Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – NATO Imperialism In Finland & More.

Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – NATO Imperialism In Finland & More.

All right good afternoon everyone it's Dr Shiva ayaduray today is a triple Header Um we're going to be talking uh on a Very interesting topic today Um on NATO U.S NATO imperialism in Finland and that's we're going to be Talking about and we're joined uh today By a very very important guest Um I'm going to bring her on let me see If Anna's here there's Anna so there's Anna uh hipaka Anna could you pronounce Your name so I say it right Uh you might not be able to uh only Yes Who's uh one of our leaders from the Truth for the health movement in Finland Um and uh so we're gonna have a Conversation today with Anna Anna hipaka Um on this topic about U.S NATO Imperialism in Finland And so this is going to be a great Opportunity for everyone wherever you Live to really understand a couple of Things first of all Um the nature of the fact that the Movement for truth Freedom health will Give you a background on that that Um how it's spread all over the world And and they will give you a a Background on her journey as a Finn Growing up in Finland how she came Across our movement that'll be part one The next thing we're going to talk about

Is Finland as a country you know Historically we're not going to go back To Paleolithic times but you know I Think we'll have a discussion and a on Um you know the lappies you know where You grew up right Um how Finland first got you know its Own sovereignty right from the Russian Empire you know just give people some Context And then the third thing we want to talk About is what's occurred with the United States and NATO imperialism and how That's affected Finland in the recent History and how it's affecting the Finnish people Um just to keep this in mind Finland and The Soviet Russia share a nearly a 1 000 Mile border okay I'd sort of like the United States in some ways Canada right So they're almost neighboring countries So let me um Begin by first of all Thanking you and I don't know what time Is it in Finland right now Oh it's half half past nine p.m and and Is this what time of the year is this I Know sometimes in Finland you have those Very long Winters right yeah we do we Have four seasons and this is Summer and Uh we almost consider August as Um Autumn time as the school and uh job Start again in August In Europe August is uh the holiday month But in Finland it's uh you know the

Summer is over almost and when when the Winters are long just to let people know How long does the sun stay up or it gets Dark can you give people an idea yeah uh Well in up in Lapland up north it Doesn't go down at all during some time It's it stays up like a couple of months For 24 hours right yeah I brought up a Google Maps here so People understand where Finland is okay So a little bit of geography right Um when you look at the United States We're right here I'm in I'm in Massachusetts right here Boston Right and if you take a straight line Across Um Finland is way up here right And you're sort of in the southern Finland and if you go across us like Southern New you know Um uh Greenland and if you go way up to What you're talking about where the Lappies are that's up here right yeah Right so that's oh way up here and You're basically you know the Arctic Ocean is right here right this is the uh Baron sea it's an or agency but Um and to give people an idea Finland is Really different than in some ways Scandinavia right Norway Sweden and Denmark we'll talk about this The Finnish people are very different Historically than the people Sweden Norway and Denmark but that's where

Finland is Helsinki right Ana is a Capital of Finland yes yes right here Yeah Capital Um and to the east of Finland is Russia Right it's right here yeah and this is This 800 mile border that we're talking About right yeah all the way up yeah Yeah all the way up all the way up all The way up all the way up here and this Is where Lapland is right where the Reindeer are yeah it's actually no way We have a border with Norway so Norway Has this um Northern part you see the Border there Right right here right yeah It's no way up there but so Norway comes Up around here yeah Norway is actually All up here if you look at the board Yeah and it's got no way it's got a Small border with Ross also so I say Yeah also goes over here and Russia is Right here Yeah Russ is a bit more East there right Over here Okay so Norway's here Denmark is here And then Finland is right in here Denmark is actually the down south I'm Sorry Sweden Sweden yeah Sweden Finland and then you have Denmark Down here okay okay all right great so We're talking about this region of the World up in here Um and what you're saying is here it's 24 hours in the winter time in the

Summer time right the sun just stays Around right yeah and it's about 19 Hours uh a flight in Helsinki All from Helsinki to here's 19 hours Yeah so it's darker here Oh what do you mean it's what do you Mean 19 hours uh well it's it's sort of Because okay yeah okay but here it's not You're saying in Lapland the Sun stays Up 19 hours no it stays over you know a Couple of months For 19 hours yeah and here I think it Stays for 19 hours a day oh but here It's 24 hours so yeah yeah so it's time That's the uh I say I know it's on you know okay so so Basically what you're saying is in Helsinki Um in Helsinki The Sun during the summer time is 19 Hours but in Lapland it's 24 hours yeah And uh that's a bit depressing but at Winter time the lap Atlanta hasn't got Any sun at all so it's on the wintertime 24 hours no sun yeah and in the last Couple of months yeah but in the South It's 19 hours of day uh no sense no it's Actually five hours a day during The Long Winter Yeah okay all right well tell us a Little bit about yourself Annie tell us About you know your you know whatever You want to share Um that you feel comfortable growing up

What you did what do you do Etc Uh Parents Working people So it's useful in Finland even with my Uh friends and everybody like both Parents work actually nobody no Mom is Staying at home And uh I was I was we lived in uh in a block of Flats that was very useful all the Workers live in a block of Flats on Apartments And it was kind of kind of um Fun of course we had so many friends Around we spent a lot of time outside Playing with the friends and running Around and uh we have the CE It near So swimming and things like that And many things have some accordities we Also had a summer Cottage my dad started To build the cottage and sauna of course Some of us then the cottage Uh it was it was quite near it's uh what Do you think he built the sauna first And then he built the cottage yeah Because we slept in the sauna because Now that you have the heat room and then You have the kind of dressing room right Which is for taking off your clothes and Like things like that but you can also Have beds in there hmm so that was Pretty nice because we were spending all

