Dr.SHIVA™: Kale & Cardiovascular Health – A CytoSolve® Molecular Systems Analysis

Dr.SHIVA™: Kale & Cardiovascular Health - A CytoSolve® Molecular Systems Analysis

Welcome everyone it's Dr Shiva ayadurai Today we're going to be talking about Kale and cardiovascular health kale is a Very nutrient dense vegetable so first Of all we're going to look at the Cardiovascular system there are three Subsystems on how your heart works the Physical heart here it has a blood Vessels which are known as a vasculature And then the blood the stuff that the Heart pumps and that goes through these Blood vessels now the heart is a Powerful muscle which is responsible for Pumping the blood the oxygenated blood It receives from the lungs oxygenated Blood gets pumped throughout your body These arteries through all the Capillaries as your body consumes as Oxygenated blood it becomes deoxygenated Which gets pumped back to your heart Which then sends it up to the lungs Which gets oxygenated and the process Continues and so on blood is not just The red stuff which is a red blood cells Which carries oxygen but Blood also Includes the white blood cells a very Important white blood cells which Support your immune system so heart Health is important for immune system Function plus your circulatory system The lining of the veins the lining of The arteries and the lining of the Capillaries are made up of endothelial Cells you're going to realize how

Important endothelial function is for Your existence and for heart health so That is a vasculature that your Cardiovascular system has we wanted to Now start looking at how kale affected The cardiovascular system now think About what we're saying and we want to Take a scientific systems approach well There's a lot of science that's been Done on kale and so in order to do that We use a very powerful technology that I Created out of my work at MIT called Cytosol which allows us to integrate the Current research so we can analyze kale Using cytosol and allows us to integrate The current research so what is that Current research so if you were to look All over the world as of today how much Research has been done on Kale 23 647 Articles done on Kale quite amazing in Fact there's been close to 400 clinical Trials and for 118 years kale has been Researched cytosolv allows us to take All of this research identify the Relevant articles relative to Cardiovascular systems identify the Molecular Pathways and then figure out Which of the components in kale which We're going to share with you today that Kale is composed of different molecular Compounds affect the molecular Pathways Of cardiovascular system I wanted to let You know that we use the technology here We've helped many many companies over

The last 16 years a lot of smart Innovative companies but we decided with All the mathematical models we've Created why don't we try to use this to Compute the best product we could think Of from the science out there for Reducing pain and inflammation pain and Discomfort and that resulted in us Creating mv25 using cytosol we're going To have more products that are going to Be coming but let me just show you what Mv25 is about for those of you who Haven't heard about it but this is using Cytosolving a beneficial way not to just Do research but find combination Therapies I am Barbara and my hands with Crayant Bop so that I couldn't hold Cards or knit or crochet and they would Go like that Not have to use this when I played cards With my grandkids and I'd start taking That Mb25 after a bit I was able to hold Cards in my hand very very little Cramping hardly at all anymore MV 25 hi My name is Sandy I'm a Taekwondo Instructor I tore my ACL during Taekwondo I had a lot of pain and Limited Mobility I've been taking the Mv25 for about six months now after the First week I noticed a big difference After the second week almost literally No pain my name is Jeremy and I suffer From a lower back problem hurt my back

At work years ago and I can go to the Chiropractor do all kinds of different Things and nothing seems to help me and I decided to try mv25 I didn't notice a Difference immediately but within a few Days the pain went away and it stayed Away I've continued to take it and even When I do things that I shouldn't do Seems to go away a lot quicker than ever Did before it's clean food certified It's made in the U.S if you go to ba Shiva.com right on the shop you'll click There or you can go right to mb25.life Either way and then from there you can Click on the bottle and you can order Please take advantage of it because First of all it's going to help you it's Going to help our movement and it really Supports the fact that we want to take Science-based approaches to Natural Products now we want to look at male First of all Kale's got macronutrients So it's got fiber it's got a lot of Protein and nine essential and nine Non-essential amino acids a lot of fat Relatively now it has a lot of micro Nutrients care five key carotenoids five Other key vitamins and we got five key Minerals six key bioflavonoids that Gives you the 21 molecules per the seven Nutrients and kale that are good for Cardiovascular health the next thing I Want to talk about is what are the Health benefits of kale kale is very

Very good for skin Health it's good for Heart health it's good for gut health It's good for Liver Health it's good for Eye Health and it's good for immune Health now what are the eight biological Effects it's an antioxidant at the Biological level it has an antioxidant Effect on your body it's Anti-inflammatory gastro protective it's Anti-cancerous probiotic for your gut Anti-hypertensive lowers hypertension Anti-diabetic Anti-arterosclerotic which means it Breaks up plaque right so those are the Eight by logical effects of kale so as I Mentioned one of the key things here is Endothelial endothelial function so I Want to talk about nitric oxide and Heart health and why endothelial Function matters nitric oxide is Obviously a molecule and it's a potent Vasodilator that means it opens up blood Vessels and it's key to maintaining Blood pressure in your body it's Generated when Enos endothelial nitric Oxide synthase catalyzes L-Arginine Which is an amino acid so that's one Endothelial cell right there when blood Flows over it that's your shear stress And here's a little structure on your Endothelial cell looks like a Christmas Tree that's called a glycocalyx right Here and the glut when blood flows over This structure shakes and it moves and

