Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – Learn Systems Science or GET F**KED!

Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – Learn Systems Science or GET F**KED!

Show I have the high honor of being here Today with Dr Shiva M-i-t-p-h-d he is a scientist an Inventor of fighter and he's focused on Finding solutions to our challenges with The truth Freedom Health movement how You doing today Dr Siva I'm doing good How are you Great thank you So excited to speak to you about your System science approach which is the Thinking for finding these solutions That we need more than ever nowadays With these Rising challenges that we Have to start with independent thinking The whole purpose of the Rose show is About encouraging people to think and Exactly has your you always say Dr Shiva It's encouraging people on how to think Not what to think and that's important Knowledge is key in at the core we live In an age of Rising group think Echo Chambers filter Bubbles and we're always Told what to think when we need to just Think on our own and we also have Information Overload which causes everything to Become noise and we need to look at Things as a whole as you say and because Everything's interconnected so and I Want to just leave one thing before I Pass this over to you is as soccer Property says That there is only one good knowledge

And one evil ignorance so Dr Shiva Please tell us how you apply the system Science to all disciplines and propose Solutions based on this system's Approach to minimize the noise and to Find truth and solutions Yeah so Um I think the best way to think about This Rosanna by the way thank you for That kind introduction let me just um I Don't think I can share anything with You right but Okay yeah I just wanted to share a Diagram that I have off of our truth From Health site and it sort of Addresses this point that you just made On information overload because I think Once people understand what's actually Going on Um it's easier for people to understand So if you consider the following right There Today we have more information in People's fingertips than ever before Right Um You can you can see the screen as I'm Sharing right Um so and by the way people go to Truthforedomhealth.com you can you can See more but I just want to focus on This diagram here so the reason I wanted To share this diagram is so there's so Much information but you would think With all this information that we're

Going to get you know more Health more Truth and more freedom and the reality Is it's not true and you just look at And these are very conservative numbers Is that you have about you know close to 650 million people who are now anxious And depressed so you know it's going to Near a billion in the next few years 51 Of children feel hopeless uh forty Percent of people want to overthrow Their governments right now and in the Next five years is going to become half Of the world's population but two and a Half billion people are obese half half A billion of those are children and 52 Percent are completely confused on what To eat or avoid in the midst of all These health videos and then 95 percent Of people have health problems with One-third having file five elements so It doesn't mean that information all These YouTube videos all this stuff more And more information is leading to a Better life and the reason this happened Is that I want to share this little Systems diagram Um is the forces of power profit control Fundamentally want people into if you Can think about it these four buckets Either complacent which means checking Out desperate you know people young kids Taking a gun and shooting up a Schoolhouse right or thinking Um you you do uh you know heroic heroic

Acts of terrorism or something or they Want people to be divided into this left Or right now the reason people are Getting to those one of those four Buckets is because they're confused and They can't figure out the how these Systems of power profit control work and They got to that confusion because of Illusion or delusion and that came from Ignorance being fed to them by One Wing Of the establishment you know the Actually there's four you can think About it the obvious and the not so Obvious establishment or the left or the Right and obviously there's variations On that Um And that comes through ignorance so In from a scientific in an engineering Standpoint ignorance is you don't see The whole you're only seeing components So it's a very famous story of Buddha it Talks about you know the for the the Different Blind Men that um this King Invites to observe an elephant right and Six Blind Men blindfolded and each one Is touching different parts of the Elephant and they have a very different World view the guy is touching the Tusk Thinks it's a snake the guy who touches The tail thinks it's a brush the guy who Bumps into the feet thinks he's bumping Into an oak tree so they see a very very Um you know divided and blinded view of

Reality and this is being and in that Case that's a parable but in this case This is being done by Design people want At the end of it people are so ignorant Of what they're saying they said you Know I'm going to check out I can't deal With all this I'm going to move to Vermont or just you know live in a cabin I'm going to do my own Farm I'm going to Create my own commune or I'm gonna go Get some guns right Um or they typically are left or right And this is a phenomena that is actually Taking place right now and that that System of ignorance is as I mentioned Dividing people into division Complacency or desperation and the now You have to to to the point that we Discussed earlier you know offline is That this is not happening accidentally The those in power are very very uh Smart they don't just hit people with a Hammer you know a hundred years ago Rosanna they would just you know tell People I'm just gonna shoot you right But nowadays they have a army a Theatrics they have people like Trump I Mean we'll talk more about that on the Right you know what or wherever Trump Really is or Um total you know Um in my view uh people like Tucker Carlson part of the intelligence Community or Joe Rogan

Um or or Bernie Sanders on the Quote-unquote left or AOC or even Alex Jones and people like Joe Rogan and we Can add more Robert effing Kennedy Jr All these people these people are really The Machinery of ignorance they give you Knowingly pieces of the problem they Don't give you the whole and therefore People are divided and that is their job The Establishment the Swarm has created These people and you know they've Created them because they're the ones Who get Mass of visibility To get visibility is the valve that the Establishment uses to determine which Narratives go out there and the solution We'll talk more about this is Fundamentally Knowledge and knowledge is very Different than information knowledge is The ability To connect these various systems of Information into a cohesive way where You get wisdom and wisdom is important Because you get clarity and Clarity is Important because now you are empowered You don't look to them you look to Yourself to yourself and others you get Active you get Innovative and you get Organized and I'll come back to this Diagram but this is sort of the Foundational piece here that they do not Want people to have wisdom they want People to be confused and that confusion

As I talked about leads people into These different states of Consciousness Complacency desperation or Division and I think once people understand this Phenomenon from a systems perspective It's much harder to screw with people But right now they Um do not want that occurring so when a Guy like me comes out and someone like Me with the knowledge or someone like You they had expected people like us to Essentially become part of the swarm the Elites not to educate people from a very Different perspective and so the only Alternative that they have is to make us Invisible Um they don't even want to create Controversies because it's too dangerous They will create a controversy with Trump you know like he as though he's Again so they'll indict him and all this All theater absolute theater or with Booby F and Kennedy right who's Completely part of the theater in fact All these people know each other they're Very very close friends literally They're probably not Six Degrees of Separation not five not four not three Not two I would say probably a half a Degree of separation from one another You know when I was out in Malibu this Dude Saab Guru wanted to meet with me You know I thought God was a complete Idiot if you hear him talk he wears his

Turban has his beard and all these Malibu Hollywood people think he's Saying something of import he's not Saying nothing but he's very closely Connected with booby effing Kennedy is Very closely connected with all of the Swarm that's why he gets so much Exposure Expo anyone who's getting Massive exposure on mainstream media Positive or negative is part of the Swarm and I think this is a very very Important thing people need to Understand they are not you're fighting For you by no means they're part of the Swarm and this and this is where I think Rosanna they have people confused Because they think oh my God Trump just Got indicted isn't that horrible you Know what are you talking about well If he really didn't If he if he really Was a threat they would absolutely make Him invisible That's the way that you do it on the Modern world you don't give him any air Time you don't even feed any of the you Don't give them any Oxygen So it's a very important thing to Understand so in summary I think at the Outset The those in power are driven by the Forces of power profit control Which is about you know probably about 10 to 100 000 people Those of us the other eight billion

People fundamentally are driven by truth Freedom and health at a very deep level And the the goals of the 8 billion are Very different than the goals of the Very few but the few have the knowledge Of system science And that knowledge really came out in The 1920s it was initially came out with The work of Norbert weiner People like Claude Shannon when they Said wow we're starting to Computing is Starting to show up we understand Advanced mathematics what would happen If we could create beings which could Simulate humans and this was the Beginning of early cybernetics and and They were really looking at Control Systems it started with understanding Biological systems you know how does Your body maintain you know 98 plus or Minus a half a degree temperature Because we have something in the body Called the hypothalamus right which is a Central controller it knows its goal to Maintain this temperature it senses the Environment a sensor right so it has a Goal it has a controller it senses the Environment it knows there could be Disturbances right suddenly there's Changes in fluctuation in weather and Then the hypothalamus guides the entire Body through inputs of affecting the Forces of Transport conversion and Storage

Right so you start burning Brown fat if It gets very cold right and then your Body produces an output more heat and Then you start controlling your Temperature I just shared with you the Nine principles of system science now The elites learn this Henry Kissinger Knows the Egyptian Brzezinski knew this Right all of these people study this It's an engineering system science which Is the most powerful body of knowledge That has come out since we started Learning how to you know Um you know understand probably a whole Bunch of other fields of engineering Electromagnetism but in the modern world We live in a world of complex systems Your body is a system doctors don't Understand systems they see the body Like the blind man oh you got a problem In the heart let me just go do this let Me not think about what's going on the Rest of your body oh you have a problem In the liver let me do this they don't Look at your emotional situation so the Ankle bone is never connected to the Foot bone so doctors don't learn system Science right Engineers do interesting Enough mothers intuitively know system Science because they have to deal with a Whole bunch of things and have to Interconnect them plumbers do Um surgeons do MDS don't they don't Really have to solve a problem they

Could be just if then else right Um but there's a set of people Fortunately who are hard-working people Have to use their brain make decisions Otherwise they don't get paid Electricians plumbers construction Workers typically working-class people Or people who are doing a very very Important skill type of Labor Um would have to solve a problem so System science is a foundations of Solving problems and if you don't learn System sinking in modern world you're Basically fought period because you're Going to be used by the left or the Right you're going to go complacent You're gonna go desperate and it is Really in many ways the future of Humanity and that's why you know for me It's been an interesting Journey because I grew up in this caste system I had you Know it's not been something scholarly For me it's not something I do as a Thing oh I'm a Kennedy let me go help Some people out over here it's all or I'm a trump let me go you Know talk some over here to Working Class People and say I'm going to build A wall I'm going to lock her up it's not Theater this is real because I've had to Fight the caste system in my whole life I've had to expose the levels of Corruption at every face I go through Even right now you know I had to expose

Elon Musk as a complete dirt bag that he Is the back door portal to Twitter still Operational all the conservatives bow Down to him and it affects me personally So it's a personal struggle As a collective struggle so it's not Like I can separate my personal Integrity from my public integrity and Booby effing Kennedy said that he goes When they started questioning about some Of his family's serious skeletons beyond That skeletons they actually created Skeletons he said well personal Integrity and public Integrity can be Two different things and this is how the Elites live they don't have to walk the Walk everything is just a shtick to them It's not real It's something they're doing to profit From right running a medical Freedom Movement is really not helping mothers It's about You know doing a shtick over here and That's why on the one hand someone like Him can say oh the vaccines are not good And it violates a Nuremberg code and in The same mouth Or the same breath in his own home People had to be vaccinated In his own home and then he blames his Wife you see these people are very very Clever and we cannot let them get away With this Um but not everyone will get this

Because they're so enamored by celebrity They're so enslaved by thinking someone Else is going to come save them this Concept of a messiah you know but History shows when you take a systems Approach That there's a concept in system science Called self-organizing systems Ultimately everything in the universe is A self-organizing system and these Concepts really didn't come out until The work of Ilia pogroni in in the 1950s And my work more recently in in in 2000 And we've published about this so system Scientist systems thinking Is the way out of all of this and Our Intention Rosanna is we're not looking To affect the 30 percent of idiots who Are never going to change we don't care About the 50 we're gonna watch which way The wind blows we care about the 20 and On a good day that's what you have you Bet 20 of people Um so the 80 percent Um are in some ways irrelevant because 50 of them Are wishy-washy 30 of them They're they're wearing five masks or They they're getting all these boosters It doesn't matter if they're doing that Give them a few more masks to wear don't Go arguing with them you know they're Gone you're wasting your time you're Gonna waste your breath you're going to

