Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – East Meets West, My Journey to Run for President

Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – East Meets West, My Journey to Run for President

All right great uh I'm bad guys Michael Theofill here dream is free podcast Today I have a guest who I admire Um I I guess you could say I look up to You in a way uh for your knowledge and And your truth seeking we have Dr Shiva Here Um doctor you are an MIT grad you're an Inventor of the email you're a truth Activist you do a lot of things but I When I first saw your clip The Hive Mindset the Swarm mindset I'm sorry Um how 10 000 control 8 billion Um the first thing I actually thought Was what's this guy's story you know Where did he come from what's his life What was what was it like growing up Where he came from and and especially Once I saw excuse me the inventor of the Email at 14 right that's right you you Patented at 14. Um which is awesome that's ridiculous Um I guess let's just start with how are You how's everything how's life it's Going good I I think the key thing Um Michael is you know you're you're From Bridgeport right Well uh you talked about the invention Of email email was not done at MIT I did It before I came to MIT was done in Newark New Jersey Jersey The these the story of my life really You know in many ways reflects

This very Central Point Is that Um there's a deep Injustice That is taking place to working people Throughout the world And I come from the soil of working People and my life has been dedicated to Fighting that Injustice And not just fighting it in words like Someone like the charlatans like Trump Or Kennedy in the modern day who talk About it these people come from the Swarm they come from the elites Everything they do has nothing to do With having understood anything about Injustice yeah like working hard and Getting dirty and you know well I think Even more deeply these people are the People who have created the Injustice Right that they are the demons right and The Demonic nature of these people need To be understood it's obvious to see Um you know someone like Joe Biden or The clintons or the bushes as evil but The hardest thing for people to Understand if you really want to fight Injustice is this Injustice is Perpetuated and run not by the obvious Establishment but by the not so obvious Establishment by the trumps and the Kennedys Um of the world all right so that's been Really the end lesson and once people Understand this it's over

For these people who perpetuate this and That's really the Arc of the story so I'm sort of telling you the end of the Story yeah we'll get to the beginning Yeah I definitely want to hear it but This is the end of the story so Typically imagine if we were telling a Story and you see the end of the hero's Journey and then you're rewinding how You got to that conclusion so the key Thing to remember is that and if you Look at the Life of Christ who I admire Greatly The Life of Christ was not about Exposing the Romans right we're obvious The obvious establishment but 99.9999 of Christ's life was exposing the not so Obvious establishment the Pharisees and The Sadducees who spoke the words of God Right but we're the ones who stabbed him Who actually served and crucified wolves In sheep's clothing right wolves and Sheep's clothing yeah and so we live at A very important time where we need to Understand not the obvious establishment You have to wonder okay Hunter Biden and These people are always there yeah but You notice that nothing is said about Jared Kushner really you know nothing is Said about uh the Kennedys or perpetuals Even Elon Musk right so you have the The real demons are the people who Purposefully cover up and make false Heroes of these people like the Kennedys Who are a gangster group they murder

They kill people right and then they're Made to be Mark Martyrs and people run Around thinking oh how did John F Kennedy die who should care about him no One should give a about these People there are enemies But to get to that is a journey many People have to go through now Fortunately for me I You know I think what I really want to Share in this first part of this journey Is how did I come to that conclusion by The age of 17. and the wisdom I got to Is the wisdom that I want to share with The world because if you're a working Person and you're looking the world Around you Whether you're Christian Jewish Hindu Muslim left or right but if you're a Working person you're being Bamboozled Typically by the not so obvious Establishment and I would say right now More than ever in human history The The perpetuation of people like Trump And Kennedy to act like they're being Attacked by The Establishment is the Ruse so let's I think that's what we Need to talk about to talk about where I Came from right and what led me to that By 1984 right uh which is a very Interesting year Um is important to understand so You know I understand what Injustice

Really is because I've had to deal with This at a deep deep level even to this Day And the Injustice that I've had to deal With this stuff being stolen from me the Same thing that happens to working People their labor gets stolen from them I've had to deal with the fact that not Getting credit for the actual blood and Sweat you put in in fact right now Kennedy is being put forward in Front of the subcommittee on the Weaponization of government when it was I Who did all the hard work exposing the Weaponization of government why is this Fool put forward in this theater as Though he's fighting against the Democrats when it is he who supports Censorship he thinks Elon Musk is Fighting for censorship yeah when Elon Musk is a purveyor oh yeah of censorship So everyone needs to understand that Robert Kennedy and that's what We should call him or booby effing Kennedy yeah or Donald or Donald Trump And the reason I call them these names And they should be called these curse Words is because they're the ones who Have essentially possess people in a way To think they're fighting for you and it Is extremely important As Christ did to the Sadducees and the Pharisees that we expose these people

Because once you get over them Liberation is at hand right so you know And that's a problem because a lot of People are attached to to a person it's A you know you see now we were talking About it off air it's crazy how in 20 Since 2021 no one's heard of Bobby Kennedy no one's you know a Realistically I'm talking about for Presidential candidate and then he's Come out of here as as a savior to Combat Trump when realistically it's Everybody's on the same team we're just Playing different games exactly so let's Start with that for me and then you have This brown turd that they dug up out of No or called Vivek right it was a turd Okay yeah he's part of the establishment Right he comes from an oppressive group Of people And overnight he gets articles in the New York Times Etc So you know let's sort of unwind my Journey because Um let's start back home let's start Yeah where were you born yeah so I was Born in India okay okay and by the way A naturalized citizen can run for office And that's another story And we'll talk about it yeah Let's go back if you could imagine I Know you're about 30 years younger than Me but if you could go back to a world And I'll give you the world that I grew

Up in a friend of mine Mitch said you Know once people can walk in your shoes They will understand the righteous anger You have against these charlatans and Everyone should have that righteous Anger what's happened is to working People these people have been fed like Opiates to quell your anger For men to essentially castrate you on a Fundamental level so you lose your anger Anger is a very very important right Emotion that must be expressed and Fueled in the right way to organize to Shatter the Swarm 100 Um and that's what people need to Understand that anger is a good emotion And they want to talk about healing The Divide right or let's all come together Well you can't come together oil and Water do not mix okay these people are Our oppressors it is US versus them yeah Don't try to you know Use Christ or some Christian language Because Christ actually took up a whip And he kicked the out of those People in the temple there is no us Verse there is an Us Versus Them US Versus them and trying to ameliorate That and forget the fundamental Contradictions here is not going to Happen until you resolve these Contradictions right so you know the Contradiction I grew up with Is Imagine now you're a four-year-old

Kid if you can close your eyes and Imagine that and you have a really good Friend of yours and you play soccer with Them and you play you know all different Games with him and he's your friend and One day your friend says oh come on over To my house let me you know it's a hot Very hot day maybe 100 plus degrees in The Indian Sun summer And and you're and you're sweating you Have no water you've played and your Friend invites you over to his home And you're going to his home with your Soccer ball in your hand And this crazy woman his mother comes Out and starts calling you the n-word The equivalent in in Indian language and You're a child you don't understand why Why she's so mad at you doesn't want you To even come into her home Spits at the ground at you And says you stand here brings her son In and gives you water in a dirty cup A filthy cup Because you are a human being that is Treated like a worse than a street dog That cannot come into her home that's The experience I experience as a Four-year-old child That's Injustice and then I had to Unwind this story this very powerful set Of indignities asking my mother why did This woman do this And then hearing from your mother that

You are considered and on what they Called a low-caste shudra which is like The n-word and my mother proceeded to Tell me as four year old now that when She used to go to the well to get water They would chase the ray like a pig And so my mother said we have a caste System and we are the lowest of the low We were supposed to be just pick Coconuts the rest of our life and other People over here are supposed to wash Toilets the rest of their life and over Here these people are just supposed to Milk cows the rest of their life and so On this is called a caste system That I could see right correlations of Why you're doing what you're doing now Right yeah and that caste system was Imposed in India when it was going away By the and I had to figure all this out Many years later Um when I came to MIT I had to figure This out why was this caste system what Is this system so I was Fascinated by this like deeply hurt but Wanted to understand this so as a kid I Started wanting to read books of great Heroes Be it Jesus Christ or Rama the great Warrior or books I could get on great Revolutionaries And I started to study From the time was eight nine ten I had Studied left right wing all these people

Who fought Against this Injustice that's what Motivated me that's what fired me up Because no one should suffer that kind Of indignity ever and why did a system Exist that was enumerated in the Government laws Is actually you are this cast you'll be Treated like this you see so my my Parents were quite extraordinary people Because my mother grew up in a household Where the father ran away Which never occurs ran away with a woman She was nine kids she was left Essentially homeless and as an Eight-year-old my mother had to figure Out that she had to stand up For herself Women talk about women's Liberation my Mom became liberated You know and she had to get educated on Her own Got a mathematics degree as a woman in Fact a masters in statistics unheard of Well extraordinary woman fighter fierce Fighter My father grew up in war-torn Burma as a Child never saw a book When Burma was under you know some People may not know World War II Um you know Burma was the center point Of the fight between you know the Nazis Or the Japanese and the allies right So-called allies yeah right