That guess what releases Enos that's his Chemical so the movement of blood moves The glycocalyx and that is what releases Enos very powerful there's all these Chemical Pathways so the body is a very Very interesting Machinery how does kale Affect the cardiovascular system and in Order to understand this we're going to Look at three molecular systems so those Molecular systems are known to affect Anti-hypertensive effect hypertension Anti-diabetic effect and Anti-arterosclerotic effect which means The how does it affect now to review in Order to understand remember there are Those seven molecules so these things Work together to affect those three Molecular systems this is in one of Those molecular systems the Antihypertensive system the nitrate from Kale is converted to nitrite by Oral Bacteria so when you eat you chew kale It's very important to chew and the Nitrite decomposes to nitric oxide and The nitric oxide activates this enzyme Called soluble guanol cyclase SGC and SGC converts GTP to cgmp in the smooth Muscles surrounding the blood vessels And they lead to relaxation the second System is the anti-diabetic effect Second molecular system so how does this Happen remember endothelial dysfunction Is caused by oxidative stress induced by Superoxide and hydrogen peroxide so when

You have superoxide and hydrogen Peroxide not good chemicals in your Endothelial cell so right here if you Have superoxide here and hydrogen Peroxide this screws up your endothelial This leads to endothelial dysfunction And that leads to diabetes that's not Good now what happens is if you remember Quercetin and the vitamin E from the Kale they upregulate Nrf2 very good Molecule and Nrf2 promotes these two Antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase And catalase and these two are very Powerful enzymes which block superoxide And block hydrogen peroxide and Similarly the vitamin E goes blocks of Superoxide so it neutralizes these two Not so good right superoxide hydrogen Peroxide Ros reactive oxygen species so It promotes the anti-diabetic effect Because you dissuade endothelial Dysfunction and finally the third Molecular system is Anti-artherosclerotic effect which means The formation of plaque LDL which is the Bad cholesterol low densely lipoprotein That gets typically oxidized to Ox LDL Due to oxidative stress which comes from Superoxide and this leads to arterial Plaque formation you don't want this so Guess what happens to to intervene in This molecular system the lutein the Zaxathin the vitamin C the vitamin E and The quercetin all of these very

Important players come in and they block The superoxide so the LDL doesn't get Converted to Ox LDL so you don't get the Plaque formation there you go is kale Right for you what you see here is kale Increases the forces of transport it Stabilizes the forces of conversion Which is also known as Pitta in the Indian says merkapha a storage but it Will increase transport like bowel Movement gas bloating when you have that Now question is everyone asks me well How much should I take so let's talk About that how much kale should you take And what the current science says well For heart health which is the Antihypertension piece in grams of kale Powder daily okay that's from iday at All 2016. kale for skin Health the curly Kale extract that gives you 1650 Micrograms of carotenoids Meineke at all 2017. for Eye Health and which is really Related to age-related macular Degeneration about 15 milliliters of a Beverage containing Ole Agonist Extractive kale that's what they used Here Arnold at all 2013. now given that Background I also want to I've talked About the great stuff of kale how it can Support your heart but we also need to Consider that kale there are also some Problems with kale and there are four Issues to consider well if you are prone To certain allergies be aware that too

Much of kale can cost in certain people Certain skin rashes hives not in Everyone but be aware of that if you see Skin rashes coming be aware of that the Next thing is goiter thyroid vegetables Like kale brussels sprouts cauliflower Very good for you but they're known as Goitregens if you have hypothyroidism Hypo where your thyroids already started Working slow and you eat lots of kale Too much kale it's going to affect Hypothyroidism by the way one way you Can do that is there are seaweed sea Vegetables support your hypothyroidism And I can do a whole video on that so That's a second issue that you need to Be aware of kidney stones and oxalates What are oxalates the green vegetables Like spinach I have to be very careful Because not with oxides but spinach has Something called solanine I'll get Inflammation my body type oxalic acid Gets produced from these things called Oxalates and if you are prone to kidney Stones be careful with eating too many Green vegetables I'm not saying don't Eat greens but be aware that's another Issue and the third is digestive Bloating if you're already prone to get Bloating some people go on these raw Food diets and they eat too much kale And they get bloating and then it's hard To frankly metabolize food and people Actually put on weight so we have to be

Aware there are problems with kale and These are the four issues that you Should consider is all kale good and the Real question comes down to organic Versus conventional organic kale is Preferred over conventionally grown kale Now conventionally grown kale may Contain over 18 different pesticides That are linked to lung liver kidney Thyroid toxicity and or carcinogenic and We know that organic farming produces Healthier produce free of these Pesticides so if you're going to choose Kale and you have the ability please get The organic versus conventional or Explore what you need to do to really Clean that kale up there's many many Different things I'll do a video on that If you want so again when it comes to All kale is good my position is no if I Were you I would get organic cap so Finally I also want to let you know that It is our movement and cytosol was very Instrumental in creating a clean Certified and certified raw labels and You'll see these on products if you go Online and this is why and the certified Clean label means the products are safe They means that Farm to Table how where They process minimally process and Bioavailability of nutrients so the Clean and raw certified or even a much Higher standard than organic is not just About organic it's a number of

Constitutive things so keep an eye on That hi everyone this is Dr shivaya Duray before we continue with this I Want to just remind everyone that Because of the massive censorship and Shadow Banning that still continues on Social media platforms I'd like you to Click the link to continue watching this On our own platform at vshiva.com thank You very much

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