Don Lemon is Depressed & Medicated gets roasted on the Internets + World W@r 3

Don Lemon is Depressed & Medicated gets roasted on the Internets + World W@r 3

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Would give a a place for people to find My um find me on YouTube if something Happened to my normal account um so yeah That would be Great okay so let's get into this first To some Followup on Don lemon's last sah you Know Don lemon's getting some run here He's going into some interviews which is Funny and great uh but he Don Lemon Tells Tamarind Hall anti-depressants Helped him get through CNN firing And So um we'll get to another clip of his Channel here but he said Um you know he said the new show was a From Elon Musk platform told tamle I Suffered from depression I take Antidepressants now so you know pretty Much every question that Don Lemon asked Elon Musk was a challenging question Right you know it's it wasn't like you See interviews that are like fluff Pieces where they're promoting the Person they're Interviewing and they're saying things You know asking questions so that the Interviewer can talk about you know There's ways to make ask someone Positive questions you know something Where the interviewer gets to promote Their books or promote their movie or Promote whatever it is and then there's Ones where there are hit pieces or they

You know they sprinkle in some positive Questions but they're really trying to Go go after the person and Don Lemon Asked pretty much you know hostile Questions Throughout and he was very um you know And he just kept on reasing the same Questions over and over again mostly About pushing for censorship but he Talked about Katamine camine right and um Elon Musk Using it without a prescription and him Talking about how it was working and he Kept on going in on it and he himself is On anti depressants right which all These medications are very suspect Um you know a lot of them have if you Look at anti-depressants a lot of them Have depression and suicidal Ideation as side effects and I've known Lots of people have taken these Medications and they work at first but Then they don't um and some of you guys Have even talked about that and then They have an adverse effect like your Body adjusts to them and they have a Positive effect in the beginning or they Have the desired effect but then they Don't and then getting off these things Is horrible like it's just you know it's Like go going on drug withdrawal and so Again I'm not saying to do or not do Anything I you know I don't know what People should do personally I don't get

Into that you know but a lot of these Medications have side Effects depression and suicide R are Side effects of more than 200 common Drugs and so um a lot of these things Are drugs that are there for suicide I Mean for uh depression and so they have Um a list of these drugs here I think Down here these are all the drugs that Cause they Cause either suicidal Symptoms here right or Depression and this is a common you know There there's these things with these Various types of uh I mean think about That 200 different drugs that are being Taken quite often by people have this as Um these are hormone modifiers and you Know these are various drugs here Depressive symptoms and they cause you To you know feel either depressed or Suicidal and you know when you feel Depressed suicidal is you know a part of That right um and so you know you think About that these are anti-depressants These are all the anti-depressants that Cause suicidal Symptoms right and so Um you know this guy he went in on Elon Musk and then you find out he was Depressed and what because you lost your Crappy job on CNN we're told Lon was Emotional when he first came on Hall's Show he was crying and happy to see Tamron rebound after NBC he's still

Emotional about everything so then this Is what he said about asking Elon Musk For stock options 500 $5 million in Stock options for X you know Twitter um An $8 million salary and one of those Tesla trucks but here's the thing you're Right lemon conceded when people Negotiate all the time and maybe they're Not used to Talent negotiations I'm not Saying any of that's true but but people Ask for lots of things that doesn't mean You're going to get it if you don't ask You're not going to get you're not going To get it so he's admitting that he Asked for all that stuff from Elon Musk And his show sucks so you know the Reality is I mean there was this the Fact that he was a tried to do a Hitpiece on his new boss which it was a Mistake um he says Elon was never his Boss he said he never worked for musk he Was a guy paying you and so now you're Out in your own um and so there's all That um so this came out yesterday this Was Recommended um and it's got 27,000 views So I had watched something on his Channel so maybe that's why they Recommended this but YouTube is pushing Don Lemon at least for Now and I don't know if he's running ads You know I I don't have uh you know I Have the premium subscription so I don't See them but I don't know how he's

Getting paid right so he's got the show On uh I don't know if he's got sponsors Or how he's GNA make an income off of This but this is Candace Owens fired is Ben Shapiro just another free Hypocrite let's let's listen to Don Lemon's insightful and hard-hitting take Here from the Don Lemon show a word okay A champion of free speech has just been Exposed as a fraud no I'm not talking About Elon Musk that Was no then this is now okay that's see He's his whole thing I don't know why he Needs um he needs subtitles but um this Is an off-putting show like this is a Bad background which is you know Green Screened in um and like just this is Worse than his CNN show right like this Is him making decisions that um he's Just sort of you know he's just floating Here with this weird background with the With the the lemon colored Lemon I'm talking about Ben Shapiro Ben Shapiro and his friends over at the Daily wire no way what happened bro just In case you have not heard the news they Fired Candace Owens no way this morning Candace Owens perhaps the most infamous Black conservative in the country why Infamous also there these clips are this Isn't consecutive he didn't do this in One Take that Candace Owens the one who wore

