Dr.SHIVA™ – One side wants to kill you in the womb. Both want you to die shortly after.

Dr.SHIVA™ - One side wants to kill you in the womb. Both want you to die shortly after.

We'll move on to our next question Abortion has been a losing issue for Republicans since Do's decision six States have passed pro-abortion laws by Referendum including several red States How you adjust the abortion issue was Designed at at first level to always be A States right issue right the states Should be able to decide and what the Supreme Court did was give it back to The states which I think was a good Thing so ultimately because the United States is a republic right we're a Republic where the individual states Have the rights to do that so I think Rightfully so the Supreme Court passed It back to the States so the states have The rights to do what they want to do Based on each state can do they have all Different ways they can do it they can Do it by vote they can do it by Referendum Etc and so that natural Process is taking place which I think is How it should occur Chris now on a Personal note for me you could say that I'm a pro-life and pro-choice let me Explain that okay the right-wing Republicans from a Christian perspective Which I honor and which I support are Talking about from the time of when Life Starts as a biologist I can tell you Life by all accounts starts at Conception period okay and anyone who Argues against that is out of their mind

From a scientific basis so life begins At conception so I think rightfully so People want to protect that life and Make sure that that life is honored and Treated which I support but here's a Contradiction I have that that the Contradiction I see with many of these Right-wing Evangelical Republicans who Rightfully support that they seem to Support that up until the baby comes out Of the womb but after the baby comes out Of the womb they don't seem to be Pro-life anymore more they're fine with Monsanto polluting the world they're Fine with GMOs being created they're Fine with poisons in the atmosphere and You can see this consistant many of the Pro- right-wing pro-life Republicans Actually support Monsanto support Genetically engineered foods and so on And support the poisoning of the Environment which obviously affects that Child after it comes out of the womb Many of them are actually fine with Supporting countries like Israel and Zionism and imperialist Wars where young Workingclass people are sent to die you Know 178 team fighting for the bgea of The 0.1% so I think if you're truly Pro-life then truly be pro-life at a Very fundamental level and that concept Of pro-life needs to go before the womb And after the womb on my view that's to Me truly a systems based concept of

Pro-life not just saying well I'm Pro-life I want to make sure they don't Kill the babies great but what about After your baby's born if you look at The reality right now between 1980 to Today the United States life expectancy Is going down let me repeat that again Between 19 1980 to today the life Expectancy is going down and that's the Curve and I can share with you that Curve right here if you want to see it Cuz I wanted to make it accessible to Everyone let me share with you that Curve and if you go right here this is The curve Chris you see this curve here Since 1980 this dark line represents the Life expectancy of all the Industrialized nations going up but you Start seeing in 1980 we've been going Wackadoodle and this represents the fact That we're destroying the immune system Of the US population and right even Before Co look what's been happening Right so if you have a child a son or a Daughter today get ready your son or Daughter is going to have a lower life Expectancy than you and to me this is Not pro life this is anti-pr lifee and This curve going downward is a result of Both Republicans and Democrats policies Policies that have affected your biology Over the last nearly 60 years going back To the kennedies and that's what we're Talking about neither Wing really is

Truly pro-life so I'm glad we're talking About abortion because ultimately leads To the issue of life and the life Expectancy of the United States public Is going downward so if you have a child Your child is going to have a lower life Expectancy than you so this is why we Need to stop voting for the lesser of Two evils it's time that we vote for Someone like me who's one of us for a Systems overhaul there's no way out of This and no other candidate on that Stage will even discuss that curve Because it'll expose all of them as Frauds they're not pro-life oh yeah I Was going to ask either side seems to Overlook this issue completely they Don't even mention it it it seems to me Like are avoiding that totally and I Totally agree when do you think what do You think was the trigger that really Started that decline you think there's a Nexus point yeah I think the key thing To recognize is if you look at that Graph very very I'll bring it back up Right what's important to understand is This is not a Prova and antivaccine you Notice the curve has been going Wackadoodle since 1980 this is a result Chris and everyone listening and to the American people out there right this is A result of not any one issue it's a Result of a whole bunch of Interconnected policies it's a systems