Um so my father grew up in this Environment where his grandfather my Great-grandfather I knew was an Indentured servant a slave who had left On a small quote-unquote indentured Slave ship as a 12 year old To make his fortune in Burma in the late 1800s Um and I saw him you know he lived up to 100 something wow so my great Grandfather left there to make his Fortune he started with nothing he Worked so hard on that slave ship the Captain of that ship said I can't hold You in bondage you're just I remember Seeing anyone work this hard and he left Him out of his bond so I learned to work Very very hard Um and so my great-grandfather You know made his fortune in Burma when World War II came it was just Devastation everywhere and Burma was Known for two things Buddhism and cobra Snakes everywhere And so my great-grandfather Um they had to leave back to India it Was quite an extraordinary person very Deeply spiritual person your grandfather Great grandfather my great grandfather Okay and so what he did was he saw all These refugees and he took all of his Land he had hundreds of acres of land And he built homes for all the refugees And he and he gave it away and he left

So he left with nothing from India went To Burma made a fortune and came back With nothing My dad always said you could judge a Person my great-grandfather by how they Are with money without money and then With money Muhammad Ali said that right Too yeah how they are right So My dad's family literally walked back to India okay And then took a most of the walk because There was it was it was it was wartime Yeah and my dad said as a child you Would live in foxholes you would see Bombs coming people would in their Pants that's how dangerous it was but my Great-grandfather is a deep deep Believer in God he would go out as bombs Were falling and he would said nothing Will harm you you know very very Connected so when I grew up as a child You know I'd experience this horrible Caste system And then my grandparents lived in a very Small village imagine if you see those Old movies going to deep south Mississippi no running water you know no Electricity dirt roads no yeah trust me My family's from vetiver Bulgaria it's It's that yeah it's a farm it's been There for Generations right so no Running water yeah toilet in the ground In the back no even toilet in the ground

You had to go out into the woods I don't Know it's a hole in the ground we'd have To walk into the woods yeah all right But anyway I get the the point is that But in that environment that I grew up In that Village Um My great-grandfather learned a lot from Me he'd get up at four in the morning All right this guy was ripped at 90s 90 Would work in the fields You know 15 16 hour days with my Grandmother small subsistence Farm Um and my grandmother was a village Healer I mean she wasn't some doctor she had Tattoos all over her arms right chewed Tobacco And this woman on weekends 30 40 people Would come to the home she would observe Their face there's an ancient Indian Technique called samudra Ka lakshanam so Here as a young kid five six years old I'm seeing my grandmother observe People's faces figure out what was their Constitution what was wrong in their Body just by observing the face And she would make formulations for them It could be meditation Yeah it could be many things mind body Right and people don't know sound Frequency I think is the future I mean It's the past it's one of the things Yeah

Yeah it's not any one thing it's Multiple things and I saw her heal People so how was this woman with no Degrees able to heal people in a small Village with dirt roads and so that Fascinated me this ancient system of Medicine And Here you know doctors Who would get who would never come to These Villages so there's another Injustice here right Um but the true thing was here this Woman was healing people helping people And she was considered the shaman in the Village my grandmother would go into Trances uh in our little small home she Had if you looked across on the walls Were pictures of Jesus Christ pictures Of Rama pictures of Buddha all these Great deities because the Hindu religion Believes that uh Jesus Christ is a Messiah right he was sent to the world He is a Son of God an avatar but Hinduism also believes there are many Avatars okay so in some ways it Generalizes that concept of the Messiah It is completely absorbing of Christ and Appreciating Christ completely believes Christ is the son of God Um and avatars come right so I grew up In that world seeing my grandmother go Into different states of Consciousness And start channeling right

Uh you would go into the home and there Would be the smell of holy Ash like you Would see an ancient Um Eastern Orthodox you know churches Right yeah so it's a very beautiful Environment But very primitive in some ways right so That's the world I grew up in and in That world I started developing this Appreciation of systems this love of Very Everyday People The love of my mother who fought against His caste system the love of my Grandmother who was able to heal people And these people motivated my great Grandfather right and so the fact that My dad who never saw a book until he was Under a mango tree at the age of 12 and He ends up becoming a chemical engineer To one of the leading industrialists of India and that gentleman was so moved by My dad's intelligence my dad is raw Intelligence he could solve any problem From basic fundamentals So here were these two extraordinary People who by any regard because of Their cast should just be picking Coconuts their entire life that was Their cast Destiny and they broke that Destiny through sheer will and fighting Injustice All right I'm talking about inaction not Like standing up and saying I stand I I Understand what you're talking about

Like booby Kennedy yeah that has no idea what Injustice Is yeah no idea okay And everyone needs to listen to this if You're a booby Kennedy fan and I'm calling him booby Kennedy Understand why I call him and if you Don't call him booby Kennedy by The end of this interview you'll Understand why he should be called booby Kennedy These people are your exploiters they're Not your liberators so that's those two Things were very very moving for me So when My dad first came to the United States You know uh he got uh the opportunity to Come here in fact he was sent here as an Engineer to get training from a U.S Company my dad was so good The United States company said we can't Teach you anything you know more than us So they invited him to come to the United States I think 1968-69 and think About what's going on in 1969 What's going on at that point is the Vietnam War you have the Civil Rights Movement taking place right you have sex Drugs to rock and roll right yeah Um but that's so my dad comes here at That time with 75 in his pocket And they wanted my dad to stay here and My dad is very loyal to his employer he Said I'm not going to backstab my

Employer he went back and he said you Know they want me to come there they was Trying to recruit me I didn't think that Was right and my dad's employer said you Know you should go because it'll be good For your family and that's sort of this Loyalty my dad bred in us you know You're loyal to people who help you so After that my dad came here you know 75 Bucks in his pocket how old are you at This time I think I was six uh 1969 and Um my parents my my sister myself and my Mom didn't see my dad for a year legal Immigration we have to wait in line and Then um in 1970 literally we left India On December 2nd 1963 it was my seventh Birthday I have this Theory things occur In cycles of seven right yeah numerology So we left on my seventh birthday And uh I left with shorts right you know Get on this TWA Air flight and I Remember I'd never eaten this kind of Food I remember eating a ham sandwich I Almost threw up I could still to this Date taste the chemicals in that food That's how deep it was it was tasted Like garbage I couldn't eat any of the Food Um landed in uh John F Kennedy Airport Kennedy the irony okay the irony right Right Um Am I Too dark for him

I might not qualified for him is my last Name not Kennedy no the reason he won't Debate me is because he will be fully Exposed for the demon he is all Right let's continue with this story Okay we'll keep doing these commercials Exposes I feel like before you work out You listen to like Kennedy like quick Little sound bite and then it gets you Jacked up and you just rip through a Couple sets Yeah and by the way I could probably do More push-ups and sit-ups and I don't Take steroids that this does and by the way legal Steroids are going to be a 250 billion Dollar business they have a hundred Thousand times more of causing blood Clots than the MRNA vaccine and it's Funny you mentioned that because guess He's a big advocate of it yeah your Buddy Joe Rogan yeah well look at him Okay he's owned by the Swarm okay yeah Um he's part of all this but yeah You know my we land here Kennedy Airport Kennedy Airport December 5th it used to Take three days to come here in those Days and you had to go up through uh What is it uh through Saudi Arabia and Then to uh London yeah it was a long Flight it wasn't like you know 10 hours Yeah it's like Bulgaria you got to go From Bulgaria to England or Italy as Right here and then straight to the U.S

So um We landed snowing I've never seen snow In my life I have shorts on And my dad meets us and I'm saying I Asked my dad I remember this why did you Bring us here and one word He said Freedom That is why my parents came here freedom By the way which has been destroyed Now By Trump and the Congress these people You'll realize hate this country Trump Hates this country Kennedy hates This country all the elites hate this Country they may wave the Flag They may put a Maga hat on their Heads but it was in November 16 2018 the Entire United States Congress Unanimously voted To pass a law which abridges the freedom Of speech of every American called the Creation of scissap the cyber security Infrastructure Security Agency remember The first amendment what my dad talked About Freedom the first amendment is What makes America America and that says Congress Congress which is a legislative Branch shall pass no law Which means they're not supposed to do Any laws which will abridge freedom of Speech which they have they did and and The who signed it was Trump And all these trumpers well he didn't Read the things he didn't know what he Was signing well then he shouldn't be

president yeah get the out Go back and play golf all day all right Go back and try to be a c-list actor All right Tony liked that one but that is what Happened yeah and go look at the record The Congressional Record Every House of Representative 450 plus People unanimously voted for size up and I wonder why unanimous consent because They hate this country of course and Then now you have one of their guinea Pigs Elon Musk buying Twitter and Everybody thinks it's Freedom exactly But you have to understand that I'm the One who exposed that there's a diagram There that I was the one in our lawsuit In 2020 who worked my butt off who Exposed the entire censorship Infrastructure we got a federal Injunction and they try to hijack the Work I did that's what they're putting Booby Kennedy that's why I hate This guy he knows what he's doing and All of Congress will not put me in Testimony because I will expose the fact Congress is the one that did this law But anyway so you go back to getting off This plane as a kid no coming from India With this caste system Studying I mean India and India they Study these little comic books not comic Books of stupid Marvel heroes but comic Books are great revolutionaries there's

