Don Lemon worse than I though appealing to Tictokers + Gatekeeper Charles Barkley

Don Lemon worse than I though appealing to Tictokers + Gatekeeper Charles Barkley

Okay greetings brothers and sisters um One of my viewers pointed out this was Another indication of the year of the Amateur it's like wow how could I miss That I usually forget about the year of The amateur and I want to cover this a Little bit briefly so the video I made Two days ago or yesterday here but it'll Be uh today's the 25th I made it on the 24th and this video won't be up till the 26 um but I um received a message from YouTube that I was sharing re revenue For the music that was in Don lemon's Crappy video um the one that people were Marking the music saying it was Superhero music and the music would Never stop and they thought it would Stop and it wouldn't he paid for that Music he paid for the music that people Were mocking right and he's just so Amateur hour and I'll get into what that Means and why um some of it you know Part of it he's mentally incompetent but Here he has the you know the Carrie U The um Candace Owen being fired that's The video I talked about and then this Happened here I want to show you these Two a little bit of this interview here And then get into why he's such an Amateur so this one did I make M make Did I make Elon Musk uncomfortable Carrie swisser and Don lemon's discuss And so this is a flip of their interview Do you think he was uncomfortable

Sitting in front of a gay Blacky Guy What do you think that's what made him [Laughter] Uncomfortable like just um think he was Uncomfortable sitting in front of a gay Black guy probably more gay than black I Would think I hate to say that but um I Don't know I don't know I don't Questioner than don't answer because I Don't think that's what you know he was Giving very comfortable answers I mean The the beginning of the interview he Started off and throughout the interview He was calm and he get very very Reasonable rational Answers it was that the endless Incompetence is what cost you your job And that you attacked him for over an Hour with Goofy mainstream media you Know just lightweight stuff right like It's just everybody can see it and this She she certainly can't because it's a Guest on the show okay so I you know had To go do some things and I thought about You know this portion of the the video Here and Don Lemon Ascribing Elon mus being an Uncomfortable which he wasn't to his Being a black a man when that's clearly What wasn't going on now it's you know It's hard to understand what's going on With people because lots of times people Don't even know what's going on inside

Of them in terms of their internal Process I that's why there's you know a Multi-billion dollar therapy business Right because people don't even know What their inner dial dialogue is and The reasons they make decisions they Don't know why they're you know I mean They don't even with Psychology which is a flawed and limited Dogma right like people don't even know When they're lying or what makes them Tick and things like that but reading People is something that I do fairly Well you know I mean given the fact that You can it's a you know it's it's a hard Thing to really end up doing completely But you can get a sense of why people do Some of the things that they do but what Was going on with with Don Lemon and Elon Musk was something for all of us Who deal with this we know exactly what It is because when you are talking to Somebody if you're a truther if you're Someone who has freed yourself from your Indoctrination and your you know the the System of the control system then when You talk to a sheeple you talk to Somebody who's a Gatekeeper you know you just want to get Out of that conversation right and Don Is the ultimate sheeple and just you Know a very shallow he's like a you know A duck P paddling on the the surface of The ocean right he's not even I mean

There's there's no depth to his Understanding of you know current events And what's going on in the world and you Know one of my viewers said that his Video the the newest video he put up There about Candace Owen is Um it's a lot like Tik Tok videos you Know like maybe he got a Tik Tok video Editor whatever it is but again it's There's no depth to Don Lemons or his Skill base and Elon Musk said what he Was upset about here's Elon musk's um Statement about this his approach was Basically just CNN but on social Media which doesn't work as evidence of The fact that CNN is dying instead of Being the real Don Lemon it was just Really former CNN Chief Jeff Zucker Talking through Don Lemon so lacked Authen Authenticity and so that was um this is What he said originally however like an Enterprise we reserve the right to make Decisions it says DM show is welcome to Publish its content on X without Censorship as we believe in providing a Platform for creators to scale their Work and connect with communities our Like an Enterprise we reserve our right To make decisions about our business Partnerships and carefully consider ex Decide not to enter into a commercial Partnership with the show but if you

Watch the interview you could see that's What's going on because you know it's Like to talk to somebody like that and You just want to get out of the Conversation and you don't want any Further relationship with them you know When I talk to somebody about something That they know things about that I don't Like let's say it's about some knowledge I want about maybe fixing my tractor a Car or something and you know I'm Watching a video about it or whatever it Is right I don't ask them challenging Questions and you know talks about Things I don't know anything about right And then this Reena you know something I Do professionally here and I feel like I'm insightful and whatever it is but I Certainly know when I'm talking to Somebody who doesn't know anything about And they're just clueless and they're Just regurgitating what they've learned From the mainstream system and we all Have people in our lives like that or People that we end up interacting with Or you talk to somebody who's really Stupid or low consciousness And you have no connection with you just Want to get out of the conversation There's nothing to pursue there right You don't want to you know hurt the Person or you know you don't want to Tell them your world view you know I was Talking to my mom when she was in her

