Don Lemon Hypocrisy is off the $harts + China & TIawan Earthquack + My Understading of Jesus

Don Lemon Hypocrisy is off the  $harts + China & TIawan Earthquack + My Understading of Jesus

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so I Missed something I didn't really miss it I saw it but I was too busy making my Stupid Don lemon's voice to pay Attention to it I wanted to do this in a Standalone video because it's really Important but when I went back over I Had some issues with some volume stuff So I had to re-record some things and I Saw something that I had missed Originally and here it is this is about X you know Tweeter and um well here it Is okay so before we get to that is the Next day Wednesday April 3rd I made this On Tuesday so it turns out I'm going to Be busy tomorrow and I just going to put This up as a whole long video I'm going To add some stuff about the earthquake In Taiwan and the Chinese reaction and Also um I'm going to talk about Jesus And my understanding of Easter some more Because there's some interesting Comments and questions and so I want to Get to that at the end of this um but Anyways here's the part that about Don Lemon's uh censorship thing Here you're going to be beholden to Who's ever in the white house after the Election to get the deal done okay Listen so I want you to compare this to Um X that's you know that that's Elon Musk's um you know digital platform a Social media platform um and it has Caused intense intense controversy I

Should say do you think the digital Town Square do you think the digital Town Squares any of them like these should be Owned by one person or one organization Who the person owns the microphone and The speakers and the volume okay so none Of those things I mean he's doing Metaphors here but that's not applicable What he's concerned about here is the Algorithm which are they're going to get Into and this is really key and so um You know he doesn't own the speakers and The volume he doesn't own the you know He owns the IP and he owns the the know The platform and more importantly the Algorithm and that's what he's upset About And he's been upset about this for the Last two interviews or at least this This video and Elon Musk interview we Don't know about if it came up with Mo'Nique but this is his big thing here Right for a guy who's no longer on CNN He's really concerned about That well you know you've brought up an Interesting point and it's the only Comparable private Equity has to recent Trades like this so let's just go and Look at Twitter cuz it's only months old Came onto the market for debt and Equity Since indication at a $44 billion valuation all right let's Leave the ownership out of it for a Second let's just talk Finance yeah it

Got syndicated in the combination of Debted financing at a 44 billion if you Took this platform public today my guess Is it would trade between 16 and 12 Billion so you've lost two-thirds of Your money that has not been lost in Investors that are eyeing the Tik Tok Deal now what happened between when it Was worth 44 billion and it's now worth 12 to 16 maybe the market correct a Little bit but also the new ownership Started tweaking the algorithm changing The interface with users changing how Advertisers engage with the platform and 2third of value is wiped out so I want To comment positively about Elon Musk Here because there's too much in the Truth Community that there's binary thinking And black and white presentation of Videos and comments and things like this That people are either good or evil You're on this side or that side you Know people want to put people in in Categories but we are all compromised to Some extent we all participate in this System we all help this system do evil Things we all you know are culpable in Some way or another some of us more Obviously some of us less but just Because you're aware of it and you you Know you think that you're somehow above It but you still in based in your Behaviors and habits participate in the

Beastly system we're all you know I mean It's easy to be judgmental towards People but it's it's not that simple and We don't have enough Information about what's going on here Like are people doing what their soul Wants them to do even if it's evil Because sometimes there's a soul that's A higher developed soul that has to play A villain this has been documented in Various places so there's that right so You know I try to be more balanced in my Approach because you know it's it's I'm Not here to judge other people it's not My responsibility like it might sound Judgmental but you know yes mocking People Sure now Elon Musk like I said he has The biggest potential to be a super Villain I mean more than Mr Wonderful Who has those dead dark eyes you know he Just looks kind of evil more than stupid Don Lemon you know all these other I Mean because of messing around with People chipping people and the satellite Thing that he's doing some of these Other things right I mean he has more Resources and you know he's kind of Creepy and and whatever he is and yet he Put $44 billion doar of his money into Twitter and because of his position on Censorship and allowing people who were Cancelled on other platforms to come Back to Twitter I mean took a vote for

Donald Trump remember and Trump you know Trump supporters outvoted other people And other you know these things I mean He allowed people who are deplatformed To be platformed again right because he Did that you know these beastly Corporations like Disney and these other Advertisers left Twitter not because That they weren't going to get as much For their Advertiser dollar they were Punishing him for you know allowing free Speech on this platform and you could Say you know all the things about Elon Musk and yeah yeah maybe he's doing it Just to be like he wants to get in with People I mean there's all these things They can look at any possible way but if You look at just that part of the story That's impressive because he paid $44 Billion and lost 2third of that now he Might get it back later on I mean of Course there a stock value but the you Know that's a severe loss based in just Doing something that allows everybody's Opinion to be voiced he's not pushing One agenda or another and you lemons is Obsessed with this and these other People are obsessed with with it you Know we'll get more into that in a bit Right it's their like primary um thing That they're upset about and you know he Put his money worth of his mouth is I Mean you can say the same thing about Kyrie Irving and Kanye Wes there's lots

