Dr.SHIVA™: How The Swarm Is Killing You & Your Children Even Sooner

Dr.SHIVA™: How The Swarm Is Killing You & Your Children Even Sooner

Hello everyone this is Dr shivay Drake Today's talk is going to be on the Swarm Is killing you and your children even Sooner if you remember last week I did a Detailed discussion on the Swarm and This swarm video went virals got close To 5 million known views I'm sure it got More than that given all the shadow Bending that's going on and we talked About the fact that the Swarm is not any One individual one religion One race one Organization but it's spread out all Over the world it's a decentralized Organization and this organization has Two front-facing groups who affect you One is called the obvious establishment Okay the obvious establishment are those People that you see in the news that you See every day and you know that they are Controlling you that they're screwing You over and this include people like The bushes in the United States or the Clintons the royalty throughout the World in the U.S congressional people Like Nancy Pelosi Mitch McConnell and so On this is what we call the obvious Establishment however the Swarm as we Talked about in that video is very Clever they know people figure out the Obvious establishment so part of their Swarm part of the people that they have Is what we call the not so obvious Establishment and the not so obvious Establishment is far more dangerous than

The obvious establishment they're like The Sadducees of the Pharisees in Christ Time they're the people who speak the Words of wanting to help the masses but They're fundamentally in complete Cahoots with these people so the obvious And the not so obvious establishment Which are part of the swarm these people Work together to create policies and We'll come back to this they create Policies which ultimately affect us and What they've been doing for the last Nearly 50 plus years is to create Policies that lead into the following Unfortunate situation death of working People people are dying much sooner Obesity destruction of the immune system All of this is leading to the fact that Lifespan of the average American is Going down and their children even Younger and the data is quite compelling If I were to draw a little graph here And this is let's say age of lifespan And over here is it years 1980 to 2023 People's lifespan the United States is Going like that this is a reality it was Going in this direction but the trend is Like this so bottom line is your Children are going to die even sooner And this is what the swarm of the Obvious establishment and the not so Obvious establishment now who are the Not so obvious establishment they Include people like Robert effin Kennedy

You should have great hatred for this Guy because he is not who he says he is He's really the devil people like Trump People like AOC people like Bernie Sanders people like the Al Sharpton who Take advantage of black people these People are the not so obvious Establishment they literally mouthed the Words of our movement steal our words But they have delivered all of that and We're going to talk about that so we're Going to talk about the policies that The Swarm passed the triggers this led To in your body the biological triggers And then the molecular Pathways that it Affected and how these molecular Pathways have resulted in early death Obesity destruction of the immune system And lifespan going downwards that's what We're going to talk about very briefly I Recommend all of you go look at the Swarm video we'll put a link into it There's a 15-minute version I did we'll Put the post up but that swarm video Went into gross detail lots and lots of Views in the midst of this Shadow Banning but that swarm video talked About the elites being this entire swarm Of interconnected people who deliver you To be divided isolated disconnected Helpless but most importantly the Swarm Works to make sure that you look to them Not one of us not us you and others for Your Liberation but you look to them you

Look to the obvious establishment and Scumbags like Kennedy and Trump and These kinds of people but the way they Do this is they're not any one person They are the top 100 University Presidents they are the NGO leaders they Are the government Prime Ministers and The Senators they're the think tanks They're the fed and the central banks They're the investment companies they're The big Pharma guys they're the CEOs They're the Hollywood celebrities and Their agents they're the media companies They're the social media influencers Including people like Rogan and Tucker Carlson these people are not your Friends they always delay truth then the News agencies but they work again Through the obvious and not so obvious Establishment to deliver policies into The 8 billion people to deliver Propaganda and themselves as false Heroes and the end result is we get Divided disconnected helpless and this Leads to obesity endocrine disruption Cancer death and they get more power More profit more control and in fact They try to normalize the dysfunctions They cause and they profit from that so They talk about it they create obesity And then they do Netflix movies talking About how great obesity is and then they Divide us here between Pro and negative Oh you're pro-fat I'm anti-fat you're

Pro-woke I'm anti-woke so they have the 8 billion people divided here but today We're going to really focus on the Policies how it leads to this biological Changes in you so as many of you know I'm running for United States President Go get one of these bumper stickers put It on the back of your car 100 000 views Per day and support the movement for Truth freedom and help so let's look at This how does how do these people pull This off let's begin with one of their Recent policies which was lockdowns Everyone may know this lockdowns the Elites pulled off lockdowns lockdowns Were one of their most powerful policies That affected all of us and it resulted In massive destruction of all of our Biologies many many people affect by This who supported lockdowns the obvious Establishment the not so obvious Establishment they both support it you Should remember that and these lockdowns For example Robert effing Kennedy go Look at his tweet history and he'll Probably try to delete it after this Video in March of 2020 he was supporting Strict lockdowns lock step and Barrel With another obvious establishment fauci Fellow and so was Trump so lockdowns Were one of the policies that they Passed and the triggers that this Lockdown policy did was it caused stress To people so the policies of lockdowns

