Dr.SHIVA™ – Say the Right Thing, at the Right Time

Dr.SHIVA™ - Say the Right Thing, at the Right Time

My mom she said in India you'll get Discriminated nine different ways and in The United States maybe three you're Going to have to just to work 10 times Harder you could call it my soda my Penance I think it's hard and it was Always done with the love of God in mind The love of service I think you can't I Think they don't know what the to Do right because in many ways I have This very deep protection from many of The ancient teachers who have passed Spiritual whatever you want to talk I God right and I've done everything with Pure sincerity that it's hard for them To with me and if they do with Me I think the retribution upon them is Going to be pretty bad because now we've Built a movement not only me but we have Half a billion people across the world Have heard about our movement especially In 2020 and their only option right now Robert is to make us invisible and they Go to a great extent to make me Invisible Great extent and the duplicity Where they actually have people steal my Language steal my rhetoric right and Every and because we hammer away at that They're creating some very unstable Conditions for themselves I think we're In a very good time because beake the Snake jackass Brahman bullshitter Thought he was going to get away but We've hit him so hard we were like wait

A minute right or even Trump or even Booby Kennedy or even Tulsi Gabber right they basically have 10 People backstage and they're trying Different people on the front to see who They can use to manipulate and we keep Hammering them normally if we didn't Exist or the movement I've created Didn't exist they would get away it Would be smooth sailing for one of them Now we've created the conditions where It's not so smooth sailing they these People they need absolutely rigorous Discernment and when it's a roate just Calling out the and yeah I Think in my view it's coming to a point That I think they're going to need more Than that I really think about Christ Going into the temples and wh we're Getting I really think these people when I was in India in 200 I think 12 I met One of the biggest very interesting guy He directed a lot of very interesting Indian movies he was a serious one of The few rare creative guys and we were In this overlooking Bombay he was having His cigarette and we were talking and I Grown up in Bombay in these near slums And all this and he said I recently read A book and he said the book was a very Interesting book and he said there was a Time in human history where the guy who Had the bigger muscles who was just Strong would rule a village right or he

Would rule it was just based on his Physical strength right he was just Physically bigger and stronger and Everyone had to do what he wanted right So it's just brute horse and then he Said it went through a period and after That it went to a period where people Who were intelligent took over and they Used all these people with Brute Force To work for them so as if people were Conniving they could manipulate people They could manipulate words right like They the snake right Y and and then he Said so the pendulum swung over here It's like you're playing chess with Someone but they constantly cheat okay They don't even follow the rules The Rook is supposed to move like this they Move the Rook any way they want and he Goes eventually he goes what's going to Happen is people are just going to take A gun and blow them away like I can't Beat you and your it's going to go back The other way I think we're very close Actually yeah because people are Realizing these people have so much Control that they don't even follow Their own rules the judges don't follow Their own rules the legislators don't Follow their own rules the presidency Doesn't follow its own rules they don't Even follow the Constitution they make Up whatever the they want to do so If you're a plea if you're a slave

Living in this and you're like I follow The rules they don't how how am I ever Going to win in in their intellectual World of gamesmanship they make people Invisible who should who work their butt Off like me right right and they make They promote inferior products right That's the other side of it exactly That's a good way to say so here you Have the real product which can heal you Give you truth give you Freedom give you Health they have a shitty product which Is going to enslave you into Power Profit and control and they promote that And you know this and you see this Occurring and that's what people see With our campaign Robert if you go read The threads people are like hey Carlson why don't you have Dr Shivan why Didn't you ask Trump this question like They're realizing this so we're becoming A very powerful instrument for Education Because people see the this obvious Injustice that's taking place right and That is going to compel people to say What the right I can never win in Your Paradigm so I'm GNA follow Dr Shiva's Paradigm which is we need a Systems overhaul we need to build a Bottoms Up movement I'm going to get Educated on how to shatter the Swarm and I'm going to come to shatter you And that's where we want to raise People's Consciousness individually and

Collectively and to me that's Christ Consciousness it's God Consciousness When you do that you're it's unfiltered Right it's unfiltered it's pure Unadulterated truth it's real Unadulterated truth not the fake truth Trump saying make America great again he Doesn't want to make America great again He wants to make America as dumb as Possible so they allow him to him and His son-in-law to get $2 billion loans From Saudi Arabia so they we feel sorry For him no one should feel sorry for Trump no one feel should sorry for the Kennedies these people are organized Crime families the bidens or the Clintons all of them they all are the Pelosi they're all organized all of them Yeah all of um yeah I was going to ask You this question but as as we've gone Deeper into our conversation I'm like Okay that's not even a relevant question But I was going to ask you did did Anybody from the Trump Administration Ever reach out to you say hey look we're You're a bright guy we want to be a part Of the team Trump actually used me so What occurs in 2020 they steal my Election again absolute theft we won the Freaking Republican primary in September 1st 2020 they ran some random Idiot who didn't even have one lawn sign Up Robert we had 3,000 people we had a Massive organization we won that