Of people and again you can criticize The way they go about it they might not Believe or agree with everything that You agree with but Kanye West used to be A billionaire and he's not anymore yay Right and Kyrie Irving lost I don't know Maybe $70 million in possible Revenue he Lost 17 because he didn't you know want To get the bloop and some of these other Things and he said that he you know he Did that because other people couldn't Stand up for themselves which was Noble On his part because Mark cubin his new Owner on his you know Dallas Maverick Said that you know he cares too much About other people and these things like At least that was his assessment right And so you have to give people credit Because there lots of people talk truth Or talk very very few people risk Anything personally or in any other way Right in terms of their beliefs and you Know I'm not saying they're being Effective or they're good truthers or Any of these things but they've done These things where they've talked about Things that are not allowed by the Powers of be and they've suffered Financially in terms of their brand and Some of these other things and you have To you know again maybe they're part of The you know the whole show I mean it's All you know yeah sure like that's all Possible but also you have to you know

Be somewhat open to the possibility that They you know have a moment where They're doing something good right and You know that's more than most people do Let's get back into it here I cannot let That happen on my watch with Tik Tok I Have to make this transition seamless And I have to convince the investors Including myself that I can do it and in Order to do that I've got to get a Seamless transaction through the Algorithm that makes Tik Tok even better Than it is now for advertisers the Revenue comes from advertisers okay but My question he doesn't want to hear About that he wants to hear about Censorship Don Lemons is when you talk About that algorithm look Elon Musk and And x and what and whomever I mean it's It would be the same thing for Mark Zuckerberg they control the algorithm They can play with it as they want they Can you know suppress people they can Amplify people so my question again is Do you think it is okay for one person Person one man to be able to have so Much control to control the microphone The speakers and the volume that's my Question so he's going to go on to say Uh Mr Wonderful is going to go on to say That you know it's this is business American Business he can do what he want He bought the thing he owns it right It's he spent his money and he could do

With it what he wants Don Lemon doesn't Understand that but Don Lemon didn't Have a problem with manipulating Algorithms when this happened Authoritative news and information there Are times when you come to YouTube to Catch up on latest news or to simplify To Simply learn more about topics you're Curious about for Content where accuracy And authoritativeness are key including News politics medical and scientific Information we use machine learning and Systems that prioritize information from Authoritative sources and provide Context to help you make informed Decisions so when the this term fake News was first brought out it was about Hillary Clinton losing the election and She lost it because nobody liked her she Had more money she had twice the money Donald Trump did Donald Trump was Donald Trump not a you know I mean he was Appealing to a small group of people but You know he didn't have much political Experience the Republican party was not Really all that behind him he didn't Have much of a ground game the kind of Things that um you know win elections And yet he beat her now now you could Say it was rigged or whatever it is but You know um the unlikable factor which Has always been her things people don't Like her was a big part of it it wasn't Russia and it wasn't that there was some

Hacking I she had all the mainstream Media behind her she had CNN and MSNBC And even to some extent Fox who didn't Really like Trump and then all the other News networks all the major newspapers She had all of it she had the media she Had all these advantages and she still Lost so they came up with this term of Fake news which meant That people now who are expressing Themselves on the internet were Concerned you know but before it was Something that they saw may be a growing Problem but that we could influence Elections and more than just that and so YouTube came up with this you know they Were pressured by advertisers to clean Up the fake news and so YouTube came up With this authoritative news Recommendation you know they put out Like a like a statement saying we're Going to tweak the algorithms to promote Crappy CNN and crappy MSNBC and crappy Fox even though people don't want it and All of us experienced it right because We search for specific sites sometimes We put the name of the site in there or We search for specific news items with The idea that we wanted truther Information and before that's what we Would get we would get a truther you Know we would get people that we watched Regularly and they gave us what we Wanted but now they were gaming their

Search engine to give us something we Didn't want we didn't want CNN we didn't Want MSNBC and then if we did watch a Truth or video immediately autoplay Would kick in and and put up something From Fox or one of these authoritative News networks that nobody wanted to Watch and none of them cried about it Because what they wanted CU they were Getting their asses kicked they were Getting you know they were getting Slayed by by by truthers and by Alternative media and they still are And so that has been going on more and More so where their Shadow Banning the Term Shadow Banning was coined where They were you know the algorithms were Purposefully overlooking what people Wanted they weren't giving the customers What they wanted the majority of people Came to YouTube to watch something other Than CNN and MSNBC that had their own Platforms and we were one of the ones That built it in the first place we were The ones that built these Platforms in The first place right uh YouTube and These other alternative media that's it Was all you know with these um Facebook And Twitter and all these alternative Media sites people went to them because They were tired of the crap that they Were getting from mainstream media which Is still the case that's not changing And so now people are getting pissed off