Problem you're looking at a systems Scientist I look at problems and I try To see the interconnections among things To find the real truth and what you find Is Republican and Democrat Republican And Democrat Republican and Democrat Republican Democrat for the last 60 to 70 years have colluded together to Create policies to destroy your health Let's take very recently 2020 lockdowns Lockdowns were supported by booby effing Kennedy Jr a Democrat they were Supported by Trump they were supported By foui they were supported by both Wings of these establishment in 2020 I Was the only person the only scientist In the world the only candidate on that Stage who not only spoke up vociferously Against lockdowns but led massive Demonstrations across the country Against them why because I know the Policy of lockdowns affects oxidative Stress in your body will create Inflammation in your body will affect Mitochondrial respiration you see what I'm saying lockdowns why do I say that Because when you lock down someone they Get depressed depression leads to all These ailments in your body depression Leads to people taking anti depressants Which leads to destruction of the immune System okay lockdowns fundamentally you Don't get enough vitamin D well Vitamin D from the Sun is critical to immune

Health so think about what I just said This singular policy of lockdowns killed People Trump killed people boob F and Kennedy killed people and every one of Those people on the stage including Ron De santis and all of them in 2020 were Supporting lockdowns it took him one Year one year to say he's against Lockdowns well by that time Pharma Actually had made pharmaceutical Companies actually had made a $80 Billion so all these guys that were too Little too late delayed truth I was the Only guy why because I'm one of us man I Care about working people these people Don't they can run off to some beach They can go off to their private beaches And get all the vitamin D they wanted Right that's what many of them did they Didn't wear masks at parties you saw it All the global Elites did all of this But I was the one who called out Lockdowns number one so that's one Policy let me give you another policy Income inequality as we just talked About how much stress that creates in The average individual the fact that you Only have $400 on a rainy day that Stress affects your cortisol and your Adrenals okay when your body's not able To modulate cortisol you get all types Of inflammation taking place in your Body which leads to all other kinds of Diseases right so I've given you two

Examples lockdowns income inequality let Me give you another one Obamacare right Or the entire Health Care system which By the way Trump didn't really address At a fundamental level Republicans and Democrats the entire Health Care system Has divorced the doctor being even able To see the patient in the old days a Doctor would look at the patient look at Your eyes your face your tongue you got A family doctor now starting the 1970s With the Monopolization and the collusion between Big Pharma big hospitals and big Insurance they created all these layers Between the doctor the family Practitioner and you so there's no more Intimacy of really understanding your Body on a personalized level the doctors Are told what to do by the insurance Companies and doctors most of them don't Even understand the ankle bone is Connected to the foot bone most doctors Or egomaniacs they don't take a systems Roach to the body they will never tell You they don't know because they're Taught to be basically a robot and by The way mark my words in the next 5 Years 90% of these doctors are going to Be replaced by robots because they can Do that because that's what doctors are If this give this drug if this cut this Out of your body that's pretty much it So this is why I keep saying we need a

Systems overhaul we cannot be voting for The lesser of two evils for the first Time in American history in a long time You have someone like me one of us Trained engineer trained scientist mowed Lawn played baseball came bottoms up one Of you and so the real choice is why is It that I had to leave the Republican Party and run as independent and Obviously a guy of my skin tone should Have been embraced by the Democrats but Neither of these parties serve any of us Anymore so it's time for us to build a Bottoms Up movement and that's what Shiva for president is about it's about Us it's about you and me uniting Bottoms Up and letting go of these idiots There's eight and nine idiots in the GOP Right now Trump the other idiot didn't Even bother coming but there's a nine Idiot circus going on and our discussion Right here is the one that everyone Should be listening to those people Listening to it share this everywhere go Troll Fox News right now tell them to Come here love it this is where the real Discussion is taking place right now and You mean to tell me you didn't get a Million dollar loan Dr Shiva to start Your first business no every business I've started I've done by taking a Product delivering it to a customer Funded development everything I've done So if I didn't deliver anything I didn't