Get burned out so our goal is to Mobilize that 20 to create a wave of Consciousness and that concept directly Comes from system syncing and from Physical chemistry actually So we take a scientific systems approach The words truth Freedom Health are Directly related to the concept of Conversion you know transport and Storage these are three fundamental of The nine principles from system science Those three principles show up in Ancient systems of Indian medicine kapha So truth freedom and health is a Educational movement It's a community it's technology it's a Systems approach to shattering Um to doing a systems overhaul Excellent insights there you know you May you raise several great points there You know you remind it reminds me of the Bread and circuses of Rome when you talk About the show that's going on right now And the duplicity you know it's great That you learn from your experience and Where you grew up in India and you bring That here and you know your chart Brought up to a polar opposite you had Wisdom versus illusion knowledge versus Ignorance Clarity versus confusion and Those are key points and it's about Having Clarity and empowering people you Know people need to feel empowered and Be empowered

Customers Oh In particular and you talk about it Often if you could please go into this Approach and how we work from the bottom Off Yeah so one of the points I just want to Share just to follow up with them what You just said and I want to talk about That I just want to share the other part Of that diagram which I promised let me Just share that with you so in the Bottom part of that diagram which you Just talked about let me just bring that Up for you there's a element of it That's very very important You know so you know in the diagram but By the way if you go to Truthfrenhealth.com you can sort of Watch it's like a nice PowerPoint you Can find and you can share with your Friends but in order to get to knowledge To get to wisdom people are going and Which will lead to being active Innovative and organized that's for the Individual people have to let go of the Old way of thinking and as it says it's Not about what to think but how to think And people have to decide do I want to Be my own Guru right many of these Approaches particularly a lot of Religious approaches are about bowing Down to some false god But if you really look at some of the

Truly great spiritual uh texts it's Actually Awakening the God within you The Kingdom of Heaven is within you Whatever religious Um uh process you follow the when you Uncover all the the uh you know the Accoutrements of religion and you go Down to the core of it you find out it's Ultimately about the individual directly Connecting to their creator whatever you Want that to be in your in your Different way I'm not going to get into That but the issue is does the person Want to become their own teacher Guru From the Indian term actually means one Who dispels Darkness that's what it Really means are you do you want to rise Up and start dispelling the darkness so Um I wanted to make that point so people Understand that the goal here is for the Individual to have an experience of Themselves as a co-creator Um with everything that's around them so Let me go back uh stop sharing here so That's what I wanted to show so let me Talk about this notion of a Bottoms Up Movement and why that's import important Um the reason this becomes very very Important is that when you consider the Fact that from a systems perspective You find that if you have a system right Take a a pawn which is absolutely still If you can imagine that on a morning day If you go out to a pond right or a lake

It's absolutely still there's no waves Now the issue is how many things do you Need Pebbles dropping to create a wave well If you drop one Pebble it'll create a Ripple right if you drop two it'll Create you know another Ripple right and Based on where they are you have Superposition and they'll create a Larger wave but you don't need to have You know Um every acreage of that pond filled With A Pebbles to create a wave in fact that Would probably not work you just need to Have it enough right it's a finite set You need and you create a wave and if You look so that's called a Self-organizing principle What is a self-organizing principle the Principle is that systems exist in Different states Of Consciousness different states of Matter different states Ice exists in a solid state and at a Certain point it goes to a liquid state And then a certain another point it goes To a a vapor State and in fact you can Go to plasma and keep going right Um but each one of these states There's called a phase transition you go From solid to liquid right and from Liquid to Vapor now how does that phase Transition occur well it occurs exactly

When the conditions are right in the Case of ice when it goes over zero plus Degrees right Right uh centigrade in the case of vapor It occurs around 212 degrees Fahrenheit Right sorry 32 degrees Fahrenheit if You're using the Fahrenheit scale 212 Degrees Fahrenheit when you go from liquid to Vapor but the point is it's not like Things just are slow it does it's not Like the ice starts melting and then Becomes water now at a certain point the Particles start melting all right now Why is this important to understand Because you start looking now you apply To society Well there was a time period in history Where the state of Human Relationships How we existed as Society wasn't in this You know industrialized capitalist Information world right Um there was a previous state And it was a feudal world where there Was a king and you worked his land and You were given a little bit of land and You had to give 30 to the uh to the king There were social relationships between Human beings who are in a very very Different state And before that You know if you go back more time there Was a time when most of us were Hunter-gatherers we essentially didn't

Stay in one place we moved Um and the relationship between people Are very very different people didn't Even have the concept of owning land in Those cultures if you go to the ancient South Indian dravidian cultures or the Iroquois the concept of owning land Didn't make it many any sense at all Right so our thoughts are plastic Meaning it's not like everyone views the World the same way they were very very Different it was a very different state Of consciousness Um some people have called it quote Unquote primitive quote-unquote Communism in a sense there was no Ownership or property it wasn't in People's mind what do you think I own That land because you're constantly Moving it's like saying you own the moon And you know there's some famous quotes By some very famous Native Americans who Talk about that how could you own Anything and in those cultures Rosanna The relationship because of productive Systems between the individual Um and things around them were not based On ownership Women weren't owned it's fascinating Women in fact were the leaders in those Communities Um in fact the lineage of a child always Went back to the mother it was Matriarchical

And it's fascinating when you start Looking at the so the relationships Between people in that system were very Very different Um people it was in some ways a flat Architecture and then at some point A phase transition took place no Different from Ice going to water how did that occur Well something comes out of The Ether You know it's fascinating to watch this And they call that an innovation well That Innovation with someone said oh I Have a plow and I've learned how to Domesticate an animal right and so now People didn't need to be Nomads they Could stay in one location they could Plow the fields they could you know Graze the land they had meat and food But in a location but the day that Occurred a phase transition took place In the entire human psyche and that Phase transition was oh this is my land I own this property and from that Standpoint the day that that occurred Was the same day the subjugation of Women took place meaning this is my Woman or these are my women and these Women will give me Offspring because I Will they will inherit my land and that Gave rise to a feudal structure you see So we went from this primitive mode to a Feudal structure And then at some point someone created

The steam engine right and we started Learning how to build boats and ships And and no longer were people restricted To a land they could travel and you had This whole new uh system called modern Capitalism right trading the relation Between humans change again but again That was a major shift but in each of These phase transitions they occurred Quite explosively right we went very Rapidly from 100 gatherers Society to Feudal society and once we figured out How to do other Technologies we went to A modern uh capitalist society that we Have today that's a phase transition And in each one of those transitions There were some sort of seeding that Took place that came out of nowhere Right uh quote unquote nowhere that Compelled this massive change in the World that occurred around the time Frame in the modern world around the Late 1800s and 1900s where you had this Concept of people working in Industrialized factories they were Subjugated there was child labor Um you know women were working 20 30 Hours a day there was colonialism Britain was you know suppressing people All over the world British imperialism And people started waking up to this Concept it's a new technology Of hey why don't we self-organize The king ain't going to do anything for

Us the guy who owns my factory ain't Going to do anything I have to do Something And those were the early developments in The United States was called the Great Upheaval and and it was at the in the 1800s women again LED those movements in The early 1900s you know Um the Lowell Factory or women struck Right because they wanted basically they Wanted like a 10 hour work day Um they didn't they want an ending child Labor and those movements rippled across The world the early parts of the Russian Revolution were part of that Um movements in India Ireland all these Around the late 1800s early 1900s there Was this wave of Consciousness building That wait a minute we have to have a Better life no one's going to do this For us and these Bottoms Up movements Were starting that phase transition to a Different kind of world And in the United States for example you Can see in the 1900s Late mid 1900s the banks were failing Right you had the depression These movements were building up blacks And whites arm and arm uh together Fighting women and men Um and Franklin Delano Roosevelt was Like the Biden of the time and he was Brought in to keep these quiet but Literally these movements became so

Powerful they put a gun to his head and They said look you're gonna have a Revolution in the United States so in Order to stop that phase transition People were given some basic some bones Were thrown in them Social Security We're going to eliminate child labor Right we're gonna build some roads for You peasants right we're going to give You some clean water But it was those movements that forced The elites to give that if those Movements didn't occur none of that Would have occurred And this is something people need to Understand so between 1900 from a Finance standpoint Rosanna to 1970s it Was those powerful movements that forced The elites to build infrastructure So by 19 Uh you know by 19 uh you know 48 95 98 Of measles and infectious disease was Wiped out because of that infrastructure Long before 20 you know 15 years before The vaccine even came out And so people don't want to unravel this Onion and say oh we had health well how Did we get that and we had a booming Economy it was from those movements and This is what's left out of the history Of books are in any type of political Analysis but when you take a systems Perspective you see that oh these Movements and what happened to those

Movements they were going to undergo That phase transition and what the Elites did was they said we can't Have this So they countered with the technology And that occurred around the 1950s and That's where the left and the right Unified They suppress these Bottoms Up movements With some very powerful Technologies I Call them Technologies because they Started to be psychological operations One of them was to tell people if you Say Workers Unite if you want to build a Bottoms Up movement you must be a Communist they put the hammer and sickle With the red evil Russia quote-unquote Evil Russia associated with any type of Bottoms Up movements and they Brainwashed people for the next 20 30 40 50 years with that and the right wing Was part of that Eugene McCarthy was the One who executed that meanwhile The left the quote unquote left took Over these emergent Bottoms Up trade Unions that were led by women and men So the Bernie Sanders of the time right The aocs the Kennedys they came in and They took over the unions they made them Top down It's quite fascinating so by the 1970s So if you look at 1900 to 1970 there Were close to 150 million people in the United States individuals who

Participated in strikes Which means Bottoms Up movements handing Out flyers you know going door to door Um and Um it was that movement Between 1900 to 1970 that as a GDP in The United States blossomed every income Quartile went up in wages first income Quartile second third and fourth two Very interesting researchers at Rand did A beautiful economic analysis on it Right so as the economy grew Everyone's wages grew and that was Really the Heyday of America during that Period this is when many immigrants Wanted to come here because you had Great Educational Systems teachers are Allowed to teach curriculum in those School houses they could decide it was a Wonderful period But would Eugene McCarthy and the left On the right did was they had to stop These Bottoms Up movements so they Created a technology to brainwash people We're going to give you stuff we meaning Top down union bosses or part of the Elites and then if you ever say you're Going to organize a Bottoms Up movement We're going to Brand you as a communist You're a socialist and you see that over And over again well we don't want Marxism we don't want socialism most People haven't even read marks in fact When Engels died he said the worst

People in the world are marxists right So by 1970 till today You contrast that to the American Pie Growing beautifully during that first And serving all wages between 1970 to Today the American Pie has grown but What's happened is the first and income Second quartiles their wages have gone Down and if you take the area under that Curve and you do a little bit of Calculus you'll find out that the total Wage was about 47 trillion dollars that Went down and that was a directly Transfer to this third and fourth income Quartiles So all of this occurred during a period There's no more true Bottoms Up Movements compared to the first you know 70 years 1910 to 1900 to 1970 150 Million people fighting and striking on The streets we've only had maybe two Million people less than two percent of People who participating in Bottoms Up Movements there's no more labor unions That fights for people the unions in Wall Street work together So you've had this Devastation of the American working people and now you have A whole bunch of people who get fed free Money over here and they want want it That way and then a whole bunch of People over here who don't pay any tax Both Realms don't pay any taxes Jeff Bezos doesn't pay taxes Elon Musk you

Know the elites the same ones who made Six the 600 billionaires during the Pandemic who made 2.3 trillion dollars Are here and then you have these other Lump in quote-unquote proletariat they Don't even they don't work they're Lumpins Um and then you have a small sector of People who actually get up and work Still and they're the ones ninety Percent of the tax done is tax revenues Are coming from those 90 percent So when you look at the Arc of it they Do not want anything like that occurred In the early 1900s so as a part of this They created the Left Right narrative And the other technology that created Rosanna the disturbance as we call it in System science is the obvious Establishment be it the clintons and the Bushes but then they were very very Clever And this is very clever what they did is They created the not so obvious Establishment They created the Kennedys made them Appear as though their royalty and They're fighting for us and that they Are here to help you they're for civil Rights and they want medical Freedom It's happening right now in front of us Or they created the Donald Trump's oh I'm gonna make America great I'm gonna Lock them up I'm your fighter

