Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – Naturalized = Natural Born. All Citizens Are Equal.

Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – Naturalized = Natural Born. All Citizens Are Equal.

He promoted the the jab as the well Actually actually I think you know the Way I like to have this discussion Diva So people learn this is not about Individuals okay Trump or Kennedy there Will be many of these people I just want To give a let me just give a one-minute Overview and then talk about it in that Context okay Is that is that all right because Without that context what's going to Happen is people will just see this oh This guy's just running for president he Doesn't like these people that's not What it is You're running for president because It's good for business uh I don't want To pry into financials uh whether or not I presume and I don't know You have like a you have a you have your The truth Freedom uh Enterprise Negative for business okay so I I take That in a very you know don't take it The wrong way personally it's insulting If you go look at it no you don't fly my Industry we ran against Elizabeth Warren Here in Massachusetts it was our Senate Run which exposed fauci the censorship Portal Etc People do not think a guy and you go Back to 1981 I led the biggest protest In the United States across the massab Bridge when apartheid was taking place And I grew up in an apartheid system in

India So people haven't seen a real fighter Like me Viva I'm not a guy comes From top down so let's get this clear no No let me finish let me finish Because I take that personally All right No no let me just say this no let me Finish okay Because it's really annoying when you Said that don't take it personally but I Have to say that if you go to MIT I Didn't even know about MIT until two Weeks before I applied because no one Told me I was a number one student in an All-white High School all white Jewish High School predominantly number one Student out of 900 kids no one told me About MIT my mom had helped two homeless Women One of them's had a boyfriend who said Oh you should go to this place called MIT remember aced every class number one Student so I applied to MIT with a Pencil because I you know I just did Make this guy feel happy I get into MIT And I think these people are crazy they Look like freaking nuts so I decide not To go my physics teacher then says oh You should go because you like Boston When I the day I landed in MIT front Page that said this guy invented the First email system but you know what I Was interested in systems

So I started the first newspaper on MIT Attacking the MIT establishment because They were well there was only 25 women Blacks and minorities were failing at MIT And I began a very powerful radical Newspaper we mobilized the Food Service Workers to get a better age this is 18 Years old mit had investments in South Africa you can go look at all of this It's all on the web And then during my PhD graduation I was A guy who mobilized the us out of Iraq War 20 000 people in the audience Getting my PhD half of them booed me and The other half gave me a standing Ovation When I went back to India for a two-year Stint I was appointed by the prime Minister of India to run the largest Innovation Center in India And I had a beautiful Bungalow appointed And I exposed all the corruption in India under death threats I had to leave India on a third class train back to Nepal and here All right so I've been a fighter Because I never forgot my poor Grandparents who had no shoes lived in Huts and I never forgot those Working-class people and I've been Offered many ways to get compromised Don't say I'm doing this for Business when I decided to run against

Elizabeth Warren it was because What I noticed with the lack of Integrity I had just my stuff about the Invention of email had gone into the Smithsonian this huge and I never wanted Publicity for it huge uproar cam calling Me a curry stain Indian who should be Beaten and hanged Calling me a fraud all these kind of Things and we want a major case against Gawker we put them out of business all Right that's when I realized a level of Lack of Integrity among academics and I Never believed in electoral politics Ever I was always a ground activist I Never even voted And when Trump ran I said okay he has Enough anti-establishment stuff we put Up around 2 000 signs from in the bitter Cold Politicians don't do that okay I'm an activist and I happen to be a Pretty smart engineer and scientist who Made my own way earned everything I have I'm not a Kennedy who dropped out of school and his mom and papa got Him to Harvard So truth freedom and health is me and a Movement You want anything for free we give it Away for free people can't afford it so Don't even bring that up That's what Kennedy does Children's Health defense fund has his

boondoggle This is Michael okay I I just want to so Running for president is about giving People a real option this is not a business Okay now just just to make sure we're Clear the question I was asking was not As an accusatory one as an affirmation Coming from Miami no I'm right it is We're running to win we're running for That and we're building it No no understood but you know the first Thing is on the internet you know the Accusations of grifting it's the number One thing I don't want to ask if you Have no right why do you guys why do you And Barnes support Kennedy Sucking up to Kennedy all day well here I I won't answer for Barnes but I'll at Least offer my explanation first is People are going to look at you doctor And don't take this personally they're Gonna say and rightly so you have no Chance zero chance you are and I and I've lived with these arguments you're The Maxine Bernier of American politics All you're going to do is create Strife Among the right we need to elect Trump Or Bobby to be yeah let's let's talk About that so let's talk about that in The large Arc okay let's get now you're Asking a very important question okay Let's look at and let's be very factual How was change from the time of slaves

From the time of pharaoh from the time People have been trying to change the World change has always occurred not top Down Fundamental change has always occurred Bottoms Up and politicians came in much Later So let's go back to a very important Time in American world history that People have forgotten the 19th late 1800s 1920s And if people haven't studied that let Me give you the synopsis of it that was A time of revolutionary change Throughout the world we were going from The agrarian society To the industrial society In America Viva for American workers Were hanged for fighting for the eight Hour work day in 1886 in the Haymarket Riots okay for American workers in Commemoration of those four American Workers every worker in the world Commemorated that as May Day you may Know this it's celebrated in in Canada It's celebrated all over the world Except in the United States it got wiped Out But it was a time of the great upheaval And by the 19 early 1900s women led many Of these movements and these movements Same thing was occurring in India There's a Bottoms Up movement to Um throw out the British in a

Revolutionary way same thing with the Revolution if you look at it Russian workers against Cesar it was Occurring everywhere it's a very it was A Zeitgeist of the time one of the key Features of that was it was everyday People coming Bottoms Up it wasn't the Democrats or the Republicans now those Movements explosively grew there's a Wonderful picture in Times Square and It's um uh it's blacks and whites Millions of people in massive protests Those movements Viva are what put the Fear of God into the elites they were Bottoms Up they were uncontrollable they Weren't run by the Kennedys they weren't Run by the trumps it was small decent Let me pause it there I agree with Everything you're saying right now it Was Bottoms Up to influence the top down It wasn't bottled up No no no it was it wasn't influenced They were it was a revolutionary upsurge And they wanted to topple things at a Fundamental level it wasn't to influence No okay those movements in the United States for example got so powerful that The establishment realized that they Needed to create a technique of Co-opting okay give you in India when Those movements came up there were Amazing revolutionary leaders who said the British we want a revolution Like we had in America

And what the British did was they Parachuted in this fool called Gandhi They named him Mahatma which means god Essentially and they imposed them on the Indian masses And to Put a safety valve and to suffocate a Natural good Revolution and what Gandhi Did was he transferred power from white Men with crowns to Brown men with white Hats and Indie had massive corruption Even until today it never had a good Movement in the United States something Different occurred If you look between 1900 to 1970 there Were close to 150 million people Striking in 11 000 strikes and as the GDP of the United States grew the apple Pie the wages grew for all Americans and You can look at that Rand just came up Two years ago with an amazing report Showing the wage growth with GDP growth All right However those in power said we Can't have these peasants rising up So in 1950 this guy by the way in Wisconsin in the United States seven American workers are also shot by the National Guard fighting for the Eight-hour workday Well there's a guy called Joseph McCarthy you may know him McCarthyism Comes from him McCarthy was brought in To Brand all of these movements as

