Dr.SHIVA™ – Running For President As A Naturalized Citizen. The Legal & Philosophical Questions.

Dr.SHIVA™ - Running For President As A Naturalized Citizen. The Legal & Philosophical Questions.

You weren't born in the United States And that means that according to the Laws that we have in this country There's certain parameters on who can And cannot run for president and if you Were not born in the United States now That could be debated on whether or not That should be the case but it is the Case at this point and you cannot run For president or you cannot be president If you were not born in the country and Yet you're running for president and so I want to ask you about that and what You're doing with the campaign donations Then that are that you're collecting on This campaign that you I mean ultimately If you were to win you couldn't actually Take office let's talk about that Kim so First of all that's false so let's go Through that first of all it's a very Important discussion that needs to be Had most of everything I've done it's Always been to educate people and we'll Talk more about that but Article 2 Section one Clause 5 of the Articles Which was done in 1787. there's a couple Of things people need to understand in History class first of all the Constitution is a living document Amendments change previous things so if You follow Article 2 Section one Clause 5 which is a qualifications of President By the way it refers to he according to If you followed that by the letter of

The law a woman cannot be president but We know the 19th amendment was passed But Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 talks About the qualifications of President You have to be 35 years old you have to Be natural born which the founders Interesting enough never defined and Then the next thing it talks about is You have to be a resident in the United States at a certain time interesting Enough the Maryland legislature made Marquis De Lafayette who was never born In the United States and all of his Heirs a natural-born citizen you can go Do your research on that now you go to The fact that the Bill of Rights came so The First Amendment all those important Rights came and then we had the 14th Amendment which is probably one of the Most fundamental amendments that was Passed as important You could argue as The Bill of Rights which is equal Protection Clause so when you go to the Equal protection Clause it clearly says A naturalized citizen cannot be Distinguished from a natural-born Citizen you cannot have two levels of Citizenry so since that passing over 100 Years ago there have been many many Court rulings where people brought up The fact our naturalized citizen was Being discriminated as an actual born And the courts have overwhelmingly Consistently said that you cannot do

This it's a violation of the 14th Amendment now what's occurred if you Look at the history of this law the FEC In 2011 a guy called Hassan wanted to Get on the ballot in New Hampshire now This looks like he was trying to do a Money-making Venture when you actually Look at an odd about really running for Office so he wanted to get presidential Matching funds the New Hampshire Secretary of State said I can't put you On the ballot because you're not natural Born and again the secretaries of State Need to be educated but the FEC which is The governing body really the agency on This interesting enough ruled after that At naturalized citizens can run for President in fact can collect donations But they left out the presidential Matching funds so in court rulings There's a very very important principle Called agency deference huge body of law That have been done on that agency Deference says that a court even a Supreme Court Justice must defer to the Agency to being the subject matter Expertise the SME on it so FEC is their Subject matter expertise so by the law a I can run and B I can collect donations Now we have five filed what's called a Declaratory relief with Merrick Garland We've sued Merrick Garland and Gary Thompson on two counts first of all is That by the law not only can I run but

Also be president and this is an Educational process that needs to be Taking place and so the decoratory Relief which we filed in DC about a Month ago and tells the court supporter No different than Brown versus Board of Education the courts order Merrick Garland to inform all the states because We live in a republic each state can Decide ultimately the requirements for Ballot access in Massachusetts for Example you have to collect ten thousand Signatures in Vermont you have to Collect a thousand signatures and when You collect those signatures and they May have other requirements you may have To have electors and you may have to Have X number of meetings so we want the Courts to order Merrick Garland to tell All the Secretary of States when our Volunteers and we have about a couple Hundred thousand already all over the United States when they collect Signatures and they submit preemptively If they do that that's a violation of The Constitution so that's what we've Done there's going to be a lot of people Who are going to push back on this idea If it is the case then that a Naturalized citizen and not Natural Born Could actually hold office now I agree You could run for office you could Collect donations but that's different Than actually than being allowed to take

Office once you win if you were to win And there would be a lot of pushback on This because we all lived through the Birther gate you know the Obama birth Certificate Saga where it was where was He really born oh he was born in Kenya And so he could not be president I mean There was Millions upon millions of People who believed that Barack Obama Was not born in the United States and Therefore could not actually be eligible To hold office so what would you say to All of the people who fought that Trump Himself for all those years yeah look First of all a lot of these people Probably are smoking weed and where Didn't really study the Constitution Just because someone on the right or the Left says that the sun rises on the East Doesn't mean they're wrong so let's take This sort of General philosophical Perspective first of all I haven't Looked at Obama's birth certificate or Not so I haven't had the chance to do That investigation but I can tell you That Obama if he was indeed born Somewhere else he should have taken this Head-on because the 14th amendment makes It absolutely unconstitute to deny me The right to be president now Paul Clark Is one of the leading legal scholars in The country on this and Paul has written A wonderful legal review on this and the Three points that we've argued in our

