Dr.SHIVA™ – Divide and Rule

Dr.SHIVA™ - Divide and Rule

And what does this flyer say it says a Lesser of two evils is killing your Children and this flyer goes on the left Side of the flyer is really the problem And the right side of the flyer is a Solution let me start with the upper Left this graph Angelo starting from the Policies that were implemented by the Left and the right actually starting With the Kennedy administration in the 1960s led to the destruction of the Lifespan of Americans and that you can See this upside down curve and you can Actually see the concavity of what's Going on globally this curve is also Going to go down so if you look at the Simple curve what it shows is that if You have a child today your child is Going to have a shorter lifespan than You this is in the United States right Now and this has been brought together By the policies of what I call the Swarm The Swarm is the multi-racial Decentralized international organization Of Elites they're not in any one country Anymore and that is what so this is Quite profound because it doesn't matter What left or right you are your child is Going to have a shorter lifespan than You and this curve the red line is a Result of not any one thing it's not the Vaccine or it's not Obamacare it's not Not just the toxins it's a whole Multitude of interconnected policies

That were put in place by Design and Then the left side of the graph of the I'm sorry the flyer teaches people who's A swarm you may have seen the Swarm Video Angelo it's 15 minutes it's a very Nice video because anyone every family Should watch it it explains who the Elites are and then on the right side it Gives a campaign video and then it gives A solution one solution is people need To understand the systems Dynamic so Took me 50 years there's a very nice set Of knowledge and curricula called Truth Freedom Health truth Freedom health is a University it's a movement it's a Community and on the bottom every Thursdays at 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Angelo we literally go and give Solutions for healthcare the environment Education Innovation governance and Economy and the solutions that I'm Providing here are not something that Demands me win the presidency because Many of these politicians Angel they'll Say oh after I win the presidency then I'm going to do this and this right this Is what we can do right now now if I win The presidency I can just reach 8 Billion people so that's what we're Doing we're creating a fundamental Understanding by my wunning for President Angelo that the future is you Do you want to raise your Consciousness And understand that things have to be

Decentralized and bottoms up and in that Journey you have to understand Fundamental principles of how the Universe operates principles which by The way Angela the elites learn Henry Kissinger all the advisers to the major Governments the so-called smart guys They actually understand science of Systems so you have all these left ideas Write ideas grifters doing all these Podcasts but without understanding of System science you're just talking Nonsense because the issues do you want To fundamentally change that curve Because a curve is by Design headed to Depopulate people at a very fundamental Level and if you want to change that Curve you can't be making compromise Trump yeah he did this but he's good Over here or Bernie Sanders or booby Kennedy all of these people who get Visibility on mainstream media are part Of the swarm if they get visibility They're working for them and in 2020 as Angelo a guy like me with all my degrees With all my achievements should not be Fighting against the establishment they Expect a guy like me to pay homage to Them to support them but I couldn't do That Angelo in good faith because I Never forgot where I came from I grew up In New Jersey I grew up in India I grew Up in workingclass neighborhoods in New Jersey a lot of immigrant Italians

Taught me how to paint taught me how to Do landscaping very hardworking people They want to create an environment that They keep wanting to bring people to Look above to the Messiahs to think They're going to come save us and what That's going to result in is that curve Okay nothing's going to change so our Campaign our Global movement for truth Freedom health is really about asking The individual do you want to raise your Consciousness and if you do we've Created the entire framework for you to Do that if you don't you're going to Essentially be a slave and don't Complain anymore because you're headed Down a path of where you're going to be In this pile or this pile and you're Constantly going to be choosing as our Flyer says the lesser of two evils Dr Shiva I I just want to jump in I I get The whole idea I agree ra the Consciousness and also that class Consciousness it's the 1% against the 99% we are clear on that my problem is And I agree also that we exchange one King against hundreds of Kings that's The swap that's what we did the same as The the French Revolution is exactly What the same they actually used the Poor to fight on behalf of the bourjois Now you are talking about a game where The rule of the games was written by the Elites and whoever writes the rules of

The game controls the game yeah that's My problem Dr Shiva that is my problem And I've been following a movement I Don't know if you're aware there was a Movement in France very similar approach Than yours was the yellow vest yeah know Those guys yeah and they were about Rewriting the rules of the game because That's the essence you are playing a Game which is wicked how can you do that Because again everything is wicked from The judicial system to absolutely Everything and additional that you have Against you the media we all know that There's a strong correlation between the Exposure you have in the media and the Votes you are going to get how do you Get those votes and ultimately there you Have in front of you people that they Were willing to kill a president you Have people the silent sitting president How do you do that when I in 2020 if you Remember was a very important Gateway I As an engineer as a scientist ran for Office I expose the election fraud I Exposed fouchy I exposed the entire back Door portal and they said holy this MIT guy is exposing everything he's not Supposed to do that he's supposed to Work for us so then they silenced me on Twitter which is the most important Political platform for two years and When I got back on what do they do now Much more clever they put me on but they

Shadowban me right it's a much more vile Form of censorship so the material Matter we need to do is number one Awaken people to this Dynamic Angelo Because George Soros studies reflexivity Theory he was one of the theoreticians Henry Kissinger understand system Science so just at one point in the 1700s people understood the words of John Lock right or Thomas Payne that Theory or then in ancient times people Understood the works of ramenu Jama in India right or the works of Aristotle And Socrates that is with all humility That's what I've uncovered for our age But is founded in physical engineering Principles what gives people a much more Grounded framework better than what Marx Or Lenin frankly did because they didn't Have the works of system science and so My running for president is not supposed To occur Angelo it's a major disruption Right typically who runs for president The kennedies the trumps people have Golden plated toilet seats no one Typically From Below runs it's typically One mobster running against another Mobster okay I think you were referring To John Kennedy being shot maybe that's Who you were referring to but we have to Understand something very fundamental John Kennedy was part of an organized Crime family okay and one organized Crime family shooting another organized