A guy called Subhash Chandra Bose who Wanted to actually raise an army to Violently kick the British out of India I thought that was cool yeah Yeah they deserved some violence drawn Upon them I think so Christ put some Violence into those people right Pharisees yeah um I didn't like Gandhi Gandhi seemed like a okay my Heroes were people like that I read you Know Um little comic books of people that Were just emerging on the scene right uh Great Fighters right Freedom Fighters These guys are cool yeah they Wanted to kick some ass yeah right not And they weren't treated as oh well you Should not beat the out of your Enemy no this was these were little Indian comic books very interesting Comic books yeah it's very cool they Influenced me yeah so I come with that Story I come with my grandmother with Shorts and after we land you know this Is we settled in Patterson New Jersey Still to this day one of the poorest Cities in the United States right and so Think about this Indian family moves To the United States and think about the Scene again if you could close your eyes Now this is the United States of sex Drugs and rock and roll Vietnam is Taking place you turn on the TV black And white TV yeah we got one from the

Salvation Army you see soldiers being Butchered okay when the Press was Allowed to go film on the front right People with their legs blown off yeah Okay on TV every day body bags coming You see Riots of uh police beating the out of demonstrators okay you see Pictures of people protesting in the Civil Rights Movement right that's what I grew up in right and I'm here in Patterson New Jersey which is Predominantly all segregated blacks and We're considered quote unquote brown Black okay in this world Um the I'm in second grade the school Systems are tough you have to learn how To fight because people want to Start fighting you're the outsider yeah Coming from nowhere right Um it wasn't I was white and I wasn't Black I was brown yeah right so everyone Picked on you everyone picked on us but You learned how to fight yeah Um and that's Patterson New Jersey yeah You have those huge cars you know if you Remember those big fin cars Um and uh when we came we didn't have Any clothes we didn't prepare a Wonderful uh African-American woman took Us to the Salvation Army where's free Stuff you know you got all your clothes Books uh and that's how our life started Right by these very loving people who Helped us

Um interesting enough my dad when he had Arrived here in 69 he didn't have a Place to stay he was walking down the Street and met a guy called Jesse Jenkins who was a uh uh a bass player Right old man and he'd let my dad stay In his home which is a Dusty home my dad Dad describes music all around and uh He was very close friends with the Interracial couple The husband was black and the woman was White he was a principal of a school and We ended up going to something called Thanksgiving to their homes right And so here's this very an interracial Couple was unheard of at that time And in fact when he died they named the School after him it's called Carter High School I think it's in Wayne New Jersey I went for 30 40 years for and they were Deeply devout Christians you know people Would pray before a meal Um so this was this environment early Formative years in this interracial World Vietnam protests in the streets Right in some ways chaos but is no Different than the chaos I grew up in Bombay so I felt at home and then my Parents realized wow we came to America For our kids to get an education Patterson they're never going to get Educated except our son getting in Fights all the time So we went to move to Clifton New Jersey

Because you know in the United States my Parents could never afford private Schools but my mother hated private School she thought it was like a Segregation she never believed in this Bourgeois booby Kennedy Went to private schools Trump went to Private school of course and Tony went To private school sooby Kennedy couldn't Make it out of his private school he got Tossed out he spit in policeman's faces Wow his pop no I did not and by the way If any one of us were to do it you'd be In jail oh yeah I wouldn't be here right Booby Kennedy couldn't even make it out Of high school and he somehow he gets Into Harvard why because Papa called Harvard up all right so think about Everyone booby Kennedy Is not one of us yeah if you want to go Philander with 38 women while your wife Hangs herself If you want to go smoke heroin all day If you want to come from a family where Your uncle murders a woman right here And gets away with it that's who they Are they're not one of us They're surely not one of me or you yeah Or anyone in this room yeah all right So My parents moved to another town called Clifton New Jersey More of an integrated town still very Poor town public school system

And I did second to fourth grade there But you see I had incredible teachers I Had a third grade teacher taught me how To write expository writing at the age Of three uh sorry in third grade and she Had a writing I would never forget that She gave a writing assignment And she held up my thing she goes Shiva Did this Writing assignment beautifully because It was a concept of a thesis statement The concept of making points on your Thesis and expanding by the way very few People today even learn expository Writing it's crazy I learned this at Third grade yeah so I know how to write I know how to make an argument but it Was Mrs Hall she taught me that at third Grade so we had incredible and then in Fourth grade we had an amazing teacher Who was into eastern and western Meditation and when I left that school She did a wonderful party for me you Know Um And then we move to the next town called Lake Hiawatha New Jersey you see my Parents kept moving to the better they'd Make money where they'd go to their School system yeah right So in uh Lake Hiawatha you know I uh That's where I I uh 75 okay and this is What age now I'm sorry I think I must be 12. okay okay I just wanna so now this

Is 75 years after I've been in the United States and my dear mom's mother Is dying so me and my mom take off from School Um because she wanted me to be with her And we'd go back to India For about I think three months she was Taking care of her mother I went back to My Village or my grandparents are and That's when you see wow there's a huge Difference yeah wait a minute I had like Cars yeah electricity yeah paved roads Right running water Where you have a toilet that you flush Yeah and here I'm back there's no paved Roses there's freaking cobras out there You gotta be careful of yeah you got to Go into the woods to take a right Um but it's a beautiful you you go up And you look up at the stars like you've Never seen before you find God in places Like that yeah and everyone you can walk The streets at any time people love you Yeah right and that experience is when I Realize this massive difference in Wealth my grandparents have no shoes Right my grandmother works in the fields He's got leeches on her feet you know 16 Hours and I and then that end of that Trip my grandparents come to a train Station To see me off and these are these old Caboose trains like you see out of the Wild west and I'm looking through the

Window and I see my grandparents my Grandfather I can still see them yeah And my grandfather and my grandmother Crying Because deep love like I may Never see me you know what I'm saying I Dude I mean she's yeah I could cry I Think you know excuse me in 2016 was the First time I'd seen my dad's side of my Parents my grandparents in want to say 15 years and it was like coming to a Parade I didn't you know what I mean Right and at the end of the line of People was just my grandparents just Like you said balling right you know and These people have very little but they Give everything they have Siri you Realize this immense love for these People and you realize that those same People whatever money they had they Educated my father right like how little They had but they had this deep deep Love this deep sense of Honor Um you know when my uncle came back to That Village he became a doctor And he came to my grandmother for Blessings and my grandmother asked him One question she said if someone poor Comes to you and they have no money Will you heal them are you gonna charge Him And she goes no no I'll heal them Because medicine was supposed to be you Never charge yeah not one penny since She gave him her blessings

Um but this was this ethos right that Life was very ephemeral That you were here for service and it Was a direct connection to God right Period So it's a very it's it's a it's a life That I think very few people experienced I was very very fortunate to get that But I remember looking for that that Window and still I can see it and I'm Realizing if I don't do something With my life that helps these people and It's why is it their living my aunt is Living in a four foot by four foot Hut Why is it they have so little yet they Have bigger Hearts than anyone I've ever Seen And so that deep connection and I Remember I can as a chill went through My spine for my you could call it for my Crown chakra to my base yeah and the Decision was that I would become Something to destroy this Injustice period I love it and that's at The age of 12. so when I got back that Year I decided I would excel at Everything yeah Became a great baseball player you know People said I could have gone to the Majors became a great soccer player but I could I finish all of the calculus Mathematics by the age in ninth grade I would really like to go ask booby

Kennedy how hard he was I don't Think no really you have to look at These people's lives yeah What was Trump doing yeah and we Know John F Kennedy had venereal disease By that age okay So you have to really look at these People's lives To gauge the whole person Yeah these people are given everything Yeah And I knew that there was no fallback There was no golden parachute I can go Spit in a policeman's face like movie Kennedy no one was there's going To be no parachute for me I had to rely On myself and I had to do good for the Suffering of my parents my grandparents And those teachers who did so much for Me and by the way many of the teachers In the 1970s would hold three jobs They weren't like teaching wasn't There's no teachers Union okay Yeah they did that because they loved Teaching exactly there's not many Teachers like that my eighth grade Teacher a guy called Mr Summers he let Us Advance as much as we could so I Finished up calculus by the time ninth Grade my high school has no more math Courses Um another incredible woman comes a Woman called Stella Alexia she just Passed away about five years ago at the

