Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – I Told Trump NOT To Lock Down America. He Did It Anyway.

Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – I Told Trump NOT To Lock Down America. He Did It Anyway.

Or the First Amendment Second Amendment All of our inalienable rights that this Maniac tyrannical government is trying To take away that record Pace get Yourself the holograph sticker there Weaponized news the white background Sticker and the clear background sticker Put it on your guitar your laptop your Bumper help spread the word about the First Amendment free speech and Independent journalism Weaponizenews.com forward slash shop we Have a very important show today to help Break that cognitive dissidents and mind Control that many people in this country Are under We have Dr Shiva Ayaduray running for president of the United States and doing many other Things How you doing today sir I'm doing good How are you Doing well and then we have our co-host Thomas from alpha Mega Energy how you Doing today Thomas Good it's great to be here with Dr Shiva Such an honor uh to have the the Opportunity to have you on weaponized News and uh educate the public about uh Your wonderful platform and have these Incredible uh more independent Candidates that are that have this high Level of Integrity willing to scrutinize Absolutely everything hold no punches

And do all of the investigative research And really do the digging and fighting For Americans instead of these uh right To corrupt Party Line politics so Welcome to a weaponized news thank you So much for for coming it's great to Have you here thank you So where should we begin I know you just Talked about the First Amendment maybe That's a good place to start let's talk About we I'm censored over here I was Banned off Facebook YouTube Google Spotify for for speaking out against the Uh the coved Tyranny so tell us about Your censorship they censored the heck Out of you everywhere as well well I Think the most important thing to Recognize is that it was my lawsuit Um in September of 2020 which discovered The entire censorship infrastructure Which is which and that Discovery in That lawsuit Has been censored by the people that Claim that they're fighting censorship That's what's the real story here and It's happening in real time right now by The subcommittee on the weaponization of Government you know if you go back and Look at my lawsuit which we had a major It's the only lawsuit where we had a Federal injunction first issued against The government And um this is where We really need to start so you know in

December 15 1791 It's a very important day because on That day is when America was really born In my view Because on that day the first amendment Was passed right meaning it became Ratified and Um what does the First Amendment say Among many things one of the key things When it comes to speech it says Congress Which is a The legislative body in the United States system right of governance will Not pass any law shall not pass any law Which will abridge the freedom of speech Right so again Congress which is one of The three branches which creates laws is Prohibited By the U.S Constitution from passing any Law That can a bridge freedom of speech It's pretty cool Supposedly but we know they violated That and they're violating every single Second of every single day right so now You fast forward to November 16 2018. And the months leading to that or the Year leading to that Um the House of Representatives debated And passed unanimously a bill called The Creation for the cyber security Infrastructure Security Agency sysat Right and that we've done unanimously That means all 450 plus Congress people

Some of them many of them were on the So-called Republicans and Democrats are On the weapon weaponization of Government claiming that they're now Fighting for the First Amendment we're All were voted unanimously That bill then went to the Senate I Believe in October And with one modification it passed by Unanimous consent and Donald Trump the So-called Maga Patriot is the one who Signed that into law what do you make What do you make of them just coming out Now and saying weaponization of the Federal government I mean is this to Demoralize it they're just telling us Hey the government is weaponized against You and you're not going to do anything About it Well that word if you go read the Amended complaint in my lawsuit is Literally from the first sentence of the First paragraph in the lawsuit Okay so let's talk about that so November 20 yeah so so it's a limited Hangout it's all theater so in 2018 Trump the so-called person who's a Patriot signed that into law and all of The Congress people Republicans and Democrats unanimously voted for it and When you really think it thought about In that law Essentially was a destruction of the First Amendment

And it and so when you step back and Think about it every one of those people Who voted for that and Trump who signed It the only conclusion is that they hate The United States of America the Foundational principle and they hate This country there's no other logical Thing unless you want to hang on to Thinking these people are going to help You but all of those people unanimously Pass that Unanimously and Trump I don't want to Hear while Trump didn't read he doesn't Know how to read people in the swamp He's dumb there's a secret plan don't You know right all the cue nonsense he's Signed it into law and you have to just Think about that if Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama had signed it there would Have been a revolution in this country Said they needed a white guy After this black guy and by the way 55 Percent of trumpers voted for Obama so The establishment knew that they had run Out their theatrics with Obama so they Needed a white guy who would talk all This stuff you know I'm gonna Frederick yeah he has Great Patriotic Rhetoric patriotic rhetoric which and by The way you know the the two times I met Trump he looked like a Out of work actor who was frail you know So he that's you have to understand Trump wanted to be an acting he went to

The you know he went to WWE UFC his Agent was Ari Emmanuel The Apprentice People don't seem to have uh the memory Loss that he ran a reality TV show that Printed but more importantly his agent Is Arie Emmanuel who's Rahm emanuel's Brother who runs William Morris agency Which is now Endeavor so you have an Under Aria Emmanuel one individual owns Political theater all the politicians Hollywood Theater UFC and recently they Bought WWE so if you just consider what The elites are doing they are owning Theater Elon Musk is a stupid idiot Non-engine I mean this guy hasn't Invented anything okay except he's great For theatrics Joe Rogan he did he did Invent the uh the uh cap the gas cap a Cover for the uh the charging uh ports Okay great yeah wonderful thank you Thank you for reminding me that okay but Uh the bottom line is these guys are Actors Joe Rogan's agent is Ari Emmanuel Joe Rogan will never I mean he follows Me people have said doc you why don't You put Dr Shivan back when I did all The genetic GMO research so he is Essentially owned and operated by these People but but once you get 2018 now Let's fast forward to 2020 here in Massachusetts Um you know in 2018 we had run against Elizabeth Warren as independent you

Would have thought the Republicans would Have embraced someone like me not some Bullshitter Five acre fuck you're discriminating Against Indians that was the problem Yeah well our campaign was only the real Indian can defeat the fake Indian Right and we We just we're the ones you know we I Sent Elizabeth Warren a DNA test kit she Refused it that got tweeted out that got A lot of press and we had probably 4 000 Signs in Massachusetts which said only The real Indian I think I have one here Yeah which has one of these signs up There you may have seen these only the Real Indian can defeat the fake Indian Okay So you couldn't get out of that what's That is she campaigning uh to cancel the Student loans so she doesn't have to pay Back her her student loan which she Filed as a fraud of hauntus yeah but if You remember we had 4 000 of these signs Up We forced her to take the DNA test I Told her I'll give her my building in Cambridge if she took it my 10 million Dollar building she refused but the Natives was she was forced to take that DNA test because you couldn't leave any Part of Massachusetts without seeing our Signs up and then Trump tried to take Credit for it so

In 2020 when we decided Iran we decided Okay we'll give the Republicans a shot We had 3 000 volunteers on the ground You uh we raised two million bucks in a Primary when Massachusetts Republicans Always Fold they don't even bother raising any Money So the Republican GOP got so concerned That I may win the primary they found an Idiot to run I mean we had 25 000 lawn Signs up ten thousand bumper stickers You can leave Massachusetts without on Any major highway without seeing huge Billboards that we bought so they find a Guy to run he maybe has one lawn sign up No campaign so on September 1st 2020 the Word on the street was Dr she was going To win by a landslide And uh when the results come in we find Out that I win there's nine counties in A county called Franklin County Working class Community predominantly Whites who love me and in that county The the ballots are all hand counted Paper ballots Primarily and I win by 10 points and Every other County was 60 40 60 40 60 40 60 40 60 40. And it was ridiculous because even the GOP rhinos were saying Shiva was going To win on a landslide so anyway I had to Put my hat on as an MIT engineer as a Scientist and I started studying these

Voting machines and what you find out is There's a the depot voting machines Created by ESS had an interesting manual On one of the chapters which said that There's a feature called the weighted Race feature a weighted race feature That means if you got 20 votes and I got 20 votes they could escalate your votes Multiplying by a factor of two so you Get 40 votes and decrement or debase my Votes a more technical term by let's say 0.5 so I end up getting you know only 10 Votes it's a feature in the voting Systems toys create that margin Right but it was created you know Because these same voting systems were Used in um I think companies publicly Traded companies you know and that would Make sense right if you own if if There's a total outstanding shares of a Million shares and you owned Um you know 200 000 shares your vote you Know from a shareholder perspective is Worth 20.2 right you see what I'm saying Someone else's vote so anyway that makes Sense why you needed a weighted race Feature this is something nobody ever Talks about you're saying they're Rigging corporate elections as well well I don't know about that but I'm saying Yeah there's a potential yeah but that's Where the voting Systems that feature was in there why Should they be in federal election

Voting machines but it was allowed by The secretaries of state so anyway so When I came to find out about this I Went and I remember on a On a voting machine this is wrong before Mike Lindell was doing cray-cray shit Selling pillows that's all he was Interested in he didn't really want to Solve this problem many people use the Discoveries I made Trump including made A half a billion dollars off my work and I'll come back to that but the point is When a paper ballot goes into these Voting machines a photograph is taken It's called a ballot image and then the Machine's artificial intelligence Figures out which dots go to which Candidates right that's a whole other Thing it's called ballot image analysis So my work at that point was hey if the Ballot Are scanned I want the ballot images Which is by 52 USC 20701 a law past 50 Years ago by it all Democrat majority in The house it said you must Preserve all records in connection with The federal election for 22 months so we Took one of our volunteers we went to The Secretary of State's office with a Camera today we like the ballot images You must have it on a hard drive I'm a Candidate and we issued a foia they said Ah we deleted those images okay Um IRS makes us keep our tax directors

For seven years exactly exactly now this Is a federal law 52 USC 20701 so I gave Them my formal uh public records request And I have 10 business days to answer That which was on September 24th nothing From the Secretary of State's office so I write to them and say hey you're Violating the state law by not Responding to my public records requests And then voila within a couple of hours I get back their response saying oh we Don't need to save those images and I go Can you show me the law The next email is a email which is a Reference to a voting machines how it Works and I go it says nothing to do With the question I said you violated Federal law so now I have these four Emails two of mine and two of theirs if You go on Twitter you know I would do a Tweet and I'd get 30 000 retweets very Very and all of my Followers no Bots none of that I mean I Built up a real loyal following from 2007. so anyway I go on Twitter and I Said Massachusetts deleted one over one Million ballot images the election is Null and void violation of USC 20701 and I post those four emails Within a few hours I'm thrown off Twitter never been thrown off Twitter And remember at that point I'm still a U.S Senate candidate though I have lost The quote unquote loss of primary we'd

Moved our campaign to a very powerful Writing campaign again we have 3 000 Volunteers very powerful campaign the Other idiot maybe had no volunteers So your boots on the ground everywhere Massive yeah if you wanna I can play a Video showing this would you like to see A video sure let's play your video and Remind us again exactly what the date of How when this transpired so we campaign Yeah so September 1st 2020 is the Primary Okay September I filed the foia right on September 9th that you know I'm certain Day and night understanding these voting Machines in fact started doing videos About it September 24th 25th is when I'm thrown Off Twitter Okay subsequently and uh and by the way We've moved our campaign to a write-in Campaign and guess what the slogan of Our write-in campaign is stop election Fraud so let me can I share my screen Here or Um I think Down there in the center there's a Little scream of the up Arrow right so Let me go over to it I may have to you know what I'm gonna I'm gonna share my screen Hold on

