Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – The Future of America. Transhumanism, Biowarfare, The Great Reset & More.

Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – The Future of America. Transhumanism, Biowarfare, The Great Reset & More.

Foreign I think we're live all right good Evening everyone this is Dr shivaya Duray we're going to be doing a Conversation with Josh Reed from Red Pills TV on um we've been talking about A bunch of things future of America Right before the start here uh Josh and I were really talking about you know the Uh for My as everyone knows the Hypocrisy of what's going on to confuse The American people once again not only With the obvious establishment but the Not so obvious establishment like people Like Trump and Kennedy and the goal is To sucker them back in the Establishments people don't build these Bottoms Up movements and that's what's Going on And Josh you may know everything we've Been doing since me as a kid has always Been about Bottoms Up movement and our Movement for truth freedom and health Now spans you know 120 countries we have About 350 000 people in the United States people are waking up the only Last hurdle they need to let go of is Trump and Kennedy were literally the two Fangs that the establishment is putting In to sucker people back into the Establishment and I think in the context Of that you wanted to talk about Transhumanism And bio Warfare so where would you like

To start well I think we start with bio Warfare because I think that that's a Grand perspective that you can actually Come in on when we start talking about What happened in 2020 specifically with Kova with operation warp speed and the Development of the vaccine thereafter And how this has been perpetuated on Mankind because I think that that leads Into a lot of what we're seeing on the Global agenda as well as more of the National agenda here and kind of what You're saying is Um I agree with you on the sense of the The machine the established machine and We were talking about this before That Trump came in for four years and he Didn't switch away from The Establishment he didn't he didn't remove The people from the bureaucracy in the Deep State he did the best he could Maybe with the time that he had but the Problem is is the system's not broken The system was built this way And we have to really go back to the Roots of this country the found Foundational constitutional aspects that Derived the the sovereignty of this Nation the sovereignty of its people and Look at that and maybe even look at kind Of how we are operating government in This day and age the 20th century really Did a number on the United States of America and how this country was ran

Especially with a lot of different Constitutional Amendments the 13th the The 16th the 20th so forth that came in There and took the power really away From the people that had a system of Checks and balances in place already in The sense of budgetary concerns in the Sense of the production of money these Things were removed to basically move The people out of the way and put Corporations private entities and Foreign entities in place in control of The federal government and this is why We have this massive bureaucracy and Establishment today and why when people Like Trump or Kennedy or Biden or Obama Whoever comes in they become puppets of These multi-conglomerates and foreign Nationalities well you have to correct Yourself there you you know this is Where we have to be very very careful They didn't not become puppets they were Always puppets you know if you look at The Swarm video I don't know if you saw That right it really describes What these people are so you know you Have to go way before even the Constitution to understand this and you Have to take a systems approach to this So all of this stuff Um you know system science has been Around for thousands of years in the Modern world it came around in the 1900s But what is system science it's

Basically a fundamental way all the Elites learn system science they learn It at places like MIT and Harvard and Tufts and Kennedy School of government But it is the fundamental understanding How large-scale systems work what is a System First of all a system is a bunch of Interconnected Parts where the thing That emerges is greater than the sum of The parts And there is a physics to that which is Not something you learn in any Discipline it's a much more larger World and it involves nine fundamental Principles which people learn in Engineering school people can learn it Kissinger knows system science George Soros Is one of the fathers in the field of Reflexivity okay So you have a bunch of cavemen and one Guy brings fire he completely becomes The leader because he can now denature Food he can do all sorts of things System science is like that fire those People understand system science are the Ones who drive the forces of power Profit and control And this is something that most of the World does not know and with that Knowledge a very small set of people are Controlling eight billion people and That's what that swarm video was about

Because I used to teach this at MIT Right PhD students Master students and that Science is what we've now brought to the Masses like Prometheus bringing fire so When you go down to this foundational Understanding you start realizing at a Very quick Point Trump is not a puppet It's a wrong words he is part of the Swarm Robert Kennedy's not part of the Puppet he's part of the swarm a willing Member of the Swarm what is this swarm It is since a time of you know if you go Back to by the way you talked about bio Warfare bio Warfare goes back to you Know Greek times you know three thousand Four thousand pictures yeah absolutely Yeah it goes back a long time so it was Typically used against people And the elites have had a small set of Them and the mass of slaves it went Through slavery and then you had Peasants and now you have the wage Slavery class right and through every One of these periods the goal of all of This has been to ensure how do a small Set of people manage these large sets of People and these small sets of people Are actually building their own Innovations on how to manipulate it's Not like they just figured out one way So if you look at that Arc of human History We have to put the American Revolution

In context the American Revolution was Not a revolution of working people Rising up it was a revolution of the Merchant class rising up over the feudal Class okay so we had hunter-gatherer Societies we had feudal society this was A rise of you know Um early market capitalism and the early Merchants were Rising against the kingly Class They weren't really for all the working People so they had to throw a few bones To make sure the working people would Fight on their behalf against the king And at that point it was a revolution Okay at that point in history so they Gave people the Bill of Rights and Certain things but they always went one Step forward and two steps back if you Go look at the foundations of that Movement it was still done by lawyers by And large they kept the concept of Nobility the Esquire right which means One level below a Knighthood one level Above you know gentlemen and but they Ensured that the legislative uh and the Executive branches you know they went a Certain bit forward but the judicial Branch is completely backward when you Walk into a court in the United States You're in the fifth century on a good Day so we have to understand this in Context but fundamentally the Swarm as I Call it which is much better than

Calling it The Swamp the swamp denotes a Particular location the Swarm Denotes the fact that it is Decentralized it's multiracial okay it's Global and it is composed of people from All different walks of life but the Forces of power include probably the top 100 University presidents it includes Those people who run the top 100 Non-profits right wef a you know Clinton Global initiative you go down the list Okay and it involves you know uh the Heads of many of the central banks okay And you have those and then you have the Forces of profit okay which really Involves you know you could go down to The hedge fund managers right the big Investment Bank guys you know the top 100 CEOs and that involves the forces of Control which involves Hollywood okay Which involves the influencers like Carlson okay which are presented To people as though he's a fighter but He isn't Influences like Joe Rogan is owned by Ari Emmanuel and front facing to them They have two front ends one is the Obvious establishment politicians Right like the clintons on the Quote-unquote left and like the bushes Right like the bidens ETC but the key Weapon that came out in the 1950s by These forces of power was they said We cannot have people rising Bottoms Up

We saw what occurred in the 20s we saw Good revolutionary movements come up and That when working people independent of The left and right United organically in Decentralized ways the establishment got Screwed they had to give serious gains To the working masses right that Included the eight hour workday the 1900s that included clean water clean Food elimination of child labor that Occurred when nearly 150 million people Struck in the United States you know Over 11 000 strikes but starting in the McCarthy era all of those working-class Movements were branded as leftists Communists or not even leftists just Marxist and communist and the Quote-unquote left Leaders like the Kennedys of the time And the sorosis of the time and the aocs Took over these unions so during 1900 to 1970 and everyone should read wonderful Piece of work done by you know the Rand Corporation they did a good piece of Work as the economy grew the GDP as the American Pie grew every income Quartile's wages group every one group But after 19 after 1970 when the overtaking of the unions Took place top down by the Democrats and The and the mafia and the Kennedys and People got by their right by Wall Street between 1970 to today you only Had maybe two million people striking

In maybe 900 strikes and and they're all Perfunctory strikes done by these Bourgeois top-down union leaders and During that period the American Pie did Grow Again GDP grew but what actually Ended up happening was the pie for the First income quartile shrunk by about 47 Trillion dollars that wealth was Transferred to the Elon Musk to the Donald Trump to the Kennedys And the pandemic we talk about bio Warfare that was all about transfer of Wealth and if you think about this Is you know I've been a student of Politics since I was a four-year-old kid All right I've been an activist since I Was 17 year olds never voted for any of These parties but what you have to Understand is that if you go back to 1984 they knew That the establishment shoulders Were starting to have their cracks People were figuring them out so they Created the tea party on the right and Then on the left if you remember in 84 They created the rainbow party led by Jesse Jackson and his job was to get People excited talk all the words Trump Talked or the the words that Kennedy Steals from us and then maneuver people Back into One Wing of the establishment Jesse Jackson did it in a classic way Talked all this and on the floor of The democratic convention goes we must