And and it started with Jesse Jackson it Started with Bernie Sanders Obama they Started creating these fake Heroes who Are completely part of the establishment Bernie Sanders has never worked a day in His life These people are Hollywood it's Political theater And they have Hollywood Theater they Have boxing theater and and they also Have worldwide wrestling theater but the Reason I gave you those four theatrical Examples is all of those theaters are Owned and operated by one individual Arie Emmanuel And there's a few others like him but I Can tell you that Ari Emmanuel The brother of Rahm Emanuel very deeply Connected to Zionism you know in the Israeli Defense Force people should look Look this up but Ari Emmanuel Owns political theater why Donald Trump Is his agent I mean he's Donald Trump's Agent he's Joe Rogan's agent and who am I talking about William Morris agency Endeavor so Arie Emmanuel literally if You want to get a book published you Better get him as your agent Period And a lot of people don't understand This Dynamic how do these people get Books best-selling books published Overnight you need an agent your agent Knows the top three or four publishing

Houses it's the Gateway and if you don't Bow down to Ari Emmanuel you're not Going to be a star in the political World Then you go to the world of Hollywood Theater well he owns 99 of the A-list actors be it from Mark Wahlberg To Joe Rogan you know all these Entertainers and then he owns UFC And then he owns Literally WWE wrestling so it is so up that you see Zuckerberg and Musk doing this theater now musk versus Zuck this is right out of you know uh You know from the you know you go you Know from the work of from the times of Marcus Aurelius right It's literally they're giving the masses Bread and circus and it's controlled so If anyone thinking Donald Trump is Fighting for you or Robert Kennedy's Fighting for you The reason you think that is because you Don't have the systems approach and you Will be by both of these people Or all of them you know Rosanna I had a Friend of mine very smart woman Harvard MD PhD neuroscientists you know brain Scientist she got all into in 2016 Wanting to help Bernie Sanders And she said um and I've shared the Story but I can't emphasize it enough She said Shiva you know you got to Support Bernie he's fighting for working

People you're talking about working People and I said Lori let me tell you a Story in 1984 there was another guy who Bullshitted people and I learned when I Was a teenager his name was Jesse Jackson he said he was going to fight For working people in this and it was When Reagan Dem Republican Democrat Whatever you want to call him he was Both was fighting running against Mondale And Jesse Jackson was building this So-called quote-unquote Anti-establishment movement with the end Of the day at the Democratic Convention He takes all these millions of people And he Corrals them beautifully to Mondel and he says look you know we need To choose the lesser of two evils And I heard he got a private plane for That okay that gig Bernie Sanders I was saying look Lori Let me tell you what's going to happen On the floor of the democratic Convention Bernie Sanders is going to Hug Hillary Clinton and he's going to Give all his votes to her she goes no Way no way she goes you're so critical Of everyone there's no way that's going To happen She stormed out of my house I didn't hear from her for two years She was really upset with me she said You're so critical and I said look Lori

I've studied this you know you study Neuroscience I would never argue with You I said I study engineering I said I've put my time in that's what he's Going to do that's exactly what happened Rosanna and then she called me two years Later crying she goes Shiva how did you Know how did you know I was so used I I Put out so many flyers for him I Organized people I said don't you get it This is his role he's a technology That's used to sucker people like you in So you don't build a Bottoms Up movement And that's where at Rosanna so the Bottoms up movement And so you know I will be handing out Flyers like this okay I don't know if You can see this the lesser of two evils Is killing your children now I love These flyers you know why because I can Contribute totally control my destiny I Can't do it on Twitter and Facebook Anymore because after I was De-platformed for two years exposing I Was going to expose the entire Infrastructure not Matt taibi not Schellenberger these people are all part Of the intelligence Network who try to Take credit for something because they Don't want to reveal the real issue the Real issue is this entire infrastructure Still the censorship infrastructure Still exists Elon Musk runs it he Operates it fully but so I can't so My

Views have gone from a half a million Views per day down to 5 000 views Because they thought they put me back on And I would bow down like all the other Conservatives did but because what I Discovered in my lawsuit we know that The government and all the social media Companies are in an Unholy Alliance and We showed that in Bear view our entire Document things were plagiarized from us We were never credited purposefully Because we are independent they need to Control the narrative but no one can Control this you know we'll put out you Know tens of millions of these little Flyers is what I used to do when I was a Teenager at MIT you know exposing the MIT Administration and this flyer is Very simple it says the lesser of two Evils is killing your children it gives This wonderful graph over here which Shows how the lifespan in the United States is going down since 1980 and this Can occur all over the planet it teaches People what's a swarm and we give people A solution but we will go direct to People and distribute these this is a Bottoms Up movement here's the bottom Movement you take one of these Bumper stickers and you put it on the Back windshield of your car most of us Work for a living we don't have the time To or enough money to give booby F in Kennedy or Trump money you know by the

Way I find it fascinating a person is on By the way the average American 80 of Americans only have four hundred dollars In Savings in their bank account Poor working people they are taking a Hundred bucks and giving to this fool Called booby F and Kennedy or giving it To Trump these guys have billion they're Billionaires they have trust funds you Only have 400 in your bank account and You're giving it to this guy who plays Golf every day What the are you doing and the Reason you're doing this because you Have you think the Swarm a billionaire Is going to come save you they're not It's entertainment for them They see you and I've heard them say This the masses are asses so but you Take this little bumper sticker and you Put on the back of your car you can be Working a hundred thousand people see One of these so I'm a big big promoter To offline long before online took place You know we used to distribute when Henry Kissinger came into town in 1980 We chased him out of Boston we put out We blanketed Boston like a couple Hundred thousand Flyers Uh we were running a newspaper called The student but we exposed what this Criminal is really about But I'm a big proponent the future is Offline and we have to build the bottoms

Up movement and that Bottoms Up movement Is not waiting for Joe Rogan and You judge your uh success oh my God you Were on Joe Rogan no I judge My Success I'm on your show Rosanna and you and I Are having this conversation That's what success is we start giving Credit to Everyday working people not These scumbags were bought and paid for And that's what a Bottoms Up movement is It says I believe in you and it is US Versus them we're not there's no oh we're gonna Heal The Divide No there is a division it's eight Billion people versus point one percent Of the people who are malevolent they Think they're better than you and they Think they have you by the toe you know And they want to extract as much wealth Out of you as possible No one should give one penny to Trump or Kennedy none of these people why do they Need our money that's what I find Fascinating I mean I can have people Download these flyers and they can go Print them on why do you need so much Money why do you need so much Capital if You need so much Capital that means you Don't really have any following you're Just going to Pummel people with money Because you don't really have any people Power Valid points there excellent explanation Thank you so much for it's data driven

And everything you speak of is from Experience and from I love that Historical accounting of what happened With these movements and how they've Suppressed people and kept people quiet Over the years it's unfortunate but Everyone needs to realize what's really Going on and think independently and Look around them and I love how you use Pattern recognition you were able to Predict how Bernie Sanders did endorse Hillary and I have to ask you what You're predicting for what's going on Now if you could go into this current Movement and what you're seeing Dr Shiva What do you anticipate occurring into 2024 Yeah so it's a good question so remember I am a big big Individual Independent thinker of this perspective That we need to Define what success Looks like What is success Right because then we can understand What is 2024 going to look like success The win here is building a movement A movement of independent-minded people Who understand this Dynamics what I just Shared with you and you know in order in Order to do that you know we've created A curriculum a movement and I'll play a Video before we end on that but that's a Movement now my running for office has

Created some interesting disruptions you See because in 2020 if you go back let's Go back to the presence we had then in 2020 I'm sitting there And as a system scientist as a systems Biologist as a systems guide I see And we were right in the heat of 2019 And 2020 fighting the vaccine mandates Long before covet hit okay Just on principle of A System's approach To the body the body is a very complex System so we take the body as a complex System to to tell people everyone should Take this medicine for your particular Element it's just antithetical that Doesn't occur anywhere in nature it's It's anti-engineering it's anti-science So I'd given a talk at the National Science Foundation on the modern science Of the immune system as a renowned guy In the field on this they'd asked me to Give a talk and I said it's insane to Say everyone should get the same Protocol right X number of vaccines or You know ex and everyone got it you know There was no controversy there in 2020 When covid the pandemic quote-unquote Pandemic came I could see this and I Could see what they were doing was to Suppress Freedom was to destroy economy And to promote um you know to attack uh You know to violate the freedom right And I did a tweet on that it went viral

And I saw it right away in March of 2020 And then two months later we organized The fire fouchy campaign long before These doctors were now grifting were all Silent back then I could see fauci was a Complete scumbag he was part of the Swamp We ran the Firefox campaign we raised Around 120 000 signatures we delivered Them to Trump in fact we wrote a letter Please don't do not do lockdowns here's A way that you can avoid it boost People's immune system it was Beautifully laid out in a March 23rd Letter Marla Maples delivered it to Trump Um I spoke to the White House but they Did nothing And why am I bringing that up because as A system scientist I could see fauci was Full of as a system scientist I Could see there was no need for Lockdowns as a system scientist we also Discovered the entire censorship Infrastructure system in 2020. it was an Amazing period 2020 right it's very Interesting Um and in 2020 we also discard all the Election systems issues so system Science is what I applied so I was lit I Probably maybe got two hours sleep at That time Rosanna I was writing two Major PhD level thesis on showing how The signature verification systems are

Flawed and a chain of custody that's on The election system side in parallel I Was doing a major lawsuit Pro Se Representing myself we had discovered The entire censorship system Infrastructure we were exposing fauci And we were teaching people how to boost Their immune system you notice how many Times I use the word system Everything was and so we had that Prescience What were the other people doing at that Time Carlson concealed our Lawsuit purposefully Glenn Greenwald Concealed our lawsuit so did the ACLU Trump made a half a billion dollars off My work never really wanted to solve the Election systems issue it was a big Grift for him Right fauci was never fired in fact Trump gave him a presidential Commendation award 12 hours before he Left office and all the trumpers on the Maga cult need to listen to this they They could say well you know he was Playing seventh dimensional chess he Confirmed well why is it giving him an Award and what was the award for for Operation warp speed So you can see these and Robert Kennedy Was promoting lockdowns In the Heat of The battle so what is so if I apply this If I apply the same systems approach Um in 2023 I can tell you where things

Are going And you can write it down Right now The Establishment knows that our Movement and the work I did in 2020 got Out to about 450 million people Rosanna We've done the unique views I mean Wherever I travel throughout the world Random people come running up to me hey I saw your video I saw your video so This was very very destructive for the Swarm Because during that window before they Could completely censor me before they Figured out what I was up to I did all Those educational videos we really Reached hundreds of millions of people So now me running for president they're Like holy And I say that if you want to take a Data point reince priebus who was Trump's chief of staff Told a fellow I know he wanted to do Some business with us who's on his board And he said oh Dr shiva's running for President he goes oh my God he goes That's going to be a disruption Now why do they know that because they Know that we know what they know and What they're up to and they have all Their system scientists themselves at Harvard at MIT all over the world at IIT They know that their entire these quote Unquote advisors go goes to make sure

Bottoms Up movement never occurs and What I mean in Bottoms I'm moving not Taking guns and shooting people I'm Talking about it movement and Consciousness When people start saying wait a minute Trump is full of Kennedy's full of that is very dangerous for them When Bernie Sanders is full of when Saad Guru is full of when Carlson's full of hey you know what You know Alex Jones exposes a lot but What is he actually doing to build a Movement like people start breaking from These people and that's what occurred When the Vietnam War ended when people Broke from the left and the right and They said the Democrats and Republicans Are both war mongers and that's when the War ended They must create the not so obvious Establishment so what I predict is they Know that we're out there And their goal number one is to make me Invisible and our movement invisible However they're gonna they're failing Right now because what's happening Rosanna is if you go look at after this Video goes out People say wait they'll they'll take This video and they'll go to Rogan and Say how come you're not covering Dr Shiva Because people are realizing wait a