Are you No I have it loaded up right here on my Stream right here one second here we go All right so I'm going to go to yours And share my screen with you so where Are you guys Uh share screen okay great Great If you guys should you guys can see yeah You guys can see this right Yeah so yeah so I'm going to announce Ready I'm gonna share this video okay So I'm going to share a video which was A video that we did about the fact that We were now this is sept mid-september Okay that we had moved our campaign to a Write-in campaign here we go on September 1st the working people of Massachusetts Rose up to let one of Their own for U.S Senate the United Beyond black and white Beyond left and Right to unleash a movement for truth Freedom Health three thousand volunteers Ten thousand lawn signs twenty thousand Bumper stickers millions of phone calls Massive rallies over twenty thousand Donations funding Highway Billboards ads On social media radio and network TV Making Dr Shiva for Senate a household Name the people of Massachusetts were Headed for a landslide Victory but on The eve of election night Secretary of State Galvin spread disinformation Saying only 150 000 would vote in the

Republican primary a hundred thousand Less than 2018 on Election night Shiva For Senate one in Franklin County by Nearly 10 percent but lost in every Other County by 20 to an invisible Opponent neither heard nor seen had no Lawn signs no bumper stickers no Organization in short no campaign in Franklin County ballots were counted Mainly by hand in all other counties Mainly digital scanners generated ballot Images tabulated by electronic software Evidence comparing number of votes to Voters revealed blatant fraud in Boston 4 000 more votes than voters in Newton 1700 more votes and voters more votes Than voters in every city for which Shiva for Senate received data Mathematicians and data analysts Discovered a completely improbable Frequency pattern of voting revealing The software for electronic tabulation Was set to reduce Shiva for Senate votes By 50 percent and increase their votes By 20 percent more disturbing ballot Images were destroyed federal law Demands all records documents generated In connection with an election must be Retained for 22 months Massachusetts Violated federal law The Establishment Does not want one of us working people To represent us when we win they cheat When we win they rigged their software To steal our democracy you now have a

Choice accept election fraud accept Corruption or fight we choose to fight To escalate our movement for truth Freedom Health by Leading a write-in Campaign for Dr Shiva for U.S Senate to Unite working people to build a defiant Movement to expose and destroy their System of power profit and control join Us write in Dr Shiva for U.S Senate now Or by November 3rd it's time for us This is Dr Shiva and I approve this Message I want to share that so we ended up Distributing close to two million cards Door-to-door uh everywhere we went by Hand does that make sense a lot of cards It's a lot of toughness so this was I Mean you're talking about we had massive Ground support so that is going on and The middle of that campaign I'm a bona Fide Senate candidate a U.S Senate Federal candidate And I'm thrown off Twitter Now That's election interference isn't it It's it's gross it gets even more Interesting the next day After I'm thrown off a did they ever Even give you a reason Let me get to it Um so what ends up happening is a one of Those fake fact-checking organizations Writes an article in a new in fact Reuters put it out okay reuter is an AP

Oh this guy there were no millions of Ballots destroyed I never said ballots I Said ballot images Leave out the word images and I said he They said he was thrown off and when we Called the Secretary of State's office And this is going to get to the heart of It They said we discovered that The Secretary of State's office the Government Had contacted Twitter to tell them to Stop what Dr Shiva was doing do you get What I'm saying the government had Contacted a private company To tell them to deploy or they had Contacted them we don't know what they Said and I said wait a minute this is a Gross violation of the First Amendment I try to get lawyers in Massachusetts no One wanted to take on the Secretary of State why his name is a guy called William Galvin he's called The Prince of Darkness this guy owns that's what he's Called he owns every major politician And you know most lawyers are pussies They don't want to fight the government So I had to file my own lawsuit I had to Study what state action was I've never Been in federal court so I filed my Lawsuit and I submitted of her Preliminary injunction which is very Hard to get you have a lawsuit and an Injunction if you understand the law is

A lawsuit can take years but an Injunction says your honor I have enough I want you to look at the merits of this Case because I think I have something Substantive here you need to give me an Emergency hearing Judges don't like to do that anyway we Get the hearing with a guy called Mark Wolf Who was appointed by Reagan older Judge and uh so I go in and this is now October uh I think 15th 2020. October 12th you can by the way there's A website we documented everything it's Almost the election's coming fast and That's why you need the emergency oh Yeah yeah so yeah because so this is Um the elections November 4th I'm Running a write-in campaign so we and The reason we moved it to writing Because write-ins all have to be done by Hand okay So uh we get a hearing and now two days Before the hearing I write to fucker Carlson And AKA Tucker Carlson who claims he's Fighting for whatever The conservatives he does nothing Nothing I mean this is one of the most Historic lawsuits a U.S Senate candidate This happens in in foreign countries Like Zimbabwe or Chile right a U.S Senate candidate being de-platformed by The government for criticizing them it's Why we created the first amendment

So we go into federal court and um and By the way remember covet is going on so It's all on Zoom 2 000 people show up on Zoom they had to shut down Zoom there Were so many people And um the judge and I cross-examine the Secretary of State social media director A young woman and this and the the the The his chief counsel was there who's The one who sent me those emails and in That conversation me and the judge Cross-examined this woman and basically Say well what happened when you saw this Tweet oh we were very concerned that he Was saying ballots were being destroyed I said ballot images okay the judge said What did you do they said oh we we Wanted this removed And he goes what did you do he goes well We have a special VIP portal into Twitter And he goes what is that because oh we Have a partner support portal which Gives us direct access and our issues Are escalated so government has a direct Connection To Big Tech is this the first time I think This is the first time that this has Come out in court 100 proven ever in Human history okay and in fact the Government has a direct line and so so Right it gets more interesting the judge Says what did you do because well we

Reported him and then he said what Happened all we saw he removed those Tweets they removed those tweets and he Goes how did you feel this is all in Courtroom transcript we felt relieved Government Contacts a private company To silence the speech it wasn't Twitter Did it its government made Twitter do it And the woman that did this as a woman Called Michelle tassanari She's a chief counsel for the state now You'll find out Michelle tassanari which We found out later also sits on the General counsel of sisa Of the top five members All right real Tyrant yeah right she's Everywhere in fact so after this Of the judge is appalled he says I may Be an old man but he goes had you guys Ever thought about simply going on Twitter and saying hey we disagree with You ballots weren't deleted you ever Think about combating what you think bad Speeches with your own truthful speech Oh no we didn't think about that So the judges appalled but he gives me All the terms Of my injunction remember this this is History making a federal judge and not Only that he Reams it's me against three Harvard lawyers we also find out in that Hearing cross-examination they had also Contacted another organization called

The National Association of state Election directors led by women at that Time called Amy Cohen and that Organization had gotten 50 million Dollars uh I'm sorry an organization she Led Called the center for election Innovation research had gotten 50 Million dollars from Zuckerberg anyway The National Association of state Election directors is like the AAA of All the state election directors but They too have a direct connection to Twitter and They too had contacted Twitter so that means the force of 50 States and the United States and the Massachusetts Government had contacted Twitter to de-platform a United States Senate U.S citizen candidate running for Office the judge is freaking ballistic He gives me all the terms That night I write to Tucker Carlson and I said Tucker we just want a major Lawsuit we've discovered this backdoor Portal and Hunter Biden's friend Tucker Carlson we should remember did nothing In fact on that day Fucker Carlson had put out a request to All of his followers please go light on Hunter Biden Hunter Biden had given fucker Carlson's Son his recommendation letter so you Understand this this is what I call the Swarm

So but I get put back on Twitter guess When on November 4th 20 this is now 2020 After the election's over I lost 39 days Off being off Twitter uh the most Important time which is the platform for Speech for political speech right Instagram and Facebook are very Different so I come back on November 4th I'm once again tweeting again of all Sorts of stuff exposing fauci exposing You know uh the uh uh you know the covet Stuff that all of that stuff and then on February 1st I do something interesting A lot of my followers are saying Dr Shiva what's going on with your lawsuit Remember that's just the preliminary Injunction so once again I share I give A long narrative of what's going on and Bring them up to date and I share those Four emails boom within 17 minutes I was thrown off not within like hours But within 17 minutes I go back into court the next Monday I Said your honor they lied to you when They said that they would honor your Order which is a federal court order They forgot to tell you that they had Already told Twitter to put this in Their algorithms which means anytime Those images came up it's simple if then I'll statement and so the judge says in Order for me to give you restitution I Need you to bring Twitter into the Lawsuit

First Federal lawsuit the only lawsuit Of its kind On the issue of government and Twitter Working together Twitter is brought into That lawsuit And now it's me against seven lawyers Three two from the state one um from the State election directors four from Twitter in fact you know who's rep you Represented yourself you had no lawyer Nope That's pretty awesome what do they call It pro se crochet it gets very Interesting so my lawsuit is set in late May the night before my second hearing I'm trying to figure out what the fuck Is this partner support portal what is This And I find a document I'm digging and Digging searching everywhere and I know How to do sort of these Advanced Searches Uh because I used to write search Engines years ago and I find a very Interesting file written by Katie Minzhall on a server in England it turns Out this partner support portal Government to Twitter was first rolled Out in England as you can imagine Because the British don't like the first Amendment so parliamentarians could Stop being mean to Reuters come on What's that Being mean to Reuters yeah right but

They could they could suppress British Citizens And then that same infrastructure was Rolled out in the Indian elections and Then Taiwan and New Zealand that was Brought here in 2018 and how do I know That because I found two other documents And um if I share my screen again with You guys Um I found a and these are very very Important foundational documents that You guys should all see let me um share My entire screen here for you Um and these documents so literally the Night before it's like 2 A.M that's why I believe there's a God I find Um you guys can see my screen So let me um so I find these actually What I want to do is let me stop this Um actually I want to share with you Um so we by the way all of this was Being documented on a website called Winbackfreedom.com because you know I'm Representing myself with no lawyers and So I uh put all of this up and it's been Up there for by the way I've been up There for nearly three years so all These idiots like Matt taibi who Plagiarize our stuff fucker Carlson all Knew about this it's been out there in The public so let me share this with you So so Um here's that lawsuit okay And what you see here

Can you guys see that screen Okay so what do you see here what you See here is this is the first historic Lawsuit okay to show government mate Twitter sign and and this is and I'll Get back to this so in this lawsuit Everything's here Um this is these are my filings and you Will see one of the things we discover Is these playbooks you see these Election influence operations playbooks These playbooks were created at Harvard Belfair school and if I were to show you This is quite extraordinary these Playbooks guess who wrote the playbooks The playbooks were written none other Than by Michelle tassanari Twitter legal okay Republicans and Democrats created these playbooks and These playbooks talk about how you Target U.S citizens say all of these People wrote These playbooks the Defendants in my lawsuit and they were Acting to the judges though they never Knew each other and in these playbooks It says that how you will brand a U.S Citizen as an influence operator if They're spreading misinformation and and They call them an i o this is all Created at the Belfor school and it goes Through gross detail of what you Consider misinformation including If someone says people who run elections Are corrupt which is what I was doing

They actually give the keywords All right then it gets even more Interesting okay In this uh oops Um I don't know where I am here can you Guys see my Um let me go back here Um in in this yeah in this um Let me go back here Um so in this um yeah so here we go all Right Um in this document actually I'm going To go here So you guys can see this right yes okay The other Playbook is even more Ridiculous it literally lays out a Step-by-step Um it lays out a step-by-step plan Um an algorithm of how you will Silence your U.S citizens who bring this Up and that is called Playbook two and In this Playbook and again I remember I'm finding these documents the night Before my lawsuit in this Playbook it Says how you will denote someone who is Spreading misinformation step by step And it's got a four-part plan I found it on a server at Harvard okay And it says how you anticipate you Prepare you identify resolve and you Learn and improve and part of this thing And I by the way Um is how you will and here Um let me go go through this they