Vote for the lesser of two evils by the Way you got a private plane for that That's what I heard okay People should go check it out I should Go now I don't doubt it I don't doubt it Right and then and then that went along And then they had the bushes for a while And after that people got really pissed Off after 9 11. so then they created The Hope Obama and 57 percent of trumpers voted For Obama because they needed someone to Sucker in the working class why because The American working class that the Elites recognized in the 1900s were the Tip of the Spear of the global movement For serious change and they needed to Blunt them so they brought they Manufactured Obama Out of thin air brought this guy in and All these white working-class people and Trumpers voted for him and then what did He do he screwed over the working-class People in 2008 in that white house Meeting he gave all of the big Banks a Free check bailed them out when they Should have all crashed okay because They were all his buddies and ROM Emmanuel was his chief of staff who Engineered all of that who's by the way Arie Emmanuel's brother who runs Hollywood he's Trump's agent Joe Rogan's Agent he runs UFC and he runs WWE okay He runs theater so

Elites are sitting around they say The white working class has figured us Out what do we do okay if elections are Selections which they are And all the trumpers because I was in The epicenter of exposing all of this And if you believe elections are Selected by the way I gave money to Trump like I mentioned to you Josh I put Up a thousand signs from here so I Didn't just wear a Maga hat and oh yeah Toronto lock her up no I was on the Ground so you can shut the up if You don't agree with this but here's a Bottom line Donald Trump was selected Why was he selected because he needed to Serve a role to make sure the American Working class would not say wait a Minute but we just got by Obama Okay we know the obvious establishment Hillary no one is going to vote for her And that's why Bernie was brought in at That time to he Bernie is the Trump of The left okay or Trump is a Bernie of The right whichever way you want to say It so they had Bernie there riling up All these young kids And then he suckered people into the uh Let me ask you this I mean you just Described this this this this this long Historical lesson for everybody out There uh with a good level of accuracy Too Um but but there's there's problems here

There's hidden hands all throughout this I mean the creation of the United States Of America we know that this was Directly influenced by the East India Company Alexander Hamilton's uncle was One of the heads For a 10 million dollars absolutely When they came out you know the Formulation of our systems in the Government that took that went over a 16-year period into 1792 to when it First became established and you know it Might not be the greatest thing in the World and it might be set up back then Even for those the capitalists during That time and that's exactly how it was You had to be capitalism Capitalism didn't even come into being Until the late 1600s okay the concept of A wage class I agree you still have to Be a capitalist in order to vote right You're going to be a landowner right but At that point in history Capitalism was an advancement over Feudal Lords okay so but we have Expanded during the Industrial even Karl Marx wrote a letter From the first International to Um uh Abraham Lincoln saying that you Are a revolutionary for your time Because he was fighting against slavery Which have expanded the growth of Capitalism Marx wasn't pro-capitalist or Anti-capitalist he was always looking at

Things from a historical materialism Standpoint and at that point in time the American Revolution was revolutionary Because overthrowing these feudal Lords Because remember the concept of the Working class had really not developed People were still worked on a land you Didn't you didn't have the investor of Revolution during that time that's why Slavery but now by the late 1800s 1900s You have the Industrial Revolution and a Class emerges called the working class Where people get paid a wage they're not Sitting in someone's Kingdom and they Have to get certain foods and they'd Have to give 30 or 60 to their Master Right now it is a you you pay you you do A piece of pieces a new form of slavery Is what it's called wage slavery okay But in order to get to wage slavery the Bourgeois at that time had to give the Masses a little more right so it was Definitively far more right than you Sitting in a little pot of land where You know you were the king's and He could come and rape your wife if he Wanted right you had a little Significantly more rights so you have to Under in the capitalist system the Workers were given a little bit more Rights because they didn't want them to Revolt okay but that's what we're at so Now what is the next trajectory of Society because where we're at now is

That the mistake that Marx made was Marx Thought that we would get removed from Our machines right we would fight Against the factory but in fact what's Happened is we become closer to our Machines and I don't think Marx could Have predicted that this iPhone would Have come and we would have become one With this right and that's where that's Going so the The Fight Against the Machines didn't take place in fact the Machines and humans are integrating in Some sense right we rely on the machines And I think Mark could have predicted That right retrospectively Marx made Some very very good predictions and you Have to give it to them in fact 99 of His work was retrospective only one Percent was looking into the future so If you take that in the context today I Mean 2014 Klaus Schwab put out the Fourth and Industrial Revolution his Book and if you look at that as a a Proponent of Marx that that Klaus should Make some good points as well in the Sense of how labor is drastically going To change away from Human labor into Automation and that people have to Become uh re-skilled or learn new skills And traits and so forth like this to Survive within society and that this is Going to be a big burden on society and Here's the thing is I don't disagree With Klaus Schwab well let me tell you

What let me tell you where Claude Schwab Gets it wrong Okay first of all you know when Engels Died he said the worst people in the World are Marx sis okay so CL whenever Someone says there are marxists like Cloud Schwab the guy probably never read Any of this stuff and he probably never Understood that if you look at Adam Smith's work and Marx has worked they're Very similar they were both actually Liberals classic liberals and Marx was Actually fundamentally asking this Question if you read the first chapter Of Das Capital he asked this question You have a creator The creative force in you and the idea Was that the state gets involved between You and the creative Force okay and the Goal was ultimately eliminate the state Okay Lenin came next and wrote State and Revolution Marx didn't talk about how You engineered that but he did know that The state needed to be destroyed by the Working people uh taking over the Productive forces this did now the mark Sis like the aocs and the Bernie Sanders And the cloud Schwab they don't want to Talk about a revolution of working People rising up and seizing the means Of production that is truly the teeth of Marxism They want to remove that teeth they Still want to call themselves marxists

But they do not want working people to Truly rise up And actually sees a means of production Okay so they want to talk about how They're going to engineer it from top Down right and that is what modern Marxism is it's about you're going to Sort of do a peaceful Revolution okay You're going to sort of ameliorate all These class differences right there's no such thing and this is why you Know Lenin's work Satan Revolution is so Extraordinarily powerful because in the First chapter of state and Revolution And Lennon I think got this right he Says and he's looking at a point in History and he's realizing that there Are all these marxists running around in Russia and they're saying well you know The Czar is not such a bad guy we could Work with him okay like booby Kennedy and Donald Trump Okay we they're the social Democrats of Our time you know what we don't really Need to seize a means of production Working vote for me because I'm booby Kennedy and I'll steal all of Dr Shiva's words a real true revolutionary And you'll like me and Donald Trump will Say lock her up oh yeah yeah I'm a Redneck I want to lock her up right I Want drain the swamp oh yeah and what Does he do for four years he you Over

And that is the way that you ameliorate The masses because the elites every day They're getting data feeds every day Through palantir and through the Kennedy School of government they know the pulse Of the masses in 2016 they knew the Masses globally were done with them how Many massive movements were taking place Between 2016 to 2019. I mean there's Five million people striking on the Streets of France Chile And what were they striking against Wages corruption and so they needed Trump it was engineered they needed this fool who would be their front Man to lock her up drain the swamp build A wall and what did he do the day Locker Up was a slogan come on Josh hundreds Lock her up lock her up and it's a Dinner Special prosecutor by the way I was in The middle of this because in 2014 I was Called by the New York Times as the Inventor of email by the New York Times Dr Shiva what do you think about Hillary Clinton's server I said she should be in Jail and why did I say that because I Installed the entire U.S Senate's email System And you cannot out of the sergeant of Arms take anything out of there okay for A fact that the Secretary of State took A private server put it in her basement Shows she wanted deniability and one of

The most senior State Department Officials pulled me aside they said Shiva what you're saying is absolutely Right she should be in jail long before Trump I said this now she she should be In jail not only for taking it out but For the contents of the 33 000 missing Emails that were asset was right that's Right we've done the research and we Know what was in those emails right Right and it's bad but the point is Josh A a government official took a server And you talked to any state department Official the level of scrutiny they have What you take out yeah now uh son you Can go read the New York Times interview I said this woman I said she did it for Deniability now so Trump uses that And he says lock her up Then the night of that ending when he Wins Okay Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump Meet Right like lovers and everything goes Away and he says oh she suffered too Much that was Trump and then a few days Later people are chanting Locker up not Like and he goes well that was for the Election quote unquote if you want to Play the video that was for the election Now we move on he's just basically Saying you to the masses okay so Anyone who supports Trump after hearing That will he's spitting in your face

He's saying you I'm a theater actor And I did that now let's move on and how Did he move on well during the election He said big Pharma sucks well on his Inauguration party he was given a Million dollars from Pfizer And we can keep going on he was giving He was given that in the 2020 election As well going into the 2020 election the Pfizer was the biggest contribute Contributor to the Joe Biden and Donald Trump campaigns right so if you are by If you are on principles you don't Accept that donation okay and and what What what the consciousness of there's a Lot of people out there who were pissed Off that he is not denounced Operation warp speed the vaccine and Everything else well 12 hours eight hours before we walked Out of the White House And every Trumper needs to hear this put It around his neck gave fauci Accommodation medal okay for operation Warp speed Along with Jared Kushner And Millie you can read the list and no Very few press covered this He gave him a medal of honor for the Operation warp speed so if you're saying Oh yeah I'm against fauci and he was you Know he was trying to I couldn't do Anything the swamp well why the are You giving an award you don't have to do