Communists Marxist socialists it must be Being controlled by Russia hammer and Sickle And so the right wing started attacking Anyone who used the word Workers Unite Anyone who said I want you know Bottoms Up movement and then they got the left The so-called left you know the people Like the Kennedys the Bernie Sanders of The time to overtake these unions the Not so obvious establishment so by 1970 All of these unions fell apart they Essentially collaborated with Wall Street and the data is between 1970 till Today if you look at the actual number Of strikes in the United States was Maybe 2 million people participating in 900 strikes and during this last 50-year Period 60-year period Viva if you look At the GDP growth the GDP has grown as Much as it did between 1900 to 1970 but We have two American pies in the United States one American Pie is for the Elites And the other is that it's actually Shrunk so the wages of the first and Second income quartile have shrunk in The United States because they stopped Fighting Bottoms Up movements so when I talk About building a Bottoms Up movement it Is about a systems overhaul and when I Launched our campaign I don't have the Graph here but if I were to draw a graph

That went like this the life expectancy In the industrialized nations is going Like this in the United States starting In 1980s going like this and this is From Kaiser Permanente So the life expectancy so if you're an Adult in the United States your son or Daughter's lifespan will be less than Yours and how is it is it the vaccines No goes back to 1980 in the policies of 1970 it was the the what occurred to the Food supply the Health Care Systems it Is a whole bunch of systems issues we Need a systems overhaul and typically Since 1970 now every time they know the Masses are getting upset they find a like a Jesse Jackson and they're The wings of the establishment so he'll Say Against One Wing and this is a Dynamic it's a systems Dynamic and they Suckered them back in Um uh what's the name Sanders is very Effectively you know he you know he Talked about workers he attacked Hillary Clinton but what did he do on the stage Of the democratic convention lesser of Two evils and he's hugging Hillary but This occurs with such a recurrent Process it is a Innovation the elites Have created and so even so if you look At Trump Trump was if you're if you're a Conservative and you say oh my God Trump Is suffering so much well Trump

Was brought in at to up the white Working class they had used Obama as a Not so obvious establishment Obama 57 Percent of trumpers voted for Obama Fascinating statistic and of the Obama Printed eight trillion dollars in two Years and he essentially cow towed to The big banks at the end of the day so The white working class in the black Working class were pissed off so then They bring in Trump And what was Trump's job Locker up Right uh his people got locked up Hillary yeah right I'm against big Pharma you know drain the swamp he Brought in the swamp and then for four Years they kept the American white Working class in advance oh he's going To do something tomorrow Trump's a Seventh dimensional chess players he's Got to keep fauci there so for four Years they executed everything they Wanted so I'll talk about Trump what did He do let me stop right there just one Second because you'll appreciate the uh Well let's see either irony Paradox or The turtles all the way down I have Heard the theory that Mahatma Gandhi was Brought in to pacify the revolution Non-violent resistance and thus the Revolution was less less impactful than It could have been I've you know you Always know the termination he stopped The revolution create the Indian

National Congress as a safety valve now But you so and your theory and and the Theory that you're putting forward which I which I agree with and I think it's It's been done and historically proven Is bringing somebody to uh be the Controlled opposition but this argument Can apply whoever wants to say it Equally of you Dr shiv and I'm saying This not as an accusation just as a Reductio whenever people start fighting The system they get called control Opposition when they don't do it the Exact same way that some people have to Want them to so you're going to be Susceptible to the exact same critique That you're leveling now against this no No no it's very different you need to go Do the historical analysis of the Individual and their life their personal And public integrity And it needs to be all late to Bear view Okay because people doing that are Basically have no brain you need to look At these individuals and this is why Kennedy had the audacity to tell Megan Kelly in an interview when she Said when she and he starts squirming in A seat right because she starts saying You know Herschel Walker said he's a Conservative but then he had multiple Abortions and you know your uncle you Know killed basically killed a woman Right and you know and he goes well you

Know about personal integrity and public Integrity are different he's Telling you to your face I may Murder my wife I'm a spit on Cops but believe what I say people Should go look at my Integrity end to End and that's we're at a point where People should look and do this person's Words match their deeds and that's where We're at Viva so it's a very important Time in history it is about a time where Will the individual raise their Consciousness are they going to say oh a Kennedy or Trump oh are they going to Look at the words and the Deeds matching So let's begin with Trump let's start With Trump okay do the analysis his Background where did he come from how Did he make his money did he earn what He has and I would say absolutely not And let's look at when he decided to run Lock her up was the campaign slogan Would you not agree I have videos yeah it was it was lock Her up and build the wall where the two Slogans and drained the swamp drain the Swamp Okay okay these were powerful Slogans okay you know the two-hour Meeting I had with him when he praised Me for doing all the election stuff he Called me I initially didn't go You know all what he was doing is oh That's a good slogan let me write that Down that's a good slogan okay people

Need to understand these guys are actors They're messaging experts they look for Messaging so lock her up now if you go Back and look three years before that I Was interviewed by the New York Times Senior editor about what I thought about Hillary Clinton putting a server in her Basement and you can go read it it's the New York Times I said she should it's a Violation of the grossest kind she Should be in jail long before Trump Because a state department server does Not belong in someone's home and in fact The state department official pulled me Aside goshiva I got to tell you this Everything you're saying is absolutely Right it's unbelievable she put a state Department server in her home so she Could have deniability all right lock Her up If you go look at the videos I'm gonna Get special prosecutor special Prosecutor day one what did he do right After night after he won the election Hillary uh Hillary Clinton's daughter Chelsea meets with Ivanka and then he Says you know she said she suffered a Lot and in fact in a video People are saying lock her up after he Wins he goes ah that was for the Election but now we move on That's a scumbag okay nothing was done That's one example and if people are Willing to have amnesia about that that

Means you're a Slave let's go to number Two well let's stop at number one people Are gonna say look he said it uh but the Republicans the GOP they offer by they Operate by civility they don't cross the Rubicons that the left has crossed and So you know he's not very good very Different the next day Viva he said that Was for the election quote unquote The day after the election So you don't have a excuse I say Shut up What I'm saying is the day after the Election What I'm saying right now I'm gonna let The the chat will fact check that I I Don't have a Jamie to fact check if I Have the video you want me to play the Video for you I have the actual uh I'll Bring it bring it up if you can how Quickly I'll forget it we don't need to Waste time People come behind the video was Trump The swamp I asked it as a question after I started connecting the dots and it's a Video where people are chanting Locker Up and he literally says Ah that was for The election Now we move on okay so Don't bring in no example that might be That might be the same thing as what I'm Saying is okay that was we're not we're I'm not going to be the first president To prosecute my political right as him Saying that was purely messaging Viva

Don't excuse him for God's sake I gotta Steal I got a steel man both sides There's no both sides there's a truth The both sides are what the devil does Okay The truth is the truth he said that and He meant it he was telling the elites Always tell it to your face and people Say do they really say that It's like a guy who comes and abuses his Wife and he beat the out of her oh Did he really beat me up he gave me some Flowers no he beat the out Of you this is a slave mentality it's Like the king comes and rapes you Pillages you oh but he gave me some food Oh he's a nice King you see it's a slave Mentality And this is a very different Journey People need to go through do they have Dignity for themselves Viva that's a Question so Trump said that the next day He flips it give you a second example he Said big Pharma go look at all the Speeches big Pharma you know we got to Stop big Pharma Well on the day of his inauguration he Got a million dollars from Pfizer He accepted it he didn't have to accept It Fact number two fact number three go Look at 2020 March of 2020 who was the First person to call out fauci me and You can go look at all the Twitter