Summers there and then we headed back to The town And my mom and dad uh kept working During the summer Uh it's useful to have about 30 30 20 to 30 days or off At summertime So they drove off to work from there and I was there living with my sister And that was pretty exciting too because We made our own food and so on Went swimming nobody was kind of uh Watching over us So it was it was pretty carefully what Kind of food did you eat growing up in That I know when I was there in Finland They had the Bramble berries the Lingenberries reindeer meat what did you Eat growing up Yeah it was pretty basic like a fish Soup Uh meat soup kind of things we could Heat up or you know But the Finnish food is like I could Imagine English Food like potatoes and meat potatoes and Fish Pretty basic and Some some vegetables also and also we Have blueberries growing everywhere so Everybody's cooking blueberries Cranberries Or all kind of All kinds of um berries

But do you eat the cheeses there in the Mornings right No Uh actually it's porridge With some berries what kind of porridge Uh out or axillary is the other popular One and now does rye grow in Finland Yeah I say but not oats no right yeah They they grow both yeah also in the Morning you would have like a porridge a Warm hot porridge yeah yeah and then for Lunch you would have what some Well when I went to school I mean uh When I was a child we had uh about three Days a week we had some soup like fish Soup Meat soup or pea soup or whatever soup I Said so it was pretty light when I think Of it And then at night you would have like Some fish or meat Etc yeah and potatoes What about reindeer meat you had right Or is that a delicacy No you can have it you can have it yeah Yeah When I went I'm sorry sorry Sandy food Kind of uh it's not an everyday food It's a Sunday food I say I said and and the fish comes locally Obviously right from the ocean it's Ocean Fisher yeah it did then now it Comes from some Farm I think now Finland Is called the land of Swami right swamp Swami yes yes the land of all these

Lakes and rivers right yeah Thousands of uh Lakes actually Because when you go to the map what's Interesting with Finland is there are Many people in Finland and I just want To zoom in on this It's an interesting sort of uh so if you Look on this is there's tons of lakes Here right all these Lakes yeah if you Go a bit South yeah South so we are not in Russia right There you can see it's yeah it's just All these Lakes right It's almost like a scene yeah right this Is I mean this is Finland it's lakes and Lakes and Lakes right tons and tons of Lakes yeah and what's interesting is I Know that a lot of fins when they move To the United States gets where they Moved They move to oops let me go here to Minnesota yeah And if you go across to Minnesota Minnesota let me zoom out here Has lots and lots of Lakes Right so I think Minnesota is where I Mean Yeah I think people need to understand Okay here we go Because we recently took a long trip We go out here so if we go here Minnesota's right up here right And you'll see a lot of the fins settled In this area right yeah

Which again has lots and lots of lakes Up here right So they went from there to this region Right So anyway Um I think it's it's important to Understand that visually Finland has Many many lakes right yeah um so are the Fish from Lake Santa or no yeah people Do fish nowadays too and they uh buy Fish from the markets and We have a lot of fish Yeah So you grew up there in in this your Parents are both working class what did You end up studying Annie uh I ended up Studying actually I was interested in in Technical I was Daddy's girl so my dad Uh so taught me everything And uh I became so interested in pipes Sewers and uh things like that so I went To draw the pipes I don't know what it's Called it's um heating pipe piping and Uh Those things yeah mechanical drawing They call it here yeah yeah okay So I started that uh and we had lots of Lots of um Jobs from uh Russia actually So I started to learn the Alphabets because we had to brush them Yeah Russian alphabet and that's not That's not that's not easy yeah but uh

Then came the uh depression of the 90s Some banks collapsed All the building companies big building Companies finished once they collapsed And uh it was a it was a It was awful anyway I started waiting For my first child So I was not working and I moved a bit Up North with my husband Then I got my second uh child and Started working as a map Drawer Cartography they call it yeah Topography and that got me interested And I started studying surveying But I didn't get the uh job as the Topographer I went to work for a water Company And I went I put my overalls on padid And went uh surveying the pipes it's Pretty hard because they have to dig Them uh over one meter deep because of The frost so it's always two or four Meters Below the ground yeah And uh when the uh when the technology Became More commonly used I I was transferred To to computer so I'm doing computer Work now and I'm also I transferred I moved to Helsinki back to Helsinki and I'm doing computer work now like uh it's Actually like computer drawings of all These mechanical things or no it's

Actually it's actually surveying and City Planning Uh Kind of uh geological information data I Say yeah so there's a whole field called GIS geological Information Systems yes Google uses a lot of that right when They're doing all their mapping software You know and they're picturing like all These Google Maps and all those kinds of Things but you do it for the city yeah Yeah and I also do 3D houses buildings So you know the ones who You can turn around and you can walk Through and can see so you'll actually Do those renderings the drawings yeah Okay So Annie so how did you Come across you know truth freedom and Help give us sort of your personal Journey what brought you to this you Know because what we've noticed is There's a lot of people in Finland Um who are very attracted to the Movement uh most people in the United States know Finland for like Nokia right Which was a phone company right uh Finns Have a very very rich mathematical Background engineer very smart Engineers Scientists Um very a strong educational system if I Remember But go ahead tell us how you came across Truth Freedom health yeah