The White lives matter jacket with Kanye West you may remember her as the former Comms director for this is very Off-putting too like this whole thing Just poorly done I mean it's not like Don Lemons doesn't suck on his own but They've made it Worse Turning Point USA or you may Remember the time that she said that she Was okay with Hitler until he attempted To quote Globalize yes That Candace Owens so you're saying she Should be Fired well just over the last several Months Candace Owens has graduated from Veiled anti-semitic remarks to really Out and out Jew hatred Candace Owens Finally went too far for the far right She finally so you're not a so you're Saying you're not liberal so um the Title of your your Um your take here is B Shiro just Another Free Speech hypocrite but all You've given multiple reasons why you Think Candace Owen should be fired right Like this is the kind of thing that you Said should be Censored from Elon Musk you we were Talking about hate speech needs to be Censored and you're saying Candace Owens Was doing hate speech so you're you know Like he just doesn't have any like he's Just like there's there's nothing there

Like he has no moral compass or he has No ethical you know has no concept of a Just a oh yeah I've said this and this Is how I'm defining myself as a person But then I'm going to just blow that up And I'm going to go in on Elon Musk About camine use and then come out and Say oh yeah I've been on an depressants Myself and I'm depressed you know like Just I mean you were you weren't great When you weren't depressed you sucked When you weren't depressed how do you Think this is going to be any better now That you're on social media right Okay I'm in the editing process and I Know what's coming ahead of this so Spoiler alert you know I I show you some Comments and there wasn't one Don Lemon Fan comment there was a kind of almost a Positive comment but the rest of them Aren't because he doesn't have a fan Base anymore whatever he had is lost and I don't think he ever really had one Right and his demands of Elon Musk of You know an $8 million salary and you Know cyber truck and $5 million in stock Options were so ridiculous because he Has no sense of what he had right you Know let's say he was smarter and better At one point like I don't know why he Got hired maybe at a local news station He's from New Orleans he got hired there And somehow made it to CNN and I don't Know you know what that was all about

Maybe he was again younger and sharper Than he is now and maybe a little bit Better I don't see how he could be that Much better but you know they all suck Over there pretty bad and they put them In at a nighttime Slot and you know prime time slot 9 900 P p.m. on uh week nights with his own Show and they gave him a multi-million Dollar deal maybe it's a diversity hire Who knows what they you know their Reasoning is there but they did it and Like everyone else sucks there as well So you know he got along for a while and Then Trump was elected and there was so Much Trump hate that CNN took off like It was better than it usually was CNN And MSNBC had their best writings when Trump was President so they gave Don Leban a big contract and then Trump left And CNN tanked and Don Lemon was Unwatchable and I think he was Unwatchable the whole time I mean at Least if you're taking it seriously if He's being if he's doing a spoof it's One thing you if you're goofing on him But there's no reason and that's what People seem to be watching him now like He doesn't have a fan base and so they Get rid of him in the night time time Show and they move him to the morning And he calls it a freaking Promotion cuz that's you know he's in Complete denial and he's a liar you know

He's all these things like everything he Says about everyone else you all the Memes the hypocrisies off the charts all These things he's saying about himself Because he's all of those things he has A real real shallow personality a real Lightweight and he's dumb right so There's just not like a lot going on for Him but then he offends women you know Which is a big part of the woke Community and pretty much everyone else And he gets a big payout at CNN while They're they're firing people because They're broke you know they're all these Media companies are going under because They can't compete with social media and Then he you know tells everybody he's Free and now he can express himself Without the confines of CNN you he tries To make it into some celebratory thing And he says I'm going to wait until I Get an offer but no offers come because MSNBC isn't going to hire him cuz they Were loving that he was on CNN they're Not going to hire him and there's no Other news network or any place that's Going to hire him you can go to local News maybe but he didn't get any other Offers so he decides to do his own show On Twitter and it's the only game in Town and he could have been sort of the The other side of the Tucker Carlson Equation Tucker Carlson's doing quite Well on Twitter he could have done that

Um but he pisses off this one benefactor Who's Elon Musk and he tries to ride That you know him going after him and Goes on a wave of uh like subpar Interviews with you know b-level Talent and he doesn't get that he Doesn't have an audience right he Doesn't have a fan base because he sucks And the fan base he did have he kind of Lost by by uh you know doing saying the Things he said that got him fired and Just behaving the way he behaved and so His brand has been destroyed the people On the right in the truce Community know Knows what ad doe is plus he's pushing For censorship and so he doesn't know What it's like to try to win an audience And he had a little bit of a boost with The Elon Musk interview which he you Know did poorly I made a fool of himself But that gave him a little bit of a you Know influx of new viewers but he can't Retain those viewers and there's no you Know monetization process here because You're not being paid by anyone he's got An editing team and his videos like You'll see his video is atrocious and he Can't even you know understand what's Quality content right he doesn't know What it's like to go on social media and Have to win an audience and then deal With the comments you're going to get And you know the overwhelming majority Of comments are making fun of him or