Court suit is first of all the First Amendment says any political speech is The most protected form of speech so my Running for office I should be able to Run number two the 14th amendment was Really established for the states but Bowling versus green extended that back At the federal level to the Fifth Amendment which is due process so the Law is there and then another very Important principle is called let the Political process decide and this is Something even the legal Scholars who Thought that this was wrong said yeah Let the political process decide but Fundamentally relevant Obama I think he Claimed he was a constitutional lawyer So if he was in fact born somewhere else He should have argued it so yes I will Be doing some Innovation here breaking Ground as I've always had to do Throughout my entire life on everything I've had to do to struggle to get what I've gotten look if Merrick Garland Doesn't do it it'll go to the appeals Court and will win in the Supreme Court It's black and white on this issue the Preponderance of case law clearly saying That a naturalized citizen and a Natural-born citizen cannot be Discriminated has been over and over Adjudicated in the courts I think that I Mean education well it's going to be Some people who think well we don't want

That guy coming in from out in another Country in Arab or whatever they'll say Some something discriminatory if we Don't want Saddam Hussein's brother Being the president of the United States Now you have to understand when this was All created it was done at a time when The United States was a fledgling Nation They didn't want a prince coming in and Overtaking the government but you could Argue that natural-born citizens like Joe Biden there's a lot of so-called People who claim that they're natural Born and our Patriots have in fact sold Out this country to farm Nation so we Live in a very very different world you Could also argue philosophically that Naturalized citizens perhaps may be even More patriotic to this country than People sit on their rumpus and have Forgotten what it means but the first And second amendments really mean I mean I see both sides of that for sure I mean My mother is a refugee from Vietnam and So I grew up with a bunch of Vietnamese People some of them had become American Citizens some of them have not I Understand there's an argument on both Sides of that on who's more of a citizen I agree that we probably should not be Living in a country that gives Second-class citizenship to naturalized Citizens versus natural born citizens But I would say that even though

Naturalized citizens often work hard Love this country because they came here Under dire circumstances they also still Have an affinity for home I think Everybody has an affinity for home even I do you know I don't want to move back To Idaho but I love Idaho it's my home State it's where I grew up you know I Think people naturally love home where They grew up where their roots are and So there is just that natural affinity And so what I think the fear and why There's this idea that it's only natural Born citizens who could be president of The United States is because you don't Want a president who is going to have That Nostalgia and love and affinity for A foreign country that very well could End up being hostile it would be a Conflict of interest and I could Understand that I mean we see the Conflicts of interest with like Joe Biden and barisma and Hunter Biden and It's why is that why does that matter Matter or a lot of people from Ireland Just be from Ireland and Boston for Greater love for Ireland in some ways Than here it goes across the board in Israel you've got a lot of people who Love Israel probably more so than the United States well not only that in the Case of Israel you're actually allowed To have dual citizenship which I'm Opposed to and you're an American

Citizen can fight in the Israeli Army And that's even more dangerous I think The real issue I think of bringing up Kim is a fascinating question I thought About it is what does it mean to be a Citizen and to me it's about service you Know what does it mean to have you done Stuff for this country you know you look At your long history what have you done For the United States what have you Actually done so you could be President Joe Biden and you scammed the United States and you did all these deals to do It for selfishness does that make you a Citizen you know there's some Philosophical issues I believe that the Future of the 14th Amendment we're going To win on that and it's going to Fundamentally give a whole nother pool a Very very extraordinary people who Should run for president like myself and Your mom and everyone else but the issue Comes down to what is citizenship you Know what does it mean to be a citizen Anymore and that's a really good Question because we we do have a big Battle in this country about immigrants Coming in illegal immigrants coming in Working here and then there's this well They shouldn't be citizens and I've Often said the same thing if you are Contributing to this country if you are Building healthy neighborhoods Businesses you're working hard you

Should have the right to become a Citizen of the country if you are Working and you intend to stay here you Intend to continue building here you're Not planning on building here and then Taking your resources and money and Going somewhere else and building Another country with it I agree with That I think we do need to redefine what Makes a person a citizen in this country I think it would be a big large debate That's a huge thing to tackle is whether Or not somebody who's just born to an American citizen on foreign soil Automatically gets American citizenship Should that be the case or somebody who Just comes here and is born here and Then leaves I know a lot of people That's what I'm saying you come here They're born here their parents bring Them here they're wealthy people from Other countries they come to America Just to birth their babies here only to Then take them back to Turkey or Russia Or China or Europe and raise them and so We should have a conversation about what Is a citizen and what and redefining you Know should we have this sort of Birthright citizenship or should we do It based on other things that I think Should be based on contribution to the Country yeah I think really comes out to Me the slogan I have a Services Citizenship so if you look at someone