Literally give the details of how you Look so they talk about the partner Support portal Literally again this is for government How government has a special portal And that's why I believe there's a God When I saw this this is literally hours Before I mean it's like crazy man and They tell you what keywords you should Look for but let me tell you how Interesting it gets it actually has a Algorithm how you will decide who's a High Severity medium severity and low Severity threat to these people Okay and a high severity threat Is what I fit into a high severity Threat and by the way here's a partner Support portal for Twitter how all the Backdoor portals a high severity threat Is someone who is has a lot of Credibility and what you will do to them First a high severity threat you will Activate your teams you will inform Twitter and then you will constantly Monitor them so you see when I was Thrown off in September that was the First part and then I was constantly Monitored so when I put that tweet again That's when this Playbook went into Action so anyway So why do I want to share this with you Because here I am in federal court Sharing all of this

Um with the judge And I tell the J and I start reading From this Playbook and I said your honor All of these defendants these seven Defendants this is my opening testimony So let's be a two-hour hearing I said All these people have lied to your honor All of them were involved in creating The documents to censor every United States citizen and they did it on me They followed a Playbook The judge says whoa whoa whoa you need To submit that as evidence This is way before fucking taibi way Before this shit you call Twitter files And Tucker fucker Carlson knew about This and he concealed it What's that John culverier do you need Me to do it Yeah Foreign There's no such thing as uh elections Fraud even when Bill Barr's doj uh Convicts a Philadelphia judge convicted Of conspiring to violate civil rights And bribery and they convicted this Judge Democrat judge for doing crime uh Elections fraud during the 2014 Elections the 2015 elections and the 2016 elections Uh conspiring to derive deprived persons Of civil rights and using Interstate Facilities in Aid of bribery during his Guilty plea demiro Dominic dimiro is his

Name of Philadelphia dimiro admitted Quote that while serving as an elected Municipal judge of Elections he accepted Bribes In the form of money and other things of Value in exchange for adding ballots to Increase the vote totals for certain Candidates on the voting machines so and He also said I rang up the votes using The voting machines So using those machines in his Jurisdiction and for certifying tallies Of all of the ballots Certifying fraudulent ballots He also further admitted that a local Political consultant gave him directions And paid him money to add votes for Candidates supported by the consultant Including candidates for judicial office Whose campaigns actually hired that Consultant and other candidates for Various federal state and local elective Offices preferred by that consultant for A variety of reasons so a middleman Who's literally selling the elections Two political candidates And the judge is conspiring and involved In ringing the elections ringing up the Votes on the elections rigging machines Involved in making fake ballots Fraudulent ballots he also admitted that The votes he added in exchange for Payments by the political consultant Increased the number of votes

Fraudulently recorded and tallied for The Consultants clients and preferred Candidates thereby deluding the ballots Cast by actual voters after the doj Published this information of course Bill Barr came out on television lying Through his teeth that there's no Evidence at all of election fraud hey Don't look at the doj website everybody Uh so look look the reality is this Stuff has been going on for a long time Okay and in Massachusetts the Republicans did this so we don't want People to think that the Democrats are Doing this so the Republicans are doing This alone they're both doing this but What we had discovered here Is not only election fraud which is what Occurred but the fact that we had Discovered the backdoor portal into Twitter the manuals that they use to Silence opposition candidates this is The United States of America and I mean It's damning yes it's came out in Federal court more importantly all of This so so that was day one of the Hearings two thousand people are on that Hearings in fact all of Kennedy's people Came to our hearings Fucking Robert Kennedy knew about I'm The one exposing this So think about what I'm saying here So This guy who's not part of the political

Establishment is exposing all of this in Federal court the judge after he said You got to submit all this and you can Read all the transcripts thousands of People are listening and he says I want you to file all of this and we're Going to have a hearing the next morning Next morning we show up again a couple Of thousand people And by the way we were doing videos of This so hundreds of millions of people All over the world knew about this so It's not like no one in the United States knew about this but the left and The right particularly the right wing So-called people care about America Patriots waving the flag they concealed All of the news all of it and they're The real scumbags yes the Democrats are Assholes and they are but the fucking Right-wing guys who conceal this they're The biggest snakes So what happens the next morning the Judge comes in Wolf and he goes you know He goes I got up at six in the morning And I read Dr shiva's briefs that he had Submitted and by the way The head of Wilmer and Hale Wilmer and Hale's the number one law firm in the Country probably in the world Who was representing Twitter was Wilmer And Hale's uh Chief Vice chairman and She said you know your honor his Lawsuits are too good we don't believe

He's writing them we think he's having Shadow Council that's how good my Lawsuits were guys And I was working day and night for this Country no one's funding us we're not Selling pillows off this Okay so the next morning the judge comes In And he goes this lawsuit will be taught In every constitutional Law class in the United States And then he turns to me goes I got up at Six in the morning I read your stuff in Fact I called Howard Cooper he's one of The leading lawyers in Massachusetts for Constitutional law I know you've done This lawsuit on your own but I have the Right to appoint you a constitutional Attorney And they go the opposition freaks out oh You can't do that they object all this Stuff so anyway he says I want you to Call Howard Cooper up so when a federal Judge says that you listen okay So anyway what ends up happening is that We have found the entire architecture Not only that the playbooks and that After that I was appointed a judge a sort of a Lawyer to help me brief up my lawsuits Because the judge clearly wanted to give Me a win at the federal court obviously Twitter would appeal it to the appeals Court he wanted my briefs even tighter

So when we went to the Supreme Court We'd win and that hearing was set for July mid July Between May and July a document comes Out and everyone can read it in fact It's called The Long fuse report let me Share it to you again The long fuse report Is also on our page And uh let me share with you guys And the long fuse report is a report Done by the Stanford internet Observatory again we were the first ones To discover this report not Matt taibi Not all these fools who literally are Plagiarizing all our stuff okay so what Does that lawsuit have I mean what does That document have well that document Goes into gross detail Let me bring that up again you can go to Winbackfreedom.com Oh there you go sorry all right and here Can you see this Okay so if you go here So I mean at everything's filed here's a Long fuse report in the long fuse report It's a 300 page document It This is written in June now the Playbooks were written in 2018. it Articulates in the long fuse report it's A 200 Page report in Gross detail and You can see it's called misinformation Of the 2020 election and in this report

It identifies me Along with five other people as being The top six Super spreaders on the Internet okay And super spreaders on the internet and It says and it says that I was at the Same level of Internet spread As Trump But I had nowhere near the money of Trump I would do short tweets with Long-form videos and they apparently Were viral as hell And so I am branded as a top six people Who's spreading misinformation And as as a part of that they validate Everything in the playbooks so this Comes out in 2021 the long fuse report And um when that came out here I'm Meeting with my newly appointed attorney Not appointed but essentially an Attorney who I'm told I should really Work with Cooper And what ends up happening out of that Is that In that uh so Cooper is supposed to by The way just to give you an idea why the The judge at the apparent level Appointed this guy was his job was to Brief up my lawsuits to make them Stronger Well three days before my hearing the Hearing in July Cooper says look Shiva You got an amazing lawsuit you're going To be the first guy back on Twitter this Will be like the Roe versus Wade of

Civil rights lawsuits but please drop All the claims against the government Okay He's trying to bribe me He wanted me to drop all the claims Because I had shown how the government Was involved it was Rico it was black And white And he wanted me to drop the claims I Said what are you talking about Howard I Said your job was to brief this what the Fuck have you been doing And what he had been doing was Conspiring with the judge because they Wanted to trust their martinis to put The guy back on the internet so they Could say oh yeah we've protected Free Speech but do not go after the Government you guys following this Yeah so he came in to be the cleanup man Cleanup Man exactly you nailed it it's a Good term the cleanup man but guess what I refused And within three and so he said well It's my way of the highways and I only Have three days left he's done nothing On a lawsuit He has to file memorandums uh case law So in three days I had to do all this Work two thousand pages I had to write Myself So we go into court And it's two thousand thousand people on Kennedy's people are on

And it's now a pit of vipers you have The judge seven lawyers my own lawyer Who's been fired is called in And I am suddenly made the enemy we're Gonna file sanctions on you how dare you Need to drop all those claims the judge Is waving his finger at me Why did you fire attorney it's crazy man It was like a crucifixion people who are Following me were having freaking Vomiting at this because they knew what The fuck was happening Fucker Carlson knew about this every Major news media was told about this the Most historic lawsuit in U.S history No one covered it a couple of people did Steve Bannon did a little piece Gateway Pundit did a piece I respect them for it Some podcasters did but not fucker Fucker Carlson So what ends up happening They forced me to say that if you don't Do this we're going to file charges Criminal charges against me Investigating me So and the judge seals that lawsuit Everything you're seeing he's sealed Because he didn't want that diagram To go out which diagram am I talking About I'm talking about this diagram Which and if you look at this diagram This is probably the most important Diagram Um and by the way everyone's plagiarized

Office including the weaponization Committee this diagram talks about Testingar he talks about sisa it talks About the murdochs it talks about pure Oma Dr talks about Zuckerberg who funded This entire infrastructure the center For Internet Security which would Launder censorship so when government Here wanted to silence me they put it Through a non-profit infrastructure so They could launder censorship the judge Wanted to silence this infrastructure And protects all the names of Republicans and Democrats and sisa Signed by Trump which had created this Infrastructure it's all out there guys This was done in 2020 One In the middle of all this stuff fucker Carlson concealed it Glenn Greenwald Concealed it and the ACLU concealed it All people in my view are part of the Intelligence community So This gets concealed and the judge forces Me to file an amended complaint only With one claim oh please put me back on Twitter I do that and I walk away Because I wanted to retain my rights and In a few months I'll be going right After DHS incisa by myself I'm not going To bring any lawyers now all this is Done I'm D platform from Twitter all This time until December 2022. another

Agent of the establishment Elon Musk who Basically is like this with government Decides to put me back on they thought They would buy me out on December 2022 When I get back on Twitter I once again Tell Elon I said Elon are you going to Put well first tweet I did sorry in in October I write to Elon and I say if You're if you bought Twitter you better Take down the back door portal this Entire censorship infrastructure it's All here And the next day on October 29th guess What you see it's like the CIA or the Intelligence Community goes into action The Intercept you know those that Organization who claims they're fighting For us Literally takes my lawsuit steals it and Lee Fang probably file a lawsuit on him Too Says oh my God the DHS has back doors Into Twitter that's out of my lawsuit But that's only I remember right and Fucker Carlson puts Lee Fang on and Watch what he tell watch this now So Tucker Carlson and this is very Important to understand let me go back To this If you go back to this lawsuit what do We see here okay And the good news is everything because Of the nerd I am on this is documented Okay so if you go to this

Here can you guys see it all right so if You go here you will see that I had Documented so here's Um uh this is a DHS leak stuff let me go Here sorry Um and by the way look at all the videos We've done video after video after video After video 400 million people came to Know about our lawsuit so here is Um and by the way Remember The Intercept Was owned by Piero madir he funded it so The Intercept releases this Um News oh my God we've discovered the back Door portal just by the way here's my Email to Tucker Carlson in October Here's my email in October and I've met With Tucker spoken to him before here's The federal judge's order in may he Didn't cover it it's the most important Lawsuit we've discovered the back door Portal into Twitter the entire Censorship infrastructure then two years Later Here's Carlson Covering Lee Fang And it says this is Tucker Carlson this Seems like a real important story which Is for some reason being ignored you see That Ignored by you fucker You are a fucking CIA agent so I wrote By the way the Pulitzer committee Because they're trying to steal our work