Disparaging him in some way and so his Career is over he doesn't even know it Right because this is just you know uh It's a te going on social media and Trying to win an audience is a real Trest of your ability to have something Worth saying people want to listen to You or not and with Don Lemon they he Has nothing like he has you have to be Really stupid but the the really stupid People have turned against him you know Like he maybe have a few smattering of Of Die Hard fans for whatever reason but The stupid people have been told by the Woke people that Don Lemons is no good You know he's a cancer for the the left At this point and he's just sitting There completely oblivious to everything You can see it let's move forward you Can see it all here went too far for the Free Speech absolute solest crowd the Daily wire kicked her to the curb after 3 years with the company they did it Even though she is the only woman she is The only person of color on their talent Roster as I said probably the most Infamous black conservative in the Country this you said it again in this Three minute take this is a scandal this Is a scandal because the farri reaches Of redddit bchan and X they have become A c firing squad yeah and they're They're blowing you and CNN out of the Water right like they're flourishing I

Mean Independent Media is Flourishing and there's just so many uh Channels out there people out there Either on YouTube or in these places and They're flourishing and whether they're Far rightwing or their truther or Whatever they are independent they're Better than you and CNN the other thing Is the music is so offputting and the You know where he um highlights the Words Here like nobody would watch this and Say oh wow this is good uh good editing And good production values you know the The squad being highlighted there as he Goes through and the words light up and They're big and they're offputting and His name's too big behind him and he's Obviously green skin screened in and They got the music playing I mean it's Just like what are you doing here like How do you not watch this and say oh This is horrible like this is you know It's hard to watch and understand and Concentrate on what he's saying and what He's saying sucks right they're trying To hide Al Betty sucks by it's so bad But here's the thing though the real Story here is not the drama it's not it Isn't you're all about the drama that is Not the daily wire their office politics Or it's not social media sniping that is To come for sure here's the story the Story is a see

This or it's not social media sniping That is to come for sure here's the Story oh let's just go back here I Missed it again here that is to come for Sure here's the Story he's got a little book Here there's the story right there does He think he's on Sesame Street like what Like look at that he's got these little Pictures The story is the fact that Ben Shapiro Like Elon Musk before him has been out It as a free speech fraud again that Isn't free speech fraud like you don't Understand the premise here not that Ben Shapiro is unbelievably annoying and Just sucks you know I don't like Ben Shapiro and you know I think Elon Musk Is potentially more Dangerous um you know than than all These other people and so you know that Is whatever it is like I you know that's I mean I don't care like I just they're All everybody sucks right it's just it's The nature of what's happening in the World especially people with a Microphone in front of them they're all You know contributing their own little Special um special twist to the Apocalypse but this is not censorship Right this is firing somebody or well Elon Musk just said all right not going To pay this guy and I'm completely Convinced because Elon Musk was saying

He wanted liberal people on his platform And so who's to say he's not going to Pay some other liberal person just to Balance out and bring in more income for X and make it more you know expand his User base which seems to be his goal Which would be smart business to have You know he doesn't want it to be just a Right-wing Haven he wants you know all These liberals to be a part of it and he Thought maybe Don Lemon he didn't know Who Don Lemon was till he sat down and Interviewed with him and they realized How bad Don Lemon sucks and Don Lemon Was clearly asking for the moon and you Know this is what he's going to produce This is his show nobody's going to watch This guy he's gotten a little bit of a Bump because of his Elon mus drama like We all know that was going to happen you Know he's riding this bump he's gone on A few shows you know the Obscure Tamarind Hall Show and a few other Places where he's done interviews But who's paying him like he has this You know he he destroyed any chance of Getting paid by uh Tweeter like I don't Know what kind of compensation they have Over a tweeter you know for whatever um But he has you know this interview he Did with Elon Musk and you know that is I don't know how he's getting money for That where if he had done a better job Which he couldn't do because he sucks

Right so I mean who would pay this guy He what he got fired at CNN because he Couldn't hold an audience and we've seen What happened to Chris Cuomo Chris Cuomo Could hold an audience Chris Cuomo was CNN's top guy they wouldn't be firing Chris Cuomo if it wasn't for his brother And that whole disaster that happened There and so you know they fired Chris CUO because of behavior for cause not Because of his ratings they fired Don Lemon because of his ratings clearly That was the number one reason because They didn't fire him at first they Didn't want to you know pay him out they Put him on the morning show and he Sucked even worse there and he pissed Off his Co-workers and he then was fired because He was he sucked but it was also because He sucked I mean he sucked in terms of Ratings but he also sucked as a person And so you know that's not censorship Right and what he what um uh Ben chapiro Did with Candace Owens like you know He's he's a very pro-israel person and She's saying things that are and I don't Know exactly why he fired her I don't Care CU she's already going to do Something else and I'm not a fan of Candace Owens either they're all you Know these aren't real truthers or Anything they're just right-wing people And so this isn't censorship Don because