Streams go type in fauci and you will See my name come up first I put out a Tweet which said this pandemic will go Down in history to support mandated Medicines destroy the economy and and Devolve you know devolve Freedom into Censorship you can see it It went it had 40 50 000 retweets long Before the grifters came in the next day I ran the fire fouchy campaign Marla Maples his former wife reached out to me Shikoshiva we love you me and Tiffany Love you I go wow great so we did a Podcast together which you can find and I wrote a letter on March 23 2020 to Trump as a scientist as an engineer who The year before had been invited I was Awarded by the National Science Foundation the award The Prestige award To deliver the lecture on the immune System and in that lecture Viva this is In November of 2022 sorry uh 2019 I said Look mandating vaccines is up why Because 1962 the John F Kennedy is the One who passed the 1962 vaccination act The Kennedys are involved through it end To end and I said the 1962 vaccination Act is the core of the issue it must be Repealed why and that's one of our Campaign platforms why not like Kennedy I'm gonna create safe vaccines By this corrupt thing he's a he Wants to create more regulations but the

1962 vaccination Act was created By Kennedy Based on the 1915 understanding of the Immune system which only had the innate And the Adaptive and therefore you're Going to subvert DNA put a job in and Create antibodies well by 1962 98 of Measles was gone and they created the Measles vaccine in 1963. and that 1962 Vaccination Act created all of the Corruption Viva in the United States you Probably had something similar in Canada Okay And then people are getting injured Because one size fits all medicine Doesn't work and my position was it's Not vaccines or anti-vaxxes about Boosting natural immunity so by 1986 There were many lawsuits the other Murderous Kennedy Ted Kennedy who Murdered a woman here got away with it And gets books written about him that He's the lion of the Senate Some people might not know Ted Kennedy's The one who ran over a woman with his Car while he was not ran over worse than That he was drunken who ran off a Bridge The woman is dying inside a lake he Leaves And waits 22 hours to get his story Straight the father Joe Kennedy the Master of PR by the way John F Kennedy Had venereal disease as a young uh

Before as a teenager should not have Been allowed into the it was xed out of Going into the Navy his father changed The rules made him a war hero even Though he'd blow up blew up ships the Kennedys have a history of being then when that incident Occurred right here in Chappaquiddick Massachusetts And and the movie actually captures this The father said you idiot brings In 20 PR people and they redo the story That's what happened those are the Kennedys and and and so but Ted Kennedy the reason I bring him up he was A next in the so people are getting Injured filing lawsuits Viva in federal Courts Ted Kennedy on the Senate side sponsors A bill with Waxman and it was called the National vaccine injury program That was later shoved into a budget Bill Reagan signs it and it basically creates A national vaccine injury program which Is basically a pseudonym and Anodyne Term for protect big Pharma you cannot Sue big Pharma right now the reason none Of us can sue them for vaccines is Because of that brought to you by Kennedy And then they have this other fool Robert Kennedy today okay who was a Heroin addict you know didn't drop Couldn't make it through school papa

Gets him to Harvard couldn't get his bar Passed I mean the guys gets handed out Everything go look at his history and Look at my history I worked hard for everything I have so It's time for people to realize why are You sucking up why are you a star That's how they call you in Malibu and Hollywood when you go get their Signature the big serious Viva because I Was married to one of those people yeah They laugh at you and they call you a Star okay these people use the Term the masses are asses So you look at the Kennedy lineage and You go look at my lineage now get Getting back to Trump so he took in his Inauguration go look at his FEC records Type in right now FEC Donald Trump Pfizer and it'll pop up all right so Trump was brought in As a one plus one system scientist Equals to to quiet the American working Class so they wouldn't build a Bottoms Up movement and he executed flawlessly And he fooled a lot of people because Trump wanted to be a Hollywood actor he Wanted to be in production his agent is A guy called Arie Emmanuel Who owns Endeavor formerly William Morris agency which runs every Hollywood Actor which owns Joe Rogan that's his Agent so our Emanuel owns all the Hollywood actors and political theater

He owns UFC and he just bought WWE you See you saw theater man And you can if you Take away all the masks and you want to See things as they are Trump is an actor Then in March of 23rd we sent him the Letter We said look don't shut down the Economy I had a senior Stanford White House person call me anonymously and he Said Dr Shiva Trump is not listening to Us please do videos you can help us That's why Viva if you go look at I Probably got two hours sleep since 2020 To 2022 you will see I did video after Video after video educating the people On vitamin D right never made a sense of It okay zelenko took my protocol and Packaged it I could have made hundreds Of millions of dollars we taught people About the immune system vitamin Cuercetin I still get emails from people Saying Dr Shiva I was in the ICU thank You for your vitamin C protocol you Saved my life so that's what I did Pure Service and the record stands on itself Now that letter got delivered to Trump I Said don't shut down the economy fire Fouchy I'm telling you this is an MIT Scientist who is a world renowned on the Immune system and what he did and I said Take the really people who are a Pre-existing conditions quarantine them And the others put them on a protocol

All and don't shut down the economy he Didn't listen to that on March of 2020 Trump was promoting lockdowns and you Can look at the tweet that booby Kennedy did saying yeah the lockdowns we Need the lockdowns and if we lift them Covet is going to come back hard and we Must say and it's going to also save the Environment What did people do when a crisis is Taking place and don't give him Credit well later on After I attacked fauci for a year he Steals my material and writes a book Real Anthony fauci well I'll tell you One thing he wasn't wrong about the Environment stuff I think I've never Seen more groundhogs in Montreal than Ever and apparently it's you know as a Result of not having human disruption For a little bit well climate change Scam is what he promoted and it's a Carbon tax scam right now I did a whole Video on what's going on in Canada if You look at the Canadian forest fires Trudeau loves foreign It's more of a telepathic model right so What you do is if you really look at From a systems perspective for us number One is you need Forest Management in the Ancient times indigenous people would do Their things they would do control burns Okay number two you need to make sure You have equipment when a forest fire

Occurs those big bomber water things he Hasn't he hasn't invested anything in That and then you need Personnel Firefighters many of these firefighters Were volunteered because they didn't Want to get the vaccine are not there And the third thing is fourth thing is You would let Farmers typically know how To handle forest fires in Canada when uh The farmers are building the trenches The police came and told them not to do It and the fifth thing is the liability For arson In uh Canada as well as Australia and uh California is really not that much it Should be a death penalty okay So they've created an environment if Forest fire comes and right now in Canada it's 60 per ton for CO2 the Carbon tax by 2029 they want to bring it Up to 170 dollars per ton this is a carbon tax game And the climate change model I know I'm A systems guy I went through the ipcc Report no none of those models take into Account clouds Viva and again this is Why you need a systems thinker when you Add the clouds into the models the Clouds know how to control heat okay and They know how to maintain the Earth's Temperature beautifully at 15 degrees Centigrade no different than your Hypothalamus does no different than your Iris does your iris opens and closes to

Let in light same thing what the clouds Do and none of the climate change models Include clouds Yeah but now you're going to get into The um anyway what was the thing that Prince was alleged to have gotten into The the the the Oh the the Chemtrails where they're Talking about trying to build clouds and Put stuff in the atmosphere so that wow I haven't had a chance to investigate That but I can tell you this You know a billion years ago the sun was 30 degree 30 percent less temperature Okay 30 not 6000 degrees Kelvin maybe About 4 500 degrees Kelvin so if that's The case you would think the Earth would Be a ball of ice it's not true because Of the cloud effect we had Waters Everything here this is called the Feedback system this is why I train People on systems and by the way Viva if You can't afford it you get it for Nothing okay we give it away all right It's not about making money it's because It's homage to one of my mentors Jay Forrester who died at the age of 99 as a Professor until 93 he said Shiva we got To figure out a way to teach Kindergartners system science and that's What this is about because when you take System syncing you figure out why Kennedy's a scumbag why Trump is a Scumbag why the climate change is a scam