That it's a presidential Commendation oh Well he was forced to do it you see so We have abuse victims here you know no Different than someone coming and Beating someone every day oh he gave me Flowers but he yeah he kicked the Out of you you have like your eyeballs Falling out yeah but he's so nice he Gave me some flowers today That is Donald Trump and these people do It with such Efficacy and such efficiency because had A deep level Josh and I've been among These people okay I had many Opportunities to join them they used the Word and I've heard them use this quote The masses are asses Number two When you go get a signature from Trump And those people Hollywood people when You walk away they'll say what a Star that Josh Reed is it's a Star you know so they call people They hate the masses they hate you They're not one of us And so we need to get this at a very Deep level Well so there's a few things here and And I'm not in disagreement with your Assessment because your assessment is Historically correct in the sense of the Actions right we should judge a person By the content of their character and Their actions and when we start looking

At it like this yes there are a lot of Red flags but this goes for any Politician no no wait stop right there But do you see what you just did I want I want to look at your Linguistics you Just did I said this goes for any Politician no no what was the word you Did that but but is a very interesting Word whenever I hear people say the word But it is a word used to Discount Everything that was said before that but Is not the word however but is a very Powerful word it means But yeah it doesn't matter now Kennedy Was interviewed switch right by Megan Kennedy was what I thought Kennedy was Interviewed by Megan Kelly and she said Oh and he's squirming in his chair like This right she goes oh you know Herschel Walker Um said he was a conservative and he's For life but he had three abortions Right All right Um hold on one second Can you tell this guy that take his call Hold on one second tell him um we'll Meet with a friend of mine coming from Overseas sorry tell him that you're my Assistant okay Um tell him to come over here okay Um so anyway if you look at what Um uh what was I just talking about About

Um I lost my train of thought my butt Comment well no no but so what I'm Saying is so he's being interviewed and Megan Kelly says you know I want to talk A little bit in a Hurst and then he Behave like this it's outwardly says He's pro-life but in his kitchen back There listen all these are not Pro-life Let me finish and then it says then you Know JFK had his thing and your you know Your father this and your uncle Killed a woman chappaquitting and he's Like going like this because he's and She didn't ask him the hard questions What about the fact that you had 28 38 Philandering relationships while you Were married and your wife hung herself Okay what about the fact that you prayed Over your wife's casket the next day you Had the body exhumed his father had Marilyn Monroe killed and uh Mark Shaw Investigator you know what he says these People are criminals these people are Criminals right but he used a big butt He said well you know people use button Conversations and I was using that as a Segway in the sense Let me finish this point he said Personal integrity And public integrity Are two different things the the elites Have a moral value system which is true Leaders you know from a deeply

Philosophical spiritual standpoint are Supposed to uplift all of us with the Highest levels of Integrity the highest Levels of actually their words match Their deeds these people are degenerates So there's no but we don't need to have A butt anymore no no there is because There's more here and I want to show you This because no there's no but the power Behind Trump the power behind Trump is Not Trump All right the power behind Trump is the People it is the populist movement that Has been created as a result of trump Okay no no no wrong word Absolutely I'll Tell you right now from from 2010 to Current date the 2010 the current day There has been a transitional shift in The way how people consume data and Information how people consume uh They're news okay we went from Walker Concrete 60 Minutes 30 minutes to two to Three minute Clips 30 second Clips the Memes and tweets on social media okay What happened there is this transition Trump came out with the fake news and Maybe that was planned maybe it wasn't But what happened from that is you had This Devolution away from the mainstream Media media and the creation of exactly What we're seeing here today exactly What you're doing today on YouTube and What we're doing today Whenever new technology comes people

Always think that technology is Something major the issues who controls That technology okay I agree but who Controls the technology is who controls The information in that technology no It's who controls the means of Production of that technology okay we Just Different platforms And guess what I'm still doing this I They they haven't shut me down why Because there's other people that will Rise up in the App so let's go let's let's go back to There was a time there's something Called the printing press that got Created which actually was invented in China first okay the credit cards too Um And and so Um when that got created okay the Printing press got created something Extraordinary occurred right people Thought oh my God I can print my papers I will this populist movement started Arising okay because there's a new Technology I could print my own Flyers Well whenever any new technology comes In naivete is oh it's going to render The population more Freer right and you Have the beginnings of that but any of That technology ultimately gets Consolidated by a finite set of people Okay what ended up happening was four

Major public Publications I think Someone's at the door four major Publication companies developed okay the Hearse Etc and then when TV came oh my God this is great right all these small TV stations you could point the camera You went from theater to TV well then You had the consolidation of that Viacom News Corp Etc when the internet first Came as being one of the pioneers of it In 1993 there were small or back in 78 When I created email and when the the Idea was oh we would have these small Internet service providers we would all Build our own little website and imagine The power I wrote a book I don't have it Here called arts in the internet in 93 And a lot of my friends were artists we Would go direct we would all build our Own homesteading and then what happens Is the Silicon Valley games and they Created four major portals right the Facebooks the twitters couple of other Things and and people got lazy and they Built their homesteads on these things Instead of doing their own decentralized Units so that's so whenever technology Comes it always gives up to the some Populist rise initially and it gets Consolidated now over the last hundreds Of years those studying history know This so it's absolutely false to say Trump created this populist rise he Didn't he was going Trump's lead Trump

Is the the face the front man A disgrace of society was looking at Their government as incompetent as Corrupt as Beyond repair that movement All of them combined and fell in behind Trump to what what I'm trying to say is No they were high here today no that's What I'm saying there's a very important Distinction here we have to be very Careful here That movement has always existed Josh And it comes in waves and every time the Slaves rise up and when they start Making gains it's very important to Understand the establishment builds Their technology because they're also Watching this Behavior we're not the Only smart ones so when people started Rising up and that's why 1900 is a very Important globally in India people are Rising up in the bolshik revolution the U.S movements are occurring all during That period and the elites said holy these people are learning to Organize and decentralized ways so they Created the not so obvious establishment And by the 1970s they had created Individuals people to be their puppets In India was Mahatma Gandhi in the Civil Rights Movement RFK created Martin Luther King was a black Bourgeois to Take over the Civil Rights Movement he Had he was so compromised and they had Him as their front face people like

Malcolm X were put down so they created These fake leaders this is very Important to understand so they knew Populist movements were going to come up And they were tracking them with all Their data With all their surveillance in 2016 they Knew that movement was going to come up It's very different and they put Trump There to hijack that movement he was Brought in to hijack that movement just Like Obama has this is a very important Distinction to understand this was Engineered so Trump is engineered to Hijack that movement and for four years He led the most destructive aspect of The American working class 7.3 trillion dollars were printed in one Term Six point you know a majority of that Money was transferred to the elites 600 Billionaires increase their wealth by 2.3 trillion They're the ones who stayed open he Engineered that if it was Hillary Clinton running that event it was Bernie Sanders they would have been tired and Feathered we would have had a revolution They needed a white dude to do that to The white working class and on top of That they had this Q movement Which is like some evangelicals Preaching someone's going to come from The sky tomorrow oh don't worry he has

To do this this is seventh dimensional Chess Trump is a brilliant seven you Know he's running this back end white Hats Red Hats and what ended up Happening was all these very proud American working-class people were given Handcuffs and they were kept in abeyance And during those four years he marched Down the path Had Hillary Clinton been elected and she Did that there's no way they Could have gotten away with it they Needed Trump well with Hillary Clinton There I mean there was a 16 years Josh no way no no no no so with Hillary Clinton we got to go back to 2015 if you Want to discuss that aspect of things Because there was a lot of rhetoric the U.S had just cooled Ukraine came in There established that we had uh janovic Who was thrown out who was friends with Putin in the Kremlin Putin had already Stated that if the United States puts Military defense missile Shields up in Poland and Ukraine what does that happen Though it has a lot to do with Trump Yeah it shows a mechanism of why a lot Of people in powerful places especially On the global side various different Factions would not want Hillary Clinton In place because the plan the 16-year Plan that has been laid out for a very Long time was that there was going to be War with Russia in 2016 the 2018 and