90s and about some of the big events Were happening she was just talking About him and I I knew more than she did And I could have informed her but I'm Like what difference does it make that She realizes you know I'm either she's Going to agree with me she's going to Worry about me or she's going to stress Out about it if she thinks it's true if She thinks it's false she's going to Worry like I've gone off the deep end or Something and so why why would I do that Right you know and there's a lot of talk In this interview with Carrie swisser That's coming up um again I already did These clips that you're about to see and They're talking about not being able to Be who you are as a gay person or black Person or any number of you know ways That people feel marginalized but we as Truthers we're not allowed to be who we Are and because of our beliefs I mean Don Lemon himself went after us I'll Show you that clip they went after Antivaxers you know we're not out able To speak Our Truth everyone's like Don Lemons and people like that they're Calling for censorship for anybody who Challenges the official story and yet They whine about their own demographics Being mistreated right and so let me Show you that clip here I think we have To stop codling people when it comes to This and the vaccine saying oh you can't

Shame them you can't call them stupid You can't call them silly yes they are The people who ate it and ab beted Trump Are stupid because they believed his big Lie the people who are not getting Vaccines who are believing the lies on The internet instead of science it's Time to start shaming them what else or Leave them Behind be because they are keeping the Majority of Americans behind Okay so They're going to get Into the complaining about how their Demographic is being harassed right but No one ever talks about the way that We're treated as truthers and I don't Consider myself a victim and I don't Complain about it but I'm just pointing It out right because he's doing it there And so there's that um but here let's Get into it let's show I'll show you What I'm talking about here I mean Having answer questions from I don't Think he likes control Beyond himself And so it doesn't matter who's exerting It I don't think he much likes Jo Biden Either like a white guy right Yeah this analysis is riting so I think He he doesn't like anybody in a position Of control of him because I think he Probably had a youth now again not an Excuse he had a youth everyone's like oh We had a hard he talked about it very Briefly I had a hard youth guess what I

Had a hard Youth too so I'm sorry we all Did like stop whining you billionaire s To tell you everyone has a heart like Many people not everyone you did too I I Never would have guessed Don yeah you Know we all had my I just my youth was So hard my youth was harder than your Youth I don't sit around and one of the Things that I think you did really well There um which could even be stressed More was he was talking about we have to Get over it like we did get over he goes Well you're successful he threw that in Did you hear him say that to you well You're you overcame it like why do we Have to overcome it like why is this a Tax why do I have a tax because I'm gay Why do I have a tax because I'm a women Like because I'm a women um Again that isn't what he was saying what He's saying is you're saying that the System's rigged against you and yet You're successful right now there is People who have more of an easier path Toward success right people born in more Affluent families people born in you Know suburbs and not in poverty people Born that fit more the mold of Successful people sure that exists in Every society it's going to exist no no Matter what but often times those people Don't have you know you see more and More that people who are successful are In some ways

Underprivileged or come from damaged Situations and they have a drive I mean Immigrants will work harder like I've Talked before because they come from Harder Circumstances and people who grow up With privilege are usually entitled and Have a hard time becoming successful Often times like I've said success isn't Generational right you have a person Who's successful in one generation and Then their kids are are bums or Duds Because they just don't have the drive But you come from abusive situation or Impoverished situation and so you know American System allows you to be Successful even if you're not the you Know whatever it is that's what D that Was what he was saying Elon Musk was Saying you know you're successful why Are you complaining about this you know Like he isn't about his childhood and You know whatever he was saying you know He asked him a question he said that you Know what drives you and he said that Because often times damaged people need Material success to validate them and It's a an obsession right like Michael Jordan having an overactive drive for to Be competitive it was a psychological Issue all these people who hoard Resources they're they're Psychologically messed up we have to we We do overcome it but why in the world