Censorship is when you deplatform Someone not when you fire them you don't Censorship is not firing somebody right If somebody speaks out and you you cut Their money or whatever cuz you don't Agree with what they say you know if Kyrie Irving says something and Nike Disagrees with them and they they Terminate his contract that is in Censorship I mean it's a former Censorship right but you you weren't Saying Disney was censoring Elon Musk by Not running ads on his platform because He wouldn't sensor you were on Disney's Side when you talked about that but now You're on Candace Owen's side who you Say that says hate speech but you also Say the sensor a speech because you're a Walking contradiction you have like There's nothing of substance inside of You there's no depth you're just a Surface dwelling person with a very Limited IQ and perception of what's Going on around them you're completely Clueless and now you're on Medication Shapiro loves to wax poetic About the First Amendment Shapiro has Suggested that anytime people reprimand Anyone for speech that they dislike that They are policing thought crimes Candace Owens being Reprimanded is he policing thought crime I don't know but it seems once Candace Ow he just suck so bad started saying

Things that he didn't like those Principles really went out the window Now let me be really really clear about Something I know it seems a little odd Maybe you think I'm defending C Candace Owens there's no love loss between Candace Owens in me this is a woman who Has said really some strange things she Said that black Americans are the most Murderous group in the Country Candace Owens she has said that Transgenderism is a Cancer in fact she has said the entire Lgbtq Community is a plague on Society look at Don look at Don going in On Candace Owens but Defender at the Same time what's wrong with his eye here Like this eye is much bigger than that Eye some's like Don Lemons is not doing Okay he's like he's not going to make it So there is no love lost between us yeah There's no love loss there's no love Loss look there's no love loss here There's a broken heart Candace Owen has given Don Lemons a Broken heart Candace Owens even defended Kanye West after he said that he would Go quote death Comm 3 on Jewish people So to say that was um when he said that It was you know was for what it was Kanye but he meant Verbally that Candace Owens is a fire Brand would really be inaccurate because Bigotry is her bread and butter and

That's exactly why Ben Shapiro and the Daily wire hire her they hired her Because they traffic in bigotry and rage Bait every single rage bait day all While using why you trafficing sucking Like that's Your you go out there and you suck worse Than anybody else in mainstream media in Terms of your competence level like You're incompetent at your job speech as A guys but you know they do that and Then the moment Candace Owen stepped out Of line well the moment that she said Something that they didn't like chapiro And Company the moment that Candace Owens said something vile about Israel Poof Candace Owens is Gone you got him you correct the go You're so deep Don sound familiar sound Familiar so so you're the you're the Anti-censorship guy now like you think Elon Musk is censoring you you you know He didn't be platform you And he should for you sucking and this Image right here this is his um the Image he chooses to use here that's the Photo um what a disaster Right and you know he's going to Disappear because he just doesn't have An audience you know his bogus claim of Being censored by Elon Musk he's saying That since Elon Musk doesn't want to pay Him for sucking on Twitter he's being Censored like they had a contract they

Were negotiating a contract and whatever The you know terms were but uh then he Had this you know this he tried to do This hit piece on Elon Musk Elon Musk Got a good view of what Don Lemons his Talents are but he still has Revenue Sharing like we are being Censored and you know I I talk about how YouTube is a private organization it's Not where the first amendment applies But we are being censored in various Ways because we're being targeted for Our beliefs and that's censorship right You know it's legal it's not a First Amendment Violation but the system doesn't want us Speaking our truth right and they're Doing everything whether they're Shadow Banning us or whether YouTube is Recommending the game their search Engines I mean it's again a private Institution they can do it but YouTube's Game their search engines and they said They were doing this to recommend more Authoritative news like CNN MSNBC and to Some extent Fox so if you search for Something and you looking for Content Like my Channel or a truther Channel or Whatever it is right different kinds of You know media that you're used to and You get CNN instead you know they're Telling you no you don't want this you Want this which is like something where People should be like all right we're

Not going to use your search engine Anymore right like I mean that that Would be the outcome of it because They're not giving you what you're Looking for they're purposely changing The outcome of the search engine results They know what you want and they're Giving you something else and that's What we're all battling and you know you Can whine about complain about it but Don lemon's trying to build a career on Fake sensorship because it isn't like Elon Musk is trying to shut him up Because he's still allowing him on this Platform I mean none of us could get an Interview with the head of YouTube you Know like I couldn't get an interview With Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk not That I would want one but you know he Granted him an interview on his platform And he chose Don Levan chose to you know Do what he always does and suck and now He all must doesn't want to pay him That's not censorship right and he's Trying to build a career on it oh They're trying to silence me no they're Not if he did he just deplatform you Which you know you're going to do by Yourself by just keep on being you Before you know it no one will be Watching you like you'll disappear from Everything because you know he can't Sustain this show right there's no Pathway to make this monetized for him