At the algorithms and search engines Because they were giving you something You didn't want and they were promoting Things that you didn't want to see that You already knew about like you already You know the fact that you were on YouTube in the first place you already Made your decision you didn't want to Hear CNN and in MSNBC you could just go To their sites or go to their channels And they had their own thing right and They had nothing to do with YouTube or Any of these other platforms right they Were you know they were they had their Own platforms they were themselves a Platform on cable news and these other Places and this was censor censorship on The you know most primary level and not That YouTube wasn't entitled to do it it Was just you know it was pressure from Advertisers and it was all this stuff That was against you're giving your Customer what you want and so Don Lemons And these people cried about how they Were getting their asses kicked CNN and Msmc and they couldn't wait for the Censorship to happen and then Elon Musk Took over Tweeter and he started to give People what they wanted he started to Allow these things to be posted and not Censor them for one and not block them With the algorithms and they've been Pressuring them ever since right and the Advertiser was leaving and the

Devaluation that Mr Wonderful is talking About has nothing to do with whether This is a marketable place for Advertisers it is and Mr Wonderful came Out later on the interview and said Actually he's looking at Twitter and Seeing that it's a good place to Advertise because people are getting What they want and they're passionate About it right but you have to be the Kind of Advertiser that goes along with The content the content that people are Putting up there but people are now Receiving you know recommendations of Things they actually want I noticed this Because I barely ever go on Twitter but When I open my phone in the morning I Got these recommendations and it's not You know exactly the kind of stuff I Look into but they don't have enough Information on me and I don't know Enough about truthers on Twitter so that They would recommend that but they're Doing a much better job than the other Algorithms and I'm on YouTube all the Time YouTube recommends things to me all The time that I don't want and you can't I can't find truther stuff when I was Looking for truther channels to you know Compare to the I mean even when I was Advertising I was saying I want to Advertise on these specific truther Channels I gave a list of 40 different Channels and they said no we're going to

Do machine learning and pick the Channels for you and I like I'm paying You to advertise mfers right and so you Know they they suck right they they're Not giving the their viewers what they Want and they're not giving their Advertisers what they want because They're excluding the the good channels That built their their network but you Hear Don Lemon crying about this through The whole Elon Musk interview and now With Mr Fus sh should one guy control The algorithm and you're not even on CNN Anymore you're you're trying to be one Of us right you're on these other Platforms and yet you're still whining About it like you're lucky that you have A place cuz how bad you suck it's Amazing you even have a career like You're horrible you can't compete and CNN can't compete right and we saw what Happened with um CNN plus I mean it lost What $300 Million nobody watched it they were Getting like 500 we getting like 500 Reviews on some of their shows and Nobody watched it nobody got the app no One wanted it that shows you that CNN is Not you know valued or wanted that People would even download the app right The people watching it I watch it on you Know cable news and they're dying out Their audience is literally dying in Front of them they're the least they're

The least wanted audience a audience That is aging out right the young people That is the primary audience has already Given up on mainstream media and that They'll continue to do so whether They're left leaning or right leaning They don't you know buy into this crap Anymore and so they had to game the System to try to make them relevant but It's not working they're just pissing Everybody off like it's a failed attempt But you know you guys know what I always Say if you're against the behavior You're against it in all forms like That's one of the you know things I talk About all the time when you leave Comments when you know anything that you Say if you're really upset about Behaviors then you're against it in all Forms don't whine about it when it's Done to you and your people right like Don't say oh I get to me and my my People and people like me get to get Away with this you know I got these Comments specifically when I mocked Britney Spears and they were like oh She's been abused and she's so why why She broken you're so mean and you know Whatever and I'm like you didn't have a Problem when I mocked cardi b or Lady Gaga or they were both abused right they Talk about their abuse I mean you know You didn't have a problem then so you it Wasn't about the behavior it was the

Fact that that you identify with Britney Spears right like you didn't you didn't You know you laughed when I did to other People and so you're not against the Behavior you're against you're you're Against anything that you identify with Getting treatment that you don't like But you're fine with the treatment Itself as long as it to the people you Don't like and so with Don lebans and CNN and all these people they were fine With the algorithms being gamed in their Favor in fact they pushed for it and They were pushing for censorship on Their content that's all they ever did When they talked about truth or stuff in Alternative media but they weren't never Against the behavior but now that it's Being done to them and not even in the Same way because Elon Musk isn't using His algorithm same way that YouTube is To Shadow ban and exclude people he's Just promoting things that other Platforms have been um Shadowbanning and so that's you know That's the whole problem with him and All these avatars and all these people Trying to gang up on him and all these Other things it's just about that and That's pathetic you know they're Pathetic and Don Lemons who you know Says he's not a uh you know this is his Hypocrisy is off the charts right let me Run to Don Lemon some memes here and

Then we'll wrap this thing up I think we Have to stop codling people when it Comes to this and the vaccine saying oh You can't shame them you can't call them Stupid you can't call them silly yes They are the people who ate in the beded Trump are stupid because they believed His big lie the people who are not not Getting vaccines who are believing the Lies on the internet instead of science It's time to start shaming them what Else or leave them Behind be because they are keeping the Majority of Americans behind um there's Nothing fake about CNN person who writes Everything that comes out of my mouth Not everything but you know the things That make sense Susan Le is great it I Was not demoted none of that this is an Opportunity this is a promotion this is This is um Are you guys Hammer oh my gu are you Guys Hammer no Bo cancel culture think about think Twice yeah I said it the hypocrisy is Off the charts and it is sickening okay So I want to get to the Easter Jesus Stuff in just a Moment Um you know my view on Jesus or what my Understanding is based on people asking Me um but this raw alert I think my wife Maybe sent me something by them and