Do we have to like why why isn't it it Would be really nice if we were all Judged on our character and our results But that's just not the case okay again This idea this narrative that you know Um everybody is has this on some level Whether it's within their own Demographic you know it's just you're Going to have obstacles in life but Anyways I just want to show you one more Thing here then I want to move on from This but they're talking about Right Here hting people like that well Speaking of that and that VIN seed Bannon let's talk about Donald Trump Because um he Elon Musk insisted to me That he never he is not going to give a Single dollar to the Trump campaign roll Sound by you recently met with Donald Trump in Florida what did you guys talk About uh I was at a dinner I was not Done I was at a breakfast at a friend's Place and Donald Trump came by that's It so you didn't go there to meet him I No I went Lon sh in his own show on his Show Don Lemon has one show on his show And he's talking about that show with This other show that he's making with This other woman talking about the show Right this whole show with the woman the Interview is about his interview with With uh Elon Musk and he's failing like He doesn't he's not getting views and

Everyone thinks he's a joke cuz this is Total amateure hour went to a a friend Of mine said a house uh and said Donald Trump's coming by for breakfast is that Uh just so you know like okay fine what' You Discuss I um let's just say uh he did most of The talk again he's not uncomfortable Here this does not look like a guy this Elon mus actually relaxed you know he Stutters more and he's more awkward and He was less awkward in this interview Than Lots I think it's because he's Unchallenged by Don lemon's mental Incompass it's right his incompetency as A Journalist [Applause] What the normal things he says there was Nothing particularly groundbreaking on You but uh he you know Uh president Trump likes to talk and so He Talked I I don't Rec call him saying Anything that he hasn't said publicly uh And that was it it was just a breakfast Did he ask you for money he didn't did He ask you for a donation no are you Going to loan him money to help pay his Bills no not at all pay his legal bills Look at him go look at his look at the Wheels turning I'm not I'm not paying Paying his legal bills in any way shap

Before and he did not ask you for money And he did not ask me for money so what Do you what do you think of that I know You think I should have followed up on Who was at the breakfast but what did You think of that texed do you believe Him that he's not going to give money I Don't know I don't he doesn't love Giving money to politicians he's not a Peter character okay so listen to this You know listen they're making it sound Like it's a crime to give money to Donald Trump right the other guy's Mentally incompetent he's a snoozer Sniffler and groper he said racist Things and he's been a lifelong Politician he's a dud and you know I'm Not voting and I don't care and I don't Know what's going to happen in in terms Of which like which poison Is going to take the country in which Direction but they're all the country is Going to end up in the same direction And that's collapsed because it's Inevitable right but that is whatever it Is but he has every right to give money To Donald Trump it's not a you know just Because you don't like it he's already Pretty much stated he's he's anti- Joe Biden Anti-democrat U Elon Musk he's made his Political you know just because you guys Think it's Donald Trump is the devil Doesn't mean he is

And the majority of people don't think That way anymore they don't think that Joe Biden is so much better than Donald Trump or like Donald Trump is like the Disaster that Joe Biden isn't because We've already seen Joe Biden presidency So they make it sound like you know These are this these liberals who think They know so much more than anybody else And they're dumb like this is stupid you Guys are like remedial minds and and Your grasp of reality in your Consciousness is so um like it's so Amateur hour right In that regard so I don't know I think He will he could direct he really has an Antipathy more than he doesn't like Trump he's told me that dozens of times I mean it was you know he used I hate Trump I've CAU in out of his mouth you Know before when he was joining Different groups at the beginning of the Trump Administration I can't stand him He's terrible we're going to stop him The anti-gay lesbians okay so this is The whole thing right um but let me get Into I switch over to a voiceover here You know the thing about Don lemons Being exposed and I talked about you Know he was a local whatever he was I'm Sure I could find old video of him as a Local news personality in Louisiana and Somehow he got on CNN's radar there's Local TV news all across the

Country and some of those people end up Becoming reporters or something for MSNBC or ABC news or CBS or you know CNN Or fox or whatever and they make it into A nation Situation and Don Lemons for whatever Reason you know whether he was a Diversity hire whatever you know I mean They they suck so bad over there so it's Hard to understand exactly what the Motivation was for hiring him but you Know it wasn't just it wasn't because he Was great that's obvious and he's not Very smart and he's not very he's Clueless right but he you know did the His job over there and he was fairly Popular and they decided to give him a Hosting position at the 900 p.m. hour Which is Prime Time news right it's Prime time kind of Content and you know he had to go from Somebody who reads the news to giving His own opinion see these people are all News readers and you can read the news Competently like I don't think he was Necessarily competent at that but he Wasn't you know didn't expose his flawed Thinking his inability to Understand or have a any kind of a take That people would find interesting and He says these things you know you see These ways that he expresses himself and He's horrible at it because he just Doesn't when he was asking the questions