There's no economic it's not Economically viable so um this is his YouTube channel so for that take he got 27,000 Views um we'll go look at the comments There in a second maybe he's even shut Them off I don't know did did Elon Musk Uh did I make Elon Musk uncomfortable he Interviewed this woman Carrie swisser Who was like a I don't know who she is Seems like a body whatever Elon mus Smackdown that's what they're putting There Elon mus racist on Lemon this got 86,000 13,000 views 7,000 views 7,000 Views the interview itself got 1 million Views and then all these other things 8,000 6,000 right these are nothing Right you know 5,000 views I mean this Is you know I get view that's how many Views I get and I'm being you know Shadow ban like the rest of us And so this guy you know he has a team Of people he hasn't put that video Together by himself right um he isn't You know he doesn't do this thing on his Own so here are the comments right There's 815 comments um this is a Multi-million dollar production but it Looks like a high school media Class the superhero music is too Distracting all of it's distracting is That's me or does the background music Sort of sound like the Powderpuff Girl Theme d got to lose the music I was

Expecting it to end but it it was Determined to keep going and she never Said poop was okay he just let her know She ain't one of them he did get his Nephew who's in high school to produce This Abomination can't be taken Seriously with a background and Production value so these people all Notice what I saw right so like that's Him just doing some his own thing like His own thing sucks and people like That's offputting that's the majority of Comments are just on how that video came Off like he doesn't have any idea of What's quality or not and so he's Getting no views and that's after the Elon Musk interview bump he interviewed This woman Karen swisser and on Twitter It got 166,000 views and I don't know How that leads to compensation right Like you know getting the views he's Getting on YouTube I don't know if he's Running YouTube ads and the views he's Getting here it's not enough to pay him You know even $100,000 a year right it's Going to be less than that like if if if He runs ads and like he gets a Sponsorship so this idea that he was um You know going to be paid $8 million a Year by Elon Musk like he's as a social Media person he's going to make next to Nothing like his show will just Disappear from lack of use I mean this Is um this this thing this one thing

This one take here the Candace Owens Thing let's see the comments here um you Got 300,000 views but there's no you Know Pathway to money on that thing Right it started I started watching Think you had something to say quickly Realize either you have zero research on What you're talking about or you're Intentionally lying Lying grab them while they're hot your Official Don Lemon Card number one power racist conspiracy Theories of all this stuff right nobody Cares what you think buddy do you think CNN outside the echo chamber no one Cares what you have to say just like you Don fired you are the worst of the worst In Media um okay Boop hoax Don you should Know better than you CNN fake news Tactics on X cuz you will get called out And exposed withness a man attempting to Transition state sponsored propaganda to Value driven capitalist Market everyone is a hypocrite this this Faed on Instagram content not sure you Get how you get news Works Don will have To be buying a cyber truck and this is All the people that are talking about Him here there's a post there no he's Not he kept her there for longer than Anyone else would have most people don't Understand why he he let her go as long As he did

Um so you know these are all negative Comments here there's nothing here that Say oh good job D there's not one Positive comment I haven't seen one D Your horrible journalism and twisting on Narratives uh should be taking a satire Show for making you might get respect More even if you said it was meant as a Joke I understand why someone with a Platform and possibilities actually make A difference it just goes ond and on From there so these are all comments so People are watching this out of like Let's make fun of them kind of thing Right um all these comments there's not One of them that are positive Here um this is more like it Don instead Of gotta interviews this is what ex Users want to see that's the only kind Of semi-positive comment there dude no One cares what you have to say and so um This is what he looks like as a Website [Laughter] I mean he just doesn't know what a clown He is but anyways you know Don Lemon Sucks and now everybody knows it because He's you know people wouldn't watch CN CNN watch Don lemon's um you know do his Thing secret rmcp report warns Canadians May Revolt once they realize how broke They are right from the get-go the Report authors warn that whatever Canada's current situation is probably

Did determined it's Pro it will probably Deteriorate further in the next 5 years And you know this is all this civil Unrest right they're having all these Protests a secret rmcp report is warning The federal government that Canada may Descend into civil unrest until citizens Realize the hopelessness of their Economic situation the coming of the Recession will uh accelerate the decline In living standards and the younger Generations have already witnessed Compared to earlier Generations um so that's you know uh It's falling apart there because you Know the American economy is way worse And the inflation is way worse than They're saying it is they're disguising It but it's already starting to hit People in America but these other Countries there's Global inflation Because of America's you know Recklessness with the you know the the Bailout things that Biden did and you Know stuff that Trump did too Trump did Contributed $6 trillion of debt and now Like it's it's being outsourced the Inflation is being outsourced but it's Really an American problem and these Other countries are suffering as well Right because you know they're they're Pegged against the Dollar um so there's Global Inflation uh religion is like being in a