Republican primary on a landslide so What did they do they cheat the Republicans and Democrats collude to Make sure they flip the votes on the Machines but the truth always comes out There is a God in Franklin County which Is all hand counted paper ballots I win There by 10 points but every other County I lose 6040 6040 6040 Unfuckingbelievable but they never Expected a guy like me to run a guy me To put on my thinking cap roll up my Sleeves go study everything about Machines and I was the first one who Found found out that the machines have a Way you can wait races you can actually Multiply people's votes by factors okay And then I did the Michigan analysis and Then when I did that analysis showing How the Michigan elections were flipped Mark Meadows calls me after the Trump Election and they say Dr Shiva we want To help you they didn't want me to help Them they just wanted to say to their oh Yeah we're working with Dr Shiva right They wanted to use my sincerity and the Work I've done Rona McDaniels calls me This is all in November and and they Said oh yeah how can we help you I said Give me data I can explore this whole Thing they never gave me data Robert Ever but Trump was using my stuff he Went from calling voter fraud to Election fraud using my material and he

Raised close to half a billion dollars We didn't see one penny of that Ch- Ching it went to him and his family He used and then he would go to huge Events I want to thank the great Computer scientist Dr Shea your Thanks why don't you give us some of That money so we could actually use that To solve election systems Integrity he Was about 3 years too late to reach out To you though wasn't he that was 2020 This was this continues okay in 2020 Started using our stuff and then you Have another dope Mike Lindell who also Started reaching out to me would fly his Me his private plane back and forth Wherever and then I realized he was just Wanting to sell pillows he Didn't want to solve election systems Integrity he had people like Yovan Pulitzer a fake guy whose actual name is Jeffrey Folia that's his actual name Jeffrey Folia f f i ya a okay and these Guys are saying crazy oh there's Bamboos in the ballots getting people All excited so they hid the real issues That I had discovered we got an email One time from Trump after he had done This call out inviting me to marago the Night before he had endorsed a Republican guy in Massachusetts who was Part of the GOP who stole my election And my assistant wrote back to Trump we Said we respectfully declined to come to

See you you see how many people would do That 99.999% of people o Trump is Inviting me I got to go Mar logo I get To bow down to this false god I couldn't Do that I was down in Miami a couple of Weeks later and a friend of mine who who Gave Trump about 10020 Grand begs me oh My God you got to go see Trump you're Being too critical I we get invited Again and we go to see Trump and he Looked like a washed out backstage actor Who didn't know what the is going On a frail old man he looked really bad In the Megan Kelly interview two this Was worse than that okay this was for Two hours him trying to apologize while You endorsed this guy praising me up the Wazo you're the most amazing guy you Went to MIT my uncle went to MIT and he All through right he's thinking there That I want something from him he must Asked me 30 times what do you want what Do you want from me I said I want Nothing from you nothing and I left that Meeting uh with Michelle thinking this Guy's sorry ass he's got no one sad for Him his daughter uses him his son-in-law Uses him his children use him and he Uses everyone else but he's just an Actor that's all and um when I was Leaving his assistant Molly who's now Flipping on him actually came running Out they' given me us one of these hats Said oh we want to give you this

Separate gift he only gives us to heads Of state that's how impressed he was by You so about several weeks later he said What do you want I said I do want Something I go let's have another Meeting and this was an hour meeting and I said look if we want to solve election Systems I am willing to set up an Institute that will compete with Harvard MIT all of these people by the way say There is no election fraud I said I will Get the best minds and I I already done A shitload of work nothing want to give One penny for them he had Already made a half a billion off my Work that doesn't seem fair does it no It's a crook yeah so these People think that they can LOD me with Their praises and I will be so moved by That I'm sorry I've been given Praises Since I was a four or five-year-old kid For my talents but it never has moved me I just knew that I had certain skills I Was a little bit but I never got moved By that because my great-grandfather Taught to be never moved by people's Praises look at their actions look at Their intentions my response to them is Get off your butt go to Shiva For president.com get one of our bumper Stickers put it on the back of your Windshield show me that you really Support this movement don't just talk About it peel that sticker away because

That shows you're making a commitment And you're willing to say you to The opposition go to Shiva for president Download one of our Flyers print it out Out serve educate your friends about What we've discovered go to Truth Freedomhealth.com for you and your Family get educated on all the systems Knowledge I put together so we have Created an environment right now so Everyone can become their own Liberator Everyone can become their own doctor Everyone can become their own scientists We've created the environment where People can think fight and heal truth Freedom health so the real issues do you Really want to get off your ass off the Plantation or do you want to stay on the Plantation and be a dumb and be Used by these evil people because if You're willing to do that you might as Well say I'm evil right and in fact You're more than evil because especially If you're hearing this and you're seeing That you have now an option to liberate Yourself that it's like Prometheus Bringing fire to the world that's what I've done and that's been my life Journey so I'm bringing you fire do you Want to light up the house light up your Spirit or do you want to be a Slave and if you choose the latter You're part of the evil you don't have You can't you don't have any freaking

Excuses anymore if everyone listening a Couple of websites people should go to Shiva numeral 4president Docomo by the way when people donate Notice I haven't begged for money here At all when people donate we actually Give you stuff it's not really a Donation we give books we give you Courses we want you to become the light So you can go to Shiva numeral 4pr President.com get the freaking bumper Sticker be a man be a woman put it Boldly on the back of your car I'm going To get a bumper sticker damn it right on The because it's they're saying a big you to them okay the represent in Texas hey hey Robert by the way we need To get on the ballot in every state that A huge razor blade swash to to The Establishment every state we get on the Ballot so please uh help us out and I'll Have yeah and hey if you ever get tired Of the Boston Brahman just come on down Here to Texas you'll do well all right All right do that thanks again Dr Shiva Take care well thank you

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