Minute this is a guy Did all this stuff in 2020 why it's so Obvious so they're obvious suppression Of the credit that should rightfully go To me in our movement is opening People's eyes so that's one thing so in Reaction to that what you have now Happening is the Neo media cabal of Grifters are coming together And you see it right before your eyes Joe Rogan Carlson Elon Musk Trump Kennedy if you watch they all promote Each other okay and in fact Joe Rogan Saying oh I think I'll have Trump on my Show and we'll talk about the Deep State Maybe election fraud is real You're talking about it three years too Late because he's doing that to keep his Audience just like he did with the Vaccines All right so Rogan is completely Controlled by Ari Emmanuel and the Swarm So is Carlson Carlson Didn't say anything about anything he Didn't say anything about the censorship Portal he got all of our emails he got Everything he suppressed it for two Years and then he's an actor He gets up on a show when The Intercept Literally stolen all of our Documents and republished it as oh my God the Department of Homeland Security Has a relationship with Twitter but That's already in one part of our

Diagram Then Tucker puts Lee Fang The writer on The Intercept who Plagiarized my material and says oh my God this is amazing that the government Is involved in social media companies How could we have ignored this you Ignored it So these people are actors so what I'm Predicting is you're going to see a much Closer coming together and it's already Happening Zuck versus musk it's all Entertainment Right Joe Rogan wow I'm gonna put Trump On They're all being paid they're all Making a shitload of money off all of This entertainment it's no different Data out of the Gladiator right it's Actually it's okay the Gladiator is Actually much more honest it's actually WWE wrestling I don't know if you Remember when I used to watch it they Used to have this one and he'd be Getting pummeled and pummeled and Pummeled and you think oh my God he's Dead he's on the mat is he alive and Then suddenly he'd rise up like the Martyr and then he'd beat the hell out Of the guy that's what they're teeing up Trump for okay And that's what I so what I predict is We're going to see more theatrics as Never before and it's aimed against our

Movement I say this with all humility Because For the First Time in human History We have created an institution and I Mean a movement education curricula to Teach people We're not going to get fooled again Because people got fooled in the 20s They got fooled in the 60s they got Fooled in the 80s they got fooled in 2000 they got fooled in 2010 they got Fooled in 2016. Uh-uh We're not gonna let that happen And the and and so that self-organizing System is you saying wait a minute Kennedy let's write down what he says And what he did And you just make a column oh he said He's he's for medical Freedom all right But then there's a video over here Saying he's pro-vax he's emphatically Pro-vaccine and he wants full Vaccination of all Americans check oh he Said he's for medical freedom and many Many couples who loved each other split One couple wanted to get vaccinated the Children the others oh but in his home He allowed he he made sure everyone was Vaccinated and then he blames his wife Oh okay I get that oh he says he's pro Peace oh he just endorsed The most brutal butchering of the Palestinians by supporting the most art And form of Zionism you can talk about

That goes back to 1940s right then you Go back over and you say okay let's talk About uh lockdowns He was promoting lockdowns lockstep and Barrel with fauci in 2020. so people Start now applying their brain their Rational mind not their emotional Instinctive mind but a higher form of Their mind and they start developing Their intuition and say this guy's full Of oh and let me not only look at Him let me also look at not only what he Says but his personal integrity 30 women he had you know affairs with While he was with his wife Who then hung herself after she found His diary Then he buries his wife in the Kennedy Cemetery And takes a picture of himself bowing Over her so the media sees it and the Next day exhumes her Grave without a permit and moves her to An unmarked grave And then you look at the Kennedys oh let Me look at them are they really Pro-piece no because Kennedy's the one Who brought in Kissinger JFK he's the One who escalated the war in Vietnam oh And there's a video over here three Weeks before he gets shot where he's Actually saying we must stay in Vietnam You know against all these fools who Think that Kennedy was there you know he

Was shot you know because he was Fighting against the military-industrial Complex and then you can go and See Robert F Kennedy's talk the father's Talk on the floor of the Senate where He's pushing the war in Vietnam so People start putting one line what they Said and what they did and you will find Out it's then you do that with Trump you can do that with me and you Can go all the way back to 1963 and you Will see that I've always been fighting Always on the ground Compare that to this other India they Had to find a bunch of brown guys by the Way if you saw that Rosanna to try to Sort of Shield the real Brown guy they Found this guy Jay bhattacharya I mean He was promoting lockdowns he wrote a Paper I'm the one who had to find it In early 2020 he wrote a scientific Paper saying why lockdowns were good So these people are creating theater to Make sure they make invisible the real Fighters which is me our movement people Like you and that's what they're doing It's actually theater It's absolute theater and you can trace It all back to a guy called Ari Emmanuel And there's a few others I I would no Doubt Rosanna they're sitting in a room Laughing at people can you believe this Guy he just gave me a hundred dollars He's got like 50 bucks in his bank

Account And that's what they're doing And this is going on in real time this Is no different than you know if you Watch the movie Gladiator right the guy Running this games to keep people Distracted from all the corruption and That is what they're doing but the Problem is our movement exists and you Have someone like me educating people on It we prayed at a university to educate People on this and that's Um that's a way out of this Rosanna There's no other way we have to race People and the issue is we don't need to Get everyone convinced Because the the the stuff I'm sharing is System science it's very powerful Knowledge 10 to 20 000 of the elites have learned This and they control eight billion People now so if enough of us learn it It's over for them because there's more Of us Thank you so much for Setting up for some exciting time Time War but I think this time around People are going to be empowered and the Key here is that we are speaking today And it's about not telling people what To think but just giving them the this This perspective and letting them know That there is another way they don't Have to follow this group think that

They're being given nowadays there is Another way and to be independent and to Think for themselves and that's most Important this reminds me of uh Plato's Allegory of the cave you know with the Shadows on the cave you know it's um we Try to Enlighten others with the truth And freedom is at the key is at the Heart of it all now you mentioned about You know covid and I want to segue right Into the financial system this is a Focus of this channel my background is Economics and financial markets and it Is a broken system you know we have been Conditioned to take on debt you know 2020 had Mass stimulus we had free money Negative rates which is what led us to Where we are today the banking crisis is A symptom of all that free money going Towards riskier assets you know it Changed the perception of risk we're at A different time now we have massive Debt I think the US had over 32 trillion Now we got downgraded our interest Expense is about one trillion all that You know it's it's unsustainable And so I want to know your thoughts and We have mass inflation Fiat debasement Um you know there's a dilution of value Margins compressed declining Productivity and you know Um We need to start thinking differently And there's no binary Choice like you

Said in your beautiful website I love Your website it's very clear-cut you Know it's not left or right you know It's not pro or anti we're not just Given these two choices you know we can Be independent and think differently and That's key here so Dr Shiva what do you See as potential solutions to this Broken Financial system that we're in Right now so uh Rosetta if it's okay I Want to play a little video on Truth Freedom health and then I want to answer That because I have a a deep set of Answers and what I will do is I will Connect what you just spoke about prior To what happened in 2020 what was Actually going on with the economy Um the concept of the reserve currency You know the work of Stephanie Keating Where she says you can print as much Money as you want right and we'll bring It back to a solution but I think your Viewers because I want to always give a Solution the solution is I want to Encourage people that they have to Become system sinkers the good news is You don't have to go to MIT you don't Have to go to all these places I've it's Been my life journey to organize this I'm very honored to share this with People let me just play this video if It's okay Is that all right so let me uh Figure out oh here we go let I think I

Have to share my screen with you That's okay Yeah so let me share my screen here Um here we go And can you see that Okay so let me just play this video and I'll be just gonna grab a cup of water But I want to go into this because I'm Very excited to have this financial Discussion with you but let me just play This we have allowed our country to be Taken over from within and the end goal Is you will have a homogenized world Where we will become slaves Because there is a condition among the Elites that really thinks they're better Than you Deep down inside them that you don't Deserve the freedoms you have They don't this reality is what people Need to wake up to and we need to all Unite working people there's only one Movement that can do that and that is The movement that we started creating Here in Massachusetts the movement for Truth freedom and health look I've been A student of politics since I was a Four-year-old kid studying revolutionary Movements left wing right wing there's a Physics there's a nuclear science to Destroying the establishment to build a Bridge you need to understand Newton's Equation you need to understand the laws Of gravity you need to understand

Poisson's ratio there is a way to build A revolution and that's why I put this Together my goal is to train a army of Truth freedom and health leaders we Don't need followers like social media We need leaders but they need training Because educational system does not Teach them history nothing so in three Hours that's what I've started doing That's the solution we got to train People first with understanding what a System is the Dynamics of all systems That affect nature the second is Understanding the interconnection Between truth freedom and health freedom Is the ability to move freely Communicate freely talk freely without Freedom you cannot convert ideas things Hypothesis into truth which is science And without Freedom you can't really get To truth and without truth you make up Fake problems and fake Solutions which Means you destroy our health and without Health which is the infrastructure of us In our body you can fight for Freedom Truth Freedom help third concept is it Has to be Bottoms Up working people People who work uniting and what the Right wing has done is whenever you say Working People Unite that must be Communist meanwhile they've let the Democrats run unions which suppress Workers Completely corrupt but when you look at

The Arc of American History it's been When working people came up we need to Go local every solution I'm coming up With is a part of this movement we're Giving the science which is the truth And then we tell people what they can do On the ground like with election fraud You don't need to wait for some lawyer Our goal is to train people to go local To go local to go local fight locally Forget lawyers forget politicians forget Celebrities you've got to learn politics And there is a science to it they lock Us down we should be ready to shut them Down and the fourth part of this Principle is the not so obvious Establishment so when you look at a System there's always something that Disturbs you from getting to your goal Well the biggest disturbance is the not So obvious establishment which are those People who claim they're for you on the Left and the right the AL sharptons who Tell black people I'm for you the Tucker Carlsons do you think any true Anti-establishment person will ever be On Fox or CNN I don't think so they both Mislead working people back into the Establishment without this solid Understanding of political physics and Theory you're screwed you're going to Follow on the left wing Bernie Sanders Oh he said something or Robert Kennedy Scumbags or you're going to follow some

Right-wing talk show host they're not Going to lead us to Liberation it's us We're building a Bottoms Up movement and That political physics it's a nuclear Science of change Bottoms Up we have to Organize to understand that there is People who talk a good game and then Look at what they actually do left and Right I'm sorry Sean Hannity may say Some good things but I don't see the Urgency in his voice to get something Done and it can only come when you Weaponize yourself with the right Knowledge you need to be able to Identify a rap you know Christ didn't go After the Romans right it was a Pharisees and the shadow season screwed Him up his own quote unquote people and That's where we're at so these four Concepts I've built into a curriculum When people can go to Truthfreedomhelp.com and it's an Educational program we need to train People in political Theory you need to Have physics and I've created that Curriculum people need to get educated We need to get educated fast and within A half an hour an hour I can teach People two years of MIT Control Systems I teach people those Concepts that I Apply it anyone can understand it and Then you say oh I got to build a Bottoms Up movement they have to get politically Astute and then they have to go locally

And act not sit there on social media They have to act locally defy locally do Civil obedience locally but with Knowledge on how to build a movement The Senate campaigns expanded to the Movement for truth freedom and health And they can find it on Truthfreedomhelp.com so people can sign In they can get access to a bunch of Videos if they want to take a course and Become a truth Freedom Health leader I Offer a full scholarship there but we Want people to make a commitment that They'll study that they'll get certified That they'll go do activities on the Ground so go to truthfreedomhelp.com [Music] Thank you [Music] All right I hope that was valuable the Reason I wanted to play that Rosanna is That I wanna you know as much as we need To criticize people it's also important To give people an actual tangible Solution so what I'm Um what I wanted to share there was a Tangible solution is education so Um so what we recommend is people should Go to truthforterhealth.com become part Of this education I used to try to give All of this knowledge away so teacher to MIT system thinking to some of the Brightest Minds in the world when I try To give it away no one wanted it so we