Every once in a while they recommend Something and I'll show you what I Received this is when I looked up what I Um you know Twitter recommended the ex Recommended this to the to me this Morning this thing I'm going to show you Here about uh Chinese um war planes Reports over 30 Chinese war planes and Nine Navy vessels have been detected Around Taiwan tinane defense Ministry Says and here's a dude um this is they Had an earthquake there and this Dude he's rocking with the Waves Um so that's you know there's these Other various um some of these other Images here and so that happened and Then after the earthquake the Chinese Came in there Margy teror green uh Parody chines take advantage of the Situation we are couple of steps closer To World War II I guess this is a parody Account but it's got an official check Mark Um you know here is The news report chines sends dozens of Military aircraft ships near Taiwan Um and you Know it's another sign of World War III Coming so I don't have anything more to Say about this just that it's just Moving in a certain direction right like We're moving in a direction where World War II is becoming more and more of a

Possibility okay so um I got a bunch of Kind of some questioning comments some Weird comments some hostile comments let Me just go through them and then I'll Give you my understanding about Jesus Um this is one I already read for my Last video so that's not it see if this One's Something um no I read that one as Well and so this one okay so they in Quotes tell us that Christ's birth date Was December 25th which is false 3 Question marks but when they tell us That Christ was born in the Middle East That's not a lie question mark only one Good job picking and choosing the lies Paul you know people are so pathetically Twerpy Right like what a like a cobat Right good job picking the choosing the Lies Paul and so anybody who knows me Knows that I don't look at any of these Things being factual I've said this so Many different times in different ways But you could probably get a sense of The way I post things that anything that We consider history has an asteris next To it because human beings are reporting On it and it's subjective to the teller Of the you know the story The Victors The oppressors always get to say what History is and what it isn't right and Then other people come in with a

Different version and you can see that Even in something like a divorce or two People are having beef with each other And a family or friends or whatever if You hear the story told you know Something like uh Donald Trump and that Woman accus him of um Eugene Carol or Whatever right two very different Stories and so you're going to pick who You believe or who you believe more Based on your own Sub sub objectivity And things like that but you're never Going to get to the bottom of it unless You could read the akashic Records which as far as I know I don't Have the ability to do and probably Don't even really want to right like I Just don't need to know the official Story I just get a sense of things right But in that and I'm going to get into This this is going to be this is a good Comment to start off with and I'm going To talk about this more later but we Know that the Druids or at least you Know there's history of this I me you Can find any druidic teachings and Teachings of pagans in the pagan Holidays that these were you know there Was an issue first of all we know that They had to convert pagans druidic People and tribal people who are much Similar were very similar to Native American peoples in a lot of different Ways some of their stories are almost

Identical or similar right um some of They like sort of sitting around the Campfire stories and these things and so They had to convert these people you Know very um it's it's a very tribal People in Africa and Aboriginal people In Africa and in Australia and the Native American peoples you know they Are very similar and they had a way of Converting them right and in the case of The people in England the people were Pagan people who celebrated the Solstices and the equinoxes and that's You know very common in these types of Culture so that's you know fairly Believable right and the fact that Easter is celebrated on you know I mean Easter is a goddess stora and these These stories these druidic and and uh Pagan stories that are now associated With Easter it's clear that that's what They said all right let's just say Jesus Died on these days and so pretty much You know that's a slam dunk right given The knowledge that we have I mean I'm Not an expert in these subjects and Don't really care all that much about Them just that I know we've been lied to And so you have to take everything from There on out with a grain of salt now The idea that Jesus was born in Jerusalem in the Middle East again it's 2,000 years and they could have changed The story there's people say that Jesus

Wasn't born at all and he's really Horus Or Isis or what is it no not Iris not Isis but I think Horus you I used to Have a meme about this it showed the Similarities between the Jesus story and The um I believe it's Horus but it was Some it was some Egyptian a Godly likee Figure and they had very you know a lot Of these Sim similarities now I know That the story of Moses again not no but you know whatever In terms of Legends there's a story of Cara who was the first born to kunti the Mother of the five pandavas who were the Heroes of the mahab bar And CTI was able to um to uh summon a These Divine beings like the soul of the Son and some of these Godlike beings and To impregnate her which again is very Similar to the story of Jesus's Immaculate Conception and she tried this before she Was married and she um gave birth to This uh baby named Cara who ends up Being on the other side but it's her son Right he's the eldest child of the Heroes but she's the only one who really Knows this and chrishna a few other People and she was an unwed mother and Couldn't have a baby and so she hid this Away and then she put the baby in a Basket and sent him down a river very Similar to the story of Moses and this Happened before Judaism even existed