They plagiarize it Glenn Greenwald had Everything here it is another little Fucking dweeb did nothing Nothing nothing nothing so Alex Berenson did nothing Alex Berenson In fact had a lawsuit and he settled but I didn't settle with them okay So Oh yeah but but he he the deal I heard Was he said okay I'm not gonna do Anything against the government I'm Going after cyson DHS So what you're seeing here is Democrat And Republican particularly the right Wing concealed this why and the reason Is to your earlier point I don't fucking I'm not a house nigga as We say okay N-i-g-g-a-h okay I'm allowed to say that And Here's the bottom line okay What's that What do you mean I don't like the Government Well it's not I don't like the Government What I love is the United States and These people hate America Do you understand what I'm saying fucker Carlson hates America Dinesh D'Souza Hates America Donald Trump hates America Fucking booby Kennedy hates America why Do I say such harsh simple words because In 2020 and 2021 they had the

Opportunity to use their megaphones to Talk about the most important lawsuit They didn't just ignore it they Concealed it Eddie Bravo try to reach Joe Rogan they Concealed it because I'm not in the left Or the right it's an independent Movement exposing this you see they Didn't want to give us all their views The problem they have is we got it out To 400 million people I was traveling to England to Dubai oh my God I saw your Lawsuit that's awful so everyone in the World knows it But the mainstream media including the Right-wing so-called Patriots who wear The flag wave they refused to cover this Lawsuit And why didn't it mattered when it Mattered when it mattered and you nailed It so remember so then they concealed it Step one of a CIA operation then they Know shit October 20th Shiva is now Exposing it then they release it in a Limited hangout story you've heard that Term a limited hangout that's what the Intercept is The Intercept is a in my View it's a government arm go look Really study The Intercept they're owned By pieroma Dr the guy owns everything he Funded the center for Internet Security Which did the censorship So do you understand the web here Fucker Carlson's acting like he knows

Nothing it's theater so when I get back On Twitter the first tweet I do is hey Elon why don't you make me your CEO That gets 20 30 million views That was in December after that I Started tweeting Elon are you going to Take down the back door portal because Now they're doing this theater of Twitter files Which shellenberger another asshole who Do not cite the lawsuit and then they Have all these brown guys this guy Batacharya okay they file the uh Missouri against Biden purposely conceal Our lawsuit which was the first lawsuit To expose this they're rewriting history That's what they're doing because they Do not want to expose a very simple fact Democrat and Republican Trump the so-called Maga guy is the one Who created sisa which created that Infrastructure and that's why it's a Disgrace that fucking Massey that douchebag what's his name Jim Jordan who runs theater all day like Trey Gowdy did with Hillary They have not the decency to bring the Guy who did all the hard work they bring In fucking the reptile demon Booby fucking Kennedy to give him credit Because they need to give fake Heroes to The American public not the real heroes Who did the fucking work And that's why I use f every fucking

Time when I talk about booby fucking Kennedy and you should use that word Because where I come from in New Jersey That's what we those are the kind of Words we use and no one's going to Control my speech so the real censorship Here is a censorship of the censorship Lawsuit which exposes censorship law uh Uh infrastructure That's this fucking story and why do I Hate booby fight it's not I hate him He's part of the system and go look at The Kennedys They're Mobsters Well you're creating that cognitive Dissonance to break the mind control That we need our audience because it Seems they have all these people under The spell of cult of personality whether It's Trump whether it's Kennedy we Nailed it man you nailed it and uh wrap Their mind around this whole thing's Corrupt behind the scenes they're Working together laughing at all of us It's theater in fact if you go to it Even more deep Trump's agent is Arie Emmanuel I mean look I used to be Married to an actress in Malibu all These people go to the same restaurant Nobu And let me give you something this other Fucker James Woods who acts like he's a Conservative you know what I'm talking About James Woods he's on Twitter here's

James Woods As by the way as I increase my tweets Exposing musk my follower my Impressions Go from fi and I have it all documented When we Sue musk also 500 000 views per Day down to thirty three hundred Thousand now down to five thousand views I'm in a digital cage Kennedy is Amplified I had more followers than Kennedy before I went on remember I Don't want to hear him I got thrown off Instagram well that's probably a fucking Limited hangout because who the fuck Cares about Instagram per se because Twitter is the platform for politicians And that's what I was thrown off and This fucking douchebag is promoted as a Fighter the motherfucker Supportive Hillary Clinton three times Not once not twice three times he Promoted lockdowns strict lockdowns in 2020 while I was running demonstrations Against them look let me share with you Something it was I who in Right In the Heat of this I wrote an open letter to Trump here it is it's right up it was on Shiva for Senate I ran the fire fauci Campaign can you guys see this yeah okay Let me show you this so this was a Letter I wrote to Trump and Marla Maples Who called me at the time was very Excited she goes me and Tiffany love Everything you're doing so here's the Letter and look at this letter I wrote

To Trump and I said Trump Do you see the date on there March 23rd Of 2020 Kennedy had tweeted out Lockdowns I'm writing to Trump and say Trump fucking fire fauci I'm an MIT Scientist who studies immune system do Not Shut down there's no need to shut down Our entire country that cost us 16 Trillion dollars then I lay out a Protocol of how you can quarantine a Small section of people let everyone get To work and boost their immune system We're laid it out man The deputy secretary of the White House Called me back they got the letter they Did nothing This is March of 2020. trump did shit Times another year saying yeah but you Got to understand Kennedy Foundation Yeah but you have to understand let's go Back to when it mattered I think you Said it very very well when it mattered I as a leader I've always done the Things when it mattered I didn't have to Do that I'm an MIT pheo all the MIT Entire Administration hated me for doing That So I am exposing to the world at the Right time don't lock down the country If I were president I would not have Locked it down Trump doesn't have brass Balls he has no fucking balls he's a Bullshitter he's an actor

He kept fauci he locked down and fucking Booby Kennedy and think about what the Establishment doing right now they're Promoting two people as Anti-establishment candidates Trump and Kennedy Both of them are like this with the Establishment They promoted lockdowns And what did those lockdowns do 600 Billionaires all their friends of them I Bet you ninety percent of them are on Their cell phones Got to made 2.3 trillion dollars Small businesses shut down and they Transferred wealth Trump printed 7.9 Trillion dollars in one term Obama took Him two terms And most of that wealth went to Wall Street and their friends douchebag Kushner the slum Lord who used to do Slum lording here in Somerville got to Two billion dollars And they're both the same so now they Run the dialectic against Biden but Kushner is left out of the equation you See and but Jim Jordan and Thomas Massey Are the biggest fucking creeps because They know about we have good sound bites Yeah they're playing the American people Man they're TR they hate me you said Just like we saw it with Trey Gowdy and You can just go down oh yeah but Represent the list of these clowns I Think but we have to use very precise

Terms Everyone repeat after me these people Hate America they hate America they hate You they're not Patriots they'll put the Fucking plague on their lapels but they Hate this fucking country And immigrants like me who come here Love this country we really love this Country because in India there is no First Amendment no other country has it But on November 16 2018 they fucking Destroyed the First Amendment it's gone Guys that's why I called it win back Freedom it's not like oh yeah it's when A bad situation no we're fucked up and Elon Musk that apartheid country Motherfucker that's where he came from He came from South Africa he actually Believes in his mind of Minds that he's Better So he's perverted his father's a big Part of technocracy we've covered uh Covered it about him but think about it Silicon Valley put forward Jack Dorsey He was an open fascist so then they Bring his doofus musk who's supposed to Make all the conservatives feel good and Every conservative started sucking him Off D'Souza sucked his cock James Wood Sucked his cock every conservative bowed Down to him Oh my God Elon and then they did the Twitter files limited hang up but the

Biggest elephant in the room everyone Knows this was where's Dr shiva's Lawsuit that exposed us all why are you Stealing it you don't like his new ID 2020 where he forces you can't even send A DM to somebody unless you you give up Your ID I mean you don't even have to do That to the police when they pull you Over they want to identify you you don't Have to give a Even the police your ID there's not no Such thing as a stop and ID State no he Comes from South Africa where you have To show your ID everywhere you went okay Well vax pass and the uh the MRNA Printers company that he's uh funded Well Where did he build his factories in Communist communazi uh uh China and then In Nazi Germany uh he's certainly not Building a draft in South Africa or Point one percent controlled 99 where he Had to walk around with IDs okay when He's not building a factory there to Help the African people with their power Well he's using them to mine Cobalt for For stupid electric cars but here's the Bottom line guys we have to get this Very clear these people hate this Country So how do we take the fight we got to Take it offline right we can't because There's only one like I said the shadow Banners but may just kick us off again

You know what I mean so we have to take It we have to take it offline into the Into the real world yeah so it's a great Question so you know As you guys from the little you may read About me this has been a passion of mine Since I was four years old I experienced The Indian caste system Doofus Vivek is a Brahmin bullshitter Okay well let's talk about Vivek yeah I Don't want to talk about it he's a Fucking lying piece of shit everything Out of his mouth that sounds like a Fucking used car salesman they all have Great Patriotic rhetoric but then you Turn around and look at what they're Actually doing in their background and They're all part of this thing right and What they're hoping for is and they by The way the reason they do it so Blatantly is they actually in their Heart of hearts they hate people man They call the masses or asses they think They're better I went to Yale I went to Harvard they were given everything the Population are they we continue to Report on this show uh State Department Memorandum 200 the Kissinger report it's Official U.S uh foreign policy to Control the population and depopulate Well it's look it's I think what you Want to really think about it in the Larger context it's about power profit Control okay

If they can do stuff better with robots They'll do it if they can do better with Carbon-based beings they'll do it the Bottom line is power profit and control And the purpose of power profit and Control is to maximize power profit and Control okay So when you understand this the next Thing that we all need to recognize is The reason they're able to execute the Forces of power profit and control is Because they have come to understand a Very powerful educational knowledge base And that is called system science system Science came into being around in the 1900s with the work of Norbert weiner The work of Claude Shannon but the Science of systems is about how you can Do control mechanisms it's called Control Systems it originally was Designed to see if we can create robots Okay then it was put into thermostats it Was put into your windshield wiper but It's Control Systems control systems Theory system signs can be applied to Anything And the hundred the ten thousand or Twenty thousand people which I estimate Who know this who go to the Kennedy School of government who go to places Like Mi to understand this they have Used this science to manipulate The 8 billion people and it is a Fundamental science it's as powerful as

If you were a primitive caveman and you And some first guy finds fire you become The 800 pound gorilla on the Block but The science of systems is what they use So is that why they're so pissed off at You because you're sharing this Knowledge with the masses yep I'm like Prometheus man I've taken this knowledge And I want to give it to everyone Because ultimately one person can't do It it is the science of systems that is Going to liberate people it is the Science of systems because and look I Used to teach at MIT I discovered that The science of systems goes back tens of Thousands of years but the movement that I've created which is what I've always I've always been a ground activist by The way you'll see pictures of me on the Ground when I was 17 years old leading Massive protests uh protests against the War uh even with the lockdowns we did Massive protests we're the ones who Stopped the vaccine mandates in New Jersey not fucking booby Kennedy you try The motherfucker always tries to steal My credit because they allow him to do That because he they have to create the Fake hero and that's what the Kennedys Have always done his father was a Bullshitter he escalated the war in Vietnam he's not a man of Peace his Other uncle is a complete douchebag These people are douchebags end to end

