Dr.SHIVA™: Beetroot & Cardiovascular Health – A CytoSolve® Molecular Systems Analysis

Dr.SHIVA™: Beetroot & Cardiovascular Health - A CytoSolve® Molecular Systems Analysis

Welcome everyone it's Dr Shiva ayadure We're going to be talking about beetroot And cardiovascular health all right so Let's study the cardiovascular system The cardiovascular system is composed of Heart blood vessels and blood what's Really important to understand is that Every bump of the heart you're sending Both oxygen but you're also supporting Your immune system that's why exercise Is very important but what happens here You can see that oxygenated blood comes In and then this pumps it throughout Your body and then as your body uses up That oxygen rich blood you have the Deoxygenated blood that's coming into Your lungs and then your lungs oxygenate The blood and so on so when we take a Closer look here the arteries here which Are bringing in oxygenated blood and Then we have the veins which are Carrying deoxygenated blood and if you Look at the structure of your blood Vessels you'll notice the inner layer is Composed of the endothelial the veins And the arteries have the thick layer They have the outer layer and the Endothelial but the capillaries only Have the endothelial and so beets have Been researched for over 72 years 8 165 Research articles over 283 clinical Trials now one of the things that we do When I do the program is I want to share With you that the approach we take as a

Systems approach we don't just go cherry Pick a few articles which show beats for Good or they're bad using cytosol we Look at all the different articles that Are out there and how do we do that well We're able to do that because the Approach that we take with cytosol Allows us to look at all those articles And then from those articles we find the Ones in this case that have to do with The particular biomolecular function Which has to do with cardiovascular Health and then from those papers we Extract out the molecular Pathways and That means the chemical reactions that People have found and then we build a Holistic understanding of the known Science and then we from that molecular Systems architecture in this case of Cardiovascular health knowing what Compounds are beetroot we then make an Assessment of what are the valid papers And what they're actually eliciting in This case we're looking at beet roots And cardiovascular health just a little Bit of what is cytosol so the technology That I created out of MIT some of you You've been interested in it allows us To do this I wanted to let you know that We use the technology here we've helped Many many companies over the last 16 Years a lot of smart Innovative Companies but we decided with all the Mathematical models we've created why

Don't we try to use this to compute the Best product we could think of from the Science out there for reducing pain and Inflammation pain and discomfort and That resulted in us creating mv25 using Cytosol we're going to have more Products that are going to be coming but Let me just show you what mb25 is about For those of you who haven't heard about It but this is using cytosolving a Beneficial way not to just do research But find combination therapies I am Barbara and my hands would cramp up So that I couldn't pull cards or knit or Crochet and they would go like that Not have to use this when I played cards With my grandkids and I started taking That Mb25 after a bit I was able to hold Cards in my hand very very little Cramping hardly at all anymore MV 25 hi My name is Sandy I'm a Taekwondo Instructor I tore my ACL during Taekwondo I had a lot of pain and Limited Mobility I've been taking the Mv25 for about six months now after the First week I noticed a big difference After the second week almost literally No pain my name is Jeremy and I suffer From a lower back problem hurt my back At work years ago and I can go to the Chiropractor do all kinds of different Things and nothing seems to help me and I decided to try mv25 I didn't notice a

Difference immediately but within a few Days the pain went away and it stayed Away I've continued to take it and even When I do things that I shouldn't do Seems to go away a lot quicker than ever Did before it's clean food certified It's made in the U.S if you go to VA Shiva.com right on the shop you'll click There or you can go right to mb25.life Either way and then from there you can Click on the bottle and you can order if You buy six bottles you get six bottles For free please take advantage of it Because first of all it's going to help You it's going to help our movement and It really supports the fact that we want To take science-based approaches to Natural Products now when you look at Beetroot which is a natural food this Too is composed of various types of Chemicals and we used cytosol to also Understand beetroot so what is B what Are what is Beet Root composed of well First of all you can see it's composed Of fiber proteins interesting enough and It also has a little bit of fat so That's the macronutrients but it also Has these micronutrients vitamins Carotenoids it's got minerals phenolic Compounds and inorganic nitrate and You're going to find out that inorganic Nitrate is one of the important things For cardiovascular health so these are The Active Components look there's lots