The the questions he formulated and I Don't know if he actually bounced those Off of people like there was Contributions from other people but he Sucks at interviewing and when he gives A take you're like oh my God that's what You think like he can't even articulate And understand the liberal Positions and you know it's boilerplate Stuff and he can't even do a good job at Presenting that and that stuff's so Remedial but that's still okay you know That's still he get get away with it on CNN to whatever extent because his Audience is Dopey and CNN is remedial if You see people presenting their points Of view you know I can mock pretty much Anybody on CNM and MSNBC because of Their you know their limited bandwidth Of what they're willing to talk about in Terms of what's considered truth or Reality and everything else is some Crazy conspiracy theory and they just You know they all suck to a certain Extent but when you come out the Internet and now you have you know no Filters and no whatever it is I mean There's certainly some filters and you Can just be yourself and Don Lemon said He couldn't wait to just free himself From the shackles that CNN was putting On him and be able to speak his mind and And tell his truth and his truth is like He's he's a clown right because that

Level of competence where you can say Things that are interesting just based On your opinion and your you know point Of view and your understanding and Reading of situations right something That a lot of us here do competently and People tune in because they want to hear It they want to hear what our thoughts Are there's people that come to my Channel and like want to hear what I Think about certain subjects when the Story breaks right my interpretation of The events and Don Lemon just doesn't Have it like he's always been an amateur But now it's exposed the interview with Elon Musk and the followup about it and The way that he's presented himself like He doesn't know how to basically be Interesting or have he doesn't have the Ability to have you know interesting Takes on whatever is going on or in life In general because he's such a surface Dweller he dwells on the surface of Things but anyways I want to move on to Some other things I'm going to make Maybe a shorter video today but this is You know clearly the year of the amateur And you can check out my videos on my Apocalypse now Channel about Kate miden I mean that's obviously done Purposefully I I would assume you know They purposely doing amateur work to Distract from something else or derve a Narrative or whatever you know their

Motivation is but amateur hours like Amateur the year of the amateur is in Full swing I just want to add a few Things to this and there's a little bit Of a clip of Charles Barkley um in Interviewing Keenan Thompson um on his Charles Show um you know just to show you where CNN is at but you know there's something The internet's done for us there's a lot Of thing the internet's done you know I've talked about the evils of the Electromagnetic pollution the Wi-Fi I Mean it's affecting us all in ways that We don't even know About and we all know about the Addiction to screens and kids being on The internet for N9 Plus hours a day or Whatever I mean just all of that stuff And there's a lot of bad stuff with the Internet but what the internet has done Is it's allowed you to connect with People like yourself and it's opened up A level of understanding that's far Beyond the extraordinarily limiting Official story and The Gatekeepers Either the people who are just too Remedial to go beyond the official story Andor our Gatekeepers you know they're I mean it's Like like their neanderthals right or is A Chom magnum man which came First the Neanderthals came first the Chromag chrom magnaman were the first

Modern humans that's you know I don't Subscribe to Darwin's theory of re of Evolution but you see it in the you know The X-Men com comic books where you have These mutants you see this time time Again there was a couple of movies there Was a movie in a sequel on um it's a Canadian movie on Netflix where people Who have powers have to be registered These people have these Powers right and They have to be registered because you Know when people get abilities when Anything evolves what you've evolved From is threatened by you and so there Is in my spiritual you know the Spiritual Um uh knowledge that comes with the Sark System there's predictions about genetic M mutation and idea of human beings Accessing some of their hidden potential And evolving into more spiritually and Um you know higher levels of Consciousness and we've seen this in the Past you know those are Saints right a Saint is somebody who evolves and Reaches the next level and what's Happened to Saints in America and England and Europe and these countries Pretty much every place but India you Know India at least to its credit I mean It's a a materialistic pit now and There's so much degradation there but It's always been a country that Celebrates its Saints but most countries

Around the world most cultures kill Their Saints because it represents an Evolution right and that's what the Mainstream people The Gatekeepers are Doing they're trying to kill you destroy You mock you say that you're an Abomination even though that you've Cracked through and you've broke through To a higher level and the internet is Has helped a lot of us do that at least On a intellectual basis on a a knowledge Basis and so you know with CNN they're Just so remedial and this woman this Carrick Swisher talking to Don Lemons And saying that Elon Musk doesn't like Being controlled you know again not Standing up for Elon Musk I've talked About you know his I mean he's being you Know he's potentially a supervillain and Don Lemons is just a you know a Claud You know just a clown but you know in Terms of what you're saying here well It's a controlled system and they're Trying to limit people's expansion into Higher levels of consciousness we've Been lied to about everything including The creation of our you know of our um Species you know the the origin story of The human race and things about this Planet and spiritual knowledge that They're suppressing and that's you know And that's why I get into religions Right you know was what I was saying About what it's like to talk to a a you