Well how do you take care of your bodies Thinking to everything it's critical Thinking for the forest fires I mean the System is it's what I sort of call Um Insidious corruption is that they They it is setting up for failure thus When it fails it's exploited for Political it's It's modeled right it's not a direct Conspiracy you say it's like we're going To create the conditions so when a Forest fire comes We sort of look and all you need to do Is I don't know if you're paying Attention to Trudeau's Twitter feed it Is it's truly a tragedy when a fire for A forest fighter Forest firefighter dies Yes Um but now I'm gonna I'll push back on This people are gonna say a lot of a lot Of your critique is ad hominem and okay You might be right you know Trump is who He was beforehand he was an actor he was A an Entertainer Bobby the Kennedy Family is what it is that doesn't who They were you know you can read into What is right there stop right there Stop right there I gotta you have push Back on that this thinking that you just Said is what the elites way to think oh Well I do stuff in my private life but I'll be you know no no no no no no no no No no that comes from that thinking yeah Have amnesia I have amnesia for the fact

I killed the person here have amnesia For the fact that No forget that but let's just let's just Say he you know the killing someone I Think there's some punishments that are Unforgivable uh and disqualifying that Said and when it comes to assessing Current policy it might be a bit of an Easy way out to say well that current Policy even though I agree with it I Disagree with the person's history who's Espoused no no no even his current Policy Viva so let me finish up with Trump so I just want from a segment Standpoint so I've given you one example With Locker up where it was he's Admitting it he's lying to your face Another example with fauci where he had All the data we collected 120 000 Signatures we drove down I was the only One I ran the fire fauci campaign where Were all of these medical doctor Grifters you know this guy uh if you're Looking up this guy uh buttacharya okay Suddenly he gets made as a hero suddenly They found a bunch of brown guys because They didn't want this radical Brown Voice out there he wrote a paper in Early 22 Science policy paper promoting lockdowns Okay so all of these people flip because They make money this is the model when When the is hitting the fan Looking over here writing and

When it's opportune they write books oh Yeah the lockdowns are bad oh yeah Fauci's bad you see that's how the Elites get it both ways they get to have Their cake and eat it too and that's the up nature of them it's no Different than a crime is taking place Here and Viva you're an independent Journalist you write an article saying Oh my God the woman got raped Tucker Carlson walks by he walks away two years Later he writes a book about it and That's what he did with the backdoor Portal he brings the intercept on which Is a government front end and he goes oh My God I can't believe to Lee Fang that This is going on well we sent him the Documents you can't believe because you Suppressed our story why because I'm an Independent person Viva and this is a Very important point they do not want to Give me the views or the credit because It'll make them irrelevant we're not Connected to the left or right we don't Need to suck up to Bobby Kennedy to get His views because I know what that fool Is all about and in 2020 I was the first One to expose him and everyone should Listen to this I everyone said oh you And Bobby should work together I saw What he did in New Jersey okay we ran The demonstration that stopped We I organized 5 000 women who mobilize And we stopped the bill in in

Um in New Jersey okay he came around This little SUV was telling oh she was Upsetting he's going to upset the Democrats who I need to negotiate with And then I started researching his History he endorsed Hillary Clinton not Once not twice but three times Who is Hillary Clinton Pro Monsanto Pro GMO okay pro-glyphosate So you were running water keepers at the Time you didn't just say I'm going to Vote for her you put out public Pronouncements she got the most in Pharmaceutical funding you can't take Away that history 2020 I'm running Against his nephew here in 2020 In the Heat of the pandemic his nephew is Promoting masking mandates harsh vaccine Mandates he does a fundraiser for him Endorses his nephew period That's not Principled when you and I know in many Families families were splitting apart Over the vaccine issue and then in 2022 In his own home and this is why I find It degenerate that the independent Journalists don't ever ask him this Question in his own home people had to Get the vaccine job Fact and then he blames his wife Come on in his own home not just any Vaccine jab the MRNA job so now he's Running for president so he speak his Words Viva he's a very clever monkey and I have emails from him to a former guy

Who is the Children's Health defense Fund exposing him and I may release all Of them this guy understands the not so Obvious establishment and he has chosen To be that And I'm the only one exposing this Because I understand the Dynamics but More importantly we have a lot of people Like that medical doctor who saw the Video were getting it people are not Sucking up to them and what did he do Okay what did he do every issue he takes He speaks from Fork tongue Look at his speech on Ukraine what does He say oh oh you know we're all there For the right reasons and then minutes Later I don't want regime change oh I Like my son being there he's saying Everything for everyone oh because Everyone can oh but Bobby said that Bobby said this as though Bobby's your friend he's very clever on what He's doing he literally steals word for Word our material and reuses it Why is he I had more followers than him On Twitter when I get back on Twitter my Followers are degraded his are promoted Why Why Because there is a Banana Republic on Twitter a Banana Republic on Facebook You suck up to Kennedy you get Promoted I'll give you an example James Woods a conservative

Was praising Elon Musk when I exposed Musk again I lost 20 percent of the Conservatives oh Dr Shiva you're too Critical you know you got to be less Arrogant you know Elon is here to say This I said you he hasn't taken Down the portal look at it look at The facts and look at all the facts in Fact Clayton Morris formerly at Fox News Asked him in an open form Elon Dr Shiva's lawsuit exposed the back door Portal are you going to take it down ooh That sounds like big brother let me get Back to you Clayton that was in December What we have now on Twitter is Censorship 10.0 it's apartheid they put You on so they can say oh yeah we'll put That we put the on but he's he's Being a little bit out of hand so we're Going to contain him shadow ban him and That's the new censorship where you Don't allow true independent voices you Suck up to Elon You will get promoted so Linda yaccarino A w e f horror gets brought in okay and Then conservatives like oh my God Dr Shiva I'm so sorry I muted you and I Blocked you okay and then James Wood and This is classic he puts out a tweet he Goes oh I guess the party's over Something to that effect I take James With his tweets and I retweet it quote Tweet and I said James the party never Began go look at the facts

You know what happens Viva that tweet Starts going viral James Woods deletes His tweet And the next day mysteriously says thank You Elon for 100 000 followers that Little rat Dinesh D'Souza Was promoting musk and then after the WF Yakarina even conservatives are getting It we just got he's saying well She's a you know we should really look At her she's not that bad all these Conservatives started backpedaling Because they don't they're not Principled Viva and so what you have now Is the left is supporting Facebook Zuck And the right is supporting musk And they're literally doing a Goddamn wrestling match Zuck versus musk Do you understand what they're doing the Underlying issues will not be addressed The governments and social media Companies are one this is theater and I Should be on that testimony why is Kennedy being invited to a weaponization Of government when that was my lawsuit And that will tell you he's a Useful idiot because they're gonna say Oh see the it's it's the left doing this To the right no Democrats it was Trump Who created sisa the cyber security Infrastructure agency which created this Censorship infrastructure in the United States look it up

