Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – How The Swarm Divides US: Their Two-Tier Caste System

Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE - How The Swarm Divides US: Their Two-Tier Caste System

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Conversations with Joshua T Bergland Today I have an amazing guest really Somebody that needs no introduction but It's my job to introduce so I gotta tell You I didn't know a lot about Dr Shiva Our esteemed guest today until uh he got Kicked off Twitter because he got kicked Off right right about the same time I Did and for a very similar reason that's What got my attention and when someone Catches my attention I go take a deep Dive into who they are and what they're All about and the cool thing about the Internet is that you get to see what People talk about from years ago and the Internet's forever as as some of us Know sometimes sometimes that's a little Scary and sometimes it's amazing in this Case it's amazing because I got to watch Some interviews from nine eight nine Years ago of Dr Shiva and really got to See who he is as a man before even Thought about running for president Before he even thought about running for Congress and it is I'm just humbled for This opportunity because you when we Talk about the American dream we have This image of what it is and it Typically is an immigrant comes over With nothing they bust their butt they Work really hard they and then they make Their dreams come true they start their Own business they get a home all this to

Me Dr Shiva represents the American Dream and that American Dream seems to Be hurting right now for a lot of people In fact that dream has turned into a Nightmare and I believe with my heart That Dr Shiva is somebody that wants to Bring that dream back not just for American citizens but for people that Want to become American citizens so I'm Really excited about this typically my Broadcast or our conversations where We're going back and forth but I have Planned some questions that I think are Very very important um and the coolest Thing about it is of all of these Questions if I was to give these Questions to any existing presidential Candidate other than Dr Shiva I don't Think they could I don't think they're Qualified to answer but Dr qu Dr Shiva Is qualified to answer these questions And I think they're very important and I'm very grateful that you're here Dr Shiva welcome to conversations with Joshua T berglin it is an absolute honor To have you here great to be here Joshua You know one of the points I want to Make sure that I think you hit upon Joshua is the underlying theme is this Um those who haven't done and just talk About something you can't trust these People it's no different than someone Sitting on the sidelines talking about How to pitch a ball how to throw a

Curveball how to be a major league Pitcher and they've never ever uh gone Through that process of going through The farm leagues right going through the Miners and achieving that and that's What all of these people are they want To talk about the plight of the American Worker they want to talk about um small Business owners right they want to talk About this but none of them have walked Through that so it's all theater and I Think that's sort of the theme of this How can any of these people talk about The American dream when they've never Had to actually go through the process Of the American dream so it's just to to To them it's all messaging and it has Nothing to do with knowing all the Nuances you know what it takes to uh Truly be an American um I would say all Of these people are not frankly Americans their loyalties are not to the American working person they're to a Small set of elite 0.001% and given what just happened in Palestine um you find out 99.9999% of them are zionists and they Have more loyalty uh to Zionism than They do to the American working people I'm I'm glad that you brought this up Because as a former Evangelist hearing that God's chosen People were this select Group it it like but I thought God loved

All of us I thought we were all created Equal but these people are special why And it never made sense to me and every Time I would ask about it to my Spiritual advisors I'd be like I would Hear stay in your lane or some other Thing that was very dismissive or I'd be Given some gibberish of an answer and it Never set well for me and one of the Other things that really attracted to me To you Dr Shiva Is this Zion this I never thought I would hear A presidential candidate say that but It's true and I admire you for having The ball to say that why would you say That though like I like that are you not Concerned about the consequences of Making a statements like that look Joshua from where I come from you know When I grew up in Jersey right and where I come from even in India or villages in You know working people don't Around and just try to make everything Diplomatic working people don't have Time for that when you're working a Full-time job or more like I do and Running for office and and trying to Change the world running a movement you Have very little time to figure out the Right messaging to people you See and Ordinary People don't spend all Their time with 20 PR Consultants Gathering data and saying this is what

You should say you speak what's real and You speak with a very sharpened tongue Because you've realized over time that Those in power spend 99.999% of the time like Satan right Manipulating people's Brains to make them think they're good People when these people are actually The most dishonest uh abusive people on The planet so in many ways what may Appear like abusive language that I put Forward is actually actually the Opposite no different you know I could Argue than if you looked if you're truly A Christian Christ took you know the cat Of Ninetales and he whipped the out Of these guys in the temple he did it Frankly out of if anything love for them Um and he and I'm sure he didn't say Please move along right I'm use abusive Words so everyday people that I grew up In plumbers electricians landscapers Engineers like my uh father you know When you're working hard you don't have Time all these people who don't have a Job they spend 90% of their time Mimicking other people let me try to be Like Obama let me try to act like a Victim booby Kennedy right let Me try to act like I'm a businessman Trump right so everything they do is an Act and because it's an act everything Is a well manicured lawn and even if They try to be anti-establishment that

Too is well manicured because you can Look at how they live their lives drain The swamp you bring in John bolted right You talk about Locker up you locked up Your followers right and so on so and You can look at my history I do what I Say and there's no sort of separation Between my words and my deeds and that's Probably true of most American working People they don't have time to So so in that video that even though With all the shadow bending that went Viral what I said was you know um I am The only presidential candidate who will Not suck zus that may not sound Presidential but frankly it's very Presidential because I stand for the American worker so and I bet you every American worker speaks like that they Don't speak like any of those fools on Stage you know well manicured they Probably spent more money in getting Ready for any of those debates with Their hair cutters and their you know Whatever treatments they went through Than the average American probably makes In a in a year frankly you know they Probably spend 30 40 Grand just Getting uh queued up for one little TV Appearance and that's very very true and The other thing that I also like you Talked about a movement you're not just Running for president you have a Full-time career uh you have a movement

You're it's even even if for some reason You are not put on the ballot even for Some reason you don't become the President pres it's it's not like one of These situations where you're going to Disappear you have a movement and You' You've inspired people from all uh every Corner of the world it's not just the United States thing it's a global Movement that you've created and that is Inspiring because it's not easy to do And where you're coming from in a Platform of Truth hard truths truths That have been shielded from us for Years you are bringing to light these Very very important issues and how we've Been cont controlled manipulated and Lied to and I don't believe that we can Heal as a country or even a planet until We have truth and so I admire you a Great deal for standing on that truth Now I have some questions for you are You ready one point one point on that Very important statement that you just Made What's Happening Now Joshua and and I know we'll probably address this is That you know the Edward Beres model of Advertising was you know you reduce a Bunch of stuff to a 30 second sound bite Okay and even in those sound bites even 20 30 years ago when you were watching a TV advertising and someone was trying to Tell sell you Dove soap versus I don't Know some other soap right you would

Actually at least get some information And then you would have to do a little Bit of work to say oh I'm going to Choose this because I they told me it's Softer for my skin or you know it has no Chemicals versus this you you went Through some process of a hypothesis That you had in your mind you looked at Some data and then you achieved your own Conclusion right but what's happening Now Joshua is that the uh there's a Couple of companies who controlling People's decision-making Google and Facebook you know you say oh who should I vote for or or some presidential C and You just you get given the answer what Should I buy right so what's happening Is the average person today is not even Going through the process of figuring Out what's right for them and so they're Just told this is oh you're supposed to Like Joe Biden he's like this or you're Supposed to like Trump you're supposed To like booby freaking Kennedy right Etc They're they they're just and then they Take sides they don't even know why so If I were to tell you that Trump is Patriotic oh yeah he's patriotic why oh Because he wears a Maga hat and he Hugged a a a flag one day but no reality Check of the fact that he signed C into Bill right no reality check of the fact That yeah you can go down the list so One of the things that we our movement

Is doing and we're doing the work of What educational institutions know no Longer doing is teaching people how to Think thinking means you have an idea in Your head you have to find the facts and Then you come to your conclusion you say It's a scientific method so we're Teaching people that so that's where We're able to you know um basically Destroy ignorance we're able to destroy These ridiculous ideas that booby Kennedy is for medical Freedom Or Trump cares about the American people He's a patriot and you can go down the List that our movement is exploding all Of these and saying look you are Actually a patriot you actually care About freedom and Truth these people Don't and and that is what we're doing We're ultimately we're teaching people That they should raise their own Self-respect have dignity for themselves Have dignity for people like me and Others who actually work for a living And this is an abusive relationship that They have when they are even considering Any of these morons a guy who files a Falcon you know or you know falconeering Right who bangs 28 women you know in in One year and writes a diary about it Booby Kennedy by the way right Um that's what we're teaching people We're teaching people to have dignity For themselves that's fundamentally what

We're teaching and how to think start Using their brains to come to a Conclusion actually backing it up with a Logical set of facts how does identity Play into that Well yeah so what what's happened is These groups that these people are doing You plays in on identity right and not On reality so they're basing it on Identity so it's like you know you go to The um you know the ice cream store and You see all these flavors or you're on Radio and you have country music and you Have easy listening you have 70s so what The establishment has done is they've Literally created channels and that's What it means Chan what is a channel That you can Corral people down oh okay All you people who are into medical Freedom we got this fool over here who's By the way not into medical Freedom he Endorsed Hillary Clinton three times Who's All Pro vaccine Etc right booby Kennedy oh all of you white people who Want to act like you're Christians and Think this guy's a Christian Trump we're Gonna give you Trump okay and over here We're going to give you a brown skinned Indian guy who acts like Dr Shiva but he Was overnight created right but he's Actually a briman brownnose big farmer Brown noser we're going to give you that Right so there're and and then those of You who want someone who's against the