Know a um sheeple as a truther the same Thing is it's like talking to a Religious person when you've reached Another level which is called Spirituality where you're connecting to God directly right where Jesus said the Kingdom of heaven lies within that's him Indicating he's moved to that level from Being an ordinary religious follower to Being a spiritual being and when you Become a spiritual person even just a Low-level spiritual person you still you Know it's really hard to talk to Religious people because they're so Limited and you're going to threaten Their very beliefs and existence right I Mean you can't talk to them because They're clung to something they're clung To this control system and so many People are clinging to this control System where there are people who are Trying to break through and break free And those people are labeled crazy or Dangerous or terrorists or whatever it Is because they're a threat to the Control system and that's what this Whole thing's about right All of it like it's just there is an Opportunity and it's not just because of The Internet it's just the time that It's there where people can connect with Other people like themselves and they Can understand knowledge that's been There you know I I've talked about how

My brother was one of the original Truthers he had his own AM radio station Radio Show and um he uh you know came back From Vietnam and there was this Knowledge that was out there about the Federal Reserve and you know there were Some it it's not great as it it is now Like it's just it was the beginning of Something but only a few you know Selected people had access to that right Because there was no internet I mean it Was you know people with shortwave way Radios or underground newsletters or People that you would talk to and have Conversations with and most of those People were Fringe people like the Character Mel Gibson played in the movie Conspiracy Theory and you know it wasn't I mean it wasn't as developed as it is Now and the internet has allowed for That but more importantly you know the Expansion of a a Global Travel and the The Consciousness shift that the hippie Movement in and of course we know the Hippies did a lot of damage in in Various ways but it opened up things That environmental concerns that are you Know very relevant and very important it Opened up an expansion beyond the world Religions to Spirituality which is the biggest of all Things right that's why I always say Spiritual only spirituality will save

This world human beings to survive have To have a internalized relationship with God on a much deeper level than most People could even conceive of to where That God's guiding you through your life And you're making the right decisions And all the evils of you know alcoholism And abuse and bad decision- making will Disappear because people will you know You'll have a society full of saints Doesn't that sound like that would solve The problem right if you had a society Full of saints doesn't you don't you Think the world would be a lot different And better if everyone was on a higher Spiritual level so that you know I mean It just makes sense and that's the Biggest thing to come out of this time Of change it's just a matter of whether People will embrace it or not so let's Return to the remedial here and listen To Charles Barkley with um this guy from Saturday Night Live we are your host Tonight I'm Charles Barkley and I and I Am Gail King and we're so you know There's nothing funny I'm cutting out the very beginning but It's there's no there there's these fake Giggles right there's this laugh track They haven't said one funny thing the Co-host of a real CNN show that combines Our two names King Charles so um yeah that's a fact right That's Gil King and that's Charles

Barkley and they've combined their names Right the show center is around Charles Barkley because Charles Barkley is CNN At T tbs's greatest asset he's their Most liked beloved figure you know he's Funny to people and he has a light sense Of humor right and he does you know some Funny things I mean he dresses up in the Addresses which is funny to some people And also which is funny to me he gets Arrested for drunk Driving and when he's getting arrested For drunk driving he tells the cops well He was just going to see a a prostitute That performed a sexual act on him that He never experienced you know as a Married man he's talking about this to a Cop and that he was going to get this Sexual act perform on him again and that Was his his excuse to try to get out of The DWI but um you know here's the Saturday Night Live failing at mocking him yeah I Thought I should be gay Bar but then I was told that that was Terrible Yes terrible well it goes without saying We love that sketch on Saturday Night Live when we saw it a few weeks ago Although we did have a few new a few Notes on that good thing though that Charles's Alter Ego is here we're very Excited that Keenan Thompson is in the House he's the longest serving SN now

Keenan Thompson's probably the funniest Person on Saturday Night Live but that's Not saying much because I think he's Sort of a naturally funny person but not Like a he's not a standup comic and you Know the sketches he's in I mean he Might be slightly funnier than the rest Of the people but the show sucks right I This is the whole problem with all of it The mainstream media cast member ever The one the Washington Post I love this Description of you Keenan called you a Sketch comedy Savant oh nice he has been Acting since he was a little kid on Nickelodean all that and Keenan and Kell Remember that and the Good Burger movies And if that isn't enough he also wrote His first book book do you mind if we Mention the book please he also wrote His first book it's called when I was Your when I was your age welcome to you Keenan thas thank you very much what a Pleas intro good give him the give him The book promo thank you well when it Says the longest member standing 23 Years you were the longest standing Member of Night Live my 21st but yes Yeah it's a it's a long time I mean I Can't even imagine where all that time Went honestly cuz I still feel young so Both these guys are likable you know There's the likability factor that's you Know they're people who are just likable The problem is that they're Gatekeepers