I've I've been thinking about it and I Was always angry as a child I think I think I always thought like oh this is like hey this is not working at all Why don't they change it you know I was Angry And uh somehow I got downtrodden like Many of us because you can't actually do Anything Uh there's no way to change things so That went on and on and uh Then covered Heats and I went to demonstrations And also I went to see this new party that was uh That was grounded And there I lost hope all hope to Political systems I just saw through it I just saw it's a so I I was just Like oh I'm walking out here uh this is Not good but uh that was a good thing Because I met Timur there and he told me About fruit Freedom Health movement Oh so so let me just so there so in it's About during covet in 2020 there was Movements in Finland right yeah Demonstrations and also new political Parties were formed right so in Finland In 2020 new political parties are coming Yeah Against like the vaccine mandates right Yeah yeah and that's where you met Tomorrow who's another one of our

Leaders in Finland yeah and what got you Interested in truth freedom and health What was because there's all these other Political Trends there Yeah It was it was the system It was the system the foundations of Systems Because I I knew there's something Interesting in there and I just couldn't Grab it and I had to I had to sign up And study it Yeah and so Anna there was nothing more Left yeah everyone listening in 2020 as Many people know is a very very Important time right because you have The quote-unquote pandemic is happening Lockdowns are taking place Um people who don't want to take the Vaccines right they're being thrown out Of jobs Um you can't move right people had to Stay in their homes a lot of people were Dying right Um meaning people who in many ways were Restricted to their homes right with all The stuff we talked about now these Political parties they came up in Response to covet right to fight the Government right yeah And what you're saying is there was a Lot of chaos is that right with all These different parties and you couldn't Figure out who was on what side yeah and

I have there are over 20 parties over 20 Political parties in Finland so I think They want to divide us as much as they Can Uh-huh Yeah because Finland has a parliamentary System right it's not a And I think people need to understand in A parliamentary system Many parties run for office in all the Different counties and districts And based on what percentage of votes They get they get that many number of People in the parliament So for example if there's 20 parties and They each get let's say five percent of The vote They'll each get five percent Representatives in the parliaments if There's 100 Representatives you will Have 555 for 20 parties right in the United States system it's not like that It's winner take all it's majority System So whoever gets the most gets all of Those seats right so if one party wins The election in a neighborhood they get All the seats so parliamentary system in Some ways is a little more fair because You're representing the different Viewpoints and Finland has a Parliamentary system But there's a rule uh that all those Little small parties uh they are not

That easily they cannot enter that Easily anyway so it's not kind of Fair Anyway I see so they make it difficult for the Small parties to enter so it looks like You have a parliamentary system Typically it's two major parties and They build coalitions right yeah or Three actually now we have four I think Right so what typically happens is You'll have the three parties and the Other small parties will build Coalitions with one of those three yeah Okay so all this chaos is taking place And then you come across another Gentleman to more And what you're telling with me is what You got attracted by was the systems Approach that we were taking And Um so what did you learn so to everyone Listening Um Annie got involved and because you have Sort of an artistic mind and an Engineering mind you have both Minds Um what really got you when you took the Foundations of systems course what was Like the one thing that you really Learned that you thought was the most Powerful Uh I think it was the uh realization This is something new and it's not in

Use Like In in the world right now so And you can use it In for it for anything so it's pretty Easy and uh Yeah Yeah so someone just asked they said Doctor why are you doing interviews with You right now so the reason we're doing This interview to people joining and by The way the talk we're heading we're so Sort of moving towards us because I just Want everyone to understand Finland uh Is NATO imperialism in Finland but the Reason we're doing this conversation is Most people a don't know where Finland Is because they don't study history B Most people do not know that Finland and Russia are very very close and they have A big history and Annie is going to give Us a very different sort of report from Finland that you would get from the Mainstream media so that's where we're Doing this Um and as a part of that Sam Um we're basically reviewing Annie's History she just gave and now we're Talking about how she came to the truth Freedom Health movement So Annie the the key thing you were Saying was the systems approach And what was the one Central thing I'm Sorry if you could repeat that again

It was it was It was yet right so Possibility of change right so something Innovative and to let everyone know There's a book I have over here called System and revolution Um which basically defines what is a System And as you know Annie that and to Everyone listening about 10 000 people on the planet out of the Eight billion people really understand What a system is there's a science I Used to teach it and what we wanted to Do was my service goal was to make sure Everyone in the world could learn system Science because in my view if they did They could fundamentally really Understand how things worked So Annie when you so all this chaos is Going on in 2020 How did the science of systems help you Figure out give you some Idea of how to deal with all the chaos That was going on in Finland at the time It was actually it was actually the Understanding the uh not so obvious Establishment Yeah so explain to people what is the Not so obvious establishment in in the Simplest ways it's the It's the ones who shout into Parliament That think things you should be done This way and that way and you and

Like that and they still can't do Anything So they trick you into believing they Are fighting for you But nothing happens Yeah so that's a very important thing so I hope everyone understands that the Central reason That nothing ever changes is because you Have the obvious establishment And then you have the people like the Politicians who will be barking at the Obvious establishment oh you're not Doing this you're not doing that And it's all theater and we're seeing it Right now in the United States Donald Trump is yelling at you know the rhinos And you have this other fool Kennedy It's just talk talk but it the way what We teach is if you actually look at These people's histories They were always part of the Establishment And that's one of the fundamental things Annie I think because then when you were Looking at all those 20 parties you Could probably realize they're all part Of one of the three yeah establishment Forces is that right yeah Yeah and what are those three parties in Finland known as today Uh Well that's usually left right and Center and fins

