Dr.SHIVA™ – Round Up These War Criminals

Dr.SHIVA™ - Round Up These War Criminals

The amount of propaganda that people Have gotten not to be able to understand Zionism equated to Judaism as though Israel serves the interest of the American people is what they're about Zionists have taken over the political System the financial system Hollywood The entertainment all aspects of this They don't give a damn about a Jewish Person being killed or a Palestinian Person being killed I do I'm the only Presidential candidate who does the Solution for this is not one Penny to Israel cut it all off today we Should take all of these war criminals And round them up and put them in Military prison we should probably Invade Israel on behalf of the Jews and Palestinians America has done that in Other countries have we not we've Invaded many countries but we've always Invaded countries on the behalf of Dictators why don't we for the first Time invade a country on the Behalf of the American people and the Palestinian people and the Jewish people And the soldiers fighting there would Actually be doing a noble Deed by the Way someone just reminded us that we Should talk about Shiva for President we Need to build a Bottoms Up movement go To Shiva Forescan

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