Military-industrial complex or appears To be we're going to give you Tuli Gabard who's not actually not against a Military industrial complex so they're Literally creating these characters and Then they Corral people down but Ultimately if you look behind this board Of channels It All Leads back to the Establishment they're just corralling People through one View and then at the Ultimately they say look we all got to We're all one we all got to work Together so that's how that's how it's Done so they've before they used to just Have you know the Republicans and the Democrats and they're realizing people Are waking up so they're creating Multiple channels of manipulation on the Left and the right so they have Bernie Sanders over here they have AOC over Here a little bit of a different you Know it's like chocolate chip and the Other one is you know chocolate chip Mint right so they have all these Flavors to dry people but none of them Represent working people that's True well I want to get into these Questions and I'm I'm so excited to hear What you have to say about them because I believe that they're right in your Wheelhouse Innovation and science policy We're going to start here what are your Plans to support scientific research in Areas often overlooked by the government

Yes so let's it's a great question look In the 1970s again none of these other Presidential candidates know about this 1970 was a big Turning Point Joshua when Massive consolidation of power took Place between government entities and Corporate entities at a fundamental Level this happened with science and Innovation you see prior to the Mansfield Amendment you know in like the 40s and Even 30s um there used to be a lot of Competitive work that used to take place You know and um in terms of basic Research um and a lot of that basic Research believe it or not was done by The military so if you looked at the Entire military budget was massive a Little piece of that a very little piece By the way is a pretty from a monetary Amount was a lot of money but it was a Very small fraction of the military Budget was just given to basic research And what they would do is they would Give money to really great scientists And they made sure that they didn't have To beg for money so if they found some Guy had won the putam paper some guy had Done some really good work uh he didn't Have to Clause way to proving himself The merits of their work would give them Money so they didn't have to keep Begging okay when the Mansfield Amendment came after the Vietnam War um

It basically said look um because of the Vietnam War we don't want military Budget going to basic research right so All of that money which may seem like a Small portion of the of the military Budget was moved over to two political Agents gencies the NSF and NIH which was Under the executive branch okay and so Science essentially became highly Politicized so was no longer funding Even though it came from the military Right it's a different issue right it Funded um you know basic research so go Look at B Labs wacky stuff they used to Do right they really great stuff came Out that's one piece I want you to hold In mind the other thing I want you to Hold in mind is that when the founders Created the United States they um Created a very strong intellectual Property policy and they created patent The patent system which was Fundamentally created for small business People right or so that Innovation could Occur in the edges not in big Institutions like MIT or Harvard or Silicon Valley these concentrations of Wealth and power it was so anyone could Come up with an idea patent it and they Made it relatively easy relatively cost Effective right and then you had the Life of the patent was 20 years right For 20 years and you got royalties out Of it what has happened to so keep the

Mansfield Amendment where there's Consolidation of science where science Was controlled by a few agencies and Because of that starting in the 70s till Today um prior to the 1970s when you Went into Academia to do you did like They attracted the best people they Attracted they attracted wacky people With all sorts of wild ideas right but Now after the 1970s it became a business That they attracted the people who knew How to do sales meaning get government Grants how to Weedle their way through The government agencies so most of the Large institutions you have Spineless uh academics um who basically Are practice the oldest profession now Then over here what H so that's on the Science side on the Innovation side what Ended up happening is that the Patent systems also around the 70s and 80s got really screwed up and this is Again because you have morons in in in The house and who never have created Anything like Lincoln by the way had a Patent you know uh Franklin had many Patents right the founders actually were Innovators right and it so what's Happened with the patent system as of Today is a large so if you want to get a Patent today and I have to file for them Right you better have a bunch of money Because you file for a patent that costs X then typically they give you a

Rejection it's called an office action Then you have to file again why you Should get the patent then they give you Another rejection typically you have to File again and they and then you get the Final thing it's called a triple header It's called reject reject approve and They and the patent office makes fees Along the way all right it's a racket so If you don't H and by the way in Software patents they make much more Difficult now with a thing called Alice And I don't have time to get into it Right so what's happened is who gets Software patents for example the big Guys Microsoft Google and Microsoft and Google and all these big companies want To get rid of patents they want to make Everything Trade Secrets Trade Secrets Means like if you are walking around Microsoft and you say something in the Cafeteria they own it okay so the point Is the large set of three or four Companies in Tech and Silicon Valley all The big guys want to actually eliminate Patents and and and and one way they're Doing that is making it very difficult For the small guys to even get a patent So over here Innovation is stultified Right and over here science is basically Become a prostitution Racket and and I'm Not being hyperbolic about this right And I can give you one example in each Area so if you look at literally people

Should just Google Alzheimer's Fraudulent Research um University of Minnesota You'll find this professor for 16 years 16 years ago he wrote a paper about his Theory of Alzheimer's directing the Entire industry to a certain direction That paper had images in it biological Images called Western blot images Absolutely photoshopped the guy moved The entire us NIH funding $3.7 billion Dollar because every Tom Dick and Harry Cited his paper why because he was a big Wig in the field and he was you know Also a journal editor now let me tell You why this is Important if you are a young scientist And you get accepted you get your Professorship in some institution you Have seven years to get tenure what is Tenure tenure means that you have to do Re after seven years of you're doing Research the institution will decide are We going to give let's say Joshua a job For for life it's a job for life they Can't fire you you get a salary for life You get insurance you get everything You're treated like royalty okay it's Called tenure so during those seven Years how do you get tenure okay so you Have to take a field that you become a Specialist in let's say I'm in this Field of AI robots for you know walking Bipedal robots Okay that's your field

You have to publish papers in that field Seven years after that the institution Will say okay Josh we're going to judge You now how do they judge you they look At how many people cited your papers not That you you may have published a Thousand papers but no one else may have Cited you why citations important the Theory is citations reveal that you did Great work others have to cite you okay Um like Einstein's work is has probably One of the most number of citations Right so on but in order to get those Citations what do you do nowadays you Have to go kiss ass to all the other People so it's it's becoming an ass Kissing game that's one piece of it the Other piece is so you have to go ask Kiss to the other people in let's say Bipedal robots who are leaders and Whenever you write a paper you have to Cite them it's say quick even though may Be a shitty paper even though their Paper may be directing the field in the Wrong direction because if you don't Cite them your stuff doesn't get Published okay that's one thing the Other issue is the heads of the Scientific departments in the Field the heads of the journal editors In the field all sit on the board of the Review committies for the National Science Foundation in the NIH which Decides when you apply a Grant

Application who gets a grant so if you Don't ask kiss to these people you're Not going to get a grant which means You're not going to get get any money to Hire graduate students to do the Research because you need to get papers Published because professors get their Papers done with graduate students so That's why this guy got away with it for 16 years and it's quite incredible so Science has become this old boy Network of publishing that really Doesn't is not revolutionary because if You're truly Revolutionary you're going to expose all These people they're not going to allow You to publish their stuff okay so the Quote unquote peer review process has Become highly highly incestuous and Notice that you know when I have to Write a paper I don't know anyone so my Papers have to be really good for them To get published right I mean really Really good um and I typically go find a Domain expert who's already tenured you Say who doesn't need like basically they Can mouth off and that's why we've been Successful but so what's happened is Science has become really not great Science it has become a prostitution Racket and over here we've stultified Innovation through the patent process And the other thing Joshua and these are All the problems is we think Innovation

Comes from centers of innovation so MIT Spends 10 billion dollar in their Kendall Square Center and their idea is Okay in a small you know hundred yard You know square area we're going to put All these companies we're going to get All the venture capitalist there and Then boom one Google will come out and We're going to say aren't we great it's Called creating these quote unquote Centers of innovation right and the Reality is that we're not doing any Great Innovation and the truth is that Great Innovation really does not come From centers it actually comes from the Edges Dennis Noble who was a professor At MIT uh of History and Science he showed This quite effectively um there was a Michigan mechanic in Michigan who Actually is the one who came with the Automatic windshield wiper which is a Control system right it feels the rain It has a sensor and it knows how to wipe Well couple of MIT professors he did an Essay actually stole it from him and They created the MIT control system Center so he tracked back the history of Innovation to someone who's doing it out Of his truly out of his garage not like Oh I'm doing it out of my garage to act Like I'm doing it out of my garage right Like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg so This guy actually was a Bottoms Up

Person I created email long before I Came to MIT in a small Medical College In Newark New Jersey and I you know Recently went back to um MIT I was invited by the students to Give a talk and I spent most of the talk Talking about the invention of email Because when the story came out and went To smst my biggest enemy was MIT I was on the front page of MIT when I created many things while I W was at MIT Joshua but when the news went into Smithsonian they were my biggest Detractors because the email was created Before I came to MIT that's what all Most of these academics are spineless Individuals who actually are not that Bright they got there because they know How to suck okay they really do zus or otherwise okay and that's what Happened in Hollywood in art in science In technology so we don't get the best People anymore and you can see it in Politics all right so what's the Solution well number one the Mansfield Amendment should be repealed right the Other thing that should happen is we Should eliminate Tenure we should not fund any sorry to Be specific any of these institutions Which are getting federal funds um and Supporting tenure anymore tenure should You you should you should be you go to An institution for seven years okay then