And for some reason the sweets because There's uh is it four or five percent of Uh Finnish uh Swedish speaking So there are always somehow involved Oh who the the swedes are involved in Finland yeah in the parliament they're Always in the parliament I say I say How's that Isn't it Yeah Well one of the things I wanted to talk About just adding some water here is That if you look at that phenomenon in Finland right you have these different Parliaments but ultimately one of these All of these parties who bark at each Other ultimately Are One Wing of the Establishment right either left right or Center or these two three wings that They have because we have we had the Lift during covet and now we have the Right Right it's going to opposite directions And they always just change it right So you had I think in Finland that woman Who recently got thrown out right She was a quote-unquote lefty What was her name uh the Prime Minister You mean right the one that yeah they Saw her partying outside and they made a Big deal out of that right yeah cocaine And then yeah yeah it was actually to Cover some laws they paused while while Everybody was shouting about cocaine

They passed him laws during during that Time I see so they did that as a distraction So if anyone listening they had the Finnish prime minister was caught you Know doing cocaine and partying and all This stuff and you're saying they did That distraction meanwhile they passed a Bunch of laws yeah yeah okay yeah so I Think that's important to remember so Whether you're looking at the United States or that this is pure theater it Was all theater that they did for PR you Know over here you distract the masses And over here you do something else Let's um Talk about Finland okay historically Um when did Finland get its independence Annie and who did Finland get Independence from Well it was it started it started in the 1800s Uh towards uh 1900 Uh and uh it was about the workers Workers rights also women wanted uh like Election what is it called uh voting Rights the right to vote yeah yeah And Uh it was we were Grand duchy of Russia So we were Grand duchy of Finland So we had our own uh Was called Um We had our own laws

Kind of uh Loosely tightened to Russia But we could like decide our own things And then towards the 1900s the Russian Uh Char who got changed As he's the father died Wanted to have famous men in to enter a Russian army And the man said no and that's what uh Many people did Back then they moved to USA To avoid going to tsar's Army So we started the independence fight Back then And it was building and building and Building and there was Lots of things happening but anyway 1917 We got our independence from right now I Think it's important for people to know Before Um in prior to 1800s right it's with Sweden sort of ruled over Finland and Then Russia took over Finland right like you said as a grand Duchy and in 1917 Um Russia became I mean Finland became Independent of Russia yeah and I I just Want to bring this up I want people to Understand that 1917 and the period You're saying and we talk about this in Our course training is a very important Period If you go look at 1917 the bolsheik Revolution that took place Um which was like the bomb went off

Right Um Uh Um And what really happened was that when The bomb was that the Russian working Class rose up and they got rid of the Czar In 1917 and that moment in history Spread many many movements all over the World in the United States you had the Women's movement you had many many Things a lot of people don't understand The Russian Revolution was very powerful Movement that affected all every part of The world And I think you had the women's movement But one of the things I want to bring up To people a lot of people need to um let Me share the screen here Is this you know it was Lenin and it was a the rep the Russian Revolutionary actually recognized Finnish Independence and one of the Theories here was that it's a concept of National self-determination Um when uh Russia got their Liberation Overthrowing the Czar the thesis was That every country could be part of the Soviet Union if they wanted to separate They could And even though some of the people in The Soviet Union thought oh no we should Keep Russia in

Um in a very good way Lenin was very Very good about this he said no if every People if there are separate people they Have a different language it's called The concept of a nation National Self-determination So it's a very important concept that if You're an ethnic group and you believe You want to have your own Nation you Should have the right to separate So Lenin was very very supportive of Finland's right to become their own Nation on this policy called National Self-determination So and that's where Russia comes into Being so and the important thing is you Had Russia the Soviet Union at that time And you had Finland they could have Easily kept Um Russia as a part of the Soviet Union Right I mean Finland is a part of the Soviet Union but in many ways it was a Very powerful time because a revolution Had taken place there were many ethnic Groups all over the Soviet Union it was Called Russia and people wanted at that Time to have their own Self-determination so I think Finland is Very very important to people understand It came out of the bolshric Revolution Right it came out of these very Revolutionary times Um and then Finland got its own

Um National self-determination out of That So let's talk about Annie um right now What's going on Um everyone knows that when the Soviet Union came into being right in 1917 Um to 19 World War II right there was World War One then we had World War II After World War II an organization Called NATO got created right National uh Atlantic Treaty Organization And the United States was really the PowerHouse behind NATO and initially There were a few countries Which were part of NATO and the purpose Of NATO was to defend Europe from the Soviet Union that's why It was created Soviet Union was a threat We are going to be a set of countries if You attack one country we will together Attack the Soviet Union Um and NATO has now grown It's grown grown and grown right in fact In 1990s when you talked about the Banking collapse it was decided uh when The Soviet Union fell right in 1992 Around that time that Gorbachev was the Leader the Soviet Union had made an Agreement with George Bush the first Bush and Bush said we will never go east Of Germany which means NATO would only Stay the west of Germany but we would Never go east of Germany and what has Happened over the last you know 40 years

