Dr.SHIVA FOR PRESIDENT 2024 – Official Campaign Video

Dr.SHIVA FOR PRESIDENT 2024 - Official Campaign Video

Who would have ever thought I'd be Running for president of the United States of America I was born a low-caste Untouchable in India's caste system a System of aristocracy oppression and Racism my name is Dr Shiva ayaduray I'm An MIT PhD a Fulbright scholar a Scientist engineer entrepreneur and Inventor my family and I left India to Come to America on my seventh birthday I Grew up in the working-class Neighborhoods of New Jersey playing Baseball mowing lawns painting houses And coding software my friends and Neighbors are blacks Italians Irish People of all Races as a 14 year old I Wrote fifty thousand lines of software Code to create the world's first email System and was awarded the first U.S Copyright for email recognizing me as Its official inventor at a time when Copyright was the only way to protect Software inventions I did that long Before I ever came to MIT revealing that Big Innovations can occur Anytime Anyplace by anybody growing up I saw Politicians dividing Us by race and Religion in both America and India and To have us fighting each other while They remain safe in their gated Communities and in their playgrounds of Hollywood Martha's Vineyard in Silicon Valley I'm a fighter I fought racism and Exposed their imperialist wars fought

For workers and put my life on the line Against Global corruption I never wanted To run for political office all that Changed when I saw working Americans as Never before being duped by The Establishment and the not so obvious Establishment across left and right we Were being sold out and made to forget Why we came to America and why America Existed lawyers academics billionaires Celebrities and politicians Elites Clinton's Kennedys bidens Obama's bushes Black and white have hijacked America They printed trillions for their friends They delivered crumbling infrastructure Corruption and racism they transfer Trillions to themselves dividing black And white fear-mongering and fake Science lockdowns and censorship dirty Air food and water pushing drugs upon us Making us sicker we've been sold out one Set of rules for them and another for us We deserve a warrior with a history of Courage and putting everything on the Line for you who believes in you not Them who has created a movement Bottoms Up For Truth Freedom Health I've exposed Their lies at the right time never Waiting until it was popular I've Exposed their false gods who exist to Lead you back to them I've exposed their Fake signs of lockdowns and masking and Provide you solutions to fight them and Win and protect your immune system

Saving Millions I expose fauci Galvanize A fire fouchy campaign when others Remain silent when they stole our Election we sued the government and Twitter in our historic 2020 Federal Lawsuit exposing in Bear view the Government and big Tech censorship Infrastructure the Unholy alliance Between government and social media Companies where was Elon and his Grifters they stood by the sidelines and Did nothing they did not use their Megaphones to help us when it could have Made a big difference now our movement Grows for truth Freedom Health Independent of all of them everyday Millions are learning the science of Systems the knowledge the elites do not Want you to have so you may learn how to Think stand up and fight independent of The establishment of left and right and Their fake Heroes now it's time for you To join the movement to win back America To win back truth win back Freedom win Back your health that's why I'm running For president of the United States this Race is about you this race is about Truth Freedom Health versus Power profit Control we've had enough they think We'll fall in line and vote again for Their lawyers celebrities billionaires And chosen ones from above we choose our Heroes from below from the rank and file Who do what is right at the right time

Not when it's convenient and popular They can never represent us what America Needs is a movement by the working People for the working people or Educated organized decentralized and Fight for independence from their Systems of control and that movement Exists it's ready for you we don't need Them we need us to go bottoms up Neighbor to neighbor my journey your Journey are all the same it's our time It's time we had one of us it's time to Win back truth Freedom Health to win Back America be part of this historic Movement all the way to our Victory on November 5th 2024. if you're an American Citizen Pledge Your vote now for Dr Shivaya duray the independent candidate For U.S president no matter where you Live you can be a part of this volunteer As little as 20 minutes a day don't Delay this is Dr shivaya duray and I Approve this message paid for by Dr Shiva for president

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