Get the out and go get a job Because many of these professors thinks They know it all they literally are a Cast system like the Indian priesthood Right and they think they know a lot but They actually don't know a lot they're Very uh insecure individuals most of Them so the tenure system must be taken Out and the way you do that is you don't Uh Finance you don't give uh money to Any of these institutions who have Tenure anymore which includes Harvard MIT L Stanford all these people right so You have to eliminate tenure we have to Have very very criminal laws against Academics who are Journal editors and Who sit at the head of the department And who are making decisions on who gets Money that's a massive conflict of Interest would you create a bill to Protect inventors so like say a kid from The inner cities or anywhere that's not Part of one of these organizations yeah So it goes at the root of evil is these Hedge funds and these Venture Capitalists you see so what the hedge Funds and Venture capitalists do is they Go to like Pension funds and they get Their money and then and they say we're Going to give you 30% return because We're going to go we're smart we know How to invest in companies they're not Doing anything all they're doing is an Insider trading game they just go and

Invest in their old friends in Silicon Valley they create the companies that Quote unquote succeed you see so the the Root of all this is that these large Hedge funds and these large VCS we need To cut their nut software it begins to Not give them all of these tax breaks That they get because they're not really Doing anything Innovative except moving Money among their own inner circles you See that's one of we need to go at the Source of this um and I you know so That's one but the other thing that Needs to happen is um the patent process Needs to be made much easier for Everyday people right right now they're Huge patent firms right who spend a ton Of money so I think the way you do that Is a patent officer is running a Rack okay and the patent you need a lot Of money to get a patent right so that's One of the things that really needs to Be revamped right there and um we should Make sure that you know what what Google And uh Microsoft and Facebook are doing To try to uh end the patent game uh Doesn't occur because Pat the patent Process that was created by the founders Was quite extraordinary to give you an Idea 30,000 Companies Uh I Carlson you know Glenn Greenwald

Ever asks him about that right because All these people are being they're all Part of the same click they all go to The same clubs they all bang the same People they're not one of us Joshua That's what's really going on so they Let let themselves get away with all These crimes so I have to do this dirty Job of exposing these you know And no one else will but that's what They're doing they're not doing Innovation so but that guy is still out Why is he even running for pres he Should be in jail in my view right Should it was a pump and dump scheme but That should be centered on mainstream Media instead they're trying to make This guy some you know he a brown Skinned big Pharma brown noser who's a Bullshitter and it's it's really a Disgraceful that none of these quote Unquote people ask him about this and There's many other stuff like this but See that's not Innovation that's Bullshitting yeah it's just pure we haven't solved major Problems like Fusion we should have Fusion Energy by now okay which is the Ability to create what the sun does and In fact people have shown some quite Interesting Phenomenon with cold fusion Right so we're not really doing major Innovation you know and the great Innovation that does occur at the edges

Actually gets suppressed and made Invisible by two or three of these Centers for Innovation that's what's going on it's a Racket wow I can talk to you about that For a day but let's go to let's talk About digital rights and Privacy how would you balance the need For National Security with protecting Citizens digital privacy in today's Datadriven World yes it's a great great question Um you know which institution did this Joshua oh so there was so again go back To the founders these people are quite Extraordinary people and it's going to Sound may sound Anachronistic but it was the United States Postal Service so let me explain when the Postal service was created Franklin by The way was a Postmaster General for the Crown before the Revolution what is the Postal Service service was the ability you know We didn't have cell phones we didn't Have faxes we didn't have all this Digital stuff so even the British the British monarchs set up this way to Transfer Mail Right Communication and when the Revol After The revolution in 17 I think 87 or 91 The founders created something called The United States Postal Service why

Because they wanted to have privacy They wanted to enable keyword is enable The First Amendment to become real and They wanted free speech to equal free Reach not what Elon Musk is saying Free Speech or the ADL the ADL and and Elon Musk are saying the same thing two Zionists that free speech is not free Reach it's completely an antithetical to The spirit and what the founders wanted Okay so when they set up the Postal Service the idea was could send you a Letter you could send your mother a Letter anyone could send anyone Communications at pennies and they Created this entire phenomenal Infrastructure to do that even today the Postal service is quite extraordinary we Don't give them enough credit okay half A million people you get a letter it Makes it to the other place but most Importantly they created the founders Created a PO a police force for the Postal Service very few people know this So they created a police force in the IG Office right that would ensure that if You're a postman and I send a letter and You open up my letter and you watch it It's 22e sentence in prison okay so they Created you know and by the way the Postal service is a quasi organization It recognizes communication must be done For the People by the people that's why You have these little post office every

Little town it's quite extraordinary and These post offices would do everything They would do banking you could all Sorts of things right and and you could Get your passport right they they really Were the center for doing all sorts of Transactions very important transactions But your privacy was Premier forget Encryption forget all this thing of Blockchain and all this right which Is all can be busted by better and Better Computing they had these very Powerful framework of laws which said Hey if you violate someone's privacy you Go to prison for 22 years and they had This police force right it was enforced It's quite fascinating so up until 1787 To all the way to 1970 nearly 70% of the communications That went through this very powerful Infrastructure was political Communications rightwing left-wing Nazis Would communicate Communists you know Green party and no one were no one was Outed okay because you had Constitutionally this framework which Was and no one talks about is adjunct to The First Amendment the first amendment Has no teeth without the Postal Service Think about it the first amendment has No teeth because I can send you a letter I can communicate it's really the Internet before the internet or it's Email before email okay so what happened

Was in 1970 1997 you know between 1978 1993 and I Know this as the inventor of email email Was really an intrnet application used In the offices you'd connect up a bunch Of computers and you ran email when the Web came in 1993 this is when really the Problem start because the Postal Service Didn't do their Job the postal service was put into Framework to enable the free Communications of people it was at that Time you know you had paper but that's That wasn't these idiots forgot what They were doing so 1997 email volume overtook postal ma Volume post mail volume came down and I Was running my second life in email was I created a company to automatically Analyze the email and Route it for Customer service we were you know the You know number one company in that Space and I met with Postal Service in 1997 and I said look this is very Dangerous and I did it as a public Service I met with the executives of the Post office I said you guys must create A public version of email or for that Matter social media services just like You know you have postal mail and you Have FedEx right but that would be Protected by the laws of the Constitution they said who are you You're a 29y old kid you don't know

Anything why don't you move along you Know we're in the postal male business And we have a half a million people you Work for us we're bigger than Walmart Basically get the out okay well 14 Years later in 2011 the postal service Is going out of business they're saying We're not making any more Revenue what Happened to The Postal Service it was Gutted All the high valued first class mail Went to FedEx and DHL thanks to Reagan Because of the people who funded him so They started gutting the postal Service and in 1997 private companies Social media email companies Hotmail Yahoo Gmail came out and they would give You free email remember yeah so everyone Signed up for free email forgetting to Read the terms and conditions where These companies own your email you don't Have the protection Of the Constitution anymore rightow These companies literally own your email They this is where it began and I was The first one to see this and call it Out oh my God so in my View you know even if you look at Blockchain oh we have blockchain well The communication between me and you Through the blockchain is still done Through their infrastructure which is Now owned by private companies certain Things Joshua must be owned by the

People like air should be owned by all Of us okay right the highway system C in My view these things are public Infrastructure so this is a solution Number One if I'm communicating with you right Now the communication is relying on Either vone AT&T T-Mobile or Verizon if They don't like me click I'm gone okay That's ultimately the wiring right so we Don't have an alternative to that but There is an alternative and I wrote a Paper on this back in Jesus 10 years ago Um we need to create our own public Networks owned by the people for the People called mesh networks okay so you Can use AT&T Verizon but it's Peer-to-peer mesh networks and the Technology has existed for this now over A decade to do this so we become the Network number one and on that Network We run our applications brought to you If the post this is what I I force the Postal Service to do this you give People the YouTube the equivalent the Facebooks Etc now if you want to use the Private companies great but when you use This guess what no one can throw you off It's protected just like physical mail And if anyone interferes 22e sentence in Prison this is the actual solution it is Not Tech and you're speaking to a Technologist oh Bitcoin o blockchain Well when Quantum Computing comes

They're going to be able to break prime Factorization and and you don't have Your quote unquote encryption every time You do one level of encryption there's a Faster computer which can break it so It's not technology we actually have to Have policies here and what I'm saying Is the founders already had it but you Have a bunch of idiots who don't know Anything about technology so they don't Even know why the founders did this and The reason again it gets back to what You started out how can any of these People talk about us when they don't Know us how can any of these people even Comprehend being the Founders brains Because they've never created anything So when I talk about this I'm Living the life of a Franklin or a Jefferson or Washington because these Guys created stuff and they knew the Power of why you needed the Postal Service which was really a public Information infrastructure it wasn't Just sending mail out and we don't have A public information infrastructure Right now what we do have is that the Government now tell social media Companies who to silence and that's what My lawsuit discovered okay and the Government and that was long before Twitter files which again Glenn Greenwalt Carlson concealed my Lawsuit and same with Jim Jordan and