Right so a lot of the things that are in The judaic religion comes from the Discoveries made in ancient Indian Ancient Hindu religions and these other These other religions that emanated Spiritual discoveries that emanated out Of India and you know they have these Vas they have the maata they have the Ramayana and these are you know they're Somewhat there's got to be some truth to These things right wherever they come From you know obviously they're going to Be embellished just like with Christianity and even maybe more so over Time because things you ever play that Game telephone where you whisper into The person's ear next to you and then by The time it comes to the last person It's a completely different word or Sentence or whatever and so that's just You know that happens in real time and So over hundreds of years or thousands Of years of course history is going to Be changed and that's just the way it is And it's you know it's even being Distorted now as we speak with Disinformation so people lie and you Just have to accept that as being a lie But in terms of ancient Indian um Spiritual energy and spiritual Accomplishments I felt it by going to India and experiencing the energy that's There and they just have you know uh a Spiritual bones to the country

Materially it's a pit the bureaucracy is A nightmare it's corrupt it's a you know It's a degraded country but some of that Comes from what England did to them and You know whatever happened but there Were a time where India was the center Of the world and you know these Spiritual teachings and the spiritual Discoveries you know there's still Inventions that were discovered in Ancient India you know these artifacts And maybe they got them from somewhere Else who knows you know it's this kind Of thing but you can trace these things Back to India they're still being used Today and so India you know came up with The concept of zero in terms of Mathematics and some of these other Things right that are now you know have Been hijacked by other cultures and the Idea of the otman or the soul that you Know in terms of the modern day human Beings was discovered in in Ancient India and has been given to these other Religions of course other people peoples In different parts of the world might Have come up with that same idea of the Idea of a soul and so you know it's not Something you could really claim as a Trademark or Discovery but the other Religions got it from India like India Was the centerpiece of all these major Religions The Middle East is very close to India

And there's lots of evidence that Jesus Himself went to India right but in all That there's a lot more evidence and It's a lot more believable that Jesus Came from Israel came from that part of The world the Middle East just based in You know the documentation of that That's a lot more believable than the Holidays that those are his actual Birthdays and death day and so you know It's just Petty and like I mean people Are just suck you know but that's not The per let me go through these other Comments now and so there was this Comment Here um I love your videos let me just Blow this thing up here um make it Bigger here yeah so this is to the same Video on the Don Lemons where I talked About Easter I love your videos quick Question though if you say the Bible has Been thoroughly corrupted then what what Do you base on any of your own Understanding on Jesus why do you Believe he existed at all your critiques Of everything like Sant and Easter bunny Are hardly devastating when the Scriptures already revealed they don't They didn't originate with the early Church well I mean that's not supposed To be devastating they also reveal that Jesus claimed to be the so they also Reveal that Jesus claimed to be the only Son of God who came to die for our sin

And rise again that's not possible Jesus Didn't claim that because it's not Possible to die for somebody else's sin That is a scam right and I'll get into That in a moment if those accounts are Compromised then then again what Evidence do you base your logical truth Or assertions and how he supposedly Taught Reincarnation and was just another Spiritual Sage on his way to Enlightenment you know I've had Experiences spiritual Experiences through the Christian Religion my mom you know I prayed the Rosary and I felt some energy it was not Nearly the kind of energy that I felt When I started doing s Mar in terms of God's love and just the I I don't want To say power of it intensity but it was Not as profound or is not as um you know It was lesser then but I still felt Stuff you know I had my period of um Between the ages of like 11 or 11 and 13 You know maybe I 12 you know they just I Started thinking about guy you get to This a different sort of understanding Of the world you're going through uh you Mind's going through changes and you're Becoming a young adult you're going Through pure beauty and often times you Have a spiritual time there we start Contemplating God this happens to lots Of people you know in Africa they teach

Kids to be Killers when they're 12 13 Years old and then they become just like Violent Killers you know they take these Kids from their homes and train them These various sort of um organizations You know violent organizations it's a Pivotal time in your development where You become sort of a a moral person and You enter into young adulthood and in Our modern day culture we don't have any Right of passage right like in Judaism They have Bar Mitzvah and like you know The Messiah they go out and they're Supposed to kill a lion or something Like you know they have these things That are are right of rights of Passage Right and those things don't exist Anymore in the western world and Acknowledgement you know true Acknowledgement not just a ritual that's Goes you go through but some sort of Thing that happens where you transfer From being a kid to an adult and you Start your you know your adult life Right like you get these rights of being Able to drink and things like that but Anyways I went through this spiritual Time then you know probably from the Time I was 10 11 whatever it was my mom Was going to prayer meetings and then You know I fell out of a fell off a Zipline when I was 14 and got a Concussion and I caught my parents lying I kind of lost respect for for him we

Used to have these prayer meetings at Our house and there was nuns and things Like this my grandmother said the rosary And my mom said the rosary and I think That the prayers that they I I feel Strongly like I can't present any Evidence of it that my brother who Really was not a Godly person at all you Know and didn't wasn't very sensitive to The energy in the Sark system of Meditation that we do and myself we both Came to this and I think it was those Prayers I you know I I mean I know it's Those prayers had something to do with That right in the sjar tradition having A a religious mother is a big thing my Mom and I didn't get along but she was a Godly person and those prayer meetings And things I benefited from and I had Some spiritual Experiences based in Jesus you know I Read the Bible and things like this you Know was a Catholic and you know I Didn't like going to church but I did Have some spiritual epiphanies and Things and then there are some teachings Where Babaji the second master of the System interc commmun with with all These various Saints and souls and Inter Communed with Jesus a few times and had Some interactions with them and then I Had this one dream where you know um Bobaji when he inter commune with Jesus He said all these Christians are coming