30 years is NATO has continued to expand And encircle Russia Um I believe Finland Annie went into This into NATO right are they part of NATO now yeah yes they are so why don't You talk about The quote-unquote pandemic occurs and Then you have the Ukraine war 2014 is when the United States throws Out they engineered a coup in Ukraine They got rid of an elected president Who's pro-russia they put in their own Guy who was actually a Nazi the people Of eastern Ukraine are very upset Um that Nazis empowering Ukraine uh Russia gets Um upset so you have this war how has That affected Uh Finland given it has this 800 mile Border with Um Russia so please share with us just You know over the last you know not only Five years over the last 10 years the Relationship with Russia and Um you know how the media portrays Russia if you can just share with a set Of someone on the ground who sees this Actually I came across some old emails My daughter has sent sent me 30 2014. And she was afraid of putting attacking And I was like I was at the time in Australia and uh I was like reading Through them So I made a conclusion the propaganda

Started back in 2014 it was because of The uh what's happened in Ukraine Parts of the world And since then we've had like uh every Time I go to the shops and I see the Headlines it's like Putin is sick Putin Is mad booting has lost his mind voting Has no friends it's it's unbelievable It's it's like every day a new kind of The You know thingy And uh I think many people believe that they Think he's some kind of dictator he's Mad he's going to attack us he's going To uh you know attack everyone And it's been going on for so long So if you hear that every day and you See that every day It's like many inputs all the time all The news everything about putting this Putting that he's going to attack us I Think it affects Minds anyway So we've had a good relationships of Course with Russia and now we don't so They ruined ruined their relationships So how is Putin represented in Russia Like let's say 10 years ago how are the Russians Represented to The Finnish people Annie And how are they represented now in in The in the mainstream media in Finland Well I didn't know many Russians come Across the border they uh they're doing

The shopping actually they had more Money than uh things so people were very Happy about it they were shopping and Spending And going to the spas and La plant and Everything And now they are you know they can't I I Don't know what's the situation right Now but there are hardly any Russians Here coming here surprise oh also so During the early like 1990s 80s 2000 Russians and Finnish went back and forth Yeah yeah and now there's no Russians Coming into Finland at all yeah And no fins going to Russia yeah I don't Think so so but the Finns and the Russians never saw themselves as enemies Or did they did they or do they have Good relations Well I don't I don't think I think Finns Were a bit uh What is called jealous about them having So much money and stuff like that Because the Russian women are completely Different from fitness women they are Like always made up they are fine hair Fine clothes And we are like just wearing t-shirts And like you know very well you think so So so if a Finnish woman is much more Down to earth yeah relatively you're Saying but a Russian woman is much more Made up and with all their dresses and Makeup and all this I say also so the

Finnish women used to look to the Russian women as some sort of a higher Class of people or they had all this I Would just say uh I think they were jealous like always Saying that oh but she's Russian like That's why she got so many so much uh Jewelry uh yeah something like that you Know it's just stupid I say so Um when did this travel between Russia And Finland stop When did that happen like 2000 Um was it 2010 or is it was it was it 2020. it was during the uh covet the Lockdowns right really so it's not it's Not being going on for long And Finland Um really gets a lot of natural gas Right From Russia is that right yeah because We are next to it so it's very natural Right to get get does Finland still get That natural gas from Russia no we get Ships from USA Right so I think it's very important for People to understand in 2013 Condoleezza Rice Who is a rabid warmonger who was the Adviser to Bush And she was a professor then she said we Must stop Um the dependents of Europe on Russian Oil or Russian fuel that was the goal

And the next year the United States made Sure that the Elected president of Ukraine was thrown Out in a coup it was called the maiden Revolution right And but she said that we must make Europe rely on U.S oil not Russian oil So what you're saying is in the last What Seven months eight months a year Annie That Finland used to have very close Relationships with Russia rely on their Fuel and now that's cut so yeah yeah I Think the the what is it the compressed Natural gas The LNG liquid is coming from Louisiana It's coming from the United States and Ships Uh right up to Finland is that right Yeah yeah Okay so people should understand that so A part of this entire uh LNG a part of This entire thing was now Finland which Was a very close Ally Of Russia right in Friendly relations Has now become essentially a NATO has Become part of NATO And also become fully reliant on energy From the United States is that Fair to say Annie yes you made a 10 10-year uh deal Writes when the uh Russians attacked Ukraine Our Minister made a 10-year deal out of

The Natural Gas Oh when was that recently uh well see uh 21 21 right oh I see right after the United States started funding Um Ukraine Uh yeah okay well actually it was in May And I think Russians went to Ukraine In was it February Right so it was pretty soon our Minister Made the 10-year deal and it's not cheap Right but the bottom line is Finland Was the Finnish people's relationship With Russia has essentially been Destroyed yeah and Finland is is Essentially dependent on U.S oil and to Let everyone know that was a goal in 2013 of Condoleezza Rice Who was by the way on the board of uh Chevron okay So she's a professor uh was the Secretary of state right under George Bush and the whole goal was to uh Basically have all of Europe dependent On United States oil versus Russian oil And how has that affected people in Finland Price wise money-wise can you talk about The everyday life of Finnish people I think we see the uh gas A gas here it's natural gas LNG Uh we are cooking with gas and uh We are not heard about the prices yet Because it takes a while in a block of

