“Dr.SHIVA is the ONLY serious threat to the Establishment in this country.” -Eustace Conway

"Dr.SHIVA is the ONLY serious threat to the Establishment in this country." -Eustace Conway

I found out that one of my heroes Malcolm X is also the hero of a man that I recently became acquainted with Who is now one of my new Heroes A fellow named Dr Shiva and he stands For truth Freedom And health And who can't get behind truth freedom And health I know I sure can I sure as Beep can't at this day and time we Really need to pay attention to such Things as truth freedom and health and Dr Shiva is the probably the only threat To the establishment in this country That I've seen in my lifetime you know Little blips coming to go but right now Dr Shiva is a real and serious threat to The absolute atrocities that are going On in our government here today and he's Just standing up for truth and telling People about it and I'm going to vote For him for president because I feel Like he is a man that is actually going To do something it's a completely Inverted Paradigm Dr Shiva is all about A Bottoms Up movement not the upper Echelon telling the lowers how to live How to be this this is the opposite of The insanity of the controllers Dr Shiva Can tell you all about it and I hope You'll look at it and take it seriously Just like I have because Dr Shiva is the Only man that I have seen in my entire

Lifetime that really Ought to be and is correctly groomed for Being the president and leader of this Country

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