Age of 93. she said Jesus this kid There's no more math courses there's no More science courses So she created the concept of Independent study which is unheard of in The 70s and she set up a program where I Could get a job while I was finishing up My Humanities courses Um and We were looking for different jobs I Could do but I needed skills interesting Enough in 1977 78 an article came out in A small newspaper and my mom now is Working as a mathematician In a uh you know in a school and Um a friend of her gives her this Article and in the article They say in New York that there was a Professor at New York University called Henry mullash Whose recent Memorial I did a couple Years ago In Israel and Henry mullisch was going To select 40 students 40 students Who would get to come to New York University this is 1978 and learn Computer science now in those days a a Computer would fill up this entire yeah I know I know and um 40 students in the United States in a Competitive uh rapidly growing it was Just starting yeah starting but he had The vision he realized that one day we Would need software Engineers I mean

This guy was a Visionary and so 40 Students were going to be selected and You had to apply you had to get Recommendation letters you had to submit Your grades you have to be the top of The top of the United States and it was Only open to 16 year olds I was 14. Okay I think 13 and a half 14. so we Applied people wrote letters saying why I should be able to submit and I get Accepted and I was the only Indian kid From New Jersey And so how do I get to New New York Um so my mom would drop me off if you've Been to Newark at this train station Called the uh Newark Penn Station and I Would take the train Into New York as a 14 year old child Most parents are so protective of their Children they won't even let them walk Down the street right now yeah and uh Also to be fair I mean these 14 year Olds aren't capable of it sadly yeah so I would get to take that train ride You know dropping me off at six a.m Arrive in you know about 7 30 a.m and 8 A.M to 8 P.M It was an intense it was like a Navy SEAL training program because they Selected these very smart kids and Um 767 programming languages digital Circuit Theory this is in 78 worked on a Super computer

And graduated number one in that class Okay won the honors award you can it's All documented yeah And uh that's when this teacher this Independent studies teacher really loved And cared about me that's the kind of Teachers we used to have she said this Kid can't go to waste we got to figure Something out for him so I ended up Getting a job at in Newark In a local Medical College Where they hired me as a full-time Research fellow at the age of 14. a guy Called Dr Les Michaelson and the Agreement was that they would teach me Treat me like an adult There are people minimum 30 years older Than me right 44. the oldest guy was Like in his 60s a physicist and this was In a small Medical College where the Computing was just coming people were Starting to use computers in medicine And I get given the opportunity to work Among these illustrious people I'd go in with my briefcase dressed up Clean had my own desk And I really want you to ask what the was Trump and Kennedy doing at that Age yeah And I really want you guys to walk in my Shoes This is a hard-working kid man But to me this was an amazing Opportunity that could only happen in

America and Dr Michaelson believed in Meritocracy saw my grades a pluses and Everything I work my butt off because I had no Fallback I didn't have a Kennedy name I didn't have my father who was running Slumlords like Trump okay my parents are Hard-working class people So I had to also be Hard working better than them You can give you my lifestyle starting At the age of 12. I'd go to bed at 2 am I'd wake up at seven five hours of sleep You'd come home I'd work my butt off From Sports work until two in the Morning doing all my problem sets right Wake up at seven do that whole process And so I typically still to this day Need five hours of sleep something my Circadian rhythms got set at a very Young age yeah During 2020 when I was fighting all this Probably went down to three hours I bet All right but I learned also when I came Back from India how to meditate I Learned how to connect with God pray and Meditate I could can you elaborate on That more please because when I went Back in 1975 I understand that at all um My great my grandfather taught me how to Meditate you see prayer is always Begging to God for something meditation Is where you listen to God you listen Yes and you get

Intuition you down your direction you Get your mission in life and you get Connected so I learned how to do that at A very young age To give you an idea how very interesting This was from the age of 12 to 16. It was it was many of these sages or Saints talk about these extraordinary Experiences to tell you the fact I've Had all of those and I don't talk about Them Um when people say they see in the Universe in your body have seen that When people talk about the seven Heavens I've experienced that and the first time I'm sharing a lot of this I appreciate It but uh thank you In those days When you develop Christians called the Christ mind the Christ Consciousness you could see Things yeah and it was a very Interesting world to grow up in because I could literally the this world became Like deja vu because everything was a Movie being played out right and I had To actually stopped meditating for a While because it became I could predict Everything that was about to occur but I Knew that you could do That when you did that you were in Harmony with what God wanted you to do Right very powerful way which was to Work hard and ultimately the goal was

Service yes I learned this at a very Very young age so by the time I was 14 I'm working full-time at a medical School Here by that time my parents had moved To Livingston New Jersey to give you an Idea what Livingston New Jersey is now Listen very carefully it's where Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner lived okay That's where Chris Christie was a Catcher on my baseball team who's now Running for president and he wasn't that Fat he wasn't a fat then okay But uh I was a pitcher okay our team are you Can look it up yeah 113-0 in a very high Division probably the number one Division a team so I was Center halfback What's your favorite baseball team at That those days I like the Yankees so There we go Yankees of the 70s steroids Yeah Chris chambliss Greg Nettles yeah For my heroes you know Um but uh what you have to understand is So Livingston New Jersey now put your Hat on going from Patterson then to Clifton yeah then to and then my parents Move into this because they wanted me to Again public school there was a private School we didn't go to that yeah and I Remember moving to Livingston I felt so Out of place all these people were Wealthy yeah the kids had cars we had Nothing my parents had a pretty modest

Home And it's predominantly all Jewish okay Now Jewish people think they're the Chosen people of God yeah um I would see My Jewish friends were like normal kids Go to Israel and come back wanting to Kill every Arab I was like what The just happened to my friend it Became a fanatic yeah I mean a Normal 15 year old kid hey buddies did you see At the end of summer wanted to Annihilate yeah and burn the out of Palestinians I said this is up Yeah now it is up okay So 4 000 kids in my high school One of about 800 900 students And I would win every award I was uh American Legion Jersey Boys State they select two kids you have to Be an athlete and a good student I got Selected Um I got 800s on my SATs and we didn't have Tutors like Bobby Kennedy gives His children or Trump gets his children I just do all the exams And uh It was a problematic for some of the Jewish Mothers I give you a very Interesting story yes So remember I'm meditating I'm working Hard there was a mathematics you know The school at the end of the year gives

Um Awards out So that year uh and my and my mom was Wanted me to win all these Awards right Because she really it right because she Came from nothing well that year I win The mathematics award I win the number One student award so in the student Auditorium the teacher gets up now the Night before my mom was supposed to come To that award sermon she had a horrible Accident was hit head on by a car all of Her teeth are knocked out she's in ICU Oh my God so me and my dad very very Sadly go to this award ceremony The teacher of the school gets up Mr Summer and he goes You know typically we give the award to Two kids But in my 36 years here there's no one That came close to Shiva no one And he goes he's not only one the best Student in the world but also the Matt's Award Standing Ovation and by the way I Had visualized that in my third eye the Year before nice so it's like a dream Yes I get the awards but it's a very sad Moment because my mom's in the ICU and I Wanted her to be there yeah I get the Award I'm walking out of the student Auditorium and this crazy Jewish Mother comes running up to me and says Your son This doesn't mean anything my son Eric

Greenberg could have done that but Eric Chose not to work this year And I'm like looking at this I'm saying What the yeah the jealousy yeah the Anger yeah Pure unadulterated jealousy and anger at The fact that I had worked so hard and That I'd been recognized Now the year before let me give you Another story I had aced all my classes this is in Seventh grade Every class A Plus The school teachers decide to hold an Exam to decide who's the best student I Already want everything yeah so they Have an exam and I'm not invited to Participate in the exam Just like I'm not invited to Debate just like I'm not invited to the Senate subcommittee hearings and all you guys you all old white boys who Sit on the goddamn Judiciary Committee I'm calling you old white boys yeah That's why people call you Racist yeah that is racist yeah It's classless it's racist and it's not Only classes because you're tailing all The working class kids so you see I've Had to deal with this thing all My life Because they're jealous of people who Actually work hard yeah they're jealous Of people actually do the work right