Get a paycheck I didn't have VC hedge Fund guys and by the way since you're Bringing that up this disgusting fellow By the way they had to go find a brown Guy to try to mimic me and this turd I Call him vivec the snake that's what he Is let me tell you why he's a snake this Guy's an absolute scumbag and he should Not only should he not be allowed on the Debate stage but I believe he should Actually be in jail let me tell you why Several years ago about 5 to 10 years Ago he started a company called axovant And you can look it up axo ant and what He did was he went and bought for $5 Million a drug from one of the big Pharma companies called GSK and for $5 Million he goes buys his drug now this Drug was developed by GSK a Multi-billion dollar Pharma company to Fight Alzheimer's Parkinson's dementia And guess what it failed all four Clinical trials four clinical trials it Failed everyone please write this down It failed so he goes and buys this drug For 5 million bucks puts it in his new Company and then has his mother I mean This is you can't write this his mother Who's a physician take one of the failed Clinical trials reanalyze the data by Throwing out all the people who didn't Complete the trial it's called the Completer analysis and voila they Represent the new results of essentially

Just redoing the clinical study they Didn't even do a clinical trial they Just redid the data and they presented This as a amazing drug that should work Then they took that company public Raised billions of dollars now he knows That this failed for clinical trials Raises money cashes out about $50 Million personally and then Waits about 2 years and then does a clinical trial Knowing it's going to fail on patients And the stock tanks in fact they had to Shut down the company in fact they Changed the name of the company and I Just looked at it April 2023 they shut It down this guy's a scam artist He's not interest Ed in people's health And this is the same reason why the life Expectancy is going down because scam Artists like him who get a Yale law Degree and get a Harvard biology degree Are supported to scam people it's not About health care it's about actually Creating death making money it's Financial engineering and these are the Kind of people that are on the debate Stage right now and not one of those People be it Carlson or be it any Of these people have interviewed this Scumbag has asked them about that so They give them wonderful layup questions A guy like me who actually works for a Living is a scientist and call this out And educate people but this guy VI the

Snake someone should take a bat and beat The snake that's what people should do He's a real vicious filthy scumbag snake Again $5 million bought a drug a useless Drug okay redid the marketing took money Out and then did clinical trials on People all of his companies should be Shut down no one should allow any of his Companies to do clinical trials on Anyone it's disgusting this is why we Need a systems overhaul because things Are not going to get better we cannot be Voting for the less two evils for the First time in American history in a long Time you have someone like me one of us Trained engineer trained scientist mowed Lawn played baseball came bottoms up one Of you and so the real choice is why is It that I had to leave the Republican Party and run as independent and Obviously a guy of my skin tone should Have been embraced by the Democrats but Neither of these parties serve any of us Anymore so it's time for us to build a Bottoms Up movement and that's what Shiva for president is about it's about Us it's about you and me uniting Bottoms Up and letting go of these idiots and Many of you know we have this movement Called Truth Freedom Health you can go To truth Freedom health.com and check it Out we need to build a Bottoms Up Movement we need to shatter the Swarm The Swarm or all those people on the

Debate stage Republican and Democrat Black brown red white color it doesn't Matter they're multi-racial Global Decentralized bunch of that do Not give a about you what can you Do well go to Shiva for president many Of you work hard so we made it easy go Get a bumper sticker get get this bumper Sticker put it on the back windshield of Your car why 100,000 people will see That that will be Defiance I no longer Believe in your lesser of two evils I'm Supporting a guy who's one of us if You're a little more adventurous go on To Shiva for president download one of These flyers hand them to your neighbors It's in the download section if you want To donate great but I cannot take your Money without giving something back when You donate to me I give you books I give You knowledge I give you courses so you Can become a truth Freedom Health Warrior this is about us and it is truly US versus them and they do not want you Living long and prosperous I do so Anyway everyone thank you Shiva Forrent.com truth Freedom Health to all Of you and I want to thank our host Chris Bradley today by the way we need To get on the ballot in every state go To Shiva fores Docomo the Swarm thank you Chris thank You everyone be well be the Light

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