Flats until you count all of those But the whole of Helsinki is cooking With gas so and uh also as for Tom berry I think it goes around Not all of Finland but a big part anyway But what's the part what's the bottom Line the effect the price has been Affected Yeah the price is higher And and do Finns feel that economically Does it affecting them or they're okay With the price increase I Think because you know You turned 14 when Russia went there we Are not being told that yet so these Things are not discussed You can't find them anywhere what what Is not discuss any uh it's not the you Know the things do not know that Russia Went there to protect The uh the independent states there Right right now but what I'm saying is So you're saying the the Finns believe That Russia invaded Ukraine yeah yeah Right right but so but what I'm saying Is economically given That the gas prices are higher now Um by how much higher they five percent Ten percent twenty percent fifty percent I don't know actually No I didn't know I I just meant to say That we are not told about these things No no but don't you see it when you go Get gasoline when you go yes I mean uh

Natural gas like right or or utilities Your your prices for electricity has it Affected the price of goods in Finland Uh actually the electricity is a whole Different thing uh our ministers and and Politicians have actually sold all our Great Electrical Creed to a foreign Investment companies So they want more profits so that's all That's going to investors Right you know what I'm trying to find Out Annie is if you look at your Personal life okay your electrical Prices your food prices your gas yeah It's higher it's higher how much is it Five percent ten percent fifty percent How much higher Five years it's actually higher it was Higher at winter time Right but how much higher than let's say Before all of this Well my I have so many uh you know I Can't speak for myself I I hardly use Anything anyway but uh Hence if your heat Eating because we're heating all winter Right if you're not electric heating It's very it's very Expensive it's about uh three to five Times uh higher it's like thousands if It was 500 it might have been uh two Thousand Yeah yeah so uh they created all kind of

Supports and subsidy systems for that so You can you can get something from the Government to pay the price For Investment companies that get the uh you Know the end money So it's it's it's totally sick Okay so what you're saying is they Increase the price yeah and then the Government gave subsidies to people Which also go back to those companies Yeah right okay so basically they took Money from Over here from middle class people and Then they're subsidizing the very poor People and the money goes back to their Friends in these investment companies Who run the entire electric grid okay Yeah there's been they so they make the Poor people feel good as though the Government's protecting them yeah Meanwhile the middle class and working People are getting squeezed yeah okay All right well that's the same story Here so let's um so I think just in Summary to people joining us we're Having a discussion on a very personal Level you know many many of you know I'll do these very deep dive political Discussions but today's on NATO Imperialism in Finland but it's being Done by really talking to someone on the Ground And I assured her history there she

Talked about we talked about the brief History of Finland we talked about what Happened after U.S and NATO Um started working to make sure Finland Was no longer dependent on Russian oil Right or Russian energy but now Dependent on investment or outside People's electrical energy as well as U.S energy but the bottom line is a Middle class and Finland has gotten Squeezed But the government is being subsidized a Very poor people and the money they take From the middle class goes to them and They just give it back to the big Investment companies right so it's Basically wealth redistribution they Take money for the middle class The tax dollars the government gives to The poor so the poor feel like the Government's working for them and the Money just flows back to the extremely Wealthy large investment companies That's what it sounds like yeah right All right So Um in Finland It's from what you're saying is there's Been massive propaganda To present Russia as the enemy and NATO And the United States is coming in to Save Ukraine is that right yes And in Finland how do the Finns feel do They feel this like if you looked at I

Remember we were talking to Timur he Said some of the Russian Parliamentarians they were the other way They never wanted part of NATO and then He said they all got paid off and now They all want to be part of NATO is that Right he said some switch occurred when Did that occur Annie I think 22 Um yeah so last year so in 2022 many of The parliament people prior to that they Voted not to be part of NATO right and Then after that they all voted to be Part of NATO yeah and now of course President said it's enough we don't we Don't have to have uh any voting about Uh joining NATO the street got gallops Uh okay That's enough Street what street Gallup Gallup what is called a street interview What is it called on the street like Talking to people on the street surveys Yeah yeah We don't even need to we don't need to Have a vote just go ask people randomly Yeah yeah I see so basically they did Massive propaganda To make Russia the enemy and then they Just got everyone to vote to support Being part of NATO is that right yes How do you feel do you feel being part Of NATO is better for Finland Like do you feel like uh do people in Finland feel like it's safer now to be

Part of NATO how do people feel It's so sick you can't actually you Can't actually talk about this Uh I can't talk with my colleagues Uh it's too it's too uh kind of hurtful To talk about try to talk about it Creates a lot of fight yeah no I mean It's it's kind of too delicate why is That uh I don't know people I've gone to It's it's gonna worse since uh 2020 so People are not talking about anything Anymore they are talking about the nice Things Not about this Oh I see I see this is too too much for Them to even talk about yeah I think Some people don't even want to talk About yeah what do you think what do you Think that is because They feel hurt like they didn't want to Be part of Russia I mean part of NATO Well like why do you think they don't Want to talk about it I think over how The half uh falling into complacency They just don't want to know anything About anything lets us think about their Own things And the other half is uh not sure what's Happening and maybe it's good maybe they Are NATO is protecting us and uh Maybe not I don't know it's it's it's All a mess Yeah so I think what you just said you

Use the word complacency I want to just Um as we're sort of closing out today Annie thank you very much for sharing All this but one of the things we talk About in truth freedom and help is by The way this is the website people Should go there it's really an Educational program Um you know we're in 300 400 000 people In about 120 countries but one of the Graphs that I really like to show here Is this graph this is what you're Talking about right Annie yes All this information over the last 10 Years to the fins was fed fed through Ignorance right To basically blame Russia right uh Destroy a lot of confusion you said There were 20 new parties that emerged Right during the pandemic right And so this was a lot for people to Handle and then you have the conflict in Ukraine so what ends up happening when You create all this illusion and Ignorance and confusion People end up in complacency they don't Want to talk about this anymore it's too Much for their brain that's what you're Saying right yeah Is that what you're saying yes and also We have some uh all the demonstrations Were divided to a new age and there's This Q group who still waits for Trump To save them even oh so in in Finland