Putin even declared this this is why he Left the nuclear proliferation treaties During this time and so when Trump came In all of that was really avoided but we Knew that after the we were talking About this back in 2012 2010 2008 that It was going to lead to World War III in Eventuality what comes out of that is The bio Warfare component after that to Depopulate the world from that point and Then Hillary Hillary Clinton was going To be that henchman that brings about That well that didn't happen to an Extent because we did have 2020 Obviously the bio weapon was released But we didn't have the global war this Is why it seems like they're Backtracking with this Ukraine property To Usher this in right now if you're Asserting that Trump was some populist Leader That is really misleading people It's really really inaccurate on many Levels this guy's got golden plated Toilet seats his companies were tanking Okay he's not one of you he doesn't eat McDonald's We are in a War of the Roses no no but What I'm saying is there is nothing Trump has to do with one of us He doesn't eat McDonald's have you been To John George's actually he does no he Doesn't each McDonald's and drinks Diet Cokes but yeah but have you been to John

George's have you been to Mar Lago they Serve pasture-raised beef okay that is For you to think he does that okay That's not what he does you know he may Do that once in a while these people Live a life In a very different way and everything Is theater everything is how they appear How to sucker money out of us and I was In the center of that in the heart of it In 2000 November 4th 2000 and uh 21 20 I Got a call from Mark Meadows right here I had done all that work in September of 2020 showing how the machines worked I did the Michigan analysis no one paid Me a penny Because I saw as an MIT trained engineer How this stuff worked no one had ex ever Read the manual showing that vote Flipping could took place I did that all Right didn't I probably got two hours of Sleep so Meadows calls me and he says Doctor and I had just done this tweet That was going viral on Michigan so he Calls me And he goes oh Dr Shiva how can we help You I said Mark give me all the data They have all the data I said I Will do analysis for nothing That was you had to strike the metal Where I was hot November 5th went by November 6 went by nothing Rona McDaniel's office calls me And they said Dr Shiva want to help you

I said give me the data okay tomorrow We're going to be flying into the RNC Servers we're going to get you the data Okay waited nothing I did a tweet and You can go look at it I said dear President Trump Dear Mr Biden I have Uncovered fundamental issues in the Election systems in this country please Contact me because I I'm not sure if Both of you are really interested in it That went viral forty thousand retweets Eric Trump reached out to me Via DM and he said oh we are concerned So think about I'm here working in our office in Cambridge right Yeah pretty well known scientists but You have the chief of staff of the White House calling me you have the RNC Calling me a different branch and you Have the Trump campaign I talked to Alex Ken I said Alex are you Going to give me data well you know I'm Working on it nothing zero and during That time in Massachusetts and I'll play You a video we were running the because They've stolen our election and we moved To a write-in campaign And in that write-in campaign we were Exposing fundamental issues I'll play This video for you okay go ahead and I Want to comment on what you're talking About this is what we did on the ground We raised two million dollars in a

Primary election and the Republicans Stole it from us I was running as a Republican I won in the hand count of Paper counted County and everywhere also 60 40. so let me play this video and um It'll make it apparent on September 1st The working people of Massachusetts Rose Up to elect one of their own for U.S Senate the United Beyond black and white Beyond left and right to unleash a Movement for truth Freedom Health three Thousand volunteers ten thousand lawn Signs twenty thousand bumper stickers Millions of phone calls massive rallies Over twenty thousand donations funding Highway Billboards ads on social media Radio and network TV making Dr Shiva for Senate a household name the people of Massachusetts were headed for a Landslide Victory but on the eve of Election night Secretary of State Galvin Spread disinformation saying only 150 000 would vote in the Republican primary A hundred thousand less than 2018 on Election night Shiva for Senate one in Franklin County by nearly 10 percent but Lost in every other County by 20 percent To an invisible opponent neither heard Nor seen had no lawn signs no bumper Stickers no organization in short no Campaign in Franklin County ballots were Counted mainly by hand in all other Counties mainly digital scanners Generated ballot images tabulated by

Electronic software evidence comparing Number of votes to voters revealed Blatant fraud in Boston four thousand More votes than voters in Newton 1700 More votes and voters more votes than Voters in every city for which Shiva for Senate received data mathematicians and Data analysts discovered a completely Improbable frequency pattern of voting Revealing the software for electronic Tabulation was set to reduce Shiva for Senate votes by 50 percent and increase Their votes by 20 percent more Disturbing ballot images were destroyed Federal law demands all records Documents generated in connection with An election must be retained for 22 Months Massachusetts violated federal Law The Establishment does not want one Of us working people to represent us When we win they cheat when we win they Rig their software to steal our Democracy you now have a choice accept Election fraud accept corruption or Fight we choose to fight to escalate our Movement for truth Freedom Health by Leading a write-in campaign for Dr Shiva For U.S Senate to unite working people To build a defiant movement to expose And destroy their system of power profit And control join us write in Dr Shiva For U.S Senate now or by November 3rd It's time for us This is Dr Shiva and I approve this

Message You see that card right there we passed Out two million of those okay that's way This is September long before freaking Trump okay Trump was using the word voter fraud Which is very different So after that call we got nothing and I Sent out that email Nothing happened however I had done Michigan analysis and you could look at The Arizona analysis with whatever data We could get Trump used our data to raise a Half a billion dollars for Save America Okay That's what actually happened and none Of them Wait a minute none of the fundamental Issues and what happened was Mike Lindell who I know well Mike Flew me on that's what I was about to Get into Mike Lindell made up Cray-cray the fundamental issues he Didn't make it up he he was so no the Story behind Michael and Dallas he was Given basically the data you asked for He was giveness Josh I was in the center of it okay I Was too I I know the person who over Looked over all that data and it was Always garbage and it wasn't Actually voting data right Mike sold a Lot of pillows okay that's what

He did all right let's be what he did And a lot of people made a shitload of Money What actually happened their fundamental Issues chain of custody and the issue is Signature verification all these morons Came out of the Woodworks talking about Bamboos China hitting our servers oh my God you go to the Cyber support again Vatican satellites I go Mike this day is Okay yeah the guy who was using was Rogers game 4.1 I go that's out of Freaking The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy I said someone's with you You didn't want to hear it so What fundamentally happened Josh was the Entire election Can I get some water please the entire Election Integrity movement Became a movement that had nothing to do With election Integrity it was a Money-making grab but that is exactly How a psychological warfare operation Operates that's exactly how a Disinformation campaign operates is you Set it up as specific be something you Pump in the data you pump in all the Talking Heads that come in there that Propagate that fake data and then you Discredit them in the end and that's Exactly what happened here Well what actually happened was Trump is Is a businessman okay

He had Jared Kushner getting a two Billion dollar loan and it doesn't Matter how nice he was to me you know I Visited there he said Doctor she was a Great computer scientist he invited me But then he had endorsed the night Before the guy who did election fraud Here in Massachusetts I refused to go This was in 2022. everyone else would Have sucked his and gone we sent Him an email so we're not coming because What you did And I said you need to reneg the Endorsement you just gave we were down In Miami after we got invited I went in Again because friends and we're like oh Give them a chance Shiva he's a fighter Well learned a lot in those two hours Okay Reconfirmed everything I had already Known But the bottom line is we sit at a very Important point we cannot be giving People any buts or any of these kinds of Well you know he had to do this uh-uh The effort right now should be built on Building a Bottoms Up movement not on Supporting the lesser of two evils not On talking about all these Potentialities because and that is what We've created because after what they Did here in Massachusetts We recognize that the foundational Issues here are that they are now in

2024 putting forward the obvious Establishment Let me ask you questions so let me ask a Question we want to get your perspective On this So the same thing that we saw happen the Trump happened to you in Massachusetts And I'm not denying that but but Trump reached out to you uh Ronald McDonald reached out to you what was the Point of reaching out to you in the First place the question was all a scam It was a scam you know why Because our was going viral and Everyone's saying oh my God Dr Shiva is Really exposing this Dr Shiva they Wanted to be affiliated with me That's why they become affiliated with You all they did was no no no they all They needed to say is we're working with Dr Shiva we're working with Dr Shiva They did they're working with Dr Shiva was to get their credibility so They could go raise a half a billion Dollars okay And if you look at Arizona the Foundational issues in Arizona man and Just to give you an idea there were some running out there talking about he Was get they were giving a lot of money This call Jeffy Jeffrey fulia that's his name AKA Jovan oh yeah Pulitzer his original name Is Jeffrey fulia okay

P-h-i-l-y-a okay this fool was talking About crazy stuff Crazy didn't even know how to read The CRV records making and you can talk To crazy and they were cha-ching Cha-ching making money including the Cyber ninjas guys I was called in by the Senate and I did a really deep PhD level Analysis and the foundation of their Real issues that have to do with the Fact that the signature verification is Flawed curing is not done it's a very Beautiful scientific paper now that and Then I started seeing this fools Including Lindell making crazy Money selling pillows and I couldn't Deal with it well he's not doing too Well right now Mike's doing pretty well okay I live in Minnesota they just auctioned off a Whole bunch of stuff well closing down Factories okay well here's a bottom line Okay there are real issues chain of Custody Which is still not resolved and Signature verification I agree and what These fools did Is that they made a lot of money talking About crazy Trump made a lot of Money they did not solve the fundamental Issues which is the chain of custody Issue The the fact that AIS on the machine no One has set policies and how they decide