Charge a little for it but we told People as an adult if you take it and You finish it you give it away as many Children as you want so people get to be A philanthropist because Um one of my mentors Jay Forrester Wanted to teach system science at the Kindergarten level because he felt People should learn that young kids even Before they weren't reading writing and Arithmetic because it would teach them Why they should learn those things so That's one thing the other thing is Um you know we are running for president And I recommend people to go get one of These bumper stickers and put it on the Back of their car the windshield because That's the way we go offline and if People go to cheaper for president.com Anyone can download this we've open Sourced it and they can print it on a Printer and hand it out I'll be like you Know tomorrow morning I'll be at the Train station handing it out to people It's a really fun exercise if you Haven't done it because we sit behind These screens and it's very interesting When you go out and hand out a flyer you Have to look at someone in the face You're very vulnerable you don't know if They're going to take it and rip it Apart and throw it away but you're Putting yourself out there which I Recommend people should be doing more of

But let me answer your question Um If we look right prior to the Quote-unquote pandemic coming we need to Look at a couple of very interesting Events First of all there are nearly 25 major Protests going on throughout the world People forget right the the stuff in France Chile Venezuela there were massive massive Millions and millions of people probably If you add it up probably 30 to 40 Million people In the year between 2019 and 2018 were Protesting and what were they protesting They were protesting against corruption Um and uh you know the high cost of Anything right all over the world And those movements are explicitly Growing can't commitment with that Something you know the interest rates Like you pointed out were very very low Artificially low and there was another Event taking place small businesses Being in India or America we're actually Starting to grow small businesses and What the elites who live off low Interest rate loans like Jared Kushner Or Trump or the Kennedys or the whoever They are right because how does a real Estate developer work they're just Moving Capital around they're not really Making anything it's not like they

Invented email or they created a new Medicine or any of that what they're Doing is that mama and papa gave them a Billion dollars like Trump he bought one Building And then filling it up with tenants now You want to go leverage that because you Have a certain value for that building And then you go to a bank and you say Hey look I want to get I don't know 80 Of the value of this building You they give you a low interest rate Loan then you go buy another building And then you fill that up with tenants But that entire business model is Premised on low interest rates loans Now if an economy is naturally growing Let's say I started you know we started A new company here cytosol to discover New types of natural medicines oh wow It's growing and I know I have A hundred thousand orders coming in I Don't have enough money right to fund The supply of that I'm going to go to a Bank and get a short-term loan and other Businesses were starting to do that Because small businesses were actually Starting to grow so if everyone is Looking for Capital what happens Interest rates should go grow And interest rate rates were starting to Grow and the elites don't like that So what in a so if interest rates are Growing you need to put a break on the

Economy what an amazing way to do that By creating a quote unquote a pandemic Because that's what it did to put the Brakes and who did it actually help and The data is right in front of us the Costcos and the Walmarts of Fortune tens Did well the Elon Musk did well the Jeff Bezos did well 600 billionaires increase Their net worth by 2.3 trillion dollars Trump printed 7.9 trillion dollars in One term That's how Obama took two terms to do That and that's 7.9 trillion dollars Some of it what was given to subsidies To enslave people and but a majority of It went to bail out the elites just like Obama did in 2008 in fact it was a Transfer of wealth and that's how 600 Billionaires so the elites guided many Many they made a lot of money in many Ways Big Pharma you know as someone who's Involved in biological engineering you Know in 1986 I did a research project Called program on the pharmaceutical Industry the guy called Seth Finkelstein At MIT even back then everyone knew the Pharmaceutical companies were going down A lot of people don't understand this Why because the entire way Pharmaceutical companies develop a drug Is very very medieval if you think about This pipeline first part of the pipeline Some teacher some research MIT discover

Some molecule in a test tube he goes Raises 40 million dollars then the next Step is he tested in many many different Test tubes right to see if it really Works that's called in vitro testing Then he goes and kills a bunch of Animals That's called in Vivo testing that takes Around seven years so that's called Pre-clinical testing and if it you find You have something then you have to go To the FDA a big milestone years you Have to apply for an investigational new Drug filing and you have to submit 10 000 page pages of regulatory information To convince the FDA to allow you to now Go test that medicine on human beings That's called the beginning of a phase One clinical trial if the FDA gives you That allowance And by the way that takes around six to Seven years to get that All those pre-clinical then you go into Clinical trials Phase one phase two phase three and You're testing more and more people Maybe a thousand people ten thousand People in Venture a hundred thousand People that's called the the fate and Then that takes another nine years you See so it takes around 16 years 15 to 16 Years from the time a drug is identified As having some effect to take it through This process this process is very very

Medieval first of all it's for a Synthetic drug what comes out of this Process Only works for ten percent of the target Population the other ninety percent get Side effects this is why all of those Prime Time commercials say oh you can Take this and have people traipsing Through beautiful Meadows and they say By the way this will happen that'll Happen Etc they give you the nightmare In the second half of the commercial But that process of drug development Particularly over the last 15 years has Been failing why the FDA will even tell You that they're not even allowing many Of the drugs out of face Phase two three clinical trials because They're causing so much side effects so Year over year as pharmaceutical Companies have spent more and more and More money on R D to support this very Medieval process less and less new drugs Are actually being allowed by the FDA It's an inverse thing more money on R D Less money being So if you had a business running like That you're you're gonna have to say I Have a serious freaking problem Pfizer's Revenue was around 65 billion in 2012. And now it's dropped it was dropping in 2019 to 40 billion they lost almost 25 Billion in top line revenue I was the First one to expose this in 2020 because

I knew about it many years ago and when I created cytosol naively which is a Technology to eliminate animal testing I Thought Pharma would want to use this But they don't they like this old Process because we would have shown most Of their stuff doesn't work so Pharmaceutical companies are doing a Very medieval process even the FDA Caught up to them and they're they're Been losing money because why are they Losing money because a drug typically Has once you patent it has 20-year Patent life so if it's taking you 15 16 Years to develop a drug to get it out You only have four years left That means in four years you have to Recruit it's by the way it takes around Five billion dollars to develop a drug So in four years before it becomes a Generic you have to recruit all that Five billion dollars and that's why the Cost of drugs are so expensive all right Now you won't get this system's analysis From anyone else because 99 of these Politicians are dopes they don't Understand this nor do they care because They're tied into the Pharma companies Including Kennedy by the way the Kennedys John Kennedy is the one who signed the 1962 vaccination Act To support big pharma's development Ted Kennedy you know 20 14 years later

Sorry 20 24 years later 19 you know People are getting injured Ted Kennedy Creates the national vaccine injury Program he was a co-sponsor of the bill Which protected big Pharma so they Expanded all these agencies and Duplicitous disgusting booby Kennedy wants to now create safe Vaccines so how are you going to do that How and he thinks he's going to get all These corrupt institutions to create Safe vaccines So the entire process of this is to Still support big Pharma they're Indemnified they're protected and now You're going to help them create safe Vaccines that's why Trump was so Critical to manipulate manipulating the Working class in this country if Hillary Clinton was there when he was there There would have been a revolution so They needed this guy who was saying all These right things lock her up build a Wall right And what did he do he basically saved This tanking pharmaceutical industry he Made sure that they could do operation Warp speed which is compressed that time Cycle of nine years right into like one Year without really doing any Fundamental real clinical testing And that's why fauci Um and one was a straight man one was The you know whatever the uh the guy who

Acts like he's playing a joke right so You had this entire phenomenal fauci and Trump and they pushed operation warp Speed Trump gives a commendation award to Fauci 12 hours before he leaves office He convinces a Maga person as though he Was some martyr fighting all this but The reality was Pfizer's Revenue which Was in the toilet at 40 billion dollars In 2020 goes up to 80 billion They made more money in one year Than they did in the past you know just Look at their revenue amounts that They're losing and then they go up to 110 billion and both Biden and Trump Were funded by big Pharma for their Inauguration million bucks a piece So the economics here are you have the Fact that big Pharma did phenomenally Well because they were failing small Businesses were starting to grow The interest rate should be come on this Should be around five to six percent That's where they should have been right They artificially so Jared Kushner could Get low interest rates and all of his Buddies were kept artificially low the Pandemic allowed that all these people Got subsidies Those who didn't want to work got in Some incentivized not to work a lot of Small businesses closed up the Walmarts The besos the musks all did quite quite

Well And all of this was premised on printing Money Okay Stephanie Keating was a complete Who's a professor at a Um uh University of Pennsylvania Wharton Right Um she says it's okay to print money She's created a whole thesis saying Modern monetary Theory mmt which says It's good to print money print as much As you want But it's all premised on us being the Reserve currency well how do you get to Maintain being the reserve currency no One ever answers that well you must have A war machine you must be able to have Be the become the bully of the planet Because when you're the bully you get to Print as much money as you want because If because that's how you enforce people Um using the United States or the dollar As a reserve currency so now you have a Set of people starting to say we don't Like that right in this case Russia for Example right and so you have to now Uh create a disturbance there right Um and that really started in 2013-14 With Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice doing the coup in Ukraine to Tee It Up so you could ensure that Russia could Not have the wherewithal because it was Really supplying all of Europe with oil And Condoleezza Rice said it very openly

At a an important speech that she gave She goes we must wean or destroy Essentially Russia's energy platform With Europe we must own it so that's What this is about this is about the United States Can print whatever money they want but It must be the reserve currency in order To be the reserve currency you have to Have NATO go and Bully everyone who Attempts to go independent on their own In this case Russia was building I mean They're another Thug right on their own Accord but you can't even have a small Thug in your neighborhood so where we're At right now is a pandemic played many Many positive views for the elites it Enabled them to save big Pharma which The industry should have completely Tanked just like Obama saved big Banks Trump say big Pharma And now you have the fact that the Interest rates are getting back to where They should be right but this is where They should have been you know three Four years ago and everyone who's Profited from this on both ends they did The nice V with the stock market uh poor People who didn't know about this sold a High right I'm starting so low bought High right the elites always know how to Um buy low and sell high and it's the Inverse for the working person Well said thank you so much for adding

That you know you mentioned you brought Out some great points I just have to go Through them you know inflation is Always an everywhere a monetary Phenomenon and that comes right from Milton Friedman terrorists and you know There is some truth with you know all These little pieces you know and they Always try to like you said they Compartmentalize things and they Separate them into little parts that It's important to look at the whole Picture the whole system as you say so When we take that into account we know That increasing the money supply Directly affects inflation and that Devalues our currency so I it's it's a Local phenomenon because it's about Central banks and doing their local Money printing but globally we have Inflationary issues around the world and So we have this constant Fiat debasement Um Global Reserve currency US dollar you Know there's no real Contender the Yuan The Euro they're not real contenders and As of right now the U.S dollar shall Remain the global Reserve currency Excellent examples about Condoleezza Rice oil Russia there's so many issues There we could talk for days about that But going back to I know you mentioned second order Consequences it's very important that we Look at not just the immediate effect of

Decisions but their second order Consequences and the whole picture once Again there's a dilution of value going On with our Economy you know margins are compressed And you know we just have this you know There's no other bay a way of saying it It's declining productivity we're Getting less output for every input and Like you said it's the worker it's the Middle class America that's paying for It the two ends of the spectrum aren't Paying their taxes so it's us in the Middle the people who work that are Paying for all of this and it's it's It's so unfortunate we've been Conditioned to take on this debt and we Just need to break through from the System and like you said big I'm sorry Go on please yeah Rosanna one of the Important things is I want to go back to This flyer if you look at this data Right it's hard to see but the x-axis Goes from 1980 till today And the y-axis is lifespan Connected to we're talking about so the Red line is a United States lifespan it Deviated from the industrialized nations By the way all those other nations will Follow our same pattern but what this Fundamentally means is since 1980 to now We've destroyed people's immune systems So it's not it's not the vaccine because It's been occurring since 1980. now how