Fishbowl and spirituality is like Swimming in the ocean which is a good Meme one of my friends posted this on Facebook I want to come back to this for Uh at the end maybe I'm not sure okay so Let's get into the World War II news Poland activates aircraft after anti After Russian missile incursion during Wave of attacks on the Ukraine a method being W for Distributing us Aid in Gaza could put US Troops at risk official says you know Because there's a crisis of food and Resources there and children are Starving to death Un Chief says it's time to truly flood Gaza with Aid and call starvation there An outrage any further Onslaught will Make things even worse worse for the Palestinian citizens worse for the Hostages and worse for all the people in The Region uh Israel is creating an Unfolding genocide in Gaza and this is a thing I really want To say here um this is what I really Want to cover here you has 115 killed in A concert hall raid Islamic State group Claims Responsibility so why is an Islamic State group against Russia this is of Course Isis um you know one of these uh American run um well let's just go to

The next thing here too as well Russia Detains 11 suspects in Moscow concert Massacre as kill as uh that killed at Least 100 33 Isis claims Responsibility and so you know I've Documented this before years ago and Then you know I've updated it and talked About it but Isis is the what was left Over of the elite Republican guard in Iraq and so what happened was America Went into Iraq and the military just Folded in to the population they just Disappeared and there was no resistance There was no military resistance because America had Superior military forces They had a control and all these things But then they created this so-called Insurgency and it's not because it's Their own country that's been invaded America was occupying their country for No reason because Iraq had zero to do With the big event 2001 it was just Bogus it was just American you know Military industrial complex War for oil These things right control of the region And it had to do with American uh the American economy collapsing the Petro Dollar all these things but had nothing To do with any real reason they're Occupying this country and destroy it They killed a million America you know We killed a million plus Iraqi citizens And then these guys started this So-called

Insurgency and America didn't know what To do with these guys right because they Didn't try to work with these guys right Off the bat because they thought it was So easy When they went in and there was no Resistance but then there's all that Happened in fuia and all these things And America used depleted uranium and War you know war crimes were committed Horrible thing and so they made a deal With these guys to become an asset of The CIA and the American intelligence Community which was called Isis because They now no longer how had Al-Qaeda Because of what happened with you know Supposedly what happened with you know That was an asset as well so they no Longer had an asset which they could use As you know opposition for Military-industrial conflicts America Needs enemies they need to keep American Citizens scared they need to keep the Military industrial complex going so They created Isis and one of the ways That you can tell is that Isis is funded By oil fields that are in the middle of The desert in Iraq they have their own Oil field and America had you know Military jets there and had air Superiority and they could just bomb any Truck they could bomb the oil the oil Field itself or they could have just Come in and take it over and they were

Using Toyota trucks remember Bob the Plumber like they were buying Toyota Trucks and driving across the desert With Isis flags and you know these are Miles and Miles of exposed if you've Ever driven through the desert areas in America you know it's often just these Long drives where you're completely uh Exposed from the air by drones missiles Any kind of thing right and so they Could have taken out Isis at any time But Isis represented you know they they Brought Isis into Syria so they could go Into Syria and Russia and Russia said no Right Russia said and Russia was bombing The crap out of Isis and Americans said If you don't stop bombing Isis we're Going to you know America and and England said that they were going to you Know I had all the Articles I'm not Going to show you these things here U well maybe I will I don't know if I Have time but I have all these things up In you know these various articles in America and and England said they were Going to bomb Russia they were going to Shoot down their planes if they Continued to bomb Isis and it was like Why because it was an American asset Right and so we know this because Trump Not Isis didn't do anything once Trump Was in office because Trump didn't order Them to do anything or he told them that You know whatever Trump told them I mean

I'm not you know Trump Trump but you Know that that happened like Isis Disappeared under Trump because it was An American asset and you have to order Them to do something but now Joe Biden You know he brought in this Isis K back In a Afghanistan I mean this whole Goofy Thing you Know you know he just made up something Because he was like you know losing face And embarrassing himself in Afghanistan Withdrawal which wasn't the issue we Should have got out of there years ago It was all the things he did up to that Point in creating the problem but now Isis is back and they're attacking Russia because it's an American asset Which Russia knows which means that this Is you know another way that America's Trying to provoke World War II they've Just they've been waning to do this for A long time they've been whing to Provoke World War III for a long time And so um you know [Laughter] That you know that happened and so this Thing about religion and Spirituality you know religion is Something where there's a middle man man Between you and God and that is a you Know uh I mean you can have a uh Somebody who's you know a teacher or Like like when Jesus was alive or you Know Krishna or these higher developed

