Dr.SHIVA™ – Declare your Independence from Zionism

Dr.SHIVA™ – Declare your Independence from Zionism

It's interesting to say that because the Justice system is always tilted in favor Of those people who have massive Nepotism they call up judges they call Up congressmen so here's booby fing Kennedy and I think it's a good thing to Understand that John Kennedy was the one Who created the 1962 vaccination act he Was also a Zionist which means the Promotion of the chosen people concept Israel as the chosen people right and That's a completely racist concept it's Based on nepotism you're born into some Tribe and overnight you get to be the Chosen one it's very much like the cast System in India which was not the Original system of brahmanism okay but This concept of you don't have to work Like all of us do but you're born into Some family some cast some philosophy Religion you're overnight the best Person in the world so it's a really Great question you're asking so the Kennedies represented the penultimate Nature of nepotism right everything they Have and the kennedies have this really Arrogance if you meet them oh I'm a Kennedy if they get arrested you can see Oh I'm a Kennedy don't you know who I am It is a crime against humanity to not Allow people with the talent drive and Determination that's Star Quality who Might be from a lower C or come from Nothing if they have the skill the drive

The motivation they're going to do a Better job and they're going to get the Job done so it is a crime against Everyone to not allow that system to be Open for people to rise from nothing When we give things to people who Already have things they don't have that Same hunger they didn't work for it like Other people have and will yeah so I Think the question you're asking I think It's a really bril question because so When you think about the kennedies it's All about nepotism the kennedies support Zionism which is all about nepotism what Is Zionism say that these people are the Chosen people Zionism is the ultimate of Racism which serves imperialism which is This whole nepotic if you want to put it System of the Swarm right and that's What we need to declare independence From we need to shatter this entire Basis of nepotism which is you're born You get a birth Lottery it's all it was never about a birth Lottery even the ancient Indian Spiritual systems it was about your work Anyone could become a Brahman based on Your dedication how much you studied how Much you worked hard and somewhere along The way these beautiful philosophies Got Hijacked and it became about you were Born into a family that's what Zionism Is Zionism took the ancient text of Judaism and it flipped it the khazarians

Have nothing to do with the non kazarin Non ashkanazi Jews they literally took These beautiful teachings and they Flipped it it's literally in my view It's devil worship Zionism is really Racism and it's the ultimate of this so What's really important Michelle Everyone understand Kennedy supported The most rapid form of Zionism this was About 2 months ago and now he's all Supported for funding the American Working people's dollars to go butcher The Palestinians if you compare Israel And the United States to Palestine it's Not even a fair fight it's like someone Who's been abusing you for a 100 years And then you start rising up against Them and then you make them wrong war is Profitable war is profitable so they Created this war in the last 72 hours Because according to all economic Cycles The economy is contracted the elites Have printed money and we were headed For massive crash so Netanyahu whose Devil incarnate like booby Kennedy who's also being under massive Corruption and fraud charges a lot of People don't know in Israel there was a Protest of nearly 100,000 people against Him wow and the reason people were Protesting was he's quote unquote prime Minister of Israel but he was actually Fought changing the whole Judiciary so He wouldn't be indicted so he went into

The most sensitive one of the third most Holiest shrines in Israel send in these Crazy Zionist Fanatics and that was on October 5th to incite the Palestinians And Muslims he did this because he Needed a war and it served him multiple Purposes a so he wouldn't be indicted he Could unite all the different factions Within Israel who are hating him so now They're all like let's go butcher the Palestinians and on top of that it gives An excuse for the US imperialist the Swarm to now distract attention to a war And to print more money to save this Economy which is running on fumes and Booby Kennedy who claims he's For Independence stole again to everyone Listening he stole our slogan declare Your Independence right and stole our Stuff and is claiming that he's fighting For Humanity so when you ask what is Real yoga real yoga is fighting real Yoga is not sitting under a tree And saying oh namashivaya all day real Yoga is not being some vegan vegetarian Right eating so properly and calling Everyone else sudras because they eat Meat in fact in the ancient times Brahmans actually ate meat okay a fact IA suggests eating meat for multiple DOA Types so it's more of a spiritual Offshoot that is not really based in the Truth it's the same as ISM it's Fascinating the modern form of Hinduism