Thomas Massie and all these people so on November 16 2018 it was Donald Trump who signed into law the cyber Security you know uh infrastructure Security Agency Act cisa got created Which basically obliterated the First Amendment so cisa gets created under the Front end oh we need to protect us from Foreign people foreign Communications But what it did was they created this Entire infrastructure which allows Government to have a direct connection To social media companies and tell them To throw off people like me and you Which is what they did in 20120 because I was exposing the secretary of state of Massachusetts it was government who told Social media companies what to do this Is quite profound it was government that Did this so now and so and we are all Relying on these private companies right Now right and when a PRI so here's the Conundrum this is what's very powerful What they've done a private company can Throw you off because they they too are Have First Amendment rights so Facebook Can say oh we don't like Josh we're Throwing him off oh you threw me off Well I'm a it's my company I can throw You off get the out out right like I can throw someone out of my building Here but government is telling them what To do you see so they're getting a Double rammy so you say well you know uh

Facebook thre oh well you know Facebook Can do it but guess who actually threw Them off government and then government Can say we didn't do it they can hide You know we told them to throw and they Made their own decision so we are really Screwed in the sense so the only way out Of it is number one the 16 cyber Security information Security Act must Be repealed okay and a lot of people Need to go to jail on this in fact I Would every Congressman unanimously Voted including Thomas Massie and Jim Jordan it was a unanimous vote so all You Thomas Massie is like you know they Get a few black people or a few Indian People you know to be professors he's a token constitutionalist acts Like he's a constitutionalist I live in Kentucky I have my farm this Okay but he voted for the creation of Cisa was unanimous every member of the House so all of them are traders to the US Constitution every single one of them So the way out of this is we must repeal Cisa we must re and I had the plan for It I actually wrote it because after I Critiqued the postal office in 2011 when They were going out of business the Postal Inspector General heads up the Police force hired me and he said Shiva Why are you attacking us and I gave him Two reports they implemented none of It so I have the solution which is the

Postal Service needs to be re-engaged Number one to do their real job we need To create mesh networks networks by the People for the people so we own the Piping end to end and then we need to Make sure that uh cisa is repealed That's what needs to happen so it's very Three tangible things without that it's Not going to be like technology is going To help us technology never helps us Joshua when you what technology does in The wrong hands it actually consolidates Power much faster and that's what keeps Happening it sounds like you're build You're talking about a Digital Underground Railroad for as a solution To and everything that's what the postal Service was the US postal service was Created because a crown was opening up All of our letters so the Postal Service Said no if you open up a letter you go To prison now that framework should be Applied in the in the public realm to to Our communication and by the way all These postal services are perfect nodes For a mesh Network why because they Already have the physical infrastructure You just put a server there put an Antenna up and we create our own People's own mesh Network we um I just watched a YouTube Video earlier today talking about how we Forget I'm gonna say this word wrong Subs subsidize China for mailing because

China can ship products over here for no Cost and the question is how they're Cheap products how do we do that our Government is Subsidizing forgive me how I said that Subsidizing yeah thank you very much Yeah our government is doing that for China isn't that after everything you've Just said and then that little nugget That makes this a very messy situation With our uh US Postal Service does it Not yeah look the postal service is Basically one of the most abused Institutions and the most um Really powerful institutions that Doesn't get the credit they deserve Jeff BOS uses abuses the postal service right The only reason he's making all this Money is because of the Postal Service Okay and by the way when Trump was in Office I met with his doofus son Trump Jr and I said look I have a plan to save This and he said go talk to Charlie Kirk Who's another idiot I mean it's really up how these people really are They're a bunch of morons and you know They would hang out at the Trump thing Just drinking and hanging out on their Little clicks they don't give a About solving anything they perpetuate Stuff and their goal is to then create a A controversy and then they both sides Make money sending emails on oh he hates Me she hates me you see that's what's

Going on but the solution to this Privacy issue is not going to come from Technology and I'll put that in writing It's going to come from Policy wow one of the other things that Really inspired me about you is hearing About your grandparents and your family Your your sister your brother yourself That education is obviously very very Important um you're have five degrees From MIT but your your sister's Accomplished like your family is very Accomplished it's a very it's inspiring To me to see what your family has done So I know education's important but our Educational system is a mess and do know That there's a lot of good-hearted People that are working to find Solutions so this next subject is Education reform for the 21st century What are your ideas for updating our Education system to meet the demands of A modern global economy and a Technological Advancements it's a great question Joshua so there used to be this concept Of the one room Schoolhouse right right And in that model the teacher would have You know let's say it was e8th grade Right everyone went to that one room Schoolhouse think about what it was Quite Fascinating and so you had kids who were Six years old five whatever seven years

Old all the way up to kids who were Let's say 18 years old right or 10 Whatever the age differences were and so The teacher would have a curriculum and It was personalized to all these Students and one student would also Teach the other student you see It's quite fascinating so they so and Again this was decentralized all right And you had faith in the teachers to Figure out what was right you you pushed It down to the teachers so the teachers Could figure out what was right for the Student so you had intelligent teachers Who would say wow this student you know He studies I don't know he get he Doesn't understand negative numbers Really that well you know and he's Getting lost there and this student Understands it better so I'm going to Pair them together I have to do a Different kind of curriculum you see so It was personalized but you put the Power in the teacher very very important Because a lot of people went into Teaching because they really enjoy Teaching and they love when a student Gets it it's like a really if you teach And I I you know I've taught for years Um the the greatest thing that you feel As a teacher is when you find a student Who gets what you're talking about you Say it's like really amazing Satisfaction and then that teacher can

Teach others all right that was really The concept of The Apprentice you know Mentor model right that's where this Originally comes from so what we've done Is we've removed the teacher's power and Again this also occurred in the 1970s Because we created this organization Called the Department of Education all Right um the other thing that also Happened was um advances in science took Place one of the biggest advances was to Start looking the world as complex Systems and so while reading writing and Arithmetic are important even for that Is we need to teach people how to think From A System's perspective how the Ankle bone is connected to the foot bone 90% of doctors don't know this they're Basically morons when you go to a doctor He's looking at he's a specialist he Doesn't see your body as a whole he Doesn't know that if you have a problem In your eyes maybe it's connected to Your liver which by the way it is okay Um and so on you know your organ systems Are not just separate systems right Things inter connected to each other Okay like jaundice is liver for example Right um and then there's many many Interconnection between emotions and Different sub systems but systems Thinking is what Engineers learn Plumbers learn systems thinking right Otherwise you not going to be or

Electricians who you can't suddenly say I'm just going to bring in I'm GNA Upgrade a house's electrical system by Thousand amps oh I also have to do other Things right in the house right so we Are not training people to think from a System Perspective so one of the fundamental Things that needs to happen is the Educational system must teach people how To think from a systems perspective the Good thing is that curricula I to teach It at MIT only the elites learn system Syncing now Joshua so we have a two-tier System now the elites learn system Syncing which is a very powerful Knowledge base and they're using this to Manipulate everyone else so about 10,000 People in the world know system syncing Which really came out in the 1930s to 1950s but they keep it to Themselves my view systems thinking Needs to be broad broadly taught now Instead of waiting for other people I've Already started teaching it people go to Truth.com we teach people how to think From a systems perspective you know um I Know you're recording this but John will Play it before we end you know but this Systems approach um is what I used to Teach to the elite students but I've Made it like Prometheus bringing fire to The Earth of of accessible everyone so As president I would you know use the

White House to teach people how to think Of systems you see and you'd use it as a Bully pulpit but that's one of the most Fundamental things that needs to happen People need to be able to see the world As interconnections and there are nine Principles that I can teach anyone that People need to learn and then they can Understand the world as a system so when They're looking at a problem they don't Get into this divisive dualistic world You see so if they look at oh should Should I support the pandemic or not It's not about Pro or antivaccine it's About recognizing you need to boost the Immune system that's where it really Goes and one set of people want to Weaken people's immune system so you got To get artificial immunity which you can Call a vaccine and that's what this is About so if you take any problem once People start learning system science you Literally become a very powerful Individual those in power do not want to Teach systems to people They also do not want the teacher being Able to personalize education at the Ground level now the wealthy let you do That in the elite schools right pay a Lot of money and then you get there Small teaching groups but they don't It's really funny the same super wealthy People who talk about diversity and Inclusivity they Reserve personalized

Teaching for their kids small classrooms And the teacher figures out but the rest Of the other people poor white people Poor blacks poor brown people they have To go to these public education system Where it's one siiz it's all and and They can't and so what's happened out of That process is you you don't get Teachers who really enjoy teaching right You don't get the personalized teaching That students deserve and people clearly Not learning to system sy so again a Two-tier system one system for the Elites they learn how to think from a Systems perspective they they learn About systems they get personalized Knowledge personalized tutoring and the Rest of the people remain in the dark It's literally a cast system That's what they've done the Swarm wants To have these two tiar in everything we Can talk about and it starts with Education and to your point Joshua you Know when I was growing up in India my There's a I I should find that picture There's a wonderful picture of my mother You know this dark skinned Indian woman With all these light-skinned Indian men She was here was this non bramman Indian Woman in the Deep South like be like Mississippi right a black woman in Mississippi gets to go to school with Allwhite dudes okay at Harvard not even At Harvard right some and that was my