But they have PR to try to confuse the Masses that they're it's totally Orwellian if you want to talk about or Orwellian look at the Kennedys the People want a hero and they say they Will provide it when the people need one And want one and that's right that was Peace that was peace a carpet bombing Hundreds of millions of people across Multiple countries in Southeast Asia Cambodia Lao in conquering all of this Mass murdering uh all of these people Regime change I mean that one uh Henry Kissinger the the Nobel Peace Prize Between that and then his launching of The memorandum 200 American official Department of Defense policy that Overpopulation is a national security Threat and a national security threat to All of the NATO States and that's that's Their current uh foreign policy towards The world in in the the memorandum 200 Document which is still on the cia's Website under their their foreign front Organization the usaid their official Foreign front organization that they run Undercover uh you can find a you can go To their website and use the search Feature type in memorandum 200 you can Read the document there this is still an Official open project S Now just in the last couple days uh Robert Malone is talking about this

Finally I've been pushing uh the people That have been exposing uh Robert Malone Uh mostly George Webb I've been I've Been all over George Webb about this Continuously and asking George Webb to Go after this to the point that George Webb has blocked me on Twitter seven Different times out of me back six Different times Look let's talk about the solution okay Because that's I think where we're Headed towards Um because when you unravel this there's A systems framework to this And when you understand the knowledge of System science as the elites do you no Longer see this as one-offs it's not you See Trump and Kennedy as part of what we Call a disturbance in system science It's one of the nine principles Um and once you understand the framework Of this We can get out of it And I keep giving this example over and Over and over again you know as an Engineer if you were a thousand years Ago people said there's no way we could Ever fly only birds can fly right Yes if I were to tell you a thousand Years ago we're gonna have electricity There's no way that can happen what are You talking about that's Magic But what science afforded us was to Figure out certain laws of the universe

One of those laws was Bernoulli's Principle Once you've figured that out we could Build airplanes promise 99 of people Don't even sit on their ass and study Anymore they probably don't even know What Bernoulli's principles they don't Even probably know how to even divide or Add anymore that's how bad the school Systems have gotten and the doctors Don't even look at what's in the Molecules of the drugs that they're Giving to people they talk about studies Instead right but a principle is Different because once you understand a Principle you can apply it Upstream so When we understood Bernoulli's principle We could create an airplane which was Impossible when we understood the Principles of you know Maxwell's equations we could build more Motors so similar to that vein with all Humility And not so humility to be straight with You guys is that I've uncovered those Principles and it comes out of system Science the elites actually know this Henry Kissinger's knows these principles George Soros by the way is one of the Theoreticians of system science system Siri now do you think we have any chance Of beating those people if we don't Understand this fundamental science you One country has an airplane and you

Don't have airplanes and you think You're going to beat them you're out of Your fucking mind So it became very very dutiful for me to Recognize that we had to teach the world System science and teach the world why We needed to build movements and teach People the concept of a self-organizing System and to get people out of their Head thinking someone from above is Going to help you I just want to get a Glass of water but I want to play you Guys's video is that all right I'm going To play this video for you guys but in Just five minutes you'll understand what This discovery is so let me play that For you Um John just help me with this here so I'm gonna so I'm gonna Play this video for our team here or Guys here I'm going to share for them my Thing and I'm gonna just like I did Before let me share them here so I want To I want you guys to watch this video Because this gets down to the solution Because if I weren't doing the solution I'd just be some ranting Raven guy who's Attacking these morons but let me play You this solution we have allowed our Country to be taken over from within and The end goal is you will have a Homogenized world where we will become Slaves Because there is a condition among the

Elites that really thinks they're better Than you Deep down inside them that you don't Deserve the freedoms you have They don't this reality is what people Need to wake up to and we need to all Unite working people there's only one Movement that can do that and that is The movement that we started creating Here in Massachusetts the movement for Truth freedom and health look I've been A student of politics since I was a Four-year-old kid studying revolutionary Movements left wing right wing there's a Physics there's a nuclear science to Destroying the establishment to build a Bridge you need to understand Newton's Equation you need to understand the laws Of gravity you need to understand Poisson's ratio there is a way to build A revolution and that's why I put this Together my goal is to train a army of Truth freedom and health leaders we Don't need followers like social media We need leaders but they need training Because the educational system does not Teach them history nothing so in three Hours that's what I've started doing That's the solution we got to train People first with understanding what a System is the Dynamics of all systems That affect nature the second is Understanding the interconnection Between truth freedom and health freedom

Is the ability to move freely Communicate freely talk freely without Freedom you cannot convert ideas things Hypothesis into truth which is science And without Freedom you can't really get To truth and without truth you make up Fake problems and fake Solutions which Means you destroy our health and without Health which is the infrastructure of us In our body you can fight for Freedom Truth Freedom help third concept is it Has to be Bottoms Up working people People who work uniting and what the Right wing has done is whenever you say Working People Unite that must be Communist meanwhile they've let the Democrats run unions which suppress Workers Completely corrupt but when you look at The Arc of American History it's been When working people came up we need to Go local every solution I'm coming up With is a part of this movement we're Giving the science which is a truth and Then we tell people what they can do on The ground like with election fraud you Don't need to wait for some lawyer our Goal is to train people to go local to Go local to go local fight locally Forget lawyers forget politicians forget Celebrities you've got to learn politics And there is a science to it they lock Us down we should be ready to shut them Down in the fourth part of this

Principle is the not so obvious Establishment so when you look at a System there's always something that Disturbs you from getting to your goal Well the biggest disturbance is the not So obvious establishment which are those People who claim they're for you on the Left and the right the AL sharptons who Tell black people I'm for you the Tucker Carlsons do you think any true Anti-establishment person will ever be On Fox or CNN I don't think so they both Mislead working people back into the Establishment without this solid Understanding of political physics and Theory you're screwed you're going to Follow on the left wing Bernie Sanders Oh he said something or Robert Kennedy Scumbags or you're going to follow some Right-wing talk show host they're not Going to lead us to Liberation it's us We're building a Bottoms Up movement and That political physics it's a nuclear Science of change Bottoms Up we have to Organize to understand that there is People who talk a good game and then Look at what they actually do left and Right I'm sorry Sean Hannity may say Some good things but I don't see the Urgency in his voice to get something Done and it can only come when you Weaponize yourself with the right Knowledge you need to be able to Identify a rat you know Christ didn't go

After the Romans right it was a Pharisees in the shadow season screwed Him up his own quote-unquote people and That's where we're at so these four Concepts I've built into a curriculum When people can go to Truthfreedomhelp.com and it's an Educational program we need to train People in political Theory You need to have physics and I've Created that curriculum people need to Get educated we need to get educated Fast and within a half an hour an hour I Can teach people two years of MIT Control Systems I teach people those Concepts that I apply it anyone can Understand it and then you say oh I got To build a Bottoms Up movement they have To get politically astute and then they Have to go locally and act not sit there On social media they have to act locally Defy locally do civil obedience locally But with knowledge on how to build a Movement the Senate campaign's expanded To the movement for truth freedom and Health and they can find it on Truthfreedomhelp.com so people can sign In they can get access to a bunch of Videos if they want to take a course and Become a truth Freedom Health leader I Offer a full scholarship there but we Want people to make a commitment that They'll study that they'll get certified That they'll go do activities on the

Ground so go to truthfreedomhealth.com Thank you Pro it's uh terrific American leadership At its finest here I mean the reason I played you guys that Video oh what is this it's a video you Guys are playing yeah just this is Mr McConnell today it just uh this video Came out uh right before we went live He froze up and so this is uh the Demoralization and humiliation of America all our quote leaders are uh Turtle men like McConnell who are having Strokes at uh press conferences Uh-huh He throws up he just completely froze Couldn't speak had to be kind of carried Away to the side yeah he's about to give A speech there he couldn't do it just uh Froze like uh having a Republican right there leader of the Republicans Horrific somebody else had to take over The speech but but look everyone knows McConnell's a dirtbag he's the obvious Establishment okay The not so obvious establishment was More clever guys okay and that's what we Want to talk about look if you go back The reason I wanted to play that video Is the solution is you have to build a Bottoms Up movement There's really Sort of this very interesting

Bifurcation people go through you get to A point in life Where you have to make a decision and Some people do it explicitly or Implicitly you say do I want to change The world one set of people Choose to go into the world of Complacency I just want to move to a Little farm I want to meditate I'm going To sit under I don't know a tree and Meditate all there something like that The other set of people say yes I want To change the world and when you get to That point those in power essentially Give you two options run for political Office become part of right Republican Or Democrat Or file lawsuit They do not want people to know that it Is movements that have always changed The world so if you go back to the late 1800s and the early 1900s of this Country Uh someone said do I you know four American workers were actually shot Fighting for the eight hour work day was The 1900s women rose up and these Weren't controlled by Republicans Or Democrats not run by aocs or Bernie Sanders people like that these were Independent movements in between 1900 to 1970 Over 150 million American people struck Went to the streets not just shooting

People but actual very powerful strikes And it was because of that as the American economy grew everyone's wages Grew because the fear of God was put Into the establishment now between 1970 To today the Republicans and Democrats United to destroy these Bottoms Up Movements the quote-unquote unions the True unions were taken over thank you Were taken over bring right here we're Taken over by the Republicans and the Democrats and the Kennedys and the and You can put it right here and um what Ended up happening was the the right Wing said if you ever said Workers Unite You must be a communist you see said any They they used a Red Scare to make sure People never built Bottoms Up movements And then the Democrats took over these Movements so between 1970 to today The economy grew GDP grew but we have Two American Pies right now one American Pie for the elites which is grown for The second and third sorry for the third And fourth income quartiles but for the First and second income portals the pie Has shrunk in fact 47 trillion dollars Was taken from that shrinking pie to the Larger pie so there's been massive Wealth transfer and this has been going On since 1970. they bring in various not So obvious established from people Throughout this process to sucker people Back in so they do not build a movement

And I think this is the eye on the prize They do not want us to go say fuck you Go build an independent movement because They knew the last time American workers Did that they had massive gains that Took place in the 1900s and they want to Suppress that so they surely do not want A guy like myself who's understood this Dynamic educating people building a a Global movement that is too dangerous so They really have to push Trump and Kennedy you know a couple of months ago Trump's office called me I've met with Trump Kennedy literally steals my shit Literally literally takes it word for Word And they need to do that because they Know a true movement's going to come up So they must Hijack that by speaking the words but Misleading people back into the Establishment we're not going to allow That because many people who overcome Kennedy and Trump are saying shit we get It And those are highly enlightened people And those people you can build an Explosive movement and that's what's Going to happen So between now and 2024 these people are Fucked because we have a movement now And In 2020 the reason we were so successful Even though they did all this stuff

Because we have a movement look at what Our movement did and what the efforts Myself did we exposed fauci we ran the Fire fouchy campaign and we got that out There we're the ones who exposed the Entire election fraud systems Trump used My stuff and made a half a billion Mike Lindell was talking cray-cray shit and All these crazies came talking about Random shit but the fundamental issues Of election fraud we got out and still Need to be addressed which is chain of Custody and signature verification So we have a historic opportunity here Because of the fact that these two Scumbags Kennedy and Trump are running Because it's an opportunity unlike never Before for people to overcome this Hurdle of recognizing these people are Also the same as the obvious I mean Mitch McConnell is the obvious Establishment come on it's no big deal What's going on with him the real issue Is do you understand Trump is part of The establishment do you understand that Trump kept fallacy do you understand Trump brought in the swamp do you Understand that you go down the list of Things Trump has done he printed seven Point uh one trillion dollars 60 64 uh Council on Foreign Relations uh People into his administration holy crap I mean you talk about draining the swamp And you go right into the swamp and