Souls or Saints that's one thing but an Organized religion that is profit-based And power-based and they use your desire To connect with God and have some Promise of an Afterlife and also the fear of being Ostr ized by your community of fellow You know churchgoers or whatever it is Religions use that as a block to your Spiritual connection because Divinity is Within you you know Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is within right that's His best teaching but that's not the Teaching that they focus on because God's inside you and everybody else and Connecting to God is imperative to Having a successful life where you're Following your Soul's path but they've Blocked that the the mainstream you know System and the religions have blocked That your ability and your knowledge That you can just find God inside and Then help you cultivate a relationship With the Divinity within you and not Having that you know that's a spiritual Life is why the world is collapsing Because if you have a relationship with God inside you you won't do half the Dumb stuff that you do um and you you Know then you when you do make a mistake You won't want to make that mistake Again because the divinity Divinity with Inside you will you know will um not be Happy with that but when you're

Disconnected you free to make mistakes And just you know become a demonic Person an ego-driven person without any Sort of um you know conscience or Compassion or you know uh empathy in Your heart that develops from being a Spiritual person and so you know this is As much of a problem as anything else Right this is why the world's collapsing Because of people don't have that you Know and then what else breaks down well The family breaks down and the community Breaks down and people are lonely and They're on anti-depressants and they're Having mental illness and all these Things right they have dissatified lives Because they're disconnected from the Divinity with inside them and they're Not following their Soul's path and so They immediately start feeling lost and Depressed and angry and you know and Just you know what's the purpose of my Life and just all that stuff right these Are the things that happen when you are You know in that kind of a state right And that's the stuff that's happening Now to all these people especially the Young Generations who are ex completely Externalized because everything's video Games and cyber life and there's nothing Where they have any time to just go Inside and have quiet and reflect and Connect with the Divinity within them And you know be one with nature and

These things and then you know be uh Congruent with what they are as a soul And what they are as a human being you Know in terms of of their spiritual Entity that created their body and Finding the reason that you're here the Reason for your existence and that's why Everything's G like you know tits up in In terms of the our society and Eventually that leads to the complete um Annihilation because everyone's Self-destructive when you're not Following your Soul's path and you're Acting like a you know a demon because Of your demonic ego that's grown to its Own uh it's hijacked your purpose here On planet Earth your ego's hijacked your Purpose then you become Self-destructive and self-hatred you Have this self-hatred right you just Make one bad decision after another and That includes other people and then Everyone making collectively bad Decisions and then you know the weaponry And the you know the depravity and the You know the immorality set in and you Know the Weaponry in terms of the you Know the nuclear bombs and whatever else Is being built and the hostility grows And people start seeing you know they Become paranoid and they start seeing Enemies everywhere you know they're just Everything is there everything becomes External there's self-hatred but you

Hate something outside yourself you know There's hatred that's contaminating your System but you're blaming everything Else else externally the object of your Hate and then you just like lose it you Know mentally and you want to destroy Things outside yourself because you hate What's inside of you and that's you know The people who lead the world and you Know pretty much everybody and there People are eating poisons and you know The food they eat is poisonous and They're on a host of these medications That cause all kinds of issues and Whether they're prescription medications Or self you know they self-medicating With drugs and alcohol and you know Their bodies are breaking down their Internal organs are contaminated with Toxins and you know they can't see Clearly their IQ drops and you know the Negative effects of Wi-Fi and all the These things that are happening and People are like totally underfunctioning And are you know oblivious to what it's Like to be a real human being right to Be a spiritually you know oriented Person and so that's the difference Between being a spiritual person and Having a religion like it starts with Religion because once they sever your Connection to God then they can get you To buy into all these other depravities Then buy into all this whole lower stuff

The first part is the you know severing The connection to the Divinity within You right and once that happens all the Rest of the stuff falls into place for Them they break up the family they Disempower the women they you know they They break down the I mean they stop uh Women from being mothers they get women Focused on the external and not the you Know external success and whatever it is Material success careers and things and Not being you know uh the uh sort of the The the the Arbiters of morality within The in the social system the social System breaks down once you have the Women you have the kids and the husband And so you have the wives and moms and Then you get the kids and the husband Because they just follow along and all These things and so there's nobody Pushing back against the the immorality And the depravity and then all these Other things fall into suit right and Then they can pretty much do anything And convince you that's all this Immorality comes from that this liberal Based morality where they're just making Things up and you know it's just uh it's Like an Abomination you know it's like Some kind of you know Dance of the Demons right and they tell you these Things are natural and normal and like This is you know what's wholesome and Good and what's really natural and