Did we destroy people's immune systems Okay what is the immune system the Immune system consists of many different Biological functions and I want to talk About that right but these particular Your biology was affected by their Policies your if if you want to make This very personal when they did Lockdowns it affected your biology Physically affected you you got more Stressed out you got depressed and that Suffocated some of your mitochondrial Respiration Pathways it created Oxidative stress it created inflammation So as a system scientist I can look at It political systems decisions how it Affects your biological system So when you look at the the the Policies that these guys do why are Their policies always against us And this is why When people get elected into Congress It's a two-year term Or six year term whatever for your Presidency what happens particularly the Congressional people if you look at them They're elected into office If you think about the U.S budget let's Roughly say it's five trillion dollars Okay Plus or minus you know some half a Billion somewhere but let's say it's Five trillion dollars where does that Five trillion dollars come from well

That five trillion dollars let's say the U.S GDP Is right now around 25 trillion that Means so by the way to everyone Listening GDP you can think about it you Know sort of grossly as if you took Everyone's wages right the value of Everything and that's about 25 trillion Of the US economy okay so 20 of that Let's say is what the average tax rate Is A 5 trillion okay so if you looked at Everyone's wages let's say it's 25 Trillion take 20 percent that's five Trillion dollars okay so that's where That 5 trillion is coming we tax people But fascinating is that five trillion Dollars is only coming from 20 of the Wage earning people eighty percent Aren't contributing to that 20 even Which is what's even more fascinating so You have five trillion dollars that Comes into the kitty what does the Government do with it well they can put Money into three areas security Which is protecting our borders right Those kinds of things police army the Second thing is equity You know making everyone feel good oh You got screwed we're going to give you Some welfare right okay you have a bad Situation right the equity piece or the Third thing is infrastructure So if you're if you just got elected and

You're you know AOC or Bernie Sanders Right you just got elected particularly People get elected to congress the day They get elected they got to make sure They get elected again that's all They're focused on the instant they get Into office they're raising money for Their next election So if a bill is coming up let's say There's three bills one says you know What we're going to give free money away To people in your constituency another One is Um we're gonna have to rebuild the Entire roadway systems and that's going To be a 10-year project you're not going To see results right away but we need to Do that and the third is we're going to Build sort of security the average Person who gets elected is thinking for Short-term gains so they always support Equity they do not put anything into Infrastructure at all any type of Advanced infrastructure So the reality is that the entire system Is rigged In a fundamental way that the idiots who Get elected are wanting to get reelected And they're always going to support Policies which are not in the interest Of the country or that 20 who funded it Would which is infrastructure Etc so That's the way the game is set up these Three buckets and the first equity and

Then the second bucket is always Supported and that's why we don't have Infrastructure development Period now what's fascinating is prior To Kennedy taking office it's going to Sound really weird But the the tax rate the corporate tax Rate was 70 percent of the United States And the individual tax rate was very low I forget what it was but it's ten Percent some very low So think about what I'm saying so what Would happen is because of corporate and That's when the Heyday of America took Place so if you're running a corporation And you made 5 billion in revenue and You had 4 billion in expenses for Salaries Etc and you made a billion in In profit right five minus four Um you would pay you would be on the Hook for 700 million dollars so what Owners of Corporations would do was they Said wow we don't want to pay the Government that much people paid Themselves more they paid their Employees more and they said well why Don't we upgrade our infrastructure it Was actually not a bad model and but the The income tax rates were much lower so That means you gave your employees more They got to keep more they would spend More and after Kennedy John F Kennedy You know the family from bootlegging and Smuggling they made sure you could do

Offshoring in Cayman Islands you could Do offshoring in in Ireland right UK and They flipped the tax rates they helped All their buddies So we live in a very interesting world Because the old high corporate tax Actually worked because it made sure People increase oh we did well let's Give more salaries and that's why the Wages grew but between the 1900s to 1970 And then they shrunk because people Started hoarding so Apple frankly pays No taxes Apple does their development in China now they're doing it in India they Push their money out through they have All different types of ways that they Can make sure very little money comes Into the United States And meanwhile the working people again Are taxed at a very high burden So You know you when you look at it Financially in this whole Ethos that took place this is all about Truly the rich getting richer and was Accelerated during the pandemic And then we're looking to these same People For our liberation How can you think like this why do you Think Robert effing Kennedy has any Interest in you he doesn't even have any Interest in his own wife who hung Herself he doesn't even have any

Interest in his own kids for that matter He says we need full vaccination of all Americans If you don't think he's working for big Pharma You know you have to really connect the Dots forget what they say look at what They did Yeah look at what they do so my Great-grandfather said it doesn't matter What people say people are very clever People can say all sorts of I mean you just have to look at what They did this doofus Vivek this car Salesman I call him Vive Eck right I Mean he was literally promoting Juneteenth and now he says he's against Juneteenth he was promoting the vaccine Mandates and the mass mandates now he Says I mean it doesn't matter what these People say it's like they I think the Swarm the elites really teach their kids How to lie they teach their kids say Whatever you want because the masses are Stupid they'll have amnesia they'll just Be so enamored by what you say in the Moment And people really need to understand That these people do not like you they Hate America they hate you Because if Robert effing Kennedy or Tucker Carlson or Donald Trump loved This country Or Joe Rogan they would have highlighted

Our lawsuit in 2020. they would have Joined us with fire fouchy in 2020. they Would have Trump would have made sure There was no lockdowns and he would Execute in my protocol right which is Vitamin D therapy all the things we said All of them which were right on the Mark We saved millions of people's lives but These people do not love you In fact they hate you and they hate this Country they're not Patriots They're actually actually the absolute Inverse they're very selfish human Beings Because they look at someone like me in Our movement it's independent we're not Tied to anyone we take a systems Approach we're not pro-rante they cannot Afford to do that because that means now They're supporting another group they're Going to lose all their views they're Going to lose all their ad Revenue Etc It's all dollars to them Rosanna and They're very selfish human beings They're not Patriots at all Thank you for enlightening us on that It's a huge disparity in wealth you call It a k recovery and it's just a real Division in wealth and it's only gotten Worse you know it's interesting um you Know the current system is just about Economic slavery debt slavery you know There was someone I spoke with recently An economist it was very surprising to

Hear him he's a top Economist his name Is Steve Hankey and he actually came out With a research paper that was probably It Was Written in Forbes as well that he Said that the shutdowns the lockdowns Whatever you want to call it of covid Were the greatest policy mistake of Modern history so it was refreshing to See someone a top Economist write about That and we all know that you know it Just it was not only in our mental Health but with businesses they created All this debt and it was just just Really caused a lot of problems that Will take a long time to work through if They can even be worked through Um you know I want to ask you about this Cbdcs and the Central Bank digital Currencies and how they just want to Exert more control over us and the Monetary system could you tell us your Thoughts on that and how we can prevent That from taking over yeah one thing I Want to just share with you on that last Piece of lockdowns I don't want to go to That is that I want to share with you This letter some people may have seen it But this is just the facts in 2023 Sorry 2020 on March 23rd 23 I wrote this Letter to Trump it's a very powerful Letter it says immune economic health For America and this letter was Delivered to Trump okay and he got it Um and the letter basically says do not

Lock down The I interconnected the immune system And the economic system And that's why people must learn system Science I and if you read this letter it Says I'm going to summarize it basically It says fauci is a complete fool he's a Fraud okay he doesn't understand Anything about medicine I share within my credentials and the Fact that we live in the world of Systems biology where it's the right Medicine for the right person at the Right time I said do not shut down the Economy I gave Trump a protocol A economic protocol I said first of all there's four types Of people those people who have covid Positive those people are hospitalized With critical conditions those people May be immunocompromised and group four Which is the rest of us and this is 98 Of us group four and I said all you need To do is help these people out right and I gave them actually the protocols of How much vitamin D vitamin A these are Proven things that have been written in Twenty thirty thousand research papers And I said don't shut down the economy Boost people's immune system and get Everyone back to health This was done in 2020 And okay and at that time I did many Many videos explaining this to people in

Fact Um Rosanna I got a call from one of the Senior economic advisors from the White House he said please keep my name Confidential and this was in early March And he said Dr Siva Trump is not Listening to us he's blindly following Fauci please do more videos That's why I did I mean I used to do two To three videos a day educating people On the immune system all this stuff But the bottom line is people need to Understand what kind of person do they Want leading them a like Trump a Wishy-washy multi-fork guy like Kennedy or the obvious establishment Like the you know Biden or whoever other DeSantis wherever it is all these people Didn't do the right thing at the right Time They did it when it was opportune for Them to get votes But March of 2020 was what separates the Men from the boys or the women from the Men and women from the girls you know it Is where real decisions had to be made And Trump failed Kennedy failed just Look at their histories So I just want people to remark that I Wanted to bring up that piece of Evidence because people need to Understand this was very real for me I Spent his entire life studying health And well-being that it was disgrace what

These people were doing they killed People Trump killed people Kennedy Killed people They supported lockdowns which We know cause depression when you put People into depression the body Generates certain genes All right which create inflammation Which reduce antiviral compounds in your Body but policies affect your biology And I know this better than anyone and I've done videos on it but if you don't Believe these people's policies affect Your biology then go watch those videos And start figuring out who you listen to And it means we're all interconnected Right we're all interconnected and it Affects everything I mean you did Lockdowns it literally created Depression Depression forced people to take Antidepressants antidepressants affect Particular immunomodulation Pathways in Your body Which affected you're lowering your Immune system Then the lockdowns also loneliness Wonderful paper written by Stephen Cole Loneliness is a molecule in 2007 a Science paper published in nature when You're lonely your body actually shut Downs its production of antivirals your Body is the best pharmaceutical industry Factory increased inflammatory compounds

So these people's policies lockdowns Killed people Trump literally killed people Congress Killed people your state officials Killed you don't don't give them any Excuse All right when they pass policies to Destroy your immune system like your Children should not children should be Masked one of the most important periods Of a child's life is the ages of 5 Through 13 when all the mouth microbiome Is being developed in the immune system Hey John Can you have prabhakar email me right Now the paper we're just about to Publish in uh the journal periodontology Look it takes this paper I'm going to Share with you it took us four years to Get published it's not easy to write Great papers but the white paper of this In 2020 I was educating people we we ran The first International Mass conference Telling people for God's sakes don't put Mass on your kids because we'll cover The mask on their kids the kids bacteria In the mouth is just developing okay It's the early stages of development and What's important is based on how the Microbiome and the mouth developed it'll Affect your kids entire lifetime and the Oral microbiome affects every disease Your mouth is a gateway to every disease Cancer diabetes everything

So the issue is these people Actually killed people And they should be held accountable they Should not get qualified immunity they Should not qualified immunity so Government officials protect themselves From being pierced but my papers exposed We did I mean Demonstrations we did science seminars We we gave people these papers to go Educate their school board officials we Turn overturn many mass mandates Across the country and that was my work And our movements work so when you talk About cdbc's now let me tell you what's Going on what's actually happening is They're doing a triangle of Oppression And they have three things that they're Doing they have the climate change Nonsense okay which is going to lead to Carbon tax They have the cdbc centralized banking Currencies and then they have the social Media censorship okay These may seem three different things But they're all related so you have Censorship put it over here right you Have cdbc censorship via social media And climate change hoax three C's okay And they're all interrelated so about Two months ago a company A very startup company got funded two Billion dollars very small news story