To me for Spiritual training and I Wanted to ask he I asked Jesus's Permission to train them and Jesus said Um you know yeah that's great and and he Wanted Boby to take over Christianity in The you know etheric way not as a you Know in some material way but to do work And make sure that you know whatever he Didn't like the way that Christianity Had gone with its corrupt leadership so That's part of the the story of the Sark System which I have full faith in I'm Not saying you should have it but it's What I believe people you're asking me What I believe right and to go with that Like I had a dream and in the Sark System if you have a dream of one of the Spiritual Masters and Jesus is a part of The Sark tradition he's in charge of the There's these 13 yatra points that your Soul goes through and he's in charge of The Soul point point too according to The Saar tradition right so he's a part Of this thing that I do and I had a Dream with Jesus in it my one dream with Him and I was walking up and I see Jesus And I go up to him and I say you know um There are a lot of Christians in the in The light of you know I was conscious of This thing that happened with Jesus and Bary in the dream you know this is not Out in my control but I and I say to Jesus I wasn't thinking about this I Wasn't struggling with it and I just

Happen to dream about and I say to Jesus All these Christians are coming you to Watch my videos and I'm talking about You know some of the things I know about Christianity and I said something like Um is that okay right he said he goes Why do you think I'm sending them to you Right so in my dream Jesus was sending Me Christians to learn about Whatever and when I woke up it very you Know Vivid so I've taken that as Permission for me to say what I know Even if it you know in the sajar Tradition ly says you you shouldn't L is The first Master of the system and he Has almost I mean there's almost nothing Recorded from him he had these various Abstract um essays and things he wrote About yoga that are really hard to Understand very Advanced spiritual Knowledge you have to have sort of a Background in Sanskrit and you you don't Have to know Sanskrit but just these Teachings and a just uh you know you Have to be like a a yogic scholar not a Ha yoga this you know the positions but On spiritual yoga and spirituality and You have to understand these various Subtle bodies and things and there's Just a lot of um you know it's like an Advanced course and most people who read The book including myself didn't know Anything about most of these things Coming into it right but one of the

Teachings that was very clear he said is You shouldn't criticize somebody's Religion because it's my it might be all That they can do but what I've learned Personally is that people who you know Who are devoted to their religion they Have so many defenses that it doesn't Matter and this thing that Jesus said And I'm not really criticizing it I'm Just saying that you know just like Anything else that I cover here that's a Truther thing that we've been to and Substantially so and so that's my Position but the other piece of this is When you start being a spiritual person When you start working towards being Connected to God and you start thinking About things you start thinking about The kind of person you are and the way That you're supposed to behave and of Course there's teachings and I mean There's various literature you can read About this why you're doing it it's Experiential and it's you know you're You got to participate it's Participatory But you also have to you know there's Knowledge you you get either through Experience or through reading about this Stuff and contemplating it and when you Start doing that you start Understanding Saints and spiritual Masters and why they do things and how They do things and you understand like

What's spiritual and what isn't right And you start understanding the ways of God And also my experience of just seeing Scammers and scamming systems and you Know these organizations and you know That scam people and deceive them you Know all the work I do on this YouTube Channel so there's two parts to this so A spiritual person would never say me me Me i i i a spiritual person would never Say I'm the only son of God just Wouldn't it doesn't happen it's not for Them to say right they can't come out And say something like that right um you Know I'm God's only son and the Teachings of every spiritual Organization every every you know or Every institution every movement that Believes in God said God's in everything And everybody and so Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is within and that We're all children of God and he makes Reference to this he says God's our Father right and when you say the Our Father prayer in Catholicism which was You know Before there was a a a deviation into Christianity and so these Christian Religions Pro Protestant religions that Came from you know a king who wanted to Get a divorce and these things was the Original teaching Our Father who art Thou in he who art thou in Heaven Again

Heaven is within so your father is Within you so Jesus said this I mean These are part of his teachings and Those teachings go along with all these Other religious and spiritual teachings Right there's a religious function for The dummies you know the people who are Less devolved or just people who are Spiritually immature or immature just Because they're young and stupid and you Know being dummies and then there's Things for people who want to be Spiritual and you know when I was Younger I we're all younger religion is The best we can do the early part of our Life we just don't have the capacity for I mean I guess there's special Souls That do you know that have spiritual Evolution and as a young kid you think About you do have a spiritual life but Religion is about where you are because It's aimed at a very you know immature Mental makeup and it's good if that's All you can do right but there's Something higher which is spirituality Which where you have a you know internal Relationship with God and when you Understand that that God's within you And within everybody else then there Isn't one son of God so there isn't that That doesn't exist right right and God Is you know isn't a human isn't a um Doesn't have a human mind even in Etheric form God isn't a singular thing