People there will say all right you know Trump uh it wasn't Trump but rather the Administrative State doing things while Trump is at the helm yeah legitimate Criticism involved right Trump says no No no he learned his lessons two weeks Ago he said I'm gonna obliterate the Deep state you if you're gonna do that you're A revolutionary and you go balls to the Walls don't tell me you you become a then I made it anyone giving so much excuse Should give excuse to your fellow Neighbors not to these people with Golden plated toilets and he doesn't eat McDonald's okay he eats grass-fed beef Go to his restaurant at John George's Any of that okay people need to Understand this is theater You're all being played and you know What the good news is Viva we got about Half a billion people throughout the World who know that I get uh you know we Did our uh we do an open house a woman In Christchurch New Zealand logged in She goes Shiva I went to a big political Meeting I asked how many people know Dr Shiva 50 50 of the room they know us Reince priebus was the chief of staff to Trump told a friend of mine Okay who he's on his board he goes hey Shiva's running for president goes That's going to be disruptive

They know about us so the way that you Deal with someone like me with all my Credentials with all the things I've Done you make me invisible you don't Even you don't even make me Controversial you make me invisible That's how you deal with people like me Because I'm the true opposition and our Movement's a true opposition And we're at a very important point in Critical issue because when you go back To Gandhi if a movement like ours had Been there we would have had a good Revolution in India if a movement like Ours had been there in 1963 the Kennedys Would not have been able to co-opt Martin Luther King and that's what they Did Martin Luther King was a black Bourgeois who was supported by the Kennedys the entire March on Washington As Malcolm X said was a circus Malcolm X Was suppressed he was made invisible Okay the elites have this down to a Science and booby Kennedy's Father created that science and the Elites created that science they have an Institution right down the street called The Kennedy School of government they Know how to do this Well I didn't I don't I don't think Anybody's going to disagree with much of What you're saying some people are just Going to say however uh you can't be two Bolts to the walls of revolutionary

Otherwise you end up like Bobby Kennedy's Uncle uh and some people are Going to say well Bobby Bobby Kennedy's Uncle no no no no no no no no no no Bobby Kennedy's Uncle John F Kennedy you Know it's really funny people say oh how Did Bobby get shot why was he shot it's A who the cares how he was Shot these people are mobsters they have All sorts of things that you'll never Figure out you should ask why did your Friend's daughter Die in a coveted thing you know why did Why is the lifespan of working-class People going downwards why the do We care for Elites like this it's Brainwashing that's done from Hollywood Down To control people so you pay obeisance To your master and the Swarm video Brings us up beautifully they want you How is is it one percent of people Control eight billion people it is a Technology that they've created and the Technologies to hit you with propaganda Is to give you false Heroes so you Become fat dumb and lazy and look to Them for Your Heroes Yeah so some some might go back to Plato And say you know it's the way it has to Work because you can't have a billion People controlling themselves Back to the Iroquois culture and to the Dravidian culture okay and you find that

There have been indigenous times when People control their own Destinies Bottoms Up that is a natural way this is A true natural way no but Dr Shiva not This is not to be glibber or demeaning To the history but that's true and where Is the Iroquois Nation now they got Conquered by the people who um you know Who had yeah because now we can learn From that we can learn from that okay The learnings from that are very Important okay it's a very powerful Learning because one of the learnings When you look back at history is you Must be very Vigilant and you must Protect a decentralized movement and you Cannot think that people who come from Above are going to help you you know It's like this I did a about 15 years I Was 29 years old I was invited to a General Motors technology convention Actually to be the king node speaker to 2500 GM execs and I was talking about The invention of email Innovation the Guy next to me is a wonderful guy by the Name of price Pritchett people should Look him up he's one of the world's Leading organizational theorists and Price Pritchard and GM was having a bad Time he was saying look any organization Has three kinds of people 30 percent of An organization would be resistors People never do what the they don't They just want to sit on their ass Viva

They like things the way they are fifty Percent of people like to watch a ping Pong game they like to see who's making The better argument the 20 are the Change agents let's not call them Revolution change agents and he said the Problem is many times people want to Change the world they make a very very Critical mistake they go trying to go Convince the guys wearing five masks hey Why are you wearing masks right They try to go convince the 30 instead Of mobilizing the 20 and that's what We're doing and that's what I want to do So when people want to call me arrogant off okay yourself Okay I'm I'm reading a comment in our Locals committee from Switz guy and he Says I I it was Dave Ohio says the Doctor is smart but he's his Own Worst Enemy he needs to understand his Approaches turning off people yeah tell Him to go off tell him to go well No no no why let me tell you why because He wants me to speak the way of the Swarm I'm not going to do that because It's the right curse word for the right Person at the right time and why do I Curse and why do I call him Bobby Kennedy you know why because you Have all these neural networks Program who the Kennedys why is he Saying well because I'm trying to Break your neural network and if you

Don't break it today we at least have 20 Of people are overcoming it we had so Many volunteers are signing up to our Campaign who are overcoming Trump Viva And are overcoming Kennedy in spite of My harsh language they're saying you Know what I don't give a what he Says because what he's saying is Truthful I'll say this I I look uh and It's not this is again not a judgment Call it's just a statement of Observation effect you have Realistically no chance of becoming President where I think you do have a Chance of some form of influence is People will get past the abrasiveness And they'll they'll absorb the proper Ideas that need to be filtered up to Those who are going to be in a position To change What's going to happen I'm gonna you Know I have been able to be quite Prescient on everything I've done and I Say that with actual facts what's going To happen is by 2024 We will have hundreds of millions of People more than we have now who'll say Wow I understand what Trump and Kennedy about they're going to awaken to The not so obvious establishment check That will be done check we will have an Educated group of people who say Kennedy Trump I understand why we

Should have such anger at them and all These people who say well you got to Speak like this that's your typical Liberal mentality look Viva we faced That at MIT the same Trends you have the Obvious establishment these Liberals are Saying well you got to say it like this I understand what you're saying Shiva But they don't if you said it like this And it never works that way okay so we Could if you want to talk political Dynamics I've been on the ground doing This and I understand those Dynamics They want me to talk like that Viva they Want me to become a sycophant we're not Going to do it we will use these harsh Words it is who we are and that is how Working Class People talk if you want to Be a petty Bourgeois or a bougie go talk Like that and see where it gets you but That's number two but by end of 2024 There will be an Awakening a real Awakening not to ever choose the lesser Of two evils and never to support people Coming from the Swarm as your Masters I Think maybe we should talk about the Lawsuit because it well we have uh by The way uh so everybody who's watching At 10 30 Dr Shiva I've got another guest He was supposed to be at 10 o'clock when I said we have to bump it's a half an Hour okay we got 20 minutes all right Yeah it's the he's going to be talking About an injustice in Canada you know

About the Coots for these four gentlemen Yes were arrested and sitting in jail For nearly two years off charges that I'm skeptical of but uh Jason Levine is In the background you know we about four Or five thousand people all across Canada you know we have a very very Canadians love what we're doing by the Way Um so let me talk about Um by the way uh everyone out there I am Running for president the FEC in 2011 Ruled which is the agency of the United States government has ruled in 2011 that A naturalized citizen which means I'm Going to be very clear I'm not going to Try to I was born in India my parents were not Born here I came to the United States in 1970 1983 I became a naturalized citizen I've contributed to multi-trillion Dollar economies I've invented I've been A full participant in the American dream Fully And I'm running for president you can Get these bumper stickers okay they're Real okay and we have filed our fec1 Paper and our fec2 paper it's the first Time a naturalized citizen has filed This papers for president and is Asserting a very very important Constitutional issue which has been Already decided