Created stress among lots and lots of People Financial stress emotional stress Etc people became obese from all the Sedentary work or the lack of movement People then got lonely right there was Loneliness loneliness as you know Affects many many genes people who got Depressed there was massive depression And this depression affected our biology As we'll talk about poor nutrition People weren't able to get the foods That they really needed we'll talk more About these but lockdowns from the Policies affected stress obesity Loneliness depression poor nutrition Let's take another policy the elites During the last 50 plus years which Resulted in the lifespan going down both Democrats and Republicans passed Something called Monsanto protection act The Monsanto protection act including People like I put another not so obvious Establishment person here Elizabeth Warren the fake Indian Elizabeth Warren Signed on to the Monsanto protection act The Monsanto protection act allowed Monsoon to pollute destroy the Environment create genetically Engineered Foods by the way Robert Effing Kennedy endorsed Hillary Clinton Not once not twice but three times and She was full lockstep and Barrel in Supporting Monsanto this is important to Understand Monsanto protection act

Obviously resulted in poor nutrition for Many many people we also had both Environmental pollution from this Pollutants in the atmosphere so that's Another trigger another biological Trigger that the Monsanto protection act For example created next thing is we had Gpos and pbms group purchasing Organizations and pbmzs were middlemen That were supported by the left and the Right Democrats and Republicans to Essentially expand the entire Health Care system with middlemen who increased The cost of Health Care and what did This do obviously it affected many Things affected poor nutrition people Got obese they destroyed their Fundamental immune system because people Couldn't get proper health care and Nutrition so gpos and pbms the other Policy that the elites passed that Resulted in what we call income Inequality now over the last 50 plus Years nearly 47 trillion dollars in Wealth got transferred from the working People to Elites during the pandemic Because of the lockdowns that Kennedy And Trump supported 600 billionaires Increase their wealth by 2.3 trillion Dollars this created massive income Inequality which affected all of these Triggers and then you have the fact that We have now massive amounts of factory Farming we don't have a lot of local

Farming factory farming was passed by The elites which is a very important Thing that affected all these triggers Then you have imperialist wars and these Imperialist wars also gave rise to all These triggers soldiers coming home Depressed soldiers coming home with PTSD But when you really look at this you Want to think about all of these things As an aggregate of policy it's not like Oh my God this suddenly occurred because Of vaccines or not enough vaccine or Whatever it is this has been a policy of The elites that resulted in these Triggers now what did these triggers do What these triggers fundamentally did Was that the biological level they Affected many many molecular Pathways That cause early death they cause your Lifespan destruction so I'm going to Walk you through four of those Pathways One of them is called mitochondrial Dysfunction what is mitochondrial Dysfunction by the way in your body There's a structure called the Mitochondria and every cell has a Mitochondria it's the energy center and The mitochondria is a thing that does Respiration when that undergoes Dysfunction a particular molecule called NAD plus goes down and when NAD plus Goes down you get death you get early Death you destroy your immune system and All of these triggers contributed to

Mitochondrial dysfunction so the Policies these triggers resulted in Mitochondrial dysfunction what else There was another very fundamental thing Autophagy autophagy dysfunction what is Autophagy well autophagy is a process That in your cells your cells cleanse Themselves heal them themselves they do Repair this was affected and there's a Particular molecule a set of genes Called autophagy genes and these got Down regulated and this also resulted in Early death and destruction of the Immune system and all of these triggers Contributed to this another fundamental Issue is we call oxidative stress Oxidative stress is basically your body Reduces its amount of antioxidants and This results in Ros reactive oxygen Species going up and this also results In early death and all those horrible Things and then finally you have Inflammation inflammation is denoted by Two variables crpc reactive protein and Cox2 if you go look at the back of an Advil label says when you have Inflammation we reduce cox2 and these Things also contributed this Fundamentally when you put it all Together these particular policies pass By the left and the right over the last Nearly 50 plus years these policies Lockdowns Monsanto protection act Etc Resulted in these triggers stress

Obesity loneliness depression poor Nutrition environmental pollution also This includes about chemicals and sound Sound pollution if you're poor you live In very very loud sounding areas and That affects many many molecular Pathways fundamentally these the trigger Was destruction of the immune system but The main thing is you had these Molecular Pathways being affected Mitochondrial dysfunction autophagy Dysfunction oxidative stress and Inflammation these policies affected People's particular chemicals in their Bodies they lowered NAD plus levels they Lowered atg levels they increased Reactive oxygen species increase cox2 And CRP so in conclusion think about What I'm saying all the Swarm past Policies which affected your biology Everyone's biology and this is why as I Said the Swarm is killing you and your Children even sooner the only way out of This is we have to shatter the Swarm and You have to begin by not following the Not so obvious establishment and as I Said in the Swarm video it's time that People rise up awaken and recognize that The Swarm is not one of us Robert effing Kennedy Donald Trump people gold-plated Toilet seats are not one of us it's time That the eight billion people of the World recognize our leaders people like Malcolm X people like me you and

Recognize the only way out of this is You have to get involved in the movement For truth Freedom Health I've spent 50 Years of my life trying to understand This and create a way that all of you Can awaken yourself to this system at a Truth freedom of Health we teach people The knowledge of system science so you Can become empowered you can become a Local leader and govern yourself but get Involved you get access to all this Knowledge but it's time that we shatter The Swarm and those of you many of you Know that I'm running for U.S president My presidency recognizes that the Swarm Is completely corrupt we recognize that The judicial system the legislative System in fact the presidency is corrupt But as president I will do more videos Like this I will make sure that you rise Up that you get educated that you become Leaders in your community anyway Shiva For president.com by the way get a Bumper sticker put it on the back of Your car a hundred thousand people see It per day you drive around with it for A year 30 million people will see it That's how we overcome Shadow Banning The future is offline Truthfredamehealth.com thank you Everyone be well be the light thank you Foreign Foreign

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