Bring the entire swamp into the White House there you go there you go guys It's unbelievable it's but once you Understand system look in 1984 I learned This when I saw Jesse Jackson rile up a Lot of young of us speaking the same Rhetoric as Kennedy and Trump and and by The way Kennedy and um sorry Trump and Jesse Jackson were part of the Reform Party and they suckered at the last Minute Jesse Jackson spoke all this Rhetoric said all the right things and Then he says oh my God we must support The luster of two evils we have to do Mondale and gives all of his votes to Mondial Bernie Sanders did that with Jesse with the Hillary Clinton right It's a recurrent process a right wing They needed the right wing version of Bernie Sanders that's Trump And now they're recognizing holy shit Dr Shiva's out there educating people so we Need two fangs so they got Trump on the Right and and Kennedy on the left to Sucker people back in that's the dynamic But once you study system science you'll Get it look about uh in 2016 a very very Close friend of mine very smart woman Harvard MD PhD she was a national Organizer for Sanders She comes to my house she goes Shiva Bernie is the hero he's going to save The world he's for all the things you Talk about workers rights and all this I

Go Bernie is going to fuck you over Laurie you're fucking stupid he's going To give all of his votes to Hillary Clinton on the four of the democratic Commission she goes no way you're a Fucking asshole why are you so arrogant You don't want to support anyone you Could Walks out of my house two years later What happened she calls me crying she Goes I was used I work day and night and that's what These people do and they burn out Activists Fuck Robert Kennedy the guy's a Douchebag at the deepest levels of a Human being he's a demon that's why his Voice sounds like that from a spiritual Tradition you know if you study any of The yogic Traditions you have the Different chakras the crown chakra you Know your third eye which is intuition And truth and there's your throat chakra And then yours all the other chakras his Fucking throat chakra is fucked up Because his thoughts don't match his Deeds Party uh stealing all of the black People's money through act blue on the BLM website and it goes directly to your KKK demonocrats you don't support that Oppose both of these parties Democrats And Republicans did you did you hear It's like a new uh thought crime to use

Irony uh uh why to a supremacist yeah We're seeing uh by you by uh the mark of Using irony and now you even have uh the New sign of right-wing extremism is Laughter You're definitely triggering the people With your words which is what we need What we want on weaponized news and hope That we can break through to these People out there that are passionate About and they really do love America But they back like you say these Controlled opposition candidates that Run us right into a ditch every single Time Sanctimonious with his uh uh World Economic Forum deals and overturning the Health Freedom uh desires of the Florida People they put together this big Package and then he comes in and uh Cancels out I mean he's got a lot of Other good policy in the way he talks is Is great I mean you know copying Trump Though in in everything doing the Trump Too but uh Is it too far gone and we just need to Uh let the whole thing collapse Well look there you look I've studied Revolutionary politics from a Theoretical perspective there used to be A theory in the 1900s which said let Things collapse and then or let you know When things get really bad Um people rise up right this theory is

Absolutely nonsense it never has gone Anywhere in fact oppression oppresses You have to take an engineering approach Guys you got to take a carpenter's Approach or a plumber's approach a small Business person's approach if I walked Out of my business here everything's Going to fall apart You know there's something called Entropy okay if I wanted to make the IPhone right the iPhone then just is Created Steve Jobs had to create it to Bring in the best engineer scientists You know what I'm saying a revolution a Movement doesn't just happen because They fuck us over so much in fact They'll drive us back into the woods We'll be shitting everywhere like it's Happening in San Francisco Yeah yeah but that's why and they want To train people to think oh this is just All like something just happens and We're all fucked no there is a way out Of this there's a way to build a bridge You have to go and study Force equals Mass times acceleration then you have to Study finite elements you have to go Through the discipline you're creating a Whole group of 20 year olds who fucking Think their opinions matter they don't Even know how to solve a problem they Can't even lay out a simple equation So that's the society we're creating Where everything is some things just

Happen no we create things I had to Write the code to create email I had to Create a company I had to bring people Together I could learn how to hire and Fire it's hard fucking work And people who know this are working People a surgeon knows this a doctor Does and surgeons have to make decisions A plumber knows this an engineer knows This That you have to make things In order to make something you need to Understand the physical laws and those Physical laws so how do you make a Revolution Well I've discovered those laws And that is why I keep hammering Ray to People you know when I wrote system in Revolution took me 50 years to write That what are those systems principles What are those mechanics and you know What if you want to really change the World you have to sit your fucking ass Down and you have to study and learn and Parents don't force our kids to do that Anymore so you have a bunch of Dilettants running around there So if we're going to win and the good News is working people there's enough of Us there's enough good plumbers there's Enough good electricians there's enough People who engineer stuff that we know It takes effort to build stuff but That's the wrong model to say well

Things just get worse no go look at Countries like Jamaica and Haiti things Keep getting worse and worse and worse And worse and worse and they'll keep Getting worse you know when I was in Africa one of these went to you know I Love animals and so on you're sitting There and you're watching these You're watching these primates and you Say shit we were out there at one time Right And that wasn't that long ago so we went From that to a a room with electricity And all so okay so the establishment Says you know what you don't get any More housing okay now you're living on The street okay we're not even gonna let You live on the street you could end up Back with a bunch of Apes they don't Care Well things are certainly getting worse In the Caribbean uh in Africa but you Have all of these uh presidents dying And when the state department as Reported by a mainstream media uh uh out Of these 26 Hitmen that went in and Murdered Hades president uh two of them Confessed and said that they were hired By the American state department and uh The security firm in Florida based in Florida was uh hiring all of these uh People a Hitmen to go in and uh do these Assassinations so you have a a massive Record of course uh of these

Declassified CIA documents showing all Of these assassinations and Assassination attempts on Cuba and Countless countries there the Orchestration is shocking you have these Uh six six African countries that Rejected the covid-19 uh vaccines or Were mocking the PCR test like Magafoolian in Tanzania uh testing the The PCR on on birds and oil and papayas And generating positives and he used to Be a lab technician and then all of These people uh shortly after are all Dead and Bill Hayes uh wrote an article Something coming for the bill in Melinda Gates Foundation anyway and then that Was all retracted taken out of the media And covered up and saying that we need To get rid of this guy we need to get This guy out of there in less than 45 Days later he was dead and six countries I count gas cars a president uh in that List he was assassinated twice Fortunately he survived both of those Assassination uh attempts but uh Haiti Was the uh right the only uh African Populist country that didn't vaccinate a Single person and then he's gunned down By these 26 people so this is a shocking What's going on in the amount of but Look the obvious establishment I have to Keep Reminding Of this important point is easy to

Identify Right now if you look at Gabby you know The the council and the Clinton Global Initiative and bill has a a deal a Partnership with uh Bill hates as Gabby And London you have to go back to the Central point when the establishment Knows you're getting on to them they're Going to create the uh the not so Obvious establishment and I'm telling You the Real Enemy here is fucking booby Fucking Kennedy he endorsed Hillary Clinton three times she supported rabbit Pro-vaccine mandates she supported Pro Mass mandates she's Pro Monsanto she had That one of the chiefs of Monsanto run Her campaign How are all of these people These 20 percent of people Thinking and all these dumbass fucking Conservatives Put in Kennedy on any of these shows and Why why is not one of them asking him The question why did you endorse Hillary Clinton Can you answer that question Why isn't Sean Hannity putting me on and Because they're teeing it up To promote the not so obvious because Right when people get close they create The not so obvious establishment So why is Joe Rogan in not one of his Questions Ask him hey why did you endure Hillary

Clinton three times She's Pro Monsanto you claim you run Water Keepers which is to clean up the Environment she's pro-glyphosate why did You in 2020 come to Massachusetts and Take your nephew and fly him out to Hollywood who's rapidly Pro this is In The Heat of covid rapidly pro-vaccine Mandates why did you in your own home Force everyone to be coveted vaccine Vaccinated and then blame your wife when We know many couples were breaking apart We're putting their livelihoods on the Line and then you're the leader you're The fucking misleader of the medical Freedom Movement ask yourself why is This douchebag Russell Brand why are They giving him layups Why And it's interesting interesting I'm Gonna break through clean energy Tech uh Innovator uh do you do you think he'll Put me in jail uh for right questioning Climate change he said those people who Don't believe in climate change should Be arrested what I'm saying is right now Let's forget the past right now in real Time Why is not one of these People asking these questions you know Why because they're all part of the Cabal we have a Neo media cabal right Now that involves fucker Carlson uh this Guy Russell Brand involves Joe Rogan

Involves all these people around them if You see anyone promoting Kennedy and They get views like I see this guy Chief Nerd it's all this cabal Including cat shit he's a he's part of The cabal think of this think of this They need Trinity to be the anti-vaxx Guy and Trump the pro-vax guy that's why Trump will never change his position on The vaccine when it's we have you know It's obvious that it it doesn't work and Well not only that think about the Bigger issue here Kennedy is actually a Big Pharma guy Kennedy's big Pharma he Said he's Crow vacs yeah not only that He's big Pharma look at the entire Kennedy's eight bootleg drugs and they Promoted drugs good luck licoria what John F Kennedy was on all sorts of drugs He had venereal disease he should never Have been allowed into the Navy he was Disqualified his father got him in he Was taking drugs all day pharmaceutical Drugs his other brother is the one Kennedy's the one who passed the 1962 Vaccination Act then the second brother Is the one who saved big Pharma Companies he's the one who was on the Senate side sponsor of the national Vaccine injury program which gave Indemnity to all the big Pharma guys and Now Kennedy Ted Kennedy Ted Kennedy Right here murdered a woman Yeah okay the Kennedys have been all big

Pharma and so the first Kennedy JFK He's the one who created all the Bureaucracy within the government the Corrupt bureaucracy for vaccines then Ted Kennedy instead of getting rid of it Pulling off that Band-Aid the 1960 look As president I will eliminate the 1962 Vaccination act it should go away There's no right government has to be in Your bodies at all but booby doesn't Want to address that Because he wants to keep his Kennedy Bullshit going and then Ted fucking Kennedy Who was a drug addict himself What does he do he saves a big Pharma Companies by passing the national Vaccine injury program which had Nick Reagan sign And then and that created more Government bureaucracy created the Vaccine courts so if you got injured you Can no longer Sue big Pharma thank you To the Kennedys again and then booby Fucking Kennedy Speaks with 15 different tongues I'm Against vaccines then I'm provax I'm Totally Pro vax you know I've never been Anti-vaxx I vaccinated all my kids gave Them 69 vaccines and then I'm gonna Create A whole new way of creating safe Vaccines so he's going to take all these Corrupt institutions his father built

And I'm sorry his uncle built on his two Uncles built and then he's going to Somehow make them Create safe vaccines I mean the Ludicrous of this bullshit Is to say a big Pharma now I see so many People Well here's the thing the motherfucker Is taking trt legal steroids which came Which is really anabolic steroids by the End of 2029 in six years the anabolic Steroid industry is going to grow to be A quarter of a trillion dollar industry Big Pharma and an anabolic steroid has About a ten thousand to a hundred Thousand times more chance of creating Blood clots Then and the MRNA both create blood Clots the MRNA vacs has a certain Adverse effect that's going to become Around 120 billion dollar industry so That what about the blood thinner Industry then yeah both you see what I'm Saying yeah and I think I think all These guys should disclose what drugs They're on Kennedy should describe it Should all be drug tested what drugs are You on Dr Sheba it should be tested for If they took the uh the not scenes or Not as well I take I I haven't I don't take drugs And I bet you I could do more push-ups And more sit-ups than Kennedy and Trump And I would really like the challenge