Okay so we have filed a declaratory Relief lawsuit the first of its kind Ever and it's gonna we're gonna win it And 20 years from now oh I don't want Saddam Hussein to run I understand why They put in article two section one That's what people will say right we Don't want foreigners to come in here You'll realize how stupid it was as bad As slavery okay so let's go to the Foundations of this I'm gonna I'm gonna Bring up your lawsuit right now yeah uh And and Barnes and I talked about it Well people are getting pissed off at Barnes on Sunday night because he's Espousing the argument that uh uh that Oh let's say a native or natural-born Citizen who was born of parents who are Not citizens can still run and a lot of People take issue with that wait until They hear that someone who's not born in America With that let them take issue look I've Had to deal with them I've had to deal With this all my life when I was in Uh Viva just a side note you know when I Was in seventh grade in this High School I aced every class And it's very funny story I aced every Class and then the teachers decide They're gonna have an exam to determine Who's the best student guess what I Don't get invited to take the Exam

So my parents went in and they said what The my son is has a pluses and my Mom reamed them out and it was you know Predominant now all my friends were Jewish Jewish high school he goes are You gonna create a Hitler and They said what are you talking about oh That's that's that's anti-semitic and Then they let me take the exam and I won So I've always been kept out either Because of my skin color because of Jealousy whatever the so I've been Through this since I've been 10 years Old okay My entire life they keep me out of these Hearings because they don't want the Real deal they want to give up Doofus Kennedy so let's talk about this Lawsuit okay So let's begin with the central fact Um uh the first issue to remember is Quick education the the Constitution is A living document okay which means the Articles of Confederation came by the Way in the Articles of Confederation Article 2 Section one Clause 5 lays out The definition of the qualifications to Run for president 35 years of age you Have to be natural born and a certain Residence period Natural Born is never Defined to give you a very interesting Point a fact the Maryland legislature Decides to make the Marquis de Lafayette Who was born in in France and all of his

Heirs into Infinity natural born Citizens all right So Natural Born was never defined in Section in Article 2 Section one okay I'll Clause five yeah I can't I won't I Won't pull up right now you can pull it Yeah uh okay so that's the first point So therefore all the people who slept in High school and didn't really do their Homework and in fact many law all the Articles an actual born citizen you got To be natural born well they forget then The first amendment came and the Bill of Rights the first amendment is the most Important Amendment next to the 14th amendment in My view okay which basically said Political speech is the most protected Speech in fact anyone can actually Assert their right to run for any office I'll get back to that okay Then 100 years ago Um we had a very very important Groundbreaking Amendment called the 14th Amendment and it has the equal Protection clause which states clearly a Natural-born citizen will be treated Equally to a naturalized citizen period Now since the passage of that Amendment In recent times there have been many Many law by the way the 14th amendment Applies to every state remember the United States is a republic and every State must cannot distinguish between a

Naturalized citizen you can't have two Tiers of citizenship and this is what Led remember this has been around and They didn't allow a black child to go to A public school right you had to have Armed guards sent in there Brown versus Board of Education historic lawsuit got It now since the 14th Amendment there Have been many many many Supreme Court Rulings lower court rulings which have Clearly said A naturalized citizen must have the Exact same rights as a natural-born Citizen period now the Article 2 Section One Clause 5 says he can only be President which is men How did that change if you kept if you Referred Article 2 Section one Classified that means only well an Amendment came everyone should remember Called the 19th Amendment that's why Women can run well the 14th Amendment Which came before that allows me a Naturalized citizen not only to run Because the FBC has already ruled that But also more importantly be president Period and we will win this lawsuit in 20 years from now the lawyers will say Well I wish I had filed that lawsuit Obvious it's discriminatory Period so we have leaders in every state And this is what scares them so much That's why they are making me invisible You know you can get these bumper

Stickers put it on the back of your car 100 000 people will see it but most Importantly is that we need to get on The ballot in every state Viva now most Of the secretary states are either Appointed dumb okay they don't know the Law they're part of this massive Bureaucracy so this lawsuit if you go to The top of it it says declaratory relief So the lawsuit is filed in federal court In DC The defendant in the lawsuit are Gary Thompson who runs the election Commission but more importantly Merrick Garland who's the Attorney General And why are we filing it against him Because we want the courts to order Merrick Garland like Brown versus Board Of Education order him to tell all the States now hey this guy's running for Office and it's unconstitutional If you stop him from getting on the Ballot so I'm preemptively doing this Yeah well and and we I mean we've taught Everybody watching this channel for a While knows injunctive relief Declaratory relief Um and the lawsuit itself I've shared it I've shared it um in our local community I shared it with uh with a chat in Rumble I mean but the lawsuit's simple You're preemptively asking not to be not To be on three counts on three counts First semester

Before you get there I just want to say Like the joke is going to be uh it's It's premature uh it's uh it's premature No standing or it's uh it's mood I mean You're gonna get I would imagine they're Gonna say until you have a problem you Don't have a problem come back when you Have a problem by then they're gonna say You should have done it earlier Um so declaratory relief do not prohibit Me allow me to be on the ballot Um you filed your papers have they What's the process when you do this do They get uh stamped approved yes yes Yeah so you can go look at it FEC one And two so what happens is remember the FEC there's also another rule the courts Have to do called agency deference if You're the courts and an agency has Already gone through because there's Called subject matter experts and There's a whole body of law called Agency deference so in 2011 the FEC Ruled In their thing they said you can't get Matching funds but you can a naturalized Citizen can run for office and raise Money okay period That's been declared so when I so in the United States before you can run for Office I have to fill out paperwork Called fec1 which says I'm running for Office and fec2 or the other way around That declares your committee got it Viva

I've filed those you know and we've also Filed in and and how much donations we Raise you know we raised a couple Thousand dollars we just started okay So the FEC hasn't rejected my lawsuit And my papers they haven't thrown it Away period now the issue is you know I'm an educator man I educated people on The immune system so I've always put my Butt out on the line we're going to have To educate all the numbnuts out there Who were smoking weed all day in the Back of history class that you know what Shut the up 14th Amendment is there And not only can I run but I can also be President of the United States and in Fact for the 22 million naturalized Citizens it's going to be it's going to Be a much better talent pool we have to Understand when the natural-born citizen Clause is put in place as well as Slavery among other things it was done At a time when the founders were afraid Right They were afraid that a prince would Come in and become president and when it Was a fledgling democracy that's when it Came we have to understand the context By the way do you know Viva in Massachusetts it says for me to run for Governor I have to be a Christian I have To declare I'm a Christian These are how archaic this is right So people just accept it

So my point is that Article 2 Section 1 Is old all right and I have the frankly The passion because of what I've Contributed to the United States to say I have the rights I don't want to be a second-class citizen I already Dealt with that in India I'm equal Naturalized citizens equals natural born Citizen all citizens are equal that was The 14th Amendment and get it through Your thick skull that abrogates and Repeals Article 2 Section one Um Clause 5 period and what what will Happen this is my prediction right I Have standing because I'm running for Office but they will dismiss it on Something else and it will go to the Appeals court this will go all the way To the Supreme Court in the midst of This Viva I predict as we're getting on The ballot and we submit our right every State we have to collect signatures some Guy some Um Secretary of State who got a law Degree but never really studied the law Will say oh you can't be on the ballot And that will create the conditions for Us filing a pi a preliminary injunction Okay because we'll have the lawsuit in Place So that's how it's going to go yeah or Or even if they declare it if they Dismiss it for uh I don't know not lack Of standing now but it would be not

