Dr.SHIVA™ – Presidential Policies: Taking Action NOW for Healthcare, Environment, Education, & More

Dr.SHIVA™ – Presidential Policies: Taking Action NOW for Healthcare, Environment, Education, & More

When you ask about my policies we've Made them very straightforward it's not Like when I get into president I'm going To do this for you you know what I'm Going to do when I president I'm going To do like this lives with you because The reality is a presidency is corrupt The legislature is corrupt the Judiciary Is corrupt what can I do I can use that Megaphone as a vehicle to reach 8 Billion people and let me tell you what We're doing here every Thursday at 8 pm We have a town hall what do we do in our Town hall our town hall is not about Bamboozling people and say vote for me I'm going to do this I'm going to do That I'm going to do this Our Town Halls Are much simpler we're going to actually Offer you Solutions here and now between Now and 2024 we're actually going to Help you so what are those Solutions let Me walk you through that we've hit Healthcare environment education Innovation governance and economy what Is my health care policy strengthen your Immune system government ain't going to Do jack for you but you can strengthen Your immune system and you don't need a Lot of money why because Dr shiv will Teach you how to do that which is what I Taught in 2020. you'll know the immune System better than any Harvard Immunologist and I've done that for People I'm going to tell you what foods

Support your immune system activity Sunshine community I went to Sardinia I Was invited I went on a scientific trip Sardinians lived the oldest in the world Per capita and the number one reason is Not food it's not because they exercise Number one reason is they have Community They have close friendship really close Friendships they can trust people it's Not like they have people who say one Thing and then tell you got to be Vaccinated when you come to my home they Have people whose words match their Deeds trust so it is community number Two was they all ate some fermented Foods which support your gut microbiome Three they do vigorous activity they're Walking 15 miles a day up and down Hills The woman I stayed with sees 60 Something her father is 85 and he's Climbing up trees man you don't need Government for that I can teach anyone This and you don't need to be taking Steroid injections that's what Kennedy's Teaching our kids testosterone Replacement therapies legal steroids It's going to become a quarter of a Trillion dollar business by 2029. the MRNA vacs is going to be 114 billion Dollar business like 2029. not only is He promoting safe vaccines he's going to Take this government bureaucracy and Create safe vaccines which means they're Going to create more bureaucracy like

His Uncle the vaccine courts this guy's A bastard but he's taking trt shots mark My words write this down in the next 10 Years all these men getting legal Steroids they're gonna have all sorts of Problems and it's as bad as getting off Drugs the addiction phenomena and that's What Kennedy's promoting that's a big Pharma multi-billion dollar industry Quarter of a trillion dollar industry we Don't need that the reason men's Testosterone levels are dropping some Very fundamental reasons nutrition lack Of exercise there's certain powerful Exercises that boost your testosterone That's what we teach people so what is My health care policy boost your immune System do you need me to get into office To do that yeah if I get in I'm going to Be able to reach more people but I'm not Going to wait so that's what we do can You do one more on that let's go to Environment if you look at the Environment the soil is destroyed in This country factory farming we teach People how to eat local and healthy I Actually lay out a budget I teach people What are genetically engineered Foods I Did a movie produced by Pierce Brosnan Pierce is one of the few people in Hollywood actually can act actually came From a very similar background to me Their movie which I was a main scientist And showed what's going on in the island

Of Kauai but the entire local farming System centralizes the future it's a Bougie thing to think you have to go eat Locally but we educate people how to put A budget how to go locally how to Support your local farmers I'll give you Another one education has to be Decentralized but the right education Osiris the right education is system Science so what have I done I try to Give away my entire systems course try To give it away to teach at MIT people Paid hundreds of thousands of dollars I Give it away no one wanted it so we tell People donate me 100 bucks then I give It to you as an adult but then if you Get it as an adult you can give it away To as many kids as you want free I went Back to my Village in India and I gave It away to 1500 kids so system science What is that it is about what the elites Learn of places like MIT so I've taken 30 years of MIT knowledge and I could Teach any 11 12 13 14 15 16 year old That's what we do systems thinking we Don't have to wait but that's the Knowledge you don't need the Department Of Education for that I can teach that Right now and we are teaching that so We're not waiting let me give you Another example Innovation I have a book Here it's called the seven secrets of Innovation why was I able to innovate as A 14 year old kid it wasn't the military