These people don't do any work and they Try to steal credit so they wouldn't let Me participate in the exam You guys listening to that that's why I hate Kennedy because he knows What he's doing the guys never Worked a hard day in his life yeah They don't let me participate in my exam I'm home my parents are seeing me upset My mom says what happened Who's PTA night My mom had just worked a 16-hour night They get in the car they go to see that Teacher and they go Why isn't my son allowed to participate They don't have an answer And my dad's like do you know you're Going to create a Hitler out of my son He's going to hate all of you what Did you say that's anti-semitic my dad Said you're going to create a Hitler yeah They let me participate I said I win but To all of you no they don't have one I Have had to deal with the fact that I Worked hard and did the good things Maybe because I'm born in this color Skin maybe they're just so Jealous I think it's a fear thing you know you I Mean if you know people who are educated Who could articulate things who have the Facts to back them I mean like you said It's much more exposing it's much more

Simpler than that they hate people who Work hard yeah they hate America America Was built on people work their butt off And they think there's a free ride they Think you're going to get success Because Of your name of some neighborhood you Live in and you can get a free ride And you have to understand when I grew Up in Jersey I grew up among Hard-working Italian immigrants when I Learned I did landscaping I made money Landscaping I made money painting homes As a child I was trained by a Yugoslavian painter you paint a trim you Better paint it right I know Yeah you paint you cut it right you cut The hedges you better cut it and clean Up all the raking all the material and These people would get so pissed if you Didn't do that right Demanding people who had excellence That's these people taught me these People were my great teachers Right so when I did a work I did it with Perfection I did it with Excellence not For me because I'd hear their voices I'd Hear their toil how much they suffered To get to what they had it was in Honoring those people but anyway so Seventh grade you have that incident Yeah and then you have this into this Crazy woman yep Literally telling me my son Eric could

Have won that award but he chose not to Work hard this year Just think about the looter and this is Not this is a adult yeah and then so I You know I was more concerned about my Mom we went to the ICU I didn't even Share my mom the award I was more Concerned about her but this is a level Of Injustice I grew up around yeah this Kind of every day Well I got a job full-time job as a 14 Year old kid working at that medical School in the heart of Newark New Jersey Renee's probably been to Newark Most white people are still afraid to go Into Newark in the parking lot people Get mugged I wasn't afraid right I would Take the bus down Right into Newark I would work a full Eight hour sometimes 12 hours sometimes 16 hour days then I go back and I had to Do my Humanities courses And initially I was given a job Of using the computer with Advanced Algorithms mathematics mathematics that People learn and PhD level that I was Developing to understand why babies were Dying in their sleep I had sleep data of Baby sleep patterns and I was creating Predictive algorithms that you'd call AI Today we just called them har and Walsh Transforms pattern recognition Algorithms This is again 1978 and in fact I ended

Up discovering some very powerful ways To describe predict when a child would Suddenly stop breathing many years later I wrote a paper on this Did that before MIT okay in Newark New Jersey where nothing is supposed to come Out of in a small Medical School sorry Okay the point is the people I worked Around were amazing people you had Loving parents and a teacher it was in That triangle of love collaboration Right people caring and hard work hard Work freaking I work until two in the Morning like I said that's where I Discovered sudden infant debt syndrome The fundamentals of it and in that place In Newark New Jersey I was given another Challenge and many of you guys were 30 You know in your 30s may not remember That the if you looked in any Institution in those days any large Organization or small or large how did People communicate well they surely Didn't have the cell phone faxes were Just coming but they had the thing Called The inter-office Mail system You know and the interoffice mail system Was a very powerful system it was a Paper-based mail system where every Secretary in every little office Interconnected set of offices connected By pneumatic tubes little tubes ago from Office to office And every

Office Had a secretary always a woman because Women could only be a secretary a Teacher or a mother or a nurse in those Days and this woman had on her desktop A very particular box called the inbox It was made of metal another box called The outbox another box called drafts Three sometimes they're wooden or metal Sound familiar folks then a physical Desk called a desktop Underneath that desktop was A trash can Okay on top of that desk was little Paper clips wow You getting the story oh I'm hearing it And then you had a thing called a Typewriter up until you know 1982 I'd Use a typewriter and she would type Something called a memo the boss would Come up to her And say Charlotte take this message and she'd Have to listen and you go to Dr blah From Dr Michaelson subject hiring of John medlar right uh attachment let's Attach his resume and write to the head Of HR dear doctor but we're thinking of Hiring John attached as his resume Please tell me what you think please Review it and then he would CC carbon Copy five other people who John would be Invited for an interview And maybe he would BCC his boss CC

Literally meant you take a paper take a Carbon paper attach another paper type It so if you had to do six CC's yeah She'd have to type the thing five times Right right paper one paper two paper so On all right And then after she did it she would put It in the drafts folder the the doctor Would Redline it she would have to go a Couple iterations when it was ready the Memo would go in an envelope Addressed tied in and put into these Pneumatic tubes which shot out sometimes A local Postman would come the Interoffice postman take it out you Could do registered mail This is a complex system yeah it's not Just now those old mainframes you can do Simple text messages like little text Messages that's not what we're talking About no I was asked to convert this Entire system No one had done this in human history Before this entire system into the Electronic version And people thought this was impossible In fact doctors why are you why are you Wanting to do that I love just using you Know my secretary just tell her what to Do you want to make me a secretary is That what you want to do kid yeah they Attack me right yeah yeah I love these Women who are had great respect for them I had to write down all those features

If you go to inventor of email.com You'll see everything's documented then I had to write all the code for that in A language called Fortran and eight Kilobytes of memory I had to write the memory management Work with the old HP operating system And I wrote 50 000 lines of code as a 14 Year old kid to transport this entire Paper-based system Not just a simple exchange of text Messages which goes back to Samuel Morris In this environment which had a network Environment between Newark Piscataway They had different computers And created and named that system email In fifty thousand lines of code I Captured every one of those features Because these secretaries were going to Leave the physical interoffice Mail System to the electronic unless it had All those features inbox outbox folders Bccc registered mail First time anyone in human history had Done that it was done by a 14 year old Kid in Newark New Jersey and I named That system email a term that I created So not only did I create the code I also Created the term to name that system if You created something called a car with The motor the engine you called it car You're the inventor of the car right Correct yeah explain and simple plain

And simple there's no even uh yeah yeah All right except unless what's the Controversy with you there is no Controversy it gets even more Interesting I won the one of the Westinghouse science Awards which was a Considered the baby Nobel prizes of the Day they selected 300 kids in those days Out of hundreds of thousands of kids Was in the local newspaper I want it and Then I come to MIT now how did I know About MIT you see I went to this All Jewish High School predominantly Where Jewish people think unfortunately Nothing against them but they think They're the chosen people you would Think my high school here I'm winning The math Awards I'm the number one kid Get 800s on my SATs you would think they Someone would have told me about MIT the Number one institution in the world for Math science technology can you believe No one told me about MIT Jealousy huh you added up yeah So anyway how did this happen Because surely if it was for them I Would never have gone to him I wouldn't Have even known about it I wanted Actually I applied I think to Stevens Institute of Technology which is a local Uh State University and I think Princeton which was in New Jersey and After inventing email I was sort of not Burned out but I wanted to do art

Believe it or not in design I loved art I have a degree in art by the way Masters in art but uh My mother was always helping people These two Indian women one of them was Thrown out by her husband was literally Homeless didn't have a place to stay she Saw them at the local shopping mall and They were very upset she said look we Have a small house but we have a one Room there we don't use you can stay There So these two women stay there and they Had a friend who's as wacky sort of Mathematician guy And he had heard about me and he came to Our home and he said you should apply to This place called Massachusetts Institute of Technology and he brought The manual with the Dome And I said what's that and I thought it Was a mental institute it looked yeah Yeah that's what I thought yeah and I Had no interest because it seems so Ominous like this big dome you know for A kid you know and I didn't want to go Um I had no interest two weeks before The application is due comes again and He says please fill this out so despite Him I take a pencil and I fill it out In those days you had to do a cartoon Character too MIT wanted so I drew Beetle Bailey it was his interesting Character anyway I get accepted can you

Still draw I can yeah yeah well did you Saw me draw this swarm diagram right Yeah that's true yeah so I went to uh I Got accepted MIT And you had to come in for orientation Well you had to come in to visit the School I came to visit MIT and I thought these people look crazy these nerds Look nuts and I was into uh Athletics And you know I was you're well-rounded Well-rounded but these people look like Nuts say yeah uh a guy looked like a Nerd they had Twitches they were Carrying like these huge backpacks yeah They couldn't look yeah and I said this Place is crazy I'm not going Here right And then my teacher my physics teacher Who by the way to tell you how Jewish my High school was she had the Holocaust She was in the Holocaust oh my God she Had those numbers tattoos on her arms oh Wow okay yeah and she said Oh Shiva you should must go to MIT yeah And I go why she was my son is there now She tells me your son is there oh my God And then she says and I realize why in Retrospect because the school would get Points yeah because they get rated Exactly so now it was a selfish thing That I go to MIT because they get Ratings yeah oh we have another student That went to him yeah exactly and I said

