Dr.SHIVA™ – Some Folks Think People Rise Up When Everything Collapses

Dr.SHIVA™ - Some Folks Think People Rise Up When Everything Collapses

Is it too far gone and we just need to Let the whole thing collapse look I've Studied revolutionary politics from a Theoretical perspective there used to be A theory in the 1900s which said let Things collapse and then when things get Really bad people rise up this theory is Absolutely nonsense it never has gone Anywhere in fact oppression oppresses You have to take an engineering approach Guys you got to take a carpenter's Approach or a plumber's approach a small Business person's approach if I walked Out of my business here everything's Going to fall apart there's something Called entropy if I wanted to make the IPhone the iPhone didn't just as created Steve Jobs had to create it to bring in The best engineer scientists you know What I'm saying a revolution a movement Doesn't just happen because they fuck us Over so much in fact they'll drive us Back into the woods we'll be shitting Everywhere like it's happening in San Francisco they want Hunger Games type Society yeah yeah but that's why they Want to train people to think oh this is Just all like something just happens no There is a way out of this there's a way To build a bridge you have to go and Study Force equals mass times Acceleration then you have to study Finite elements you have to go through The discipline you're creating a whole

Group of 20 year olds who fucking think Their opinions matter they don't even Know how to solve a problem they can't Even lay out a simple equation so that's The society we're creating where things Just happen no we create things I had to Write the code to create email I had to Create a company I had to bring people Together I could learn how to hire and Fire it's hard fucking work and people Who know this are working people a Surgeon knows this a doctor does Insurgents have to make decisions a Plumber knows this an engineer knows This that you have to make things in Order to make something you need to Understand the physical laws how do you Make a revolution I've discovered those Laws and that is why I keep hammering Away to people and when I wrote system In Revolution took me 50 years to write That what are those systems principles What are those mechanics and you know What if you want to really change the World you have to sit your fucking ass Down and you have to study and learn and Parents don't force our kids to do that Anymore so you have a bunch of Dilettants running around there if we're Going to win and the good news is Working people there's enough of us There's enough good plumbers there's Enough good electricians there's enough People who in engineer stuff that know

It takes effort to build stuff the wrong Model to say well if things just get Worse no go look at countries like Jamaica and Haiti things keep getting Worse and worse and worse and worse and Worse and they'll keep getting worse When I was in Africa I love animals and So on you're sitting there you're Watching these primates and you say shit We were out there at one time and that Wasn't that long ago so we went from That to a room with electricity and all So the establishment says you know what You don't get any more housing now You're living on the street okay we're Not even gonna let you live on the Street you could end up back with a Bunch of Apes they don't care when the Establishment knows you're getting on to Them they're going to create the not so Obvious establishment and I'm telling You the Real Enemy here is fucking booby Fucking Kennedy he endorsed Hillary Clinton three times she supported rabid Pro-vaccine mandates she supported Pro Mass mandates she's Pro Monsanto she had One of the chiefs of Monsanto run her Campaign how are all of these dumbass Fucking conservatives putting Kennedy on Any of these shows and why is not one of Them asking him the question why did you Endorse Hillary Clinton can you answer That question why isn't Sean Hannity Putting me on because they're teeing it

Up to promote the not so obvious because Right when people get close they create The not so obvious establishment so why Is Joe Rogan not ask him why did you Endure Hillary Clinton three times you Know why because they're all part of the Cabal we have a Neo media cabal right Now that involves fucker Carlson Russell Brand involves Joe Rogan involves all These people around them if you see Anyone promoting Kennedy and they get Views I could see this guy Chief nerd It's all this cabal including cat shit He's part of the cabal think of this Think of this they need Trinity to be The anti-vaxx guy and Trump the pro-vax Guy that's why Trump will never change His position on the vaccine not only That think about the bigger issue here Kennedy's actually a big Pharma guy Kennedy's big Pharma he said he's Pro-vax yeah not only that he's big Pharma look at the entire Kennedy's they Bootleg drugs and they promoted drugs Good luck licorice well John F Kennedy Was on all sorts of drugs he had Venereal disease he should never have Been allowed into the Navy he was Disqualified fight his father got him in He was taking drugs all day Pharmaceutical drugs Kennedy's the one Who passed the 1962 vaccination act then The second brother is the one who saved Big Pharma companies he's the one who

Was on the Senate side sponsor of the National vaccine injury program which Gave Indemnity to all the big Pharma Guys Ted Kennedy Ted Kennedy right here Murdered a woman yeah okay the Kennedys Have been all big Pharma and so the First Kennedy JFK he's the one who Created all the bureaucracy within the Government the corrupt bureaucracy for Vaccines look as president I will Eliminate the 1962 vaccination act it Should go away there's no right Government has to be in your bodies at All but booby doesn't want to address That because he wants to keep his Kennedy bullshit going and then Ted Fucking Kennedy who was a drug addict Himself what does he do he saves a big Pharma companies by passing the national Vaccine injury program which said Reagan Sign and that created more government Bureaucracy created the vaccine courts So if you got injured you can no longer Sue big Pharma thank you to the Kennedys Again and then booby fucking Kennedy Speaks with 15 different tongues I'm Against vaccines then I'm provax I'm Totally Pro vax you know I've never been Anti-vaxx I vaccinated all my kids gave Them 69 vaccines and then I'm gonna Create a whole new way of creating safe Vaccine so he's going to take all these Corrupt institutions as two uncles built And then he's going to somehow make them

Create safe vaccines I mean the Ludicrous of this bullshit is to save a Big Pharma now Here's the thing the motherfuckers Taking trt legal steroids which is Really anabolic steroids by the end of 2029 in six years the anabolic steroid Industry is going to grow to be a Quarter of a trillion dollar industry Big Pharma and an anabolic steroid has About a ten thousand to a hundred Thousand times more chance of creating Blood clots than the MRNA both create Blood clots the MRNA vacs has a certain Adverse effect that's going to become Around 120 billion dollar industry you See what I'm saying yeah and I think I Think all these guys should disclose What drugs are on Kennedy should discuss It should all be drug tested what drugs Are you on Dr Shiva I don't take drugs And I bet you I could do more push-ups And more sit-ups than Kennedy and Trump And I would really like the challenge They want to do Zuck versus musk I'll Take Kennedy Trump and muscon in one of Those cage fights

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