And the brahmans who run that everyone Listen very carefully that set of people And the modern set of people who have Hijacked Judaism under the ages of Zionism I would argue they're probably The same people because that's the same Vibe I get very manipulative people and They have nothing to do with Spirituality the zionists actually hate Christ people talk to them they are very Much into materialism Zionism has Nothing to do with Judaism in fact in Israel itself Michelle the non ashkanazi Jews are treated equally as bad as the Palestinians so we have to recognize Zionism everyone should write this down As racism in the service of imperialism Nepotism the Swarm materialism Etc Expansion of power profit control and Booby Kennedy comes from a Family of zionists he's a Zionist and America has a very important Opportunity because we are going to head Into serious darkness and massive war Because the zionists are devils booby Kennedy's a devil and him Running for Independence right now is All about the counterfeit campaign Against our movement which truly comes Bottoms Up which is truly based on a Connection to God which is truly based On enlightenment of the individual and Raising people's Consciousness and That's what we're doing we're teaching

People that truth Freedom Health are Natural phenomenon that exist in nature That's what truth Freedom Health are Transport conversion storage this is Very deep he's teaching people nonsense Trying to suck people away from this Path to Enlightenment and he wants to Divert people right back into the devil I would say booby Kennedy's the Most dangerous person and he serves the Devil he's Satan I think what people Need to reflect on Michelle is to Understand what was the orig of the Declaration of Independence right the Declaration of the independence clearly Says that you as an individual have the Right to abolish or alter your Government if it becomes destructive Okay it's a very powerful statement and That's why the first and second Amendment were created unequivocal right It's unequivocal about this that's quite An extraordinary document giving the Right of people to destroy their Government if it becomes unproductive Right and it's stated right there I Think the core thing you wanted me to Speak about was what on the connection Between that if you can just repeat that How how do we heal how do we heal Wounds between ciens of other countries That look at Americans as being the Problem when Americans realiz the Problems and have had a challenge

Changing it because they haven't felt Like they have the power because the Corruption in the system so I think we Need to go to what occurred the what Occurred was the first question you Asked with this nepotism concept right The idea was that you would through your Works and through Merit you would rise Up right our movement truth Freedom Health.com we let things occur and we Have leaders emerged From Below it's Based on your work that's what it was Supposed to be so the framework of America was created based on your work Right based on your hard work and what Occurred was the Zionist concept took Over all of America which was it didn't Matter your work anymore it mattered That you were born into a particular Family okay you were born into a Particular race you were the chosen People a very powerful concept it is and It seems to be happening globally in a Lot of countries yeah so the concept of The chosen people was a foundation of The Indian cast system which was Converted okay the original concept of Different people doing different Vocations Michelle came from this Concept of Merit if you were a very good Carpenter you became a carpenter right Or if you're a very good Statesman you Became the adviser to the king it was All Bottoms Up right so they had the

Concept of rahmen which were the people Who studied did yoga the people were the Chuar were the fighters right the Warriors Kings and Etc but all of these Things came from your works from below And it wasn't about a racist model you Were chosen that just because you were Born into some family you were born as As a Kennedy you overnight get to run For any office all your sins are Absolved and that was a fall of America And that concept of the chosen one the Concept of Zionism the concept of cast Absolutely racist in a very deeply Fundamental way what we just talked About earlier it's antihuman it says That this person just because where They're born is connected to God and You're not it's the antithesis of being A co-creator with God do you think it's Ego the nature of ego that causes this Because so many people fall into wanting To identify with different things to Feel part of some sort of tribe because They hear feeling they're one man Island I think it's a spiritual journey Michelle it's because there are many the Seven deadly sins for example right at At every point in life a human being has The opportunity to make choices do they Choose a path to God or do they choose a Path to the devil and when I'm talking About this in a very simple way it's do You want to work hard do you want to

Earn your key do you want to be lazy Right do you want to be an active human Being and be a co-creator with God that To me is becoming a Divine human being You innovate you create Etc and that Co-creation capability is within every Human being but also is a capability With every human being not to embrace That so when you say yeah Dr Shiva Everything you're saying is true but You're running as an independent and you Don't have the name of somebody Therefore I'm going to choose the lesser Of two evils and that's what's been Happening the United States for the last 70 800 Years starting with the kennedies Actually 1963 what's occurred is we've Had a subversion okay of this concept of Meritocracy coming up so people out of Their laziness instead of being active Warriors in the Pol iCal movement and That occurred during 1800s and 1900s in The United States globally women led Many of those movements in L Massachusetts right here okay Massachusetts where the women saw how The abuse that was taking place in Factories women couldn't vote Afghani Women had the right to vote before American women everyone listening Remember that women in Afghan had the Right to vote before women in America And we make them seem like they're Backward people right and it's the