I'm not interested she goes well you Will like Boston it's a city I saw that's pretty cool because I love Bombay I love these crazy cities Yeah right I love that so that's the Reason I came I fell in love with Boston and you know To sort of end wrap this up let me just Sort of tell you that so by the time I Came to MIT I had invented email I had seen a lot in my life I had Learned politics I'd studied all these Systems I had a deep appreciation for uh Revolutionary leaders I'd studied Thomas Paine I'd studied Che Guevara I'd read The Works of Lenin I'd read The Works of Marx I read the works of John Locke Think about that so I'm coming in as a Freaking revolutionary yeah yeah right Like I understood all this like I Didn't have to I didn't actually frankly Even need to come to MIT I remember Sitting in my first computer science Course I went to sleep it was so It's like a mechanic who builts a car And is sitting in a mechanical Engineering course learning about a Piston it's like you know how to build a Piston and all these nerds are Teaching this class they look crazy Talking with these nasally voices with Twitches like they're Nuts yeah right and I already know how

To program It was that kind of thing so it didn't Motivate me yeah but I was interested in Systems like how why was there Oppression in the world why the was I given that water when I was a kid Right And um so I'm playing and I was on the Varsity soccer team and this random guy Sees me playing and he was a very Interesting guy he was like a Revolutionary himself and he had he had Uh learned that I'd become student body President that year so freshman year I Get elected student body president it's Very interesting what I did and this way He came to hear about me mit has this Thing called a brass ring right every I Never got any of this you'll see all These MIT guys oh I got the brass rat Right and they wear their ring so I was On the Freshman student body president And there's a ring committee Okay so these Lord of the Rings no no no No no I just want to decide the design On the ring the MIT brass rat All right So Now everyone on the ring committee gets A free ring everyone else has to pay Like 300 bucks I'm like this is Up I said you're you're accepting Corruption yeah remember I'm only like 17 years old yeah so I like saying

There's no way this should be Allowed I get I get thrown out of being Freshman body present for arguing with Them basically they were teaching kids Corruption yeah already 17 years Old now in December of 1981 remember this very Vividly yeah I was invited to the President of mit's home his Mansion it Was Christmas and they invited the Different student leaders and he had Heard that I had invented email because It was on the front page of MIT no one Had a problem with this September you Can look at a September 1981 the MIT Newspaper said we have three amazing Kids out of the 1041 remember hundreds Of thousands of kids applied MIT MIT Accepted you know one percent of them a Thousand and I'm out of that thousand The three people are highlighted so just To let you know everyone I did my work yeah so I'm the Point three percent out of a thousand Kids out of the one percent of people Get accepted but very humble I saw the Thing hey we have the top three out of The Thousand get to MIT out of the Hundred thousand you applied okay But you know I was taught to be a humble Kid but I'm now more humble Anymore and when you say I'm arrogant I Say you I have to fight for credit Not for me but all those people who

Supported me To build what I did to do the hard work And that's who I fight for and if you Haven't walked in my shoes When I claim credit for the things I've Done it took me 40 years to claim credit Because I realize if I don't do that I'm A scumbag because I'm basically doing Injustice to all those people So I go to Paul Gray who's the president of MIT was on Reagan science Council quite An incredible guy and he said Shiva you Invented email he goes it's too bad the Supreme Court is not recognizing Software patents but he told me there Was a new law that was passed the Computer Act of 1980 which let you use Copyright law to protect software Inventions So I applied for the paperwork from the United States copyright office filled it Out And John we may have one of those right One of those copyrights yeah Um and on August 30th 1982 I had to send In all the code I had to prove Everything wasn't just like you filled With me yeah yeah name date all right Okay that's why it wasn't just putting a Little C it was very difficult you to go Back and forth and August 30th 1982 a 17 Year old boy Teenager gets recognized by the United

States government as the official Inventor of email I have the copyright which is like a Patent I have the code I named it email Yeah Um foreign So cool and and to those people and so Here it is okay So now do I have to be white and does my Last name need to be Einstein and do I Have to have blue eyes and blonde hair Yeah there's no contractor okay No this is awesome so it's it's crazy It's de facto now if I were a white dude And my last name was Mozart and I did it When I was six oh he's a genius Mozart but a Indian guy who does It in Newark New Jersey was a low-cas Guy the anniversary is coming up that Month it's August 30th 1982. so those Are the facts But I did it very humbly got it forgot About it Now that was one Journey I'm going Through right and I know we're going to Continue this interview but in the Interest of you know to all the people We're listening let me just end with This last piece here and we'll continue This But you see that's one parallel path the Scientist the inventor the Seeker of Truth right the fighter but there was a Physical fight I was also doing

Went up by the time I was 17 I'd learned Not only how to program how to work with People 30 40 years older than me publish Papers I'd published a paper on sudden Infant debt syndrome at that time in the Early 80s Right most undergraduates at MIT don't Even do that I had enough credit to Graduate MIT in two years All right but I was more interested in Human Liberation fighting Injustice And I wanted to understand why is it I Was treated like that why is it my People who are treated like that why is It those people in New Jersey work so hard why is it that woman came And yelled at me that Jewish mother What audacity does she have to yell at a 12 year old boy to thinking that her son Should get an award because well he just Decided not to work that year and I did Where were all of these Views coming from And so I started to study systems Political systems someone introduced me To a guy called Noam Chomsky Right at that time and now I don't agree With everything Chomsky says But in those days you could study and by The way Chomsky is the second most cited Person in all of human history well next To Jesus Christ he's known as the Biggest scholar of our time well Chomsky Took me in I was 18 19 as a student and

I studied the Indian caste system well I Didn't know and I discovered the origins Of the caste system how it was actually Being blown up by these amazing Religious spiritual leaders in the 8th Century in India how people were blowing Up the caste system it was gone Essentially disappearing and how the British so to all you brahmanas out There say oh why is Dr Shiva well we're Brahmins are being attacked like white People when you talk about racism oh There is no racism no there's Racism and there is cast so get over Yourselves don't try to drive it under The rug let's deal with it okay grow Some balls grow a spine and deal With it so you're a Brahman like Vivek Been given everything I wasn't given Everything So if you weren't spitting your face and You don't believe there's a caste system you okay you are you are a castist And by the way Brahman in the original Tradition meant not because you were Given it by your name but you worked for It a brahmana was a scholar a Rishi who Worked for it I would be considered Truly a brahmana but we were told we Were non-brahamas you see what I'm Saying yeah you see how they flip Everything yeah So what I ended up

Learning was a caste system was Originally a guild system then it became This onerous system if you were a toilet Cleaner your son's supposed to be a Toilet that was never supposed to be Like that right but By the 8th to 15th century in India the Cast system was breaking up And they were seeing amazing leaders who Were saying this is up if there's Equality in heaven that should be Equality on Earth and by the time the British came to India the caste system Was breaking away the British Who love hierarchy are the ones who Reimpose a caste system they brought all These Brahmin Scholars and they rewrote The laws so I would have to be picking Coconuts the rest of my life and so You've brahman's quote unquote brahmins Out there wake the up go learn some History okay so don't say poor old me I'm a Brahm and I'm being abused now you Know no you're not being abused go learn Your history Yeah I always say keep educating keep Educating exactly now so by 1718 I I Start getting involved in politics so at MIT we had created a newspaper which is A radical newspaper called a student With the fist on it we started Organizing the Food Service workers Because I saw these Food Service workers We were people like my mom and dad and

My people in New Jersey had no proper Wages we organized and we mobilize them We force MIT to give them wages We made sure more women got into MIT More poor blacks and poor whites 20 there's only 20 women at MIT as Though Math and Science were only for White nerds you know right rich white Nerds right it's not true So we with that little flyer that little Piece of paper we scared the out of The MIT Administration so people say oh You went to MIT I was fighting the MIT Administration I never wanted to go There guys yeah so just understand that Yeah and but I was good at what I did so They didn't know how to deal with me she Said this guy gets A's Yeah that's easy for me by then Right all these nerds would have to nerd Out they would have to have squeaky Voices literally I saw these nerds Change their voices to think they were Intelligent by wearing glasses a certain Way and getting squeaky voices they Weren't that smart okay But the reality was in 1984 and I'll you Know sort of we'll go on to other stuff After yes yeah Um In 1984 what happens And uh John after this you can sort of Cut after this right but in 1984 Is there's an election taking place

Jesse Jackson Sorry Ronald Reagan is The Republican right Um is against Walter Mondale the Democrat And this is the first time I'm sort of Looking at electoral politics right but As a fighter We see this other guy Jesse Jackson and He's talking a bunch of you know we the People blah blah blah and he's got a Movement called a rainbow movement and He's calling out Mondale right even Though he's part of the democratic Wing Right so we're like wow this product That's pretty cool like he's calling out The establishment right yeah right and Wow this is pretty cool so all you know We as students on campus like sort of The anti-establishment wing we're very Supportive of this but then we see Something wild occur On the night of the democratic Convention what does Jesse Jackson do He'd taken all these poor blacks poor Whites got him excited and then at the Last minute he says we must heal our Wounds we must Heal The Divide you heard That we must come together meaning the Democrats yeah and he gives all of his Movement votes to Mondale yeah Lesser of two evils first time I started Hearing this yes yes and that's when me And my friends woke up we said