Right because there's no you haven't Suffered anything yet you'll come back And you say look I filed then you can't See it well we've already suffered it's Called besmirchment it's called the fact That It's like saying I can't go to that School because I'm black I can't run it's already there and There's a whole body of law already for That I didn't I wanted to make this Complaint very tight it's 10 pages by The way a very very you know there's the Number one constitutional lawyer on this Paul Clark Has written a wonderful Illinois review Brief on this he says it's Unconstitutional to not allow a Naturalized citizen to be president Okay it's the body of work is there but Most people are they don't want To take it on okay Well it has to be decided because I Didn't come to this country to be a Second class citizen I'm a Citizen period all citizens are created Equal period and it's really up That it's it's right in our face man It's the big elephant in the room It's like slavery you know it's like Brown versus Board of Education I'm Black I should be allowed to go to the School and the rednecks are Stopping you okay off

And that's what we want Merrick Garland To do Well it's a it's a very it's an Interesting argument I mean I'll just Bring this up now I got the section no Person accepting National born citizen Not defined in any defining section but Some people said that means native that Means born here or a citizen of the United States at the time of the Adoption of this constitution there you Said it at the time there's a temporal Issue there at the time of the adoption Of this constitution Now go go to the section of my lawsuit Where I described the 14th Amendment and It makes it absolutely clear and bowling Versus Um sharp very important lawsuit it Extended at the federal level the Fifth Amendment now reciprocates with the 14th Amendment okay And by the way to let everyone know I Have Litigation experience more than 90 Percent of the lawyers because Most lawyers settle on the courthouse Steps I've been in federal court I've Won an injunction My briefs were so good that the number One law firms Vice chairman thought I Was making you know I had people making Up my lawsuits so I've learned a little Bit about the law and I love the law I

Wish I could have gone to law school Viva because to me it's a very beautiful Subject you know it's like Engineering In many ways so but We're gonna win this and we're you know End of 2024 a lot of Victories are going To come because we're going to demolish This Left Right and people see What a real candidate looks like What it means to think Beyond left and Right and they're going to raise their Consciousness they're going to have Self-respect for themselves why the Am I supporting a guy who philandered With 38 women and then told his Wife okay it's okay to go kill yourself And then brought in the process of booby Kennedy took beautiful pictures praying Over a coffin and then had it exhumed And put somewhere else a prick [Music] I I relate to some part of of I don't Know if it's your Evolution if you're Being like yeah being being polite and Not sharing your opinion doesn't sway Minds the only question is where is that Where is that what uh Sweet Spot it's Not gonna change me this is who I am you Know you can bring me to the National Science Foundation I'll give a Fulbright Lecture people say wow what a beautiful But this is why I am why should I Change way I am go to New Jersey You do something it's like shut the

Up people every day people talk like This Viva they don't put on a face like This like Bobby Kennedy and then go bang 38 women in the back that's a prick okay They don't murder people and say my Family uh RFK is the one who escalated The Vietnam War John Kennedy oh we are Men of Peace do you understand the these people do And make him Jesus Christ The corruption is Insidious Um you know where I stand well no and Always know where I stand it's only for Well and people first of all people can Like or dislike you uh and they can Acknowledge or not acknowledge your Accomplishments only from a real Politique perspective Um much like Matt and I say Maxine Bernier had no chance of winning but it Doesn't happen it doesn't happen Overnight it happens slowly but surely And at the very least uh you can use That opposition revolutions occur Overnight Bamboo grows overnight but it took years For the root system So so let me let me what I'm saying is You know I have a book called system and Revolution it's not to sell a book People get it for free okay you can down Okay here's a bottom line When I describe what a revolution is I Describe from engineering terms it's a

Phase transition and it occurs In a hysteresis mode when ice Goes to water it occurs exactly at 212 Degrees I'm sorry at zero degrees plus Right it's it's a phase shift so when You have enough molecules vibrating Things occurring here the molecules are People's Consciousness when not enough People understand this Left Right when enough people understand Why Kennedy and Trump are scumbags and Generalize it it's over Viva and What mark my words it's going to happen In our lifetime globally because people Are waking up but the waking up that's Occurring and you're going to see more And more scumbags like the booby Kennedys come everywhere talking talking Talking Two Worlds Total company Hypocrites but are since Our movement exists which didn't exist Before we're going to be able to expose These people and that's what scares them So their only thing is to make me Invisible and I really appreciate you Having this conversation I really do Because No I have to in spite of the back and Forth we've had I just want to say that You're a fair human being you're a good Human being at a very deep level because All of these other grifters Will never put me on because if they put Me on they'll say this guy is real

And especially a guy like Joe Rogan who follows me he's had many Opportunities but he knows the day he Puts me on people are going to realize What a fraud he is that he goes with the Win he's owned by a multi-billion dollar Organization that he's owned by Ari Emmanuel he's an actor he watches which Way the wind blows delay truth is deadly But that's why I want to thank you Viva And I want to thank guys like you Who have the prescience to know you may Not agree with everything I'm saying but You know you know what this guy deserves To be heard and deserves not to be made Invisible And that's important so thank You You're doing I have a full I mean My Philosophy is I don't have to agree with You and I I agree with some of what you Say and I will respectfully disagree With other things that you say and my Other philosophy is give it the exposure And for good and for bad people will Judge you Dr Shiva and and you're Entitled to that judgment especially if You wanted I won't however have a Discussion with people who are Pathological liar someone on Twitter Challenges me have me on your show you Just lied in a number of tweets I'm not Going to entertain that type of Discourse but certainly legitimate uh

Legitimately but what I'm saying Viva is There's what the establishment now does Is put forward their obvious people and Then they create the controversy Trump Gets indicted he makes 20 million Dollars oh Kennedy's bad he gets Promoted they create theater And the true people Bottoms Up people Like myself and others get made Invisible and the revolution will occur It's not me or in people's minds when They at least have the opportunity to Listen to someone like me who gets made Invisible in spite of all my Credentials I just got accepted into Sigma's eye which is a senior research Society where they have 200 Nobel Prize Winners so I I have done all the work You wanted me to do I've aced everything I've won every award And you don't put me on your Shows and you put a guy who's a Degenerate like Kennedy and Trump Why I did everything you wanted And you don't put me on you that's What I say and I say praise to you Viva For putting me on Because those people are unfair they're Part of the swarm and that's why change Doesn't occur because they hide real Change agents like me and they don't Even let people give an opportunity well Let me hear them okay I don't like he's

Cursing yeah he may be arrogant but they Get to hear my voice And they don't want independent voices Because independent voices scare them And Kennedy literally steals my words And makes podcasts out of them and That's the not so obvious establishment But you've given me the opportunity to Call out that bastard and Trump And I know you'll make some friends and You'll make some enemies uh Dr Shiva Thank you very much Viva I really really thank you I really Do from the bottom of my heart and for All those people who look to me and our Movement to have a voice because without Freedom without the ability to have Discourse it will never be great science And without great science and truth you Will never have health and without Health we can never fight for Freedom or Truth and that's what our movement is About it's about intersecting all these Three things Period And that's what needs to happen for the World to advance consciously because our Leaders reflect our Consciousness if you Keep electing people who openly tell you My public integrity and my private Integrity don't have to match you're Going to get a scumbag of a society We have to meld your words and your Deeds like all the ancient sages and the

