Dr.SHIVA LIVE: How I will DELIVER #FreeSpeech to the WORLD as #TwitterCEO. Interview with ARISE TV

Dr.SHIVA LIVE: How I will DELIVER #FreeSpeech to the WORLD as #TwitterCEO. Interview with ARISE TV

[Music] A number of Executives have expressed Interest in being the next CEO of social Media giant Twitter one of them is Dr Shiva ayadurai who's a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Here is a tweet from him where he Expressed interest in joining and Becoming the next CEO of Twitter says Dear Mr musk and he tagged Elon Musk I Am interested in the CEO position of Twitter I have four degrees from MIT and Have created seven successful high-tech Software companies kindly advise of the Process to apply sincerely Dr Shiva Ayadurai MIT PhD and of course the Attacks the inventor of email here we're Joined now from Cambridge Massachusetts By Dr Shiva who calls himself the Inventor of email scientist Technologies Is an innovator author entrepreneur Chairman and CEO of cytosolve Inc good Morning sir thank you so much for Joining us Um so I do one before we get to Twitter I do wanted to address this an issue of Email that's been going back and forth Whether you were the original Creator or If it's the uh deceased Mr Tomlinson can You can you clear this up for us as far As your side as to who created the email Well there's no controversy that I Invented email in 1978 I was the first To convert the entire interoffice Mail

System you know the inbox outbox folders The entire paper-based system into the Electronic version I was the first to Name that system email and I was the First to get the United States copyright On August 30th 1982 officially Recognizing me as the inventor of email At a time when copyright was the only Way to protect software inventions the Real issue is why is Ray Tomlinson even Called the inventor of email because all He did was write in 15 minutes of code a Caveman version of Reddit the real Question is why is there this Controversy and I believe this leads Back to something that others have Actually called me and we'll talk about That it leads back to this issue of White supremacy to think that all great Inventions must come from the military Industrial complex and frankly white People and that's where this comes from The facts of this are so obvious there's Not even a gray area here it's black and White that I'm invented email as a 14 Year old kid in Newark New Jersey before I came to MIT and that also bothers People because this was done before MIT Everyone thinks that you have to go to MIT or Harvard and then you get anointed As an inventor but the facts are black And white on this Ray Tomlinson did not Invent email and to be clear I've never Said I invented electronic messaging

Which dates back to Samuel Morse you Know in the 1800s I invented the system Email as we know and use it today period All right all right and now just one More the the New York Times when Tomlinson passed away the New York Times Wrote an obituary and they mentioned him As the creator of email so you would Dispute that New York Times obituary Well go look at what CBS wrote and go Look at what time magazine wrote the Bottom line is the New York Times is Conflating electronic messaging with Email and you have to understand that Ray Tomlinson and the at symbol was used By Raytheon one of the largest military Companies when they were getting into The cyber security Market falsely Branding themselves as the inventors of Email the CEO of Raytheon actually wrote A book on integrity and found out the Entire book was plagiarized so you know The New York Times has written a lot of Fake news for many many years and this Is another example of it all right Gotcha so I would dispute that of course About the New York Times writing fake News but no no problem we'll move on to The next uh question here so you have Multiple degrees you've you know you'd Say you've invented at least what we Know as email why are you applying for The job for a Twitter CEO why do you Want to take on that role

Well look beyond the invention of email Many of the other creations beyond all Those degrees I've also been a fighter For free speech and protecting the First Amendment since I was 17 years old it Was my lawsuit on on October uh 30th of 2020 two years ago when I was running For United States Senate and I had Criticized the government for deleting Ballot images violating federal law in Massachusetts that I was deep platformed From Twitter this is in starting October 30th 2020. in that lawsuit it was my Lawsuit where I represented myself Against seven lawyers that we discovered That the government of the United States Has a portal to Twitter where allows the Government to do an end run around the First amendment this was long before the Twitter files and what's unfortunate is All of the quote-unquote conservative Media grifters now talking about Twitter Files concealed what we discovered back In 2020 but it was our lawsuit that Discovered the government portal into Twitter and I believe that as long as That government portal exists not only To Twitter and all social media Companies there is no first amendment in The United States so you're looking at Someone who's not only an inventor and a Creator and a technologist but actually Someone who's deeply passionate and has Been an activist on the ground and