Flies here comes to New York has their Kid and then goes back and never comes Back to the United States they can be a President right right and then someone Comes here creates email and generates Value for a multi-trillion dollar Economy it gets NIH and NSF grants and Contributes and writes papers and has Been your 40 years the absolute Constitutional position the 14th Amendment says you cannot have Second-class citizens so that's the Point on my becoming president but there Is a deeper issue of there's people Sitting in this country who take Advantage of this country too quote Unquote Natural Born Again which was Never defined by the founders maybe we Need to ratchet up what it means to be a Citizen do you serve After High School Do you participate in the Army do you do Some type of service project for two to Three years what are you contributing in An ongoing basis Advance the United States economy obviously I do not think People should be able to have dual Citizenship and be able to maintain U.S Citizenship so there's a lot of very Profound things I think this our Campaign is going to bring up and Obviously the first reaction no you Can't be president according to that Well it's not true so we can have the Legal argument on that but there's this

Broader argument which I hope or this Discourse that we actually have what Does it mean to be an American and to Really love this country You know you're not alone in the in the Controversy of whether or not somebody Who is not born in the United States Could be president I mean we do have Like for example Ted Cruz there's Questions on McCain in Canada John McCain who was born in the Panama he was Born on a military base wasn't Ann Panama he was born on a military base But that's that's where it gets Interesting right right because they Claimed that was American soil Essentially that he was still born in American soil because he's born on American base but in a foreign country And so he was allowed for president yeah There's been this huge argument if you Go back to British common law that goes All about just solely which means join On soil and just sanguine which means Your Bloodlines but that's why the 14th Amendment is so powerful because it Basically said you know what natural I Said it's a natural born citizer Absolutely equal you cannot have two Tiers of citizens so just on that basis The Article 2 Section one Clause 5 is Abrogated by that and not only is it a Powerful argument but it's it's de facto Already decided it's just known as

Asserted it so in many ways I'm Asserting it that's what I'm doing so It's going to be fascinating what occurs At every state level because as we start Hamming in the signatures since we Already have the lawsuit filed we may Have to do some fpi's preliminary Injunction that occurs and that's going To bring up some fascinating issues it's Going to be a great learning experience At minimum yeah including the Secretary Of the State and maybe you can get some Defining rulings on that the Supreme Court has never weighed in on that Particular issue and like you said There's a lot of different there's a lot Of case law that backs up the case the Strength of the case If It ultimately Got to that point but I I don't think You'll be the last on this I mean I as We just mentioned with John McCain Ted Cruz there was also Barry Goldwater who Was born in Arizona when it was a Territory and not actually a state and There's questions of that what happens If we make an area state but is Everybody who were born there are they No longer eligible to become president Of the United States until they start Having children and it takes a couple of Generations before someone from that Territory that is now a state could Become president so there's a lot of Questions there and absolutely wish the

Best of luck to you on that so where can People find more of the topics that you Talk about I mean you do bring up a lot About a variety of different people a Variety of different issues so where can They find you so can they can go to Shiva for president.com and we really Believe everyone should go there and get A little bumper sticker and put it on The back windshield hundred thousand People see it the other thing Kim is That every Thursdays I do a town hall Shiva for president.com Town Hall and What I discover is this little diagram Right here and you can go there and You'll find it we're taking the six Issues Healthcare environment education Innovation governance and economy and For each one of those Kim I have Actually have a solution when people Come to the town halls I give them here And now it's not like after I become President Healthcare we teach people how To boost their immune system on Innovation we actually teach young kids The seven secret of innovation economy We actually teach people what is a Profit and loss statement what is a Balance sheet how to save money so our View is that the presidency is corrupt The legislature is corrupt to Judiciary Is corrupt what would I do as president Use that megaphone to unleash people Doing Bottoms Up movement so cheaper for

President.com that's your number for President.com Town Hall yeah number four President And then finally I created a set of Educational Tools at Truthfreedomhealth.com where I want People to have the same knowledge that a Henry Kissinger got at Harvard or George Soros has with the science of systems It's like Prometheus bringing fire to The Earth with this knowledge people can Really awaken how to solve problems so Truthfreedomhealth.com Shiva for President.com again numeral four Dr Shiva thank you so much for joining us Thank you Kim thank you for all your Great work thank you be well

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