There's a q group yeah of course there Are cute people who are just waiting for Trump to save them Right so so what you're saying is one Group of so basically all this chaos Took place in 2020 it burned people out Then you had the Ukraine war Uh Finland joins NATO you had the Increase of gas price so people just Have overwhelmed right now mentally so They don't want to have even a political Discussion that's what you're saying Yeah so because of that environment People are waiting for Trump to get Elected And then he's going to cure everything That's and you're saying there's one Segment of Finnish population which even Believes that yeah they believe the Q Stuff and there's this kind of uh the Light comes from the north Uh our kind of our own cue So that involves like nothing but Waiting also I think I see so they so They're basically doing some cult-like Stuff just wait wait wait something's Gonna happen yeah yeah right and so one Of the things obviously you know Anna so What we talk about is that so they get People into complacency desperation or You had a left prime minister now you Have a right prime minister and this is What actually happens So that's so so in many ways Finland is

An example an unfortunate example of What's happened right now and as you Know what we talk about the solution is People really need to start Understanding these systems and that's Why I think it was valuable to have you You know in this call because I think people you are someone who wants To talk politics you're someone who Wants to educate people but the science Of systems actually leads people to Wisdom and so people start getting Active Um and dynamic and getting organized I Know Anna you've been on the ground There right educating people so tell us A little bit about you go on the ground And you I know you hand out flyers right You talk about things Um how are you so when someone likes Your flyer right when you give it to Them what kind of person is that Why do they like when you say you said Some people like the truth freedom and Helping right why is what do you think Is attracting them to that Uh I think they realize they they have To do something uh-huh I think that's the main thing They struggle with the I have to do Something But they can't just you know they they Struggle with the action Right so basically the people that are

Attracted this are people who have a Consciousness they're realizing yes the Government ain't gonna do something but They don't want to just be complacent They actually want to do something yeah And they realize they have they're the They're the Agent of Change nobody else Yeah yeah Well that pretty much sums it up because When you look at Finland what's happened Step by step by step by step right Finland broke away from Russia they Built some incredible educational Institutions some great innovation Technology Um and then over the last really 10 Years right finland's has essentially Been choked by U.S and NATO imperialism And Finland has essentially become now a Colony of U.S and nato in some sense in That area Which is unfortunate Yeah All right well what would you like to Say to people in closing what would be Your advice to people from what you've Learned in Finland and what you're doing There Uh actually if Anyway all over the world people can Think but uh Finnish people if they Would think like um Uh what happened like 100 and it was Actually 118 years ago I found some

Essential censored uh newspapers Is the same situation now so nothing Else Yeah 1915. I mean it was 118 years ago yeah uh 1905 actually on 1905 okay yeah so uh Nothing else helps because the voting Many people think if if people would Just vote right If they would vote this or that That would uh you know next time it will Be better well it doesn't get better I've seen it all I'm old enough to I've Seen it all it doesn't get better it Goes worse Yeah that's why you know whether it's Finland if you look at what occurred in The late 1800s and 1900s Finland got Independence was because of a movement Right there was a very vibrant movement If uh women in the United States got the Right to vote it was because of a Movement right many countries got Liberation because of Bottoms Up Movements And I think that's that's a very wise Point Anna your mate Annie you're making Is that ultimately we have to build a Bottoms Up movement and that is what We're doing with truth freedom and Health and as I sort of close here Because we've talked about the problems I think people need to understand what

The solution is so I'm going to play a Quick video some of you may have seen it But The movement is going to come from two Directions one is theoretical Understanding you understand it mentally And then physical activity on the ground I notice you have that poster there Annie and I've seen you take it out Right you go to the town squares and you Hand out flyers right yeah we're going Tomorrow It's like this so it stays up Yeah yeah so we have people getting on The ground so let me play this video for People but we want to encourage people To become activists to get on the ground But this fundamental understanding and Any so you if truth freedom and health Wasn't there you probably would have Been Associated or gotten depressed and Probably been part of one of those Stupid parties yeah so the movement that We've created really Gives really very smart people and Saying yeah that's what I got to do Versus going depressed or smoking weed Or getting drunk or forming the left or The right and that's what the Establishment wants they want people to Check out so let me play this video and Hopefully this will inspire we have Allowed our country to be taken over From within and the end goal is you will

Have a homogenized world where we will Become slaves Because there is a condition among the Elites that really thinks they're better Than you Deep down inside them that you don't Deserve the freedoms you have They don't this reality is what people Need to wake up to and we need to all Unite working people there's only one Movement that can do that and that is The movement that we started creating Here in Massachusetts the movement for Truth freedom and help look I've been a Student of politics since I was a Four-year-old kid studying revolutionary Movements left wing right wing there's a Physics there's a nuclear science to Destroying the establishment to build a Bridge you need to understand Newton's Equation you need to understand the laws Of gravity you need to understand Poisson's ratio there is a way to build A revolution and that's why I put this Together my goal is to train a army of Truth freedom and health leaders we Don't need followers like social media We need leaders but they need training Because the educational system does not Teach them history nothing so in three Hours that's what I've started doing That's the solution we got to train People first with understanding what a System is the Dynamics of all systems