United States who supported the Taliban By the way right women were liberated Before that but anyway so these Movements came up Michelle Bottoms Up Movements where people said I'm going to Go door to door I'm going to build a Bottoms Up move right I'm going to fight For my rights and as those movements Grew very explosively they had massive Effect this is why we got infrastructure This way we eliminated we got the 8 hour Work day all these great reforms for Average working people came from these Very powerful militant movements of the 1900s led by men and women Working Class People not kennedies not Trumps it's discussing not VI The snake not the bidens people's names Who we don't even know who were truly Enlightened people and it and so that Action was what the United States was Built on to between 1900 to 1970 the Entire US economy grew everyone's wages Grew and the elites didn't like this They wanted a cast system they wanted Zionism right Israel gets formed and by The way the zionists actually wanted Uganda as their Homeland a lot of people Don't know this they they wanted parts Of Texas as their Homeland and the British imperialist said oh we're going To give you this place over here where a Lot of Arab Jews were there the original Jews and they shipped these people who

Were the ashkanazi Jews over there who Were absolutely racist to all these People subjugated them and that is where The fall of America took place in my View because they align themselves with The devil which is basically completely Antithetical to the American Viewpoint Which is you come Bottoms Up you fight So we've talked about the Clear Vision We've identified who the enemy Is the enemy is Zionism the enemy is People like the kennedies the Ened is people who never had to work a Day in their lives the enemy is people Who actually hate you Kennedy Hates you because he hates you is why he Steals our material because he wants to Cover the truth Tucker Carlson was Stealing from me a couple weeks ago on My one of my accounts I literally I know Exactly what you're talking about Because I've experienced it personally Myself and I can't even believe how many People that are big into the public Stage they're on the stage very largely How they blatantly steal from people Constantly and nobody knows how many Cell phones do you think these guys have Set up to make it look like they have a Lot of fans on social media there's no Way that many people can like some of The things they saying I don't buy it it Doesn't add up to me and the fact that They steal from small cre creators is

Ridiculous Kennedy hates you the Zionists hate you because they think They're better and they think they're so Smart they can steal our material and Wrap it up that's hatred I received it Through meditation so most of the stuff I receive it through meditation it's Directly channeled into my brain I come And I share it with the public because It's given to me to share and then when It's stolen they don't even give it Justice they don't understand the entire Background that needs to be explained or Why why it came down to our conscious in The first place let someone just put Someone's calling me Muhammad Shiva Because I am exposing Kennedy and Attacking Zionism this is a Idiot okay this is what I call a Idiot okay and I think we should discuss idiots too it's very important To discuss idiots because Michelle they're trying to create a Dialectic because I oppose Zionism Therefore I must be pro-islam you see This idiot and it's creating That dialectic that is used to Manipulate people Zionism has nothing to Do with Judaism idiot there are rabbis All over the world right now speaking The same truth that Zionism is not Judaism it has to be people of that high Of mind and Y Shiva for the Caliphate trying to yeah trying to talk

To people who are in a hive is is next To Impossible from my experience so we Live in this very interesting world Where I think what's happening Michelle This is a huge opportunity we have Because I see it happening every Thursdays we have an event right and the Event is very cool because as I Mentioned to you Thursdays are normally A very long day we do an open house so We do 11:00 a.m. EST and at 8:00 p.m. People can go to vh.com orientation and What we do is we take a topic like we're Doing here but a lot of extraordinary People show up the other is I encourage Everyone to go to Dr sh for president Download that flyer print it out educ It's really an educational flyer and Then go to truth health.com and become a Warrior scholar there's no excuse people Have anymore they don't have to lower Their standards they don't have to say Well he had to do this he had to do that I'm going to vote for the lesser of two Evils and that's the opportunity people I like it building from the ground up Dr Shiva thank you so much I've enjoyed This conversation thank you for Everybody out there who's watching Commenting following along and getting Involved so everyone join us on Thursday And remember this is as Michelle just Said this is an opportunity for you to Get get involved take action a lot of

People feel helpless there's no need to Feel helpless and hopeless when you're Given an opportunity to get involved Yeah hold on Michelle everyone thank you Be well be the light and let's win this Fight thank you

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