Charles Barkley is very um you know he Really pushes the mainstream narratives He pushed the Boop and he was very hard On the anti- boopers and this guy you Know is a so-called comedian with a Platform but they never really speak Truth to power you know they they focus On being likable and therefore are Trustworthy and so they're kind of of The most Insidious Gatekeepers I used to Talk about Tom Hanks like this certainly Ellen you know I talked about Ellen Tom Hanks and Will Smith and they were the The trustworthy celebrities who were Also Gatekeepers and weren't you know What they pretended to be Right young you know and you still look Young but when you're sitting in front Of somebody that you've done an Imitation of them do you get a little Nervous do you think Uh I hope they're not angry you know Clearly he's not do you get nervous About that yeah yeah cuz we're not out To offend you know what I mean we just Have you're not out to offend I'm not Personally know um but some people Strike it funny as a comedian you kind Of have to be especially in this day and Age a being offensive is kind of what's I mean that speaking truth to power Right now you almost have to offend People like I don't see any way to get Around it if you're going to actually

Speak truth people are going to get Offended because people are offended the Truth right and so you know you have a a Very specific tone you know what I mean And you're a big pres on T everybody Loves you yes it's just down in here you Know as it's just a very Southern Baritonal I'm I'm I'm a very tall person So that's how I sound I I first of all That's how I sound it's a tremendous Compliment it is first and foremost Tremendous but like like it's not this Imitation sucks like he doesn't sound at All like Charles Barkley there are People who do Charles Barkley's voice Great and Kingdom Thompson isn't one of Them from Washington DC this this a great first of all it's a Pleasure to have me here it's an honor Like I say I've been doing this for many Years and I've been doing I've been Doing this for a very long and it's good To be appreciated I was listening to Y'all talk before I came on the air and We didn't win as many awards as we Should have I'm spending some industry Secrets back to you Ern so that's you Know that's a good impression of Charles Barkley I've said this I had a couple of People call me who were hosting sat Night Live and I said it's the longest Damn week of your life yeah it how do Like well you've hosted it I have and It's the longest week of your life girl

You rehearsing 10 to 12 hours every like Where does all where does all this go Single day really how do you keep like Cuz you're doing the same thing over and Over how do you keep your energy L like If you're you're rehearsing that many Hours a day and you suck that bad like I Mean they have a week to prepare for a 2hour show and they write the comedy Sketches they probably have some ideas Coming in what they know the host is but Some of the sketches are repetitive but This is how you know if you're it's Almost like it's improv it's so bad you Know improv is probably funnier than Saturday Night Live and your focus up Working that hard every Day number one is a dream come true you Know what I mean oh wait wait there's The two of you together wa wait hold Back moment here that was a great prison Scene straight yeah that was a great one Um number two it's different for the Host the host has a lot of Responsibility like we're there more in A like a supportive role um third I I Work with amazing people brilliant People in the cast in front of the Camera behind the camera um you know It's it's a several hundred people Family you know what I mean that are Trying to build something new every Single week and yeah man and you guys Fail constantly and so this is you know

What I'm talking about The Gatekeepers People trying to keep the status quo and You know mocking people who are you know Against um that belief right here's Charles Barkley with Don Lemons right These two um brilliant dudes who are you Know have The Cutting Edge understanding Slamming Kyrie Irving Kyrie Irving you Know a hero to many of us in terms of His standing up for what he believed in And also sticking to his guns and Someone who's been proven right and lost Millions of dollars I mean maybe up to Phil $50 million or more maybe even Hundred million in endorsements and Contracts you got a lesser contract I Mean all these things right Kyrie Irving Who's been Vindicated and these are These two rocket science talking about Him NBA analyst Mr Charles Barkley good Morning to you sir really appreciate you Joining Us of course Don thank you thank you Guys for having me why so outspoken Especially when it comes to this issue You you know even as a someone who is You're covering sports but you're Speaking out about issues that have to Do with culture and Society why so Outspoken about This well I I don I don't like that word Outspoken because I hope anybody who Sees racism in any form whatsoever Should stand up well whether is guess a