What's a vote and what's not a vote I Have all the data they're beautiful Pieces of work we've done okay very Proud of it as much as as on my MIT PhD Work this is Stellar work in the middle Of this guy called Patrick Byrne was Funding these fools and he knew that I Was going to expose this fool you fellow And I was the night before I was going To go on a video because Shiva don't Expose them don't expose him uh I'll Give you 250 000 I go are you trying to Bribe mate Few days later for the work I did fifty Thousand dollars hits my bank account I Think I still have it somewhere here Okay I returned it okay Most Grifters would have taken that money I Said where did this money come from and We returned it so you got to understand I'm a very different animal I'm not into Excusing these I've hung around Them I've been in Malibu all the great Restaurants everything you want to say But I despise them because they take Advantage of you and we cannot mislead They don't take advantage of me I I Think that what we're talking about here Is they take advantage of the people This is typically what you have Sorry to say you Were use the word but these people do Not deserve one NADA not one

Inch okay go ahead Trump has made 55 Million dollars in his golf Course which wasn't making any money With Liv with the Saudis Jared Kushner ran slum Lords it's a slumlord in Somerville the guy Couldn't even get into Harvard his dad Had to pay 2.5 million dollars I used to Live in Livingston New Jersey where both Of Ivanka Jared lived I know this world And two billion dollars in interest-free Loans Attack Hunter Biden trust me and attack Me I I hate Jared Kushner with a Passion exactly well you should Hate Trump too because he took Us for a ride all right I see I see it From a different perspective and this is What effective the perspective of Enslavement the one you wouldn't let me The one you wouldn't let me continue on And explain before you kind of jumped in What I'm trying to say here is that I Think there's a highly dynamic system at Play here what we're talking about is We're talking about a billionaire Politician we're talking about corrupt Politicians evil politicians we're Talking about a hidden hand behind the Global system in various different Factions that basically provide the Functionality of how all of this Integrates and works together and whose Hand there whose ass their hand is up

And that's kind of how the whole world Operates at this very small level of Myself Um and other people other traditional Voters okay what we have is there's a Sense of power powerlessness but when we Can rise up when there's a movement that Comes about that's so great and people Can unify together and start having Conversations exactly like this this is How revolutions are created no Revolutions are not created by Waiting By thinking Donald Trump is running a Populist movement well that's not I've Never oh so hold on I've never said that Donald Trump is a savior I've never said That Donald Trump I don't even think the 2024 election is going to happen I know but where is this thing with Trump why why are you saying well Trump There's something in you that has this Soft heart for Trump What is that Well I think that there's a movement Here that there is this I wrote a uh a Tweet a few weeks ago wait a minute I Explained it out here there's a movement There's a movement of working people Josh who are recognizing they're being and that movement just like what Bernie Sanders did is going to be Brought back into the establishment There's a hijacking of an emergent Movement taking place of movements all

Over the place whether it's global Economic whether it's the war movement There's always hijacking the movements We Josh let's speed not be abstract I'm Not being an animal I'm being real you Know when I get close to Trump and all The contradictions He is not running any movement He's a misleader I didn't say he Was running the movement I said that he Is saying head I kept on saying the head He absolutely The face of if you want to look at it as Maga if you want to look at it as the Modern conservative movement right now No but there's a much bigger movement That's Rising he's a face of a Misleading movement which has nothing to Do with the American people He's a face of what we call if you want To call it a Social Democratic cult which aims to do exactly What you're doing historically whenever The actual Dark Matter 60 70 of people Start getting interconnecting these Things The Establishment creates The Establishment top down creates this Movement and that's what Trump is doing He is hijacking the sentiment that's Coming down as though he's some Revolutionary far from it what he did He's saying I'm going to obliterate the Deep State now really what the did You do in 2016 and 2020 you didn't

Obliterate the Deep State no no so it so He is not the face of a movement I think I think you have to look at this from a Larger perspective I think that I am Looking at it from a larger perspective That's right from A System's perspective Is that there are factions that control And rule over this world now There are these no no no no no no no no No no no no that's wrong Equals movement which comes Bottoms Up No no the people are going You're talking about the the movement That you're talking about is Brainwashing we're talking when I say Movement it is about a self-organizing System that comes from below which has Occurred naturally in history and that Is why you got rid of the eight hour Work day how did we get clean water and Things Elites didn't want to give us That that was a Bottoms Up movement and Did you know the four workers who got uh Killed in 1886 in the United States No I missed that one Have you ever heard of mayday yeah Okay Where did it start Probably from crappy working conditions At the beginning no that's a revolution There were four American workers who Were hanged in the United States Fighting for the eight hour work day in Commemoration of those four workers and

This is how deep it is that they've Eliminated this from Every American Kids History class In commemoration of those four American Workers the rest of the world honored Them and it was named mayday it was to Commemorate those American workers seven American workers were shot by the National Guard in Milwaukee Wisconsin And that is where Mayday emerge there's Been a deliberate and that is and those It was called the Great upheaval as that Grew if you have the basic rights that Some of the rights we have it came from Those Bottoms Up movements it wasn't From the elites and they needed to wipe That the American Revolution we just Talked about no no we're not talking About the American Revolution European Revolutions Of a capitalist Revolution we're talking About a workers Revolution okay that was The emergence of the American working Class not the land of gentry two Different movements get your history Correct okay right my history is correct Yeah but that what we're talking about Is not the land of gentry well you just Said that you just said that no movement Is Created from the top up and we just Talked about two of these specifically American Revolution the American Revolution At the time the kings were the top

People the emerging Merchant class was From below the East Indian company was The most company in the freaking no no The Americans we're talking about the American Merchant class here they were Far different than the Kings they were Emergent capitalist movement Merchants At that time were just starting to come In 1657 is when you really have the Concept of the concept of a worker and We can have a longer discussion I don't Want to we could have a whole history Discussion I agree we're disagreeing on The sense of the movement but I Understand what you're saying on a Movement you're talking about movements That are built from the ground up by the People that are organic and grassroot in Nature that's what I was saying that Defense of my support for for Trump what I'm saying is that we have here yeah no No you you can you can have to add Ham On that all you want but no I'm not Doing anything what I'm trying to tell You is that what Trump you're trying to Tell me I'm wrong on my own perspective And I'm trying to tell you I'm not Telling you I'm not I'm not trying to Change your perspective what I'm trying To tell you is Trump is not the leader Of any type of workers movement he is a Leader of misleading the emerging Workers movement and the hatred that's Coming up towards those that swarm he

Was created he exists to mislead people And it is a fundamental creation of the Swarm to confuse people and this is a Recurrent strategy that they built to Create these people from above and to The psychological warfare and to create And to give them negative and positive If they're in front of you and they're Being indicted they're part of the swarm Okay if Bobby Kennedy who used to have Less followers than me is being used to Hijack the back outdoor portal the Weaponization of government that we Discovered here it is part of this Effort to create heroes from the top and The real Point here is that fundamental Changes in society have always come Bottoms Up When Susan B Anthony went to The Democrats and said we want the right To vote they laughed at her she had to Go build a Bottoms Up movement that's How you know if any women in the Rockefeller Foundation came in funded it And what we have is well no no but yeah Because that's that's how they learned The co-op movements like Trump the same Rockefeller Foundation is the one that Funded all the genocide in the early Late You're talking nonsense it's nonsense Bottoms Up movements or what change the World what you're trying to think about It movement that was funded by Billionaires

The Haymarket Riot which four American Workers died was not funded by Billionaires In the 1900s was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation yes absolutely False it may have been taken over by the McCarthy's and the Rockefeller Foundation later but the game and funded They found it I said funded no they Didn't fund those movements of people Going Bottoms Up who gained those rights To the eight hour workday nonsense and That is what they want you to think that All movements must come from top down Absolutely well no no I firstly A real true movement should start Grassroots organic at the bottom with The people rising up centralizing their Power within themselves and not within Any top and that has happened And I agree with you on that the type of Movement that we need right now in this Country it has occurred and the Technology that they created in the 50s Was to create the Jesse Jackson's the Sanders the Mahatma gandhis to subvert Those movements and that is the role of Donald Trump saying with Robert Kennedy okay they talk to talk Look at did they walk the walk and the Answer is a big zero okay So that let let's let's How you You envision how would you fix America