The parties the the Democrats have their Left wing Right they had the obvious establishment Walter Mondale but they had this left Wing which Riles people up yeah even Attacking Mondale And then we said wait a minute These people are all full of so I Never voted because I realized and I Started as you study politics you Realize it is a Bottoms Up movement that Changes the world And so I mean we can keep going on on This button yeah the key thing I want to Emphasize to people is that was the Point to this point now 1984 Now we're what 39 years later right to This point when I look at the movement That we've created truth Freedom health Truth Freedom health is a recognition That the establishment and listen to me Very carefully or take a graph it's got The left and the right not only the left And the right but something even more Clever they have the obvi and you draw Another line they have the obvious Establishment and the not so obvious Establishment so you end up with a grid Right the right obvious establishment The right not so obvious establishment Left the left obvious establishment the Left not so obvious establishment right And once you understand this but they're All part of the establishment so today

On the right obvious established when You have people like Paul Ryan I'll get People like McConnell on the left Obvious establishment you have the People like the clintons I'll get people Like Joe Biden and in many ways these People are obvious it's actually they're Telling you I'm gonna you yeah but These are the Insidious people you have The right not so obvious establishment Which is what Trump was created for Right and you have the left not so Obvious established is now booby Kenny and it was Bernie it was Bernie it Was then they used Jesse Jackson right So they are manufacturing for and this Is a systems approach so That point to today the journey was Figuring this out yeah you know my Journey and we'll talk more about this Going to MIT understanding system Science yeah studying more building many Many movements building Bottoms Up Protests right teaching people how to Write and read Um going through my four degrees at MIT Which fundamentally I want to be very Clear I realized that I would come to a Point one day because of my color of my Skin because of where I grew up that the Only thing that I had was my education Because if I didn't get that education I Say who the are you right and even Now even in spite of that education they

Make me invisible it's no it's crazy I I Told John off air before we started the Show it's crazy how I could see how Censored you are specifically on YouTube And Instagram really you know and the People who censor me are not the bidens Yeah it is the Elon Musk it is a doofus Patrick Bet David it is It is a Joe Rogan it is that crackpot Russell Brand yeah you Know he talks as oh he's a spiritual And it is censorship to make not even Attacking me you see they keep the Theater oh my God poor Trump is being Indebted oh my God they say against Bobby that's all theater but they Exclude me literally because I will blow Them all up yeah and everyone understand That so if you have been listening to The last hour here and you know my Journey my journey is your journey right My journey is a journey of people who Suffer Injustice every day booby Kennedy has never suffered Injustice Literally if I spit in a cop's face when I was 17 I'd be in jail yeah if I took heroin all my life I Don't know yeah you wouldn't be here Maybe I wouldn't be here yeah if I you know uh banged 38 women while I'm married and my wife Hangs herself an investigation would Have been done on me and I probably Would be in prison yeah if I came from a

Family which had a history of Over people I'd probably be a mobster openly right Or something like that yeah yeah right These people are mobsters booby Kennedy literally steals all my material Steals it and the establishment allows Him to steal it because his job is to be The left not so obvious established to Make sure that I am made invisible and You are made invisible that you don't Have a real fighter right that you don't Have a real Warrior he's putting out a book called a truth Warrior So I'm gonna put out a book called a Real J Kennedy Junior you're Looking at the real Warrior Malcolm X Was our real Warrior yeah okay yeah People like Philip and India were real Warriors okay These people are not the real Warriors They're bullshitters and we must expose Them because they're more evil than Biden they're more evil than the McConnells you know McConnell's gonna you yeah these people are evil and So why am I running for president Because you deserve one of us yeah you Deserve me you deserve someone who's Walked in your shoes For the for the people still out there If are we still alive yeah just for Those people thought they're asking you Know you're running for president how

How is it that you're running for President being born in India right so First of all you see I went to AP History I studied the Constitution You're looking at someone who's a Scholar I don't know he's a sovereign Citizen you're a real sovereign Um in 2020 I filed my own lawsuit booby Kennedy came to our lawsuits listened to Everything he's stolen our lawsuit Really yes John did he not come he was On the zoom calls with his people okay Wow he's a he's a I wish we could have duels I really wish We could have you know it's Funny I really wish you tweaking out Duels like we did in the old days yeah And I stopped dealing with this man to Man Tony how many times do I say that Don't you yeah like literally there Should be moments and and it's fair game Like if I lose in the fight right now in A moment against someone I will take on Trump and Kennedy and Elon Musk in a cage fight Together I'll join him okay To the end knockout okay not this musk versus Zombies oh my God So what's happening right now everyone Is they do not want one of you And that's why the the so think about What happened I mean we'll go into the Details we got a lot more to do in this Yeah of course but to let everyone know

As I wrap up this part Is that do you want one of you or do you The real issue this is a real issue it's Truly about Injustice and It ultimately Comes down to you do you have Self-respect for you If you're listening to this the core of This story is that When You know my stuff went into the Smithsonian in 20 11 12. and I never talked about the Invention of email my dear Mom in a Suitcase had all the materials the Editor of Time Magazine 33 years later I Never wanted fame or Fortune from The Invention clearly I mean you would I I You wouldn't know it's it's obvious that You didn't want it right but 33 years Later a friend of mine is a professor at Emerson invited the my mom in a suitcase Three months before she's dying of a Horrible disease she never even told me She didn't want me to get worried that's My mom no very strong woman three months To live pulmonary fibrosis she worked in A factory with all those asbestos around Her All right so in a suitcase she's got the Copyright notice all my tapes the Everything you can imagine definitively Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt an Invented email the only honest Journalist was Doug amith a-a-m-o-t-h

Look him up science editor of Time Magazine he came and looked at all this Stuff he goes oh my God you invented Email he wrote an article in Time Magazine you can look at it the man who Invented email Took what is email it's not the simply Exposes the fact the arpanet Guys did not invent email it's not a nerd with glasses and a beard Invented it's pure it's a fraud Of the highest levels Wrote a beautiful article The Smithsonian contacts me on February 16 2012 my stuff goes into the Smithsonian and a young African-American Washington Post reporter does a Beautiful story Dr shivayre honors the Inventor of email boom a white racist historian Writes an article saying this cannot be True because had already Written the story some white dude did it I have to say white dude because he was A white dude in fact don't be upset if You're white you're not saying anything Against you a white dude who looked like A nerd pulled him out of Central Casting when the same white dude Admitted all he did was write some code 15 minutes of code tax text to a bottom Of a file which at best was a caveman Version of WhatsApp right that's all he Created it's not email I created email

Named it email have the copyright Where's the controversy so all This comes out Gawker media calls me an a dick Do you understand the Injustice yeah and Someone writes a blog post and listen Very carefully ladies and gentlemen If you claim you care about and you're Woke whether you're on the liberal side Or you care about America an article Gets written said this Curry stained Indian should be beaten and hanged Show to you This Curry stained Indian should be Beaten and hanged Gawker media 25 year old dick Writes calling me an a dick I'm Teaching a class at MIT the most popular Class on systems visualization where I'm Combining art Theory narrative Storytelling it's the most popular Elective Thousands of calls come to MIT saying This guy should be fired how dare he say He invented email email was done by the Military the arpanet all these 20 don't Even know what the the arpanet was A bunch of computers and you don't need The arpanet to run email So I'm being bombarded I'm like what the just happened all I wanted to do Was donate my stuff to the Smithsonian Never wanted fame or fortune in fact Made no money because copyright doesn't

Let you get royalties as patents do Which is unfortunate So and I'm looking at this I'm Realizing Just like that what happened in seventh Grade just like that crazy Jewish woman coming in yelling at me the Same is happening why because of Jealousy because I because I Did it before I came to MIT you see it Was done in Newark it was done by a 14 Year old In a small Medical College had email Been invented at MIT ooh great oh my Gosh stamp of approval yeah and this is What ends up happening I realize It's a very important personal and deep Transformation that's when I realized Wait a minute I've fought for Injustice Against you know these MIT Administrators who weren't giving proper Wages to the Food Service workers in my PhD graduation I held up a sign saying U.S out of Iraq I fought for veterans But this was a much deeper journey and That's why I say this it's a deeply Personal as well as a larger societal Thing I had to say holy they're Raping me they're overnight my name is Being destroyed Wikipedia blocks my page They call me all sorts of names I'm a Conspiracy theorist I'm this I'm all These names All my Fulbright all my Awards all my