And lots of compounds in beetroot these Are what people have found over research Are the Active Components of things that Have the most powerful effects so what Are the biological effects of beetroot The one of the biological effects is That beetroot is anti-inflammatory Antioxidant antimicrobial which means it Fights off microbes Anti-hyperlipidemic which means stopping The formation of cholesterol Anti-hypertensive and it modulates the Immune system so it has a number of very Very powerful biological effects so what Are the health benefits well one of the Things that's coming out that's very Valuable about beets it's for Cardiovascular health such as Hypertension arteriophorosis heart Failure diabetes hepatitis and Infections so now how does all this work Well when we looked at nitric oxide Nitric oxide is critical to understand Why beets work first of all nitric oxide Is a vasodilator its key role is Maintaining blood pressure it's Anti-arthurogenic and it's generated by Enos catalysis which is an enzyme Catalyzes L-Arginine when you exercise Blood flows and it triggers no Production so if you look right here When you exercise these arrows represent Blood flow going through your Capillaries the surface is made of the

Endothelial cells and in the presence of Arginine uvasodilate and your body Produces nitric oxide since nitric oxide Is really important and what we did many Years ago at MIT at my work at Harvard Andrew Coos work at MIT one of my Colleagues he looked at when blood Glowed through the arteries and he could Measure nitric oxide but when you look At the surface of the endothelial you See this little Christmas tree structure This literally moves when you exercise It's called the glycocalyx and when this Moves your body releases nitric oxide And this nitric oxide release is what is Beneficial so no one's really been able To fully understand how all of this Happens but with cytosolve as I Mentioned we put all of this together we Model calcium influx and Enos expression We model all the research from thousands Of papers and we discovered was this is Our prediction on the x-axis's time on The y-axis is the enzyme which causes MRNA of that enzyme which releases Nitric oxide this is our prediction and Look at this the orange squares you Represent the actual stuff coming from The wet lab so our prediction from Cytosol matches nearly perfectly and Same here with the actual protein Production the net takeaway from your Standpoint is you need to recognize that Cytosol is an amazing tool to predict

Biomolecular functions well what happens Is beetroot is shown to have an Antihypertensive effect anti-diabetic Effect and anti-artherose sclerotic Effect how does this do this well one of The key things is beetroot has that Chemical called nitrate the nitrate from Beetroot is converted to nitrite by Oral Bacteria in your mouth and the nitrite Decomposes to nitric oxide and the no Activates enzyme called guanglil cyclase SGC and that enzyme of being activated SGC converts GTP to CM GMP in the smooth Muscle cells surrounding the blood Vessels leading to their relaxation and That Vaso relaxation promotes Anti-hypertensive effects the other Thing is we have adolin betalane and Epigenin apogen and goes affects the Nrf2 pathway which creates catalase and Sod and this blocks superoxide and this Blocks hydrogen peroxide which would Normally lead to endothelial dysfunction And diabetes and over here you can see The beta lane from beetroot and the Carotenoids also go stop super dioxide Which also has the effect of stopping Plaque formation arterial sclerosis so Again another important thing so how Much did you take well you should take About 100 milligrams per kilogram According to the research by turol which Is the beta then and from beetroot Extracts for coronary heart disease

About 100 milligrams per kilogram of Body weight that supports for glucose Control and about 250 milliliters Beetroot juice per day for hypertension So in summary beetroot has several Benefits to cardiovascular benefit Number two it is nitrate from beetroot Releases of acodilate or nitric oxide it Promotes upregulation of antioxidant Enzymes that mitigate diabetes and Beetroot compounds also prevent arterial Sclerosis so there you go I hope that Was helpful please review the video and I wish everyone well thank you Foreign Foreign

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