Dr.SHIVA™ – Get of your Butt or Be Enslaved.

Dr.SHIVA™ - Get of your Butt or Be Enslaved.

When it comes to censorship I believe 24 Months maximum they want to have Centralized digital currencies every Carbon tax is tracked your iPhone is Basically your cage the only way out of This is a systems overhaul the systems Overhaul can only come if we build a Bottoms Up Movement we as people need to Seize the means of production of these Companies the United States Postal Service is a fascinating organization It's it's sort of a quasi organization It's like the roads in the streets Certain things must be owned by us the People Sardinia the island off of Italy 90 % of the land is owned by the people True communal property in 2007 the Italian Government tried to seize Control and try to make it national Parks people rose up certain things must Be owned by We the People infrastructure Google Amazon we need to have a workers Bottoms Up movement not the Quote unquote Capital C communism I'm Talking about a true Bottoms Up Revolutionary movement because these Infrastructures were created by working People we need to own them it's the only Way out of Truth Freedom health.com for President.com

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