And they're going to be merging the Centralized banking digital currency Platforms with carbon tax So what that means is everything you do Will be measured In your home everything you do your Activities and that will be linked with The centralized digital banking Currencies And then you layer in your iPhone a la Twitter Facebook which are tracking you With censorship and we know as my Lawsuit in 2020 exposed that the Government and all the social media Companies are Unholy Alliance so you Have the government at the center of it Having an Unholy alliance with all the Big tech for censorship government is at The center of it and these are the world Governments controlling centralized Banking digital currencies and then Government is going to be mandating Carbon tax So this is slavery and so if you look at All these other candidates doofus booby Kennedy Sports carbon tax Elon Musk Actually supports both the censorship And carbon tax and he's into all these Cryptocurrencies all these idiots Thinking Bitcoin is not centralized or a Bunch of morons Bitcoin is highly Centralized it's not the blockchain is Decentralized the amount of computing Power you need to do to do the tracking

And the mining is highly centralized you Know 52 percent of the Bitcoin is done Out of China and you need massive Computing infrastructure to do the prime Factorization so you have a lot of Idiots who don't understand math who Don't understand physics and Computing Falling into this and by the way when Quantum Computing comes you're going to Be able to break all these prime Factorizations anyway So the solution is not technology The solution has to be where we the People Own the means of production to control These Technologies I'll give you an Example the Postal Service when it was Created in 1787 was a way that people Because the government is not supposed To violate the First Amendment the Postal service was created so free Speech would be free reach It's going to sound very anachronistic But it isn't the founders were so Prescient these people were truly system Scientists when they created the first Amendment they said we have to make Sure Free Speech equals free reach not Like this racist apartheid supporting Elon Musk who has redefined free Speech saying free speech is not free Reach I mean he grew up in South Africa Where everyone had to carry on ID cards Poor blacks and poor brown people right

0.5 percent of the people Were free the other 99.9 literally in a Minimum security prison or maximum Security and that's where he grew up in So he doesn't give a about us all Carrying around ID cards because he grew Up in that world So what they want to do is the Fundamental goal here is to ensure that Free speech is not equal to free reach And he said that that's not what America Is about And that's when the postal service was Created I could send you a letter For everyone could afford a letter every Person to send it five cents two cents And by the way if anyone interfered in That postal Communications and opened it There was a police force set up by the Postal service and it was 22 years Sentenced in prison We're not going to be we the so the fact That the government some things Government should run because we can Hold them accountable government cannot Violate the First Amendment private Companies can because they have First Amendment rights so what government has Done and that's what Trump did with the Passage of sisa they Outsource Government censorship to private Companies they launched and they could Say oh we didn't do it oh Twitter threw Off Dr Shiva because he shared

Um the ballot images were being Destroyed Twitter threw them off when he Exposed the censorship infrastructure we Didn't do it they did it it's called Laundering censorship but if the Postal Service were to do that because it's Quasi-government The government would be in serious Problems okay so I've always believed That certain things should come under The Aegis Of the people right so it's not Technology every technology that comes Email was created by me as it Bottoms Up In Newark New Jersey they try to seize Control of that and private companies Now own email I met with the Postal Service I said you guys should offer A version of email that's done under the Ages of the postal service because if Anyone opens my email in route that's a 22-year set in prison Mark Zuckerberg uh You know Bill Gates uh Elon musket open All of our Communications We don't own them anymore that's what The power of the postal service was and Free Speech equal free reach so when it Comes to these government digital Banking currencies cdbcs this is Essentially The continuation of bringing together Currency with Taxation and with Censorship censorship carbon tax you Know and centralized it's all the three

C's and that's and this is all going to Be controlled by government And basically they're importing this From what China did it's an import okay They tested it in China now let's see How much we can put some push the masses That's why I repeat all these people Promoting the climate carbon tax anyone Promoting you know the censorship Infrastructure promoting the CD any of This crypto is all part of the Government It's all Against Humanity and if we're Going to do any of these things it Should be by the people for the people And we don't have that that's why we Need a systems overhaul All of this stuff any technology can be Used for robots wow be great if I have My robot and I controlled it right it Was my robot and I decided how the Technology was going to be created but We're not we're letting the 0.001 decide These Technologies We don't own the means of production You know when we say when you want a Systems overhaul A System's overhauls We The People controlling those means of Production we decide how these Technologies are going to be used but That's going to require systems overhaul And that requires a Bottoms Up movement That requires us self-organizing it's Not going to come from voting in these

Very very well organized top-down Elections they're all manufactured Well said thank you thank you so much For that I think we can go right into Big Tech and the centralized big Tech That it is and the social media Censorship that's going on you know we Need decentralization bottom up as you Say and we need to try to eliminate These intermediaries so you know there's A digital cage and I know on your Website you talk about the fake Heroes Like you mentioned earlier and that's Created by this swarm Um that you call that's a great name That you have for it you know it's like A problem reaction solution and Um so could you tell us in your opinion What is a solution for all of us people For everyone Um to help have free speech in this Digital world Yeah so let me begin with Um again for me uh Rosanna this is very Real it's not theoretical Um so if we share this diagram right Here which comes off winbackfreedom.com I'm going to share this Um and on winbackfreedom.com everyone Will know that in 2020 when I was thrown Off Twitter for exposing the fact that The state of Massachusetts was deleting Ballot images so here's me Twitter On behalf of the government right here

The elections infrastructure run by the Secretary of state of Massachusetts here Use this entire infrastructure which I'll walk you through to deep platform The U.S Senate Federal candidate because I was criticizing this individual Michelle tassanari who is the elections Had in Massachusetts because she was Deleting ballot images now what I didn't Know was it wasn't just Michelle Tassinari here she was a key leader in The sysi infrastructure so when I Exposed her she Unleashed this Infrastructure which I later found to Have Twitter de-platforming Twitter Didn't do this on their own it was a Government which contacted Twitter Against in many ways I was a political Dissident now back to our infrastructure Which you're seeing right here which is This election systems infrastructure That I can that I discovered and we Outlined it all in our lawsuit this is Back in mid-2021 right this entire Partner support portal is run by the Center for Internet Security and guess Who funds this well it's none other than Funded by Pier omadiar who's the founder Of The Intercept which claims they're a Big investigative Journal The Intercept Funded the center for Internet Security To create the Clearinghouse to be a Non-profit which would take orders from State and local officials to deep

Platform Senate candidates you see this Is laundering censorship and how do they Do this well they created All These Blueprints which I also discovered in Our lawsuit and I presented in federal Court and these this entire architecture These Blueprints were created by all of These people Robbie Mook Tommy Hicks Republican Democrat Amy Cohen all these People were the ones who wrote All of These Blueprints on how you would De-platform U.S citizens if they attack Government expose them and this goes Back to all of these people and it comes Ultimately out of sisa which Trump Signed into law in 2018. and here's Michelle tassanari was a woman that Threw me off but she's everywhere but You see this is a censorship Infrastructure that I discovered in our Lawsuit that we shared with all of these People in 2020 and they concealed it Because they're all part of the CIA Intelligence infrastructure structure They did not want this truth coming out So now they did the Twitter files dance So Government has a backdoor portal I could Have put also Facebook into Twitter that Port Yes Everyone should go to winbackfreedom.com Can you see that here or should I Up let me go here

Yes some people should go to me um Uh Yes Yeah so let me share this again so People go to the site right here Here you will get access to the entire Lawsuit let me share it for everyone Here Um can you see it there Okay People go to so I you know remember I Did my own lawsuit A cool diagram you know that I I love Doing graphic art but this is a history All these Well I have a degree believe it or not In art a master's in Visual Arts But I enjoy doing many things but you See all of these movements are what led To me This establishment involves royalty Involves all of these people who try to Suppress freedom of speech but you will See everything is here now we are moving Our lawsuit against DHS and sisa you Know shortly and you'll see that but They just wanted to put me back on Twitter And be happy they wanted me to drop all My claims to the government I refused And they threatened me initially the Judge gave us a big win but he thought He'd buy me off but I encourage people To go to winback freedom.com and you'll

See everything you'll see all the Lawsuit filings I did okay everything's All up here All the playbooks we discovered and you Will find out that we do not have Freedom of speech in the United States Twitter Facebook Google or agents of the Government period and it all came out in 2020 in our lawsuit all right and this Was actually suppressed by people like Intentionally concealed by people like Tucker Carlson people like Joe Rogan all The people who who later on claim that Oh my God we found this stuff they were Part of the intelligence Community who Suppressed it then but what's the Solution look the solution is pretty Simple and the solution has never been Different is that the first amendment Was created so each one of us could have Equal Voice free speech was supposed to Be free reach there were institutions of Founders created like the postal service Now they did it for paper mail now Someone who created email which is the Electronic version of the paper Mail System There's no reason the postal service Should not be involved in also this Because the institution exists it's like The highway system you don't want Private companies owning the highway System right you want to make the Government accountable so my view is

That the fine private companies can have Their version of Facebook and all that But there should be a public Infrastructure the equivalent of Facebook YouTube by the people for the People now in order to do that we have To get by the way if you look at every Postal office or in every place that Real estate is our real estate the People's real estate you could put Simple servers and you could create a Very new technology called mesh Network So we're not relying on at T T-Mobile Etc that would be our Network All right and I published this back in 2012. Um um you know to The Postal Service They commissioned me to do a report on How they could actually make money off Of this So the solution is there we need a People's network of social media fine if You want to like use DHL and FedEx like You're doing the great but you can just Also use the US Postal Service but you Send something through the postal Service and if someone opens it it's a 22-year sentence in prison you send a Social media direct message and someone Opens it 22-year sentence in prison you Do a post and someone takes it down That's a 22-year sentence in prison Because the First Amendment Remember First Amendment Congress shall

Pass no laws to bridge the First Amendment Will trump and Congress Unanimously voted for law on November 15 2018 November 16 2018 which basically Violated which passed the loss of bridge Of freedom of speech That was brought to you by Trump If Hillary Clinton assigned that they Would have hanged her But they needed to put Trump in he was a Selection to do all the we saw the Pandemic brought to you by Trump Printing of 7.9 trillion dollars brought To you by Trump the booming of big Pharma and saving them brought to you by Trump Elections are selections everyone it's All a charade And the movement for truth freedom and Health my running for office and our Being involved is the only Force that's Exposing that we really have an option And it's not about winning an election Anymore it's about you building a Movement now I've created the university For you to go learn go to Truthfriendhealth.com we've created our Political campaign you can go do that Right you can put this but for God's Sake stop giving these Billionaires money Trump's Trump made a half a billion Dollars last year on his golf courses

Come on he's not losing money it's all it's all theater they always Create false Martyrs these people are Not your Heroes Jared Kushner made two Billion dollars Hunter Biden made how Many ever billions of or millions of Dollars left and right they hate you These people hate America they hate the Concept of America they hate the concept Of the First Amendment That is why they suppressed and Concealed our lawsuit which exposed all This three years ago So the solution is we need to create Public infrastructure that that is owned By the people for the people there are Certain things that should not be owned By private companies like air like the Highway systems like water systems Like communication systems But and by the way all this technology Blockchain isn't gonna you're Talking to an MIT technologist I can Break any encryption with enough Computing power okay you can break any System but once you have a law which Says you open up my email That's a 22-year set in prison doesn't Matter what technology you have you have A law now and that is why Benjamin Franklin Thomas Jefferson and Washington Created the Postal Service Now the idiots at the Postal Service in 1997 when I was 29 I said you guys need

