Dr.SHIVA™ – Don’t Be A C*ckZucker!

Dr.SHIVA™ - Don't Be A C*ckZucker!

We have a new term that I coin call Zuckers those people who suck zionis you do not want to support Zucky you want to rise up as an American Who has the Constitution the Declaration Of Independence and you finally want an American in there that's who I am Bottoms Up that's who all of you are Donald Trump ain't a American he Brought in the swamp into the White House booby Kennedy ain't an American he will suck zus all day He probably sucked a bunch of other Too but that's who these people are they Have no values they want to speak in Diplomatic words they don't want me Ranting and raving and being aggressive But that's what American people are we Are ranters and ravers and we're very Aggressive that's how we got the British The out of here and we need to now Get Zionism out of the United States we Need to build a Bottoms Up movement go To Shiva for president.com and volunteer

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