Great spiritual leaders always talked About And we can do that and it's not like Exception to the rule it can be what the Rule is And that's so we're at a very important Inflection point in human advancement And that's what we're trying to do here Excellent Dr Shiva thank you very very Much and uh we will continue to be in Touch but we'll follow the lawsuit and You'll come back on and give us an Update follow the lawsuit and we're Going to be doing another major lawsuit Because I have to wait six months you Know against DHS and sisa it's going to Be a damages lawsuit for you know going Back to what the judge did to us here And and I'll be doing that myself so I'll come back on for that that's gonna Be a profound lawsuit because we're also Musk is also going to be a defendant in That Well maybe we'll have one day you and Musk and you'll duke it out on the Internet invite invite Kennedy and Trump And me see if they show up they won't I'll extend the invitation I'd love to Have RFK on there's no question about That I have Barnes have barns modulated If he wants oh I would have Eric Conley What's word moderate because he's more Um you know he hasn't taken a public Position as much yet all right Dr Shiva

Thank you very much we'll be in touch And we'll keep in touch thanks be well Man have a good one all right bye-bye Yeah Jason Levine has been in the Background holy cows he's had the So everyone that was my interview with Uh Viva lafraid by the way uh to those Of you listening share this video Wherever you can YouTube has a banned me For seven days because I put up a Chemical equation showing how adrenacom Could be created and um that's what's Happened so um get this out everywhere Guys but the bottom line is uh we a Couple of things you can do right number One Learn for your own sake don't do it for Me I it took me you know 40 years to Create this entire infrastructure called Truth Freedom Health go to Truthfreedomhealth.com contribute become A warrior scholar when you contribute You get all sorts of stuff but right now Another thing you can do is go to Shiva For president.com one of these bumper Stickers put it on the back of your back Windshield on the lower back A hundred thousand people will see it Okay that's something everyone can go go To do go to Sheba for president Volunteer donate whatever you want when You donate by the way I give you stuff Okay it's a reciprocal relationship I'm Not one of these scumbags give me money

Oh I have an indictment give me money no You give us money we give you education And knowledge So go to truthfreedomhelp.com uh Contribute or go to Shiva for President.com Shiva for president.com Let me see if there's any interesting Questions here okay let's say we have Shiva 2024 Brett Farka great Um Uh uh yeah someone here says uh the Algorithm is they Shadow ban The out of you Dr Shiva thank you For using the right words okay someone Says Sticks and Stones love great Um Uh Bonnie Jones says truth get through Your get get this through your fixed Calls great Um Uh Someone says fire heats water Extinguishes fire great so anyway Um I hope this is valuable we'll be Doing two more interviews today but get These videos out you know downloaded put It up on YouTube Um get it out there and um as I close Let me play a video for all of you and Tell all your friends go to Shiva for President.com uh get involved and uh get These bumper stickers it's really simple They're like less than five bucks we Include shipping but it's a powerful

Thing you know millions of people out There that puts the fear of God into the Establishment they go holy these Guys are everywhere you want to do Something and you want to scare them get One of these bumper stickers put it on The back windshield of your car and Volunteer because we want to get on the Ballot and all of you wherever you are In the world put it on because this is a Movement okay it's a global movement uh For all of us thank you be well be the Light let me play this video and I'll be Back to say goodbye who would have ever Thought I'd be running for president of The United States of America I was born A low-caste Untouchable in India's caste System a system of aristocracy Oppression and racism my name is Dr Shiva ayaduray I'm an MIT PhD a Fulbright scholar a scientist engineer Entrepreneur and inventor my family and I left India to come to America on my Seventh birthday I grew up in the Working-class neighborhoods of New Jersey playing baseball mowing lawns Painting houses and coding software my Friends and neighbors are blacks Italians Irish people of all Races as a 14 year old I wrote fifty thousand lines Of software code to create the world's First email system and was awarded the First U.S copyright for email Recognizing me as its official inventor

At a time when copyright was the only Way to protect software inventions I did That long before I ever came to MIT Revealing that big Innovations can occur Anytime Anyplace by anybody growing up I Saw politicians dividing Us by race and Religion in both America and India to Have us fighting each other while they Remained safe in their gated community In their playgrounds of Hollywood Martha's Vineyard in Silicon Valley I'm A fighter I fought racism and exposed Their imperialist wars fought for Workers and put my life on the line Against Global corruption I never wanted To run for political office all that Changed when I saw working Americans as Never before being duped by The Establishment and the not so obvious Establishment across left and right we Were being sold out and made to forget Why we came to America and why America Existed lawyers academics billionaires Celebrities and politicians Elites Clinton's Kennedys bidens Obama's bushes Black and white have hijacked America They've printed trillions for their Friends they delivered crumbling Infrastructure corruption and racism They transfer trillions to themselves Dividing black and white fear-mongering And fake science lockdowns and Censorship dirty air food and water Pushing drugs upon us making us sicker

We've been sold out one set of rules for Them and another for us we deserve a Warrior with a history of courage in Putting everything on the line for you Who believes in you not them who has Created a movement Bottoms Up For Truth Freedom Health I've exposed their lies At the right time never waiting until it Was popular I've exposed their false Gods who exist to lead you back to them I've exposed their fake signs of Lockdowns and masking and provide you Solutions to fight them and win and Protect your immune system saving Millions I expose fauci Galvanize a fire Fouchy campaign when others remain Silent when they stole our election we Sued the government and Twitter in our Historic 2020 Federal lawsuit exposing In Bear view the government and big Tech Censorship infrastructure the Unholy Alliance between government and social Media companies where was Elon and his Grifters they stood by the sidelines and Did nothing they did not use their Megaphones to help us when it could have Made a big difference now our movement Grows for truth Freedom Health Independent of all of them everyday Millions are learning the science of Systems the knowledge the elites do not Want you to have so you may learn how to Think stand up and fight independent of These establishment of left and right

And their fake Heroes now it's time for You to join the movement to win back America to win back truth win back Freedom win back your health that's why I'm running for president of the United States this race is about you this race Is about truth Freedom Health versus Power profit control we've had enough They think we'll fall in line and vote Again for their lawyers celebrities Billionaires and chosen ones from above We choose our heroes from below from the Rank and file who do what is right at The right time not when it's convenient And popular they can never represent us What America needs is a movement by the Working people for the working people or Educated organized decentralized and Fight for independence from their Systems of control and that movement Exists it's ready for you we don't need Them we need us to go bottoms up Neighbor to neighbor my journey your Journey are all the same it's our time It's time we had one of us it's time to Win back truth Freedom Health to win Back America be part of this historic Movement all the way to our Victory on November 5th 2024. if you're an American Citizen Pledge Your vote now for Dr Shivaya duray the independent candidate For U.S president no matter where you Live you can be a part of this volunteer As little as 20 minutes a day don't

Delay this is Dr shivaya duray and I Approve this message paid for by Dr Shiva for president All right everyone let's have a uh a fun Time here we have some really cool by The way we have some really nice magnets You can get you can put on your car okay You have this the bumper stickers we Have Um cards you can get all right and these Cards are awesome because you can put These cards Um There are these oops here there they're Cards on the front of it it has Dr Shiva On it okay And on the back of it it gives what's Going on okay that the fact that the Elites are killing you okay that they Are Um you know what's going on with the Lifespan so you can give these to people So what's your Weaponry get a bumper Sticker put it on the back of your car Hand out cards and get on the ground the Future is offline and for God's sake go To truth Freedom health or donate and Learn the principles because without the Principles you're screwed you will think Every other next false prophet is going To be your savior coming from above it Ain't gonna happen nothing's coming from Above it's going to come from below okay Jesus Christ was born in a manger okay

He would come he came from one of us and That's what this is about it's time for One of us it's time to shatter the Swarm Get involved be the light and uh and Wherever you are get involved okay it's Time for action action action action be Well

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