Mom and she was quite extraordinary Right and my dad grew up in war torn Burma with nothing he didn't see his First book I think it was 10 or 12 so my Parents had a great regard for Education Because to them it was a way out of Their Slavery so that was pounded into me and I want to pound that into people the Only way out of this Slavery is knowledge but the right Knowledge to destroy ignorance and that Is system syncing that is individual you Know one-on-one I mean I still teach Every day man Thursdays everyone should Come to our open house they're great 11: Am or 8 PM I spend probably eight hours And I don't think any other presidential Candidate will do that or give me money For it we do it free free 8 am sorry 11 A.m. and 8:00 p.m. EST we teach people How to take care of their body we teach People how to do local farming and and By locally we teach people how to think Systems we teach people the seven Secrets of Innovation and we don't charge anyone Anything Joshua absolutely free you Don't even ask for donations what's up With I never yeah so here's the Deal um you know Kennedy a Billionaire trust fund right is Give me money right I need to get on the Ballot give 15 million because hey he

Doesn't have any ground support everyone For him needs money he needs money why So he could get you know his wife Botoxed so he could make sure everyone Coming to his home so he could bang Another 28 women in you know in some Swiss Chalet wherever the hell you know What I'm saying these people are sickos And it's what so everyone needs to Recognize why are you giving these People money you have the average American maybe has $400 for a rainy day Why are you taking $100 and writing it To Trump who has a golden-plated toilet Why are you giving it to a guy who you Know trains Falcons okay let me throw a Baseball at him and see if he can even Catch it okay falconeering that's that's The that's the sport of the Saudis right The sport of kings and so this is what People need to get in their head yeah I Have not asked for in fact when people Give me a donation because of how I was Brought up I give them stuff you give me Something I give you courses you give me Something I don't feel right taking Because I know again it comes back to I Am I know what it takes to make money How hard it is how Frugal you have to be To survive so when someone is willing to Give me money I better give them Something if they're giving me money Okay here's a bumper sticker okay here's System and Revolution here's my course

Because you're gonna uh uh you know we Do leadership training we don't charge Anything so these people are all Scumbags they don't know what giving Really means they have no idea of being An unselfish human being but where I Grew up where Ordinary People grew up we Survive by helping one another the ethos Is already there we don't need Blockchain to help each other we already Help each other so this is what people Need to get in their heads the incentive Models were already there yeah right so This is what I'm saying none of these People have any idea what I'm Talking about they think I'm stupid You're stupid we're suckers because we Give away Stuff that I'm not I in this hour that I've been speaking I've been saying give Me money I need donation I need they Think we're Dumb I I do I don't have this question Planned but because we're talking about Education uh kids with unique needs are Uh something I I care deeply about Because I was one of those kids but we Have a rise of children that have a SD And other mental health issues some that Were caused by the shutdown some caused By I'm not going to say these things Because I don't want to get us kicked Off um but we have a lot of kids now That have that are underdeveloped they

Have special needs they have unique Needs and yet we don't have we have Teachers that are not qualified to be Able to assist them uh the school that My my partner Jessica teaches at they're Understaffed and they have all of these Kids that have needs that they can't get To they've got people doing the jobs of 10 people so I got a qu my question Is what would what is your plan or idea For the educational system where now Funding is in crisis we've got all of These issues with getting the right Teachers the the specialized teachers is It is homeschool a solution for your Idea and how to revamp the educational System or do you think we can do this in A public school education system and Actually have it Work yeah Josh you're asking a good Question let's just sort of take a step Back and say what is the purpose of this Education okay what are they first of All what are they getting educated and What is the purpose okay so you know if You go back to my grandparents time I Think my grandmother may had second Grade education my grandfather had maybe Third grade you know my parents were the First ones in their Village to get Educated but why did they get quote Unquote educ educated it was and why did They not get Educated what education did they have

Well they were farmers they knew how to Plant seeds they had tremendous skills Actually right they knew how to my great Grandfather could do math in his head on 116th you know fractional math right Because that's how you had to work when You were dealing with farming stuff or Doing building Etc right so people learn All these skills not by physically going To some Institution by the realities of what They needed they learned this Educational stuff that they needed right So my grandfather knew exactly when to Plant you know how to do inventory Management right because right he would Have to get rice and how he'd have to Pack it right how to do preservation of Food right um all sorts of skills Probably like thousands of skills he Knew versus a guy who went to college Today and what skill do they really know So we have to go back and realize what Is a skill set Ed the goal of education Is to give people skills so now they Could go into the world and have a Prosperous life right I learned how to Program by the time I was 14 years old I Got a full-time job I didn't need to go To MIT MIT benefited from me Seriously in retrospect they found me I Didn't even know about the place they Used my knowledge that I got from these Public School teachers and then they

Gave me the MIT degree to act as though They did something for me see what's Going on so think about what I'm saying Yeah these big institutions are actually Almost like A education trafficking organizations They're finding already the best people And they sucker them in to say oo I I Got MIT now right and a lot of students You know when I gave this talk at MIT This kid said 90% of the kids are very Depressed because their parents pushed Them to get in these institutions and That was the goal okay so it seems like The goal of a lot of this primary school Education is to get you into a big School and then you're done so parents Are spending tens of thousands of Dollars to hire Consultants to make sure Johnny learns this and this and this so You can apply and get his SAT scores Well and write his essays so the whole Thing has become a racket for these big Institutions who are already getting Good people that they put the brand on In fact in the 70s you know when we had Really good teachers and we at the tail End of it my teachers worked three jobs And i' I've shared this before my Chemistry teacher won the best public School teacher he worked as a general Contractor as a carpenter and as a Teacher and he put two of his kids Through school that's the only way he

Could do it but he was the most amazing Chemistry teacher all right so point is I actually learned stuff I didn't need To go to MIT I I could have gotten a job As a when I came to MIT by the time I Was 20 I bought my own home because I Would go to MIT and I was still doing my Own jobs you know full-time so what is The purpose of Education that's the First thing we got to think about well You could talk talk about it well is it Teaching you to be a good human being is It teaching you life skills how to get Up how to eat properly how to dress how To you know behave in the world right How to be respectful there's that Ethical conduct right right is it Teaching you that is it teaching you how To survive in life right how to create a Little to-do list right how to write a Nice email right how to interact with People and you got to find you know John Will tell you you know my assistant Because my parents didn't teach me this My educational I had to teach him that And I have had to do this with hundreds And hundreds of employees because they Didn't learn it so life skills how to Survive how to be resourceful do you Know how to be resourceful you only have $20 right how are you going to stretch That almost like $2,000 do do you have The skills on how to do that you see to Me that's what my grandparents knew

Resourcefulness you have a little bit How do you survive with that and then do You actually have tangible skills okay Do you know how To measure Something do you know how to do the Pythagorean theorem so if you have to Calculate something do you know how to Do surveying right do you act what are This set of skills you have can you Program right do you know how to start a Printer and turn it on friend of mine Literally had a woman that she hired big Large corporation and the young girl Said oh the printer is not working and She said oh did you check the printer For paper she goes oh how do you do That okay I'm what I'm saying is Everything is being Packaged including getting into these Big institutions mama and papa are Teaching them how to pass the SATs and Then when the kid gets there so we have To really go back and think about that Right so what I'm saying is we really Have to look at by the these ages what Skills do these kids have actual skills And I think that's what needs to be Talked about Joshua now once you Identify that there's many ways to teach Those skills you could have Homeschooling right where you know Parents teach it communities teach it Right it it doesn't necessarily mean you

Have to go to school right what are the Skill sets we want to have right and Then you figure out what these purpose Of these schools are but to me it's all About these skill sets and it can be Done through homeschooling it can be Done online some people may want to Learn on their own some people need Oneon-one connection but I think that's What needs to be done and everyone says Oh the r the quote unquote fake Anti-establishment I'm going to blow up The Department of Education okay but What is your actual program so I would Say there's a set of skills that I think Are very very Important how are you going to deploy Those skills right that's the second Thing how do you do this and I would Argue many of these things do not Require a lot of massive amounts of Infrastructure okay that you could do You could have teachers having the Ability to deploy to kids directly Online offline in a bunch of ways and They get compensated for doing that and You basically make all these teachers Essentially become their own educational Institutions you know direct just like You have direct democracy direct one on One and that's already happening on its Own and so it's not like you need to put More money into this you you can you can Leverage a lot of these

Technologies they don't even teach shop Class anymore really yeah there's no Shop class there's no home economics Class I don't know if you know that I no I didn't know yeah I mean I still still Have skills on how to use a saw a hammer How to nail in a nail you know how to do Things with a dowel all this stuff I Learned in eth grade how many you know So there the again this was sort of the Tail end BEC before um this was when we Really had teachers that Cared so um I think you just you just What you just Said was music to the ears of so many Educators people that are going to Independent Media people that are just Tired of the the way that the system Works they're going off on their own you Just I think you just spoke life into All of those people because you gave Them what we're gonna be doing is you Know I have a building here in Cambridge You know my birthday's coming up this Saturday we're going to invite people to Come or we're going to announce that I'm Going to literally launch an Academy um that and we already are doing It you know with teaching people system Science we teach people so much man It's crazy right but it's just a bunch Of people said Chiva I didn't learn any Of this stuff in high school I didn't Know how to write a proper email I