Industrial academic complex I wrote a Little book to seven secrets of Innovation what is those Secrets number One one find a mentor number two find an Actual problem number three get a Customer you can apply this anywhere That's Innovation we don't need to go Create Silicon Valley and all this I've been through that Journey This is from my own life it's from the Boy you invented email and where did Email come from it came from a loving Family a bunch of school teachers who Cared enough to change the rules because I could travel to Newark and a mentor Who gave me infrastructure how much did I get paid a buck 25 an hour and I got Some free food in the cafeteria my Comrades and that were those women those Secretaries I wrote all those features And they were my customers that's why When my stuff went to the Smithsonian MIT was pissed that I did invent email Before I came to MIT I didn't need your MIT degrees but I took them you know I Got all those degrees because one day I Wanted to say you the reason I put MIT PhD in inventor of email is all the Liberal white Elites get really upset They don't know what to do with me they Wanted me to be in their box so that's Our Innovation policy let's go to the Next policy governance how do you be a Leader in your committee I used to teach

At the Sloan School of Management you Don't have to pay 350 000 you come to This I'll teach you the fundamental Principles of how you can become a great Leader and then an economy I teach People what is a profit and loss Statement I teach people what is a cash Flow statement most entrepreneurs don't Even know the difference between a cash Flow statement a profit and loss Statement and a balance sheet most CEOs Don't you understand that you start Realizing why savings are important why You shouldn't be going and buying Dolce Gabbana shirts right when people got all Their subsidy checks in New Jersey all These poor people buying Louis Vuitton Bags what are you doing a immigrant like My father comes with 75 bucks and buys a Home in a few years being paid a third Of his white counterparts how is he able To do that frugality working hard we Have to teach these principles you don't Need government for all this we need People to become resilient and we need People to collectively organize it's About education Osiris education is the Revolution my great grandfather I Remember well was a slave he went to Burma he had nothing made something came Back to India with nothing but if any Child in the village wanted a book he Would work harder freaking do whatever It took to get that kid a book

Everything I've put together is Education that's why I will go on the Streets and I will distribute this flyer You will see me at six in the morning Doing that that's a campaign so to Everyone out there we have the solutions We we have the movement we have the Scientific theory truthfreedomhealth.com And we have a campaign so what is this One of these bumper stickers why is this Important you can put this on the back Windshield of your car and it doesn't Matter what Joe Rogan does or doesn't do A hundred thousand people will see this Thing every day you do that for 300 days You get 30 million views more views than You can get on musk or Zuckerberg social Media period you go hand out flyers to People you'll start meeting your Neighbors you'll have conversations with Them and that's what I've been doing all My life you'll see a picture of me Burning the South African flag on the Steps of MIT I organize the biggest Anti-apartheid protest at that time in The United States I've been doing this all my life man it's not like I Decided oh let me go fly some Falcons Today so there's me and my PhD Graduation I ran a protest for us out of Iraq one of those unpopular 10 000 People booed me and the other is gave me A standing ovation here's me organizing Food service workers blacks and whites

MIT wasn't even giving a good wage so This thing is not something I just Decided to do it's been my life those People want to help us Iris we made it Simple because we all work for a living Get a bumper sticker get a flyer go to Shiva from president.com volunteer we Want to get on the ballot in every state I'm also going to make history because a Naturalized citizen people think is not Supposed to be able to run for office The 14th Amendment the equal protection Clause change that so we're gonna have To educate all these secretaries of State oh you can't run for office you Weren't born here idiot you didn't read The 14th Amendment which says Naturalized citizen and natural born Citizens are the same which abrogated Article two section one loss five and You have a lawsuit on that I'll Represent myself we're not bringing any More lawyers in because they normally Sell you out so I do a lot of work man Our volunteers do a lot of work we have About 300 400 000 people all over the World right now so you don't have to Choose the lesser of two evils unless You want to go in this direction if You're an adult listening to this you go Aren't they're not going to vote for the Lesser of two evils that means you are Saying my daughter or my son is going to Live less than me I'm okay with that we

Need a systems overhaul man I'm the Person to do it you're the person to do It we are the people to do it they're Not going to do they don't want a Systems overhaul they want you to select That job like Kennedy who is saying that He wants to butcher all the Palestinians Zionists hoodlum racist there's a Difference between Zionism racism Judaism and Israel we need to educate People on that excellent go to Shiva for President.com get a flyer get a bumper Sticker volunteer Shiva for President.com truthfridomhealth.com

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