going and this is the directionality Your child's lifespan is going to be Less and then we offer actual Solutions I invite everyone to go to truth Freedomhealth.com we've created the Curriculum we've created a community We've created the technology the Framework so everyone on the planet you Don't have to go to MIT can learn the Science of system systems so you can Become your own leader your own hero in Your community so you don't waste your Time on Russell Brand or your local Politicians truth health.com and our Slogan is we must shatter the swor okay

That's the first thing the other thing Is for those people who are watching our Presidential campaign you can go to Shiva forpress Docomo the life expectancy of your Children it leads people to understand Who is this swarm and what we must do And that's at Shiva numeral 4pr President.com so that's what I want People to do I know you're going to sign Up excellent we'll sign off now and We'll also leave all the links oh we've Got a late star appearing into the shot There we've got your campaign manager Coming in listen Dr Shiva thank you very Much again for appearing on dogs are Getting restless you can see they're Here I can see that they're getting Restless they know what time it is and We'll talk to you in the near future and All the best with the campaign thank you Very much indeed thank you very much be Well

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