They want to do Zuck versus musk I'll Take Kennedy Trump and muscon in a in a Let's do a you know one of those cage Fights these guys are all fucking Weekend physical fitness challenge we Don't need to get violence yeah my point Is they're not men they these these guys All hate women If you're a woman listening to this and You want to suck Kennedy's and Trump's Cock off and by voting for them you have To have your head checked they hate Women They hate organizers right famous Womanizers well it's not womanizers they Hate women let's not call them Womanizers that's maybe all they're very Powerful men no they're fucking hate Women please don't do that I I'm gonna I'm gonna try to spin this Into a touching on uh this very Important topic I think since we have a Presidential candidate I want to talk About these other presidential candidate Yeah Rama swampy in a transition for the Woman most people don't know that Vivek Rama swampy I call him Rama swampy Rama Swampy's a wife and when you talk about Hating women works for uh defin the Funder of Geoffrey Epstein uh Les Wexner Uh Les waxner who funded uh Epstein is Also funding a Vivek Rama Swampy's Campaign uh he's a one of the most Wealthy and the biggest Republican party

Donors in the state of Ohio and he comes From Columbus Ohio and Vivek ramaswampi Spent almost his entire life in Columbus Ohio and his wife works for Les wexner's Hospital and has done so for a Considerable period of time and Vivek Rama swampy he comes from uh the uh Pharmaceutical industry let's have a Look here we'll put this back up and he Comes from Yale and Harvard and he was I Believe it was if I'm correct or I'm Just slightly off if not he was the President I believe of the Harvard Political Association here he is uh Being uh promoted on the uh Paul and Daisy Soros website here And uh he founded a number of Pharmaceutical companies all pushing MRNA injections pushing the lipid Nanoparticles this is roivin science We've had several Thomas we're getting Some keys back there he had several IPOs Where he made all of his money he is Claimed that he's worth over 500 million Dollars Uh from these uh stock market listings That he's done And let's go to the next uh Link here I don't see this guy over here with a Serious Contender though honestly well Look the Republicans love him and for Some reason I mean it's red meat that He's throwing out this anti-esg stuff

He's attacking the left wing uh Ideological perspective supposedly And uh I want to expose some of the Fraud that's going on here uh and uh Right also to uh achieve his audience uh So they understand this because nobody's Really exposing this really uh well and The fraud that's being uh put on by this Guy and this campaign is is absolutely Shocking so here we have uh Vivid Grandma swampy he was promoted by the World economic Forum as a young Global Leader and then he claimed uh to have a Problem with him doing that saying that They refused to take his name off the Website I guess he didn't want to be Associated with them they didn't want Anybody to find out what's going on and Of course when you're coming from Harvard right the big CIA and Yale CIA Theater schools uh promoting all of These uh right establishment uh Democrat Candidates uh this kind of fraud this Kind of manipulation as Soros always Does you can expect if somebody's the Leader of the right political Association there what kind of person This is going to be so he pretends to Sue the world economic Forum uh New York Post has a really good article about This as well that people can look into And guess how much he sued them for he's So angry that he sued them for a Whopping two thousand and five hundred

Dollars all right maybe just the fees of Filing the lawsuit uh if he did it with Any lawyer of course he can end up Losing tons of money even if he won so It's quite shocking and there's another Uh Rama Swami from India from Tata Consultancy Services Tata is one of the Biggest companies in the world Like 40 40 plus billion dollars a year In Revenue this company they're they're Huge big Steel company so he's saying That he has nothing to do with World Economic Forum but there's another Rama Swami from India where his family is From of course and uh I was looking into What those guys do with Tata and they Were working with the world economic Forum to do all the new digital learning Platforms that Bill Gates was talking About pushing the vaccines putting this All into all of the schools across India And developing out like young Global Leader type organizations in there uh That's what that's what they're doing Here is the English ramaswamy And uh the backers of a vivex campaign Are Peter Thiel And JD van uh which which funded JD Vance's campaign and fund manager Bill Ackman Cantor Fitzgerald chairman and CEO Howard lutnik and some others And now he's uh making this anti-esg Fund and fund management company called Strive Asset Management so Soros and

Hedge funds and Rama swampy came out Came out of school right to involved With the Soros to some degree at least Obviously something going on there and Then he goes into hedge funds while Copycat of Soros what Soros is doing and Now he's now he's doing the uh He's doing sorry about that so everybody So guys listen listen I think look I Think the more important thing this is All you can look at all these guys are All part of the swarm Dr Shiva have you Have you uh do you have any candidates Coming up that you've trained up there For uh lower positions to run This this is our view on this I think We're at a point where you have to raise People's Consciousness to understand the Dynamics And so we have now if you look across The world we have about 350 000 people Who have connected with our movement About a half a billion people know about Us Um and our goal is in a very methodical Way in a very disciplined way to make Sure that we people go through the Educational program if you don't go Through the educational program it's Like you're not qualified to freaking Fly the airplane or you shouldn't be an Engineer and people have to take this Seriously so we have a lot of very very We take it in a very

Uh perfunctory you know very very uh Disciplined way to do this and out of That 350 000 half a million people now we're Finding leaders it's all meritocracy Based and so now we have leaders all Over the world this this is a long game Process yeah people oh my God we got to Do something this election's gonna this Is a crime that they've gotten is this Is a scam oh my God and Reagan we have To do this oh my God we you see what I'm Saying it's a recurrent process of Urgency urgency urgency always the Biggest selection of our lifetime yeah This is going to be the most biggest Election we got to do this oh you gotta Vote for Trump you know but and everyone Doesn't build the movement to build the Movement you have to lay the foundation You have to put the big important you Know foundational walls Then you have to teach people the basic You know physics and you have to put in The electricity and the plumbing then You can talk about running for office Okay now my running for office is a very Important thing because I ran multiple Times and in this election you know a Lot of the people coming to us they're Like Dr Shiva I agree with everything You're saying but who should I vote for You see what I'm saying so it's it's From that distraction standpoint my

Running says shut the fuck up I'm Running but now also understand this Dynamics get educated don't be enslaved So that's what's profound about this and Had our movement Existed In the 1900s during the Civil Rights Movement right we've been a very Different point so we have to build this Movement now so anyone out there for God's sake don't be a dilettante don't Be thinking there's a shortcut there is No fucking shortcut voting for Trump or Voting for Kennedy there's no shortcut Following the queue is not a shortcut Movement the best Bill Barr right so our Bill Barr will save you how are people Going to uh where do they start to get Involved in the movement Well let me share again since you asked Um I'm gonna just what the best thing People can do is Yeah There's a lot of things Yeah all of these things come back to The same you know and um can you guys See this in all systems of medicine they Say everything comes all diseases one Disease nutrition okay Rama Swami is Just a symptom so if people go to truth Freedom Health you know you'll see what Truth freedom and health itself is a System okay and a system of so many walk You through this by the way people go

There they'll see the Swarm video Um and these are the two basic videos That everyone should see it took me 55 59 years to do that video on the left It's a great video but we have about we Have people like in Antarctic oh signed Up I don't know who Samoa okay people From all over the world but if you go Through our stories of transformation We're getting everyday people talking About their Journeys this is not for Celebrities it's the endorsements here Come from everyday people but the Important things we have many many Victories so people should get inspired Right our movement wins because we're Not waiting for them so what's the Problem we're solving so if you look at This We got a ton of information prior to 1993 you couldn't get the amount of Information you get you're looking up All this thing on this full Whatever Vivek or something right you're Getting it boom boom boom boom right you Could find any information on what Vitamins you should eat which exercise You do you should do in spite of all That information the world has not Gotten healthier has not gotten more Truthful has not gotten more healthy Right or not has got has not gotten more Freedom in fact these are some of the Statistics very conservative statistics

More people are anxious depressed Hopeless 40 of people want to overthrow Their governments in a few years half Half of the world's population will be Obese Okay so it's not information improved Stuff and why is that so when you take a Systems approach you find out that the Force is the power profit and control Are very very clever and this is what I'm saying information Gets fed through the lens of ignorance What is ignorance ignorance is you have An elephant right in front of you but You you put on blinders and you only Feel the Tusk and you think it's a snake Or the guy who touches a tail thinks It's a brush right so you don't see the Hole they don't want you to see the Whole picture they only want you to see Little Parts oh oh my God DHS oh Tucker Carlson's exposing the sensorship Infrastructure oh my God Elon is doing They just want you to give you pieces so This leads people to illusion and Confusion and from a very simple system Standpoint if you people can absorb this Little drawing they end up in four Realms complacent I'm gonna give up I'm Just gonna go to the farm and I'm gonna Just grow organic foods and I'm gonna Just take care of myself or desperation They get a gun and they start shooting People or into the left or the right

These are the four buckets they want People in and if you're in one of these Four buckets you're absolutely Controlled and it's done through Ignorance and who is doing this well It is the politicians the gurus the Grifters of the left and right they're The Machinery of ignorance all these People are fucking entertainers Trump Wanted to be an Entertainer okay fucker Carlson is an Entertainer Alex Jones is An Entertainer Joe Rogan and then you Have these fools Bernie Sanders who's Never held a job so they don't use the Obvious establishment they use them Yes and Yeah and all these people You know are all entertainers they're The Machinery of ignorance so yeah McConnell he's a fool but these people Are really the dangerous people because People oh my God I heard Saad Guru say This oh Trump said lock her up oh my God I'm so excited Yeah it's it's like they have a script I'm telling you this shit is written Yeah and I gotta add Kennedy fucker on To this so what's the solution okay the Solution is knowledge now a lot of People don't know what knowledge is People think knowledge is oh I got a lot Of knowledge knowledge is the ability to Intersect these very important facts and Get to wisdom and when you get wisdom

You get clarity and when you get clarity You become an activist you become Innovative you become organized and That's called being a full human being You're not looking for some jackass with The name Kennedy or the guy who's got Gold and stated toilets which tries to Put Trump everywhere you're looking to Yourself you don't ask dumb ass Questions oh what is Trump going to do Who should we vote for you say what the Fuck am I going to do And now in order to do this you have to Decide to be your own Guru you have to Let go you have to learn not what to Think but how to think and so that's Been my journey so what I've done here Is you know I used to teach this course At MIT which teach people system science Okay you could I mean Jesus man I had I've taught some Of the best people in the world I try to Give it away no one wanted it so we say Okay give us 100 bucks oh then we want It but then we say after you take this Course you have to give it to as many Kids as you can free then I had to write Books like textbooks essentially Developing a whole engineering field What is a system what is revolution what Are those principles and when you get it You can apply to all aspects of your Life many years ago I wrote this Theory Paper where I had discovered this

Foundational systems theory got Published on Journal of systems and then Well if the system science Works your Body is a system took me 25 years to Create a tool and we give this away you Can understand what kind of system you Are when your system's off course and Then how Foods exercises even your Um you know particular exercises can Bring you back to you so this is no Longer about you following some idiot of The day okay everyone eat keto everyone Eat Raw foods everyone it's about you Finding what's right for you And then you know we teach people how Food is a system we we do regular events And lectures like ongoing training for Quote-unquote revolutionaries right it's Revolutionary continuing education and Then one of the biggest things we do I Believe in the learn teach and serve Model you learn you teach and you help Others so we have a woman who's an Esthetician okay who does nails for a Living amazing woman she's been teaching Phds out of University of Chicago I have MIT professors who recommend this and Then we have a community We want people to know that you're not Alone and then finally we get people on The ground passing out flyers meeting Their neighbors you don't have time to Look there's a flyer on mask mandates