How would you obliterate the Deep State How would you go in and change this Country politically so this doesn't Happen again Unless you're asking a very good Question now okay let's talk about that Okay So if you Um If you go to fundamental in fact you Know what I'm going to answer your Question with a video okay because I got To get some water okay and I just go get Some water play this video and it'll Help really answer that question we have Allowed our country to be taken over From within and the end goal is you will Have a homogenized world where we will Become slaves Because there is a condition among the Elites that really thinks they're better Than you Deep down inside them that you don't Deserve the freedoms you have They don't this reality is what people Need to wake up to and we need to all Unite working people there's only one Movement that can do that and that is The movement that we started creating Here in Massachusetts the movement for Truth freedom and health look I've been A student of politics since I was a Four-year-old kid studying revolutionary Movements left wing right wing there's a

Physics there's a nuclear science to Destroying the establishment to build a Bridge you need to understand Newton's Equation you need to understand the laws Of gravity you need to understand Poisson's ratio there is a way to build A revolution and that's why I put this Together my goal is to train a army of Truth freedom and health leaders we Don't need followers like social media We need leaders but they need training Because the educational system does not Teach them history nothing so in three Hours that's what I've started doing That's the solution we got to train People first with understanding what a System is the Dynamics of all systems That affect major the second is Understanding the interconnection Between truth freedom and health freedom Is the ability to move freely Communicate freely talk freely without Freedom you cannot convert ideas things Hypothesis into truth which is science And without Freedom you can't really get To truth and without truth you make up Fake problems and fake Solutions which Means you destroy our health and without Health which is the infrastructure of us And our body You Can't Fight For Freedom Truth Freedom help third concept is it Has to be Bottoms Up working people People who work uniting and what the Right wing has done is whenever you say

Working People Unite that must be Communist meanwhile they've let the Democrats run unions which suppress Workers Completely corrupt but when you look at The Arc of American History it's been When working people came up we need to Go local every solution I'm coming up With is a part of this movement we're Giving the science which is a truth and Then we tell people what they can do on The ground like with election fraud you Don't need to wait for some lawyer our Goal is to train people to go local to Go local to go local fight locally Forget lawyers forget politicians forget Celebrities you've got to learn politics And there is a science to it they lock Us down we should be ready to shut them Down and the fourth part of this Principle is a not so obvious Establishment so when you look at a System there's always something that Disturbs you from getting to your goal Well the biggest disturbance is a not so Obvious establishment which are those People who claim they're for you on the Left and the right the AL sharptons who Tell black people I'm for you the Tucker Carlsons do you think any true Anti-establishment person will ever be On Fox or CNN I don't think so they both Mislead working people back into the Establishment without this solid

Understanding of political physics and Theory you're screwed you're going to Follow on the left wing Bernie Sanders Oh he said something or Robert Kennedy Scumbags or you're going to follow some Right-wing talk show host they're not Going to lead us to Liberation it's us We're building a Bottoms Up movement and That political physics it's a nuclear Science of change Bottoms Up we have to Organize to understand that there is People who talk a good game and then Look at what they actually do left and Right I'm sorry Sean Hannity may say Some good things but I don't see the Urgency in his voice to get something Done and it can only come when you Weaponize yourself with the right Knowledge you need to be able to Identify a rat you know Christ didn't go After the Romans right it was a Pharisees in the Sadducees who screwed Him up his own quote-unquote people and That's where we're at so these four Concepts I've built into a curriculum And people can go to Truthfreedomhelp.com and it's an Educational program we need to train People in political Theory you need to Have physics and I've created that Curriculum people need to get educated We need to get educated fast and within A half an hour an hour I can teach People two years of MIT Control Systems

I teach people those Concepts that I Apply it anyone can understand it and Then you say oh I gotta build a Bottoms Up movement they have to get politically Astute and then they have to go locally And act not sit there on social media They have to act locally defy locally do Civil obedience locally but with Knowledge on how to build a movement the Senate campaigns expanded to the Movement for truth freedom and health And they can find it on Truthfreedomhelp.com so people can sign In they can get access to a bunch of Videos if they want to take a course and Become a truth Freedom Health leader I Offer a full scholarship there but we Want people to make a commitment that They'll study that they'll get certified That they'll go do activities on the Ground so go to truthfreedomhealth.com Josh reason I shared that video with you Is the following if you look at any Discipline You know you ever see those crazy videos On the old uh what is it the PBS you Know they talk about flight and they Show these people wearing wings and Trying to fly off and they'd all crash Right Well People did all that stuff right Icarus And all that kind of stuff right and Then one day guy a very smart

Mathematician by the name of Bernoulli Figured out Bernoulli's equation which Basically gave the foundations of how Lift and drag work and how he could Build an airplane once you've figured Out these fundamental principles Thousands of years people spend time Killing themselves and couldn't do it You could build an airplane All right but you had to understand These very foundational principles We could never think about building a Motor without the understanding of Electromagnetism right an electrical Field in a perpendicular angle creates a Magnetic field right this helped to Solve many many fun you know we created Antennas and dipoles and all this stuff But it would not have come without the Understanding of Maxwell's loss You go into building a bridge you know Why is it you no one can anyone just Sort of build a Bridge no you Have to go and understand physics and You have to study finite elements and You it's a craft right carpentry is a Very hard craft to do a great piece of Furniture When you talk about building a movement People think oh I'm going to just go Build a movement Trump is building a Movement Robert a Movement itself is a system's Dynamics And Me growing up as a four-year-old kid

When I was Like Where'd you grow up by the way in Bombay Okay India okay in a small village so Think about my mom going to the well and People would say you shudra which means Like the n-word okay get the away India has a caste system this dude Vivek Is a Brahmin bullshitter okay Big Pharma shell but they brought him in To take away this brown guy okay to make Me invisible he's a Manchurian Candidate Okay but if you really look at this India had a caste system Most Indians here are from the Brahm and Cast the fact that my parents made it Here is like one in a trillion to a Trillion it's like someone uh coming From the depths of doing slavery on a Share you know in some place in Mississippi making it here it's even Worse conditions than that So I acted as a child when I first saw Going to a friend's home and his mother Made me stand outside as a four-year-old And saying call me the n-word and gave Me water in a different cup I said what The going on I didn't know all This stuff and I realized India is a Caste system America has a cast system Now But that started my journey to study Everything I could do I left wing right Wing everything I could get a hold of

And then when I came to the United States I was very deeply interested in the Medical systems which is what my Grandmother practiced in a small village She practiced a very ancient system of Medicine after I huh Well the superset of ayurved is called Siddha okay and it's yoga and martial Arts and all these systems combined so My journey was how is this woman with no Degrees able to look at your face figure Out what's right for your body And contribute and she was a village Healer okay So that Journey when I came to the United States I was very interested by The age of 14 I 13 I finished calculus My high school had no classes I went to NYU as a 14 year old kid I worked my Butt off man and I had learned all these Computer science programs in the most Elite program at the time started Working full time As a full-time research fellow at the Age of 14 with people 30 40 50 60 years Older than me at Rutgers medical school And that's where I created the first Email system a system not the simple Exchange of text messages right and That's where I started doing research on SIDS combining Computing with what you Would call today AI systems pattern Recognition but I never forgot where I

Came from I wanted to understand these Larger systems of power so when I come To MIT which I didn't know of two weeks Before I went to a Jewish high school And only Jewish people can be the chosen People of God I was at the Smart Right who won every award and that Really bothered some people they never Told me about MIT I mean remember being Imagine being number one out of 600 kids And you're the only dark student and They you're not told about like the best Schools My mother had helped these two homeless People and one of them had a crazy Boyfriend who said I should apply to This place And I did with a pencil because I didn't Know I thought it was a mental institute It's called Master's Institute of Technology I've told this story many times I didn't Want to go I thought these people were Crazy I was a center half I was a Pitcher right I was not just a nerd Um didn't want to go and then my teacher Says no no you should go you love Boston The day I landed in Boston I created a Newspaper because I saw how MIT was Treating its staff its people I always Fought and we created a one-page Newspaper on a little flyer and we used To print it we'd steal printers we'd use The Sierra whatever and we would we

Scared the out of the MIT Administration we organized Food Service Workers we made sure more women and poor Whites and black scotted MIT and if you Go to any of those administrators They'll still remember me when MIT had Investments in South Africa and Apartheid that Elon Musk comes from and Profited from it was My movement the thing that we created we Or mobilize all of Boston we LED one of The biggest protests of five thousand People over the massab bridge I burned The South African flag we marched into The president's office and we forced MIT Over two years to remove those Investments okay So I've been a ground activist man on The day of awesome I'm a PhD graduation It was me alone I was getting my PhD Under my shirt I had this big sign U.S Out of Iraq MIT had uh some idiot as a Speaker while we're conducting a Up war in Iraq so half of the crowd Booed me and the other half gave me a Standing ovation after I finished my Graduation I went to India for a Two-year Fulbright to really understand These ancient systems of medicine I Wanted to understand after I got all my Phds all my four degrees how was my Grandmother able to do this And I uncovered that the ancient systems Are they then siddha matched one to one

