Dr.SHIVA: Come To The Upcoming International Conference on Vaccine Safety & Immune Health

Dr.SHIVA: Come To The Upcoming International Conference on Vaccine Safety & Immune Health

Good evening everyone it’s Dr shivaya Dray Saturday October 29th from 10 a.m To 2 p.m the International Center for Integrative systems which is the center That I started as a research and Education Institution for system science We’ll be holding the second International Conference on vaccine Safety and immune Health some of you may Know in 2019 we held a similar Conference way ahead of all the events That transpired after and it was really To educate people not only the public But the broad scientific community on The need for real vaccine safety studies But more importantly on immune health And the modern findings that are Emerging out of systems biology in Mid-2019 I had been invited to the National Science Foundation to give a Presentation on the modern theory of the Immune system and anyway we felt that Again this is in 2019 way ahead of the Events that took place in 2020 and 2020 One but we felt that there was a real Need to really have a International Conference about 900 people came this Was in 2019 and we’re hosting it again In Cambridge And those of you want to come you can Come live or virtually and you can Purchase tickets for it we’ve made it Very very accessible to people it’s Around 25 bucks and I’ll talk to you

More about that but fundamentally at This conference we will review the Science of the modern immune system We’ll also bring people up to date on The recent scientific studies on vaccine Safety that has emerged we want to Invite whoever wants to come you can be Pro or anti-vaxx it doesn’t matter it’s Really to have an open discourse and to Have science really Prevail versus People being on the left or right or Pro Or ante we have way too much of that and I think it’s about time that we take a Scientific approach which is what we did And we LED and pioneered this back in 2019 so this is three years later this Is a lot more information out there Anyway it’s going to be on Saturday October 29th 2022. in order to Participate you can go over literally to VA shiva.com on the shop you can see There’s the tickets here you can go Right into to tickets and you’ll see There’s a thing called second International Conference on vaccine Safety and immune Health if you go there You can purchase the tickets it’s 25 Bucks so 25 and I hope all of you attend Alternatively you can just go to the Link which is in this post to find out And you can go right to the shop link And get access let me see if there’s any Questions people have on the shop Someone says look forward to reviewing

This someone says thank you for all you Do you’re most welcome yep and someone Says wow Stanford miara Morgan says good Evening good to have you Maria so I Encourage all of you to share this Because we really believe at the center That there’s a need for real science we Live in a very very divisive world and We hope science prevails and the agenda Of this conference that’ll start at 10 A.M if you want to come in and once you Purchase a ticket and you don’t want to Come in physically you’ll get a zoom Link or you’re in our Auditorium in Cambridge Massachusetts we’ll put Directions up there you can come and It’s going to be held not this Saturday But on October 29th Saturday so I hope All of you can come but it’ll be a real Condensed uh Workshop you’ll get an Up-to-date understanding of all the Science that’s out there on vaccine Safety but you’ll walk away with a Really beautiful systems understanding Of the immune system but one of the most Important things that you’ll understand Is a need for personalized and precision Medicine that’s the way the NIH wants to Move that’s the history of traditional Medicines it’s really a systems approach So once again I hope all of you have a Chance to attend and that is the bring It up again that is the second International Conference on vaccine

Safety immune Health Saturday October 29th as you can see here 10 a.m to 2 p.m It’s going to be held at 701 Concord Avenue and as the blurb says it says Vaccines are Hallmark of modern medicine Emerging from an early understanding of The immune system systems biology However provides for a modern theory of The immune system for precision and Personalized medicine and reveals a Framework for much needed vaccine safety And risk assessment so anyway I invite You to invite your doctors invite other Scientists [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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