Dr.SHIVA™: 29 Year Old Warrior Gives Powerful Christian Speech Supporting Shiva4President.com

Dr.SHIVA™: 29 Year Old Warrior Gives Powerful Christian Speech Supporting Shiva4President.com

I just want everyone to know that I've Fought with Dr Shiva for a long time for The past well feels like a long time for The past five years I was raised in a religious household I Still pray every day I go to church Every Sunday but one of the most Important lessons that I was raised with Is that you always do the right thing no Matter what when evil tempts you to Compromise and take the easy and Convenient path you say get behind me Satan anything less than that is a sin I was taught from a young age that a Good Christian a follower of Christ Should imitate Christ in all things and If we are really to imitate Christ in All things then naturally that would Include whipping the money changers and Throwing them out of the temple there is A time and a place for them But one thing Christ never did Throughout his Earthly Ministry was make Faustian Bargains for political Expediency I cannot imagine standing Before my final judgment and telling my King in heaven well Lord I had to do the Lesser of two evils I mean yes I knew That this other guy was defrauding People and scamming people and doing all Sorts of perverted illegal stuff with Kids and no I didn't blow the whistle on Him or anything about it because I Needed all of his political connections

But it was all for a good cause Lord you Understand right yeah If that sounds like you if you are Living a double life of contradictions With skeletons in your closet but you're Hiding all of that thinking that LARPing Is if you're fighting the good fight in Public is going to make up for it yes I'm sure the Lord understands I'm sure That Jesus understands that they're the Exact same type of hypocritical scumbag That he cast out of his father's Temple The thing I respect most about Dr Shiva Is that over the past five years that I've known him and all the battles we've Fought together he doesn't tolerate such Contradictions not in himself not in the Movement that we've built the movement For truth freedom and health from the Boston Free Speech rally where the mayor And the police commissioner of Boston Tried to slander us as Nazis and whipped Up a mob of 40 000 people thinking we Were literally the KKK to try and shut Us down or back when he went down to New Jersey in 2019 when he grew up to fight The bill that was going to rid religious Exemptions for vaccines for school Children but as a system scientist and An expert in the immune system he knows That one size that fits all medicine is Bunk at first all of the anti-backs People down there were excited oh my Goodness finally a scientist in the

Movement and they all wanted him to work With this guy RF Kennedy but Kennedy all He wanted to do was negotiate with the Politicians told people quiet down don't Protest too much it might upset the Democrats Well Dr Shiva knew about this guys that He endorsed the vaccine Queen Hillary Clinton three times this guy RFK goes in Front of his audience and says he's for Vaccine safety one day and then he goes In front of another audience and says He's for full vaccination of all Americans typical self-contradicting Political celebrity so being an honest Guy Dr Shiva exposed the bastard and Went on the war path against him because He doesn't compromise no matter how much People beg him to oh you got to work With this guy or you gotta work with That guy yeah but they're scumbags so We're not going to work with them And I've seen time and time again he is Completely uncompromising completely Dedicated because of where he came from A dirt poor Village at the very bottom Of the Indian caste system his journey To where he is now and the battles that He had to fight to get there and Continues to fight without compromising Again make him someone that I see Following the example of my Lord Jesus Christ with his actions and that is the Kind of movement I want to be a part of

And that is the kind of person I will Fight with through hell and back do not Compromise with corruption and evil Destroy it Dr Shiva for president 2024 Service is citizenship

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