Normal is bad and you're somehow Oppressing all the the Deviant Personalities and the Deviant traits in Other people and like they they need to Express their de demonic Essence because They're free to do that and why are you Guys being Haters and suppressing the demons and The psychological aberration in other People right and that all stems from a Disconnect from the God within Divinity Within you and we're so far past that Point and even when people start doing The spiritual practice it's hard for Them to let go of the the already active Selfish demonic tendencies that the System has created and so yeah you might Be able to connect with God now but you Know it's it's you you can always do That but like it's not a a remedy Because your personality is already Formed and your Tendencies or habits are Already there and so now everything has To be reworked as opposed to Growing Up And being you know trained into this and Understanding this if I'm a very young Age and that's you know from the Breakdown of the family because that's When you really need to express and you Know feel all this stuff and know all This stuff that's happening you need to Be able to start doing it a very young Age Because that's when your habits and your

Form you your inner internal world is Being created and your stories whatever Stories you're getting the story you Know they're contaminating these stories You know with this feminist liberal Agenda that they have out there and They're distorting like even more so and The stories the stories that we grew up With were inaccurate like they they got Us to this place when I mean stories I Mean movies and TV shows whatever you're Given as your you know your your stories Become your internal world world like That's why you know there used to be Campfires and they tell fables or you Know they would there's all the Storytelling is a part of every Aboriginal culture across the world Because people need stories to Understand the world right they need uh You know fables and you know all these Kind of things right fairy tales just to Understand the nature of uh human life And when they got to the stories these Depraved people like Disney and all These people right and you know a lot of This came from uh movement toward Wards The you know the Hollywood being a Depraved place but also a lot of this Came from the you know in America the The fall of Christianity into a powerful Anti-god organization that become Prejudicial in these things right so the Stories they got to those stories um and

They warped people's reality and then They you know then there's a reaction to Those stories which is even worse which Is the liberal agenda you see now so You're being trained from a young age With the stories and the literature and The you know the the people around you Your teachers and the people in society Because there's no longer any time spent With the family of course everything That's happening on the internet and the Way that they've warped what it is to be A human being it's so unnatural it's so Ungodly it's so immoral and that's what These kids are growing up with so when They do connect with God and they Realize you know I mean some positive Things are going to happen And they realize they've been lied to And this is also part of why the truth Community has come to be there's an Element where there's Epiphany and you Feel like oh yeah right and then you can You know reclaim your your whatever it Is but you still had all your Tendencies And all your habits and all your thought Processes the way that you've been Warped into a modern-day person so it's Hard to you for for you to return to What's natural you know I experienced This on a you know on a uh when we Started to farm you've been trained not To be a farmer you've been trained not To do this kind of work you've been

Trained to look down at this kind of Work to be lower and there's a rhythm to It right you know there was a rhythm That was passed down from generation to Generation and kids would grow up Working with their parents and their Grandparents you know either hunting or You know working out in the fields and And they'd have a rhythm to all right This has to be done now you know just Reading nature and you know kind of Sensing when the rainfall was going to Hit and when to get the crops in the Ground and went to harvest everything And there was just a timing to it and Your body was used to it it was trained You had you know uh muscle memory and All those things tie to it and so going From a where you're a slave you're doing A wage slave job where you've been you Know indoctrinated into doing some kind Of work that's unnatural and away from The the natural survival techniques and Working with your hands and doing the Kind of things you need to do with a Farmer and an agrarian person and a Village member of a village you know Tribal based type of Situation and so reclaiming that is not Easy you know you can do the work but It's not you know ingrained in you the Way it is when you grow everything that You've grown up with and these kids are Growing up just spending most of their

Time on the internet and so they're not Getting anything in terms of physical Muscle memory and just a sense of Nature And connecting with the world around Them on a physical level and so you can Retrain yourself but you're never going To be as good as you would be if you Grew up with it right if it was passed Down from Generation generation you know There's a farmer inside of you there's a Person you know from I mean this is what Human beings have been trained Genetically to do there's a natural Human being inside of you but we're so Warped and away from that and so to Reclaim that is going to be you know Next to it's possible for most people When it becomes necessary to survive and Do these things that you need to do like If you haven't even started doing Something growing food or connecting to God and doing these Things internally connecting to God and You know I'm not talking about some Bogus religious crap right which is you Know it's your it's the part of your Indoctrination and so if you're not Doing anything and then you're going to Have to do all of this at once it's Going to be too much of a leap for People most people just check out it's Going to be too hard for them to to make That jump but even people who are you Know just dabbling in it like I

Whether it be spirituality or whether it Be you know learning to be a farmer it's Still going to be a you know significant Jump to incorporate these things and We're never going to be as good as you Know the people who grew up with it Right who who know how to do this just Because it's what they know from their Childhood it's how they were educated How they were oriented to the world and So you know that all has to be reversed As a system implodes the unnatural System that we have in the economy any Old two Um I'll continue on with this as we move Forward only spirituality will save this World is PA Romano definitely born for The apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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