Didn't know how to keep a to-do list I Didn't know how to use my calendar right I mean these are extraordinary life Skills I'm talking about yeah and more I Didn't know how to think from a systems Perspective so we're going to start Deploying these and making it very very Affordable for people but these are Knowledge systems that once people learn They're very powerful like even in Interpersonal Communications in an Organization You tell someone to do something they go How many times this has occur they go do Something and it's nothing what you told Them to Do right so how do you do a Comm a Proper communication that both parties Know this was the instruction this is The acknowledgement and and that's it May seem simple but these are the things That distinguish very successful Organizations and or societies versus Unsuccessful societies having respect For someone who actually knows Knowledge you know this Apprentice Mentor model every Tom Dick and Harry on Social media thinks they know something And they don't know they need to be Quote unquote slapped upside the head Like you don't know what the you're Talking about right shut the up and Listen you know this we need to bring This in and our goal is when we launch

This we're going to create students and People who are a hundred times more Successful just by the way they come out Of these programs right I mean Our Truth Freedom and system is creating people Who are blowing up Kennedy exposing Trump and really going at them and Teaching people what the right things so We were we're already doing a great Service during the pandemic the immune System courses I ran saved literally Hundreds of millions of people's lives You know videos that I did that got Taken down you know they went viral all Over the world and people write to me Hey I was in the ICU and I told the Doctor to give my mother my father you Know know vitamin C direct and it saved His life right or I was in the I was About to go to the ICU and I took a Heavy dose of vitamin D3 and a and and It saved me right so we want to teach People skills we're in fact going to Start a program which is about how you Can be your own doctor and it's using System science so that's what we're Going to do but once you understand System science you can use it to Everything but that's what we're going To do and then create it in such a way That you can take these and you can go Learn teach and serve model that's That's our goal I love it this next Subject is ethics and Ai and technology

Which is a huge Hot Topic right now Everyone's talking about especially what Happened with chat gbt or open AI so the Question is how will you address ethical Issues in Ai and Technology particularly In sectors like Health Care defense and Employment it's a great question first Of all you know just to give people the Background you know I'm I'm I have three Of the most important patents in text Based AI since 1997 so I've been an AI Researcher since 14 okay when I used to Do a lot of this stuff for looking at Sleep patterns and predicting stuff so AI fundamentally very simply put it's a Big word it's basically pattern Recognition what AI means Is using Machines that's one way or using Something to do either repetitive or Complex Task that um you know that was typically A very large complex task okay so let me Explain so you could argue when Henry Ford created the manufacturing engine That was AI because he took a he took a human Being right and he made them into a Robot so people think AI has to do with Physical machines AI has been going on For a long time when you take a human And you convert them to a robot that's AI it could be in carbon based beinging And a silicon based beinging

Broadly so once we could take a human Being and said okay all your job is to Just put nuts a nut on this wheel then We said okay we got that doing it then We figured out we watched how that Person did it and then we injected a Machine to doing it right and then we Started building more complex machines But you can make a human being a human Being is a machine but you can make them Quote unquote AI by making them robots Right and that was what some parts of The industrial era did do dehumanized Humans so once you understand what AI is Ultimately it's about taking a body of Knowledge transferring that body of Knowledge to some somebody else or some Other object and then making sure that It gets robust at doing that now that Transfer of knowledge is called training Data okay and it can be unsupervised or Supervised training either you have to Train it and watch it and observe it or Some tasks A system can learn on its own It's called unsupervised learning anyway There's two types of learning and these Have been around since the 1960s so What's happening right now is that in The field of AI there are humans who are doing Certain tasks let's say let's say you Are looking through a microscope and Cytologists do this there's 6,000 of Them in the world in the United States

They look through a microscope they look At a cell and they have to um based on Their skills that they learn over many Years they have to decide is that cell Cancerous or not if it's cancerous then It then the hospital says you know it's Major decisions that they make so what's Happening is this field of cytology by Way of example machines are watching how This human being is doing this and They're collecting training data okay And then they want to emulate that Person and eventually they'll eliminate This human being and they'll have a Machine do it now from a labor and a Human Perspective my theory is quite a radical One is that that human being should be Compensated for the transfer of that Data and they should get a royalty in Perpetuity for the knowledge that they Transferred okay because in the ideal Model Joshua AI in the hands of working people Is very different than AI in the hand of The 0.001% again a two-tier system the AI in the hands of the Swarm they They're going to want to depopulate People and they're going to want to only Make their lives better you follow not Everyone else's lives so they're saying Oh I can AI this out to everything else Let me eliminate 90% of the world's Population because I want more for me

Right that's where AI leads to now Working people we can say oh I'm working Nine-hour days and I get paid little let Me the knowledge and the cytology case That I transfer I can work two hour days But I'm getting in perpetuity a little Piece of the knowledge that I transfer You see when someone goes to work and Does cytology they're getting paid 30 40 Bucks an hour for doing that they're not Getting paid for the transfer of that Knowledge to a private company which is Not going to replace them and this is Occurring in every field and I'll give You an example this is occurring right Now in the field of the entire Hollywood Movie structure um you know the there is A big strike and the unions were brought In to protect the 160,000 union members And it does not only actors involve sets And Crews and te all these people right So instead of protecting the union Workers these scumbag leaders fake Leaders what they've done is they struck A deal with the Zionist Hollywood Studios and what they said was you know What we're going to allow Ai and what They did was very fine print they said Okay um before you let's say you have 160,000 actors you can start using Digital replicas of them and by the way The technolog is quite Extraordinary you can literally Replicate you I right now Joshua in

Terms of stuff we've done so the machine Learning's gotten quite good so now what Happens is a A-list actor who has a lot Of money he can negotiate his terms he Can say okay you can make Tom Cruz can Say you can make a digital replica of me But you're going to have to give me Royalties the union won't do that Because he can lawyer up and he can do That and he can get multiple movies in The same year the poor young performer Or artist or even set designer if They're given a role or an opportunity They're gonna have to the the studios Are gonna say I'm only going to give you This role if you consent to AI like I Can make a digital replica and if you're An upand cominging person you're going To say okay right you don't have the Same power As a elite actor so Hollywood is Creating these two-tier systems and this Is what unions were not supposed to They're no longer a union of solidifying All workers right so the unethical Activity that's going on is that Companies are essentially stealing People's knowledge and brain they're not Compensating them for that and they're Going to create two tiers of worker Structures And that's what's going on it's this at A very very fundamental level it's quite Dangerous and this sag

After events that's going out the Screen Actors Guild is going to set the basis For every Field and that's why the quote unquote Two union leaders are running that are All scumbags because what they're also Doing is That the union gets a little piece of Royalty from the digital replicas so the Unions have become one with the union With the bosses you see so where that Goes it's going to lead to depopulation It's going to lead to unemployment Without wage compensation you say but if You're a skilled electrician and you put Your life into it and your knowledge is Being transferred that knowledge you Should get a little piece of the action That's called truly again getting back To intellectual property Yep I I I love what you just said I I'm Very passionate about Independent Media And the reason why I'm passionate about It is because without media and the Knowledge of media and being able to tap Into the available Tools I would be homeless still I I Wouldn't be able to get a job I don't Have a good education because I thought I was an idiot growing up in school Because I couldn't learn the way they Were trying to teach me yeah regardless Of those reasons uh mental health issues And Beyond

Media is the very thing the vehicle that Has taken my life from being in the Gutter to nothing to living the life of My dreams and getting to do getting to Interview you I mean that wouldn't Happen without the tools that are Available free by by the way so I want To address what I'm saying josha with AI The policies have to be constructed that They help the broad mass of working People and not the 0.001% this two-tier Model you're seeing it occur right now With this sagaa bogus Union which has Sold out its people so what are your Strategies for closing the digital Divide like how are you going to assist These underprivileged areas to keep this From happening because I think it's the Underprivileged areas the people that Don't have access to all the bag of Goodies that some of us have that's Where all the genius comes from that's Where the and and and I know that from Having created email in New York New Jersey absolutely so the bottom line is Innovation occurs in the edges not in The center so this concept of center of Power is actually a bogus concept most Things occur in the edges the great Things occur in the edges you know um so One of the big things here is you know There's three aspects that engineering Teaches you that exists in every Engineering system the movement of

Information matter and energy we call a Transport the conversion of information Matter in energy these are three of the Princip we teach in our systems course And the third is structure or Infrastructure okay so we have more than Enough capabilities right now to offer Significant infrastructure to every Particular every human in the United States okay and again these Postal Services could be places for that the Buildings are already owned the real Estate exists they have infrastructure Right so the ability to give people Internet access right um all sorts of High highspeed capabilities all through A mesh Network all exist right so my Point is the technology actually exists We don't need to create new technology It's the policies are now owned by the 0.001% and the only way to overcome this Is we have to educate a broad mass of People Joshua about what I'm saying like It's not like we need to even we could Stop creating technology right now it's About the deployment of the existing Technology with the AIM of educating Broad masses of people versus keeping it To a small set of people and creating These two-tier systems right so why is It one set of actors get to protect Their digital replicas and the rest of People have to be slaves right so once You do a movie they own it and they