God can't separ separate himself this is One of the great teachings of the Sark Uh system that God is without a mind and Without an individual personality so the Way that God is presented in the Old Testament is very immature you know for Religious people you know in the in the The uh judaic tradition and this is Again it's very immature to think about God as a wrathful god sitting somewhere In heaven and judging you and punishing You when you don't do I mean it's God's Very narcissistic and very you know Demonic in the Old Testament and that's Not how God is again we can never know God we can experience God but as we Mature as spiritual people as we're you Know formulating a relationship with God We have a get better understanding of The way of God right and God is in Essence you know the essence of love God Is without you know God can't be Separate from you or me or anything God Can be everything or nothing or both Right but God can't be one thing God Can't be a dude in heaven sitting Somewhere that just you know there are Souls that are like that they're higher Developed Souls that are closer to God And they have their individual uh Spiritual Essence their spiritual Sovereignty but but God doesn't and so This idea that God could have an only Son it doesn't make any sense and this

Idea that if you didn't accept this only Son which is such a dickish move on the Religion you know to threat and bribe You and say hey you're going to hell if You don't accept this guy well who Benefits from that well the religious Structure right then you loyal to this Religion because they're the ones who Speak for Jesus your religion is what What copyrights and trade marks Jesus And God and they're The Gatekeepers Between you and Heaven they're the only Ones who benefit from that you don't Benefit from it because you're like well All I have to do is accept this guy then Sure and you stop working spiritually You're just told oh be a good Christian Whatever that means and just accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior You're getting into heaven everyone else Isn't it's a one you know that's all you Have to do and then you stop working on Your Spiritual um you know your spiritual Evolution so it doesn't help you right It doesn't help SU Society doesn't help The other religions in fact you know it Caused people to go out and say all Right let's go enslave or conquer these Aboriginal Peoples Let's Go conquer them Beat the crap out of them and force our Religion on them and whatever methods That we use to do that to indoctrinate Them our religion and there's horror

Stories in every culture around the World there's Irish horror stories and There's Scottish hor stories horror Stories There stories in India and the Native American Horror Stories and you know all Across the world of very heavy-handed Means that Christianity used to force Its religion on people ining uh Including lying about these these Religious holidays and things but that's Just the beginning they used to beat the Crap out of these like Irish kids if They spoke their native language and They are forced to do all this you know All these um I mean it's just the it's Bad and it's a lie it's based in a lie So it hasn't it hasn't helped anybody But the organization itself to tell this Lie and it certainly didn't help Jesus Because they're putting this on Jesus They're putting this on his they're Saying he claimed to be the only son of God which he didn't that was something That the church did and there's Documentation of the church doing this And the Council of Nan to make him the Only Pathway to God in heaven and so you Know it's a good deal for the religion But it doesn't help in terms of it's not Truthful it hurts everybody else and the Practitioners of the system more than Anything else and so it's just not what You would do as a spiritual person and

If you are spiritual as you kind of Understand this you realize yeah that's That's a you know that's not right you Know like you just can't say I'm the Only son of God right you know I've Talked about this with my own you know Nightmare what happened to sjar system With this clown dodgy who runs it and He's doing things that a spiritual Master wouldn't do and there's all these People who are following him still even Though they don't like the guy because He's not likable and they love chargy The guy before him he's crapped all over Charges Legacy I mean I cover this Extensively I have a whole Channel Devoted to this it's a real bummer for Me and lots of people who realize it but There's so many people who are in denial And you know that they just suck so bad Like it's just I mean they they claim to Love this guy charie and are grateful For all he did for him but allowing him To be disparaged and erased from the Mission by some guy who you know was the Rightful successor legally and you know In every other way but he's just fallen And he sucks and they're not realizing It and it's turning into one of these Crappy religions where they you know lie And make things up right he's come out With some threats and things and himself For people don't accept them and all These things right he's turned it into a

Cult I've seen it happen in real time And I think I've lived through it before In past existences because it feels very Familiar to me and I can say when you Actually engage in some spiritual you Know even just as a as a hobby like you Don't have to be like near you know it's Kind of my number one thing but you know I'm not like I've just gotten whatever About it right I used to be really Excited and passionate about it and I Still am in my own way but my enthusiasm Isn't what it once was and you know cuz It's a it's a long haul but when you Start engaging in this process you start Understanding And you start being grateful and Appreciate like what Jesus went through Or what you know all these spiritual Leaders and people Souls who came down Here and had to deal with people and had To you know bring people up to a higher Level of Consciousness and people just Don't want a part of it people just Don't want any part of it right and you See as I've evolved as a presenter here You know there's a time I was frantic About it you know not I mean I frantic Is maybe a strong word for it but I was Really really compelled to tell as many People about SJ Mar meditation because I Believe it's the solution to this Problem and now I don't care about it And I don't you know if people try it