There's a flyer on how to boost the Immune system and then we've created our Own tools On an equivalent of Twitter an Equivalent of Facebook but we do it in Our private Network so people can Mobilize and organize that's what we've Created this is about an infrastructure And this if anything was probably one of The more important contributions I've Made separate from the other things I've Done but it's about educating people That the only way out of this is you There is no freaking Messiah coming you Are your own Messiah and we collectively Are our own Messiahs but we have to Understand this physics Without understanding these Dynamics And I'm sort of summarizing it here Without being a warrior and a scholar You're just spinning your wheels we can Keep exposing who the evil is after a Certain point is useless It becomes a business exposing people Right and that's what you have Alex Jones that exposes people now Tucker Carlson wants to expose people but they Don't want to build a movement because They're going to be out of business So there you go Yeah so we have a solution we've Identified the problem and that's what Engineers do and now we've created the Framework and so you know people can go

To truth Freedom health And the other more simpler thing John do You have a so let me tell you something Simpler people can do And it's equally powerful but everyone Should become a truth freedom of Health Warrior go to truthfromhealth.com but You can put one of these bumper stickers Up wide Well one hundred thousand people per day If you put it on your car will see this And then you can volunteer when we have People volunteering we're going on the Ground passing out flyers I'll be out Six in the morning at the train station On the ground I really believe in Communicating with people the future is Freaking offline This online we've just the first Amendment has been destroyed by Democrat And Republican on the online medium the Future is offline But you made a it's important now that Uh Twitter is again bringing back the Hardcore censorship since this uh hiring Of this world economic Forum uh uh you Know no no no no no no no no no no Inaccurate musk is the face of Censorship 10.0 that's why it was put in By Silicon Valley And I was hammering him if you go look At my tweets as I hammer to my exposed Every other bastard was promoting him All the conservative people and by the

Way when he brought in Linda yaccarino Go look at James Um Woods's tweet and I I captured it he Said oh my God the game's over I said James and the game again never began And that started going viral you know What he does he he deletes his tweet Guys and then the next day he says I Want to thank Elon Musk for you know the Hundred thousand viewers I just got do You see it's become a Banana Republic Yeah and Elon Musk is taking the money He's losing money but taking millions of Dollars a month now and feeding it to These influencers uh meanwhile like what About all of the victims of the criminal Vandalism uh that uh right Twitter has Done Elon comes in if he really cared About Free Speech well why didn't he Write fund this 44 billion dollars to Any of these Independent Media platforms Not a single dollar to any of them and He Awards these criminals with 44 Billion dollars I mean he he made them All millionaires Right he gave them this endless amount Of money he awarded them for doing this These just records Elon Musk and now He's forcing the ID 2020 where you got To give up your driver's license to These people or you can't even send a Message to to your friends or somebody That you want to online and they let Everybody just endlessly spam and spam

And spam no spam protection at all took All of the controls off all of the Filters off so that people would be Annoyed and then and then Oh They'll Thank musk again for or I'll get rid of The spam Bots by Requiring the the ID and now he's Pushing towards uh right what looks like He's going in the direction of the cbdc Right so and he's saying that in the Future X you know X Twitter is going to be uh You know 50 of uh everybody of the Entire world's uh a financial Transaction so it looks like now he's Trying to do the same one size fits all Inclusive app that's going to control Everybody's entire life yeah and right With it with the with the uh uh digital ID uh transaction where right so you Could be live we're right at two hours Uh We've really yeah guys this is great I have to uh hop off Um I guess I definitely have to do Another show uh with you and go go into Some of the uh I would love to get into The engineering of the the drugs and Cover drugs with you and expose this and Get into that and some of the other Things behind the the engineering of These not scenes uh which I see uh I've Looked through uh the patents the patent Technology going back 130 years and it's Shocking what is inside of there and

Very enlightening uh everybody Nothing is going to change unless we Have a movement Period nothing nothing nothing Everything is you know we got to spend 80 percent of our time which is what I Do building a movement and twenty Percent of time exposing the ills okay Which we've done today but the good news Is our movement exists you know my run For president exists and it's a huge Opportunity for people to get off their Butts and get involved I I get people Understanding Theory you can do that go To truthforedomhealth.com become a Warrior scholar you know Shiva for President gives you an opportunity to Get on the ground meet people interact With people have discussions you know But without that discourse and meeting People face to face I'm a big proponent Of that nothing's going to change and we Have to build a movement but part of Building that movement if there's one Takeaway is recognize that the not so Obvious establishment you know like in The times of Christ the Pharisees and The Sadducees were the real enemies and That's once we get on to that and Understand that it's over for them it Really is it's raising Consciousness and That is what we need to do so that's a Big opportunity we have And uh you know a couple of you know I

Recommend people go to shiver for President become a volunteer if you want By the way when people give me money I Give you back books and knowledge it's Hard for me I've never been able to take Any money without giving back so that Reciprocity is woven into everything we Do So that's it for people looking for you Know Alternatives now seeing the Censorship that's happening on on Twitter you you mentioned that you have Some platform that you've created our Own platform look yeah if you guys know I built one of the uh I have a three Three of the most important highly cited Patents for AI Um and you know I separate from building The first email system one of my first Lives the next thing I did was I created A technology to automatically read and Route email Um I did it for customer service Originally I did it for the White House Believe it or not I was a grad student And I won a competition Um but what's important to recognize is That we built our own data center so you Know I've contributed that data center To our movement so we build everything Here everything we run uh as much as we Can we can we run at our own platforms And our own systems so yes Where can people go to uh check that out

That website to check out yourself Freedomhelp.com And we include all of that in our Platform Truthfreedomhealth.com we have the Warrior scholar program Um we also have created the leadership Program now we're out of all these People coming in we're training leaders So they become As serious agents have changed all over The in their own so we have people all The way from Finland to people in Nigeria across the United States Um to give you an idea there was a woman Who went to New Zealand I think I may Mentioned this he was a at a political Event in New Zealand she goes how many Of you even know Dr Shiva over 50 Percent of people did So that's what fears them because we've Gotten our visibility out there in spite Of them trying to make us invisible So um you know that's why I I want to Give interviews to small independent Podcasters And that's where the movement needs to Come from guys like you you guys got to Get it out there But we have a huge opportunity right now Yeah we really appreciate you coming on Today it'd be great to do uh more shows With you uh in the near future along With your campaign and promote and

Support you and what you're doing and Then I get your message more out to the Uh West uh Coast audience in California And Across the Western United States and Uh I'm over here in Southeast Asia Broadcasting internationally as well We're a number of international Platforms so it's great to uh great for People around the world to get exposure To you as well and what you're doing and The different perspective because right Internationally mostly what people see Is on these mainstream media platforms Uh CNN MSNBC Etc they don't get that Much opportunity to see the other American candidates so I'm really happy That that people across the world can Can get access to your teaching as well So thank you so much yeah everyone Should go through the Transform Health Warrior training Program we've made it very accessible You take it and uh we made it for kids Between 13 to 18 free everyone should Take it kids you know need to understand System science first So thank you guys All right thanks we're going to put you On access Television over here in Fresno California everybody do your own Research as always I wish I like share Subscribe notification button peace love And Liberty speak out and take action And have a good day be well guys bye-bye

Over thank you Doctor be well All right guys so that was Um a bunch of podcasters out in the west Coast who get it so Um become a truth Freedom Health Warrior Scholar Um get involved in this campaign you Know go get these bumper stickers They're really really powerful go to Shiva for president.com uh get a bumper Sticker there's um you can text us if You want to get involved so be on our SMS list Um tomorrow 11 A.M and 8pm sign up for The open house we can have direct Interaction one-on-one with audio and Video so VA shiva.com orientation or Come to our 8 PM Town Hall that's achiva For president.com slash Town Hall so get Involved we've made it easy for you guys To get involved we recognize people are Very very busy in their lives so we had To essentially package it so there's no Excuse people don't have to be involved And finally let me play our very Powerful campaign video and get involved Thank you everyone be well who would Have ever thought I'd be running for President of the United States of America I was born a low cast Untouchable in India's caste system a System of aristocracy oppression and Racism my name is Dr Shiva ayaduray I'm An MIT PhD a Fulbright scholar a

Scientist engineer entrepreneur and Inventor my family and I left India to Come to America on my seventh birthday I Grew up in the working class Neighborhoods of New Jersey playing Baseball mowing lawns painting houses And coding software my friends and Neighbors are blacks Italians Irish People of all Races as a 14 year old I Wrote fifty thousand lines of software Code to create the world's first email System and was awarded the first U.S Copyright for email recognizing me as Its official inventor at a time when Copyright was the only way to protect Software inventions I did that long Before I ever came to MIT revealing that Big Innovations can occur Anytime Anyplace by anybody growing up I saw Politicians dividing Us by race and Religion in both America and India to Have us fighting each other while they Remain safe in their gated communities And in their playgrounds of Hollywood Martha's Vineyard in Silicon Valley I'm A fighter I fought racism and exposed Their imperialist wars fought for Workers and put my life on the line Against Global corruption I never wanted To run for political office all that Changed when I saw working Americans as Never before being duped by The Establishment and the not so obvious Establishment across left and right we

Were being sold out and made to forget Why we came to America and why America Existed lawyers academics billionaires Celebrities and politicians Elise Clinton's Kennedys bidens Obama's bushes Black and white have hijacked America They've printed trillions for their Friends they delivered crumbling Infrastructure corruption and racism They transfer trillions to themselves Dividing black and white fear-mongering And fake science lockdowns and Censorship dirty air food and water Pushing drugs upon us making a secret We've been sold out one set of rules for Them and another for us we deserve a Warrior with a history of courage in Putting everything on the line for you Who believes in you not them who has Created a movement Bottoms Up For Truth Freedom Health I've exposed their lies At the right time never waiting until it Was popular I've exposed their false Gods who exist to lead you back to them I've exposed their fake signs of Lockdowns and masking and provide you Solutions to fight them and win and Protect your immune system saving Millions I expose fauci Galvanize a fire Fouchie campaign when others remain Silent when they stole our election we Sued the government and Twitter in our Historic 2020 Federal lawsuit exposing In Bear view the government and big Tech

Censorship infrastructure the Unholy Alliance between government and social Media companies where was Elon and his Grifters they stood by the sidelines and Did nothing they did not use their Megaphones to help us when it could have Made a big difference now our movement Grows for truth Freedom Health Independent of all of them every day Millions are learning the science of Systems the knowledge the elites do not Want you to have so you may learn how to Think stand up and fight independent of The establishment of left and right and Their fake Heroes now it's time for you To join the movement to win back America To win back truth win back Freedom win Back your health that's why I'm running For president of the United States this Race is about you this race is about Truth Freedom Health versus Power profit Control we've had enough they think We'll fall in line and vote again for Their lawyers celebrities billionaires And chosen ones from above we choose our Heroes from below from the rank and file Who do what is right at the right time Not when it's convenient and popular They can never represent us what America Needs is a movement by the working People for the working people or Educated organized decentralized and Fight for independence from their Systems of control and that movement

Exists it's ready for you we don't need Them we need us to go bottoms up Neighbor to neighbor my journey your Journey are all the same it's our time It's time we had one of us it's time to Win back truth Freedom Health to win Back America be part of this historic Movement all the way to our Victory on November 5th 2024. if you're an American Citizen Pledge Your vote now for Dr Shivaya duray the independent candidate For U.S president no matter where you Live you can be a part of this volunteer As little as 20 minutes a day don't Delay this is Dr shivaya duray and I Approve this message paid for by Dr Shiva for president

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