Defended the First Amendment over and Over and over again and that's why I Believe that Twitter deserves a CEO who Not just in words but in Deeds has Fought the first fought for the First Amendment And just to be clear 2020 that was During the Trump Administration yes This is well I you know this was in September of 2020 in the primary we Discovered this long before Trump you Know frankly I've been also critical of Trump trump has talked about you know Government censorship and election fraud But if you actually look at it Trump is The one who signed into lost sisa which Actually implemented that government Infrastructure to censor speech so both Republicans and Democrats have been Behind this in the United States and uh It's basically the working people in This country who really need to get Together to recognize that Free Speech Has been dismantled with the Advent of These portals and government big Tech uh Censorship relationships now how would You bring back advertisers to Twitter Um how would you make the company profit Because this this matter of free speech With what we've seen Elon Musk discuss Um I mean it shows that advertisers have Been have been pushed away so if you're An advocate for free speech how do you Bring how do you make advertisers

Comfortable to come back to the plot Form and uh I mean we're looking at a Chart here Twitter's ad management Desktop visits by month this is from I Think the uh from similar web which was Published in the Wall Street Journal Um and yeah it shows the drop so how Would you bring them back and make the Company profitable Yeah it's a great question look Um if you go back to the fundamental History of these platforms right Infrastructure for speech go back to 1787 when the founders of the United States created the first amendment they Created concomitantly with that Something very very powerful that many People forgotten about the United States Postal Service now even though at that Time it was on paper the the principles Of the Postal Service were that every Individual Free Speech would equal free Reach could communicate with every other Individual the postal service was quite An amazing infrastructure in 1997 when Email volume overtook postal mail volume I as the inventor of email went to The Postal Service Executives and I said you Must create a public infrastructure for Email because private companies were Owning people's email so why do I bring This up you see ultimately Twitter as a Public Square is never going to be Successful for free speech because of

Section 230 immunity the government Actually tells Twitter and regulates Twitter in a very fundamental way that's Why they get their High valuation you Know 10x of Revenue so the only way to Balance free speech to actually deliver Free speech and the promise of what this Public Square is supposed to be is in Many ways to make Twitter a public Infrastructure and I believe that many Many people given the pervasiveness of Twitter may even pay a very small amount You know 10 bucks a year and that's how You actually generate Revenue to rely on Large corporations to fund this Public Square is antithetical to the Foundations of free speech okay so that That 10 bucks a year isn't that similar To the eight dollars a month that Elon Musk is pushing with Twitter blue Yeah but he's doing that only for Certain category of people right you Have to be a certain strata people to Get the Twitter blue account my model is That you give it to everyone when you Send a little postal mail it's an Agreement that's been made like in the United States for example every letter That's transmitted is protected by the U.S postal services very powerful Foundation which a lot of people have Forgotten about called a police force Which makes sure that any letter that's Open people can get 22 uh years in

Prison the encryption all of these Aren't going to solve that we need to Make Twitter a truly Public Square in Many ways for First Amendment for all People throughout the world not just the United States you know only four percent Of the world today experiences the First Amendment most of the commonwealth Countries the Europe UK do not believe In the First Amendment so imagine if Twitter could actually be a platform for Delivering real free speech to all the World right now what happens is every Government essentially forces Twitter to Do these agreements so they actually spy And surveil people and you have to Wonder you know Elon musk's if you look At his entire Foundation of his Revenue Structure you know where Elon Musk Begins and where government ends very Few people know so we have to break from That and essentially create an Environment where Twitter Twitter truly Becomes a Public Square financially as Well as you know politically all right Chris Dr Shivan got about a minute to go Here you really seem a really emphasize Emphasis in emphasizing a free speech But what about Innovation new products And new you know services that can draw People to Twitter to entice them to pay That ten dollars a year that you're Um you know proposing as if you had to Get the job as CEO what other

Innovations have you thought about will You will you roll those out to bring People to Twitter in addition to the Free Speech part Well look one of the most important Things is that the entire infrastructure Of Twitter itself must be decentralized At a fundamental level all of these Platforms if you look at it when the Internet first came to Bing in the 1990 Or the web came into being in 1993 it Was a profound event but the goal was Each one of us would have our own Infrastructures we'd build our own Websites right it was you know there's a Book that I wrote many years ago because I also have a degree in art arts on the Internet this is a 93 and the idea that I was sharing with people was the Internet would really eliminate Gatekeepers what's happened starting in 2000 you had the consolidation of Content Facebook you know with Google And now with Twitter one of the Foundational things that I would do is To make sure the actual infrastructure Of Twitter is highly decentralized which Means servers capabilities are literally Decentralized across communities and That it is integrated with what I call Ymax and mesh Network so Twitter then Becomes a framework for a network of the People by the people all right Dr Shiva We wish you the best of luck in your

Application thank you so much for taking Time to talk to us and we appreciate Your time [Music]

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