Black person a Hispanic person a Jewish Person this is when Kyrie Irving posted A video that he was condemned for and Had nothing you know he didn't do Anything wrong he posted a video that's Still up on Amazon they didn't attack The platform they suspended him for five Games and they finded him which ended up Being about $5 million he had he got he Paid $5 million for posting a video link On Twitter Right asan Asian Hate's going a big deal In this country right now so anybody Should try to do the right thing if you See something wrong when it comes to Race or homophobic or sexist you should Always say something so and I'm always Going to do that see something say Something and I don't care about the Repercussions if I see something wrong What about Antivaxers what do you say about them do When they I mean he called antivaxers A-holes bunch of Clips out there things That he said all these other people Don Lemons wrong happening Don uh I'm gonna Say something how do you think the League should deal with it because Listen he's still on suspension but how Do you think the league should deal with It the reason I ask is because you know Everyone is speaking out about it Kyrie Irving is facing you know what he's Facing um but the league let him go for

A long time they they sort of are Forcing him to apologize but what if These are his real beliefs should they Be dealing with that as well again he he Tweeted a video that had lots of things In it the same problem he had with Elon Musk Kyrie Irving said he didn't agree With her believe everything that was in The video the video had a lot it's not a Well-made video I wouldn't endorse the Video you know I I like um what Kyrie yv Is Da but he has every right to post a Link to a video on Twitter that's Available on Amazon right and it was up On YouTube for a while I'm not even sure It got taken off of YouTube I don't Think it was considered hate speech Ian They could have went after Amazon and Asked Amazon to delete the video and Amazon said they wouldn't because they Didn't you know it was a person you know The the belief of the video is that Black people are the original Jews I Mean that's you know part of it and That's what Kyrie Irving and lots of People believe that they were the Original people were black that were Referred to in the Bible maybe they were More Middle Eastern I don't know right But either way right that's his beliefs And he's entitled to them and he's Entitled to post a video it might have Things in it that aren't great but he Wasn't posting those clips and he wasn't

Referring to those clips and he said I Don't believe everything that was in the Video but again you know if you thumbs Up something or like something or like Somebody's post and that person is post Something else somewhere else that has Been condemned right you like to post That was fine or whatever people weren't Upset about but then that same person Wrote something or did something Somewhere else and now you're on the Hook for something they did just because You liked something else that they did That was okay right and that's crazy Like it's nuts I mean that's how bad the Internet's become the level of scrutiny That it doesn't follow any logical sense Right because no two people I mean People say this all the time to me I Don't agree with everything that you say And I'm like well why you even saying That right because of course you don't Like I don't agree with everything I say You know there are things I go back and Watch all the videos and I'm like oh I Don't believe that anymore or whatever It is right I mean it's stupid to you Know think that way you're not going to Find two people who agree with Everything identically that does you Know it's not possible and that would be Wrong like that's just they want some Kind of Borg mentality right where Everyone has the same point of view like

The Matrix and some you know hive mind And so anything that you post that is Somewhat Controversial they try to you know Censor you even though you've said Nothing you didn't say anything about The the offending remarks right like This is the the cancel culture he's been Cancell right and Charles Barkley's on His Network now just being a gatekeeper And being stupid okay so there's one More thing I'm editing and I was reading Through the comments and people mention That I passed 100,000 I passed a th000 Subscribers on my new channel which is Great thank you the views are there they Just haven't counted them there's a week Delay but whatever So I can get that channel monetized That's great uh the other thing is that People were saying that his one video Was edited for ticktockers like that you Know the the colored writing where as He's talking that the word lights up in A different color and it's big subtitles That's a Tik Tock thing and they're Pointing out other ways that this was a Tic Tac video so Don Lemons and again I'm just sticking this in here because I I want to move on from him as much as Possible I might come back in a couple Days or week or so but I don't want to Have to make another video you know Tomorrow or the next day but he's trying

To get ticktockers at a younger audience And there's no Way like they're just I mean there's no Audience that's there for Don Lemons but Certainly the young people aren't going To be about Don Lemons right he thinks He's cool and You well maybe they have someone who Actually believes these things I'm not Saying it's right instead of forcing him To apologize maybe they should be Dealing with that that part of It ask that's a great question uh don People have the right to feel and say What they want to we have freedom of Speech but there are repercussions when You say certain things uh listen look at The the picture they they give of Kyrie Irving here listen I don't know KY again Kyrie Irving I don't know if he's a good Guy or bad guy I think he's been Suspended rightfully so and I think he Should come back and play in the NBA but You know that's a really slippery slope Because you know people always talk About freedom of speech freedom of of Effect what you say whatever you want to But there are repercussions I mean and He he's paying for that right now but no He posted a tweet that's all he did of a Link to a video that's not anything like You know the fact that these guys just Caved Charles Barkley is a gatekeeper And they just not smart right he's just