To offer public infrastructure they Shooed me away what do you know we're in The postal mail business It's the right solution in 2011 when They were going out of business I Critiqued them again The Inspector General the Postal Service Commissioned me you can go look at all This I wrote two reports saying how they Could create this public infrastructure Make a lot of money doing it But they don't listen because The Democrats and Republicans left and Right hate the American people these People are prostitutes And all the academics are prostitutes we Need a systems overhaul Period and how do you do a systems Overhaul you have to understand the Science of systems it's not going to be Just taking a gun and shooting people It's you raising your Consciousness and Realizing Kennedy is full of Trump Is full of yes Biden and that's Easy if if you don't get to that you're In kindergarten but once you get over That if you want to get a PhD and the People are full of it's people like Trump and Biden and Kennedy right and The Obamas and all these people the Jesse Jackson's The Bernie Sanders to Joe Rogan's the Saad gurus that's where You get your PhD you say all these People are all part of the same

Interconnected thing they all hang out Together They all their children go to the same Equestrian places they all eat at Nobu On you know in Malibu literally they eat All eat at the same restaurants And you're not part of it so wake the up And that's really the thing that's why You know I you know I title this you Know learn the science of systems or get that's pretty much it so I'm not here to convince the 30 or a Bunch of morons I'm not here to bring Over the 50 who are watching which way The wind blows I'm here to talk into the 20 because ultimately I believe in the 80 20 rule the 20's principle right So if you're the 20 out there go to Truthfredomehealth.com go to Shiva for President you know.com and volunteer I Don't even want your money I Want you to increase your Consciousness If you want money you know what I do I Give you back knowledge I I say you give Me a hundred bucks I say here's all the Stuff for Truth for the middle you give Me 20 bucks I give you access to tools my I cannot Take money for nothing it never I've Never been a beggar so I hate the Concept of donations and contributions You give me something I feel compelled

To educate you and your children But I would rather you volunteer it I'd Rather you just put a freaking bumper Sticker on I'd rather you download this Flyer go steal borrow use a printer at Your public office print this out hand It out Um let me just show you um just to give You an idea you know Um Uh Rosanna you know I still do in the Midst of all this stuff I'm still a Working scientist I work full-time I Love that and um I'm very very proud We Haven't released this yet but I'll share This with you I'd love this You are all about knowledge and Independent thinking at the core which Is exactly what your movement is about So you have you do the action you don't Just talk and that's great it's Noble Quality yeah it's about educating people You know we have to raise people's Conscience let me show you this paper Here education is everything it is the Revolution so this paper is about to Come out It took us four years to get this paper Published Rosanna Um it's called the molecular systems Architecture of host microbiome Interactions and periodontist I did a White paper version we have an amazing Paper here that is going to expose to

The world how important the mouth is to Everything you do periodontist Periodontitis okay Um hey John come on in Um so that's what this paper said it's About to come out Um any day now but it goes through the Entire history of periodontal disease You know how the mouth microbiome Affects your immune cells your heart Tissue and we so that's a systems Approach and look at this we mapped Every molecule every molecular pathway In your body that leads to periodontal Disease and this when you wear a mask What it does to kids but this took me Four years to get published so and then We will do videos on this and we'll Educate people and this has gone through Peer review you know Phil stochenko is One of the leading guys in the world you Know I'm the first author on this along With my co-author Dr dinakar but this is The kind of work we do this is a systems Approach you see we call it a Architecture so Um I can't over emphasize this to people If you're serious Go to truthforedomhealth.com become a System scientist Um if you don't want to do that fine Because you will get by these People period and because they do not Give a damn about you period and and uh

So anyway the good news is Rosanna we Have created all the knowledge all this Infrastructure it's a lot of work that We do it is hard back breaking work Um and I really believe ultimately uh Hard work and Truth prevails absolutely But anyway we're making a difference for Sure Dr Shiva yeah everything's great Flyer Right and this is exactly and what I say Here since the 1980s the policies of the Swarm the elites across left and right Democrat and Republican destroyed Americans life expectancy the rest of The world will follow the same pattern Every child on the planet will have a Shorter lifespan than their parents this Is by Design This is what happens when We quote unquote vote for the quote Unquote lesser of two evils it's time For systems overhaul it's right here one Page right it took 59 years to reduce This down to one page but everyone can Benefit from this and what's really cool About this flyer you can point your IPhone your Android and it'll take you To a very nice educational videos Wow love this an elevated Consciousness Through knowledge and education Dr Shiva This has been absolutely amazing today Speaking with you and enlightening us All with so much knowledge so thank you So much for everything I look forward to Meeting you maybe in person one day I

Mean the way you connect with people in Person when you look at them eye to eye That's special and that's so mean you Need to do something in New York let me Know because we have a lot of people in New York again to everyone listening Remember we've critiqued a lot I I spend Maybe 50 50 is we've created a Curriculum go to truthfridomhealth.com Tribute there but you're going to get a Lot of knowledge and once you finish the Program you have a huge Community we Have nearly 500 000 people now globally All over the world and um I encourage People to go there I'll just share that Last screen with you But um I want people to recognize that We have a solution You don't Right so let me just go back up to the Top here so if you go to Truthforedomhealth.com you will see that I'll just quickly walk you through the Website and close it but you know the Slogan is get educated or be enslaved Yes I created the first email system but I'm very proud of the truth for an adult System and um you have videos here you Can uh you get educated right away if You want gear we have about a half a Million people now without all this Social media Banning or Shadow Banning In 120 countries Um every uh week at 11 A.M and at 12 um

11 A.M and also at uh what is it at 12 Uh sorry 11 A.M and 8 PM EST we do these Open houses Rosetta everyone's invited Attend but you can read our stories of Amazing people from all over the world Who've gone through this and how it's Changed our lives and made them leaders But most importantly we have a history Of winning we win lawsuits we win we Expose things we're not here being Depressed and as I mentioned here's a Problem lots of information doesn't mean Information is going to lead you to The information through the lens of Ignorance leads you to these horrible Situations and we need to take a systems Approach all right and that systems Approach is going to make you active Innovative organized but you have to be Willing to let go of the old and here's The system right so first of all there's A whole system of knowledge all these Amazing Three-hour courses that you learn MIT Type systems learning you understand Ancient systems of medicine and you Understand why we have to build the Bottoms of movement I give away all These books so you can use it for your Body your community your life you get Theoretical papers then you also get a Tool that took me 20 years to build this Tool you can apply system science to Your own health what's the right food

For you what's the right yoga exercise Everyone is different you get access to Papers on how food is a system once in Two months we do events and special Lectures Um for example we talked about income Inequality ultimately we did a great Systems analysis showing how gun Violence is directly related to income Inequality it doesn't have to do with The access to guns nor does it have to Do with with the right wing says Everyone taking medicine you know Psychotic medicines and then we want People to learn teach and serve we give You tools you can teach other people I Still on Thursdays 11AM and 8 PM I do One-on-ones we have an entire community Of people globally and then we want People to get on the ground we've Already written flyers for you so you Can download and amount we've created Our own version of Twitter Facebook and YouTube but we use it internally we Don't like sell it like truth social to Make money off of it it's really for Internal Communications so people can Really start understanding how to Connect with other people and build a Movement that's what we've done this is Truly quite incredible because what We've done is we've created an Infrastructure by the people for the People so people can really

Um grow and do this system's overhaul Do for everyone to Enlighten and Empower People and that's key knowledge is power And uh so where awareness of ignorance Is the beginning of wisdom and I love Quoting Socrates and Plato and all that So um thank you so much once again and Truth Freedom Health exactly thank you Thank you Rosanna Um are you going to stay on or I I was Gonna I always close with a video on our Campaign if I can play that for you guys Yes please um Let me play we have a campaign video I'd Like to share let me uh I think I have To share my screen sorry Share my screen here And I'm gonna play this campaign video That I think your audience will like but You know everything we do is in-house Um there's no Madison Avenue people Doing this it's myself and our team who Put even this video together but it'll Really give you an idea of why I'm Running for president so here we go who Would have ever thought I'd be running For president of the United States of America I was born a low cast Untouchable in India's caste system a System of aristocracy oppression and Racism my name is Dr Shiva ayaduray I'm An MIT PhD a Fulbright scholar a Scientist engineer entrepreneur and Inventor my family and I left India to

Come to America on my seventh birthday I I grew up in the working-class Neighborhoods of New Jersey playing Baseball mowing lawns painting houses And coding software my friends and Neighbors are blacks Italians Irish People of all Races as a 14 year old I Wrote 50 000 lines of software code to Create the world's first email system And was awarded the first U.S copyright For email recognizing me as its official Inventor at a time when copyright was The only way to protect software Inventions I did that long before I ever Came to MIT revealing that big Innovations can occur Anytime Anyplace By anybody growing up I saw politicians Dividing Us by race and religion in both America and India to have us fighting Each other while they remain safe in Their gated communities and in their Playgrounds of Hollywood Martha's Vineyard in Silicon Valley I'm a fighter I fought racism and expose their Imperialist wars fought for workers and Put my life on the line against Global Corruption I never wanted to run for Political office all that changed when I Saw working Americans as never before Being duped by The Establishment and the Not so obvious establishment across left And right we were being sold out and Made to forget why we came to America And why America existed lawyers

Academics billionaires celebrities and Politicians Elise Clinton's Kennedy's Bidens Obama's bushes black and white Have hijacked America they've printed Trillions for their friends they Delivered crumbling infrastructure Corruption and racism they transferred Trillions to themselves dividing black And white fear-mongering and fake Science lockdowns and censorship dirty Air food and water pushing drugs upon us Making us sicker we've been sold out one Set of rules for them and another for us We deserve a warrior with a history of Courage in putting everything on the Line for you who believes in you not Them who has created a movement Bottoms Up For Truth Freedom Health I've exposed Their lies at the right time never Waiting until it was popular I've Exposed their false gods who exist to Lead you back to them I've exposed their Fake signs of lockdowns and masking and Provide you solutions to fight them and Win and protect your immune system save Millions I expose fauci Galvanize the Fire fouchy campaign when others remain Silent when they stole our election we Sued the government and Twitter in our Historic 2020 Federal lawsuit exposing In Bear view the government and big Tech Censorship infrastructure the Unholy Alliance between government and social Media companies where was Elon and his

Grifters they stood by the sidelines and Did nothing they did not use their Megaphones to help us when it could have Made a big difference now our movement Grows for truth Freedom Health Independent of all of them every day Millions are learning the science of Systems the knowledge the elites do not Want you to have so you may learn how to Think stand up and fight independent of The establishment of left and right and Their fake Heroes now it's time for you To join the movement to win back America To win back truth win back Freedom win Back your health that's why I'm running For president of the United States this Race is about you this race is about Truth Freedom Health versus Power profit Control we've had enough they think fall In line and vote again for their lawyers Celebrities billionaires and chosen ones From above we choose our heroes from Below from the rank and file who do what Is right at the right time not when it's Convenient and popular they can never Represent us what America needs is a Movement by the working people for the Working people or educated organized Decentralized and fight for independence From their systems of control and that Movement exists it's ready for you we Don't need them we need us to go bottoms Up neighbor to neighbor my journey your Journey are all the same it's our time

It's time we had one of us it's time to Win back truth Freedom Health to win Back America be part of this historic Movement all the way to our Victory on November 5th 2024. if you're an American Citizen Pledge Your vote now for Dr Shivaya duray the independent candidate For U.S president no matter where you Live you can be a part of this volunteer As little as 20 minutes a day don't Delay this is Dr shivaya drain I approve This message paid for by Dr Shiva for President If you want you can cut it John will Send it to you and you can paste it in Yeah Yeah So so anyway Rosanna that was great I Hope uh I enjoyed it very much great Questions very very uh I think the Audience has learned a lot Yeah so Rosanna get get a bumper sticker Put it on the back of your car Yeah 100 000 people see it and Yeah so a lot of light as people can go Get educated truthfromhealth.com we do These regular Um you know every um Thursdays as I Mentioned we do these orientations at 11 And 8 and then the last thing is people Should go to Shiva for president.com you Know volunteer volunteer because we need To get on the ballot everyone listening Out there we need to get on the ballot

In every state so we need people to Um Great thank you Rosanna be well

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