Never need you again right why does that System exist it exists because the People owning these Technologies are the 0.001% this why we need a systems Overhaul and and if you look at this Graph here that I've shared on healthare That red line is the life expectancy how It's going down in the United States oh My God it's going downward right and the Rest of the world so over the last 60 Years the elites have put policies that Are destroying the health of everyone so Your child will have a shorter lifespan Than you right now so that leads to the Central thing that those in power don't Give a about anyone else right and So their power needs to be taken away From them and the only way to do that is Not you know supporting Tweedle D versus Tweedle Dum but people need someone like Me right they need someone who actually Knows how to build things fix things and Actually is one of them and in order to Get over there people need to have start Raise their Consciousness and start Having respect for themselves not having Respect for Donald Trump or booby Kennedy or any of these people Those guys don't work hard that's right Right they don't you've said you've said A lot that our country has been taken Over and in fact I've heard you say it a Lot in interviews can we get our country Back can we reclaim it and if so how

There's only one way that history shows Us through massive Bottoms Up movement That is highly conscious of how you Build the bottoms up movement let me Repeat that again um it's like saying How are we gonna uh achieve flight well You need to understand the principles of Flight so you could build the machinery That can teach you how to fly that can Sorry not teach you but that can put you Into flight so the only way to win it This is you need to not only have the Consciousness that you need to build a Bottoms Up movement but also the tools On how to build a Bottoms Up movement And in some ways they're self reflective Because in order to come to the Conclusion you need a Bottoms Up Movement you need to study a little bit And you need to study the history of how Change actually occurs change has always Occurred through everyday people's names Who we do not know re the real heroes Who have decided to connect with their Neighbors and build these Bottoms Up Movements it occurred during the 18 late 1800s and the early 1900s right a little Bit in the 60s you see um but it is These Bottoms Up movements that have Changed the world not booby Kennedy not Trump not Bernie Sanders not AOC none of these people these people Are the fly traps that the establishment Creates so we think they're going to do

Something for us but they exist to Coralus back into the establishment now What I just shared with you um Joshua Can only occur once you understand that The world is in fact a system a complex System and one of the principles of Systems is a concept of a Self-organizing system which takes a System into different transitions you Know took me about 50 years to write a Book called system and Revolution and People don't have to get it but I Recommend you do but you'll actually Understand what is a System so you don't have to spend 30 Years at MIT how systems undergo phase change Which I call a revolution and how those Revolutions come and you realize it's Like the hundredth monkey Thing Once People you don't need to convince all Eight billion people but when enough People understand I think it's about 10,000 people really get it the concept Of Beyond left and right when people and That's why these people like booby Kennedy and uh Trump are so good Because for me as a teacher they're Extraordinary tools because you can say Look at this he's part of the Establishment look at how he's Manipulating you look at his background It's a teaching tool and you can say see They're not going to do for you

Because all they care about is Bullshitting you so you support the Swarm again and the only way out of this Is you have to build a Bottoms Up Movement which they don't want you to Build and that's why they make me Invisible and that's why they will make You invisible that's why they make you Not not have any faith in yourselves That's why they make you disrespect Yourself that's why every microsc on all The mainstream media they're hitting you With so much Psychological you know messages to Actually demean you and Elevate Themselves they constantly creating These two-tier Systems right that's what they do all Day long and the ultimate goal is for You not to honor yourself as someone who Actually gets up and actually does an Honest day's work and to put your faith In them so that's the only way and so Our movement truth Freedom health is Doing that Joshua and so every once you Go to truth help.com come to our open Houses where you can learn how to do This for yourself and then our campaign For president gives finally people an Opportunity of what to raise their Standards to see one of us me in them And say wow this guy is one of me why am I even considering these morons and then They have to get over the hump oo I

Don't think if you could win you're Running as an independent well you have No choice because the alternative is That your children are going to keep Dying you know it says the lesser of two Evils is killing your children and Including booby Kennedy he's He's a true evil okay he's a lesser of The lesser of two Evils this is my last question um and And it's actually one of my favorite Ones to ask you is because I one of the Things I respect about you so much is The fact that you are working a Full-time job while running for President at the same time and filing Lawsuits election systems Integrity work And getting on the ground and running Actual Demonstrations and you know walking my Dogs and making sure the house runs you Know so it's it's really a 24-hour job J And then people tell you and I do this Because of the great respect I have for Where I came from from those Workingclass people who gave me what I Have and my Grandparents and and that's who I honor You know working people and that's why I Work so hard well I was gonna ask you What your typical day is like what time You get up in the morning and what time You go to bed like what day in day out Especially right now what happened to me

Was something and I don't recommend this To everyone okay um since I was 12 years Old I used to go to bed at 2: and wake Up at 7:00 Because I wanted to achieve so I would You know wake up at 7 you know go to School and then do Sports from I think Whatever like four to eight you know Soccer or you know and and we were on Very large division teams where we were 13-0 baseball some people said I could Have been become a major league baseball Player I wasn't I was pretty good you Know and then I'd come home at around 8 You Know then have have dinner and then go From 9 to 2 man doing lots and lots of Problems my dad and I would do all sorts Of very complex problems and I would Actually help my father because my dad Could speak English that well but he was A phenomenal engineer and he would Always be getting screwed at work he was Paid onethird less than his other Engineers and he would always be solving Problems and then he would have to do Reports and then I would end up typing All of his engineering reports up for Him to help him So I would do that and then my dad would Teach me all sorts of very complex math So by the time I was in nth grade I'd Finish calculus but that was my typical Day so I learned how to get away with

Five hours of sleep I learned to Meditate at a very young age so I would Go into deep REM sleep you say and I Still do that so my typical day is you Know getting up nowadays you know it's Around I probably get up around you know Five right four or five and then I'll do Uh You know remember we're International Right so I'll talk to some of our International leaders because they're at Different time zones you know I'll do my Email I typically follow pretty I try to Follow you know when I can a decent Health schedule typically do lemon water In the morning you know do some type of Uh you know protein with all sorts of Stuff I throw in you know vegetables and All in all these mixes right to because I can't operate without getting proper Nutrition Um and then we'll do our morning Meetings which will go from typically 8: To 10: with all of our global leaders Right operations meeting for all of our Companies and then you know um I'll have To do you know some physical work either Write a paper work on uh some equation Right some analysis and I typically try To go work out you know I do I enjoy Doing heavy weights um you know very Targeted weights in certain areas and And then I if not I'm four days a week Or I do yoga at that time and then it's

Back to work interviews right um lot of Writing lot of messaging and Communications and educating people and Then depends on if it's Thursdays Thursdays is typically a 20 hour day Right because we're doing our open Houses Saturdays we have leadership Meetings we have now about a hundred Leaders we're training globally okay and So that's a typical day and then Sunday Is a little bit of a rest bit right But it's still you know a block of time Where I try to do something that's Creative or you know I enjoy cooking These kind of things right but um it's Not work for me joshu because I really Enjoy what I'm doing you know um I enjoy Educating I enjoy fighting these You know um it is a certain set of time You have to do on social media but all Of them are interconnected in this Rubric of Truth Freedom Health Science In in inov ation truth freedom fighting Right and health either infrastructure We have to take care of our building you Have to take care of your physical Health you have to make sure you're Generating enough Revenue to be Sustainable right so to me all these Things are Interl wow that is such a great answer I I've really enjoyed this I've learned a Lot from you and hearing your Perspective your answers very honest

Thoughtful great answers I I just I Can't thank you enough I this exceeded My expectations by 100 thank you so much Can I share with you Joshua a couple of Things people should do as calls to Action yeah yeah yeah one of the calls To action um is I recommend everyone and John will play this video on our stuff And I think you can if you I think You're taping this right Joshua yes sir Yes so if people you can share it with Your people later on but John will share Two videos um but if people go to truth Freedomhealth.com they will see here That we have this phenomenal program um Truth Freedom health and Um so there's two videos it's people Should watch the Swarm video but more Importantly this is a video you can play For your audience get educated or be Enslaved um and you know our movement Now is about a half a million people in 120 countries and this movement really Teaches people and our stories of people Who've taken our Program are everyday people you can see Homeschoolers artists electricians right Daycare director s but we have a history Of winning we teach people how to fight How to win how to take care of their Bodies from a system perspective but Fundamentally what we're doing Joshua is To recognize even though there's lots of Information doesn't mean people are

Getting more healthier feeling better as You can see by the statistics here right More people are obese more people want To overthrow their governments Etc and The reason is because all this Information is being fed through the Lens of ignorance where people get Deluded or complacent or desperate into This left and right right and the only And by the way these are the people who You think are helping you but these are The people who are the manufacturers of That ignorance okay and the only way out Of this is wisdom and wisdom and that's The era that we live in there's so much Psychological operations taking place And wisdom will allow you to get clarity Where you become an activist and Organized and you become Innovative but The only way we get to that is knowledge And knowledge is different than Information it's understanding the Science of system I recommend everyone Go here John will play the video but the Key video is you know this one right Here on the right you know get educated Or be Enslaved the other thing that I Would recommend people go to is you know For our campaign go to Shiva for President and I want to encourage Everyone to go to Shiva for president And get one of these bumper stickers why Because this bumper sticker makes you a Activist because a lot of our people

