Dr.SHIVA™ – Hamas Was Created By Israel

Dr.SHIVA™ - Hamas Was Created By Israel

Hamas was created by Israel here is the Former Israeli ambassador to Germany Openly stated in 2015 it was the Israeli Government that created Hamas to Counteract the growing popularity of the Palestinian National Liberation movement This is classic intelligence techniques Where you create your opposition that You can control typically make them Crazy radical here is mosad Chief Himself this is just this year the mosad Chief Yosi Cohen visiting Qatar to tell Them to continue funding Hamas Zionism Has nothing to do with Judaism it's Racist still to this day the non Ashkanazi Jews are Tre Tre as badly as a Palestinians there are many many Jews Who are anti-zionists we want the world To know the Zionist movement is not a Jewish movement it is the cause of the Oppression of not only the Muslims and The Christians in Palestine but of the Jews hundreds of thousands of Jews stand In Palestine have lived their prior to The state continuing to live till today And demonstrate daily and get brutally Beaten and arrested truth Freedom Help.com sha for president.com

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