Dr.SHIVA™ – My Mom Taught Me To Fight. This is How.

Dr.SHIVA™ - My Mom Taught Me To Fight. This is How.

I don't stay in my Lane I'm not a good Indian they want me to shake my head and Talk that way and then they find These Foolish Indians this guy Vivek complete Idiot complete fake he's a fake Indian And a fake American and then they go Find another doctor but tacharya he Wrote a paper promoting lockdowns then Later on he says oh I'm against Lockdowns and they promote him you see They will not promote me and you guys in Their standard media in fact they won't Even attack us anymore they will make us Invisible so that's the weapon that they Have to make people invisible but you Guys got to understand I've been dealing With this on a very personal level in my Entire life because I came from nothing I've always had to fight when I was Seven years old my mom said you're gonna Have to do better than other people Because of your background so I just Worked harder I said go to bed at two in The morning get up at seven and I Remember in seventh grade I was the best Student in the class and they had an Exam who would be the best student in The school I wasn't even invited to Participate in the exam and this was a Predominantly Jewish school they have a Philosophy that the Jewish people are The chosen ones and so this was a little Bit problematic because I wouldn't Rewards and I would Ace everything so

They literally wanted to keep me out of That exam and my mother who was a fierce Fighter came home from work and she went Into that teacher and she reamed him out My dad told the teacher do you know what You're doing you're going to create a Hitler with my son my parents were Fierce Fighters they were Untouchables The lowest cast in India they didn't get Anything guys they had to fight and I've Had to fight all my life they're not Going to give us anything especially When you figure them out they do not Want real people coming Bottoms Up it Scares the out of them because They're all fake

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