Front page stories at MIT Mean nothing overnight I'm a curry stain Indian who should be beaten and hanged And not one Indian stood up for Me And I had to deal with that because Indians have no self-respect because They never had a good revolution in India They know how to suck ass they know how To Bootleg and I wasn't gonna bootleg Because my mom taught me not to be a Bootlegger and in honoring my mom and my Grandparents and all those people in in New Jersey I decided I had to fight for Me And that 14 year old kid who did invent Email and it was a journey to Self-respect At a deeper level than me fighting Passing out leaflets for others and I'm Telling all of you if you're listening To this today You have to make that Journey you have To self-reflect Why do you think booby Kennedy cares about you why do you think Donald Trump cares about you The person who cares about you is me and Other working people Whose loyalty are you gonna do him He supported lockdowns in 2020 against You Yeah nobody even knows about that

Well they do need to know about it and The reason it's so hard for you to Accept a 14 year old boy invented emails Because there's a part of white Supremacy in you and by the way white You don't have to be white a lot of Indians are white supremacists oh oh he Didn't invent email a white guy must Have done it Indians can't do that Most Indians are white supremacists Many working-class whites or whites are Not white supremacists this is a Conundrum okay They look at the say the guy invented demon yeah it's like Oh Shut the up you go to New Jersey Say shut the up you invented email But in India and do it all well I don't Know if he invented email you know Indians don't do that you're a White supremacist So why am I running for president Because number one I can run and be President the 14th Amendment clearly States that equal protection Clause There's no caste system in the United States there's no two-tier citizens A naturalized citizen is equal to a Natural-born citizen period so I filed a Declaratory relief lawsuit already it's In the courts and that win Will help the 20 million other Immigrants who bust their ass and come To this country legally obviously okay

And all of you people are natural born Citizens who sit on your ass and don't Value the First Amendment and want to Suck off Bobby Kennedy I want to suck Off Trump well wake the up because You may maybe your citizenship should be Taken away Maybe you don't deserve that citizenship Maybe the immigrants like me who work Their butt offs are naturalized follow The rules maybe we're more patriotic Than you And wake the up to that concept Because you know what right now In December 15 1791 the most important Part of the United what makes us Americans is a following Congress Shall pass no laws to bridge the first Freedom of speech let me repeat that Again December 15 1791 I wish I knew the Time that they all signed it On that day the most important thing That occurred in human history Since we came out of the freaking forest Was a bunch of human beings got together And had self-respect for themselves and They said Congress Congress Shall pass no law to abridge freedom of Speech Repeat that again Congress shall pass no Law to breach freedom of speech that is What makes you American and me American

That you actually believe that and you Live that and you will die and fight for That On November 16 2018 A bunch of losers a bunch of people who hate you in America Unanimously signed into law Sa which has given the right to censor And a bridge to freedom of speech no law Should be passed Congress passed a law Unanimously to Bridge and censor the Speech of every American all of Them have on their hands And Trump make America great you Trump You signed that bill and don't say you Don't know how to read well you had time To go get everywhere you Went and try to pay off people You hate America and now you have boobie Kennedy Being invited To present at the testimony when it was I Who exposed that that law created the Censorship infrastructure in our Historic lawsuit where I wrote all the Briefs I did the work For a year I'm the one independently in Federal court went against seven lawyers All of this stuff was stolen and not one in Congress wants to invite Me you know why because all those

Republicans and Democrats signed Into law the creation of sisa so they're Trying to make oh booby we're gonna put Booby against Debbie Wasserman Schultz She's a pig but you have another Pig one Pig fighting against another Pig right And they're making this pig feel like This pig is better You're all being played Thomas Massey you you went to MIT You did You don't want to invite me because I Will expose you and I'll expose the fact That every member of Congress hates this Country You hate America they do it's It's so that's why I'm running for President because it's time you had one Of you America needs someone like me Because right now Social media is musk and Zuck Democrats and Republicans Republicans Own Twitter Democrats own Facebook You're being played yeah and Then they have this idiot this Kennedy and I love Owen Benjamin making fun of this fool I've Been making fun of him before Owen the Guy the reason his throat is up I'll tell you why because in The if you understand the chakra system The crown chakra and your third eye is Your thoughts it is your connection to God and spirit the throat chakra sits

Between your connection to God and your Actions His Deeds don't match his Words his thoughts he's a demon That's why his voice is like that God Did that to his voice and he's telling You to your face That's crazy the up Shiva for President Truth freedom and health it took me 50 Years to organize this So if you want to go to hell And follow Kennedy and follow Trump do It but you know what enough people are Waking up and those people are going to Really be serving God and if you're a Christian wake the up You want to talk the Bible come on here We'll talk all day long Christ had a cat of nine tails and he Told those people get the out I'm Sure he'd say oh could you please move I'm sure he cursed those people So if you want to be a Christian you Support Shiva for president you support Our movement if you want to be a Left-wing supposed person who believes In Karl Marx let's talk about Marx Support workers I'm a worker you wanna Not Bernie Sanders not AOC so whether You're on the far left or the far right Do it be a Christian be a fighter for Working people be a true communist or be A true Christian that's my challenge

Thank you Who would have ever thought I'd be Running for president of the United States of America I was born a low-caste Untouchable in India's caste system a System of aristocracy oppression and Racism my name is Dr Shiva ayaduray I'm An MIT PhD a Fulbright scholar a Scientist engineer entrepreneur and Inventor my family and I left India to Come to America on my seventh birthday I Grew up in the working-class Neighborhoods of New Jersey playing Baseball mowing lawns painting houses And coding software my friends and Neighbors are blacks Italians Irish People of all Races as a 14 year old I Wrote fifty thousand lines of software Code to create the world's first email System and was awarded the first U.S Copyright for email recognizing me as Its official inventor at a time when Copyright was the only way to protect Software inventions I did that long Before I ever came to MIT revealing that Big Innovations can occur Anytime Anyplace by anybody growing up I saw Politicians dividing Us by race and Religion in both America and India and Have us fighting each other while they Remain safe in their gated communities And in their playgrounds of Hollywood Martha's Vineyard in Silicon Valley I'm A fighter I fought racism and exposed

Their imperialist wars fought for Workers and put my life on the line Against Global corruption I never wanted To run for political office all that Changed when I saw working Americans as Never before being duped by The Establishment and the not so obvious Establishment across left and right we Were being sold out and made to forget Why we came to America and why America Existed lawyers academics billionaires Celebrities and politicians Elites Clinton's Kennedys bidens Obama's bushes Black and white have hijacked America They've printed trillions for their Friends they delivered crumbling Infrastructure corruption and racism They transfer trillions to themselves Dividing black and white fear-mongering And fake science lockdowns and Censorship dirty air food and water Pushing drugs upon us making us sicker We've been sold out one set of rules for Them and another for us we deserve a Warrior with a history of courage and Putting everything on the line for you Who believes in you not them who has Created a movement Bottoms Up For Truth Freedom Health I've exposed their lies At the right time never waiting until it Was popular I've exposed their false Gods who exist to lead you back to them I've exposed their fake signs of Lockdowns and masking and provide you

Solutions to fight them and win and Protect your immune system saving Millions I expose fauci Galvanize a fire Fouchy campaign when others remain Silent when they stole our election we Sued the government and Twitter in our Historic 2020 Federal lawsuit exposing In Bear view the government and big Tech Censorship infrastructure the Unholy Alliance between government and social Media companies where was Elon and his Grifters they stood by the sidelines and Did nothing they did not use their Megaphones to help us when it could have Made a big difference now our movement Grows for truth Freedom Health Independent of all of them everyday Millions are learning the science of Systems the knowledge the elites do not Want you to have so you may learn how to Think stand up and fight independent of The establishment of left and right and Their fake Heroes now it's time for you To join the movement to win back America To win back truth win back Freedom win Back your health that's why I'm running For president of the United States this Race is about you this race is about Truth Freedom Health versus Power profit Control we've had enough they think We'll fall in line and vote again for Their lawyers celebrities billionaires And chosen ones from above we choose our Heroes from below from the rank and file

Who do what is right at the right time Not when it's convenient and popular They can never represent us what America Needs is a movement by the working People for the working people or Educated organized decentralized and Fight for independence from their Systems of control and that movement Exists it's ready for you we don't need Them we need us to go bottoms up Neighbor to neighbor my journey your Journey are all the same it's our time It's time we had one of us it's time to Win back Freedom Health to win back America be part of this historic Movement all the way to our Victory on November 5th 2024. if you're an American Citizen Pledge Your vote now for Dr Shivaya duray the independent candidate For U.S president no matter where you Live you can be a part of this volunteer As little as 20 minutes a day don't Delay this is Dr shivaya drain I approve This message paid for by Dr Shiva for President

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