With Engineering Systems principles Which were created in the 1920s one to One man and their beautiful paper I'll Send it to you okay please do and Actually I'd be interested in that yeah So Um in fact if you want I'll share it Right now okay and it's uh and I can Explain to you quickly but what I had Uncovered at a fundamental level was That the ancient systems of Indian Medicine were not a medical system Josh but they were fundamentally an Engineering system okay and they had Used very different words and the Problem was over the last 400 years After British occupation Um the people who practice let me bring This up to you had no idea how to really Explain it so you had these guys like Deepak Chopra you know and these gurus Who would wear their beards were talking Like this and give me some money and Maybe you can give me a that Kind of people okay those people took Over became gurus But what you fundamentally discover and Is that the ancient system of Indian Medicine were looking at the body in a Very different way And it was yoga and Medical Systems Combined and this is what I discovered That's why you know I uh I forced people To get off their butts and let me share

This so this was a paper I wrote when I Came back in the prestigious International systems of engineering I Couldn't publish in a medical journal it Says the control systems Foundation of Traditional the Rosetta Stone for Sid Then our Veda okay and I had a uh I was A research scientist at MIT at the time And a lecturer and let me I'll give you This paper you could but this paper goes To the history of medicine but Fundamentally what I talk about is if You take an MIT control system of course You will understand every system in the Universe could be a dumb system it takes An input and an output it transports Information matter and energy it Converts it and it stores it okay if you Take an advanced course you'll get to What's called an intelligence system you Have a goal A intelligent system not as just a dumb System input and output but it looks at Where it wants to go it feeds back where It is and it makes inputs in the face of Disturbance this is how your thermostat Works this is why your body is able to Maintain 98.6 degrees now in the next Part of the paper I describe the ancient Systems of Indian medicine which have a Very different language but you know What I discovered karaman Karma fall are Input and output action and and the Results of Your Action fall means fruit

Vata Pitt then kapha are not some wacky Terms they are transport conversion and Storage and when you put the India yoga Systems The sun kalpa Manas and indrias which People just think are some cool yogic Terms and you put it all together this Is what you get so what I had uncovered Was the ancient systems of Indian Medicine here match one to one with Engineering Control System Theory okay I Just gave you a quick version of the Three hours I love it okay I love it Absolutely love it now By the way that stuff that I I went to CU Boulder studied physics I Was in the military for 10 years So you love it man systems theory is a Passionate as well so I had uncovered That the ancient systems of India I had Intersected scientific engineering Systems theory with health systems Theory the same then when I ran for Office I said wait a minute these same Principles might occur in all systems Freedom The principle of movement of information Matter and energy transport Um what is truth truth is the ability It's a verb actually you take all sorts Of wacky ideas and with freedom you're Then able to use a scientific method or The process of innovation to get to Truth or great Innovations it's a

Conversion process and all of this Cannot occur in an environment of Structure and storage which is your Physical health your economic health Truth freedom and health man is not a political movement it is Existence in life so when I figured this Out I left off where Marx and Lenin had Left off in some sense where Thomas Paine had left off these guys had Figured certain things but they did not Understand system science which really Came to being in 1957 with the work of Uh Ilya pagroni who won the Nobel Prize For some very fundamental work and System and revolution is where Lenin got Certain things wrong it's not called State and Revolution it's called systems Of Revolution and now we've made this Into a course I can take anyone we have A hairdresser she's been teaching a PhD For out of uh out of University of Chicago So we are like Prometheus bringing fire Number one Josh without Theory there Will be no Revolution just like people Jumping off the airplane and without Bernoulli's principle so that is very Foundational step two we have to build Community this has to be people getting On the ground you know what people can Do we tell people you know what they're Never going to make us visible We're going to go to hard-working

Independent podcasters like you everyone Get a little bumper sticker put it on The back they're promoting Kennedy Because he's the not so obvious Establings they'll create controversies Around Trump they need him second thing We need to have people get on the ground So in 2020 man I did video after video And we got on the ground you can go to Our website we talk people on vaccines We taught people on vax mandates we were Doing that groundwork on the Ground it's not sexy get up at six in The morning go in the bitter cold to Hand out flyers that's what we do Number three we have we've created a Technology infrastructure so we're no Longer relying on these people I donated My data center here all right so this is Deeply important and when I see Trump And Kennedy steal our That's what Mahatma Gandhi did that's What Martin Luther King took the words Not the deeds and that's why I hammer at Them Josh because the last I'll give you A we had a medical doctor very smart guy Out in California he had just seen Joe Rogan's video with this other doofus I Call him booby Kennedy you know Rogan will put him on he follows me but Will not put me on because I'll expose Him and he'll lose probably 50 of his Followers after I'm done And I say that with the utmost humility

You can call me arrogant and I can say you to you okay it's the truth I Agree here's a reality so this guy smart Guys watching and he was going to write A check out from for 25 Grand help him Out and then somewhere out of the blue This video pops up where I'm bashing Rogan and explaining this He said Shiva for two days I had Cognitive dissonance everything you said Was right but it took me a while for my Neural network or my brain to absorb it He came to our movement he signed up He's going to help us get on the ballot You see That's what's happening but because we Didn't figure out this physics man Because the physics didn't exist Lenin Didn't know the physics mark because They didn't we didn't develop system Science until the 1900s and it took Until 2000 development redevelop Redevelopment but it took 2007 for a guy Like me to intersect it and to show These principles are the same and then To combine with political Theory so when You study this you can apply dude you Know RV there right you seem to know it So I took ayurveda and I've made it for The masses okay I can teach ayurveda so You don't have to go banged by some Guru Okay and pay him pay him something okay Or give Deepak tropra fifty thousand Dollars okay uh for some course okay

Free okay So you go to your body or system I think Tonight there's a thing you can join it So what I've this one stream of what We've done so let me let me show you This so when you go and you become a Warrior scholar my goal is to educate as Many people and we give away this to as Many kids as you can absolutely free you Sign it you go through the course and You can give it to as many children as You want so let me show you this okay so What is this well first of all The thing we tell people is that you Have to overcome this The Establishment Wants us to behave here Scott they want There's lots and lots of information Information is not getting people Smarter more true more free right we got All these people two and a half billion People are going to be obese 51 of people feel hopeless Um by in the next 10 years half of the World is going to be obese and the Reason this is occurring is through the Lens of ignorance Through illusion and confusion they want People to get complacent should I give Up I'm depressed oh I'm going to vote For Trump or Kennedy or DeSantis and This is happening because of these Fellows they have the gurus they have The trumps they have the Kennedys these People are entertainers they're the

Machinery of ignorance and it takes a Lot to get to this but what you find out Is that knowledge is different than Information it is the ability to Intersect things and that is the science Of systems that I just shared with you And then you get to wisdom you get to Wisdom you get clear you decide I have To make change there's no Messiah there's no guide some golden Toilet plate of is going to do Anything I have to do it when you get to That point you have to decide I'm My Own Guru and Guru means dispeller of Darkness and my contribution is I've Created that system and that system Begins with people a this is a course I Used to teach at MIT you get it number Two learn the physics sit your ass down And learn learn the theory and then I Give people tools they can apply this to Their own body so instead of going to an RV the guy and paying him a shitload of Money I have translated this is my Fulbright work Ask a set of questions it'll figure out Your body system type which is called Your prakriti then you figure out when Your body is off course and then you Figure out how particular Foods yoga Exercises they're manipulating transport Conversion storage Josh Books we do special lectures we and we Have a learn teach and serve system in

Some ways like the Montessori system but Much better okay then I do one-on-ones Every day we've created a global Community but most importantly we get People on the ground One page leaflets and we print out our Own version of Twitter Facebook and we Don't sell this we give it away but Fundamentally we needed to create that Infrastructure you follow like Bernoulli's principle oh absolutely no And you know what the real surprise is Going to be Dr Shiva is when science Catches up to the logic and rationalism That systems theory that you're pointing Out right now is how the entire universe Is actually encapsulated and operates That everything fundamentally operates On the same basis that's what we've done Josh we've done it it's done it's built Now what we do is you know it's Fascinating in 2020 a lot of the people Came to us we're thank you Dr Shiva You're fighting the vaccine it was very Opportunistic people fine we did it but In 2023 people are coming to us Are people overcoming Trump and Kennedy And these are very enlightened Souls They get it They really get it man it's very Exciting because you know my running for President is important because you have The left and the right one dimension of and you have the obvious and