And they don't like it I'm like whatever Like I just don't you know I mean I Certainly can't control that I I don't Want to and I'm just over it right you Know you I want people to do it because I think it's great but you know I know Most people won't do it and even if they Do I've seen all these people who loved It and did it for years and then they're Failing now right this latest test That's happened with their new master And this whole thing these people are Way more involved in it and they're more Passionate about than I am and they've Invested in it and they've G given some Of them hundreds and thousands of Dollars and their time and energy and Their travel and they've made it the Center of their lives and they're Failing epically right now right it's Hard to watch for me and so you know I Mean I don't I understand that people Are limited and I understand that you Know this is aad time to be a a Godly Person but you know it's it's the way it Is right it's just I mean I've accepted It like it's just you know oh well right But it's a bummer and I you know I'll Talk about it here with you guys but I Don't expect anything from you right or Anybody else but you know it's Information I have and I can share it And if you overcome your indoctrination There's one more comment I want to get

To but if you want to overcome your Indoctrination it's very easy to see you Know what I'm saying here sounds a lot More reasonable than what you've been Told by the religion you know what I'm Saying to you doesn't benefit me at all Like I don't care what difference does It make if you celebrate Easter you know I talked about how like every year and I Got it like I can't remember if I got it This year but usually every year I feel Something like I call the Christmas Spirit used to be like it would snow or Something would happen I used to feel it A lot when I was a kid and usually now It's just like I have one or two days or Whatever but isn't something that I feel Connected to Jesus but it's just the Spirit of the holiday and there's these Things out there these conditions and Whatever it is and you know I don't Begrudge anybody celebrating I mean I Liked the Easter egg hunt and I liked Hiding the Easter eggs for my kids and You know that's cool but that's not Anything to do with Jesus right going to Church you know what what does that do You know in terms of connecting you to Jesus and these things I me remember Wriggling around and the things called The pews as a Catholic person you know And you sit you stand and you kneel and You're trying to get you know through it Um but I've always had an interest in

God as as a you know abstract concept You know like as a kid and then you know Moving forward as an adult and so you Know I mean take it or leave it I don't Care like it's not you don't have to Agree with me because I I'm not you know I'm not offering anything specific but We do know that you've been lied to Right because I mean these days are Obviously not the right days and I think You know more than anything else it's That you've been told that there's You're going to hell if you deviate if You leave Christianity you know that Happens in India right they have these Gurus and the gurus say and the gurus Charge people money they have to pay the Gurus gurus so much money for various Types of blessings and things like this And just other things very profitable And the guru is already trying to you Know Shake You Down for money and you Know they have these people and they Threaten them right and this is part of The reason they're scar this guy Commish Now and he's made some veiled threats Some open threats not just veiled about What happens if you mess with the Hierarchy right you Know and you know they're scared of it Right they get you know they're scared That the guy's going to curse him or Something so you know I mean this is Like what Christians believe in but if

You understand you've been lied to then You realize that you know that them Saying that you're going to be screwed Over if you leave them you you might be Open to something else right for those People who can involve and be spiritual People you know not everyone can do that But if you could it's something you Could be open to and I'm not saying what To do or not I'm just saying you know That could be a possible outcome all Right so there's one more comment here Um the person I think this is a spoof Comment I'm not sure I have to reread it I love Jesus I also love how you point Out these things about inaccuracies of The Bible and unauthorized changes and Never been able to fully accept the Bible because I don't know how many Dirty hands have been on its writing I Hope I hope that Jesus was married how Beautiful it would be if he had Children and the kids for losing their Dad though sad for the kids for losing Their dad though thank you for always Bringing the truth to those who get Upset at Paul and says please remember The truth hurts so that's not the one um That was just a supportive comment you Know they're not always bad um let me See if this is the one here no that's Not it maybe I didn't copy it I don't Know it was Um yeah so I guess I didn't copy that

One comment I think it's still there let Me see if I can still find it now here Is it I found the thing it's kind of a Funny comment I don't know what you're Talking about Paul I totally have the Luxury of voiding the truth pretending To follow a religion that's helped me Even if this corruption started hundreds Or thousands of years ago but how dare You tell me that I'm wrong now let me Quote at at you from The Book of Lies Derp um You Know but anyways you know like I'm Saying if you're going to be a truther Then you have to you have to look at Everything that you've been lied about You know and if you're not then you're Not really a truther right you're Looking for somebody to agree with your Point of view in a very subjective and Limited way and you know you're not Looking for the truth like if you're a Trumper and you don't want to hear the Truth about Trump being the father of The Boop and you know operation warp Speed and these things you know you Can't really claim to be a truth Seeker Not you know not like that's some big Claim like I don't you know I don't get I mean I think I'm a truth Seeker but It's not whatever you know I mean I'm Interested in it right but if you're Interested in it it covers the whole

Field of everything and really it starts With yourself right it's confronting Your your own lies and hypocrisy I mean That's the only real truth that's has Any value because you can't change any Of these other people but there's this Idea of constantly being able to you Know go after these people and whatever All right so only wrap this one up here I'm getting kind of tired only Spirituality will save this world it's p Definitely point from the apocalpse in The Ascension everyone have a blessed Day and be grateful

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