That affect major the second is Understanding the interconnection Between truth freedom and health freedom Is the ability to move freely Communicate freely talk freely without Freedom you cannot convert ideas things Hypothesis into truth which is science And without Freedom you can't really get To truth and without truth you make up Fake problems and fake Solutions which Means you destroy our health and without Health which is the infrastructure of us And our body You Can't Fight For Freedom Truth Freedom help third concept is it Has to be Bottoms Up working people People who work uniting and what the Right wing has done is whenever you say Working People Unite that must be Communist meanwhile they've let the Democrats run unions which suppress Workers Completely corrupt but when you look at The Arc of American History it's been When working people came up we need to Go local every solution I'm coming up With is a part of this movement we're Giving the science which is a truth and Then we tell people what they can do on The ground like with election fraud you Don't need to wait for some lawyer our Goal is to train people to go local to Go local to go local fight locally Forget lawyers forget politicians forget Celebrities you've got to learn politics

And there is a science to it they lock Us down we should be ready to shut them Down and the fourth part of this Principle is the not so obvious Establishment so when you look at a System there's always something that Disturbs you from getting to your goal Well the biggest disturbance is a not so Obvious establishment which are those People who claim they're for you on the Left and the right the AL sharptons who Tell black people I'm for you the Tucker Carlsons do you think any true Anti-establishment person will ever be On Fox or CNN I don't think so they both Mislead working people back into the Establishment without this solid Understanding of political physics and Theory you're screwed you're going to Follow on the left wing Bernie Sanders Oh he said something or Robert Kennedy Scumbags or you're going to follow some Right-wing talk show host they're not Going to lead us to Liberation it's us We're building a Bottoms Up movement and That political physics it's a nuclear Science of change Bottoms Up we have to Organize to understand that there is People who talk a good game and then Look at what they actually do left and Right I'm sorry Sean Hannity may say Some good things but I don't see the Urgency in his voice to get something Done and it can only come when you

Weaponize yourself with the right Knowledge you need to be able to Identify a rat you know Christ didn't go After the Romans right it was a Pharisees in the Sadducees who screwed Him up his own quote unquote people and That's where we're at so these four Concepts I've built into a curriculum Where people can go to Truthfreedomhelp.com and it's an Educational program we need to train People in political Theory You need to have physics and I've Created that curriculum people need to Get educated we need to get educated Fast and within a half an hour an hour I Can teach people two years of MIT Control Systems I teach people those Concepts that I apply it anyone can Understand it and then you say oh I got To build a Bottoms Up movement they have To get politically astute and then they Have to go locally and act not sit there On social media they have to act locally Defy locally do civil obedience locally But with knowledge on how to build a Movement the Senate campaign's expanded To the movement for truth freedom and Health and they can find it on Truthfreedomhelp.com so people can sign In they can get access to a bunch of Videos if they want to take a course and Become a true Freedom Health leader I Offer a full scholarship there but we

Want people to make a commitment that They'll study that they'll get certified That they'll go do activities on the Ground so go to truthfreedomhelp.com Thank you All right everyone so I hope that helps Everyone Um the key thing to understand is that Nothing is going to change in the world Without raising our Consciousness and Understanding that's what that video Hopefully inspires you to do you can go To truth from Health we've created a Program that you can really raise your Consciousness our movement now about a Half a billion people in the world know About us uh Annie we were on a phone Call you know yesterday we had I did a Live and there's a woman from New Zealand and she said she went to this Big political meeting and she said how Many people know Dr Shiva on Truth Freedom Health half the room raised Their audience raise their hands so it's Quite interesting because when I've Traveled all over the world people know About us what's happening is those in Power actually doing a lot of effort To actually suppress us From making us invisible but it's not Working so Um if you're looking for a real solution To fundamentally change the world then You must get involved if not you will

End up either desperate complacent or Into the left or the right and that's Going to go nowhere so it's a huge Opportunity to go to truthfridhealth.com Get educated or be enslaved you know That's really the option the good news Is we've created it took me 50 years to Organize this so we're very very uh uh You know Excited that we have people like Annie And Tamar and a whole movements emerging In all of Scandinavia and Europe because People are recognizing that you can't Just keep doing the same old way right It's like a person hitting their head Against a wall you know So anyway thank you Annie I think this Is very educational for people and to Hear it from you particularly what you Said you went through that chaos and you Realize that you really need to Understand Um how to fundamentally change things Yeah and everybody should watch the Swarm video Yeah there's a wonderful video called The Swarm you know do you uh if you have The YouTube link we should put it up but It's called the Swarm video everyone Should see it and literally with a paper And um you know the pen and whiteboard We share everything okay Um and uh There we go you know so please get

Involved and go to truth Freedom Health Become a warrior scholar and by the way Let everyone know you know um I am Running for president of the United States always forget this and you should Go to Shiva for president.com and Everyone can get one of these bumper Stickers it's a very powerful way you Put this bumper sticker on the back Window of your car a hundred thousand People see it so if you're busy and You're working this is a very simple way To get activating go to Shiva for President.com right so become a warrior Scholar support this campaign but it's Really for you as Annie you said Ultimately we have to realize that we Have to do it there's no Messiah coming From some Mountaintop or some somewhere Else it's we have to do it bottoms up Yeah All right everyone thank you be well be The light you can wave to people Annie Okay be well thank you all right

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