Crime family it's really of no concern To the masses so we need to recognize This very fundament and we'll never know Who shot him just like we'll never know Who sought Jimmy hafa right or Sam Gian Kanana and it's irrelevant to the masses What's relevant to us is how do you Mobilize a movement and in order to do That we must understand the fundamental Physical laws because we're going to Lose any time and what has always Occurred when the masses started Mobilizing Angelo in the first phase They did open fascism right just shut Down people cut people's heads off in The next phase starting the 1970s and 50s what they did was they created they Manufactured the not so obvious Establishment they created the Kennedy They created the Bernie Sanders they Created the Georgia Maloney they created The gandhis they created the Martin Luther Kings because they realized holy the masses have learned that Organized so we're going to create for Them their fake Heroes but what's Typically occurred is that there's not Been a mobilized Global organization of People with that Consciousness to expose The not so obvious establishment so what We done we have now a half a billion People who've heard about our movement They can't suppress it right so they're Screwed when they to your point on

Visibility and invisibility every time They try to make me invisible others are Now saying wait a minute Dr shiv is the One who did that Dr shiv is the one who Did that so it's backfiring on that my Running for president is by the way the Tip of the Spear of a movement now we Know they're going to cheat Angela we Know the judiciary's corrupt we know the Legislator is corrupt we know the Presidency is corrupt so why am I Running look at what we did in 2020 we Disrupted we exposed the whole back door Portal we hadit fouchy so hard we helped Millions of people save their lives That's not supposed to happen so now We're doing a global e and we're Educating leaders so we have about half A million people in 120 countries who Are learning this knowledge and now Bottoms Up we're finding leaders we have Leaders in Italy we have leaders in Africa right many leaders in the United States in Canada and these leaders are Understanding these Concepts but they Come Bottoms Up Angelo they're not Anointed top down like a Vanguard party So it's very different yeah there's a There's one thing that sens me the System we have in the west it's a very Much like a Showmanship it's a b Basically a beauty contest and there's Not so much meritocracy and the problem I'll give you an example I've studied

Neural linguistic programming I don't Know if you're familiar with it I know Very well I was taught this by very Interesting guy who's Uncle was an Interrogator in the CIA and very Powerful concept it's really used for Evil and it can manipulate people all of These people learned this Tuli gabard The woman who claimed he's fighting the Military industrial conflict she's Running the scop unit when you hear hear Her talk you don't get anything from her Except she's manipulating people right I've been doing activism system science This is not Theory to me I've been on The ground for 44 years of my life Angelo since I was a high school student Okay when I was at MIT Angelo the Administration of MIT funded the student Newspaper a couple of million bucks but With one flyer Angelo we mobilized the Entire campus okay and we had a massive Impact so why do I bring up this flyer Okay let me bring that back up again all Right when you look at this flyer what's Powerful about this flyer it's going at A very powerful thing these people are Killing your children and that's it now You have to make a decision if you're a Parent or you care about you you have to Make a decision do you want to continue Killing your children okay and then it Leads to the fact that this has been Going on for about 70 years right that's

Not real democracy democracy is the Individual directly participating in Every decision if they choose so the Real democracies do you want to choose To participate in direct democracy but That tool is always there now we have The tools to do all of that right now But those in power are never going to Unleash direct democracy because it's Going to be they're going to be out of Business right we all know that so so in Order to even win direct democracy Angelo we have to go and recognize that We have to build this Bottoms Up Movement to educate people on this Notion how can you elect these leaders Are coming from above they never have to Go bottoms up they never have to go Through the trials and tribulations and This is why I think our campaign is We're going to win every person Angelo You ask what success is every person who Comes and becomes a truth Freedom Health Warrior that's one razor blade against The elites you can't take away this Knowledge once you learn French it's not Suddenly you stop learning French once You learn 1 plus 1 is two you can't take That away so that's why the truth Freedom and health movement that we've Created it's really a system it's a Community it's a technology and all of Year anyone listening on your end Everyone go to truth health.com get

Involved it's Global you meet amazing People all over the world it's Fundamentally a Consciousness raising Educational movement and by the way Angel what we do is people pay pennies Because when I try to give it away no One wanted it we ask people to play a Little bit but after an adult goes Through it they can give it to as many Children as they want so if someone in China wants to take this they can give It away to all 1 billion Chinese Children so our goal is we recognize That children need to learn systems Sying long before even they learn Reading Writing and arithmetic because It gives them a very different Perspective great but it's been a great Pleasure and thank you again and greets All the best for the continuation and All the best thank you very much Angelo Be well thank you hope to do it again so Everyone that was a very smart guy at Who who actually moved to China and he Wanted to do this as I close out I Cannot overemphasize what everyone must Do it's about action I really believe in Action go to Shiva numeral 4president Docomo it right now now um because You're supporting the campaign but more Importantly you're supporting yourself Is if you're hardworking you don't have Time perhaps to be an activist but you Can put this on the back of your the

Back windshield don't put it on the Lower bump thing put it on the Windshield and 100,000 people will see It if you're overseas go get the shatter The Swarm okay you can go to vh.com and Get that and then everyone out there you Can get this flyer but we have to Educate people on this fundamental issue As Angela said this is a human rights Issue that the elites are destroying Your children and the way out of it is We need to build a Bottoms Up movement It's the only way out and they're not Going to do it for us and you have to Let go of all of these fools kennedies Trumps all these morons they're all part Of the elites they exist to distract you From you and our movement is about you It's about raising your Consciousness It's about making you have dignity for Yourself get involved get off your butt In any way you can thank you

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