Not you know I mean he's not able to I Mean he's really a mainstream person and All the people on uh his show inside the NBA I was looking for those different Quotes and things and they were all Slamming Kyrie Irving for not playing And they were all saying how great the Bloop was right of course we know now That Kyrie Irving has been Vindicated I Mean we know it and they they refuse to Admit it and with Don Lemon said and all These people so they're Gatekeepers and They're there you know as a lower level Of consciousness Keeping the Sheel you know feeling like everything's Safe and it's not right because people Are ascending people are ascending past The remedial points of view and all These things and The Gatekeepers and all These people can't you know can't Contain it there there's a loss of Control here and the Sheep on the gay Keepers are freaked out about it the Thing about this is like I was saying we Don't know a lot about our true origin Story our true history and Rel lied to By both science and religion and the Powers that be about the origin of our Species and the nature of Life on planet Earth I mean information is being Withheld or it's been forgotten or it's Just not known right but Kyrie Irving And people who people of color who

Believe that they were the original Hebrews certainly the original Hebrews Were darkskinned just like Jesus was Right so when they started to sell Jesus's teaching to people in Europe you Know you're in England or you're in you Know some of this these um these European countries Germany and all these Other countries where they're fair Skinned people and they're saying well This is the only son of God this is this Guy's you know he's the only son of God Oh what do you look like oh he's a black Guy no they wouldn't say that right They're going to tell the people it look Like you did right they're going to Describe what they knew as a I mean many Of those people had probably never seen A dark skinned person in their life you Know you're not going to say he looked Like a m Middle Eastern person because They wouldn't even know what that meant But that's the region in which Jesus was And that's the reg region that the Original Jewish people were right they Were you know Brown to to black skin I Mean they look like people who live in That region now it hasn't changed that Much in 2000 years people aren't going To identify with somebody who doesn't Look like them most people like most People can't see Beyond The Superficial Aspects of a person and can't look at The soul and people like Kyrie iring are

Saying you know they had they had to Play with white Barbies and white GI Jo's and white you know whatever it is Right they're constantly told that white People are superior in some way or their Skin color and their you know whatever It is isn't um recognized and there Isn't as much products there isn't much Literature and that's why they're Pushing for all these things like black History month right and uh gay awareness Awareness month and all these things Right but you know the really Marginalized group right now is people Who don't agree with the official story Like we are definitely not recognized as Human beings right like you can see it By everything that they push on us and There's this fear of people evolving out Of the control system and evolving out Of the you know limited nature of human Beings and that's what's on the table in The sjar system of meditation it talks About a a raise in Consciousness that Will not only affect human beings but Also animal species that there'll be you Know a movement upwards in Consciousness Level on all levels of experience in Terms of human life and animal life and Everything this planet is going to raise Up to a higher level a higher VI Vibratory level higher Consciousness Level and become Saints and that scares People you know what I've learned from

Spiritual practice is people are really Scared of the darkness within them They're really scared of you know the Beast inside of them the potential you Know person that comes out and you know The Beast that comes out of people and Very stressful circumstances Wars and Things like that right they're scared of Their dark side but as much as they're Scared of their Dark Side they're really More scared of the Divinity within them Your ego is terrified that it's going to Lose control of your you know everything Decision-making process and all the rest Of it and the people that control the System are worried that they'll Le They'll lose control of not only Themselves but everything and so people Who are their Consciousness is going in A you know evolutionary Direction Spiritually and you know first of all But you know all of it are a threat to The system and we are being you know Marginalized no matter what our Demographics are right more than anybody Else it's like the you know mutants or Whatever it's like the you know crom Magnum trying to prevent the rise of the N Neanderthal and so this is you know this Is what's up right now more than Anything else in terms of marginalized Groups the other part of this is you Know if Kyrie Irving wants to believe

The original Jews were blacks he Completely can right I mean that's his Prerogative because the truth isn't There and people have to grasp for the Truth like I was saying But then they take Don Lemon and Charles Barkley two you know people of color who Are going to disparage kyri Irving right Because you know white people would be Maybe accused of being racist or Whatever so you know they're really Sellouts on top of everything else in Tops of being shills on tops of of being Remedial and being limited they're also Selling out their own people right to Whatever extent I mean it's they're the Worst of the worst you know shills Gatekeepers and sell out so my right Only spirituality will save this world It's Pano definitely pointing for the Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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