The not so obvious establishment it's a Grid they've created so if you don't get Caught between the obvious left and Right they're going to give you the not So obvious left and right but it's all Going to bring you back to the head of The establishment And historically we've always said right Think about how many times someone said Oh only a bird can fly Oh there will always be leaks everything Will come top down and that's why I was You know going off here with you okay These have been fundamental concepts That we're bashing we figured out how to Overcome flight who would ever think There'd be a toilet 30 000 feet up and You'd be getting served filet mignon Unbelievable happens because we Understood Bernoulli's principle who Would ever think we'd be transmitting Stuff from here to here halfway around The world because we understood Maxwell's laws and I'm here to tell you The son of a low-caste Untouchable has Figured out those principles to liberate People That's what I figured out that is the Scientific principles and and I've Created that fire with all due respect It's here and we are mobilizing that Movement and that movement is going to Come from the 20 who get it who said Robert Kennedy Trump

Because the future is us because a swarm Wants you always to pay obeisance to Them Not to us and that is a fundamental Thing and this has been the fundamental Quantum principle which I figured out I don't know I I did a lot of work uh 30 About 25 30 years and uh researching the Esoteric Mysteries the occult a lot of Ancient history and oh really mysticism Yes You want to know what the interesting Thing is is about 10 years ago I found the same exact thing hidden Within all of this in the old scriptures With systems theory is that what we have Is we have a universe designed around a System of exchange that everything is Dependent upon exchange and Transmutation of energy producing system A system B coming together producing an Emergent effect of which more complex More structured more intelligent Continues to process over and over and Over again exactly what you're saying Here with systems theory so that's a Very abstract concept what we've done is Taken that abstraction made it very very Discreet okay it's one thing to say that It's another thing to organize it it's One thing to say oh yeah there's Electricity it's another thing to build Electrical engineering as a discipline That was a 15 second overview but no

Absolutely what we have to do is build This in the sense of a MIT has a systems Dynamic course okay You pay eight thousand dollars Jonathan Sturman sent two of his students to my Course Okay so we have figured it out and the Thing is we're taking it's like Literally we're taking system science to The masses right you have the blueprint But what I'm saying is Print the actual mechanics the course The actual we've set up individual Courses the quizzes until it's Implemented in society as a new paradigm It's still we are implementing no no but Framework in a blueprint right right our Movement is the reflection of that in Real time All right we implement it if you go look At what I've done with cytosol cytosolve Has implemented that we're we you know My PhD work is the manifestation of System science we have the ability to Mechanistically model every pathway in The world we've discovered you know we Gotta we've discovered combinations that And it's a longer discussion Josh anyway No I have to do a call but thank you Very very you know I really uh Appreciate uh this discussion I Appreciate your openness Um but the bottom line is we've created That infrastructure and had this

Infrastructure our parents should have Done this frankly it should have been Done in 1940s in the 50s okay And so You know but we've had to do this so We've created that entire infrastructure It's a system it's uh people say what is Truth from what's a system it's an Educational movement it's me it itself Is a system you can't put it in one word Man so anyway all that man and I hope That we can have a conversation on that Specifically some other time yeah yeah I Think you would enjoy it and get Involved where are you out of Josh Uh Minnesota right now oh okay we have a Lot of people in Minnesota man I was out There because we have a guy who does elk Farming out there and we just helped him Analyze the elk stuff with Um and we helped him reformulate his Product with local North American herbs You know on some very powerful effects But we use cytosol to do that but we did A whole car trip out there and back but Uh we have a lot of great people in Minnesota you know Um cool man yeah we're gonna stay in Touch we're going to talk and for Everybody out there I'm definitely going To get back to Shiva back on and we're Gonna do a Friday night in depth on Systems theory I think that would be a Great decision

Actually this evening we have a nurse Who's actually teaching are your body or System course right at 7 pm we give it Away for free okay so you'll actually Learn system science and people go down And they actually learn how to use this Very powerful tool so you don't have to Fly 10 000 miles or be taken advantage Of by some Guru okay awesome Okay Okay everyone that was my uh uh Discussion with Josh Reed I'm from red Pill and the bottom line is we need to Build a Bottoms Up movement I have to uh Sign off because I have a meeting coming Up but we have a very very interesting Opportunity and for all of you listening Step one go go to Shiva for president This is a simple action you can do to Build this Bottoms Up movement put this On the back windshield of your car just Go to shoot for president order them They're nothing you know get more of Them but if you order more than one Don't just give it away to a friend make Sure you put it on his car okay because Some people just leave it on their Dining room table the other thing is Volunteer and donate go to shoot for President.com Um and when you donate by the way this Is a reciprocal relationship I give you Books and knowledge Um and we want to educate you so you're

Not dependent on me you become dependent On you and you become a leader in your Community so as I close out here let me Just play this video which will inspire You not only to become part of the truth And health movement but to support this Historic campaign that's really about us Okay it's time for one of us okay so Here we go uh let me just play this Right here The uh Where is here we go who would have ever Thought I'd be running for president of The United States of America I was born A low-caste Untouchable in India's caste System a system of aristocracy Oppression and racism my name is Dr Shiva ayaduray I'm an MIT PhD a Fulbright scholar a scientist engineer Entrepreneur and inventor my family and I left India to come to America on my Seventh birthday I grew up in the Working class neighborhoods of New Jersey playing baseball mowing lawns Painting houses and coding software my Friends and neighbors are blacks Italians Irish people of all Races as a 14 year old I wrote 50 000 lines of Software code to create the world's First email system and was awarded the First U.S copyright for email Recognizing me as its official inventor At a time when copyright was the only Way to protect software inventions I did

That long before I ever came to MIT Revealing that big Innovations can occur Anytime Anyplace by anybody growing up I Saw politicians dividing Us by race and Religion in both America India to have Us fighting each other while they remain Safe in their gated communities and in Their playgrounds of Hollywood Martha's Vineyard in Silicon Valley I'm a fighter I fought racism and exposed your Imperialist wars fought for workers and Put my life on the line against Global Corruption I never wanted to run for Political office all that changed when I Saw working Americans as never before Being duped by The Establishment and the Not so obvious establishment across left And right we were being sold out and Made to forget why we came to America And why America existed lawyers Academics billionaires celebrities and Politicians Elites Clinton's Kennedys Bidens Obama's bushes black and white Have hijacked America they've printed Trillions for their friends they Delivered crumbling infrastructure Corruption and racism they transfer Trillions to themselves dividing black And white fear-mongering and fake Science lockdowns and censorship dirty Air food and water pushing drugs upon us Making us sicker we've been sold out one Set of rules for them and another for us We deserve warrior with a history of

Courage and putting everything on the Line for you who believes in you not Them who has created a movement Bottoms Up For Truth Freedom Health I've exposed Their lies at the right time never Waiting until it was popular I've Exposed their false gods who exist to Lead you back to them I've exposed their Fake signs of lockdowns and masking and Provide you solutions to fight them and Win and protect your immune system Saving Millions I expose fauci Galvanize A fire fouchy campaign when others Remain silent when they stole our Election we sued the government and Twitter in our historic 2020 Federal Lawsuit exposing in Bear view the Government and big Tech censorship Infrastructure the Unholy alliance Between government and social media Companies where was Elon and his Grifters they stood by the sidelines and Did nothing they did not use their Megaphones to help us when it could have Made a big difference now our movement Grows for truth Freedom Health Independent of all of them every day Millions are learning the science of Systems the knowledge the elites do not Want you to have so you may learn how to Think stand up and fight independent of The establishment of left and right and Their fake Heroes now it's time for you To join the movement to win back America

To win back truth win back Freedom win Back your health that's why I'm running For president of the United States this Race is about you this race is about Truth Freedom Health versus Power profit Control we've had enough they think We'll fall in line and vote again for Their lawyers celebrities billionaires And chosen ones from above we choose our Heroes from below from the rank and file Who do what is right at the right time Not when it's convenient and popular They can never represent us what America Needs as a movement by the working People for the working people or Educated organized decentralized and Fight for independence from their Systems of control and that movement Exists it's ready for you we don't need Them we need us to go bottoms up Neighbor to neighbor my journey your Journey are all the same it's our time It's time we had one of us it's time to Win back truth Freedom Health to win Back America be part of this historic Movement all the way to our Victory on November 5th 2024. if you're an American Citizen Pledge Your vote now for Dr Shivaya duray the independent candidate For U.S president no matter where you Live you can be a part of this volunteer As little as 20 minutes a day don't Delay this is Dr shivaya Dray and I Approve this message paid for by Dr

Shiva for president All right everyone I hope that was Enjoyable that was a long and deep Discussion we covered a lot of topics Um I think Josh is uh uh you know he's He's being Um Sincere and I hope our discussion helps Him move out of this left right you know Obvious not so obvious establishment Um areas and to really understand that It's the power of systems thinking that Really helps you really understand the Only way out of this is to build the Bottoms up movement and historically Things have not come top down and this Is a fundamental issue things have Always come Bottoms Up all right Everyone be well be the light

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