Jonathan work full-time but they can put This on the rear windshield shield on The lower left and 100,000 people will See it the other thing is they can also Become Educators overnight if they go to The free downloads there's a flyer you See that Jonathan Jonathan I'm Joshua I see it Sorry Joshua Yeah was talking to John here sorry um Um and what you see here is this flyer Everyone can download and they can print Okay so and it educates people the left Side teaches people what's going on all Over the world in the United States life Expectancy is going down and this is not Because of the vaccines or any one thing It's because of a whole system of Policies that we need to overhaul and we Need to overthrow the Swarm or we need To shatter the Swarm they can understand Who is the Swarm who is our enemy it's Not the WTH Childs or Black Rock it's Not any one group it's a whole bunch It's a systemic operation and then the Right side gives them the solution you Know they can watch our campaign video They can get educated or be enslaved by Becoming a truth FR Health Warrior and They can obviously come to our open Houses where they will learn how to take Care of their body shop properly okay uh Education right governance Etc so that's What we recommend people do so I hope

That helps Joshua but that's what I want To share with people I I really I can I've watched the Swarm video about 10 Times and it would make sense to anyone Regardless of your belief system and What you've been indoctrinated into Watch that video it is a wonderful job Of delivering truth in a way that anyone Could Understand and it takes a systems Approach so when you put this together Joshua you know they they can watch that Truth Freedom Health Systems video not The Swarm video um and then um they can Also go to Shiva for president and play The campaign video all right Joshua I Hope this is valuable thank you for your Very thoughtful questions and your Kindness yes sir thank you I'm rooting For you all the way Dr sha well get it Out to everyone yes sir everyone uh Everyone support what Joshua is doing um We need more uh people who are open to Really looking at things how they are And supporting us not them it is US Versus them don't let anyone tell you Heal the Divide like Kennedy Is we're not here to heal the Divide We're here to make sure that we expose What the real division is the 0.001% versus the 8 billion people there Is a divide let's get them all right Thanks thank you John if you're Listening can you play the anthem video

And right after play the uh president Video John thank you everyone be well I'm checking out John I got to take a Couple calls be Well we have allowed our country to be Taken over from within and the end goal Is you will have a homogenized world Where we will become slaves because There is a condition among the elites That really thinks they're better than You deep down inside them that you don't Deserve the freedoms you have they don't This reality is what people need to wake Up to and we need to all unite working People there's only one movement that Can do that and that is the movement That we started creating here in Massachusetts the movement for truth Freedom and health look I've been a Student of politics since I was a Four-year-old kid studying revolutionary Movements leftwing rightwing there is a Physics there's a nuclear science to Destroying the establishment to build a Bridge you need to understand Newton Equation you need to understand the laws Of gravity you need to understand Pan's Ratio there is a way to build a Revolution and that's why I put this Together my goal is to train a army of Truth freedom and health leaders we Don't need followers like social media We need leaders but they need training Because educational system does not

Teach them history nothing so in 3 hours That's what I've started doing that's The solution we got to train people First with understanding what a system Is the Dynamics of all systems that Affect nature the second is Understanding the interconnection Between truth freedom and health freedom Is the abil ility to move freely Communicate freely talk freely without Freedom you cannot convert ideas Hypothesis into truth which is science And without Freedom you can't really get To truth and without truth you make up Fake problems and fake Solutions which Means you destroy our health and without Health which is the infrastructure of us And our body You Can't Fight For Freedom Truth Freedom Health third concept is it Has to be Bottoms Up working people People who work uniting and what the Right wing has done is whenever you say Working People Unite that must be Communist meanwhile they've let the Democrats run unions which suppress Workers completely corrupt but when you Look at the Arc of American History it's Been when working people came up we need To go local every solution I'm coming up With as a part of this movement we're Giving the science which is a truth and Then we tell people what they can do on The ground like with election fraud you Don't need to wait for some lawyer our

Goal is to train people to go local to Go local to go local fight locally Forget lawyers forget politicians forget Celebrities you got to learn politics And there is a science to it they lock Us down we should be ready to shut them Down and the fourth part of this Principle is a not so obvious Establishment so when you look at a System there's always something that Disturbs you from getting to your goal Well the biggest disturbance is a not so Obvious establishment which is those People who claim they're for you on the Left and the right the Al Sharpton who Tell black people I'm for you the Tucker Carlson do you think any true Anti-establishment person will ever be On Fox or CNN I don't think so they both Mislead working people back into the Establishment without this solid Understanding of political physics and Theory you're screwed you're going to Follow on the left wing Bernie Sanders Oh he said something or Robert Kennedy Scumbags or you're going to follow some Right-wing talk show host they're not Going to lead us to Liberation it's us We're building a Bottoms Up movement and That political physics it's a nuclear Science of change Bottoms Up we have to Organize to understand that there is People who talk a good game and then Look at what they actually do left and

Right I'm sorry Sean Hannity may say Some good things but I don't see the Urgency in his voice to get something Done and it can only come when you Weaponize yourself with the right Knowledge you need to be able to Identify a WRA you know Christ didn't go After the Romans right it was the Pharisees and the Sadducees who screwed Him up his own quote unquote people and That's where we're at so these four Concepts I've built into a curriculum where People can go to truth Freedom Health.com and it's an educational Program we need to train people in Political Theory you need to have Physics and I've created that curriculum People need to get educated we need to Get educated fast and within a half an Hour an hour I can teach people two Years of MIT Control Systems I teach People those Concepts then I apply it Anyone can understand it and then you Say oh I got to build a Bottoms Up Movement they have to get politically Astute and then they have to go locally And act not sit there on social media They have to act locally defy locally do Civil obedience locally but with Knowledge on how to build a movement the Senate campaigns expanded to the Movement for truth freedom and health And they can find it on truth

Freedomhealth.com so people can sign in They can get access to a bunch of videos If they want to take a course and become A truth Freedom Health leader I offer a Full scholarship there but we want People to make a commitment that they'll Study that they'll get certified that They'll go do activities on the ground So go to truth Freedom [Music] Help.com who would have ever thought I'd Be running for president of the United States of America I was born a low cast Untouchable in India's cast system a System of aristocracy oppression and Racism my name is Dr Shiva ayad dur I'm An MIT PhD a Fullbright scholar a Scientist engineer entrepreneur and Inventor my family and I left India to Come to America on my 7eventh birthday I Grew up in the workingclass Neighborhoods of New Jersey playing Baseball mowing lawns painting houses And coding software my friends and Neighbors were blacks Italians Irish People of all Races as a 14-year-old I Wrote 50,000 lines of software code to Create the world's first email system And was awarded the first US copy for Email recognizing me as its official Inventor at a time when copyright was The only way to protect software Inventions I did that long before I ever Came to MIT revealing that big

Innovations can occur any time any place By anybody growing up I saw politicians Dividing Us by race and religion in both America and India to have us fighting Each other while they remain safe in Their gated communities and in their Playgrounds of Hollywood Martha's Vineyard in Silicon Valley I'm a fighter I fought racism and exposed their Imperialist Wars fought for workers and Put my life on the line against Global Corruption I never wanted to run for Political office all that changed when I Saw working Americans as never before Being duped by The Establishment and the Not so obvious establishment across left And right we were being sold out and Made to forget why we came to America And why America existed lawyers Academics billionaires celebrities and Politicians Elites clintons Kennedy Bidens Obamas bushes black and white Have hijacked America they printed Trillions for their friends they Delivered crumbling infrastructure Corruption and racism they've Transferred trillions to themselves Dividing black and white fearmongering And fake science lockdowns and Censorship dirty air food and water Pushing drugs upon us making us sicker We've been sold out one set of rules for Them and another for us we deserve a Warrior with a history of courage in

Putting everything on the line for you Who believes in you not them who has Created a movement Bottoms Up For Truth Freedom Health I've exposed our lies at The right time never wait waiting until It was popular I've exposed her false Gods who exist to lead you back to them I've exposed her fake signs of lockdowns And masking and provided you solutions To fight them and win and protect your Immune system saving Millions I expose Fouchy Galvanize a fire fouchy campaign When others remain silent when they Stole our election we sued the Government and Twitter in our historic 2020 Federal lawsuit exposing in bare View the government and big Tech Censorship infrastructure the Unholy Alliance between government and social Media companies where was Elon and his Grifters they stood by the sidelines and Did nothing they did not use their Megaphones to help us when it could have Made a big difference now our movement Grows for truth Freedom Health Independent of all of them every day Millions are learning the science of Systems the knowledge the elites do not Want you to have so you may learn how to Think stand up and fight independent of The establishment of left and right and Their fake Heroes now it's time for you To join the movement to win back America To win back TR truth win back Freedom

Win back your health that's why I'm Running for president of the United States this race is about you this race Is about truth Freedom Health versus Power profit control we've had enough They think we'll fall in line and vote Again for their lawyers celebrities Billionaires and chosen ones from above We choose our heroes from below from the Rank and file who do what is right at The right time not when it's convenient And popular they can never represent us What America needs is a movement by the Working people for the working people Were educated organized decentralized And fight for independence from their Systems of control and that movement Exists it's ready for you we don't need Them we need us to go bottoms up Neighbor to neighbor my journey your Journey are all the same it's our time It's time we had one of us it's time to Win back truth Freedom Health to win Back America be part of this historic Movement all the way to our Victory on November 5th 2024 if you're an American Citizen Pledge Your vote now for Dr she Via d the independent candidate for US President no matter where you live you Can be a part of this volunteer as Little as 20 minutes a day don't delay This is Dr Shiva dur and I approve this Message paid for by Dr Shiva for President

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