Dr.SHIVA™ – Climate Change “Science” is NOT Science. – GOP Debate Answer

Dr.SHIVA™ – Climate Change "Science" is NOT Science. - GOP Debate Answer

More than one thousand people are still Unaccounted for in Maui after the Wildfires a hurricane is hitting California for the first time in decades Young voters say their top concern is Climate change how will you address this So it's a very very good question so Let's talk about a lot of I mean you Brought up the issue Grace of the you've Used the word climate change and you've Also used the word the fires in Maui the Intersection here is the following Climate does change it always changes The issue is this there has been a Theory put forward by an organization Called The International Panel on Climate change the ipcc and this started Around in the mid 80s really perpetuated By a guy called Al Gore and the concept Is that CO2 which is a greenhouse gas is Being trapped in the atmosphere and that CO2 gas is going to cause a increase in The surface temperature of the earth so This is a theory now from a pure Scientific standpoint we need to Recognize the following the sun is this Radiative body it puts out so much Radiation that hits the Earth to be Specific the sun puts out 340 watts per Meter per square meter that hits the Earth 140 of that bounces off the Earth's surface and that means 200 watts Per meter comes into the Earth by simple Energy balance that other 200 watts per

Meter has to be dissipated well the Earth has a process called convection Which is the interaction of the ocean Water with the atmosphere and through This very complex process the Earth has This amazing ability to dissipate this Other 200 watts per meter now the Quote-unquote climate change proponents Claim that because of the man-made CO2 We're not going to be able to dissipate All that heat and that heat is going to Be trapped in the earth and it's going To increase temperature so we do know Greenhouse gases and increased Temperature the issue comes though Chris How much that is what science is Concerned about but you can take a Little bit of salt or you can take a lot Of salt but based on what you take you Can cause damage to your body or be Beneficial for your body so in science We're looking at how much now the Climate models that were used to make These assumptions were based on a Mathematics that is actually unsolvable You can win a million dollar right now For actually being able to model what's Called a turbulent fluid and we're Talking about two turbulent fluids the Atmosphere and the oceans no one's been Able to do this in fact if you actually Bother reading the ipcc rewards which I Have there's about 120 models and every Model gives a very different answer so

For example if you look at these models Prediction of how much arctic ice will Melt one model says a hundred percent Will melt by 2050. another says zero Will melt and in fact there's like the Baskin Robbins flavors there's one Flavor for everyone so this is not Science what is science what is evidence In science as a scientist I can tell you Evidence is reproducible predictions if An apple is at this site and I drop it I Can predict exactly how long it'll take To drop the ground using Newton's Equations I don't get 10 different Answers I'll get one answer they have 120 different answers this is not Science and therefore they're not able To actually tell us how much the Earth's Temperature is going to heat by any Level of it's basically an error more Importantly if you look at these models Guess what they didn't include clouds in Their model clouds were not in included In the model and more than enough Evidence by the work of dick lindsen at MIT now shows clouds of an amazing Effect to control the Earth's surface Temperature no different than the iris Of your eye if I shine a bright light Your eyes just don't say wide open they Know how to close and open right in a Similar way they did not include clouds So the models are completely bogus so That's a very important point I just

Want to make from a scientific Standpoint that these models are based On nonsense in fact they don't predict Anything now getting to the wildfires Let's talk about something I did a whole Video on the Canadian wildfires first of All fires do take place wildfires do Occur however the way that you control Fires is through adequate Forest Management you invest in infrastructure Of proper airplanes which can actually Dump water you have high penalties for Arsonists that do cause a lot of these Fires and you also allow the people on The ground farmers who know what to do To do their natural process of clearing The ways so fires are contained well None of these processes have been Supported be it in Maui beat in Australia where the fires have taken Place be in Canada or any of these Places in fact it appears by all Evidence that the leadership of these Regions be in Hawaii be it in Canada be It in Australia actually want fires to Take place why I'll give you the case in Point is that if you take Canada for Example they want to impose a carbon tax On all the working people by saying oh My God climate change is going to occur We can't have more CO2 in the Environment so we're going to start Taxing you Canada wants to take its Carbon tax of 70 dollars per ton up to

170 dollars per ton all right so they Really want to Triple the carbon tax and So what better way to Triple the carbon Tax and to convince the masses oh my God Look at these forest fires are being Caused by climate change therefore you Should happily give your taxes so we can Control these fires so in my view if you Look at Maui by all the evidence people Have been saying for many many years That the basic infrastructure wasn't in Place to control these forest fires and By the way arsonists really don't get That much penalty there's really not any Type of serious liability serious Penalty just to being an arsonist it Seems to me by all evidence that there Is a economic incentive to support Forest fires from occurring because the Economic incentive is a government's State government Federal Government Can Impose carbon tax on its people so That's the linkage between these forest Fires and climate change there's a bogus Science that's been created on climate Change absolutely nonsensical science That shows no evidence and that bogus Science which is basically marketing is Being used as a basis to support carbon Tax of working people and what better Way to amplify that marketing with Ensuring that you don't put the right Infrastructure in place in these states And these regions where forest fires are

Going to take place well that's an Excellent answer using science with Actual evidence-based science not models I'm sure the GOP heads are spinning with That one well the bottom line is none of Those candidates on the stage can even Talk to the reality why all these Climate change models are Because they don't even know the science They'll just probably be listening to my Words and mimicking it none of them can Actually explain to people in very Simple ways why these models are none of them are actually read The ipcc report and anything they say Today they'll contradict tomorrow but if You look at what I've been saying for The last decade it's always been Consistent to this point that the Climate change is being done to Impose a carbon tax on working people And small businesses it's literally a Tax on the war again that's what it Really is this is why we need a systems Overhaul because things are not going to Get better we cannot be voting for the Lesser of two evils for the first time In American history in a long time you Have someone like me one of us trained Engineer trained scientists mowed lawn Played baseball came bottoms up one of You why is it that I had to leave the Republican party and run as independent And obviously a guy of my skin tone

Should have been embraced by the Democrats but neither of these parties Serve any of us anymore so it's time for Us to build a Bottoms Up movement and That's what Shiva for president's about It's about us it's about you and me Uniting Bottoms Up and letting go of These idiots many of you know we have This movement called Truth Freedom Health you can go to truthfromhealth.com And check it out we need to build the Bottoms up Movement we need to shatter The Swarm the Swarm or all those people On the debate stage Republican and Democrat black brown red white color it Doesn't matter they're multi-racial Global decentralized bunch of That do not give up about you what can You do well go to Shiva for president Many of you work hard so we made it easy Go get a bumper sticker get this bumper Sticker put it on the back windshield of Your car why a hundred thousand people Will see that that will be Defiance Because you're telling them off I No longer believe in your lesser of two Evils I'm supporting a guy who's one of Us if you're a little more adventurous Go out to shiver for president download One of these flyers hand them to your Neighbors it's in the download section If you want to donate great but I cannot Take your money without giving something Back when you donate to me I give you

Books I give you knowledge I give you Courses so you can become a truth Freedom Health Warrior this is about us And it is truly US versus them and they Do not want you living long and Prosperous I do so anyway everyone thank You Shiva for president.com truth Freedom Health to all of you by the way We we need to get on the ballot in every State go to Shiva for president.com Volunteer volunteer volunteer this is Our time it is US versus them and we Must shatter the Swarm be well be the Light Shiva for president.com

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